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STOP! Stop This Ongoing Problem – Interview with Alex Rose


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Editor’s Welcome Hello again! Well, it’s 2009. A new year, a new beginning, a new end. So, how are those resolutions going so far?...Yeah, I thought as much! Not to worry, if you have happened to put on a few pounds since Christmas we’ve got a few tips on how to shift it. It does work, honest! We’ve got the usual bits and bobs for you – fashion, cars, sport, reviews and beauty tips. Also, on a serious note, this month’s issue takes a look at knife and gun crime and what the government and independent charities are doing to make a difference. Don’t forget to check out our website for competitions, music videos and news as it happens. Enjoy! Jane, - Editor. Got something to say? Well we always like to hear your views on the magazine, so email and tell us what we’re doing right or wrong.

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Student Life

Student Life

The Right Crowd by T’kisha George

Damilola Taylor -10 years old, Rest In Peace. Kiyan Prince -15 years old, Rest In Peace. Rhys Jones -11 years old, Rest In Peace. They say the good die young, but these boys barely lived life. The victims of the current knife and gun crime that has Britain in a brutal grip, they had so much to look forward to in life but had it cruelly snatched away.

Damilola Taylor

Rhys Jones

For the past few years, knife and gun crime have been rife in the streets of Britain and the problem seems to be escalating to a point where it is now almost uncontrollable. So much so, the UK’s urban music artists have come together for an anti-knife crime advert, aired on MTV Base, for their Knice project (visit for more information). Social networking site, Bebo, also have their own ‘It doesn’t have to hap8 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

pen’ campaign against knife crime aimed at its teenaged users (check out www.bebo. com/itdoesnthavetohappen/. As a young adult there is no doubt that gun and knife crime has affected you in some way; whether you have lost a loved one or you fear for your own safety. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between education and crime. Those

Kiyan Prince

If you know that you have surrounded yourself with people who will not benefit your life in anyway, now, at the beginning of a new year, is the time to get rid of them. 9 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Student Life

who choose not to further their education are more likely to fall into a criminal lifestyle, but carrying on with your studies does not mean that you cannot still be influenced by the supposed “thrill” and “glamour” of being a “gangster”. It is your social decisions, who you choose to be your friends and acquaintances, which will influence you the most. You are at the age where you begin living life more independently so you should be making responsible decisions which may have an effect on your life in the future. You should be able to distinguish who your real friends are and which of your friends have real aspirations to do well in life. If you know that you have surrounded yourself with people who will not benefit your life in anyway, now, at the beginning of a new year, is the time to get rid of them. You should be wary of any “friend” that is engaging in any type of criminal activity. Fair enough they may possess all the qualities you look for in a friend. At the same time, if you want to succeed in life now is the time to take a long hard look and realise this friend could be blocking your path to success. Time and time again you hear your favourite rappers, from Jay Z to 50 Cent, talk about having to let go of some old friends

10 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

and some old habits, and look where they are now: multi-millionaires.

Know Someone With A Knife? Text Crimestoppers

You may not be engaging in criminal activities yourself but the police will stereotype you (and many people your age do feel the police stereotype your age group) just by associating you with this person. If you do not think you can honestly tell you friend that you need to move on then make new friends with similar interest and goals. It may be hard at first, but you’ll soon see the differences. The way I always think about it is: although you will have friendships that will last a lifetime, the majority of your friends will only be around for a minute. A lot of damage can be done in a minute and it may take a lifetime to repair. Think about your future. If you have the passion to do well in your life, you have to put in the work in order to reap the rewards. If you need to talk to someone about your situation, talk to councillors at your college/ uni or visit where you can find some valuable information on avoiding violence and preventing crime. Why not share your views with us on our website or add us on Facebook.

In a bid to help fight knife crime, the charity Crimestoppers is targeting a campaign at young people in ten regions across England and Wales to pass on information about who is carrying knives in their schools, by sending a simple text message to a dedicated anonymous hotline. The charity’s new method of receiving vital crime information, which guarantees the mobile phone user’s anonymity, will be publicised in schools, colleges and youth clubs in the ten areas of England and Wales which are taking part in the government’s Tackling Knives Action Programme (TKAP). Lord Ashcroft, KCMG, founder and Chairman of Crimestoppers, said: “Crimestoppers has come a long way since I established the charity 20 years ago, and so has technology. The huge popularity of texting, especially amongst young people, has given us a valuable opportunity to engage with school students to encourage them to pass on information about knife crime in a quick and easy way whilst maintaining their anonymity. A simple text could help save a life in the future.”

The ten areas taking part in TKAP are: London, Essex, Lancashire, West Yorkshire, Merseyside, the West Midlands, Greater Manchester, Nottinghamshire, South Wales, and Thames Valley. The Programme, which will run until March 2009, is delivering tough enforcement combined with education, prevention work and information campaigns designed to keep youngsters on the right track. Crimestoppers only has the resources to take information about knife crime or carrying knives from these TKAP regions. Text: Name and/or nickname School Year Area/postcode texts charged at standard network rates

Student Life

Student Life

STOP! Knife and Gun Crime

Interview with Alex Rose It’s a cold Saturday morning and the sun has an unusual glow and warmth to it. It is mid-January and we’ve experienced close to -10 degrees in some parts of the UK, but on this morning the sun shines like it’s supposed too. Speaking to Alex you begin to appreciate this warmth more and realise it’s not the weather that has a slight shimmer; it’s actually Alex himself who is burning with desire. Looking into his eyes you can tell he’s serious. This is no hobby or gimmick, this is PASSION! Speaking softly but precisely, Alex commands the room with his thoughts on knife & gun crime. You can tell this 20 year old has a lot to say and what better timing than the beginning of a new year. Firstly, how did you get involved in campaigning for knife & gun crime?

It all happened quite naturally, I mean I’m not a born campaigner, at the time when I started the STOP campaign it was just something that I had to do, because for most of my adolescence, growing up, I was surrounded by seeing people getting beaten up and stabbed so when my good friend Eugene Atram was murdered I said to myself “I have to do something to make young people think”. I looked inwards at myself to see what I could offer, which was my talents in the field of Art and Graphic Design. Then I bought a sketchbook on the day of his memorial and just offloaded all my thoughts, feelings and ideas into this book. 12 Student Bodiez/ FEB 2009

After I came up with the initial STOP idea and logo design I then got them produced into t-shirts because “fashion” is a medium that a lot of young people relate to. Also gang members identify each other by what they wear, there is a need to communicate this voice of reason (telling someone not to do something), because if it isn’t said, and not said clearly then these teens will just go on killing each other before they learn to appreciate life. But this message needs to be communicated in a way that won’t put the sender at risk (you can’t walk up to anyone and tell them to stop verbally because they could get angry and attack you), which is why the message had to be visual. After the success of the t-shirts I wanted to do more so I decided to give speeches in my

spare time at schools, youth clubs and youth prisons. To put it all in perspective, I was working part time at the Bodyshop, studying full time, running the campaign and trying to have a social life at the same time.

Tell us a bit more about the STOP campaign from your point of view?

The main thing that I’m trying to accomplish with the STOP campaign is firstly to encourage young people not to use guns and knives as a way of dealing with lives problems, by inspiring them to utilise their potential, and preparing them mentally to overcome the challenges ahead. We also want to give a voice to the quiet residents that feel powerless to challenge gangs operating in their neighbourhoods.

the STOP campaign has made the impact that it has is due to the fact that the team and myself aren’t afraid to go “to the belly of the beast”. We go into affected areas of high crime and take our message directly to where it’s needed on the estates, leafleting individual homes if need be. I just want to point out that I don’t think people who carry guns and knives are bad people, it’s just that they have made the wrong decisions and actions that make them feel the need to carry a weapon.

How do you feel your campaign can make a difference? The fact that I, with no help from the government or any institution, have made a difference, really shows that this campaign is different from the big heavily funded campaigns and this passion is transferred to anyone that comes into contact with the campaign. Because I’m young and grew up in rowdy areas means that I can relate more with the youth who need to be told this message (I can empathize with them on certain issues) and really capture and hold there attention. We need more young people to mentor other young people who may need help because teenagers are more likely to listen to their peers or anyone they can relate with rather then any highly qualified person or police officer –sadly. The fact that it’s not just myself, people in the community are getting involved and spreading the message into communities all over England and aboard shows the will of people to do something positive for their own communities. But the main reason why

You have received a lot of media coverage over the last year, could you tell us a bit more about this and how this has affected you and what you are doing? The media boom all started really when I won the Ann Frank Award for the campaign. I started doing radio appearances on 13 Student Bodiez/ FEB 2009

Student Life

Student Life

more positively, then that will snowball onto the next and the next and so on. Youth crime using weapons emerged from youth, so I believe that youth are the key to finding the solution, because they will be more influenced by the attitudes of their peers more than anyone else, although people of any age who have experienced gun or knife crime can talk passionately about it because they will talk from the heart.

What do you think of Gordon Brown & Boris Johnson on the subject of knife and gun crime?

BBC Radio Four and LBC and PlayVybz. It allowed me to spread the message even further but had a great affect on my personal life because I was spending a lot of my time on the campaign, and it also started to affect my work-rate at Art College. I normally get at least fifty emails per day and it’s really hard to coordinate everything at times whilst I’m still a student. Needless to say that I have next to no social life and the campaigning was a major factor that contributed to the breakdown of my relationship with my exgirlfriend, but when I give a speech or do a workshop and hear the responses I suddenly remember that it’s all worth it. Someone has to do this, if not me then who? If not 14 Student Bodiez/ FEB 2009

now, then when? I don’t want my son or daughter to have to be worried about getting stabbed at school like I did and isn’t hoping for the best, I want to do something to help secure it. So, despite the heavy media pressure on my time and energy you see I have to do this and it’s a blessing to do so.

How important do you think it is that young people come together and get more involved in reducing knife & gun crime?

I strongly believe that young people are our future, in the sense that if we greatly impact the next generation of youth into thinking

I think that despite the hostility that the public may have for them, they are trying really hard to address the issue based on the feedback people like myself have given to them. It’s difficult because the government can’t solve this problem without the communities help, the government blames the affected communities and vice versa. I think that we ALL need to do our bit in some way to address the issue. What I’ve done with the STOP campaign is really simple, I’ve seen a problem, looked at myself and what I can offer to the solution, and I gave my 10% of time, effort and sustained attention to the issue. The government likes to throw money at issues until they decrease slightly, but we need people to talk with the youth more and not see them as subjects to try things out on.

If you could become Prime Minister tomorrow, what changes would you make?

Don’t get me started on this one. Firstly I’d pump more funds into providing schools with links to other external organisations that can provide extra-curricular activities for students. I would raise the sentencing for people carrying weapons and pump money into mentoring schemes because they work, but are hard to finance.

You actually study yourself; can you tell us how you manage to juggle your studies and campaigning? Also, how have skills learned in higher education aided you along the way?

All the skills I have learned through visual communication have enabled me to give great presentations and an awareness of the audience I’m trying to address. And how do I juggle it? “By keeping a spare third hand in my rucksack.

