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March-April 2015

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Ben Buckingham twice claiming Club records in

the 3000m STEEPLECHASE this summer, it seems fitting to have a closer look at this unique and intriguing track event – one in which SSH enjoyed considerable success, including international representation, in days gone by.

Gulnara Samitova-Galkina – first woman to run sub-9 minutes

Kip Keino – nobody’s idea of a steeplechaser – wins gold in Munich Dismissed by Kip Keino (Kenya) as ‘a race for horses’ minutes after he won the 1972 Olympic title, and also disliked by Australia’s former world record holder Kerry O’Brien (not surprising after he fell heavily in both the ’70 Commonwealth and The steeplechase as a human footrace originated in

’72 Olympic events), a steeplechase race never fails to capture the attention of track fans and athletes, whatever the standard. The ‘steeple’ seems to have everything – impressive skills and an often outrageous lack of them, fierce competition, intense and unrelenting rivalries, riveting tests of a runner’s condition and courage and, of course, the constant threat of calamity over its 28 barriers and 7 water jumps, not to mention the attendant (if accidental) comedy in many efforts to negotiate these. Spectators don’t camp near the water jump with cameras for nothing!

Ireland. Horses and runners would race between villages, from church steeple to church steeple. Obstacles for runner to overcome included fences, muddy ditches and rivers, features that would be employed in cross country races (initially 2 miles, or 3.2km in length), well before some bright spark had the idea of adapting such a race for the track. Once on the program, the ‘steeple’ lost no time in cementing its place as a race for the fit and the hardy, and one in which a specific mistake – a concentration lapse or an error of judgement – would often have a violent consequence for one or more contestants. The unfortunate Austrian Gunther Weidlinger, amongst many others, would attest to the truth of this. ( … be prepared to wince!) Training for the steeplechase, while similar to that for flat distances from 2,000m to 5,000m for conditioning, also requires attention to the technical demands of clearing those obstacles. The technical and endurance workouts complement each other, or they should … those barriers and the water jump don’t get lower or more forgiving as the race enters its last laps, when eking out your last reserves of energy is paramount. Check out the steeple races at any Shield meeting and see which runners have spent time on barrier practice … they’ll be the ones half a lap ahead. In major competitions, the steeplechase has known its share of last-lap dramas. In the 1956 Melbourne Olympics final Chris Brasher (GBR) shouldered through a narrow gap at the last barrier for an unexpected win, only to suffer a protest from the Norwegians and disqualification. (He was reinstated after Norway’s runner supported Brasher’s appeal.)

A virtually identical incident occurred in the 1974 CG final in Christchurch, when John Davies (Wales) was booted out, then welcomed back, following an elbow clash with Kenyan Evans Mogaka as they cleared a hurdle on the final circuit. The final at the Montreal Olympics in 1976 was a true thriller, with the favourite, Anders Garderud (Sweden) going stride for stride with Frank Baumgartl (East Germany) until the final barrier, which the German clipped with his knee as he was about to pass Garderud. Down he went, allowing the Swede to sprint to gold, while Baumgartl recovered in time to take a sorely-earned bronze. Even the best can be punished in the steeplechase bearpit. For decades, the steeplechase was pretty much the exclusive preserve of European champions, primarily from Poland, Finland and the Soviet Union. Only Horace Ashenfelter (USA) in 1952 interrupted the European party on the Olympic gold medal dias until 1968 when Kenyan Amos Biwott ended their dominance and Kip Keino confirmed the change in 1972. The East African nation has had a lock on Olympic steeplechase gold ever since 1984. Not known as great technicians over the barriers (the Europeans would spend hours mastering the water jump alone), the Kenyans nevertheless seem more at home at this peculiar event than anyone else, possibly because the skills required – running hard, leaping obstacles, adjusting to flat and uneven terrain – are things they’ve practised daily since childhood, of sheer necessity. How many Europeans ever had to leap over a crocodile-haunted creek or a black mamba snake, or outrun a rhino or lion, on the way to school?

Olympics drama: Chris Brasher (226) crosses first, then has to survive a protest before getting his gold. (Right) Frank Baumgartl hits the deck in Montreal, nearly bringing down Bron Malinowski, as Anders Garderud sprints to victory.

