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The Pool Players Voice Classic 06-01-2009 10:00 am 2004 Int’l Challenge of Champ Hohmann vs Engert 06-02-2009 10:00 am 2004 World Summit of Pool Sambajon vs Davis 06-03-2009 10:00 am 2004 World Summit of Pool Strickland vs Harriman 06-04-2009 10:00 am 2004 World Summit of Pool Davis vs Strickland 06-05-2009 10:00 am 2004 World Summit of Pool Sambajon vs Davis 06-08-2009 10:00 am 2004 US Open 9-Ball Champ. Reyes vs Deuel 06-09-2009 10:00 am 2004 US Open 9-Ball Champ. Strickland vs Morris 06-10-2009 10:00 am 2004 US Open 9-Ball Champ. Deuel vs Immonen 06-11-2009 10:00 am 2004 US Open 9-Ball Champ. Owen vs Hohmann 06-12-2009 10:00 am 2004 Trick Shot Magic Pelinga vs Nikolaidis 06-15-2009 10:00 am 2004 Trick Shot Magic Massey vs Segal 06-16-2009 10:00 am 2004 Trick Shot Magic Massey vs Nikolaidis

06-01-2009 10:30 pm WPBA Championship QF #1 06-01-2009 11:00 pm WPBA Championship QF #2 06-09-2009 9:00 pm Pacific Coast Classic Semi #1 06-09-2009 10:00 pm Pacific Coast Classic Semi #2 06-09-2009 11:00 pm Pacific Coast Classic Finals

06-17-2009 10:00 am 2004 Wmn’s Tourn of Champions Corr vs A Fisher 06-18-2009 10:00 am 2004 Wmn’s Tourn of Champions Lee vs Thornfeldt 06-19-2009 10:00 am 2004 Wmn’s Tourn of Champions A Fisher vs Lee 06-22-2009 10:00 am 2004 Skins Billiards Champ. 06-23-2009 10:00 am 2004 Skins Billiards Champ. 06-24-2009 10:00 am 2004 Skins Billiards Champ. 06-25-2009 10:00 am 2004 Sudden Death 7-Ball Robles vs Deuel 06-26-2009 10:00 am 2004 Sudden Death 7-Ball Engert vs Morris 06-29-2009 10:00 am 2004 Sudden Death 7-Ball Engert vs Deuel 06-30-2009 10:00 am 2004 Wheelchair Billiards

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Smoky Mountain 9-Ball

A total of 17 wheelchair players turned out to play in this event, including reigning champion Charlie Hans of Cincinnati, Ohio. Hans won the event in 2008 as well as 5 other previous years (2000, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006). In the end, Hans Photos courtesy of Dave Thomson

Shawn Interrante, Tournament Director – Wheelchair event; Charlie Hans, Champion; John Reynolds, Runner up; Gary Caldwell, Tournament Organizer

was victorious again, defeating John Reynolds of Tulsa, Oklahoma 7 games to 6 in the first set of the championship final. Reynolds had nearly defeated Hans in the preliminary rounds when he took a significant lead of 6 games to 2 in the race to 7 match. Hans fought back to even and won the deciding game to take the match 7 games to 6. In the championship match, it was Hans who captured the early momentum to go up 6 games to 1. Reynolds refused to give up and was able to string together 5 consecutive game wins to make it a hill-hill set, and just 1 game from forcing a second race to 7 set to determine the championship. After breaking the rack of the 13th and final game of the opening set, Reynolds broke and ran down to the 8 ball. However, he found himself with the cue ball frozen on the near side rail and the 8 ball on the rail on the opposite side for a difficult cut to the far corner pocket. Reynolds made the 8 ball as planned but was unable to control the cue ball due to its position on the rail. The cue ball came of the rail, caromed off the 9 ball and fell into the opposing corner pocket. Reynolds conceded the 9 and the match and offered congratulations to Hans for wining his 7th championship title for the Smoky Mountain Wheelchair 9-Ball Shootout. Reynolds finished the event in 2nd Place. Charles Interrante of Pottstown, Pennsylvania and Jeff Dolezal of Fairfax, Virginia finished 3rd and 4th, respectively. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6th

Charlie Hans John Reynolds Charles Interrante Jeff Dolezal Jake Padgett James Clark

