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AGAINST ME! INTERVIEW with Chris Gilroy It was this Easter Sunday at Providence RI’s The Call. Most Sunday evenings are spent around a dinner table with family and or friends, relaxing, eating delicious food, be it vegan, vegetarian or a real turkey. I spent this most recent Easter Sunday with my little brother and some great, close friends. However, mine had no table, though we were able to score a nice couch. We also spent it with a beloved group of drunks, AGAINST ME! After a long night of dancing, singing along, and just having a great time, we spoke with most of the band.

Christopher: How long have you guys been on tour so far, is this in support of the new album? Tom Gable (lead singer/guitar): Well, the new record came out on November 4th or whatever, and we have been on tour since October, so I guess before the 4th it wasn't supporting it, and after the release it was supporting it... Andy (bass/backing vocals): I don't even know if there is such a thing as supporting it cuz the thing is we just tour all the fuckin time. I mean the record could be out for two years and we would still probably be on tour. Erika: Why do you tour so much? Tom: cuz, we have rent to pay, haha. Andy: and to physically kill ourselves. Tom: and it's fun to, I don't want to be working a job, this is fuckin rad. beats washing dishes. Matt: What did you guys do before you guys were touring? Tom: well, I still do this now when I get off tour, though I haven't been in town for a really long time but I work as a door man checking IDs. We get a lot of small jobs, whether it's working carpentry or in a kitchen or whatever. Andy: there are employers for when we are in town for more then eight days, so it's been a while. Matt: When did you guys start touring? Tom: uh, well, I think it 98, yea 98 was my first tour. Andy: We have all been in touring bands pretty much since we were like 17. Tom: I’m 23 now.

Andy: no you're not, really? Tom: yea I am. Andy: holy shit, I’m like eleven fuckin years older then you. (A hardy laugh from us all, like haha!) Christopher: do you guys see more and more kids at the shows? Tom: well yea, I mean every time we go on tour it gets significantly better but it's not like the first show there was no one there and then next time there is like a million. Erika: yea, kids are like 'hey, I just saw AGAINST ME! You gotta see them next time!' Andy: yea, like they'll be back in two months, they are on tour all the time. haha Erika: Next time, I think when you guys tour, you shouldn't play in a club. I saw you guys at the Sickle {as a side note, this is a Providence show, for those who do not know, there was a section of town called Olneyville that was warehouse space that a bunch of DIY kids rented out. they did tons and tons of shows, one of the longest running homes was the Sickle. In the middle of January, building inspectors decided no one could live there and 60 plus artists were evicted from their rented homes, some had appropriate lease, with one week’s notice.}. Yea, it was like two years ago and it was just way cooler. Andy: yea, that place shut down. It was with Spring Builder. There was a boat Matt: wow, you have quite a memory. Andy: no, I just got the CD, it's awesome! It’s really good. For us

not to play here, we need to be offered an alternative. Matt (pointing to me): yea, you wanna play his basement? ha-ha Andy: depends on if you want your basement destroyed.... Tom: it's also one of those things where, you know, you want to play a place where everyone feels welcomed. Where it is open to the public. Your basement, not like, ha-ha, it's not the most social point in town. Andy: yea like last night we played at a youth center in Boston... Matt: oh yea, I was there! Christopher: do you play a lot of community centers, or clubs or... Andy: well, pretty much Clear Channel owns everything in America right now and we avoid that. Which means, we end up playing community centers and independent clubs and stuff like that. I mean sometimes they work out fantastic, sometimes it uh......didn't work out, but that's the way it goes. Matt: did you guys ever get arrested for something involving a show? Tom: yea, we have been pretty close. There was this one time, in Denver, it was like eight bucks at the door. And like two bands before we were supposed to come on cops like raided the place. Apparently two cops went undercover and paid to get in and hung out and the busted it as a rave but like paddy wagons pulled up, fuckin helicopters were flying around and EVERYONE was sitting down. They wouldn't let anyone leave or come in,

we were like 'uh, can we just grab our equipment and take off?' ha-ha. It was really a hairy situation for a little bit. Erika: yea, there are a lot of undercover cops here, it takes an eye to spot them... Andy: really? Matt: well, isn't that why they are undercover? So no one can see them? Haha Andy: does providence have a lot of crime? Matt: Yea, yes we do. We have one of the highest crime rates. Erika: not only that, but we have the largest teen pregnancy, drunk driving and child pornography. Andy: I was reading your daily thing, the Phoenix, and there was a big porn pull out. There are a lot of sex shops around here huh? Matt: I was in a convenient store and there was this old man staring at Maxim or something, I walked by and was like "uhhh" then as I was leaving a saw his wife and kids walk up to him. Christopher: yea, I work at a indie record store and Rolling Stone just released a huge issue about Britney Spears and some like 55 year old guy bought it. It was like, washing my hands after that one. Andy: yea, like I’m on tour, I’m really bored, I mean I come and sit in a parking lot for like 3 hours so I just read like anything. I was reading the personals, they are really funny. Like the abbreviations are down to like dad seeking son. 55 year old man seeking 15 to 25 year old son. For adventure and... Matt: I'd call and be like I’ll find you and kill you! Ha-ha Tom: it probably costs like four dollars to call him. {Someone at this points ask for a beer, I think it was Andy. this inspired discussion} Matt: so you guys alcoholics? Haha Andy: I would say in the least definition, yes. Apparently if you are from a family of alcoholics, then you are an alcoholic. But I don't believe that. Matt: yea, like, I don't drink and I come from a family of alcoholics. That and I’m fifteen.... Tom: give it some time, ha-ha. Erika: but if you're an alcoholic, you're always an alcoholic... Andy: well, I don't know. I think that's bullshit AA terms. AA, I agree with some of it, but like going to a meeting

everyday and being like, I’m an alcoholic names Jim, (ha-ha). I mean I drink occasionally, I have a good time, but I mean, to me it's not that big of a deal. I never endanger my friends or my loved ones or anyone else by drinking so... Tom: I mean it's kinda hard touring all the time cuz it's ... (group says 'there'. group laughs. I like interviews.) You just end up hanging out every night and people are drinking, and you start drinking. I, this will sound fucked up, but I took five nights off from drinking cuz I realized I had been drunk more nights, ha-ha. Matt: what do you guys think of other drugs? Andy: well, I think the band policy is like to each his own. I’m not gonna stand here and be like don't fuckin do that cuz I wouldn't, you know? Matt: what if Warren came strung out on heroin? Andy: when it becomes a problem there would be like, "hey Bearded Hippie, you gotta stop..." so far, Warren's heroin is going great. Ha-ha. There is like a fine line between drinking a lot of beers or becoming hooked on crank. Like robbing your best friends. Christopher: on that same note, what do you think of the straight edge scene, like no you can't do drugs, X up and so forth. Tom: that's like the same mentality, like using it as a crutch like getting fucked up all the time. There is a happy medium and moderation, you know? Some people can handle it and some people can't. People don't have to handle drugs and preach to the world about it. Andy: yea it's like the same as hippie jam bands. Come on everybody, smoke spliff! It’s the same as somebody being like, don't ever smoke weed. {at this point someone comes into the 'backstage room', more like a broom closet, and says he's heading out. they mention something about girls talking about hepatitis. as soon as the kid leaves, Matt shoots} Matt: what do you thing about your music being fuckin gospel to these kids? Andy: I love it. Tom: you try not to think too much about it. I don't really sit around and be like wow, these people are just really into it...ha-ha. Matt: but doesn't it just blow your mind

that like, this music, I created this music and these kids love it so much? Erika: and you get to play it everyday. Andy: we don't take it for granted. The best feeling I have ever had was, we were touring Europe last year, the first show we played was in London, I mean I have been there before, but not in a band. We started playing "pints of Guinness make you strong" and the whole place started singing along. It was like wait a minute, we're not in fuckin Gainesville {their home town}, we're in London. The flesh on my arms just went...just total goosebumps, like everywhere. That’s one of the best feelings I ever had. It feels very heartwarming and awesome that people really like this band because if people weren't into it, we probably would still do it, but it just feels so good. It feels so nice. It’s our fuckin privilege do be doing this, we don't take it for granted. Tom: I mean, we have a million friends who play in better bands... (Starts trying to name some, ANDY came up with Springsteen...) Andy: NO CHOICE. Like NO CHOICE. Seriously their album that they have out right now, is one of the best CDs I’ve heard in a year. And when they play, everyone just stands. I know you have to tour and build it up. To me, I’ve heard it so many times that I’m like come on! Tom: building it up is a hard thing to do when you're from Whales. Christopher: do you guys remember the first show you ever played? Tom: I guess technically the first band was called BLACK SHADOWS, but we changed it to LEATHER DICE a little bit later. The first show we sang "Bohemian Rhapsody" a capella at my church youth group. Then 3 or 4 months later, we covered John Lennon "Imagine" as a full band. And then, 3 or 4 months later, we covered "Heart Shaped Box". This was all at church. Andy: my 8th grade talent show, I played bass in a Metallica cover band. We did "Enter the Sandman", and it was fuckin horrible. The first time I played with AGAINST ME! Was in Gainesville, we played a real small coffee shop that fits like 150 people. It’s just small and a great show. It’s very awkward and amazing to play for the first time with a band from Gainesville

and you're not from there, you just moved there to be in the band. Matt: so the self titled 12 inch, is that ever gonna be re-released? Tom: probably. Maybe like some songs off that and some off the demo tape. It’s not like something I’m dying to do. Matt: it's something I’m dying to hear.... (laughs) Erika: so, are you an anarchist or a spineless liberal? Andy: well, I don't consider myself anything, a liberal or anything like that cuz I don't believe in it. I think its all bullshit. I believe in myself...(someone says 'isn't that what anarchy is all about?') what anarchy is all about is no god, no master, stuff like that. Like, I believe that if it were true anarchy, we all would be fucked. There has to be basic rules like I’m not gonna shoot you in the head. This is gonna get real deep real quick... Tom: I kinda think that the definition of anarchy is an oxymoron. I consider myself an anarchist but the theory behind it is that government and gods and masters are illusions and you can buy in if you want. There are a million different theories and that's it, you make up your own mind about it. You can't say it will never work because the fact is that anarchy exists and people organize. I believe there is a possibility for man to exist without rules. It can't be an overnight thing. Progressively, man can evolve... Matt: but the communists thought that too. Tom: you're kidding yourself if you think this is what it will be forever, with the United States government or whatever, man will evolve. Right now is how mankind has organized itself. Andy: it might take like a mass destruction to trigger it. Matt: that might not be to far away. Andy: it's very scary but also they have been saying that forever, you know what I mean? I was born in 1977 and my parents lived through the Bay of Pigs where nuclear war, well it was a lot scary time then now. They trained you to hide under a desk when a fuckin A-bomb is coming. Everyone was worried about nuclear bombs. If a nuclear bomb landed in New York City, there would be 8 million people dead *snaps fingers* like that. Not 3 thousand from two planes going into 2

towers. I’m scared right now, it's scary but I can't even imagine living back then. Granted they don't have the news like we have now, you watch Fox News now and you're gonna lose your mind. It’s like kill darky, conservative bullshit. It’s all horse shit, that's all I gotta say. *at this point we moved out of the closet and into the club once more, we asked a few more questions but it came out as white noise on the tape. Sorry kids. There are a lot more laughs though. He likes electric guitars because he can feedback and stuff. They were nice. WAIT! Now there is a beautiful discussion with Mr. Warren Oats. He plays drums.* Matt: how do you feel the show went tonight? Warren: I feel like it was an awesome show. It was a little more intimate then some of the other shows, I’m sure Easter Sunday is a big part of it. I was feeling really loose while I was playing and really comfortable. Matt: everyone loves you, how does that feel? Even this kids (*pointing at someone wearing a 'No Warren Iraq' Tshirt.) Warren: they came out pretty well. I kinda think that a lot of people think of me as like a cartoon character almost. Like I’m not 3 dimensional. Sometimes. *laughs* it's a weird thing but at the same time it's amazing that people really like what we're investing our energy into. Cuz we invest a lot of time and energy into what we're doing. And to have that rewarded with like peoples enthusiasm and excitement, cuz we're really excited about what we're doing, that's awesome. I think it's kinda foreign to all of us, we have all been playing music for a long time; all experienced playing to 5 kids who couldn't care less over and over again, and then you get a lot of enthusiasm over it, it seems like you really struck on something and that's awesome. It’s got its ups and downs, sacrifices have to be made, give one thing for another thing, and what we got is more then we ever really expected. Christopher: what do you think about the new album? Warren: I really like it. It took us a little while to digest it after we did it, we took a time away from it because we were compulsively listening to it, is that fine, could that be better? Could t be

cooler sounding there? Nit picking it. so I didn't listen to it for a while, then sat in my room by myself, got high, and after two weeks without listening to it started tapping my foot and I listened to it all the way through and was content. I don't listen to it very often, to intense to listen to your own music. Christopher: do you prefer playing clubs or like warehouses and youth centers? Warren: I prefer... all of the above. I like the variety pack, I like being able to play at a ton of different places which is really great about being where we are right now, is we have the luxury to play anywhere. Some bands, we did this tour with ANTI-FLAG *long pause* dot dot dot...(it is so hard not to laugh at this, we love you Warren!) every night kinda felt like the same room. They have to play there because a lot of kids come out and they need places that hold that capacity. All those places are pretty much the same. Those packaged tours, same venue, same bands, same order even same songs in the same order, that kind of wears me down mentally. You feel like you’re in this Ground Hog day kinda thing. Matt: when the new album came out did you feel like you should be playing the whole thing? Warren: not really, I feel that there are songs that we love to play and are really old and there are songs that are newer that we definitely love to play. Like if you play 8 songs in a row that no one has heard it kinda dies which used to be our new songs off Eternal Cowboy people weren't familiar with it. Then there are people who might have heard it recently and are not familiar with the older stuff. Matt: well I noticed that the crowd really picked up for like "Pints of Guinness..." Warren: that's always the case with our older stuff, but I mean it's awesome that anyone gets into any of our stuff anyway so... Christopher: so I have a question, it was a rumor that we heard a while ago and we hope it's not true. Capitol records, did you guys sign anything with them? Warren: we're signed to Capitol? My policy in dealing with rumors... we are signed now to Capitol slash DreamWorks for a 6 album confirmed deal, we are making 8 million dollars. Non recoupable money - that we get signing money and that we are touring

exclusively... with Mickey Mouse. You heard it first Matt: hey, you missed Britney Spears, she played here like three nights ago Warren: actually she called us. Christopher: I really am bummed I missed that show too. Warren: the new single is really good! Really catchy. Christopher: I heard on the tour one song is choreographed in a bed with a male actor and the whole song is done in the bed. Erika: that's hot! Matt: she should just masturbate, she has a song about masturbating. Christopher: Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? Warren: I think I step to Usher. I like the Justin Timberlake album too. There are some parts that are kinda *dances* and parts like 'I want you like a little boy' which are ugh. He’s got his moments and some good beats. Matt: who are you looking forward to touring with? Warren: I believe after this we are going to Europe for a little bit. Then I think we are gonna do a tour with the BLOOD BROTHERS. (At this point we all go crazy at the sheer dream of such a wondrous lineup). They’re all really great great dudes, a great band. Matt: do you shave, ever? Warren: I do every once in a while. Then it kind of freaks me out and I don't shave for a while. Christopher: favorite video game? Warren: I have to think about that. *he thinks* NBA Jam. on Sega Genesis. That era. Big head mode and all that shit. Definitely a good game. Erika: we asked this one to Tom and

Andy, are you really an anarchist or just a spineless liberal? Warren: I feel like if I were to identify with anything, I would identify as an anarchist because I see independence outside of politics. There is something between like tolitarianism and capitalism to like communism of sorts and whatever else there is, it is a lot more economic then political. basically my philosophy is I don't want to step on anyone’s toes, I don't want anyone to step on my toes, I want a basic respect of sorts and I want a bunch of people who are into like S&M and want to live together and tie each other up, some people or into masochism and that's what there into and it's all consensual, then that's how they should live their lives. As long as it's all consensual, then any animal can interact anyway. Go for it. Christopher: going off on that, what about the man from Germany who had the erotic ad that said something like looking for fresh meat to eat and so on. Then when someone responded, he ate them. Warren: if I was in either of those roles, I would want to spend sometime with that person to make sure that they are true on their desire to be eaten or to eat. I would need to have that established before anything happened. Christopher: wouldn't you feel kind of weird, I just had a conversation with that kid and now he is on my fork! Warren: well if I really wanted to eat him, and he wanted to be eaten, I can't really say. I can't put myself in those shoes at this junction in my life. I’m still young so anything can happen.