What have you got planned for 2009? “Education is the key”

For more information about Alex Rose & the STOP! Campaign check out 15 Student Bodiez/ FEB 2009

Student Life

Student Life

2008/09 Trident campaign Guns don’t mean respect design’ by Adam Casey ‘Respect. You don’t need a gun to get it’ is the message of Trident’s latest publicity campaign. Trident, the Metropolitan Police partnership with London’s black communities, has teamed up with MTV and influential black role models including singer Estelle, Olympic Gold medallist James De Gale and Apprentice winner Tim Campbell, to demonstrate to young people ways of getting respect without a gun. The campaign targets 13-19 year old males of African and African-Caribbean heritage. The empowering campaign, using partnership working and new ideas to engage our young audience, will comprise of the thought provoking TV advertorials appearing across all MTV channels, as well as radio advertorials on both Kiss and Choice FM. In conjunction with MySpace, the campaign will also provide our audience with insight into positive career paths that are achievable without the need to turn to a gun. Alongside local mentors, some of the role models used will also be leading a series of workshops for young people across London. The workshops are aimed at young people who are vulnerable to becoming involved in, or have already, committed a criminal offence. The workshops will be held during November and December, in Trident’s priority boroughs, namely Brent, 16 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Hackney, Haringey, Lambeth and Southwark. Through music and multi-media activity the role models will work alongside the young people to share ideas on the alternative ways of gaining respect, without becoming drawn into gun crime. For the first time Trident will also be using Blyk, a mobile phone network dedicated to urban youth, to send targeted text messages to our audience over a 4-week period to prompt discussion around gun crime and respect, and to encourage them to visit for further information. Trident continues to work determinedly to reduce the disproportionate effect of gun crime on young black males. CREATIVITY Across London, people are coming together to make a stand against gun crime and their creativity is helping to get the message across with even more impact. T-Shirt design’ by L. Beauvilin, from France

anti-gun crime launched Class 8 of St Helens primary school, Brixton, poem competition. Winning four entries

CRIME I’m only ten, next year I’m eleven, By the age of 30 boys are going up to heaven, A boy was in a moment holding a gun, You never know that boy might have a son, There’s always people dying, And parents are crying, People are dying by knives, One-day people always loosing their lives, So anyone who tries to commit crime, Remember your just loosing time. BE AWARE!! Friends and families are always sad, Because there’s something in the world that’s really bad, I’ve learnt about it, it’s really true, These are the things that people do. The weapons are called Guns and Knives, It’s mainly used to chop and loose someone’s life, Well let me tell you loud and clear, Shots and stabs must end this year. So lets put them away now, And think about people who are suffering and in pain in the third world. BE SAFE !!

Gun Crime Guns, Guns where you are, Guns, Guns be afar, Guns, Guns stop the shooting, Guns, Guns stop the bullying, Guns, Guns are all around, Guns, Guns make that horrible sound, People, People drop the gun, Let other people have fun. BE SAFE!!!! My Anti-Gun Crime Poem Too much gun crime, Now is not the time, Too many knives, People need their lives. The Police are seeing, The cameras are about, To see who’s doing it, Aren’t you out? Family’s crying, guns go BOOM, This is the time you see the doom. Let us see, Who shall it be? The one with the gun, This shall be done! For the Kids are dying, Their Mothers are crying, What shall we do? We shouldn’t be there standing. SO BE SAFE !!!!!! 17 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Student Life

Student Life

Blogging: The New Sensation by Stefan Mohamed

in this new culture of ‘have your say’, a blurry, crackly video of someone miming along to a rubbish pop song has just as much artistic merit as a pain takingly-crafted labour of love

With the Internet easily and cheaply available and a veritable Pandora’s box of websites – such as otherwise-talentlessidiot-with-a-web cam free-for-all YouTube or social networking sites like Facebook - at our fingertips, it has never been easier to find a platform to get your opinions across. All you need is an internet connection and the world is theoretically your oyster, with a potential audience of millions just waiting to be utterly blown away by what you have to say. Whether or not this is a good thing is open to debate; it has been argued that in this new culture of ‘have your say’, a blurry, crackly video of someone miming along to a rubbish pop song has just as much artistic merit as a painstakingly-crafted labour of love, thus devaluing true quality and blah blah blah. But like it or not, this new culture 18 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

is here to stay, and one of its primary components is blogging. A blog (shortened from the original term Weblog) is a website where users can post news and write basically anything they want in diary form, and embed graphics and audio or video files. It amounts to a multimedia online journal visible to anyone. There are well over 100 million blogs operating at the moment, and inevitably they vary wildly in quality. Notable blogs include biologist PZ Myers’s fascinating, funny and frequently furious Pharyngula (, American internet newspaper (at time of writing ranked at number 1 on blog search engine Technorati’s Most Popular list), and idiosyncratic “directory of wonderful things” (number 5). Incidentally, two absolute howling stinkers of blogs, according to the Blogger’s Choice Awards, are garish, gossip-mongering filth pit perezhilton. com and the poorly-informed, badly-written, 19 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Student Life

Student Life

reactionary There are many sites where you can find free space to host your own blog, if you feel you have something to say, including Google’s, and These are free and easy to use, enabling you to book space, customise the look of your blog and quickly crack on with posting your pearls of wisdom. Blog sites are subject to very few rules and regulations so users have a great deal of scope, although if you’re planning on spreading the joys of Neo-Nazism or showcasing your extensive library of photographs of mutilated pets I suggest you steer well clear of self-expression and seek help. This is in many ways the crux of the whole blogging phenomenon: do you have something that’s worth reading? Arguably this is entirely relative, as one person’s indispensable resource or laugh-out-loud merrygo-round of witty banter is another person’s steaming pile of utter uselessness.

function is a place for me to throw my toys out of the pram and profanely sound off about whatever happens to have rubbed me up the wrong way at any one time. I’m not alone, there are hundreds upon hundreds of Grumpy Old Men / Grumpy Old Women / Grumpy Atheists / Grumpy Checkout Staff and so on ad nauseum ad infinitum, and often it’s not really about maintaining a readership, it’s just somewhere to vent your spleen, which is fine, if that’s your intention. But if you want to write something a bit more informative or worthy that you want lots of people to read, you’re going to have to publicise it as much as possible – tell your friends, put a link on your Facebook page, put links to other blogs on yours and create a network. It might not bear fruit immediately, but if you’re committed and really want people to read your stuff it’s definitely worth persevering, because if your blog takes off it can really take you places. And who knows, you might even end up at the top of someone’s end-of-year Most Heinous Crimes Against Blogging list. After all, any publicity is good publicity. Apparently.

2009 Year of the BLOG!! It’s easy, create an account and post messages to students across the UK’ Talk about anything!!

•Current issues

But if you’re thinking about creating and maintaining your own blog, think about your intentions. Do you just want a soapbox? I have a blog of my own (themobox. if you’re interested – yes, I am both a shameless hypocrite and publicity whore), and I’ll happily admit that its primary 20 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009


•Music videos




•Plus more… 21 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Student Life

Student Life

Valentine’s Day on the Cheap! Maria Procopiou

Love it or loathe it, that time of year is upon us once again. It’s the one time of year you will see men try their best at sentimentality, armed with red roses and cuddly toys that are half their size, and couples showing overt PDA. Yes, indeed Valentine’s day! As if that special Christmas gift for your other half didn’t create a big enough dent in your wallet, now you have to find a half decent, student friendly priced gift! And we’re not talking half priced wilted roses, or a date at McDonalds for a happy meal! Let’s face it, overpriced flowers and heart shaped chocolates are hardly creative and most swanky restaurants are fully booked.

22 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

23 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Student Life

If you are on a budget this Valentine’s day, you can easily make up for a shortage of funds by putting some added effort into your gift or date. 1. If you’re artistic and have a flair for verse why not tell your girlfriend/ boyfriend the reasons you love them in the form of a poem? If you’re not fond of poetry, try writing a love letter. 2. Put together a compilation CD of all the songs that remind you of your partner and are special to you both as a couple, for instance the song you first danced to. If you can play an instrument, why not practice one of these songs and play them to your significant other on Valentine’s Day? 3. If you’re handy in the kitchen, why not show off your talents by cooking a Valentine themed meal? Arrange food on a plate to appear like a heart shape or you could simply add red food colouring to foods. Or start the night off with a Valentini Martini which is a pink-tinged martini cocktail; you’ll need currantflavoured vodka, champagne, raspberry schnapps, lime juice and rose petals! 4. Buy some red metallic paper and red felt and cut out several heart shapes. On each one glue a piece of card on the back and write down a special memory that you have of your other half. Or share a secret fondness that you have of them. 5. If your having trouble expressing yourself why not visit which is a site filled with Valentine’s Day love poems, gift ideas both for him and her, ideas and love quotes. And for all you singletons (especially ladies) you shall be pleased to hear that the Credit Crunch has not had such a big impact on men’s dating habits; “only 12% of single men” according to “are expecting to reduce the amount they would spend on a date due to the economic meltdown.”

Remember Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples and luckily for your wallet, single friends won’t be expecting to be showered with gifts. Celebrate singledom by inviting a bunch of friends round and pampering yourselves; don’t forget to buy some red rosé, plenty of chocolates and red berries! Give each other Valentine’s Day cards with a little message on how they have inspired you and how much they really mean to you. If a friend has recently become single, be sure to invite them out as many bars and clubs do discounted nights out for singletons. The most memorable Valentine’s gifts are those which clearly show a lot of thought and effort rather than cliché presents. So don’t let the recession stop you showing your beloved ones how much you care for them. Happy Valentine’s Day all!

24 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Student Life

How To Do Valentine’s:

A guide for boys and girls (but mostly boys...) by Richard Newman Well everyone, it’s that time of year where the globally massive event of unadulterated consumerism that is Valentine’s Day, descends upon once again. Most of us have only just started to get our wallets, and lives, back in order after the Christmas extravaganza and now we’re forced to slap on our romantic face and spend loads of dosh in the name of love! But let’s not get bitter, Valentine’s is the one night of the year where it’s actually acceptable to get all soppy over your lover without looking like a total retard. Sexist, though it seems, Valentine’s Day is all about the girl, or at least, it’s all about the man (that’s you mate) showing his girl (that’s Chavina, or whatever she’s called), that it’s all about HER. Regardless of the advances of feminism in the past hundred years or so, Valentine’s is the one day that old fashioned chivalry and romance are required. I cannot express how important this is to 99.9% of women, regardless of what they might tell you, ALL girls secretly want a perfect Valentine’s Day (sorry ladies, you’re probably denying this as you read it... but HONESTLY – you don’t want Valentine’s Day?) And if you don’t believe me gentlemen, just imagine the situation where I ended up tak-

ing out my girlfriend’s best mate instead of her... Trust me when I declare, even when she said, “No it’s a great idea, I really didn’t want to do Valentine’s this year and Sarah never gets taken out by men, I think it’s really sweet that you said yes!”, she was lying and hated it so much she is now my ex! NEVER TAKE OUT YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S BEST FRIEND ON VALENTINE’S DAY! Anyway, now that we’ve established that girls definitely do want you to do Valentine’s properly, exactly how do you go about it? Luckily for you (gentlemen), I have been a serial monogamist for several years now and I am, although I say it myself... a master of Valentine’s Day (baring the aforementioned pity-date with my ex’s bestfriend!) The real key here is to look like you’ve tried really hard and spent loads of money without actually doing either. First of all you can start by making your own card, it’s practically free and 9 out of 10 cats prefer home-made cards, plus if you’re crap at

25 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Student Life

Student Life

drawing she’ll just think you’re even more cute – that’s a win/win situation! Secondly, red roses. Don’t bother paying twelve quid for one rose, just go and nick some from old Mrs Palfrey’s front garden, she’s so blind she won’t even notice anyway! Next up is the gift, either get some knockedoff perfume from my mate Yakshim or pop down to TK Max and buy some discount undies – but remember – never buy a complete set, ladies only want tiny thongs, it lets them know you mean business. Some sexy reading material is also a good idea, here I suggest Good-Housekeeping for its excel-

lent home cleaning tips. Another option is to get a sweet teddy-bear, again don’t buy one, just follow around a mum with a pram, and when the baby throws his/her teddy on the floor, quickly steal it before the mother notices. Most important of all is the ‘date’ (Americanism I know but what should I say? Courtship-ritual?), I recommend some fine Greek cuisine, West-4-Kebab on the high road is a 5* option I often use. But do remember to wear a nice shirt and shoes; it’ll really ‘classup’ the meal. Finally, don’t forget to tell her how much you love her - boobs; this is an instant aphrodisiac for all women.