Add to that the advantages of high altitude living and it’s little wonder nobody else can get much of a look in when the medals are handed out. South Australia’s Kerry O’Brien is the bestcredentialed of our own steeplechasers. O’Brien won silver at the Kingston 1966 Commonwealth Games, ran a gallant 4th at the Mexico Olympics in 1968 and later set a world record of 8.21.98. Also successful internationally were Trevor Vincent (VIC) who won the 1962 CG gold in Perth, a race in which SSH’s own Ron Blackney took bronze. A keen rival of O’Brien’s in the steeplechase was one of SSH’s most successful runners, Ian Blackwood. Ian represented Australia at both the 1962 (4th) and 1966 (5th) Games. Ian’s best time of 8.36.2, set in 1966, has not been approached by a subsequent SSH member, nor indeed by many other Australians generally.

countrymen took the mark below 8 mins. It now stands at 7.53.63. So far, Russia’s Gulnara Samitova-Galkina has been the only woman to better 9 mins, setting the mark at 8.58.81. The best Australian marks are Shaun Creighton’s 8.16.72 and Donna MacFarlane’s 9.18.35. A genuine ‘bridge’ between track and cross country racing, the steeplechase remains compulsive viewing for lovers of track and field. Literally nothing is certain until the last of the barriers has been cleared, and often not even then. The African stranglehold on the men’s event is likely to endure, though for how long is unknown. Their supremacy may well have diluted interest in the event at international level for many, though avid fans will still be enthralled by Kenya-Uganda-Ethiopia shootouts, and the often contentious rivalries therein – not to mention the prospect of an outsider upsetting the ‘troika’.

Rivals at home, team mates abroad: Ian Blackwood (8) and Kerry O’Brien. (Right) Perth medallists Trevor Vincent (1) and Ron Blackney Women athletes emerged as steeplechasers in the 1990s, with no particular part of the world exerting dominance as runners from Africa, Europe and the Middle East vie for supremacy. Currently the Russians have thrown down a ‘catch me if you can’ gauntlet, one the Africans in particular have not been slow to pick up. Apart from those imposing wooden barriers, the ones set by the clock are no less important to steeplechasers than to other athletes. Surprisingly, the IAAF did not recognize a steeplechase world record until 1954, when the Hungarian Sandor Rozsnyoi set it with 8.49.6. The mark was pretty much nibbled away at for the next eighteen years until Anders Garderud tore nearly 9 seconds from it to record 8.10.4, lowering it twice more en route to his Montreal gold. Kenyan Henry Rono’s 8.05.4, set in 1978, stood for 12 years before a chain of his

Will Ben be our next sub-9min man? (No pressure!)

Meanwhile, we at SSH are encouraged by Ben Buckingham’s success, and we wish him a fruitful cross country season that will, hopefully, lift him up to and beyond that elusive 9-min mark. There’s some fine company awaiting him there. We also relish the

prospect of other Saints seriously taking on this tough, beguiling race and regularly leading the field over the barriers once again, as in the ‘glory’ days.

What Europeans?? Horace Ashenfelter and Ezekiel Kemboi take Olympic gold for the USA and Kenya respectively, the latter scoring a medal trifecta for good measure.

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** FEES FOR 2015-16 NOW DUE!

AV has now released the fee schedule for registration for the coming competitive year. Please note that all registrations, payments etc, are now done online, at: Combined with our Club fees, the amounts payable are: OPEN: $230 (AV 170, SSH 60) U18/20: $190 (AV 150, SSH 40) U16/14: $170 (AV 130, SSH 40) Recreational: $60 Youth: $115 (AV 75, SSH 40) Dual: $ 95 (AV 55, SSH 40) Social: $ 80 (AV 40, SSH 40)

*Social members who do not wish to register with AV should send $40 (cheque/money order payable to ‘St Stephens Harriers AC’,) directly to Pat Robinson, 1/363 Stephensons Rd, Mt Waverley 3149. Alternatively, you can pay directly to the club through the bank. Our details are as follows:

SSH Club Development Fund

This important financial resource assists athletes directly where necessary (trips, equipment, specialised coaching etc), and we need to keep building on it. Your donation ($10-$20+, or whatever you can afford) will be gratefully received, by cheque or direct debit transfer.

(Unfortunately, the option of donating at the time of AV registration is no longer available, so please use one of the payment methods detailed in the ‘FEES DUE’ column.)

AV institutes ‘Recreational Runner’ category In an effort to access the burgeoning social and fitness running community, AV has created a new membership stream called ‘Recreational Runner.’ Available initially to members of specialist running groups only, this enables applicants to access AV member benefits, personal insurance, connection with the Victorian Runners Network (VRN) and discounted entry fees in XCR’15 events. It also allows free entry into the Albert Park 10km run (28 June) and Brimbank Park XC (1 August.) It is proposed that AV Clubs will be able to approach Recreational runners in 2016-17 as prospective full members.