Warren then went to pack up. So that is AGAINST ME!, well, almost. In my conclusion, I just would like to point out how inspiring AGAINST ME! I have noticed a decline in true emotion in much of recorded music that is released today. I can't say that about this band. go listen to Crime As Forgiven By... or Reinventing Al Rose. "Those Damn Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious" still brings tears to my eyes, while some friends feel the same about “Politics of Starving”. in the end, stand up. do what you think is right, no matter what it is. turn off the fuckin TV, get outside and make your voice heard. vote. protest. sing. dance. scream. play music. fight every fight like you can win. whatever it takes. we live in a democracy and that means taking an active role in it. "and we rock, cuz it's us against them. we found our own reasons to sing. and it's so much less confusing when lines are drawn like that. where people are either consumers or revolutionaries, enemies or friends hanging on to the cogs of the system. it's all about knowing where everyone stands. all of a sudden, people started talking about guns, started talking like their going to war. as if they found something to die for" - Christopher Gilroy

Live show reviews

Against Me!, Blood Brothers, True North The ICC, Allston MA October 22nd 2004 So one thing I have learned is never trust a website. According to the AGAINST ME site, the doors opened at 730. Erika and i got there around 700, to find out that BLOOD BROTHERS had one last song. They played tight, producing their usual sound. I caught wind from friends who were there, who said TRUE NORTH was really uninteresting, and the rest of the BLOOD BROTHERS was really good. A lot of material off their new record. AGAINST ME! got on soon, and rocked soooo hard. They are amazing live. Sadly, the stage at this community center was really short, so everyone kept jumping on stage, which made it really hard to see the band. They rocked mostly songs from Eternal Cowboy, their new one, and dropped some tracks from Reinventing Axl Rose. Over all, the show was amazing. AGAINST ME! shows are like big punk rock sing a longs, full of fists pumping into the hot, sweaty air, lungs bleating, hopes araising up, and fun for everyone in attendance. Gilroy (See interviews and additional photos in this issue. Ed.)

New CD Coming in 2005

And a Deluxe DVD featuring songs from all of Bloody Mess’s Bands

ALL THAT REMAINS / GWAR / DYING FETUS The Palladium Worcester MA October 29th 2004 Well the Mock The Vote tour hit town and began with a new exciting brand of metal called ALL THAT REMAINS supporting the release of “This Darkened Heart”. Lead singer Phil Labonte worked the early crowd as well as possible and the music kind of reminded me of Life Of Agony at times. All That Remains contributed their track “The Deepest Grey” to "MTV2 Headbangers Ball, Volume 2". They also will be shooting a new video for the title track “This Darkened Heart” soon. After a quick set and break came a thud known as DYING FETUS. Maybe it was just wanting to see GWAR. Regardless I was not impressed. This brand of extreme metal was not very good live and is questionable on disc for that matter. Then it’s total insanity known as GWAR. As expected GWAR was amazing and they even ripped apart George Bush and Osama Bin Laden on stage, along with their usual assortment of gigantic penises and plenty of colored liquids. The best GWAR shows are the all ages ones. Why? Because you get to see parents chasing around looking to get their kids while they get coated with paint. Well not this night. GWAR continues to be one of metals most entertaining live acts because you don’t need to like metal to have a blast at their shows. If you haven’t seen GWAR you need to. Just prepare to get wet! KZJR ST LOUIS FIELD TRIP So We flew outta Bahston to escape the beginning of the dread Democratic National Convention. The planes were full but we were screened less than ever before and on to our hotel near the St. Louis airport. We got a warning from hotel personnel in the hall, about our Frat Boys neighbors hazing one of their own. The Frat Boy alleged to be crying in the room next door. We didn't hear any crying, just some loud talk about peanut butter and oatmeal, so we figured, don't ask, don't tell

Bloody and the Transfusions NMFP / Aces and Eights INFIERNO, St. Louis, MO July 24, 2004 Infierno is a Mexican restaurant/bar downtown. We got there early to grab a table, and the wildness began. First of the 3 bands was Aces and Eights, who did loud/fast/intentionally minimal versions of songs like "Country Roads " (John Denver) and " Runaround Sue" (Buddy Holly ). Incidentally, Aces and Eights is the poker hand outlaw ? was holding when he got shot; ever since, it's been known as "The Dead Man's Hand." Their fast and dirty renditions were like Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies, minus the umbrella drinks and Hawaiian shirts, plus some of the talent. Next up was NMFP - No Mother Fuckin Plan, a focusing on The Singer and The Guitar Player. The singer had energy attitude to spare as he raged through numbers like "I Got A Bad Reputation (For Fucking You)" and "Bloody Love," wherein he gallantly tells a woman he doesn't care if she's "on the rag." How sweet. His angular postures and physique reminded me of Johnny Winters, making me think he might profit from playing up a biker/blues image and wear lots of rings or something…. He was later seen sitting with the guy I explained the Zen of the bathroom signs to - he waved, singer scowled. Then Bloody Mess took the stage and took control. The Transfusions has a new guitar player since we saw him last, and Dave is awesome. Billy's still on drums, and the irrepressible Lincoln on bass, at times wearing a lovely purple satin brassiere. Bloody only asked for drugs twice - from the stage, anyway. Mr. Void, the punk fashion plate of Peoria, lent his vocals to several numbers to help Bloody out that's the kind of guy he is. They pulled off an awesome set of Bloody classics, new tunes and covers of songs that are punk classics from The Dead Boys and Iggy & The Stooges to Nancy Sinatra. The set ended with “Empty” and Bloody looked exhausted. Can’t wait to hear the upcoming CD from Bloody & The Transfusions. These guys rock! KH

Disney’s BEAUTY & THE BEAST North Shore Music Theater Beverly MA July 21, 2004 Beauty is only skin deep... a lesson of the depth of true love and its insecurities. The NSMT/Disney performance of "B and the B" definitely achieves great success with this story of blind love. The stage is sets in 19th century England, both city and countryside. The backdrops are designed so well that the audience feels as if they were being followed by the creatures in the deep woods, and also dancing with the Beast in his lonely countryside mansion. Kudos to the costume designers amongst the characters are a 'living' teapot and kettle, a walking grandfather clock, and human bureau. Both children and adults will be delighted by the Disney score and theatrical performance of this classic legend. Mike Santoro / Donna Prevett

The Explosion /Tiger Army Social Distortion Lupo’s, Providence, RI Oct 23, 2004 If you were a little known opening band trying to get a crowd stirred up, what would you do? Insist on giving props to crowd favorite Social D? Scream about how the Red Sox are going to beat the Yankees and win the World Series? Bring “stripped down, no frills, rock your brain out of your head, punk rock that doesn’t stop” mentality? The Explosion did all these things correctly in a short set that will make me remember lead singer Million Dollar Matt and his tight ensemble of punk fury. Fresh off of a stint from Conan O’Brien, the band from Boston had a legion of friends and fans that traveled to Providence to support the band. You don’t usually find the mosh pit until 11:00 or so in these parts, but The Explosion used its tireless energy to get

the crowd to sing along and mosh…all before 7:30. Relying heavily on music from the album “Flash, Flash, Flash,” and the new “Black Tape,” the Explosion blended just enough catchy choruses with punk anarchy to win over a whole legion of fans. Songs such as “God Bless The SOS,” “Filthy Insane,” and the radio smash, “Here I Am,” proved that the Explosion have the right to be on the same stage as legendary Social D. Finishing off the set with the blistering sing-along, “No Revolution,” left everyone in the crowd sweating and smiling from ear to ear. The Explosion blew up Lupo’s this evening, and left the crowd wanting more. (Interview next issue). Tiger Army followed The Explosion to a mixed crowd reaction.

The California trio featured a high energy lead singer, as well as a stand up bass. The only time the crowd got into it was when the band tore into a cover of local favorites, The Amazing Royal Crowns. What a lame crowd. Social Distortion, as expected, brought down the house. Mike Ness ripped into old favorites, and played many from the new album, "Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll. The sweaty crowd sang along to "Ball and Chain," "Story of my Life," and "Mommies Little Monster" as well as the Johnny Cash cover, "Ring of Fire." After 25 years together, they continue to be a band that has helped define and redefine punk music. Social D pit familiar guitar sound, Ness' gritty vocals and heart, while writing literate songs that made many in the Providence crowd mosh...but also made some of them cry. That's something to be said of the power Social D still wields in the world of music. Dave Afflick

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The Hives / Sahara Hotnights Avalon, Boston MA July 23, 2004 Forty-five minutes was all it took for renowned live act the Hives to leave a lasting impression on a Boston audience. In a nutshell: They came, they saw, they conquered, playing a frenetic, hardcharging set in less time than it took some concert-goers to find a parking spot near the storied Fenway club. Fans familiar with the band knew what to expect: a blend of searing punk rock straight out of your next door neighbor’s garage. This writer, meanwhile, had little hint what was in store, other than seeing a recent SPIN Magazine cover article proclaiming the Swedish quartet the world’s No. 1 Live Band. That’s a debate for another time, but let it be told that if you thirst for punk rock, loud guitars and bone-shaking music then the Hives is a band for you. Touring in support of their new album – Tyrannosaurus Hives, released just days before the Boston gig – the Hives tore through their miniature-sized set list. It was numbers like “Main Offender” and “Hate to Say I Told You So,” that built up a huge statement on this night. Delivered by frontman Pelle Almqvist, the two songs, clocking in at just under three minutes each, were raw and impassioned, the kind of sound that drips punk rock. There were other highlights on the night, including the bands radiating attire, which was mimicked by some of the college-aged audience members. Yet it was the music that spoke volumes: 45 minutes of hardcharging punk rock! Hallelujah! Kicking the night off was another band from Sweden, the female-only Sahara Hotnights. These gals, too, play a brand of gritty punk, but unlike their countrymen they bring a little more melody and pop to the mix. These ladies are beginning to attract more of the following, with little wonder: the fact that they’re pleasing to both the ears and eyes is surely an added bonus. Uncle Richie

KMFDM and DJ ? Acucrack The Middle East Cambridge MA November 1st 2004 On the eve of Election 2004 in the basement of this Cambridge landmark restaurant / nightclub the bass and beat were hard all night. We entered during the set by locals DJ ? Acucrack were doing their thing. The stage had a projection screen behind the dual DJs that had some images but mostly colorful light pulses. Each DJ had an Apple laptop open and it was kind of a commercial for them as the logo was in view from anywhere. They also had turntables that were not as easily seen. For fans of bass and drum techno dance trance this duo delivered. For me after about 15 minutes I was checking out the T-shirt stand with all the cool KMFDM merchandise as the beat vibrated through me. After a brief intermission in which we met up with a few friends, we headed to the front of the stage and didn’t wait long. The music began and finally Sascha Konietzko came out and the 2004 edition of KMFDM unfolded. I have seen them many times from the early days with 2 man front of Sascha and his countryman En Esch, the addition of PIG aka Raymond Watts, and the short lived post Columbine MDFMK. The current line up is a lot like the original except you get in place of the tall boney figure of En Esch you get the petite pure sex of model/singer Lucia (who currently has her own solo album after she fronted the band Drill) and Sacha doing the lead vocals. Lucia’s role has expanded from the MDKMK days and earlier when she replaced the dancer/vocalists they had in the past. KMFDM was doing it again this night. They played a variety of new and classics like A Drug Against War, More and Faster, and Rip The System.

The audience knew the drill and chanted KMFDM Sucks to get them to come out for an encore that we all hoped would include Jezebel but we still were not disappointed. Forget NIN with trent’s constant stage posing and the other so called pioneers of Industrial music KMFDM is still the best of them all. Trust Me! FYI- their newest CD is a live one that has a good deal of what was played at this performance. check it out. Dickie Boston Hot Water Music / Alexis on Fire Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA Nov 13th 2004 I show up at The Middle East downstairs midway through an afternoon, adolescent punkfest. I push my way through the sea of pubescence and head straight for the bar and order a Guinness. Alexis on Fire is warming up their gear...pun intended. Not long after they hit the stage with lots of screamo-angst and high energy. They are pretty intense and although not my cup of tea musically, they put on a good show. The crowd really seems to be into them. Lots of flying hands in sync with anthemic screaming. After about an hour of this, it's Hot Water Music's turn. The grizzled foursome take the stage looking hungover yet eager to play. After all, these fellas sing about Jameson hangovers and empty bottles, my kind of band. They deliver their melodic 21st century punk rock with no holds barred. The PA is so loud that every time the drummer hits the bass drum I fear I might shit myself. HWM plays some of their new record "The New What Next." They seem to play their newer songs with more conviction and excitement. The band is incredibly tight and the bassplaying is downright nasty. The Guitar harmonies are shimmering. The Drumming is loud and metronomic. All and all a great performance by the boys from Tallahassee, FL. - Ed Thill

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JET / Sloan / The Everyones Lupo’s at the Strand Providence RI July 12th, 2004. We arrived at the renovated Strand Theatre now called Lupo’s at the Strand just before Sloan got off the stage and the other opening band, “ The Everyones” took the stage. The Everyones are another Aussie band that Jet took with them on this tour. They are still on the up and coming track but WILL be in the foreground very soon for The Everyone’s are really making their mark here in the US. They don’t sound like Jet and definitely have their own sound which is very important nowadays. They have a little Weezer sound in them but are a little more poppy & trippy than the boys with the thick glasses. They played songs from their 2003 album like, “Green Cats Eye” and “Pocket” which seemed to catch the attention of the teenie boppers hanging around. Once they finished the majority of people were already waiting for Jet to do their thing. Jet is an Aussie 4 piece band with one mission in mind: To save Rock and Roll! They brought back the good ol’ E chord riffs of bands like ACDC and have turned things upside down. The band’s punching guitar riffs & screaming lyrics are not too innovative but that still hasn’t stopped them from selling a million records and starting many mosh pits of teens that never even heard of ACDC. Its funny how many different genres of bands can go away for years and come back regurgitated and it’s like a new music revolution to the kids. They did a great job at electrifying the crowd at the Strand but still remain as a band trying to get their piece of the pie in today’s music biz. Jet made us listen to some of their new pieces which were tolerable and made everyone wait until the end of the night to rock us with their Nissan commercialized tunes like, “Do you want to be my girl” & Cold Hearted Bitch”. The place was filled with parents and young teens so we felt a little out of place but was good to see the parents banging their heads to the favorite riffs of their time. A good time

was had by all…..Franky

naked and was a danger vto his audience. Highlights of the set were Hangin Out With Jim, Outlaw Scumfuc and Expose Yourself To Kids (which was a horrific sing along with a good deal of the most pit that had grown to 20 something). A very aggressive sound and delivery The Murder Junkies are not for the sqeamish. Merle Allin has done his brother proud. If you are a fan of GG and were not there You missed it Buddy! -Dicky Boston