5 Top Tips for Girls: 1. Men love presents too – especially 16 GB memory keys with blue LEDs, nothing is more satisfying to us than sliding our USB sticks home into the receptor socket. 2. Men don’t like to be stroked too much or have their nipples played with... sorry but it’s not cool! 3. Men don’t really like direct compliments but we do like to be made to feel manly and cool – so feel free to tell us how great it is that we can pound all our mates at Wii Boxing. 4. If we cook you a bad meal, don’t force yourself to eat it. We only cooked it to get you for dessert in the first place. 5 a) – Sex is always a good substitute for a present, unless that present was food – followed by sex. 5 b) – If in doubt, see point 5 a).

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By KELLY DOLAN easiest and cheapest holiday to go on…you can book via the website with a £50 deposit and check out video footage of all the action on the largest, lively island of Spain.

With Spring Break coming up, many of you may be considering getting away, whether that is to relax before the turmoil of the exam period or to splash out on the last of that student loan. Originating in America, Spring Break has created such a storm on the likes of MTV that its tradition has swept across seas to humble England. In an attempt to rival our biggest competitor, students across the nation are jumping on the bandwagon and redefining the ultimate Spring experience, European style. We all work differently so there’s no doubt that play isn’t the same either! So what are students looking for when considering getting away? Want a holiday that will help you party hard and organise easily? For those strapped for cash (the likely majority!) offers one big party in Mallorca for as little as £149. With the bonus of beach parties and BBQs, it caters for the quintessential ravefilled student holiday with some good food thrown in! Expect live acts and DJs whilst you build up a long awaited tan as absent as an English summer! This is arguably the

Make sure you book quickly as the package is bound to be snapped up by eager ravers! If clubbing, cocktails and crowds aren’t what you’re looking for, you may want to consider squeezing in a bit of work experience to round up your CV. Internabroad. com offers 1-2 week stays in exotic destinations such as Mexico and Peru, with internships ranging from Arts to Law. However, if you wish to embrace the geek-chic trend

of an intellectually stimulating holiday, check out which offers everything from the uncovering of ancient Egypt to attending the Venice carnival. British tourists clambering into holiday resorts

Spring Break Getaways 28 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

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Student Life

Student Life

Consider the climate of the place you’re going…if the temperatures 30 degrees on a cool day you’ll regret the array of day and night outfits that sit dormant on your hotel floor resembling sunshine-mini-England’s may be just what you wish to avoid, when you’d rather be breathing in a new culture and coming back with a story to tell which is PG worthy! Road trips are also increasingly popular and with gas prices dropping you’ll be able to make the experience a whole lot cheaper, and if you don’t fancy leaving the country, heading to Brighton or ‘Londonby-the-sea’ will provide a change of scene with the same excitement of our nations bustling capital.

If you’re not scared of a little cold weather and attempting something new, you may want to try the great outdoors with skiing. It might just be what you’re looking for, with European resorts in France and Bulgaria boasting superb accommodation and scenery, and an experience redefining what many of us might only see via bad American movies. Prices are cheap on, a far cry from the stereotype of skiing being a wealthy man’s sport. However, make sure the resort caters for beginners if you’re new to the sport and get some insurance, no matter how daunting it may seem! You and a few friends will come back fresh faced, equipped with a new skill, and might have just lost a few pounds and got fit along the way. 30 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Rising prices in Europe mean Brits are going the long haul As the weaker pound has meant the prices paid by UK travellers to Europe have risen, is expecting to see more British holidaymakers considering a break to non Euro zone destinations in 2009, where they can expect more for their money.

So, how to get started on planning your perfect get away? Just as procrastination on an assignment leaves you panicking at the last minute, so will a holiday! Paperwork is the most boring but vital part, so a good idea if you’re going as a group is to assign the most responsible candidate to take care of the nitty gritty like tickets and to-do lists. Also, consider the climate of the place you’re going…if the temperatures 30 degrees on a cool day you’ll regret the array of day and night outfits that sit dormant on your hotel floor while you spend the day in a bikini and flip flops! Wherever you decide to go, Spring Break is the last opportunity before the summer to avoid moulding yourself into your parent’s sofa with the likes of Facebook and TV being the predictable alternatives to dreaded revision. With the anticipation of a spring getaway and a change of scene, you’ll be feeling fresh and on fire for the end of the academic year. It will also be a good way to spend some time with your close-knit pals before setting off for the summer holidays which engulfs a third of the student year. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your Spring Break now!

The Hotel Price Index has shown price rises of up to 32% in many European destinations: Monte Carlo has seen a staggering hotel price hike of 31% to an average of £176 per room per night, whilst Geneva has seen a huge 32% price rise to £136. Similarly, the popular German city of Munich has seen hotel prices rise by 13% to £111. Instead, UK travellers would be wise to consider going the long haul to destinations such as Iceland, Morocco, Thailand, Australia, or South Africa, where the

costs of a break aren’t affected by the rising cost of the dollar and the Euro. The Hotel Price Index has shown that hotel prices in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, are down to just £87 per room per night on average for British travellers. Similarly, Brits can expect to pay just £79 for a night in Marrakech, a favourite winter sun destination. Alison Couper, Director of Communications at, says: “There has never been a better time for Brits to venture further afield to places where hotel prices are falling and the pound is still strong. However, for travellers preferring to stay closer to home there are still some fantastic deals to be found. Sites such as ours are currently offering savings of up to 50% on hotels in Europe.”

Cost of hotels in Euro zone v non Euro zone destinations Average price per room per night for British travellers in Q3 2008 Non Euro destinations

Euro destinations France (Monte Carlo)


South Africa (Cape Town)


Switzerland (Geneva)


Australia (Sydney)


Germany (Munich)


Morocco (Marrakech)


Spain (Barcelona)


China (Shanghai)


Turkey (Istanbul)


Thailand (Bangkok)


For further info check out 31 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

health and beauty

health and beauty

Christmas has come and gone; you’ve locked away the tree and decorations for another year and you’re not even going to think about buying another present until next payday. Jaja Maranan has a few tips on how to shift that Christmas weight that just won’t budge. So, how do you lose it? 32 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Cut 300 - 500 calories from your diet, which, if combined with exercise, should lead to a loss of one to three pounds a week; the healthy recommended amount. Beware of ‘low in fat’ products; usually they still contain the same amount of calories as the standard version, proving that you should always read the label carefully. It’s not so much about fat content in a product, but how many calories it contains. Keep portions to a minimum. One serving

of pasta should be about the size of your fist, whilst the recommended three ounces of meat is the size of a deck of cards. Should this fail to satisfy you, which is quite likely, you could add an extra portion of green veg; unfortunately it’s the only exception diets will make. Carbs are commonly seen as a dieter’s enemy but you need them to stay healthy. Complex carbs like veg, bread, pasta and cereal should be on the top of your list, they 33 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009


take longer to digest and leave you feeling satisfied for longer – this should take up 50 to 60 percent of your diet. Select the starchy wholemeal and wholegrain types rather than the white alternatives. Meanwhile, you should also have at least two portions of protein rich food a day. Always eat brekkie because it gets you fueled for the day and prevents cravings for McDs or something worse (if there is such a thing). If you haven’t got time to make anything then munch on fruit or yoghurt. Follow these steps, and you should treat yourself a few times a week – and no, this doesn’t mean pig out one day and make up for it the next. H20 - Just drink it! Your liver controls your metabolism, the rate at which your body converts food into energy, and this is directly influenced by the amount of water you drink. Additionally, your brain sometimes thinks you’re hungry when you’re actually thirsty. So don’t stuff yourself as soon as you get a hunger pang, drink a glass of water first. Forget about sugary drinks and alcohol, they only leave you wanting more. Do those crunches Exercising is an essential part of a diet and any healthy lifestyle for that matter. The best time to do exercise is in the morning on an empty stomach as it will force your body to use up stored energy. Aim to do at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity around five days a week. However, if you’re overweight you are rec34 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

ommended to do 60 - 90 minutes. A run is one of the most reliable forms of exercise; a person who weighs 150 pounds could lose up to 100 calories per mile! Make it interesting by challenging yourself, set some goals, this will help to increase muscle mass and improve your metabolism. Remember, exercise has to be combined with a healthy diet. No matter how much exercise you do, you’ll only lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume. Plan it out Take a minute to think about what you’re going to eat, if you leave it unplanned you’re more likely to go on a limb and grab the nearest, fattiest thing. Keep a diary of what you’re eating - we don’t all realize how much we’ve eaten until it’s right in front of us. Do not go on a fad diet! Immediate weight loss will be followed closely by immediate weight gain when you give it up. If something sounds too good to be true, then it usually is. And that’s it. It’s a lot easier said than done but what you really need is just one thing. Will power. Then all the pieces will fall together and you’ll be in those skinnies or flashing a pack in no time. Good luck all.

NATIONAL FITNESS WEEK LAUNCHES IN FEBRUARY 2009 New Year enthusiasm to become fit and healthy is set to be harnessed for the first time in 2009 – with the launch of the UK’s first National Fitness Week. From 2nd -9th February there will be events, campaigns and promotions throughout the country as Fitness First, the UK’s largest health club group, masterminds the biggest campaign of its kind to get the country active. A dedicated website packed full of facts, figures, motivating tips and information is set to be launched at www.national-fitnessweek. and throughout the week, Fitness First is encouraging the nation to take part in some form of exercise. This could be something new like a sport or a class – or hitting the gym for the first time in years. It could just be getting active by taking a walk. “Our aim for the week is to encourage more people to take a look at their lifestyle and try to make positive changes, to try out some different ways of exercising and find one to suit each individual and their lifestyle,” said John Gamble, Fitness First UK Managing Director. “It has been proven that regular exercise is one of the key ways to improve health and wellbeing – helping to reduce the numbers of lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, asthma, osteoporosis and cancer. “We want to break down those perceived barriers which stop many people from exercising – and encourage everyone to get active and incorporate exercise in to their everyday lives for a healthier, fitter nation,” commented John.