BSB: 033 526 Acc: 106 222

More information will be forthcoming.



– Luke Frazzetto, Daniel Mitchell, Sidonie Lowe, Grace McConchie, Andrew Nagle, Chris Williams, Alice Craigie, Lachlan Montague, Ron Young, Tasman Schofield, Liam Dixon, Carmel Moorhead, Nik Petersen


– Stephanie Armstrong, Adam Tennant, Michael Moorhead, Dean Nicolaides, Xavier Smith, Thomas Thorpe, Whitney Sharpe, Alex Davis, Peter Cram, Nick Tsiftelidis, Cameron Clayton, Scott Clayton, Alex Mizin, Sam Spicer


– Georgia Kovats, Norm Osborne, Sarah Hall, Charlotte Anderson, David Kipp, Polly Schofield

**NEW MEMBERS** Welcome to SAM SPICER, MATT HERTEN, JASMINE KWON, BEN SIMS and LOUISA WHITE. You’re just in time for the new cross country season. Happy racing!

THE PRESIDENT SPEAKS When commencing to write this article I looked back at the SSH journal for April 2014 for inspiration and to ensure that I did not simply repeat myself. However, before I commence I must congratulate Kevin and Cameron who ran in the final of the 1600 handicap at Stawell over the Easter weekend. A great effort in what looked like very trying conditions! The club has made some real progress since I wrote this column twelve months ago. Indeed, the cross country team has elevated the club to the Premier division, we had a good track season and, with the inclusion of Whitney, Alice, Lachlan and Sarah on the committee, there is renewed enthusiasm and purpose at every committee meeting.That will translate to track performances over time. The efforts of Sarah to enlist support to cover our commitments as officials at each meeting (cross country and track) has been really encouraging. But we are not there yet, and while the new process went well for its first season, there were still some gaps that we need to address. Can I once again ask everyone who belongs to the club to put aside one afternoon a year, or even 2 to 3 hours in conjunction with another, to assist us all and commit to helping out when we are rostered on to provide officials? Remember that organizations such as AthsVic only survive on the good work of volunteers. We only get to run because of volunteers. If we do not provide our share of assistance when asked it reflects poorly on the club and us as individuals. The Committee is currently focused on three aspects of the club's operation in an effort to make it one of the top athletic clubs in the region and a place sought out by athletes looking for a "home". The first objective is to develop a facility within the Boroondara Council that will provide us with a training track and club rooms that will give us a focal point for storage, meetings and social events. The Committee is currently in discussion with Boroondara to resolve this issue as soon as possible. As soon as we have achieved this goal, we will be able to approach sponsors to assist with the financial support that is increasingly fundamental to the future of all clubs such as ours. So I would ask all to be alert to any opportunities that may offer such support that can be used to support and improve our training, coaching and uniform requirements. We will keep you informed of developments as they transpire. Meanwhile good luck to all for the cross country season and we look forward to your support for the club, Wal, Nick and Greg over the coming six months. Carpe Diem!

Greg Nolan President

CROSS COUNTRY SEASON 2015 We are in the prestigious league now! Thanks to many top athletic efforts last season, our MO top team moved up to Div 1 and we want to stay there. Winning is an amalgam of many things, but mostly consistency and athletic talent. We have the talent and now we must commit to the season. My hope for XCR’15 is that: Our MO Div 1 re-establishes SSH as a premier running club in the State.

Our MO Div 6 team lifts to Div 5 in 2016. Our WO Div 2 lifts to Div 1, and Our WO Div 4 team pushes up the WO rankings. We encourage all our members to be part of the season, no matter at what standard. Athletic achievement is an individual and a club matter, and participating in competition is a motivator for us all. We want all of our athletes to be their best, no matter at what level, and that they are encouraged to participate. Download the XCR’15 hand book. Download the hand book and be familiar with it. Planning your season is the first step if you are to compete effectively. Pleases down load at There are ten rounds, some relays and some are individual events which are carried out under enforced competition rules set out in the XCR’15 handbook (refer pp36 to 45). Last year, little leeway was given by AV in determinations, so a knowledge of the competition rules and being prepared on the day is important. All athletes must be registered with AV to compete in XCR’15. Get yourself registered, logging into the AV web site and paying your annual registration fees ( Your bib and AVET chip will be available at the Jells Park relays or subsequent events once you register. If you competed last year your 2014 AVET chip will be used again, conditional that you test it at the AV relays. SSH duty roster for XCR’15 SSH must provide three officials at four events to be part of the competition. If you can assist to officiate at the XCR please advise myself or Pat. We are in need of parents and friends of SSH to be part of the SSH team. Event

No of officials by SSH

Jells Park Relays 18 April


All Schools Road Relay Albert Park 16 May


Bundoora 13 June


Tan Relays 19 September


Please remember: No chip, no time - No bib, no time Only athletes wearing a chip and bib will receive a time, and subsequently be eligible to score points for their team. Put simply, no chip or no bib, no time, no points and ouch!