MURDER JUNKIES / THE JABBERS June 28th 2004 The Middle East, Cambridge MA Billed as the 11th anniversary of GG Allin’s death and it truly was. I arrived alone just as The Jabbers (GG’s band back in the late 70’s to mid 80’s ) were about to play. It was only fitting to have the show in the upstairs room of The Middle East. Back in day when GG was incarcerated (1986 or 87 I think) Merle (Allin, that is) organised and played a tribute fund raiser for legal fees covering GG’s tunes at the same place. Back then it was the only stage in the restaurant/club. Anyway I arrived at that show late with a date (who I encouraged not to come along) and only caught Merle singing one song. He then asked the audience if anybody wanted to sing. 2 guys jumped at the chance. Then they grab the microphones and drop trou. One of the guys had a huge schlong and was playing with it the other guy just sang with it hanging out. My date began begging me to leave. Now the owner sees this and is not upset, a few seconds later when they both bounced the microphones on the stage he runs up and shuts the show down as they were house equipment. Back to 2004 and it’s now the upstairs stage The Jabber start the show with guitarist Chris “Chaos” Lamy shouting “We’re The Jabbers and this is punk rock” They went right into Drink Fight and Fuck (a favorite of mine) and it immediately reminded me of what attracted me to GG and The Jabbers back in the day. Kind of a mix of The Ramones and MC5 musically if you will. Next they did Suckerpunch which is off their new solo CD. I had caught them in Providence at the first show they reformed at and they were 100% tighter on this night. Wimpy has got his own style that fits the music in a way much safer than when GG did it. The thing is it was unsafe for GG, back when he played with The Jabbers he did not attack his

audiences, they attacked him. The crowd did a sing along when they played Bite It You Scum. Wimpy barked at the fans I don’t like you people in the back urging fans to come closer beaking into You Hate Me And I Hate You. GG was right, Boston was and still is lame. When thses bands play the midwest its a larger room and a huge pit. A pit of a dozen was all you had here, the majority of those assembled stood back and watched. Regardless everyone enjoyed the set. I spoke with Chaos after and he mentioned how great it was to again play together with Merle and The Murder Junkies for the anniversary dates in the northeast. It truly is a taste of GG’s legacy with The Jabber representing his music up to 89 and The Murder Junkies from there to the end.

That being said out comes The Junkies with singer fresh out of Rikers and Drummer who wears a Gacy like clown make-up and nude except his sneakers. This quickly established the spirit of the latter years when GG would perform

NINE North Shore Music Theater, Beverly MA August 27th 2004 The buzz was that Robert Newman was starring in this NSMT presentation of the Tony Award Winner NINE. Yes the guy from TV’s The Guiding Light While Robert and his all female cast (except John-Michael Breen who played Guido as a boy of nine). The play itself probably got the Tony award with performances that featured real nudity in the shower scene as the story is extremely stupid and offensive. The play set in the early 1960’s is about Guido Contini who is a mirror of Fellini the Italian movie director. Guido gets his 1st heterosexual experience at age 9 and we are all to accept it is not child molestation because he’s Italian. Ok Ladies book your flight to Italy it’s not immoral anymore. What’s the age for the women? Like I said offensive. But then it points out that his sexual past is the cause of his infidelity and going from many women to being alone. The opening song was one word “La” repeat it 1000 or so times. The cast featured many talented and beautiful young women including the hot and sexy Milena Govic who played Guido’s lover Carla (who was in the aforementioned shower scene and it was still very hot)

They also had a song that called Guido at Rap-Scallion which I guess is better than Rat Bastard. Anyhow Guido looks to save his marriage by going to a Venetian vacation spa with his wife for holiday. Meanwhile his movie sponsor Lillian La Fleur is looking to find him and begin filming or cut his nuts off if he doesn’t. Guido’s problems are he has no script and his lover is in Venice at another hotel. The first act left me confused as the performances were great. My favorite moment was when Milena said she liked the name Ken and gave us a “ooooh Ken”. I thought how old Zeb would have liked that. I paticularily liked the role of the critic Stephanie Necrophorus played supurbly by Charlotte Cohn. Her criticism of Contini could easily point at this musicals shortcomings in almost a self critique. It kept me there. It took only the first song of the second act “A Man like You” to make the rest of the performance unendurable. That was as awful as the subsequent debris “Getting Tall” or the first acts biggest drag, the title song. Hard to pick which was the most excruciating part. Sheer agony in motion on stage. Like poetry in motion but horrible. Then near the end they hinted at a shock ending of Contini committing suicide, but they go the safe boring route. I’d give 9 a three at best. A good musical has its audience singing as they exit. There is no song you’ll come away humming or singing with NINE. The selling point is the sexy cast on this not recommended for kids performance. Not a bad night out but nothing special either. DB

Projekt Revolution Tour Tweeter Center Mansfield MA July 29th 2004 What can I say this concert had a great line up on both stages. The Projekt stage had all the up and comers on it. The Revolution stage had all the big names on it. I caught two great acts that stood out to me on the projekt stage. Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan, I had no idea he was on the bill and was pleasantly surprised to see him there. He put on a hell of a show playing some old school joints and some new school.

The other group that caught my eye didn't sound exactly like the other groups on the stage. Funeral For A Friend, led by 2 Davies brothers (not The Kinks) Their sound is something I've been waiting to hear now for awhile since I got an advance copy of Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation. They put on a great show getting all the fans in the crowd to go nuts starting a big mosh pit, it was great. Lead guitarist Kris Roberts was unbelievable just whaling on those chords and Matt Davies vocals were great, I could actually understand what he was saying.They made my afternnoon playing my two favorite songs Juneau and Rookie Of The Year. Two great songs to keep replaying if you have the CD. Now on to the Revolution stage where Snoop Dog and Korn almost caused one. I know Linkin Park (pictured above) is the head liner but Snoop and Korn blew them away. Snoop just hit the stage hard with his posse of Kurupt and Warren G. Sorry to report everyone, Bishop Don Juan was not with Snoop. Still he played all the old school favorites. Gin and Juice, Ain't Nothing But a G Thang, What’s My Name. Plus the new school joints Beautiful and P.I.M.P.. He got the crowd into it by telling everyone “ just trow your hands in the air and wave'm like You just don't care” Then he sparked a Fatty onstage and everyone went nuts,...a lot of weed smoking was going down there that night that at least I saw it that way .After Snoop came KORN,… Unbelievable. Jonathan Davis came out rocking his leather kilt. They played a dynamite set of some old and new stuff which after seeing them a few times I have come to expect. What surprised me and made the concert unforgettable is when they played covers of Metallica's One then they Did Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall and that song sent the crowd into madness. For The wall they had the words broadcasted on to the big screens so the whole crowd could sing along. It was phenomenal. That’s how Korn ended their set. F**kin Awesome! Then on came Linkin Park and sorry to say they were kind of lame after catching the previous 2 killer sets. I like them but the old saying “tough act to follow” rang true,... After I caught the first few songs I left to beat the Traffic KZ Jr.

Chris Robinson and The New Earth Mud The Paradise, Boston MA June 26, 2004 Chris Robinson left the Black Crowes more than a year ago, but the sound remained the same in an early-summer performance at the Paradise. Raw and rootsy in the past, Robinson was just that in the present, giving a performance that was one-part Allman Brothers, one-part Grateful Dead and 100-percent Rock and Roll. The 11-song set, in front of a soldout audience, stretched close to two hours. From start to finish the crowd – and Robinson – were grooving to some exquisitely played Southern Rock, played in the finest jam-band style. Robinson and bandmates kicked things off with the funky “Boney Maroney.” They stretched the set list out, working into a jam, on such numbers as “Lazy Day,” “Girl on the Mountain,” and “40 Days.” Some of the loudest applause of the night was drawn for a soulful performance of “Shape I’m In,” – a song best played by The Band in the mid-70s. “Sunday Sound” and “Hot Buttered Biscuit Jam” were crowd pleasing, both featuring plenty of guitar and funk. The final song of the night, “Deal,” brought the evening to a close with some fine harmony and guitar work. For Mr. Kate Hudson, it was an excellent showing by his new band. Yet, rumor has it that he scrapped the rest of his solo tour, planned for the fall, and may again join up with younger brother, Rich, reforming the Crowes for another goaround. Regardless of who he decides to play with, Robinson has the formula for making great music down to a science. Uncle Richie

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things up all this excitement had to end sometime. Before I knew it, it was time to go home. Both my friend and I were humming the tunes and wanting the majority of the performance. Now it was over, we went home satisfied not having worry about any messages and just enjoy the unadulterated fun of SWING! AING

RUTH RUTH TT The Bear’s, Cambridge, MA June 18th 2004 I wish I could even remember who else was on the bill. I could not give a honest review anyway as I played pool in the back room after interviewing Ruth Ruth (next issue). So suffice it to say nothing drew me into the stage area that I heard but nothing was dreadful either. NY Garagepop legends Ruth Rutht has played here more than once. For those who have not been, the club is in 3 small parts all connected on one floor. The main room where the stage is, the oval horseshoe bar has the stage room side and other side where the bands sell CD’s and Shirts on tables against the wall facing the bar, and the aforementioned back room that hold 2 pool tables. A nice place to catch local music or just hang out. Located around the corner from the larger and more famous Middle East. The lighting is minimal so I asked the band if I could use a flash beforehand. Guitarist Mike Lustig still got pissed off (or he was bustin my balls) when I got a pic of him. He bellowed “Who’s the idiot with the flash”. As a courtesy I shot all pics before the end of the first song. Playing a combination of tunes from the new self produced CD and selections from thier catalog of Major label releases made a 40+ minute span of time fly by. The crowd was very receptive to Chris Kennedy’s vocals and his very upbeat brand of rock and roll. How could you not enjoy hearing Every Time We Go To Bed , Electric or the song they played for me, Jerome. A great set to be sure, look for them to return for another show as the CD will be out by the time this issue hits the street. A great live band that won me over years ago that might be worth you keeping tabs on! So check the web at for tour dates. DB

SWING! North Shore Musical Theater September 22, 2004 Swing! Soared into the North Shore Music Theater in its recent run from September 21 to October 10, was a burst of energy and fun! This musical unlike others, had no story line to impart, no original characters or original music but instead infused the audience to want to tap their toes and join the dancers! The cast consisted of 14 "Rug Cutters" or dancers further divided up into couples for various genres. Period dances stemming mainly from the 1940's, a time when swing music and dance pervaded all dance floors, to demonstrate dances such as the jitterbug, the Lindy, Country & Western line dancing and the mambo. The rush of movement of these dances are alongside the live band and recorded classics such as "Cry Me a River," "In the Mood", to "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" caused me to constantly tap my toes to the rhythm. Everett Bradley, a member of the original Broadway cast, brings forth his unique personality that epitomizes the spirit of SWING!. The NST cast members includes a hodge podge of veterans of NST shows, professional ballroom dancers and titleholders. I particularly enjoyed the Latin Couple-Anya and Benito Garcia. Anya (current U.S. Salsa champion) slithered in her slinky and sexy dresses to ooze of sensuality and spice. I enjoyed watching her every time she was on stage. Other cast members, clad in colorful clothing ranging from country to 1940's armed men and women, zoot suits, to dance contestants in goofy costumes were fun to watch. The dance pieces throughout the musical are good representations of choreography of the social dances of the time. This includes the awesome flipping 360 degrees, twisting and turning while jitterbugging is fast-paced and amazing! Modern club dancing is not as exciting! The show's two acts are jammed pack and fun! From doing line dancing, to club dancing, to a fun dance competition highlighted by the comic pair hamming

THORNLEY Lupo’s at the Strand Providence, RI June 15, 2004 Thornley has the songs, the big licks, and a lead singer, Ian Thornley, with massive pipes in the styling of Chris Cornell. Unfortunately, the crowd was not prepared for such an act, as their 30 minute set ripped through Lupo’s, with little fanfare. Thornley is led by vocalist/guitarist Ian Thornley, of the successful Boston alternative outfit Big Wreck. Any of you remember the hit “Oaf (My luck is wasted)? After the Wreck's 2002 retirement, Thornley returned to his native Toronto and began writing solo material. By late 2003, the singer was back in the studio, working with producer Gavin Brown (Three Days Grace), drummer Sekou Lumumba, bassist Ken Tizzard, and guitarist Tavis Stanley. They released their debut album in May 2004, entitled “Come Again.” A short instrumental started the evening and Thornley opened with the song, “Easy Comes” a melodic tune tinged with psychedelia. “Falling to Pieces,” ensued with a melodic post-grunge feel, focused on Ian’s screaming vocals. The song engaged the crowd with its unforgiving energy. “Found Another Way" and “Keep a Good Man Down” kept the vigor of the set alive. The infamous double guitar (you know, the kind made famous by Cheap Trick) made a revival for “It All Comes Out in the Wash,” and a guitar solo. The set finished in powerful fashion with the unrelenting “Come Again,” and the radio single, “So Far, So Good.” I was hoping for a couple Big Wreck songs as an encore, as they had done in prior shows, but apparently, Thornley was not feeling the Providence crowd…I don’t blame them, the crowd was weak. Thornley has the voice, the chops, and the energy to make it nationally. They might have even convinced me to buy their CD. The night also included the bands Incantation, and the popular Three Days Grace. - Dave Afflick

Before the final song I Love Chaos Dez said to the crowd how after the set they would go meet fans and autograph everything , then off to the Jagermeister booth to get fucked up with everybody. Succeeding them was GOD FORBID

After that was EVERY TIME I DIE gave a solid set of their southern rock metal. Keith Buckly vocals along with the double guitars made for a decent set.

OZZFEST 2004 Tweeter Center Mansfield MA July 12th 2004 Entered in time to catch Las Vegas’s MAGNA FI play a decent style of pop

who wowed the crowd with Antifuckinliterate and Broken Promise and the crowd chanted along. Vocalist Byron Davis is quite an imposing figure onstage. They played from all 3 albums favoring this years Gone Forever. Next up were local favorites UNEARTH

metal. Brothers CJ (guitar) and Mike (vocals) Szuter give us a Cheap Trick meets Alice In Chains kind of sound that was I guess the calm before the storm of heavy music to follow. It was right back into the darkness that played earlier that I heard from the will call area waiting to get in. ( ATREYU, DARKEST HOUR and THROWDOWN). That being the whole hail satan thing this and other metal festivals pride themselves on I find wearisome.

DEVILDRIVER came out next and the mosh circle was moving as metal and Ozzfest veteran Dez Fafara (Coal Chamber vocalist) is a great performer who instigated the willing crowd..

who spun their guitars around as other band spin their hair. More of a hip hop metal style than anyone else on the bill yet I would not say that is their style. Nonstop movement onstage as they blasted out great tunes like The Great Dividers and their final song 1 Step Away. Checking out these tunes and more off their debut CD on Metal Blade. Nice set!