7/8th 9-12th

Mark Jones Jason Ray Randy Saulman George Luchowski Zach Allen John Donnelly

The BCAPL Nationals started off with a bang as Tyler Edey of Canada won the 9-Ball Challenge for an unprecedented second year in a row. The 9-ball event, which each year kicks off the first two days of the 10 day BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships, is open to all players, amateur and professional. Top players worldwide play in this “warm up” two day division. The field was the largest yet with 221 players. $2500 was added by the BCAPL for a prize fund of $22,100. Edey will represent Canada in lieu of Alain Martel in the 2009 PartyPoker.Net World Pool Masters May 8-10. Edey beat out Curtis Fleck, Ray Lucerno, J.R Davis Jr., Glen Cameron Sr., Ike Runnels, Tim Joseph, Jason Klatt, and Sammy Cordova in order to take the hot seat. Working his way through the one loss side to meet Edey in the finals was Arizona top gun Mitch Ellerman. Considered one of the best young players in the western U.S, in the past 18 months Ellerman won the 2009 Jay Swanson Memorial, the 8-Ball division of the 2008 U.S Bar Table Championships and has been a dominant force in the competitive Desert Classic Tour. Edey, considered a highly steady player has consistently placed well in major events: top 16 in the 2008 U.S Open, 9th place in the 2008 World Cup of Pool, and 5th place in the 2008 Predator International 10-Ball Championship. Tyler Edey Both Edey and Ellerman will be participating this year in the pro arena in the Predator event, which is held in conjunction with the BCAPL Nationals. 1st $3500 Trophy 2nd $2600 Trophy 3rd $1900 Trophy 4th $1500 5–6 $1200 7–8 $900 9–12 $700 13–16 $500 17–24 $325 25–32 $200 33–48 $125

Tyler Edey Mitch Ellerman Sammy Cordova Chad Vilmont Jason Klatt and Marc Vidal Claramunt Mario Parayno Jr and Ike Runnels Jared Bailey, Billy Palmer, Tim Joseph, Gary Onomura Butch Barba, Mike Banks Jr., Justin Bergman, Stan Tourangeau Sean Lane, David Broxson, Jarrod Spence, Jimmy Moore, Lyn Wechsler, Raymond Carter, Alex Morin, and Carlos Barbosa Kenneth Brisbon, Jeremy Seaman, Francis Crevier, Ted Dean, Arlo Walsman, Billy Pinion II, Rylan Hartnett, Samm Diep (Top Woman) Gregorio Monteiro, Dino Devost, Ty Wilson, Dale Maxey, Ivan Parra Belmonte, Danny Petralba, Stacy Wallington, William Hyde, Mike Zygmunt, Chris MacDonald, George Michaels, Ray Skenandore, Josh Smith, Glen Cameron Sr., Shannon Schroeder, Charlie Blanchard

Pool Wars by: Jay Helfert

On the road to hell and back with the world’s greatest money players. The influence of the movie The Hustler in 1961 gave a new and different dynamics to playing pool for the average player. Jay describes his trip across the country to where he settles on the West Coast. The big tournaments from Johnson City to the Bar Table Championships. From players like Cornbread Red, Billy Incardona, Bucktooth, Earl Strickland, Minnesota Fats, Cowboy Jimmy Moore, to a nickname that Jay picked up as Toupee Jay. But what interests me most about Pool Wars was ESPN’s desire to take pool to a new level and who stopped it. You’ll be surprised who was involved back in 1985 at Caesar’s Palace. What you don’t know about The Color of Money and Grady Sessions. When Jay witnessed a million dollars to run 10 racks of 9-ball and how it went down. Pick up a copy of The Break in July and read one of the stories.

Here are some testimonials for his book:

“Jay’s recollection of pool stories exceeds any that I’ve ever heard. His exactness in recalling events as they actually happened is amazing. There are few as qualified to write about pool action as Jay. He has always been right on the money with everything he has accomplished and this book isn’t any different.” -- Billy Incardona World 9-Ball Champion “I’ve known Jay since the 60’s. Although he loved to compete, he became more respected as a great game maker and money winner who helped out many a pool player when down on their luck. -- Danny Dilberto World All Around Champion “Jay is the ‘go to’ man in pool. He is a living historian and a source for all pool info. As an accomplished player himself, he evolved into every aspect of the sport. He has given sage advice to up-and-coming players as well as champions. Jay is a valued member of the pool community who gets a nod and a smile from all who know him.” -- Pat Fleming AccuStats Video Productions

Order online at

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G-Jays Billiards

G-Jays Billiards and Nightlife in Inman SC is a great place to hang out and shoot pool. We have 8 Dynamo bar box tables; friendly staff and a array of awesome customers. We are a supporter of the APA we have over 30 teams that shoot on 3 different nights - every kind of pool from 8-ball, 9-ball and 8-ball scotch doubles. We hosted the GSBT back in March with a record number of 93 players. We host a number of different tournaments from 9 ball with $500 added to our 1st ever all ladies tournament on June 27th with $200 added. Every one is welcome and we’re open 7 days a week, so next time you’re in South Carilina come check us out drink a cold one and shoot a game!