SSH uniforms must be worn at competition Our SSH uniform must be worn on race day and athletes can be disqualified if not correctly attired. 30 Minute cut off time for purchase of AVET chips If you have to purchase a replacement AVET chip on the day of competition, the AV service table will be closed for 30 minutes prior to an event (replacement AVET chips can be purchased for $50). Seasons tickets are the way to go If you run individual CC events, you must individually enter and pay AV entry fees for each event It is financially preferable to buy a seasons ticket. 
There are no entry fees for relays as these are paid by SSH.



















6 No events

I am looking forward to the XCR’15 season.

Greg Schofield Cross Country Captain

TRACK & FIELD SEASON 2014-15 Shield Competition results – Round 9 – White v. Yellow Zone January 10 – Nunawading Ben Buckingham’s Club record in the Steeple was easily the highlight of the round. Whitney, Sally and Ben also shared in the PB spoils, Ben Kim making it a good day for SSH over the barriers.


Division 1 100m 400m 1500m 4 X 100mR

Carmel Moorhead Whitney Sharpe Alex Nolan Whitney Sharpe Sally Naylor Alex Nolan Carmel Moorhead Sidonie Lowe Whitney Sharpe

14.12 62.38 65.91 4.36.64 4.58.39


Under 18 No competitors



Division 1 400m 1500m

3000mSteeple 4 X 100mR


Cameron Clayton Lachlan Aspinall Daniel Mitchell Luke Frazzetto Jake Pedley Brian Carter Ben Buckingham Daniel Mitchell Lachlan Aspinall Jake Pedley Cameron Clayton Brian Carter

52.19 3.55.45 4.16.73 4.39.30 5.13.93 5.33.27 PB, CR 9.21.0

400m 1500m 2000mSteeple Javelin

Under 18 Ben Kim Nik Petersen Ben Kim Ben Kim

70.69 5.13.88 9.29.9 21.26


44.00 20.15

Shield Competition results – Round 10 – White v. Red Zone January 17 – Doncaster Carmel, Luke and Nik all improved their times in the middle distances, while Sidonie again pulled in a haul of points across the program.


Division 1 200m 800m

Shot High jump Triple jump

Sidonie Lowe Whitney Sharpe Carmel Moorhead Sidonie Lowe Sidonie Lowe Sidonie Lowe Sidonie Lowe

29.98 2.15.3 2.37.2 3.08.0 8.26 1.30 8.53

3000m 4 X 400mR

Nick Tsiftelidis Daniel Mitchell Shaun Geraghty Jake Pedley Luke Frazzetto Shaun Geraghty Jake Pedley Ben Kim Daniel Mitchell

No competitors PB


Division 1 200m 800m

Under 18

26.00 2.00.1 2.04.1 2.22.2 9.40.4 56.4 65.8 71.4 58.7 4.12.31

800m 3000m

Under 18 Nik Petersen Ben Kim Ben Kim



2.31.9 2.34.1 13.13.7


Some things don’t change, most things do! This year I will cease to be SSH Club coach as I have been doing it for 15 years or so & that’s enough! Nick, Jake and I however will continue to do what we do! Maybe we don’t need a Club Coach! I don’t know! The huge thing to me is the marvellous people who train, and have trained with me and the their wide ranging goals – from Aussie aspirations to being as good as you can be to wanting to keep fit. All are equally important. I continue to look forward to ‘going to training’ and will do so until I can’t. Ferndale Park 4.30 Monday & Wednesday continues! As always, SSH has challenges – finding a ‘home’, recruiting, A.V., storage of equipment, etc. The Committee and our younger brigade will do it! Am looking forward to Cross Country with the Boys taking on the Premier Division & the Girls Div.2 with the carrot of Div. 1. We must fill as many teams as possible! Good Luck!