Then it was the feminine stars of today’s metal. First was OTEP and if you could not see the stage Otep’s voice was a groveling as Slipknot so it’s not lilith fair stuff. Her leg had HATE written on it with a Sharpie. With a pig’s head on a microphone stand and she voiced her opposition to Bush and rocked the crowd. Lee Rios’ guitar and the pounding bass by eVIL insure the heaviest metal music for Otep’s poetic lyrics.

Right behind them was Italy’s LACUNA COIL who feature dual vocals by the lovely Cristina Scabbia and her male counterpart Andrea Ferro . They offered a more of a Gothic Metal meets Wisbone Ash and were the surprising treat for me. I really dug The Ghost Woman and The Hunter. I need to check their CD‘s out as I haven’t yet. Metal anthems mixing rock with a more classical style than the rest of stage 2 more extreme to black metal offerings.

Next up was the Cali hardcore-metal boys BLEEDING THROUGH who performed Revenge I Seek,and Rise amongst others. Kind of like Avenged Sevenfold but not really as they both mix punk and metal a different way that is not quite as dark.

Then it was time for brutality LAMB OF GOD hit the stage and had the crowd moshing and moving . Randy Blythe who acted like Captain Bligh as he instigated hard contact in the mosh pits.

After a solid rendidtion of As The Crosses Burn and a song off the yet to be released CD Captain Blythe had the audience split like the red sea to create a Wall Of Death. For those who have not seen this before, what it looks like is Braveheart. Two sides of a crowd running at each other smashing into each other violently. Amazing! Hell yeah the EMT’s love the extra work. All day at the second stage those who were crowd surfing kept coming over the barrier into the arms of security. Some of course get thru that just drop or get dropped. One woman who went over a few times landed hard on one of her trips, then got up and pushed then slapped the security guard, classic!

HATEBREED played a brutal set that included Perseverance, Betrayed By Life, Live For This and Before Desire.

Next up was the highly anticipated SLIPKNOT and they did not disappoint. The new masks along with their stage movement and blasphemous lyrics had the audience in awe. Even if you hate them you would have to admit they have a impressive stage show. They blasted a set mostly of Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses and the assembled fans went wild as they absolutely rocked the second stage to a fantastic close. Opening up the main stage is a tough draw as so many with reserved seats stay in the parking lot or just arrive late. They missed a scorching set of metal guitar from Zakk Wylde and his BLACK LABEL SOCIETY.

As you know Zakk is Ozzy’s guitarist but with Sabbath playing later his ax was not needed later. They played a mix from the first 4 albums and the latest Hangover Music Vol VI. The lower arena started filling up as the very un PC

SUPERJOINT RITUAL hit the main stage. Vocalist Philip Anselmo donned Charlie Manson’s face on his back. This band from Texas reminded me of Merle Allin’s Murder Junkies with more of a Aryan flair. They feature C&W Star Hank Williams III on bass. Hate sells, speaking of hate after SJR it was time for the Black Metal from Norway’s

DIMMU BORGIR as they continue the climb to Baphomet’s Throne. I was supposed to interview them but as the one of the tour people told me that the road manager calls nobody back (and that was who I had to call to set it up). They were right. Regardless when they hit the lights on the band banner onstage the crowd roared in anticipation. The band played and another roar as vocalist

Shagrath came out . The tortured souls of black metaldom bathed in the glory of relentless brutality on this abbreviated set of blasphemy. All the bands were limited to 35 or so minutes all day and the next band SLAYER

was an exception playing about 45 or so of their metal classics in support of the upcoming boxed set. I couldn’t wait for it to end. Next was the longest set of the night by recently reformed JUDAS PRIEST. Rob Halford was on. His voice was as solid as it ever was and the band played all the hits of the 80’s that were loved by more than Beavis and Butthead. I was never a fan of them and I was surprised how many of their songs I knew and rocked to with them. They are working on a new album too. Without a doubt the highlight of the main stage. Breakin the law, breakin the law ohhh yeah. Then it was OZZY and BLACK SABBATH. Caught a few songs then bailed. Ozzy rocked and with a scheduled 50 minute set his voice held up throughout as opposed to the years where he sang in both Sabbath band his band in 2 sets. (I was told by friends who stayed) Ozzfest 2004 showed a stronger presence of extreme metal than in past years and has grown to more accepted status in metal and less of the hip-hop metal that was very big 2-3 years ago. Can’t wait to hear next year’s line-up! Dickie Boston WARPED TOUR 2004 Gilettte Stadium Parking Lot, Foxboro MA August 19th and 20th 2004 One all day event (or 2 if you did both) non-stop punk, ska, emo, hip-hop and much more all jammed pack into one place, Foxboro stadium parking lot. Bands like Anti Flag, Bouncing Souls, Tiger Army, Story of the Year, The Casualties and many more. The long lines where no real deterrent if you got there early however, many arrived there at the same time which made the lines go on for what seemed like forever. Once inside the common thing was to go over to the wall of band listings so you know where to go see your favorite band. Once

that was done go see your favorite band play. They had to be one of your top favorite bands for you to go to their merch booth and buy a t-shirt with a lil logo on it.

Casualties play due to the overwhelming stage presence of The Vandals . Next, The Bouncing Souls put on a crowd raising show as far as I could tell the crowd stretched way past the sound booth for the most part it seemed like

the Bouncing souls were on every body’s must see list. It was so nice to see

Tiger Army was just amazing when they went on stage bass player Geoff Kresge came out sporting his pitch black stand up bass with green flames going up it. Geoff slapped it like it was second nature fast hard and total control.

Later on during the day the Vandals played a mind blowing set it was nice to see a band play for whom I have been listening to for many years. One upset for me though they did not play Anarchy Burger but that is fine, cause Oi to the World made up for it. They were also on

the second day ballet for the tenth anniversary show.However, I missed the

Anti-Flag come up on stage with War Machine one of Anti-Flag's anthem songs. I was able to talk to a few EMT’s and they where not sure on the exact numbers but they said about 12 kids an hour would show up to the med center for treatment of heat exhaustion. Of course like normal food and drink there is expensive so next year eat some food in the line cause you won’t be able to bring it in. Overall it is a day to be had at Warped Tour the only place you can go to see all your favorite bands play in one place. Pirate Zim

WARPED TOUR 2004 Gillette Stadium Parking Lot Foxboro, MA 8-19-2004 Lots of things to point out that was different from preshow information once you got there. 1) there was plenty of free parking! 2) It didn’t rain 3) the band line up was different and that proved to be both good and bad depending on who you wanted to see. 4) If you did not like punk rock there was plenty to do. As in past years one thing remained true, if you wanted to catch the beginning of the show you had to buy a ticket. Press began entering about 12-1 or later depending on the entrance you picked, some were set up others not so much. I got to the main stage area where the two stages are called TEAL and BRIAN. At the Teal Fall Out Boy was just finishing up so I hung out at Brian waiting for INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY

then back to the main stage for BILLY TALENT.

They are such a cool band to see live. They move around more than Linkin Park , the instruments are flying around them at times. Body surfing was running full tide as they showcased the new CD Page Avenue.. I split over to Maurice stage again to catch pop-punkers Hmmm which one is Billy? They rocked. I spun by the Kevin Says Stage to get a bit of THE ERKS and their brand of 3 piece punk. Soon it was time for one of my faves, the psycho-billy punk rockers TIGER ARMY who began with the band theme/cheer.

ALLISTER who played a few off the new CD Last Stop Suburbia. Next stop was Ernie Ball to catch THE SKEPTICS who began with a high powered sound and lots of movement on stage wowing the crowd. I then headed over to the Maurice stage and caught a little of WASHINGTON SOCIAL CLUB as I went to check out Boston’s own PLAN B on the tiny Ernie Ball stage work a solid gathering surrounding this area near the opposite end of the squared off parking lot from the main stages. On my way back to the main stage I stopped by the Code Of The Cutz stage (which was a all hip-hop stage) and got down with STARVING ARTISTS CREW . I then got to the Teal again to catch STORY OF THE YEAR.

One of the best sets of the day. I ran to the Maurice stage in time to watch THE CASUALTIES

for a song and back by the hip-hop stage to get a little of RHYTHMIC CREW

Guitarist Jake’s hair was in prime condition. absolutely blowing away that side of the fairgrounds with the Oihardcore mix of punk. All this while Tiger Army did the same with their side.

Then I got over to Brian Stage to get those crazy punk rock veterans

led to a stretcher exit for one fan. Everything else was heat exhaustion keeping the EMTs busy.

The Bouncing Souls set was another of the day’s highlights. Singer Greg Attonlto and guitarist Pete Steinkopf had their fans chanting the lyrics throughout the set. THE VANDALS blast thru a set of songs spanning the catalog including the new CD Hollywood Potato Chip. Dave Quackenbush begged the kids to make some noise for them so they wouldn’t look like pussies. Not a problem everybody loved Joe Escalante’s bass driven punk rock with the witty sarcastic lyrics. Next I took a walk over by the VOLCOM Stage and caught the classic jam rock of ROSE HILL DRIVE

the GROOVIE GHOULIES as well as

THE SKULLS on nearby Ernie Ball stage. Then was the unexpected fun band

before heading to Teal for Pittsburgh based ANTI-FLAG

and they were on this day. Blasting a mix of classics with cuts from this year’s The Terror State. The audience was going wild with bodies flying over the barriers keeping security buzy catching them. As always when theres a lot some get missed. Somewhere between AntiFlag and BOUNCING SOULS one miss

After that I moved to the tiny Space Station Stage and caught Oakland CA natives THE PHENOMENAUTS

who have cool costumes like .. Devo I guess and a true 60's rock sound like Robert Gordon used to play. The crazy lyrics babbling about outer space, let’s just say it was a blast! This was a cool stage - I hung out and caught

PUNK ROCK KARAOKE who is Eric Melvin (NOFX) Greg HERSON (Bad Religion) Steve Solo (Adolecents) and Derek O’Brien (Social Distortion) played the music while audience members sang the vocals. If you wanted to sing you got a sheet with available songs (like a karaoke bar) and picked the one you wanted to sing. First was this guy singing Sex Pistols “Bodies” then this guy singing “Wild In The Streets” followed by this dude doing his best Lee Ving impersonation shouting out “I Love Livin In The City”. Next was this guy covering The Misfits. Next was the trombone player from River City Rebels paying tribute to Jello with “California

Uber Alles” . next was this guy doing some TSOL, the these two kids sharing the vocals on The Misfits “Skull” last up was one of The Teenage Harlots singing a Descendants song with the drummer from The Descendants sitting in. The winner for best vocals was the 2 kids who had to split the prize - One T- Shirt!

opened the day’s show. One of the veteran bands from FatWreckChords playing the classic 90’s punk sound the label is known for. I then got to the main stage Teal and it was hip-hop not punk opening there with LORDZ OF

BROOKLYN who had the crowd swinging and swaying as they put on a fantastic stage performance. What James Brown brought to rock audiences in the 60’s these young brooklyners brought to this punk audience. I drifted over to Volcom stage to see MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE start things Then I caught a little of Vermont’s RIVER CITY REBELS who rocked the Space Station stage with favorites like “Should Have Been ABORTED”. Old school punk like The Jabbers did in the 80’s that was worth staying for. . I took an early exit after that. WARPED TOUR 10th YEAR ANNIVERSARY Gillette Field Foxboro, MA August 20th 2004 The rumors were going on for months on who was playing. Well they did not even have that right on the proposed line up set since tickets went on sale. NOFX was not there let alone rumored secret performances by GREEN DAY or BLINK 182. that being said what a GREAT show! The 11 stages set on this same lot the day before was now 5 with the Teal, Brian, Maurice,Volcom and Ernie Ball hosting bands. I spent the day shuffling between the 5 stages beginning at the Maurice stage. STRUNG OUT

there. The emo punk sucked the crowd in. I rushed over to Brian stage to catch one of punk rock’s real showmen ANDREW W.K.

As soon as he hit the stage the crowd went wild. His piano playing grounded him a bit from jumping all over the place, but6 not really. Pure fun high energy set. I ran over to catch FINCH

at Maurice and they were awesome. I got back to main stage to catch

SICK OF IT ALL cranking out a set of their best and then over to Volcom to hear MIDTOWN who I ended up sitting next to at lunch backstage. I overheard them discussing their girlfriends, sex and smoking. Seemed like fun fellers for sure. I then went to see the RIVER CITY

REBELS at my lone visit to Ernie Ball stage for the day. They had worked the crowd so well the day before I had to check them on a proper stage. They dress and sound like The Jabbers with a horn section and really get the crowd going. Punk rock with Trombone and sax ? You got to hear them. They also had the terrycloth shorts for ladies that seemed to be everywhere with the album title HATE TO BE LOVED on them along with band name. I saw fans as well as different vendors wearing them. Then it was up to Brian stage to catch punk rock and warped experienced act PENNYWISE .

After that I grabbed a bio/food/beverage break backstage before heading out to catch NEW FOUND GLORY.

worked they crowd into motion grooving to the sound. Lower body gyrations and all that. Then it was over to catch

The crowd had grown from the large gathering the Dropkick’s had drawn. I fought my way through it after a few songs to catch FISHBONE

Singer Jordan Pundik electrified the crowd with radio favorites like “Truth Of My Youth” “All Downhill”and “Hit Or Miss” it was great. Next up was Boston’s own DROPKICK MURPHY’S

who dedicated their set to the late Chicken Man. They wowed the crowd by just coming out. By the time they played “Tessie” the audience was energetic to say the least. I loved “Forever” and who doesn’t love “Shitfaced” . I got back over to Maurice to catch a few songs by H2O

then right back to main stage to get to see the event’s most revered act RANCID.

UNSEEN at Volcom stage play the old school oi punk before catching another set by THE VANDALS.

and was I glad I did. They were solid musicians playing a unique sound that combined elements of Island music, jazz, funk, and adventure. THE black group to bridge the gap between the funk of George Clinton and the blare of Rush; a hybrid fusion where Led Zeppelin and Sly Stone like a modern day Funkasdelic trippy island flavoured ska and rock unique to itself. They won over lots of kids that day.

I headed back to main stage to catch OSOMATLI play a lively Latin hip-hop funky sound complete with solid horn section, kind of a small army on stage. Lots of movement and showmanship

After a great set yesterday I was back begging for more as they did a jukebox set of tunes and even had a guest on one cut the bass player from Yellowcard. Singer Dave Quackenbush dedicated a song to the guy they shot out of the cannon. I was so upset that I missed taking pic of guy blasting out of the cannon shortly after as I could not change batteries in time. Gosh darn it!

