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2019 catalog

This year’s catalog brings many exciting changes. You will find some new products that our students have been working on for you as well as the tried and true products everyone loves. But the very first things you will notice are the beautiful pictures taken at The Berea College Farm. Our campus overflows with natural beauty, rich history, and a promising future for our 1,650 students. This year, we decided to share another piece of our heart with you. We hope you enjoy this Craft catalog as much as we enjoyed putting it together.



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Like the students working on the College Farm, our student craftspeople learn to appreciate the connection between raw material and finished product - an appreciation often lost in today’s world of factory farms and mass production. Unlike many other trades, farming and ceramics experience this connection through the intimate kinship between earth and hands. Students gain a keen understanding of the degree to which all things and all people on the earth are connected. This work decreases the distance between us, and we learn that there are more similarities between those working beside us than there are differences.

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The Pinnacle Collection Our 9,000-acre Berea College Forest, carefully managed since 1898, is crowned by the East and West Pinnacles. This ceramics collection is inspired by the mountains and bright blue sky overhead and is a treasure for all who support the College’s commitment to forestry and sustainability. $27-60



The Glade Collection Designed to represent John G. Fee’s founding of Berea College on what we now call Fee Glade, the Glade Collection celebrates Fee’s vision of diversity and inclusion of all. Fee’s progressive views made Berea the first interracial and coeducational college in the South, and his belief that “God has made of one blood all peoples of the earth” defines our direction to this day. $25-60

Variety Mugs Since the start of the Ceramics program in 1920, this part of the Student Craft program has provided many opportunities for individual expression. These variety mugs offer a glimpse into the artistic journey of our student craftspeople and will lay the foundation for our future collections. A beautiful mosaic as wonderfully diverse and individual as our students themselves. $25

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Service Since the College’s founding as the first interracial and coeducational college in the South, Berea has built its history and educational aspirations on radical ideals. And while our founders had incredible foresight, the College has also sought to honor and respect traditional cultures and practices. Through our farming practices, we show respect for the land and help provide food security to local communities. Likewise, our weaving students use traditional techniques that preserve Appalachian culture while creating designs that are relevant for today’s world. Our woven goods can be found in the Log House Craft Gallery, another student-run operation that stands on a 101-year tradition of serving the Appalachian community through the support and sales of Appalachian craft.



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Pillows This collection of pillows features the work of Berea College alumna and local artist Laura Poulette. Carefully hand-woven fabric is delicately embroidered with Laura’s artwork to create these pillows that celebrate the diversity of plant life in our Appalachian region and the need to do all we can to preserve and protect it. $175

Placemats Placemats represent opportunities for learning and collaboration. From our classic honeycomb pattern to our newly developed patterns, each is developed to stand alone or pair with our ceramic collections. Every student weaver finds their own personal rhythm making these exquisite placemats. $18-22

Table Runners Adorn your table with a work of art from the student weavers at Berea College. Designed to make a statement alone or to match our placemats. $65-79



Rainbow Baby Blanket This soft 100% cotton baby blanket celebrates impartial love and the kinship of all people, one of Berea College’s eight Great Commitments. $85

Plaid Baby Blankets Plaid baby blankets are a time-honored tradition in the weaving studio at Berea College. Woven with soft, 100% cotton, this blanket will be cherished for generations to come. $85

Block Baby Blankets Often a student craftsperson’s first experience with a fly shuttle loom, these classic baby blankets are woven from 100% cotton in a simple, delicate block pattern. Each is pre-washed and ready for gift giving. $85

Couch Throws These cozy couch throws are a luxurious way to keep warm on a cool evening. Each is hand-woven and fringed with a plush wool-blend yarn. $170

Scarves These student-designed scarves demonstrate how inspiration can be found everywhere on Berea College’s campus. From storms rolling over the Pinnacles to butterflies on summer flowers to stained glass in the chapel, beauty is everywhere. $85

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The College Farm is ranked among the best in the nation in terms of sustainability. Our commitment to mindful living weaves its path through our campus in a variety of ways. You will see this in many facets, from our Animal WelfareApproved pasture-raised meats to our USDA-certified organic fruits and vegetables to the nine LEEDCertified buildings on campus to the sustainably harvested trees from our forest used to make the stool you see on this page. Our wood products are a counterpoint to the disposable world we live in, lasting for generations. Everything we do, we do with an eye toward lasting quality, sustainable living, and a concern for the welfare of our planet and all beings.

Forest Stool Using traditional horse logging techniques, the ash used for this stool is harvested by our College Foresters. This traditional method of logging is less disturbing to the forest ecosystem than the heavy machinery so prevalently used today. Hand split with parts shaped on the shaving horse and using greenwood joinery techniques, this stool - inspired by the work of Chester Cornett - champions the contributions of generations of Appalachian chairmakers. $450

Skittles Skittles has been a part of the Student Craft catalog since the 1920s. The game has been subtly redesigned to feature beautiful dovetailed corners and is now made of sustainably harvested cherry. For most of our students, this project gives them their first opportunity at learning and mastering the dovetail joint. This game celebrates its longstanding place in Student Craft production by sporting the original “Student Industries” logo, which was used from 1923 to 1970. $240



Skittles Replacement Set The set contains: 16 pins 4 spinners 6 strings 4 bumper pads $20