The dedicated website will be the information hub for the week and packed full of simple ideas to help the nation incorporate exercise into their life. There will be fitness tips and nutrition advice from expert personal trainers, a club locator – as well as suggestions on how to get started with exercise.

health and beauty

health and beauty

Student Well-being Jaja Maranan talks money, mates and motivation and how to start a positive new year. The best thing you can do for 2009 is make resolutions and plans; it’s the solution to all aspects of life - educational, social and financial - because it keeps you determined. Don’t give up if you don’t keep to your resolutions (not that we’re saying you won’t); just make sure you brush yourself off and try again. Money, money, money Financial worries are one the biggest causes of stress and tension amongst students. So learn from 2008s financial mistakes and take some weight off your shoulders. Debt is part and parcel of being a student; so the question to ask is how much debt can you get away with before it becomes a big problem? Well, that all depends on who you owe money to. Figure out a repayment plan according to the most catastrophic consequences, whether it’s stupidly high interest rates or an earful/ shouting/beating from the parents. Which one do your fear most? One way to solve your financial matters is to get a part-time job. Not only will it send more money your way but research conducted by American scientists has shown that it actually improves your organisational skills, whilst the social effects improve your mood. Making the effort Can you count how many times you went into lessons and lectures on one hand? Yes, they can be boring. Yes, occasionally they feel like a test of who can stay awake the longest - but 36 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

37 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Student Life

they’re also motivating, inspiring, and can be a real eye opener for the future. Come on, you’re paying an extortionate amount for tuition; you might as well listen to what your lecture has to say! Why not do a bit of pre-reading too? If not to understand just what the hell your tutor is talking about, then do it to improve your well-being. Research has shown that novels and other forms of literature can improve selfesteem and depression. Establish some sort of relationship with your tutor, introduce yourself, compliment them on their teaching – a way to a tutor’s heart is, of course, through their subject. And luckily for you, the better they know you, the more willing they’ll be to help if and when you need it. Not a lazy student, you say? Have your head in a book 24/7, you argue? Well studies have shown that full-time workers are happiest when they spend at least six to seven hours with their family and friends, and experience severe low levels when they spend too much

time alone – and this could go for students who study too much as well. So make sure your life isn’t all work and no play. Those relationships Leave whatever baggage you had in 2008 behind – and for good! This may or may not mean you have to cut off a few relationships. There are always a few people you have to be cautious of: your ex, your best friends ex, the gossips, the criminals and (if you have one) your (possibly dodgy) landlord. If they caused you trouble before then leave them well alone in 2009. “Get physical, physical” Whether it’s been a dream of yours to get into sport or if it’s just a new hobby for 2009, you should make your way to your local team, club or society. Do some research and find out which clubs have the best coaches and facilities. You may think you’re the next Thierry Henry or Beth Tweddle, but so does half the population. Avoid disappointment and set some realistic goals. On the other hand, if you really are the next Henry or Tweddle, you need to take the next step before it’s too late. Sport lifts up your mood to an overall euphoric feeling. The endorphins produced in your brain act like natural painkillers and you don’t need to run like the wind until you’re literally out of breath for them to take affect, frequent and moderate exercise routines will do.

The endorphins produced in your brain act like natural painkillers and youdon’t need to run like the wind until you’re literally out of breath for them to take affect, frequent and moderate exercise routines will do. 38 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Too shy to talk about it? Are women the new men when it comes to talking contraception? 44% of women have been unhappy with their contraception yet three quarters of GPs say they initiate discussions with women, according to results of a survey among UK women and their own GPs commissioned by Talk Choice, the national campaign all about contraceptive choice. “There’s a perception that women are more comfortable than men talking about their health, but when it comes to contraception and issues to do with sex, anxiety and embarrassment just get in the way of initiating the discussion with their GP. Contraception is a normal part of modern life but we need to start talking about choice to help reduce the 50 per cent of UK pregnancies that are currently unplanned,” said Toni Belfield, Specialist in Sexual Health Information and Talk Choice Panel member. When women were dissatisfied with their contraception and told their GP, 41% say their GP went on to discuss only one or two alternative methods even though two thirds of GPs surveyed were aware of the guidance from NICE which recommends that women should be given information about and offered a choice of all methods including long-acting reversible contraception.1,2 One of the key reasons for women taking emergency contraception is forgetting ‘the Pill’.3 GPs ranked top for advice on contraception

Nearly 60% of women rank GPs as their first port of call for information and advice on contraception, and more than half of women chose their current method because their GP recommended it.1 It may be difficult to cover all the options during a consultation but women can prepare themselves to get the most out of their appointment. Talk Choice provides information and materials to help women prepare for their consultations and make more informed decisions alongside their GP. Empowering women with choice Talk Choice, the national campaign all about contraceptive choice, provides accessible information for women, so they can attend a consultation with their GP or nurse fully equipped to initiate a conversation around the choices available. For more information and the Voice Your Choice guide to help women identify what it is they want and need from their contraception visit

health and beauty

health and beauty Little lip tins 89p

The winter breeze can make the skin dry & look dull. Let’s face it, that’s not a good look for 2009! Keep your skin fresh & healthy with this range of skincare products.

Eyeko face off wipes £4.99 Naturals Coconut & Shea Butter Body polish £2.49 Bath milk £2.49 Shower crème £2.49

Grace Your Face Deep cleansing nose strips £3.99 Spot reducer gel patches £3.99 Chin and forehead strips £3.99 40 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Grace Your Face Oil blotting tissues £2.49 Tinted anti blemish moisturiser £4.99 Extreme lip volumiser £4.99 Tea tree cover stick £3.99 Grace Your Face Pre date brightening mask £3.99 Green tea eye pads £2.99

All products available in Superdrug stores nationwide or at www.superdrug. 41 Student Bodiez/ Dec 2008



Pre Shave Products Gillette is launching pre-shave facial scrub and wash products to prepare the skin and beard hair for a close, comfortable shave. The scrub buffs away dirt, oil and dead skin cells, helping to free hairs, with a combination of mild cleansers and exfoliation beads.


: Shave Gels The new Gillette Series shave gels contain three effective lubricants that enhance razor glide to help the formula protect the skin against nicks, redness and tightness.


: Post shave Products Once shaving is complete, it’s time to seal the deal with an after-the-shave moisturiser, balm or gel. Many men notice that their skin sometimes feels dry and tight after shaving. The new Gillette Series after-the-shave moisturiser has a lightweight, non greasy, quickly absorbed formulation containing a blend of conditioning ingredients that helps to restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

YOUR BEST WITH THE SHAVECARE RANGE 600 million men around the world trust their faces to Gillette every day. These men are the inspiration for a new range of shave care products, bringing advanced skin care to shaving from the 14th January. The new Gillette Series shave care range includes: pre-shave scrub and wash which prepare the skin before the shave, shave gels which shield the skin during the shave, and after-the-shave moisturiser, balm and gel which refuel the skin after the shave. These newly developed products will enhance Gillette’s winning portfolio, helping men to look, feel and be their best every day.




Cami suspender £30. Also comes in bra £16 and brief £8

Bedtime babe

Bra £20, thong £8 and suspender belt £10. Also comes in short £10.

So it’s Valentine’s Day and you really want to impress that special someone. Don’t get caught out wearing that old grey nightie! Pretty PJs and cool camis will keep you looking good no matter who you let in your bedroom.

Camisole £12 and brief £6.

Bra £16 and thong £6. Babydoll £16. Bra £16 and brief £8.

Cami suspender £30 and thong £8 All products available online at 44 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

45 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009



Purple satin waterfall dress, £35 Grey suede peep toe shoe boots £45

Black biker jacket, £45 Black jumper with silver sequin detail, £100 Black tassle mini, £45 Black ankle boots £45

Paisley print chiffon top, £30 Gold sequin scarf, £15 Black skinny jeans, £35 Black suede ruffle boots £45 Black denim dres with gold piping, £45 Black leggings, £5 Black oversized clutch with gold stud buckle, £15 Black suede ruffle ankle boots, £45 Faux fur coat, £55 Silver sequin dress, £85 Grey suede peep toe shoe boots £45

Who says you can’t go

out in winter?

Enjoy Autumn/Winter Phase 2 with Miss Selfridge

46 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

47 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009



1970s PUMA Archive Reissue Launches Exclusively in JD Sports Fashion

PUMA produces heritage hoodies & track jackets exclusively for JD Sports Fashion. Inspired by the original T7 cult classic these styles are destined to live on…

Trimm-Quick gets a new lease of life

February 2009 will see JD Sports Fashion launch an exclusive reissue from the prestigious PUMA Archive. Called the Trimm-Quick, this classic PUMA outdoor training shoe was originally launched in the 1970s. It quickly became a favourite all rounder and was especially popular on football terraces across the country during the 1970s and 80s. Today’s version looks as good on the street as it does at the training ground with its retro styling and a leather finish that only gets better with age. Available in white/faded denim and white/fairway green, the Trimm-Quick offers fantastic comfort. The upper is made entirely from leather with perforated toe detail for improved airflow. The two-piece heel component was state-of-the-art technology for shock absorption in the 1970s, and the outsole dimples were designed for outdoor use giving optimum traction on multiple surfaces. PUMA Trimm-Quick £50rrp

The PUMA Originals Track Jacket is £34.99 and available in red/white and blue/white. A 70s-inspired full zip top it features an oversized retro logo with a colour blocking design that adds a new twist. Details include two zipped front pockets and the iconic logo zipper.

Fresh in store are a collection of heritage hoodies and track jackets created by PUMA exclusively for JD Sports Fashion. Taken from the prestigious PUMA Archive, they incorporate the same design and features that once graced the original T7 track jacket in the 1970s. This capsule collection goes right back to the T7’s roots, and with bold colourways, old skool flock logo applications, comfort fit and easy care fabric, there’s no doubt these styles will live on. These exclusive new designs are proof that when it comes to street style, cult classics will never go out of fashion. With track jackets and hoodies looking to be strong for spring summer 2009, PUMA and JD Sports Fashion are giving heritage-style savvy customers a chance to get ahead of the game.