Once that was done it was NYC hip-hop stylings of TALIB KWELI over at

Maurice stage. Kweli showcased tracks from his new CD The Beautiful Struggle. This was a great show as the mix of urban music and punk all day was great so the tour can entertain fans of all genres of music. Talib closed with a song that used a soundbite from The Beatles Eleanor Rigby All The Lonely People which was awesome hip-hop dub magic. Then it was time for the poppunk sounds from North Carolina’s

over the barriers crowd surfing. I then got over to Maurice again

rocked as singer M. Shadows shared the limelight with the dual guitars of Zacky Vengeance and Synyster Gates. They rocked the crowd into a frenzy and provided metalheads a break from the punkage. After that intensity it was the band that the young ladies were waiting for SOMETHING CORPORATE.

to catch FACE TO FACE a highly underrated punk band. Next I caught

They were not disappointed as they got a solid set of mostly new material. NO SURPRISES REALLY. The main stage closed with a special unannounced act. It was PUNK ROCK KARAOKE

GOOD CHARLOTTE. They seem to have had most of the young ladies attention - their.Singer Joel Madson has quite a different look than he had at 2002 Warped.

who I caught the day before, and as much as I liked them I split before this and the other stages closed with

While the look is more metal the music remains radio ready pop punk rock. After that came one of the oldfangled punk rock icon bands, BAD RELIGION.

LESS THAN JAKE as the crowd chanted LTJ till they started the set. They had a guy in a skull mask and red suit dancing on-stage with the band. They ended the set with him diving into the audience and crowd surfing to the delight of the assembled fans. I headed over to Volcom to catch the top metal act on the bill AGNOSTIC FRONT and MURPHY’S LAW, respectively. Wow!. Dickie Boston

Blau nouveaux Greg Graffn and company rocked through a set of classics as kids flew

AVENGED SEVENFOLD who have a bit of a punk sound at times confusing some and pleasing many.Today they

Vas is los???

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The Girly Page

For girly girls and women

This page is devoted to cats and shoes, and songs about same. You have been warned.

Songs about shoes and preferred versions: • “These Boots,” Bloody and the Transfusions • “Low Spark of High Heeled Boys,” Traffic “(Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes,” Elvis Costello

Great Shoes I Have Owned:

A fabulous pair of high-heeled sandals that I bought in Munich for cheap. They were mostly yellow but had some green on them, and green stripes up the back of the yellow heels. When they broke I took them to the shoe repair guy and he said they weren’t worth fixing. He never fixed anything, at least not shoes. Ever since I was a kid and my grandmother brought my shoes there and he said “She walks like a cow.” It must have been a front for something. Come to think of it, why did I ever go there in the first place? Oh well. Great shoes though. I still have these. Back in the day we used to call these impossible-to-walk-in numbers “Decadent Parisian Fuck Me Shoes.” Probably because the wearer wouldn’t wait to get off her feet, and horizontal was an option that presented itself. Nowadays they call them fetish shoes (though most of those have skinny stiletto heels). These particular shoes are so extreme that it seems like the balls of your feet are actually directly under your heels. So I bought them in all 3 colors.

Awesome Cats: • • • • •

• •

Lazer Beam the STUBBLE cat, who earned an N+ rating (Extra Nasty) on her last visit to the vet. Momma was so proud! Albert Katt, who would visit my sister-in-law in her dreams and stare at her. Cookie, the French cat, whose unfortunate declawing accentuates her extremely long and elegant double paws. Work it, Cooker! KC the Maine Coon, who is full of Tiger Juice and wants to know if you’re in heat. Orangeino, who rules the Fellsway, up to but not including Big Red’s turf. One time he ate a whole bunch of catnip-laced treats, and he sat on the neighbor’s lawn going “Huh-huh” like Beavis for a couple of days. Usually he’s a rude and belligerent little asshole. Polka, who sat in the middle of the road and hissed at cars (Dot didn’t). Steve, who wants to drink antifreeze.

Love, Kitty

Dedicated to Mike Horgun, who correctly predicted The Feminization of STUBBLE


18 VISIONS (Epic) Screaming Marilyn Manson wannabee tripe. LB

A.C. COTTON Notes For The Conversation (Ahab Was Right) A nice rock album. You can try to call it a lot of things from southern rock to garage pop punk but it’s Rock n roll. Like Ruth Ruth meets Tom Petty if you will. MB

THE ADICTS-Rollercoaster (SOS Records) Punk rock with a TV or other party attitude. The opening track Let’s Have A Party is a great way to kick off the fun! These guys remind me of Tenpole Tudor or Sham 69 with the group chants. Like its name it has it ups and downs but overall a divertissement. MB AGATHODAIMON Serpent’s Embrace (Nuclear Blast) Extreme metal installment #4 from this band that is a little like Cradle Of Filth. The goth music roots are present in these black metal songs (a band signature). With a combination of clean, groveling and screeching vocals the album charges forward breaking in some new elements. A recommended metal album. MTC

AMON AMARTHFate Of Norns (Metal Blade) I really like the 3 song sampler we got from this album (it could be the best 3 tracks). Distinctive swirling symphonies of extreme metal with deep groveling vocals like Laibach. DB AMORPHISFar From The Sun (Nuclear Blast) There is a reason this band is considered one of if not the best extreme metal band. This album is yet another example of how they morph the dark metal continuing to break new ground. The lyrics and music brings a medieval majick feel. The darkness is still there as well as the lack of reverence they have always maintained. Awesome stuff highly recommended! DB ERIC ANDERSSongs For Wayward Days (Baggage Room) Torturous 3 song sampler of mainstream emo rock that begins with an agonising tune about Sir Thomas Moore A Man For No Season. To say anymore I see no reason! MTC KASEY ANDERSON-Dead Roses (Resonant Noise Records) This Bellingham based singer songwriter covers all the minstral styles from Dylan, The Byrds and John Cougar. Dead roses is a slang term for farts and this flatulence has a unique bouquet as well. LB AQUI-The First Trip Out (Ace Fu) Kind of in between King Diamond and Northwinds except the lead vocalist is a woman and the music isn’t quite as heavy. Stephonik’s powerful vocals over a late 80’s early 90’s metal full of high energy. This one is an ignitor! DB ARMY OF FRESHMENBeg, Borrow, Steal (32nd Street Records) Here we have yet another way to use the age old trio (beg borrow or steal) in music. It reminded me of the Ohio Express song where it was basically “Louie Louie” with different lyrics. Anyway these fine young fellers play a more pop oriented brand of Punk Rock. An alternative to Good Charlotte or Something Corporate you could say. Met them at the Boston Warped Tour 04 as they had a booth but were not playing either day. This is pop, period, not punk at all and that is not a knock on them. The harmonies and musical hooks make them a great band to listen to. DB

AUTHORITY ZERO Andiamo (Lava) From the same high school in Mesa, Arizona as Jimmy Eat World comes a more aggressive Punk, and some- times Ska, outfit. The title, Andiamo, is Italian for “let’s go,” and this sophomore release continues to Go. Socially conscious lyrics, and why not, as these morons, much like their pals NOFX, are urging kids to register to vote against Bush. Politics aside, this is solid punk. I especially love the cover of “Mexican Radio.” LB

BAD RELIGION The Empire Strikes First (Epitaph) Solid Punk Rock is nothing new for this veteran CA outfit. The theme is anti-war, like the hippie bands of the late 60’s. Somehow it takes a little away from the punk spirit, but as we all know the war is hard to ignore. “Let Them Eat War” is my favorite as it points out the obvious, that few rich people are sent to fight and die. Keepin it real! KC

nouveaux bleu

MIKE BLANX & STAB’s Starting Them off Young (SOS Records) The opening intro on the first song is the intro to Anarchy In the UK . Old school punk rock from NJ. You know when punk rock had an edge and was far from political correctness. Titles give it away Slut, She’s 18, Whore and Drink Till You Drop. Get The Picture? MTC

BAD WIZARD-#1 Tonite! (Howler) A mix of 70’s and 80’s arena rock. At times its like AC/DC and other tracks are Aerosmith meets Kiss or Blue Oyster Cult. Old School rock for the new millenium. DB THE BLACK SWANS Who Will Walk In The Darkness with You? (Delmore Recordings) A nice mix of a gothic and hmmmm.. John Cale’s music. Dark lyrics as melancholy as Hank Williams tear jerkers. LB

BINAURAL-Last Reaction ( Not bad 4 track CD of power-pop with a punky edge. Radio ready as any other major label spooge. Limp as overcooked spaghetti if you like a harder sound. From the no scene western Massachusetts area where pop rules. LB SEXTON BLAKEJosh Hodges (Expunged) Supposedly a soundtrack to a movie called Sexton Blake. The music is very ethereal and flocculent with a somewhat underground feel. Recorded at home on his computer and maybe it should have stayed there. Not that it sucks or nothing like that it’s just very ignorable. MB

CALIBANThe Opposite From Within (Abacus) Named for Shakespeare’s deformed slave charecter this five man band delivers extreme brutality. The hardcore metal from Germany is full of malevolence and hostility. The doctor will see you now. MB

BORKNAGAR-Epic (Century Media) This is a very creative metal release from this veteran band from Norway. A mix of pagan folk music along with modern death metal. Epic metal keyboards by Lars Nedland bring thoughts back to the era of rock operas. The music itself seem to be telling a story. A dark story as the brutality you expect from Borknagar is ever present. One of the best metal albums of the year. LB BOXER REBELLION (Creep) The dual lead vocals reminded me of The Clash. The music is like Sublime and Pennywise mixed together. Rockin reggae hardcore punk music. Get on it! MTC THE BRIGGS Leaving The Ways (SideOneDummy) This EP begins with an old school Oi and quickly the LaRocca brothers get into their own SoCal punk style. Loud fast and thrashy stuff worth a spin. MTC BRIGHT LIKE NEON LOVE Cut Copy (Modular) Remember Spandeau Ballet (time) or Human League of “Don’t You Want Me” 80’s fame? Pre-Techno dance pop. Well that’s what Dan Waitford and his pals have assembled on this album. While any one track on its own is enjoyable, as a whole it gets to sound a lot like the same song. The exception is “Autobahn Music Box.” KARL BROADIENowhere Now Here (Laughing Outlaw Records) Australia’s answer to the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. A bo-jangles of a time with banjo, acoustic guitars and that whole folksy almost bluegrass country music. Karl’s coarse but smooth voice is a cross between Gordon Lightfoot and Tom Waits. A truly surprising and enjoyable album. LB

CATTLE DECAPITATIONHumanure (Metal Blade) The cover art is graphically disgusting and the atypical death vocals over speed metal is nothing ground breaking. What is unique are lyrics that point out animal cruelty in terms of food processing. This is also quite disgusting. But that is the charm I guess? Nice cause and a profound way to take it up. MTC CHARMPARTICLES Sit Down For Staying (Childstar) I’d rather stand. This is more emo pop crap no better or worse than any of the others. Suckalicious! MTC COMMUNIQUE Poison Arrows (Lookout!) Sugar sweet pop that (predictably) makes my teeth hurt. Like a mouthful of Pixie Stix and a Duran Duran sound. Ouch! AA DEMONOIDRiders of The Apocalypse (Nuclear Blast) Yet another speed death metal act from Sweden. This one features the maniacal guitar work of Kristian Niemann. His riffs make this album work. The lyrical content is the typical brutal and blasphemous mix breaking wind, not new ground as the press kit contends. MTC

DWARVESThe Dwarves Must Die (Sympathy For The Record Industry)

CONSHAFTERFear The Underdog (Dork Epiphany) Lots of la la la pop with a garage rock feel. It has its moments like on Heavy Metal Parking Lot where the lyrics amuse and entertain. Interesting! LB THE DATSUNSOutta Sight /Outta Mind (V2 Records) New Zealand’s punk foursome give us a more old school sound. When NYC and London were the scene, punk rock was influenced by Iggy & The Stooges, MC5 and a raw garage rock sound. The Datsuns are like the Ramones in that they all have the same last name (not the sound). Lead singer Dolph has a voice like Richard Hell and the rock n roll guitar work of Christian make these Datsuns much better than the Japanese cars they are named for. DB HALLEY DeVESTERNSuperhero Killer (Bagel & Bat) Listening to Halley for the first time brought back memories of Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin in their respective primes. While the songs themselves are not anything spectacular Halley gives them life and they work. I don’t think too many vocalists could pull it off. MTC DEVILINSIDE-Volume One (Abacus) Hardcore metal from the ashes of Disembodied (drummer and guitarist). Here comes a new name with a familiar sound as it’s more alike than not. Vocalist Jamie Gonzales gives a screaming good performance leading the musical journey. Rock on ! MB DROPBOX (Realign / Universal) Realign presents its first signee. What you get is a radio ready emo metal ala Creed or something close. I hope they can offer better than this commercial spooge or the label would only be an indie with nothing independent about it. This should chart well with tunes like Wishbone,, but Barry Manilow gets airplay too. MTC

Back with another CD adorned with naked women and a midget, but its not just sensationalism these guys rock! Metalic punk, soundbites, electronics, cool shite. I love the anti-mormon song Salt Lake City it sounds like The Boomtown Rats. My favorite is Demented but this whole album is solid listen. Recommended. LB VAL EMMICHSlow Down Kid (Epic) Actually Val you need to speed it up. The best park of this CD was the watermark language. Oh you won’t get that on the actual release (it is the promo copy warning on the CD) A collection of pop crap. Smelly. MTC EPIC HERO-New Life ( Romantic rock with whiney vocals in the Tom Petty meets Rick Springfield kind of thing. Trapped in the late 70’s early 80’s this kind of music is not a good place to be or wannabe. Epic zero. LB

THE EXPLOSION-Black Tape (Virgin) Kapow! This gives us yet another pop punk band to rival Good Charlotte or Letter Kills. They shoot a few F-bombs to try to avoid the pop tag but it is what it is. They will have the youth of America dancing to their music in high tops and go-go boots. Well maybe not quite yet. Bam! LB

THE FIVE L’s - Breathe Deep ( Here we have a true indie release of emo metal. What makes them stand out from the pack is the sampling and turntable play of David Armstrong. Otherwise it’s pretty mainstream stuff especially the single My Faith which is getting some airplay on the college stations. MTC

ESCAPE GRACE-EP (City of Hell) Gainesville FL answer to Bloody Mess and The Skabs. A melange of noisy ballsy aggressive music with low production values. LB EVENOUT-Drown Inside ( Heavy guitar and mild melodic rock mix together for an experience as fun a tearing thru the toilet paper. Atypical radio ready spooge. MTC EVEN THE ODDPopular Among Van Owners (Wrong) A group of young musicians from suburban Michigan. Emo rock with bits of punk and metal. MB THE EVERYONES (Shock) More like the No-Ones, The most interesting thing about this release is that the band had to legally change their name from The Anyones (which was already taken by a band I never heard of either). This is very sugary sweet pop with a punk feel. MTC Something blue Something new Something

FLOGGING MOLLYWithin A Mile of Home (SideOneDummy) While not the only band combining traditional Irish music and punk rock they are quite frankly the best. This album features a guest appearance by Lucinda Williams on FactoryGirls an Irish folk classic. Dave King and his band just make you want to swag a beer or three and get out of control. Fifteen great tunes that have a way to touch the core of one's being. MB

LARS FREDERIKSEN and the BASTARDS-Viking (Hellcat) Aggressive punk rock fun from one of Rancid’s founding members. The lyrics deal a lot with weapons and fighting. Tunes go from a Cramps style Mainlining Murder, to rockabilly Marie Marie to the Irish rock styled My Life to Live which is a kind of tribute to groupies, this one’s a keeper. MTC

FROM FIRST TO LAST- Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Body Count. (Epitaph) Great album title. Interesting mix of extreme metal and contemporary punk rock. The lyrics are thought-provoking, as are some of the song titles (“the one armed lover vs. the flying guillotine”; “I like you better before you were naked on the internet.”). Baby Daddy