Love Is In the Air

at the 2009 BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships When Sandi Suggs attended the 2004 BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships she was not a competitor. Sandi in fact does not play pool. She visited Las Vegas that year to support her aunt, Anne Bellamy, and to have some fun. While cheerleading for her aunt’s team, a tall dark pool player walked by. Sandi said to herself “There’s my husband.” Two hours later they met up again in the Riviera Hotel and Casino’s gaming area. Her uncle as it happened knew the man Sandi had seen and the rest is kismet. Love struck instantly under the glowing table lights of the tournament. Sandi and her tall dark pool player, Chuck Ayers, have been together ever since. Now five years later with their 3 year old daughter Susie by their side, Sandi and Chuck will exchange their wedding vows in the Royale Ballroom of the Riviera Hotel and Casino during the 2009 BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships. In front of friends, family and sharing with others who love the sport of pool as they do, they will say “I do” May 12th at 9 pm. Pacific Time. When discussing her upcoming nuptials Sandi said, “We wanted something different. The pool tournament is special to us. We love the people involved and we’re so honored to have our wedding at the BCA(PL) tournament this year.” Sandi still does not play, but she is one of the biggest cheerleaders for the sport in the Virginia Beach area. All of us at CueSports International wish to congratulate Sandi and Chuck and thank them for the honor of sharing such a special moment in their lives will all of us with the BCAPL.

G-Jays Billiards and Nightlife 8 Dynamo Bar Boxes

Open 7 days a week Proud Host of the APA Leagues

June 27th All Ladies Tournament $200 Added

10451 Asheville Hwy - Inman, SC


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Grand Masters Fierce Fight field was so thick with well known professional players that many people found themselves asking, who is Simon Pickering? Well, conventional wisdom would have had Van Boening winning the match, but it was not the case. Pickering, who hails from British Columbia, Canada has played the past 12 years in the BCAPL National 8-Ball Championship. Last year he tied for 5-6 in the Grand Master division. The Women’s Grand Master division pitted one of the strongest U.S regional women players in the county, Julia Gabriel against one of the fastest rising women professional players in the world, Yu Ram Cha from South Korea. Gabriel has been a top player in the mid-west and at times playing over

1st Simon Pickering

The first set of finals in the BCAPL National 8-Ball Championship was the men’s and women’s Grand Master divisions which took place Monday, May 11. 2nd Shane Van Boening Both the men’s and women’s brackets were full of known names and tremendous talent. Literally several hundred other players and spectators lined the walk areas and stands over looking tables 1-10 in the Riviera Grand Ballroom to watch such names as top U.S and international professional players such as Shane Van Boening, Roberto Gomez, Allison Fisher, and Kelly Fisher just to name a few. It is tremendously rare for spectators such as the spectrum of amateur players who play in the BCAPL every year to see up close pros of this caliber to play 8-ball, much less on 7’ tables. The matches were often close but last night the finals took place in both the men’s and women’s divisions and in both finals it was the case of 3rd Roberto Gomez the widely known vs. the lesser known. In the Men’s Grand Master Division, Shane Van Boening came from the one loss side to take on Simon Pickering who was undefeated coming into the final race to seven. The men’s (pictured right) 3rd Melissa Little

1st Yu Ram Cha

the years on the WPBA. Cha is currently tied for 5th in the Women’s Professional Billiards Association (WPBA) rankings with Sarah Rousey of the USA and Xiaoting Pan of China. Gabriel sitting in the hot seat needed to win one race to 7 to Cha’s two races. Both women played well and in the first set it looked that Gabriel would take

2nd Julia Gabriel

Cha. The two sets were close, but it was Cha who prevailed taking first place. BCAPL Results on page 13

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Walter NY State 14.1 Champ Ladies 9 Ball Announced