Available in white/green and white/blue, the PUMA Originals Hoody is £39.99. With a more subtle print detail, this style also has a great vintage feel and contrasting colour detail, complete with two front pockets, a branded drawstring and logo zipper. 48 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

49 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009



Valentines Day Gadgets

Lover Key Ring Lest you be parted from your better half by a madding crowd, the Lovers’ Keyring will ensure your two halves fit together whence you’re rejoined, or something. The two half hearts each have a clip attachment, and have been molded so that they fit together when placed side by side on a table - which sounds like swingers party heaven. The perfect keyring for the truly romantic. £12.95

Last Rolo Making a symbolic gesture never fails to impress, but if it’s just the last chocolate in the packet, then it won’t impress for very long - one bite is all it takes and all you’re left with is a mouthful of chocolate and a memory. These versions of ‘The Last Rolo’ however are considerably more likely to produce a smile, a kiss, and who knows, maybe even a long lasting relationship (well a date at any rate). Now you have to decide just how much you love that special someone and choose between our Gold Rolo, Silver Rolo or the deliciously girly Pink Rolo, all encased in a charming little box. £39.99-£59.99

I Love You Toast There are myriad ways to say ‘I Love You’. Flowers and chocolates are hackneyed, and sky writing’s just absurd, but embossing the words in your morning toast is the best we’ve ever heard. What better way to start the day than with slices of hot buttered toast, that proclaim to the world in words unfurled, that they’re the one you love the most. Poetry was never our strong point. This toast embosser (until recently not two words you’d expect to see together) transforms everyday bread into a missive of lurve. Simply press into a slice of bread, pop it in the toaster, and in a matter of moments you’ll have a slice of piping hot toast emblazoned with the immortal words ‘I Love You’, and if that doesn’t earn you major brownie points, we don’t know what will. £2.99

Hunk of Love Cake Tin Being the perfect boyfriend is tough. The ingredients invariably include - dashing good looks, a great sense of humour, a sweet but manly nature, a job (ideally), your own flat or at least not living with the parents, great dress sense, a car with a valid MOT, and a good relationship with the word commitment - phew it’s a tall order. Well, if stacking all of those absurd requirements up seems a trifle daunting, then don’t worry, there is another way to a woman’s heart requiring less effort, and that’s through her stomach. Introducing the Hunk of Love cake tin, with an Adonis-like torso and cake mix included, at the whisk of a spoon and a fan assisted oven you can bake the perfect specimen of a man £14.99 50 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Love Stinks Soap Doesn’t matter how you look at it, sometimes love just stinks. Whether you’re sending this to a lovelorn friend as a consolation, to your ex to tell them that quite frankly they smelt and were horrible anyway, or it’s for yourself as a resolute and bitter singleton, the Love Stinks soap says it all. Wash that man right out of your hair with this heart-shaped subtly scented floral glycerine soap, it’s a small trophy that let’s you know that whether she left you, he left you, or you left them, you’ve won the moral high ground with this cynical soap. £5.99

Wooden Postcard In days of yore young lovers would saunter dreamily into the great rolling forests of our green and pleasant land, and as the sun glinted down through dappled leaves, they would carve their love into the bark of some mighty oak for generations to see. Back then it was deeply romantic, nowadays we call it vandalism. The other drawback of course, aside from going around wounding trees, is that sending trees to loved ones is not without its complications. Fortunately we have a stunningly brilliant solution. The carve your own wooden postcard, which anachronistic as it may sound, is a delightfully modern take on an age old love message. This postcard sized block of soft wood, complete with address lines on the reverse, is ready and waiting for you to carve your message of undying love into it £7.49 51 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009



Rally Europe Last year, we set our veteran petrol head, Tim Watson, a challenge. When he joined the SB team a few years ago, he claimed he loved cars more than life itself, so when he joked about driving nearly 3000 miles in a £50 car, we thought we’d see how funny he’d find doing it for real. This is what happened:

When I left to rendezvous with my team in Reading, the whole idea of this had finally just hit home. I was sat typing away a brief background and diary/blog on the train to Reading. I’d never left England before, yet here I was on a train to meet a group of lads I’ve never met to trek across about 10 different countries in a £50 car. What on earth was I doing? Our meet was scheduled for about 9pm at Reading train station, the night before the start of the rally. Right on time, a bright yellow Baywatch themed Ford Mondeo came screeching round a roundabout closely followed by the Bat-mobile Calibra. “Get in 52 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Tim, we’re late”. Bags in, we blitzed out of Reading towards Dover. Our ferry left in about 4 hours, and with no sat nav, we had no choice but to nail it. On to the motorway, you couldn’t have squeezed a Rizla paper between the two cars as we squeezed in front of a lorry. I won’t lie to you, these lads made me nervous We did make it on time, thankfully, and after a few bodges on the cars (the Mondeo’s headlights packed in when we reached Dover), and a greasy cheese burger, we set sail. This was an ideal time to write down the opening to this story and to get to know the

lads. We arrived in Calais, at around 3:30am, me driving the Mondeo into a country I’d only seen on a screen. I thought it’d be best that I get used to the roads and the car while they were empty, rather than in the rush hour tomorrow morning. We found a car park to catch a few hours sleep before the start of the rally.

Day 1: Eventually finding the start point in Calais, it turned out that quite a few teams hadn’t turned up. There were our two teams, Baywatch and Batman, another couple in an old Merc, and the event organisers. Another team had got delayed and would meet us that night. Once the initial photos were taken and we all booked in, we set off, in convoy across France. This was the start of our journey. The Mondeo and Calibra both felt quite healthy. Old yes, but still perfectly drivable and moderately fast. Our first check point was Atomium (Belgium), a structure of an atom, built in the 1950s. This was a chance to get to know the opposition and keep all the teams together on the first leg. We raced towards Frankfurt, most of us catching some sleep as night fell. We were all grateful of a bed after an uncomfortable, cold night in the cars.

Day 2: The morning began on a negative note, with eight of us all wanting to use the bathroom for a clean-up at once, and fears that the cars had been towed away. But after we checked out, found the cars untouched and had the first of many McDonald breakfasts, we set off for Prague. Frankfurt was a strange place. Nice, clean, modern. But many sex shops, all open at 9am. Resting in the car, I managed to sleep through most of what was left of Germany. *BANG* I woke up, car at a standstill. “What was that?” I asked expecting the worst. “Calibra crashed into us from behind.” Craig said calmly. “Oh, ok” and I went back to sleep. Later that night I discovered the ABS had failed at the critical moment as traffic stopped on the motorway and the back of the Mondeo was the next best thing. Entering the Czech Republic, the roads changed from large fast Autobahns, to more gravelly single track trails. I had a bad feeling going into Prague. A feeling of civilisation was lacking here, with poor roads, dodgy looking people and a lack of anything I would recognise. Once we arrived in the city, we were greeted by a fantastic city, with many glorious buildings and even better, a new GTR. We all shared a moment of silence and awe. Finding somewhere to ditch the cars over night proved a challenge again, we checked into another hostel, and went in search of food. 53 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009



Quickly. The night ended, like the others, drunk and in McDonalds, with us trying to fit Big Macs in our mouths in one go.

Day 3: We rose with heavy hangovers and empty stomachs. McDonalds was once again agreed upon for food. It was a relatively short drive today, some 240 miles, to Bratislava. It was today we visited one of the most memorable parts of our trip the Church of Bones. When the Black Death swept across the Czech Republic, people came from miles around to be buried here, after some holy soil was spread in the grounds in 1278. Once the cemetery and under the church filled up, there was nothing left but to fill the church. It was an awe inspiring sight. Heading from there, we headed towards Bratislava, me driving along the best roads I have ever driven on, bar none. This was, for me, the best part of the trip. Sun setting, car full of good mates, convoying towards a destination, along open country roads in cars on their last legs, it was euphoric. Bratislava was the worst town by far to find our way round. We parked in an old car park, which was more of an old court yard. It wasn’t scary, until a guy appeared from what looked like an abandoned caravan and started looking at our cars. We scarpered. 54 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Day 4: After an early morning start, and desperate repairs on the cars, we left Bratislava in good form. We were heading towards the church out of The Sound of Music in a sleepy little village, deep in the hills. It was Sunday by now, the finish was in mind. Days had all merged into one; we had no idea of what day it was, what country we were in or where we were going. That night, we reached Munich, and it wasn’t long before the maze of the city got us lost. We stopped in search of some reference point. I was in the back of the

Calibra, when I heard the Mondeo’s engine start red lining. Craig was going to lightly reverse into the side of the Calibra to trade some paint, but he pulled too sharp and too fast, ripping the bumpers off both cars. We all got out the cars, most of us laughing at the situation, Mark (who had paid for both cars) kicking off. We stopped to laugh as the police turned up to ‘help’. Realising it wasn’t an accident and that we were fine to sort the cars out, they left quickly, just as we noticed the Calibra boil over what was left of the coolant system. We drove the cars to an underground car park, and had a closer look, the mood turned heavy as we realised the extent of the damage. The Calibra could have blown a gasket

and that would be the end off it. We talked over plans that night, while drinking three pint Steiners, two at a time. Day 5: The final day. We have nearly 550 miles to cover in two cars with a life expectancy calculated in minutes, not years. We approached the cars with certain tenseness. Would the Calibra start? Would the Mondeo bumper fall off? Would we make it Amsterdam? Driving out of the car park, the Calibra already started to steam. We flagged down a taxi driver, and got him to drive to a garage. Not easy in Monday morning rush hour. Still, we made it and after a few bodges on the cars, we set off in hope of Amsterdam. The Calibra had its fan stuck permanently on to prevent it from boiling over, and the Mondeo, well the brakes didn’t work, the heaters didn’t work, the engine had lost power, the gearbox was solid and it was taking on water and oil, and there was no front end. The miles racked up, hours passed like the trees on the hills. Long winding roads and long motorways were our only activity today. No tourist stops. Fuel and repairs only. It was a tense and nervous ride. The Mondeo had no heating, was taking on oil and water and the brakes shook the car to a stop, rather than just stopping it. The Calibra was working, but no one knew when it was going to expire. Then we saw the sign. Amsterdam: City Centre. In Dutch, of course.

We’d done it. We had actually taken these two ruined, rotten, miserable cars across ten different countries, crashed, thrashed and bashed them, and we had made it. We found the hostel, and eventually the parking, after a short cut across a park via the cycle lane, but the fact was, we had all made it and none of us had died. Celebrations took place in KFC that night. McDonalds didn’t quite seem to cut it! The Mondeo was, without a doubt, one of the worst things I have ever driven in my entire life. Supermarket trolleys had more control than this roly-poly car. The suspension was soft and worn, the engine, a 1.8,

was gutless and wheezy, the steering vague, gearbox felt like it was made in the stone age and filled with glue and jam, the clutch was more of a switch and the brakes didn’t slow the car down, but more shook it to a stop. It was that bad that at one point, one of the vents for the heater fell out the dash board. There was no heating, none of the windows worked, the head lights were a bodge and the speakers were more tinned than a Coca-Cola factory. Some things that Tim did can’t be printed, but if you want to read the full unrated, unedited version, and find out about the drive back visit With thanks to: Ross, Craig, Luke, Mark, Elmo, Paine, Howie and Adam 55 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009



The Ford Story

Tim Watson has had a bit of a Ford overload this month. Not only has he checked out the new Fiesta, but he’s been looking at the brand new Ka as well. Credit Crunch. Recession. Global Economic Crisis. Yeah, I’m bored with those words too, so what I thought I’d write about are two new cars. Both are from Ford, both have sub-£10,000 price tags and both are brand models. 56 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

First off, the Fiesta. Introduced back in 1976, 33 years on, the latest model has caused something of a stir. And quite rightly so. This car has been billed by Ford to be a “world car”. The Fiesta will be sold globally, therefore when they designed it, they had to make a design which was as appealing to Americans as it was to the French, the Japanese and of course us Brits. And it still had to be unique, and shout Ford. And I’m happy to say, they’ve done it. I’m still not sure how well it’s going to age, but the front of it is very much the new face of Ford. Look at the Focus RS and the Ka and you’ll see the wide mouth grill and Mondeo-esc stretched head lamps. Starting at just £8,695, the Fiesta will be a huge seller; not only to women, who’ll love the mobile style dash buttons, and men, who’ll respect all the styling, performance and unique touches you can give to their cars, but the entire world. And it’s quite a sophisticated little car. For a shadow over £12,000 you get the Fiesta Titanium, which has, as standard: Climate Control (ETAC), auto fold electric heated mirrors, privacy glass, cruise control, automatic halogen projector headlights and auto-rain sensing wipers, front fog lamps, Bluetooth, air con,

quick-clear windscreen, remote central double dead locking, ambient lighting, leather steering wheel, trip computer, body coloured spoiler, door handles, boot handle and bumpers, PAS, ABS, IPS, ESP and more airbags than you have limbs. It really is value for money. And the Ka? Well, that is still to land on our shores, but it showcased in early November in the new Bond film. That little brown car driven by that woman, whatever her name is, is the new Ka. Although it won’t have the hydrogen fuel cell as they hinted, it will be extremely cheap. Based on the Fiat 500, the Ka has had a lot of development to make sure it can stand up to any expectation. It’s been 12 years since we first got to say “ewww” to the nappy bumper Ka, and since then, Ford baby has grown up a lot. Although bigger than its predecessor, it’s still very small and very good fun to drive. Autocar took one from London all the way down to Nice, and all the comments pointed towards Ford getting it right. A basic spec hasn’t been released to the public yet, but orders are being taken now for its arrival. Speaking of arrivals; has anyone forgotten about the Focus RS? Remember that lime green car at the start of the Motor Show review video? Well that’s going to be here in the Spring, so Ford has definitely done itself proud with new releases. With Ford at the moment, it’s like that really good month at the cinema where you can’t decide on what film to watch again, because they were all that good. On a different note, this is the first edition of 2009, so Happy New Year! 57 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

PLUMMETING TEMPERATURES ON THE WAY Follow these top 5 tips from Halfords to make sure you are ready and to avoid being left out in the cold:

The album “so dark the

con of man”

out now

2. Be prepared - Make sure you have extra clothing, a blanket, and stout shoes. A hot drink and rations where possible can also make life easier should you get caught out in the cold.