FUNERAL DRESS- A Way Of Life (SOS Records) For 15 years these guys have been one of (if not the) best Punk band in Belgium. Now with this new release on California’s SOS Records exposes this cool old school style punk rock to American audiences. The songs stay in the party theme. There also is a cool cover of Men at Work’s classic Down Under. Good Stuff! LB PAUL GENG Mnemo Sync(Syne?) ( Paul dedicated this album to the memory of his mom. Folkpop with lyrics about love and prayer and relationships: as plain and ordinary as milk and cookies, and as boring too. Lame! DB GOD LIVES UNDERWATER UpOff The Floor (Megaforce Records) These veterans of the industrial music surge of the early to mid 90’s have got a new CD here. It sounds like Marilyn Manson mixed with the GLU sound and lyrical style. In other words not as sick and demented and that’s meant as a commendation. A great rock sound that gets the body moving. Recommended! MTC

GRANIANOn My Own Two Feet ( Acoustic licks over pop and rock with a folk flavor. Scary? DB

GUTTERMOUTH- Eat Your Face (Epitaph) Hands down my favorite punk rock album for 2004. Witty lyrics and solid punk rock sensibility and no consideration for political correctness. The opening track Party Of Two pleads for the end of the 2 party political system which is a dream of mine two. Singer Mark Adkins “I get bored with serious topics like George Bush Stinks and The government’s a bowl of crap, I love you, I love you also bores me terribly. I’d rather make fun of all those a-holes doing that.” and he does! I love The Next Faux Mohican with lyrics “Now That alternative rock is finally dead, and all the white kids look just like Eminem, Remember Michael on his Victory Tour, back then he’s black, now I’m not....sure?” I also can’t get Hot Dog To The Head out of my head. I keep humming it or singing it. People are looking at me like I’m an idiot. Well too bad, how about a Wiener to the face to put you in your place? Schnitzel to the lips? MTC

GRAVEFiendish Regression (Century Media) Why there is so much hate for Christianity in the death metal from Norway and Sweden? This 6th release from Sweden’s Grave is just another installment that easily fits the mold. Graced with sacriligious artwork on its cover, this CD is relentless black metal. You can feel the hate rip through the speakers and through your soul. Not for the squeamish horror fans, this is real blasphemous stuff. MTC GRIZZLY BEARHorn Of Plenty (Kanine Records) The CD case comes covered in fake fur and what’s inside is just as pompous. As light as a cloud and after 2-3 tracks (any 3) this grows quite tiresome to say the least. Should have released an EP. I mean with this much pretension you know something had to be released. 13,14,15 Time’s Up! LB HALFACRE GUNROOMWrecked (Deathwish/ Icarus) Deep sedate Nick Cave vocals doing rock ballads with a slice of country. A bizzare mix that actually works. Melodic darkness with tales from the pains of love. Move over White Stripes there’s a new player. LB THE HAUNTED-rEVOLVEr (Century Media) Speed thrash metal trash from the gutters of Sweden. Reeling from the loss of their drummer to Cradle Of Filth this one just doesn’t capture the excitement 1998’s self titled debut album. Guest Lou Koller from Sick Of It All on Who Will Decide spice it up a bit, but this ain’t a single. LB HOLLYWOOD ROSEThe Roots Of Guns And Roses (Deadline) Here you go the original demo tapes from GNR when they were called Hollywood Rose complete with talking and drumstick clicks between the songs. Not bad and certainly better than anything Axel can offer today. That being said besides diehard fans who really needs to hear this? MTC

HELMET-Size Matters (Interscope) Back from a 7 year recording absence comes Page Hamilton and crew with some good and lame stuff. The good being the opening tracks that sound kind of like Bloody & The Vaynes and the lame being the emo styled tracks. That’s not how to sound current it’s how to sound corporate. There’s still more good than bad! DB HAZEN STREET (Sony) Mainstream metal that has its ups and downs – add this street to the overpopulated map of soundalikes. LB

THE HIVES Tyrannosaurus Hives (Interscope) This Swedish quartet will never be accused of making accessible music; what they make is loud, garage-sounding punk rock. That’s a good thing. In fact, it’s a great thing on this disc, a follow-up to the Hives widely popular 2000 release, Veni Vidi Vicious. UR

I CAN LICK ANY SONOFABITCH IN THE HOUSEMenace (In Music We Trust) Bluesy rock pop that musically sounds like the 70’s and 80’s post hippie shit. Lyrically it’s more like Bad Religion or NOFX. Who doesn’t want to listen to songs like A Good Day To Be A Bad Husband and Regrets and Greyhounds. DB INCANTATION Decimate Christendon (Century Media) For those who want to defend yet another heretical release as just a horror movie to music I suggest you listen to this. A steaming pile of irreverent hate that has a mission to spread negativity. Yes they are successful as they were with 2002’s release Blasphemy. As sacrilegious and brazen as you want it! DB INTERNAL BLEEDINGOnward to Mecca (Olympic) Hate filled loud thrash with nail gargling vocals and a throbbing bass. Nothing has changed for this NYC hate rock band. If you love them grab this if not it’s another steaming platter of dung. MTC

NICKI JAINE – Of Pigeons And Other Curiosities (Shaman) Nicki is a veteran of the Goth music scene, and this solo effort puts her in line with a different genre. NYC Under ground with her Nico-esque songs captured here; I fear she may be traveling in Nico’s tracks (judging by this release). One hook is the truly and hauntingly awful piano, which is intentionally loud enough to negate the possibility of “easy listening.” She draws inspiration from Marlene Dietrich and the Roaring 20’s Cabaret scene. The lyrics are also amazing, as out there as Kim Fowley ever was, running the gamut from comedy to tragedy with stops at irony and pathos. While not for everyone, if you like the preceding description you need to pick it up. Dark Lyrics and music to match - +++ NN

JAO PANZER- Casting The Stones (Century Media) Classic arena metal in the realm of Dio or King Diamond. Led by the operatic vocals of Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin that deliver tales of armed forces from days past. LB

THE JE NE SAIS QUOISecret Language EP (Coalition) That certain something is a modern day Gang Of Four with chaotic chords, pretentious vocals and a mix of sounds from The Cramps to The Groovie Ghoulies and Moby Grape. Mange Moi Pate Fois Gras, ya poodlehead! This isn’t French it’s Frenchy-french which is not really French or to be confused with such. They are from Sweden need I say more, probably not but… this picture is worth 1000 words but I’ll spare you. You owe me! DB

KEANE- Hopes and Fears (Interscope) Here’s mine: I hope I never hear this again, I fear I will, as we have 2 of this dreadful Cher meets the lady who sang “Those Were The Days, My Friend” kind of pop spooge, and getting airplay as well as critical acclaim. Painful, especially since I know this is a guy singing who sounds like Cher. GG KING DIAMONDDeadly Lullabyes (Metal Blade) All we got is a 6 song sample disc so I’m not sure if the full CD is as good. These rock with the patented high operetta voice of The King (No not Elvis King Diamond. DB

BOBBY LINDSTROMA Lick And A Promise (Blue Eyed Crow) Old school rockin blues boogie woogie music. Reminded me of Johnny Winter, Canned Heat, or Robert Johnson. OK stuff. There are way too many other blues albums I could recommend instead. MB KIRKENDAHL VOYDGraveyard A-Go-Go (Kitty Kat) If I could let me dub this horror rock. The music has a B or is that D movie feel. Or is it bad porno soundtrack as with Plan 69 From Outer Space. My favorite is You Couldn’t Pour Enough Liquor Down My Throat (to Put Me In The Mood To Do You) This band of sickos have got a pretty entertaining and unique approach. Check it out! MTC KITTIEUntil The End (Artemis) The Lander sisters are back with an all female line-up for this latest roar. Morgan’s vocals go from an overpowering growl to sweet music. The tunes are as brutal as any of the premier death metal acts today. The lyrics are deeper than the sexual fodder they made famous on their debut SPIT even though you get tunes like Sugar and Looks So Pretty. This is an enhanced disc as well so there’s fun for the PC too. Brutally awesome. LB

LETTER KILLS-The Bridge (Island) Finally a full length release. Fast paced power chord pop punk. High charged vocal harmonies and witty lyrics. Worthy of CMJ airplay especially Don’t Believe and WhateverIt Takes. MB ALYSSON LIGHTLooking Glass Conversations ( Alysson has talent, songwriting isn’t one of them. 13 piano-backed love or love lost melodies that are neither catchy nor lyrically interesting. Fried Green Tomatoes. HH

LORDROCE2 To Bass ( Here you got some fresh hip-hop tuneage from Queens NY. Lord Rocco gives us his own 8 mile getting a good deal of attention working the NY city clubscene. 20 songs and 25 tracks. Lots of guest rappers and solid rhythm on this well produced debut. MTC L.P. – Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol (Light Switch) Yes, she does look like Marc Bolan, but musically there is no similarity. A harder Rock/Pop sound with the accent on Pop. The opening cut, “Wasted”, should be a hit, with lyrics like “Get wasted with me.” Kind of Juliana Hatfield or Liz Phair, but different. If you’re looking for some fun, catchy poprock, you might want to give this a spin. MM BILL MADDEN Samsara’s Grip (MadMuse) The cover art is a photo of a young Bill in his shorts with his schlong hanging out. True Story: reminds me of the time I was selling door to door and this guy agreed to the appointment. I drove 45 minutes to get there. And he opens the door in a robe and pajama buttons with, you guessed it, with his schlong hanging out. Just for the record I needed the sale and got it by entering and talking with this guy. He had one wall of videotape, mostly porn. Sick, disgusting … Anyway this album is a bunch of mello alternative rock that begins with Bill singing “I am I suck”. Actually he doesn’t say that, but it sounded like that to me. He should have because, well, it does. DB

MAD CADDIESLive From Toronto: Songs in The Key Of Eh (FatWreckChords) A collection of the bands best tunes captured live from Toronto’s Opera House. Fast paced fun punk rock with a solid horn section. 19 killer tunes. DB MATCHBOOK ROMANCEMotion City Soundtrack (Epitaph) Acoustic punk rock. What that means in this case is whiney folk music with a voice that reminded me of Sting. With Lyrics like “Your as Welcome as Cancer” and music that sounds like Art Garfunkel and it is not for me. If you are big follower of the band pick this up, otherwise exercise caution. MTC

MELEE’- Everyday Behavior (Sub-City) A mix of emo punk and metal that seems popular today despite it being lame. Part of the problem not the solution. MTC MELVINS-Lustmord (Ipecac) Lustmord, Pigs of The Roman Empire marks the return of this band known as Melvins. A mix of heavy metal , grunge, and lots of noise. LB

MOTION PICTURE DEMISE Rebuild / Reform (Orange Peel) This debut EP is a high charged punk rock effort that I can’t get out of my CD player. The final track Control that features guest Mark Morton from Lamb of God. Check it out! MTC

Blauwe nouveaux Blauwe nouveaux

MNEMICThe Audio Injected Soul (Nuclear Blast) This Danish band is more like Meshuggah in that it is dark and ignominious but it can’t be dismissed as noise. A mix of classic and extreme metal that is solid music. Talented yet brutally aggressive tunes like Deathbox and Mindsaver. Not just another Hail Satan band. MTC NAPALM DEATH Leaders Not Followers:Part 2 (Century Media) Here they are the true fathers of extreme metal with yet another awesome release. Shane and Barney have done it again. This one is another collection of covers that are band member favorites done faster in the trademark Napalm Death style. You’ll hear songs from Sepultura, Agnostic Front, and Devastation, as well as Napalm’s version of Anti Cimex’s Game Of The Arseholes. A total of 19 songs. On tour now check them out one way or the other. MTC NEDELLE AND THOMSummerland (Kill Rock Stars) More like slumberland, this is a yawner. This album is a tribute to 60’s pop music ala Burt Bacharach. Nedelle and Thom are big fans of him and 60’s female singers like Pet Clark, Dionne Warwick and Dustry Springfield who sang his happy tripe. As I was listening to the first track You Take Me You Break Me I asked myself how many more songs can I last? As with the tootsie roll owl it was three. Painful is a polite way of describing it. MTC THE NERVOUS RETURNWake Up Dead (Lasalle) Witty punky lyrics and a mix of alternative and garage punk music. Think Allistar and Squeeze and settle somewhere in between. LB ONLY CRIMETo The Nines (FatWreckChords) Good Riddance’s vocalist Russ Rankin has got together a new band to continue his desire for touring. Eleven slices of modern punk rock served up for your consumption. MB

PARKINSONG,Volume One 38 Songs Of Hope (Ryko) This is a 2 CD set put together for a great cause which is to battle Parkinson’s Disease. You get performances by Bonnie Raitt, Crosby & Nash, Dar Williams and many others. Although I found this to be too diverse and mellow for my tastes I still recommend fans of the lighter side of music to buy this. DB

THE PHENOMENAUTSRockets And Robots ( Rockabilly ala Link Wray with cool Scifi lyrics. This 4 song EP leaves you begging for more. I can’t stop humming Tiny Robots and Robot Love , they are damm catchy. I picked this up at Warped Tour and glad I did. The live show is way cool too with the costumes right out of a 60’s space film and the stand up bass guitar. I can’t help it Rockabilly that’s out of this world! Yeah its corny like that but isn’t that the point. DB PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION The Sound of Independent Radio (Nettwerk) Like most PDA’s they are usually only good for the people involved and make others uncomfortable, Mission Accomplished. The concept was to get 4 of the most respected radio program directors and have them put together 12 songs. The criteria was to submit their favorite songs by your favorite artists. Sounds greeat huh? But it’s a painful assortment of male and female lead vocals. The guys sound sub sub Don Henley or Tom Petty. The woman provide a spurious assortment of Melanie or Cheryl Wheeler hippie folk rock. You get a little variation if you can last till the final 4 tracks. MB PITBULL DAYCARE-Unclean (Cleopatra) Here we have Industrial rock ala Marilyn Manson. The exception is a hip hop legend KRS-One guest spot. Other guests that appear are 80’s metalists Stephen Pearcy (Ratt) and Fred Coury (Cinderella). After 11 tracks of aggressive rockers they do a cover of Modern English’s End Of The World. A bonus DVD makes this more than a decent debut. LB

PROVERB-Proverbs (Daydream Entertainment) Neil Vilain aka Proverb has got this demo single with 2 versions of the title track. One radio one album. Cool hiphop but hard to judge on one song. KH PUNK-O-RAMA (Volume 9) (Epitaph) This has gone from a forum for punk to a label sampler. An Irish ballad from the Dropkick Murphys, an Atmosphere hiphop tune, Deathcore from From First To Last (pictured above), and Hellb?? rock from Necromantix, but fear not, there’s plenty of punk too. Bad Religion, Rancid, Pennywise, Pulley, Tiger Army, and lots more in these 24 tracks. You also get a bonus DVD of 11 videos – the best deal of the year for the price! KZ JENNY QUEEN Girls Who Cry Need Cake (Laughing Outlaw Records) I’m no expert on crying girls but I couldn’t take much of this folk pop with a whiny chick singer. Oh she’s big in Australia and she is from Sydney you say. That’s very nice to know. Like we need a modern day Judy Collins wannabe. I guess Jenny just wants some cake. MTC