Harmony Basket and Berea Basket Baskets have been a part of Student Craft since at least the 1930s. Today, they honor the multi-cultural and ever-evolving basket making traditions of Appalachia. Verticals are sawn and shaved to fit on the shaving horse and then joined to the clean top and base. $100

Big Choppy Solid, practical, and durable, this cherry cutting board highlights our students’ learning and labor with simplicity and sustainability. $35

French Rolling Pin Beautiful in its simplicity, the cherry French Rolling Pin calls to mind the College’s Great Commitment to mindful and sustainable living. $29

Available in cherry and walnut

Cooling Rack For many of our student craftspeople, creating a cooling rack is the first opportunity they will have to practice wood joinery or sit atop a shaving horse. With cherry sides and maple cross pieces, this cooling rack will be a treasured part of your baking tool kit. $25

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Dignity Our broomcraft department and farm both share a long history at Berea College, and both flourish today thanks to our great students. Through the College’s federally recognized Work Program, students on the farm get to experiment with new and innovative farming techniques. Students in broomcraft hone their creative talents through the individual expression applied to each and every broom. While most students in broomcraft will go on to make their living in fields like computer science or accounting, their time in broomcraft teaches valuable skills that complement their academics. The lessons learned through the work of the hands complete the liberal arts education by nurturing the development of complete thinkers, those who remain intimately connected to the world around them. These skills are the direct result of the College’s commitment to its Work Program, honoring the dignity and utility of all work and taking pride in work well done.




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Shaker Braid Brooms The broom stalk weaving of our Shaker Braid allows our students to express their individual creativity and celebrates the handwork of our student craftspeople. The Shaker Braid is now offered with the option of a natural or turned handle, with house-dyed broomcorn in blue, fuchsia, purple, green, and orange, as well as natural. $55

Rocket Brooms The Appalachian region, which Berea so proudly serves, enjoys a long, rich history of folklore. Whether exploring this heritage or appreciating its modern “pop culture� reprisal, a Berea Rocket is the perfect broom to accent both your fireplace and your fandom. $85

Appalachian Broom The Appalachian Broom follows the traditional techniques used in many Appalachian communities before commercially-made brooms were readily available. Long stalks of broomcorn, carefully handstitched and woven onto a natural handle of local timber, allow each student the opportunity to showcase their skill and personal style. $55



Streamliner Brooms Designed to be light and nimble for everyday use, the Berea College Streamliner is one of the oldest brooms currently made in our shop. Created in one of the only large-scale dyeing establishments left in the United States, our seasonal series of multicolor Streamliners ranges from the hearty reds of fall harvest to the lush greens of new spring. $42

Handy Broom Significantly smaller than our Streamliner broom, this broom offers a variety of handy, practical uses, whether in your hands or those of a child. $31 Height 35”

Cake Tester A beautiful hand-woven handle made of natural broom stalks surrounds the hand-rolled broomcorn “testers.” Named for the practice of removing a bristle and inserting it into a cake to ensure it’s done. $25

Fantail Brooms Our students make three brooms with hand-rolled and tied broomcorn in the fantail pattern that can be seen in the work of traditional Appalachian and indigenous native artisans: a small Whisk broom with a beautifully woven handle and braided detail; the Cindersweep with its traditional Mountain Laurel handle; or the beautiful colors of our Hearthsweep with a fully braided handle. These brooms make a powerful statement about the skills our students develop while at work.

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We hope you enjoyed the beautiful pictures included throughout this catalog and learning about our very special College beyond the Student Craft Program. The Berea College Farm is just one of many amazing places on our campus. In an effort to bring together everything the College has to offer, we welcome you to the Berea College Trace. The Trace is the thread that weaves together our history and our future, the forest and farm, shops and galleries. We want to share all of these amazing places with you. Visit our website at www.bereacollegetrace.com or better yet, we hope to see you at one of the many stops on the Berea College Trace soon!

Can you imagine how much fun we had shooting those ceramic pictures in the middle of these baby piglets! And all those chickens! When it was all over, we celebrated with a big lunch at the Berea College Farm Store. From all the staff at Berea College Student Craft, thank you for your support of our program, and please keep us in mind for all your holiday and giftgiving needs. Your support means the world to us.

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Crafting the Future “All my life in Kentucky I have longed to be surrounded by art. Choosing to live in Berea I chose to live in a world where art matters. Berea has not let me down, especially when it comes to the world of craft – creativity is always honored as the necessary foundation for work that is beautiful, that endures.” bell hooks

Your purchase of a handmade student craft makes you part of our family and affirms our heartfelt belief that the mission we’ve pursued since 1855 is still worthy and relevant today. Your support enables us to continue our mission of providing a high-quality liberal arts education to a richly diverse group of students who have great promise but limited economic resources. Every student admitted to Berea receives a Tuition Promise Scholarship. This means students can immediately begin to contribute to their families and their communities without the long-term burden of student debt. Your contribution through the purchase of Berea College Student Craft or through a donation facilitates the complex work we to do in bringing together students from all backgrounds and beliefs, giving them a creative home where they can express their unique history, and working together to bring the College’s Great Commitments to life.


IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A DONATION, PLEASE CONTACT: Alumni and College Relations CPO 2216, Berea, KY 40404 www.berea.edu/give 1-800-457-9846

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