4. Be seen - A simple headlight bulb upgrade for your car to the Halfords Extreme Brilliance Bulbs for example, will shed a little more light on the road situation ahead. Up to 90% brighter than conventional headlight bulbs, the Extreme Brilliance range is suitable for 93% of vehicles on the road.

MADCON New single “liar” out 23rd february

1. Be safe - Consider if your journey is necessary. Where possible do not travel. If you feel you need to travel, set off as early as possible.

3. De-frost - remove all snow and ice from your vehicle before you set off. For minimum effort in the cold, try Halfords Night Before de-icer. ** Priced just £2.92 for 500ml, it works while you sleep to keep your screen clear of ice for the morning.


Norwegian hip hop/rap duo Madcon will release new single ‘Liar’, their follow-up to smash hit ‘Beggin’, on 23rd February. Priced from just £18.59, the range is also currently on buy one get one free offer, meaning you can replace your bulb set for half the price. 5. Pump it up! - Check your tyre-tread regularly along with your tyre pressure. Both can make all the difference when travelling in difficult conditions. It is recommended that you have at least 3mm of tread for winter motoring. The minimum legal limit is 1.6mm over ¾ of the width of the tyre. You should inflate tyres to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Pick up a tyre pressure gauge from Halfords

for as little a £4.88. Furthermore, Halfords offer a FREE 5 Point Car Health Check, so why not let the experts check your car for you? Halfords will check your battery, wiper blades, bulbs, oil level and screen wash level for free and will offer advice and fitting on products should you need them.

Madcon, short for Mad Conspiracy, consists of Tshawe Baqwa (otherwise known as Kapricon) and Yosef Wolde-Mariam (otherwise known as Critical). They first received recognition for their work with their partners from Paperboys on the track ‘Barcelona’ which was a massive hit in Norway and have recently received UK acclaim for their catchy hit single ‘Beggin’ which entered the charts at number seven and spent an incredible eight weeks in the top 10.

For further tips on winter, visit the Halfords advice centre at or for details of your nearest store call 0845 762 6625.

New single ‘Liar’ has quite an Outkast vibe to it with it’s funky upbeat tune and soulful rap and looks likely to follow in the footsteps of ‘Beggin’ to become a big hit. Remixes come courtesy of My Digital Enemy, Kurtis Mantronix, Wookie and New Devices and are sure to create a buzz on dancefloors across the UK.

Madcon’s first UK album release, ‘So Dark The Con of Mark’, showcases the duos sound as a mixture of smooth, dark hip hop and excitable, upbeat rap and could be easily compared to Black Eyed Peas with elements of Gnarls Barkley and Outkast. The album flits between salsa style beats on ‘Life’s Too Short’ to a more dark RnB sound on ‘The Way We Do Thangs’ to plain old funky rap on ‘Dandelion’. On the Gnarls Barkley sounding ‘Back On The Road’ Madcon work again with Paperboys, who they received their first commercial recognition with in Norway, who feature on vocals on the track. On tracks like ‘Hard To Read’ and ‘Let’s Dance Instead’ Madcon sound close to Black Eyed Peas while on tracks such as ‘Let It Be Known’ and ‘Back on the Road’ you can hear a real Outkast edge to their sound. 59 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009



David Archuleta ‘Crush’

‘Crush’ is the brilliant debut single from 17 year old David Archuleta. David is already a huge star in the US where he was placed second on Forbes lisa of Breakout Start of 2008. ‘Crush’ debuted at No.2 in the Billboard charts and went on to sell over a million downloads. David Archuleta was the runner-up on the 2008 season of ‘American Idol, his debut album ‘David Archuleta’, entered the Billboard 200 at No.2 with first week sales of almost 200,000, making it the fastest selling debut album by an American Idol contestant. It will be released in the UK on 2nd March. David Archuleta is from Murray, Utah, a town outside Salt Lake City. He came to national attention and captured the hearts and imagination of a nation with several show-stopping performances on ‘American Idol.’ 60 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

TwiceasNice er p u s , n a rb back tter u The nd is nd be bra ger a r!! big n eve tha

The Urban Club Album Of The Year Get ready for the hot new release of the UK’s chart smashing urban brand TwiceasNice; bringing you THE greatest movers and shakers in R&B, House, Garage, Bashment, Bassline and Hip Hop from the Nu and Old Skool!! TwiceasNice:The Urban Club Album Of The Year features THREE definitive disc collections each mixed by one massively successful personality in urban music; step forward renowned DJ Shortee Blitz, Top 5 chart star Ironik and club resident Scottie B (MTV, UMF/Mobo nominee) – and you have the finest urban musical masterpiece money can buy!! Featuring 60 superb anthems including exclusives from T.I. Feat. Rihanna (Live Your Life), Alesha Dixon (The Boy Does Nothing), Beenie Man (Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie), Craig David (Insomnia) and Flo Rida (In The Ayer) plus recent smash hits from Gym Class Heroes (Cookie Jar), Wiley (Wearing

My Rolex), Lupe Fiasco (Superstar), Madcon (Beggin’) and the no.1 hit from Dizzee Rascal Ft. Calvin Harris (Dance Wiv Me). The album also features some of the finest urban classics from KP & Envi (Swing My Way) and Missy Elliott (All N My Grill) plus some real slick Funky House and Garage anthems mixed together with hits from Eric Prydz, Sweet Female Attitude, Enur, DJ NG and DJ Gomi. This collection is released following the busiest and most successful year to date for the million-selling TwiceasNice brand which had just got stronger and more successful year by year; with half a million ravers enjoying the TwiceasNice experience worldwide – from the UK right over to those sunny holiday clubbing hot spots!! One listen of this fantastic ram-packed 3 disc CD set and you will discover just why TwiceasNice are Europe’s biggest urban club brand!!

61 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009



The View Which Bitch?

Recorded at Monnow Valley studios in Wales during the summer of 2008 the album was produced by the acclaimed Owen Morris, who worked on their platinum selling debut album Hats off to the Buskers. A single, Shock Horror, to be released on the same day as the album, February 2nd, which will be available on 7” and download. The band, who recently completed a mammoth ‘back-to-basics’ 36-date tour of the UK, including sell-out shows at London’s Astoria and Glasgow Barrowlands have also announced a full UK tour to coincide with the album release. The full list of dates are as per the timetable adjacent: The 14-tracks of Which Bitch? sees the View at their most ambitious yet. Still imbued with the band’s un-canny ability to write a cracking tune, the album delves further featuring the sweeping orchestration of Distant Doubloon, scored by Oliver Kraus and recorded in New York, and Covers, a beautiful heart-felt song featuring a guest vocal from Paolo Nutini while tracks such as Temptation Dice, Shock Horror and recent single 5Rebbeccas all recall the raucous spirit of the band. Possibly a real shock to those expecting Hats Off To The Buskers part II, yet Which Bitch? is a massive leap and stands as a real statement of the View’s talent and ambition. A proper album, in every sense of the word.

Tour 9th


10th London

Academy 2 Koko (NME Awards Show)


Newcastle University


Edinburgh Playhouse



Caird Hall



Iron Works



Live Music Hall

17th Leeds

Metropolitan University



Wulfrun Hall


Cambridge Junction




Southampton University

Anson Rooms

Tickets will be priced at £13 (except in London where they will be £15 ) and are available to buy via www.gigsandtours

The View are: Kyle Falconer (vocals / guitar), Pete Reilly (guitar), Kieren Webster (vocals / bass) & Steve Morrison (drums). 62 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

63 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009



What’s life like in Barefoot Confessor?

Errol: It’s alright. It’s good; we’ve only been together eight months now, so it’s still new and exciting for us. Also it’s the New Year so hopefully we’ll do more gigs and get back into it.

How would you describe your sound?

Errol: James, you’re usually good at answering this question. James: I’d probably say Indie Pop. None of us like the term Indie, so I guess you’d call it Pop. Errol: I’d call it Pop music.

So, is music something that you all wanted to do growing up?

Chris: Yeah. We’ve been in a band, me James and Michael, for about ten years, maybe even longer, then that band broke up because the bassist moved to Australia. So we decided to start again and found a perfect replacement with Errol, so it all worked out.

How did you get together?

Michael: Errol was sniffing about, and our other guy had left so it worked out in that sense. Michael: It was pretty much the same group, but there was one change in person in Errol joining, and a completely different sound.

Who inspires you as artists, old and new?

BARE FOOT CONFESSOR In terms of what to look out for this year, Barefoot Confessor are at the top of the list and one of the most exciting up and coming acts of 2009. The band consists of James, Errol, Michael, and Chris and the recently formed London-based foursome have already generated the kind of hype you would expect from a band that have been around for years, with views and plays in their thousands on their Myspace page. Barefoot Confessor’s sound is reminiscent of 1960s feel good tunes juxtaposed with a modern day edge with lyrics such as “fit but not a buffy,” means that we can identify with their words as well as enjoy the infectious, can’t-help-but-nod-along beats that come along with their sound. The great thing about 64 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Barefoot Confessor is that the lyrical content and all-round style has the absolute ability to convert even the most hardcore fans of other musical genres into wanting to hear more. There is something for everyone, provided you appreciate good music. What they’ve given us is a sound that’s feel good and energetic which makes a massive change from some of the rock/pop music that’s available at the moment, it’s refreshing and fun which in our opinion is what it’s all about. Audrey Indome had the opportunity to catch up with the guys before their London gig last week in a very down to earth Japanese restaurant in Hoxton Square and here’s what they had to say about life in the

Errol: Michael Jackson, we’re all into everything really. James: We all listen to different stuff I think, and because we’ve been playing music together for so long, over the years everything we’ve listened to has changed. We’ve been influenced by everything. I don’t think I could pin it down to one thing. Chris: I’m a big rock fan, my favourite band is Led Zeppelin, I like Pink Floyd, but I also like a lot of other things as well. Errol: Britney. Chris: Britney Spears is awesome.