RAWK DAWGWe Only Came To Rock (Music Room Publishing) Post Hendrix guitar rock with lots of bluesy hooks. Wish it was instrumental as the guitar playing is the attracting force. A remarkable improvement over their debut CD that in a few years they will refer to as a demo. Rawk Dog rocks this time! LB RESILIENCESound Of Strength (SOS Records) Although they only began playin in 1999 this punk band has a sound that is more of the 1980’s classic style. Frontman Fury is credited with Yelling (as opposed to vocals) and he does so in a way that reminded me of Lee Ving. A Circle Jerks meets DOA if you will. Good Stuff! LB

JONATHAN RICHMAN – Not So Much To Be Loved Than To Love (Sanctuary/Vapor) The lovely Jonathan’s 22nd album has a decidedly international flavor, with songs in French and Italian, songs about big subjects like artists, wine, love, and The World. The Boston native’s 13 songs aren’t all poppy and silly; some of it is more moody, wine-drinking music, and there’s even a mellow instrumental called Sunday Morning. Salvador Dali and Van Gogh each get their own songs, and Abu Jamal features an accordion. He Gave Us Wine To Taste It (“not to talk about it”) has nice percussion, unlike one of the French songs, Les Etoiles (the stars), which features a kind of military drumming. If you want typical Jonathan, there’s some here, but this is an unusual effort even for him.KH

RIVER CITY REBELSHate To Be Loved ( One of the coolest bands on this summers Warped Tour have a hot new CD from the label with the most unmannerly publicity staff. Produced by NY Dolls legend Sylvain Sylvain and recorded in classic analog this one will rock your ass. NY City’s Lower East Side has brought us so many great underground, punk and avant garde acts going there to record this gives the rebels a great deal of that spirit. The cover and CD booklet pictures are basically shots of sexy women piling on these boys from Vermont. Great tunes like Die Young, I’m So Vain ,and the title cut are highlights amongst this not typical punk rock. With a horn section (not doing Ska) and dressed like New Hampshire punk legend The Jabbers the live show is contagious (see Warped Tour Review). The CD does not disappoint either. Back in the late 70’s when Punk wasn’t the west coast Epitaph / FatWreckChords sound identified with the name, Punk was a attitude or scene. This is punk rock in that sense, this ain’t another Millencolin or Pennywise (not like that’s a bad thing to be). Bopper and the boys just reek of cool. So go get yourself a copy! DB

ROCK AGAINST BUSH Vol 2 (FatWreckChords) Here we have the second bargain priced politically charged compilation from bands (mostly punk) looking to get John Kerry elected. By the time this hits print we will know if that occurred. Politics aside this is one hell of a deal with 28 tracks of music and a bonus DVD of music videos, comedy sketches and worthless political shorts. I think everyone has the right to express their opinions but the entertainment industry (music, movies, TV etc) has gone overboard trying to influence the young and countrified. The truth is, neither political party is looking out for the common man and both parties are bought and paid for by special interests. The television and radio media ignore and belittle 3rd party candidates. (FYINader is not the only one running against the 2 major parties) They exclude them from debates and exposure needed to really make changes for the better. Sure Bush sucks but the alternative of voting for Kerry sucks too. Bottom line, the real people who run this country don’t care who you vote for as long as it is a democrat or republican. If the president doesn’t play ball they will eliminate them. For those who remember Regan pitching a flat tax think about this. Regan never spoke about it after he got shot. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Call me cynical. Anyway pick this 2 disc set up as it is loaded with unreleased material. KZ RUBYHORSE Goodbye To All That (Brash) Boston and Ireland combine to (?) this 5 man act led by vocalist David Farrell. This second release, recorded in Nashville, is as far from C&W, and from Rock (??) as it could be. Lo-fi alternative folk rock pop, its mellow atmospheric sound scapes are there for those who prefer them. DB THE RUMBLE BEES Be Pretty Be Naked Be Quiet (Keane) Stupid songs for Genius people? Allright then. The first few are kind interesting A Lot Like Life and My Dysfunctional Family. Then comes the title track and it’s a swing tune with horny horns. Very misogynistic , look it up there genius. The more you listen the less interesting the lyrics and the album. LB

SAHARA HOTNIGHTS – Kiss & Tell (RCA) Beautiful Swedish women playing punk rock? It can’t be true. It is. Somebody please pinch me. Roaring guitars and some lush harmony. What’s the saying? MORE ESTROGEN! UR

NIKOLA SARCEVICLock-Sport-Krock (Epitaph) Nikola should stick to Punk. This starts with a Dylanesque harmonica tune and continues with styling that reminds me of John Sebastian and Roger Cook but not in a good way. LB

SCATTER THE ASHES (Epitaph) While the PR claims it has a punk foundation, it’s more like a mix of U2, The Edge’s guitars, and the vocal stylings of Daryl Stamps, amongst a soundscape-like dream theater society. KZ

SILVERBAIT-Westward (Blue Eyed Crow) A creative (or strange) mix of alternative and southern rock. The problem is that most of the songs run too long or are too much like modern cowboy music ala Tom Mix, Roy Rogers or Gene Autry. At times it has a Gordon Gano or Jonathan Richman style but it fades quickly back to the ranch. Yee haw saddle up podner! Giddy-up. MB

SILVERTIDE-Show And Tell (J Records) Here we have a new band that brings back the style of Skid Row or AC/DC 80’s arena metal. They have been opening for classic bands like Van Halen, Alice Cooper and Aerosmith to name a few. Let’s just say it’s a good fit. DB SINGAPORE SLINGLife Is Killing My Rock “N” Roll (Stinky Records) Here’s a good one. A muddy recording that is somewhere close to The Dandy Warhols and The Velvet Underground in its overall sound. While I’m not a fan of the cocktail the band name is derived from I like this album. It reeks of cool! MTC SKULLSNight of The Living Skulls (Finger Records / Square World Films) Not sure where to put this review as it is a CD/DVD combo that comes in both packaging formats. Since I got the CD pack I chose to put it here. The CD portion is a high charged concert of LA late 70’s early 80’s punk rock stylings from one of the surviving acts. Billy Bones still sounds great and thats what kept it alive. The DVD is both live and videos along with interviews and skate action footage. A pretty cheap way to check them out and the ultimate package for Skulls fans. KZ

SPIDERBAIT-Tonight Alright (Interscope) A mix of fast paced garage rock with both Male and Female vocals. Danceable hard rockin tunes like Put It Down and Tonite should be reason enough. Think Yeah Yeah Yeah’s meets Sweetwater. LB SWINGIN UTTERSLive in A Dive (FatWreckChords) The latest in the series of live punk FatWreckChords albums. Too bad the typical fan does not get to check out the promo comic books that accompany each release. This one is especially cool as our heroes (Swingin Utters) are a imitation Scooby Doo and crew. With 23 tracks and enhanced CD material it’s hard not to recommend. This captures the Utters sound well and is a virtual best of album. DB SETH SWIRSKYInstant Pleasure ( Title and opening song is a funny ditty about all Seth wants (Sex anytime, quiet etc etc...) that is truly entertaining. Unfortunately this is a 11 song CD with enhanced extras. Enough material for a single as the rest is like sub sub McCartney’s Beatles tunes. Instant paroxysm. MB THE THRILLSLet’s Bottle Bohemia (Virgin) Alternative rock ballads filled with regrets, lost loves, and other disappointments. This sophomore release from these Dublin boys should get them continued CMJ success. LB

TIGER ARMY III: Ghost Tigers Rise (Hellcat) Punk and Rockabilly combined once again and this band just keeps it comin’. An exciting musical style, and one of the best (TMO’S???) performing today. Get ready to feel the music move through you and move your body. Hopefully this album and the Warped Tour will earn them a warm respect. BB

TOTAL CHAOS- Punk Invasion (SOS Records) Consistent is the word for this band that was one of the pioneers for Epitaph Records. Fast high energy punk rock that ends up as 22 bass driven solid tracks on this new CD. Total Punk! MTC UNKLE- Never Never Land (Global Underground) A relative, giving up?? Not sure on the meaning. It all starts with Back And Forth which uses lyrics from the classic Motown hit Ball Of Confusion. No credit though, I guess you can steal a lyric or two. The whole album is very ethereal and aerial. Moody trippy dance tunes. LB


UNCLE KRACKER 72 and Sunny (Lava) With the success of his last album being in the covers and low energy pop and country, this album keeps to that style. How anyone can associate him with Kid Rock any more has obviously not been paying attention. I was very disappointed – not a single rockin tune, all AM radio/Vay mello crap. So if that’s your bag, go for it. Uncle Sellout! KZ UNLEASHED- Sworn Allegiance (Century Media) Allegiance to guess who? Mephisto, Lucifer, Baphomet, one of them I’m sure. This is yet another installment of pure infernal irreverence from one of the pioneers of death metal. 15 years ago this all started in Sweden. Merciless brutality in the lyrics. The supreme metal riffs and devastating rhythm make them still one of the most revered in the genre. LB VADER-The Beast (Metal Blade) All we got was a 3 song sample and I hear nothing new from this veteran death metal act. To know them is to ....... LB

THE VANDALSHollywood Potato Chip (Kung Fu) Listening to this CD prior to seeing them at this year’s Warped Tour and 10th Anniversary shows made each set something special as most of the fans haven’t heard it yet. What can I say that hasn’t been said except The Vandals rule! DB BUTCH WALKER (Epic) Sugary sweet emo pop poop. Awful! LB WARPED TOUR 2004 Compilation (SideOneDummy) A preview of the bands on this year’s Vans Warped Tour (or a review, depending on when you… oh, never mind). 50 bands 50 tracks 2 CD set. A great way to get a listener’s digest of this year’s tour lineup. LB

WITHOUT END- Disease Is Man (Pseudoplasma) Screams and chants over a brutal brand of death metal. Frontman Adam Tranquilli’s guitar work and vocals are awesome. No wonder he has success in past endeavors Blood Feast and Headlock. Check this one out! MTC

uli, polu nuhou uli, polu nuhou

WITHOUT MxFx ORDER Reputation For F##king ( Let me first point out that the reputation referenced in the title track is a bad one. This one is so real most of you out there couldn’t handle it, trust me! This is raw scum rock with extreme quantities of testosterone and effrontery that starts right with the first song Jail Sucks to the final bonus cut Underage. Noisy dirty punk ditties with unsanitized lyrics. Not the tell me how you really feel type of lyrics. If you like Bad Religion or other modern punk icons you won’t necessarily like this, it is that raw. The vocals of Sicko certainly are. So if you think you can handle it, get in touch with the band and get a copy. MB

THE WITNESSES-Tunnel Vision (Howler) NY based band with members from all over the states and got together as a result of carnival work. This strange origin leads us to a rock sound that is somewhere between The Jefferson Airplane and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The vocals of Bonnie Bloomgarden and Oakley Munson alternate and mix to give this release its high energy. DB

DVD Reviews

GG ALLIN /Murder JunkiesRaw, Brutal, Rough And Bloody (MVD) Footage from 3 shows in 1991 plus bonus interview footage with GG’s mom. 1991 was after his incarceration in MI and the hardened GG gives no quarter. He and the band come out naked or close to it and it’s an animal behavior filled set of loud angry music. The last years of GG are by far some of the most extreme punk rock ever. This video captures the air of danger these gigs emanated to the audiences. The interview with GG’s mom is well.. interesting and I guess explains a lot. DB

THA ALKAHOLIKS X.O. THE MOVIE EXPERIENCE (MVD likwit Entertainment) This DVD was actually like I thought it would be coming from these guys. It's semi raunchy and includes rappers and there real lives. The Alkaholiks show us what it's like to be on the Snoop Dogg tour backstage , and then chillen with XZIBIT in the studio and bustin' some rhymes. It also includes live show footage at their shows and what goes on backstage. Blunt smokin and groupies gettin naked you see a little flesh. Then it shows them off stage just chillen with there boys Kurupt and DAZ DILLENGER. Overall it was a great DVD. If your a Alkaholiks fan it's a must have, and if your not, You must see it once it's quite an experience -KZJR

ANTISEEN- 20 Year Anniversary Show (TKO) Recorded in April 2003 this DVD captures 34 tunes from this southern punk rock band led by vocalist Jeff Clayton. Well filmed with multiple camera angles as they breeze thru their classics and covers of George Jones, Lynard Skynard, Ramones and Lord Sutch. Lots of great stuff and dare I say fun. Cool beans. DB

PATO BANTON & THE REGGAE REVOLUTION Spreading The Good News Live [MVD] Live concert footage recorded during a 2001 reggae festival in Germany. 12 upbeat revolution raps to promote the "Now Generation". Other happy hits include "Seattle Satan", "Drive By Shooting" and "Letter 2 Da President". Serious subjects never sounded so sweet. If this were breakfast cereal, it'd be called Reggae Sugar Pops. JV

COUNT BASIE [MVD] Truly classic black & white video clips from the golden age of jazz starring COUNT BASIE, FATS WALLER, LOUIS ARMSTRONG, JOE TURNER, HENRY "RED" ALLEN, GENE KRUPA, LUCKY MILLINDER and BILL "BOJANGLES" ROBINSON. 32 tantalizing tracks featuring "One O'Clock Jump", "Ain't Misbehavin'" and "Shake, Rattle and Roll". JV

BUKOWSKI AT BELLEVUE (MVD) Back when Stubble first began we had a poetry section. I thought about that as I viewed this grainy black + white film of Charles Bukowski reading his works at Bellevue Community College from 1970. The subject matter is mostly centered on his experience amongst the dregs of society. He got his reputation when his poems were published in the Los Angeles Free Press back in the mid 1950’s. From there he went on to writing 40+ novels as well as short stories and poetry. While that was long ago the material is not as dated as the footage appears. For those looking for something different this certainly qualifies. DB

CAB CALLOWAY 'Hi-De-Ho' and Other Movies [MVD] A timeless collection of 16 b&w music video masterpieces that lay the groundwork for today's popular music video culture. It's all there from the hot dancing girls to the musicians with attitudes, swapping the popular jargon of the day over infectious beats. Featuring "Hi-De-Ho", "Minnie The Moocher" and "St. James Infirmary". JV

CAPTAIN EVERYTHING / DIVIT / BELVEDERE Live At Camden Underworld ( Lots of songs from 3 fairly cool modern punk bands; Divit is the photo. It’s 3 sets kind of like a full bill at your local punk venue in your living room. LB BILL CHAMPLIN - In Concert [MVD] Bill Champlin was the distinctive voice of the band CHICAGO for many years. The singer, song writer and experienced session musician also plays with his own bands which are built on lively, rhythmically interesting, harmonious and timeless rock. 11 pop tracks featuring "In The Heat Of The Night", "Turn Your Love Around" and "Papa Can Play". JV

CRADLE OF FILTH Heavy Left Handed & Candid (MVD) For those not familiar lets just say this band is not anywhere close to mainstream music (even alternative). Danny Filth and crew deliver a colorful, shocking and somewhat disturbing live performance of their extreme dark metal. Featured songs are Lord Abortion,Cthulhu Dawn and From The Cradle To Enslave. But that’s not all as you get 2 music videos Born In A Burial Gown and Scorched Earth Erotica. A must have for fans of extreme metal and the rest of you can run and hide. LB

DUKE ELLINGTON - In Hollywood [MVD] A compilation of short and mediumlength films starring the great Duke Ellington and his orchestra. Black And Tan (1929), Symphony In Black (1935 featuring the famous sequence with Billie Holiday), plus assorted different musical sequences from other motion pictures, including the three scenes starring Mae West in the 1934 movie Belle Of The Nineties. 22 tremendous tracks of sweet swing era jazz. JV