Wal EDITOR’S NOTE: It is a relief to know that Wal’s decision to step down as Club coach, after so many years of service in that role, does not mean the end of his coaching activities, and that he will still maintain a presence at Ferndale Park on training nights alongside Jake Pedley and Nick Bowden. So many SSH members have benefited from Wal’s guidance and continue to do so. Wal, we wish you every enjoyment of a more relaxed life and involvement with SSH. Perhaps you’ll start work on another book? ‘Maybe we don’t need a Club Coach’ … that’s open to discussion. But rest assured, we still need you!

AV Track & Field Titles 2014-5

** AV Junior T&F C’ships 13/15 February, Lakeside U18 1500m

Xavier Smith

3.55.84 PB **1st

AV Titles: Xavier ran an excellent 1500m final to take bronze.

** AV Open T&F C’ships 27 February/1 March, Lakeside M 800m M 1500m

Cameron Clayton Cameron Clayton Xavier Smith Xavier Smith Ben Buckingham Ben Buckingham Kevin Craigie Kevin Craigie Lachlan Aspinall Lachlan Aspinall

1.52.95 1.54.39 3.58.27 3.52.81 PB 3.54.57 3.53.58 PB 3.57.96 3.55.85 3.55.71 4.00.45

ht s/f ht 3rd ht 4th ht 9th ht

W 800m

Whitney Sharpe Whitney Sharpe Sally Naylor

2.14.09 2.13.61 2.23.32

ht ‘B’ F ht


AV Titles: Lachie and Ben shadow two Box Hill rivals

Sally contested the 800m in the Titles.

AA Track & Field Titles 2015 Very encouraging to see five Saints campaigning the two National titles meets. Well done to Xavier – another podium finish. Ben’s steeple CR was his second of the season.

** Australian Junior T&F C’ships – 13/15 March, Sydney NSW U18 1500m

Xavier Smith Xavier Smith

4.02.70 4.03.58

ht 3rd

** Australian T&F C’ships – 26/29 March, Brisbane QLD 3000mStpl MO 1500m

Ben Buckingham Lachlan Aspinall

9.17.85 PB, CR 6th 3.54.14 ht

MO 800m WO 1500m

Lachlan Aspinall Whitney Sharpe

1.52.82 4.35.52

ht ht

**Milers Club


20 January, Box Hill – Mt2

800m 1500m

17 February, Melb Uni – Mt3



19 March, Box Hill – Mt4



Cameron Clayton Carmel Moorhead Ben Buckingham Kevin Craigie Lachlan Aspinall Nik Petersen Whitney Sharpe Sally Naylor

1.57.1 2.31.7 3.53.8 3.55.0 3.55.2 5.07.3 4.33.3 4.50.9

Cameron Clayton Lachlan Aspinall Daniel Mitchell Sally Naylor Kevin Craigie Ben Buckingham Whitney Sharpe

1.53.1 1.54.0 1,57.6 2.18.9 4.18.1 4.23.9 5.01.5

Lachlan Aspinall Daniel Mitchell Sally Naylor Ben Buckingham Kevin Craigie Thomas Thorpe

1.51.5 1.56.1 2.18.7 3.51.9 3.54.8 4.15.2






** Zatopek Meeting 11 December, Lakeside


Lachlan Aspinall


1500m U20

Xavier Smith



1500m Open

Xavier Smith



Xavier Smith



** Potts Classic 17 January, Hastings NZ

** Briggs Classic 26 January, Hobart TAS

** Bankstown Invitational 18 February, Bankstown NSW


** Hunter Track Classic 31 January, Newcastle NSW


Ben Buckingham




Whitney Sharpe




Jamie Wagstaff

No time

4th overall !

** AV Knockout 7 January, Lakeside

** Run For The Kids 22 March, Melbourne

** Victorian Running Network (VRN) Twilight Meet 26 March, Box Hill

3000m M 5000m W

Kevin Craigie Alice Craigie

8.34.2 19.05.7

** QLD Open T&F C’ships – 5/8 March, Nathan QLD 1500m

Lachlan Aspinall Lachlan Aspinall Xavier Smith Xavier Smith

3.49.65 PB 3.51.86 3.49.75 PB 3.52.47

ht F ht F


Kevin Craigie Kevin Craigie

3.54.49 4.01.00

ht ‘B’ F

If anyone you know would like the book, St. Stephen’s Harriers – 100 Years I will be happy to post them a copy. Cost: $30 (reduced) plus $6 postage. Contact: Wal Robinson Mobile: 0417 338 035 Tel: (03) 9585 5545 Cheques should be made payable to St. Stephen’s Harriers.

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