What do you guys think of reality TV show such as Orange Unsigned and X Factor, would you have ever appeared on shows of that nature?

Errol: No! Michael: Definitely not, for the reason that I don’t think we’d get through, bands like us and other bands that are doing it off their own backs, and not for the money or big recording contract usually don’t. Bands that do it for the love of music aren’t going to be successful. Shows like that look for people who have a sniff of talent so they can mould them into what they want. Also we don’t really like singing other people’s songs; we’d rather do completely original stuff. That’s the way forward.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever played and why?

Michael: Scala. Errol: Scala, definitely. Michael: The venue was just something else, really old school, like a dancehall type place. Errol: There were loads of people there, the sound was really good the venue is pretty big; the crowd was awesome which was a bonus. Michael: I like Coco, because the venue’s cool.


What are your thoughts on illegal downloading? 65 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009


Michel: It doesn’t really affect us because we’re not selling any music. James: For me, it only goes as far as copying CDs but it’s usually something that I wouldn’t have bought anyway.

What was the last album you all bought?

James: Kings of Leon. Errol: Fleetwood Mac. Chris: I went mad in a record shop the other day and bought loads of old Motown stuff.

You have a lot of views and plays on your Myspace, how do you feel about all the recognition?

Michael: It’s baffling, really crazy, we don’t understand where it’s coming from, because when you’ve been doing it for a bit with no real love, to see that completely humbles you. You just think who’s been doing it, when it’s in its thousands it’s really cool, and you just think is it really happening or is there a hitch in the figures?

Out of all the tracks that you’ve recorded which would you pick to be you’re debut single?

Michael: Camden Road. It’s not necessarily the best musically, it’s very simple but a lot of young people get that song, they know the language and the context of the song, I’d release that song because I think people can relate to it.

What’s the process to writing a good song?

Michael: If I sit down and consciously think, it usually doesn’t happen, but sometimes I’ll be sitting on the train and a melody will come, and I’ll try and put words to that in my head, but it’s very much that I can’t force it, it needs to just happen. I do get scared sometimes that I’ve run out of ideas, but it always comes along it’s just a matter of time.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

James: Just to be able to do this full time, and make enough money from it. Errol: To be successful with our music, and make enough to be able to eat, and sleep under a roof and in a bed. Chris: To have U2 support us on tour’. Michael: Amen.

Check out Barefoot confessor and listen to their music at www.myspace/barefootconfessor

66 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009


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50 Cent

Before I Self destruct Initially, Before I Self Destruct was planned to be 50 Cent’s 2007 album, however, he decided to release Curtis instead, and thus Before I Self Destruct’s release date was pushed back to 2009. The pressure is on 50 Cent. After losing a very public sales battle with Kanye West, he has promised that Before I Self Destruct, his fourth studio album, will revolutionize hip-hop, it will be the culminating statement of the first phase of his music career, and that it is a companion piece to his first feature directing effort.

Lily Allen

Its not me Its you On It’s Not Me, It’s You, Lily’s characteristically sharp observations find expression in a variety of musical styles, with influences ranging from the Jazz Era to country and western to dance music. “Highlights include ‘Everyone’s at It,’ a synth-pop song about prescription drugs that features Allen on xylophone; ‘He Wasn’t There,’ which matches emotional lyrics about her absent father to a jazz groove; and ‘Not Fair,’ a saucy country song about an inadequate lover,” said Rolling Stone.

Franz Ferdinard

Tonight: Franz Ferdinard No one could ever accuse Franz Ferdinand of lacking ambition. Naming themselves after the archduke whose assassination

sparked the First World War, the band mix grandeur and pretension with a shrewd pop touch. Opening track and comeback single ‘Ulysses’ encapsulates the drama of the band’s return. Franz Ferdinand emerge from their hiatus with a bass-heavy intro, before Alex Kapranos’ familiar voice hisses and seethes from the speakers.

Pretty Ricky

Eighties Babies Pretty Ricky are known as one of the raunchiest groups in all of modern music. Their extremely explicit lyrics and subject matter have given the group a broad fan-base. One of the original members Pleasure P left the group and was replaced by another R&B crooner 4Play.

White Lies

To Lose My Life Domestic indie hopes in 2009 seem rather pinned to White Lies’ mast right now, the London trio carrying a great weight of expectation upon their shoulders. ‘To Lose My Life’, the debut album from the band formerly known as Fear Of Flying, emerges through a thick fog of buzz, the kind that only descends around this time of year. 67 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009



Reviews -

Reviews -



Argentinean revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara has long been a student hero – his beret-wearing, long-haired image adorning countless walls in university buildings worldwide even before his death, aged 39, by a Bolivian military firing-squad in 1967. Now it is Benicio Del Toro’s turn to play this ultimate countercultural icon in a project that the actor has been championing for years. We’re entering awards season - expect this to pick up a number of nominations at the very least.



Back in 1977, British satirist turned talk show host David Frost managed to secure unprecedented access to former American president Richard Nixon, still a global pariah and national disgrace following his 1974 fall from office after the notorious Watergate scandal. Directed by Hollywood darling Ron Howard, this big screen version of Morgan’s wildly successful 2006 stage play is a rare and welcome chance for those of us unable to see the London or New York runs of the show to witness the power of the two central performances.


Actors who get cast as James Bond all too often find it hard to shake off that iconic character. This latest offering from Craig is, if anything, a combination of both - part serious drama, part actioner. The reason? Defiance tells the true story of four Jewish brothers who, during the Second World War, escaped the Nazis to join up with the Belarussian resistance and battle to free other concentration camp prisoners. 60 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009 68

Liked the over-the-top, heavily stylised Sin City, with its quirkily graphical black-andwhite, comic-book feel? Can’t wait until 2010 for the sequel? Well, this might just keep you going until then. It’s not just the heavily computer-enhanced black-and-white visual style of The Spirit, nor its comic-book origins that makes this a near-sister film to Sin City. It also shares a writer/director – Frank Miller.


Fool’s Gold

This is an unusual romantic comedy. Not that it’s unusual in starring genre regulars Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey – teaming up again after their successful coupling in 2003’s How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – but in its apparent attempt to appeal to both sexes for a change.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Indiana Jones has become what he was always intended to be – a genuine cinematic icon, a true Hollywood legend, and one of the most successful film-related brands ever created. Many have tried to create the prefect mix of cinematic elements, and many have failed – but in Indy, co-creators George Lucas and Steven Spielberg succeeded perfectly. The film’s cinema release was met with a kind response. This is certainly not the best Indy film you’ll have seen, but it’s well worth a watch on DVD.

Shine a Light Here, the Rolling Stones go in front of the camera to get the Scorsese treatment. Filmed over two nights of the Stones’ 2006 A Bigger Bang tour – almost exactly thirty years after the concert at the heart of The Last Waltz, in fact – again interviews and backstage footage intersperse the aging rockers doing their thing, as well as archive footage spreading back over the band’s 45-year career. The result is a stylish combination of music video and documentary that will doubtless soon have pride of place among Rolling Stones fans’ DVD shelves.

California Dreamin’ It’s a safe bet that there aren’t many people in the world whose first choice of a movie to see on a Friday night is the latest offering from Romania. It’s hardly a country known for its movie industry, after all. The basis of this film – a tiny, hilarious-sounding incident in which a NATO supply train, packed with American soldiers and equipment, was halted en route through Romania to Kosovo by a village official thanks to some missing customs papers.

69 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009



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After performing for a sold out crowd in a fictional war country, 50 Cent discovers that his payment has been stolen by the local crime baron-a former CIA operative and death dealing organ harvester. Play as 50 Cent, the worlds biggest hip hop star, as you and the G Unit battle across two countries in order to collect your payday and unleash hip hop justice on those who have crossed you.

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PS3-God Father II

On the eve of the Cuban revolution, a major mob meeting in Havana takes a bloody turn. The Don of your family is killed, and you must take the reigns and lead your battered organization. Success breeds opportunity, so when Michael Corleone comes under investigation by a Senate Committee on Organized Crime, the Corleone Family calls upon you to reestablish its operation in New York and expand into a new territory - Miami.

Wii-Mario Kart

PC-Sims 3

The Sims 3 allows you to immerse your unique Sims in an open living neighborhood right outside their door, interacting with other Sims using the new, deeper personality system. The game also allows you to customize anything, anywhere. From floors to flowers, fashions to sofas, wallpaper to window shades and more, The Sims 3 gives you all the flexibility and options you need to be the architect of your dream house.

X BOX-Street Fighter IV

Features include: • • • • •

Fast Action Arcade Shooter Game play Intense Brawler Style Combat with brutal ‘Counter kill’ finishing moves Drop-In/Drop-out Co-Op online Multi player Arcade Style Points System Exclusive Music from 50 Cent and G-Unit

70 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Mario Kart Wii comes with the intuitive Wii Wheel, which makes it easy for novices to compete against veterans, so no one is left in the dust. And with a broadband hookup to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, players can compete with up to 11 other drivers from around the world for racing dominance. The game includes 16 new courses and 16 classic courses from previous Mario Kart games.

The long-awaited fourth entry in the Street Fighter series. Street Fighter IV features a mix of returning favorites such as Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Guile along with new characters created for this game, such as Crimson Viper, Abel, El Fuerte, and Rufus. Characters and environments are rendered in stylized 3D, while the game is played in the classic Street Fighter 2D perspective with additional 3D camera flourishes.

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NORWICH UNION WELCOMES JUNIOR TALENT AND NEW PERFORMANCE ADVISORS AT UKA WORLD CLASS TALENT CAMP The UK Athletics World Class Talent Induction took place this weekend at Loughborough University’s High Performance Centre. The Induction Camp welcomed 25 up and coming athletes aiming to be part of the Norwich Union GB & NI Junior Team to experience a weekend of mentoring and guidance from the Norwich Union Performance Advisors. In addition to the existing team of former Olympians Steve Backley, Wendy Sly and Kath Merry, two new Norwich Union Performance Advisors were announced – World Indoor Triple Jump Champion and former World Record Holder, Ashia Hansen, and Olympic 4 x 100m Gold medallist, Jason Gardener. Both recently retired from competition, Hansen and Gardener will be key figures in providing junior athletes with an expert insight into what it takes to succeed at the top level of athletics, giving one to one advice and support to each of the young hopefuls. The weekend demonstrated the progression of young athletes through the full spectrum of the UK Athletics Performance Programme. As a former junior athlete who has been through this exact same system before progressing into the Norwich Union GB & NI senior team, sprinter Harry AikinesAryeetey was also on hand to advise the up and coming talent. Norwich Union, the team behind UK Athletics since 1999, continues to demonstrate its

ongoing commitment to recognising and nurturing junior talent through its support of this weekend long camp. Norwich Union’s funding of the Performance Advisor role is designed to prepare these athletes for 2009’s major championships such as the IAAF World Youth Championships and European Junior Championships, but also for longer term performance for London 2012 and beyond. For the first time, both junior disabled and non-disabled athletes were supported by the World Class Talent programme and all of them benefitted from a wide range of expertise during the weekend. The Norwich Union Performance Advisors and top coaching staff at UK Athletics took them through sessions ranging from strength and conditioning training through to media training. Luckily on the day we were able to sit down with Olympic 4 x 100m Gold medallist, Jason Gardener, and discuss the concept behind the UK Athletics World Class Talent Induction.