DUKE ELLINGTON LIONEL HAMPTON Two Legendary Bandleaders [MVD] This anthology gathers different "soundies" (short features produced for movie theatres) and telescriptions (the first music videos) dating back from the Forties and early Fifties and showcasing material by the Duke Ellington orchestra and the Lionel Hampton (photo) big band. Featuring Duke's "Caravan", "Flamingo" and "C Jam Blues" and Lionel's "Midnight Sun", "Air Mail Special" and "Vibe Boogie". In all, 22 timeless tracks by two of the best of the swing era. JV THE GLADIATORS- Live In Paris (MVD) One of the oldest Reggae bands captured live from a show in France in the year 2000. Albert Griffiths and band perform songs from their first hit in 1968 Hello Carol to tunes from 2000’s Something of A Gwaan. Check this out as they have been as big as The Wailers in Jamaica and virtually unknown everywhere else. DB

THE FABULOUS DORSEYS [MVD] This is the incredible life story of Mr. Trombone and Mr. Sax, two brothers who found individual success following the break-up of their orchestra and the death of their father. Featuring a host of well-known big band musicians and singers performing on such classics as “Marie”, “Green Eyes”, “I’m Getting Sentimental Over You”, “Object Of My Affections”, and many more. JV

DIZZY GILLESPIE – Jivin’ in Be-Bop [MVD] Arguably the greatest jazz trumpeter of all time struts his stuff on 18 exceptional cuts with the help of his fabled post-war big band starring John Lewis on keys, Milt Jackson on vibes and Ray Brown on bass. Featuring the Bop classics “Salt Peanuts”, “Shaw Nuff” and “Things To Come”. JV

Kitty Harte Having A Smoke

BENNY GOODMAN Kings Of The Swing Era [MVD] The greatest of the jazz clarinetists, Benny was universally known as “The King Of Swing”. The massive popular success of his music in the early Thirties launched the Swing era and turned him into an over night star. A 30 track compilation of different clips featuring the great Benny Goodman and his band, this DVD is completed with a selection of assorted soundies from the Swing era starring popular performers and bandleaders of the day such as Artie Shaw, Jimmy Dorsey, Hoagy Carmichael and Jack “Mr T” Teagarden. JV

GOTH-The Ultimate Collection (Cleopatra- MVD) Remember the music that established a unique branding of the Cleopatra sound – Goth. Later came all the other unique bands from the label Cleopatra. These videos have been released as single CD’s or videos many times. That’s a good thing, some of my favorite tunes are included in this set. You get all 55 videos and 12 audio tracks from a list of performers that includes Spahn Ranch (above), Big Electric Cat, Killing Joke, Electric Hellfire Club, Pigface, Leather Strip, Nosferatu, Christian Death, Foetus, Psychic TV, and lots more. A must have for goth fans and worth a try for anyone who needs to check it out (which is most of you). Peace. MTC

HENDRIX (MGM) Leon Ichaso’s film based on the life of the best guitar player that ever lived tells the story from an interesting perspective. Wood Harris gives a great performance as Jimi. I bought into him as Jimi within his first few minutes and with such a complex personality to emulate Wood makes this film work. From his childhood to his days with Little Richard and Ike Turner to his final moments Wood is very likeable just as Jimi was. The film goes out of its way to entri Michael Jeffery and paint Chas Chandler as a true friend of Jimi, almost as a brother or cousin. Ask the other members of The Animals about how the copywriting of House of The Rising Son went down. We can hold off sainthood for ol Chas. The popular view of things was that Jimi was easily exploited getting only a small cut of the millions generated by his music and Jeffery was the worst of the lot for sure. But not the only one. The biggest complaint though with this film is how it totally dismisses Jimi’s original music and focuses on the covers of Wild Thing, Like A Rolling Stone, The Star Spangled Banner, and the whole building up to what they make out as Jimi’s greatest achievement covering Dylan’s All Along The Watchtower. While this is a great song especially radio airplaywise true fans of Hendrix are surely offended. I am! KZ

KING OF KINGS – Family Tour [MVD] A Jamaican music documentary exclusive featuring songs by Iley Dred/Mikey Dangerous, CAPLETON, JONAH aka Junior Alexander, BUSHMAN & THE GRASS ROOTS BAND, CHRISINTI, Dennis Brown, Norris Man, CECILE, and many more. JV PEEPSHOW III (FatWreckChords) From the opening with Anti-Flag where a young lady tells them their video sucks to the mooning that opens up The Lawrence Arms Porno & Snuff Films video the sense of good punk fun gets set before each music video begins. Don’t look for these vids on MTV as even if they do show them it wouldn’t be in a block of them. Too bad because they are very entertaining. Nerf Herders’ Mr Spock is really cool with the Star Trek costumes and set. No Use For A Name does a live video but with subtitles that bring a chuckle or two. This DVD has interviews, animation, and lots of great tunes from one of the premier modern punk rock labels. Of course you get an NOFX video (photo above) with an intro of the band playing in a dolphin pool . Then it’s the anti-bush anthem Franco UnAmerican. A bargain for any punk rock fan that it totally recommended. MTC

HICKEY & BOGGS [MVD] Bill Cosby and Robert Culp play two down-on-their-luck PI’s who start off trying to locate a missing woman and end up embroiled in an underworld caper to secure $400,000 from an old robbery. 104 minutes of movie with about 15 minutes worth of plot. JV STAN KENTON [MVD] One of the men who renovated the bigband idiom during the Forties and Fifties, Kenton was one of the first bandleaders to adopt elements from classical music and to fully embrace Latin and south-of-the-border influences. This DVD showcases the Stan Kenton orchestra of the Forties and features the hits “Eager Beaver”, “Tampico” and “Artistry In Rhythm”. It also includes an interesting selection of soundies from other “modern” big bands of the day, headed by Charlie Barnet, Les Brown and Claude Thornhill. 17 sizzling swingers. JV

PSYCHIC TV-Black Joy (MVD) Here we have 2 former video releases packaged together on one DVD. You get the classic Black from 1992 which marked the tenth anniversary of Psychic TV. The second half Joy is from 1989 and it captures a classic moment in band history where the audience storms the stage. From the ashes of Throbbing Gristle comes one of the pioneers of industrial goth music PSYCHIC TV and this DVD captures some of their best. DB

PUPPETS WHO KILL The Complete First Season [MVD] Bill, the blood thirsty entriloquist dummy, Buttons, sexually hyperactive corporate mascot, Cuddles, the foulmouthed comfort doll and Rocko, the con-artist plush puppy are all sent to Dan Redican’s rehab center where they proceed to stretch the boundaries of good taste as they perpetrate one scam after another. The humor is fairly dry but the sheer silliness of the situations that the misunderstood puppets find themselves in more than makes up for it. I was totally addicted by the second of the 13 episodes included in this 2 disc set. Bring on season two!!! JV ANGELA STREHLI SARAH BROWN MARCIA BALL – In Concert [MVD] Angela Strehli, Marcia Ball and Sarah Brown are each natural musical talents in their own right, and together they are an unstoppable trio of Texas blues. They whip up a storm of explosive blues-rock, steamy swamp soul and sparkling folk sounds. It’s the southern sound at its best. 14 fiery offerings. JV GEORGE SHEARING [MVD] The leader of one of the most popular combos in jazz during the Fifties and early Sixties, the blind George Shearing was reputed for his mastery at the piano, playing in a sophisticated style he called “locked hands”. He was also known for the unique sound of his quintet, which featured the vibes and guitar tripling the melody. Besides gathering different clips and soundies featuring George and his combo, this DVD also includes numbers by Fifties swingers Mel Torme, the Slam Stewart Trio, Slim Gallard, the Bob Cats, Ralph Flanagan and his Orchestra and Tony Pastor and his Orchestra. 34 swingin’ songs. JV

ROADKILL (MVD) A B&W film digitally restored because there is a cameo by Joey Ramone at the end where he asks a cabbie for a ride to NY. Set in Northern Ontario Canada the tale drags with adventures of Ramona. She meets different guys along the way. Pretty dull tills she comes along the guy who takes roadkill and cooks it on a car engine and eats it and so does Ramona. It’s Disgusting. Here’s a great quote: ”Up here there is not a lot of opportunity for social mobility either you become a hockey player, or you turn to a life of crime and I have weak ankles so there you go” He is a serial killer or a wannabe one that wants to partner with her to keep diary I guess. It’s inane and insane stuff. After she leaves him for the drive in guy who is 15 who ends up giving Ramona his fathers car. Ramona then plots to bring all the guys she has met together. And almost everybody gets shot. Did I ruin it for you. Or save you from wasting your time. Watching this Ahhhhhhh Brown Bunny of its time! B

ULTRACHRIST! [MVD] A pathetic, low budget and totally blasphemous failed attempt at humor. The cross dressing, spandex wearing portrayal of Jesus is both insulting and retarded. May the entire cast and crew go fuck themselves for eternity as their sorry souls rot in hell. JV

WARPED TOUR ‘03 (Image Entertainment) As we recover from 2004 Warped we can revisit a lot of those same bands plus others from performances captured on the 2003 tour. You get 24 live performances in a visual smorgasbord of contemporary punk rock. From the pop punk of Something Corporate and The Used to the hardcore metal of Avenged Sevenfold or ska punk of Less Than Jake. Punk icons Rancid, Pennywise, Suicide Machines. Face to Face and Boston’s own Irish punkers Dropkick Murphys to name a few. A great DVD and a great price. MB DINAH WASHINGTON [MVD] One of the most beloved vocalists of the past century, Dinah was justly celebrated for her very personal singing style that was at home in all types of music, be it blues, jazz, R & B or pop. She was known for her no-nonsense, unsentimental, yet always moving renditions centered on the universal subject of lost love. This DVD offers a fascinating picture of the young Dinah Washington, at a time when she was mainly concentrating on jazzy, torrid R & B numbers shortly after she had been discovered by Lionel Hampton. The DVD was completed with a selection of sounds from Martha Davis, Ruth Brown, Faye Adams, Dorothy Dandridge, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Mabel Lee, June Richmond, Vanita Smythe and Edna Mae Harris. 22 tantalizing tracks. JV

GENO WASHINGTON & THE BLUES ?UESTION – What's In The Pot [MVD] Geno joined the American Armed Forces as a GI and was stationed in England. He never went home. Geno made a swift and natural progression from jumping on stage at dances as a young GI, to forming the RAM JAM BAND and touring with Georgie Fame, Shane Fenton, Rod Stewart, Long John Baldry and Jimi Hendrix (who was allegedly his support act although I'm pretty sure Jimi stole the show just like he always did). 10 corny cuts featuring "Rooster", "Lucille", and "Hand Jive". JV

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BLUE NOUVEAUX – TEMPLE 10 Years in the making COMING IN 2005 Redefining Progressive Rock

Ask Basement Steve – Advice worth every penny you paid for it Dear Basement Steve: I am losing respect for my husband. He's on disability, but I don't think he's really disabled. He works for his brother and gets paid under the table. He's not the person I thought he was, but I still love him. Should I turn him in before he gets us both in trouble with the government? Worried in Worchester Dear Worried: You must be a real looker because you're obviously dumb as a stump. Fuck the government!!! They're too busy shooting up towel-heads in the desert to worry about a little middle class, or in your case, lower class fraud. You should be kissing your hubbies ass for having the ambition to double dip the system. After all, we do live in a capitalist society and two checks a week sure sounds like more capitol to me. Hey, if you cut back on those bon-bons, you might even be able to afford your own trailer in ten years. Dear Basement Steve: What did you think of Mel Gibson's The Passion of Christ? A Religious Questioner Questioner: Oh no you don't. I'm not falling for that. As soon as I say that the Jews did it, you'll be calling me an antiSemite. Dear Basement Steve: I love to sunbathe, but my owner won't let me wear sunscreen. How can I enjoy being outside without getting my nips sunburned? City Kitty City: Gee, you're really making it hard on me to cum up with a solution for your problem on such limited info. Maybe a few 8x10 glossies of the sensitive spots would help me get a better grasp on the situation. Dear Basement Steve: What light does the Reformation shed on the current upsurge in spirituality, which ranges from new age beliefs and yoga and interest in Buddhism, all the way to Christian fundamentalism? Doubting Thomas Miller lite. Dear Basement Steve: I fear I've lost track of my 401(k) savings. I'm 43, and make $115,000 a year. I'm putting $8,400 in my 401k yearly, have $220,000 in home equity, and owe $275,000 on the mortgage at 4.5%. In less than 10 years, I will receive about $400,000 from a trust fund. Could you help me with my mutual fund selections? Concerned Citizen No but if you're buyin', I'm tryin'. Dear One: Why don't you write any more? I asked Madam Woo and she says another has put a spell on you that we can break, but it will cost $75. Are you worth it? Love, Martha Martha: The truth of the situation is, I can't write unless I'm shit faced and since funds have been a little tight thanks to the cheap pricks here at Stubble, the liquor cabinet is bare. If you just send me $50, I can restock the shelves, you save $25 and everybody is happy. Well, everybody except for Madam Woo that is but with a name like that, I'm sure she can recoup her losses in about 30 minutes on her favorite street corner.

STUBBLE accepts no responsibility for using advice by Basement Steve. If you choose to follow his advice you must accept the risk of doing so. Ed.

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I killed the Ramones. Really I did. I love to kill.

TOM JONES North Shore Music Theater Beverly MA June 3rd 2004 NSMT performed Henry Fielding's classic, bawdy musical "Tom Jones". The play of course is not to be confused with the famous Welsh Singer Tom Jones. There was a hilarious few minutes of playing the singer's song, then abruptly halted to correct the announcer of the mistake. The musical chronicles the adventures of a lad born of illegitimate heritage with a weakness for beautiful lasses named Tom Jones, played by the boyishly handsome David Burnham. Tom's affairs get him into trouble at home but also with Sophia played by the talented and adorable Angela Gaylor. Though Tom is in love with Sophia, his healthy passions lead him astray. The North Shore Theater's musical director George Stiles does a great job creating great musical pieces, with the score lyrics are superbly written by Paul Leigh. Anchored by a great orchestra and superb singing by the cast, the audience is treated to an energetic, exciting, and charming performance. Coupled with the titillating see through hoop skirts worn by the cast were sexy and seductive. Costume designer Pamela Scofield's colorful costumes are a sensation for the eyes. Burnham shines as the charming and adorable rake who affects all females to simper and lust after him in his wake. Including the pretty Sophia, his neighbor's daughter whom her poor father has higher aspirations than the poor Tom lacking noble birth. Another notable performance is by Jeremy Webb as the scheming and jealous Blifil. Blifil's ghoulish pale pallor and dark clothing accentuated his vampirish appearance. Overall, the play is wonderful charged with charm, energy and enthusiasm! There were some lagging moments which other high points made up for them. Another feather in the cap for the North Shore Theater for another excellent performance. AING

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Interviews and Reviews with RUTH RUTH, KMFDM, MURDER JUNKIES, JET / The Hives Hot Water Music, All That Remains, Bloody & The Transfusions,...

Stubble 37  

Interviews and Reviews with RUTH RUTH, KMFDM, MURDER JUNKIES, JET / The Hives Hot Water Music, All That Remains, Bloody & The Transfusions,...