How do you think the UKA World Talent Induction Camp can help young athletes in the UK?

When I was young I could only see my sporting idols or my role-models on television – they were like the untouchables and the thought of actually meeting them was really quite unrealistic. You couldn’t talk to them or seek advice from them at all, you couldn’t get close 72 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

to them but I would have loved that opportunity to speak to people who have been to the top, heard their experiences and hear about the struggles they went through to get to the top. The kids will have specific and concentrated time with us to ask us questions – no matter how silly they maybe or how personal they are to the struggle they’re going through rather than just trying to grab someone at an event. These guys are the future. They’ve all been selected for the next level of funding despite the changes in the funding structure. 73 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009



The GB Team put in a fantastic performance in the Beijing Olympics this summer, how do you feel this has affected young athletes across the UK?

I think it will obviously act as an inspiration for them. We had some excellent performances in Beijing in athletics terms and we reached a lot of finals with a lot of young athletes in their first Olympics. The next step is to go and produce medal winners and hopefully Beijing will have inspired younger athletes to want to do that and put in the hard work and dedication that will require. While Beijing had a lot of positives there are sure to be a lot of improvements by London 2012.

In terms of training and preparation, what advice do you give to young athletes who hope to compete in London 2012?

You can’t buy experience and that’s the fundamental aspect of these camps – that is, first and foremost, what we can offer them and educate them about – it’s so invaluable. So we have to put our investment in places where we think we can get those returns and there is no doubting the fact that you must invest in youth – here today are our future champions and this is where it all starts. So far we’ve been doing strength and conditioning today and already working on identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Specifically they’re here to learn guidance in terms of training but also additional things such as strength and conditioning and nutritional and physiotherapy aspects. And the conditioning is so important. They need to know that is more than one way to run fast or to jump high and that they need to find what suits them best.

Photo: 3 generations of sprinting! Jason Gardener (Norwich Union performance advisor), Harry Aikines Aryeetey (Team GB star), and Deji Tobias (U17 star and camp attendee.’

74 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

There’s actually a large number of GB Athletes who are currently in higher education. What would you recommend as the best way to balance training and studying? 75 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009


Juggling studies and competing is just something you have to do. If you’re at a university such as this then you have the best facilities available in the world. The classroom is just nearby and there are Olympic physios and doctors always on hand. It’s far easier than being out in the real world and working nine to five and then having to do your training in the evenings. Athletes have been combining sporting careers and studies for years and it’s much better than it ever has been before – there are no excuses for students not taking advantage of the facilities.

So the old running shoes have been hung up for quite a while now. Do you ever get the urge to put them back on, especially as the Olympics is coming to your home nation?

My days as an athlete are well and truly over. I’m really enjoying the coaching and mentoring side of things and I’m keeping myself extremely busy with that. Throughout my career I’ve always tried to put back as much as I can into sport to try and inspire young athletes such as the ones selected for the programme. Up until now I’ve been working predominantly with junior relay teams because obviously I’ve got some experience in that field but now I’ve broadened my horizons and I’m really looking forward to working with this group of young athletes. I’m also a non-executive director of UK Athletics and I’m heavily involved with Youth Sport Trust so I’ve got more than enough on my plate without thinking about that.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen whilst competing?

The funniest thing I’ve seen when competing was watching Christian Malcolm here in Loughborough competing in a relay for Wales when he was a young lad. He was on the first leg and he got off to a flyer and ran a really good bend but when he went to hand over the baton he realised he didn’t have it. He had started the whole race and completely forgotten about the baton. He’ll kill me for talking about it but it had me in stitches – I’ll never let him forget that. To find out more about UK Athletics Performance Programme and athlete development visit For more information on Norwich Union’s sponsorship of UK Athletics please visit

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Making Athletes Battle Ready This winter, Nike is introducing Nike Pro Thermal, a special edition of its Nike Pro first layer performance apparel. The special edition, Nike Pro Thermal is made with stretch Dri-FIT fabric and provides warm lightweight support. The fabric is designed to trap pockets of warm air, keeping the athlete warm when conditions require it. Athletes who wear Nike Pro Thermal report that, as well as the physiological benefits from temperature regulation and comfort, it also provides a psychological benefit. Because Nike Pro Thermal is designed to stretch across and grip the body, it heightens the athlete’s own perception of their physique and their fitness – in effect it makes them feel ready to perform. “Coming from a hot climate, I sometimes find the cold difficult to play in. Nike Pro Thermal is perfect for when winter sets in; I now have something to help me maintain the optimum temperature in which to perform”. Elano, Brazil and Manchester City forward.

Nike Pro Thermal benefits include: New engineered contrast stretch panels and vents located in areas where • the body’s heat builds up; across the back, spine and under the arms helping retain warmth Stretch microfibre material with a tight fit that compresses the athlete’s • muscles and defines their physique, giving them the psychological edge over their opponents Dri-FIT material that pulls or ‘wicks’ sweat through the material away from • the skin. This keeps moisture away from the skin and lets it evaporate faster, helping the athlete stay cool and comfortable throughout performance Soft-handle fabric with a tubular construction and flat seams to aid player • comfort and avoid chafing

For more information visit



Pound for Pound Fighters by Dan Fox 2008 was an interesting year for British boxing. Joe Calzaghe continued undefeated and David Haye became a world champion, while there was a renaissance for Ricky Hatton, but Amir Kahn was humiliated by a first round defeat. 2009 looks set to entertain in equal measure. After convincing victories against Juan Lazcano and the much-fancied New Yorker Paulie Malignaggi, Ricky Hatton is right back in the boxing limelight. Having seemingly bounced back in style from his defeat to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2007, the Hitman is widely expected to contest one of the major fights of 2009, on May 2nd in Las Vegas. Rumours are rife as to his opponent. The ferocious Manny Pacquiao was widely thought to be lined up, putting two of the best supported fighters in the world head to head, but recent rumours have involved a familiar name: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Hatton is known to crave revenge for the only blemish on his record. A Hatton vs. Mayweather clash would be given extra spice by the fact that Mayweather’s father, Floyd 78 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009

Mayweather Sr., is currently the Brit’s head trainer. Either fight would come with huge billing, and as much of an excitement guarantee as you can give for any fight. Victory for Hatton would surely place him amongst the all-time greats, whereas defeat may be the beginning of the end for his illustrious career. For heavyweight David Haye 2009 looks set to be career defining. It looks like we will finally have a world heavyweight title fight worth getting excited about as the Hayemaker, former undisputed cruiserweight champion takes on giant Ukrainian, Vitali Klitschko for the WBC Heavyweight title. The exact details are not fully established but it is rumoured the fight could take place at Stamford Bridge or Wembley Stadium in front of a bumper British crowd. The heavyweight divisions of boxing have been in somewhat of a lull since the Tyson and Holyfield days, and although Holyfield did come close to victory in a Rocky Balboa style comeback fight in 2008, Haye vs. Klitschko looks set to be the best action we are going to see from the big guys in the coming year. Haye may be the underdog, thought to have a rela-

tively weak chin, but with age and a packed stadium behind him he should not be ruled out. Joe Calzaghe is the longest reigning World champion of recent times, having held the WBO Super Middleweight title for over ten years until he relinquished the title to concentrate on fighting at lightheavyweight. As his super-middleweight and light-heavyweight reigns overlap, he has had the longest continual time as World Champion than any currently active fighter. The 2007 Sports Personality of the Year beat two legends in 2008; Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr., both in the USA. No fights are scheduled for the coming year, and there has been talk, sometimes from Calzaghe himself, that he may be close to hanging up his gloves. Retiring unbeaten would put him in a very elite band of fighters. No doubt this will be a temptation, but so will the millions on offer from various promoters to squeeze one more bout out of the Italian Dragon. Since winning silver at the 2004 Olympics, Amir Khan began his professional career in explosive form, delivering victories and knockouts with some ease. This was until

September 6th 2008, Khan lost to Breidis Prescott in 54 seconds at the M.E.N. Arena on his Sky Box Office debut, handing him his first defeat as a professional boxer. Khan was knocked down within 25 seconds and struggled to make the count, Prescott downed him again within 41 seconds, moments later to win by a knockout. He bounced back to win his final fight of the year, but severe damage was done to the youngster’s reputation, and he faces an uphill struggle to prove himself as a World Beater from now on. He has never really tested himself at the top level, and although his talent is obvious, it will take some big wins before he is considered for major title fights. Britain has produced some of the World’s top fighters in recent years, and although the likes of Hatton and Calzaghe are nearing the climax of their careers, they have provided inspiration for the next generation. If you are a major fight fan looking for action soon, look out for Antonio Margarito taking on future hall of famer ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley on January 24th. This fight will be the first of many headline makers in 2009, which could potentially see Britain rise to the very top of the boxing ladder. 79 Student Bodiez/ feb 2009





Back in 1994 adidas introduced the Predator - the world’s most celebrated football boot. 14 years, and 9 editions later, adidas has revealed two new special edition Predator PowerSwerve boots.

The new boots feature Predator SMART foam on the strike zone to give extra power, swerve and control. In rigorous testing the boot was found to give 3% more force and 8% more swerve than its predecessor.

The Predator boots are famed for power, swerve and control, so think of the two new boots as ‘souped-up’ Predators, with a different performance attribute amplified in each one.

The foam also adapts and changes to suit the way you kick the ball so you get maximum velocity, or shock adsorption, depending on your needs.

Predator ‘POWER’ Swerve Features an extra 10 grams of additional • tungsten powder in the insole “With an extra 10g of Tungsten powder in • the Power Pulse I can feel a lot more

bang in my boot” – Steven Gerrard (Liverpool FC and England) Features additional liquid rubber on the medial vamp

The dynamic Power Pulse insole features 40g of ‘Tungsten’ powder - which shifts and spreads weight in the sole to where you need it, behind the exact place of impact with the ball to get total weight transfer.

“You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out how to use the swerve zone. Just follow through the ball and let the liquid rubber ribs take care of the curve” - Anderson (Manchester United and Brazil)



adidas has unveiled the F50.9 TUNiT, the latest generation of the revolutionary TUNiT football boot. The F50 takes customisation to the next level by allowing you to build your boots every time you play to suit the conditions and your playing style. The F50 is the boot of choice for flair players up and down the country and is lighter, stronger and more durable than earlier versions. These customised boots help players feel confident when expressing themselves on the pitch, but more importantly, to ‘skin’ the defender in front of them. The latest version of the boot is made from a new synthetic upper, adiGrip, a durable material which provides better grip in wet and

dry conditions. The upper has also been completely redesigned, with a welded lace cover which is softer and more flexible aiding touch and close control. The new boots won’t just look good either, they will also smell better than your old ones thanks to a revolutionary new treatment. The F50 boots have been impregnated with Agion, an inorganic silver compound that inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria and fungi that causes Athlete’s Foot. The newly improved F50.9 TUNiT provides additional support and stability, and the chassis and sockliner now come separated, which allows players to insert their own orthopaedic sockliners for added comfort.

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Don’t Drink and Drive


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If you’ve enjoyed a drink tonight, then order a cab home.

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