Diamond Eight Billiards in Latham, NY was gracious host the weekend of May 16, 2009 to the New York State 14.1 Championships & National Championship Series (NCS) 14.1 qualifying round. The NCS is holding qualifiers to the NCS 14.1 National Championships throughout the USA in one of pool & billiards most challenging disciplines also refered to as the game of masters, 14.1 continuous or more commonly known as straight pool. The 14.1 National Championships will be held July 31-August 2, 2009 at Comet Billiards in Parsippany, NJ. Comet Billiards is also host room to the Accu-Stats Arena where Pat Fleming will be streaming the event live. 64 of the USA’s best 14.1 players will qualify through the NCS qualifiers in attempt to capture the title of National Champion. For the list of qualifier events and more info please visit Straight pool enthusiasts made the trek from 4 states in attempt to capture the title of 2009 New York State 14.1 Champ and earn a qualifier spot to the big dance, the National Championship in July. The double elimination format tested the players endurance and ability to stay focused as tournament director Kevin Vidal kept the pace swift & continuous throughout the tournament. The format was 100 points on both the winners and losers side, with the finals being one game to 150 points for the cheese. At the strike of midnight we had 2 players left standing and we were ready to see who could dig down deep to capture the first annually planned NY State 14.1 Championships & NCS Qualifier. >From the winners side bracket into the finals was Long Islands Tom Walter. Tom played spectacular throughout the tournament to go undefeated into the finals. Tom’s only close battle in the winners bracket was wagged by tournament director Kevin Vidal, with Kevin leading 74-73 Tom had Kevin on 1 foul and stuck to the rack with several loose balls on the table. Kevin rolled the cueball away from the rack to a tough spot and took a second foul in hopes of Tom either taking a flyer on a off angle combo or rolling it back into the rack in hopefully a better spot for Kevin to try a safety attempt to avoid 3 fouls, Tom instead kept looking at the 1 ball that may or may not have a half pocket to shoot into. Determining he didn’t have enough of the edge for a clean shot, Tom spun around the blocker ball with some inside english and pocketed the 1 ball into the pocket that was half blocked by another ball, an amazing shot at that point in the game. Tom proceeded to run out the game and send Kevin to the loosers side 100-74. Next up for Tom in the hot seat match was Rochester, NY native and lifelong 14.1 enthusiast Lyn Weschler. Lyn had been making his way steadily through the winners bracket with convincing wins as well. But this match would see Tom Walter on his game and take this match for his seat in the finals 100-27, Lyn would have to take a seat on the 1 loss side and wait for a challenger to come through the 1 loss side bracket. On the 1 loss side it was local player Jeff Smolen making his way steadily through the bracket after an early loss. Jeff’s 9 ball experience was also evident as he was making tough angled shots and long shots look routine. He was figuring out the patterns for straight pool and playing very tough. Although he was met with some tough challenges on the 1 loss side from Chuck Hill, John Babravich, Hal Hughes and Kevin Vidal, Jeff made his way for the waiting Lyn Weschler and chance to make the finals. This proved to be a tough match with neither player able to take a commanding lead, but Lyn’s 14.1 experience showed through in the end and ending Jeff’s tournament in 3rd place 100-79. Congrats Jeff Smolen on a great tournament and hard fought 3rd place finish. At midnight the stage was set for the one game to 150 final match to determine the 2009 NY State 14.1 Champ and earn a spot in the NCS National Championships between Tom Walter and Lyn Weschler, fittingly both New York State residents. The match started off with the players trading 25-30 ball runs, but a ball hung in the jaw for Lyn on a very thin cut and left Tom with a wide open table. Tom took full advantage of the opportunity to put together a 45-50 ball run and grab the lead. Although Lyn would give it a great effort when he got back to the table, Tom came again with another 30-35 ball run on his next turn that started with all the balls in a very difficult position, Tom built a nice 80 ball lead but would not relax as he knew full well Lyn was capable of running out if given the chance. After having to come around the full table for position Tom got stuck to the back of a ball and left with no shot and no safety, he wound up leaving Lyn a tough cut into the side pocket on a safety attempt, Lyn smoothly made the shot and his attempt to make a comeback was on the way. But it was not to be today, as Tom was able to get back to the table with a shot and took home the NY State 14.1 title and NCS National Championship qualifier spot 150-67. Congrats Tom Walter on a great win and congrats to Lyn Weschler on a fine effort and 2nd place finish! Honorable mention for high run of the tourney went to 5th place finisher & tournament director Kevin Vidal with a 68 ball run.

Ultimate Billiards in Fort Pierce, FL is proud to announce a regular tournament event just for the Ladies. Starting Saturday June, 27th, a monthly tournament event will be held every 4th Saturday of every month. The first event has $250 added and we are very excited to announce that local businesses are working to support the event and allow this to get to the next level. The local hotel industry sees a great opportunity in bringing top female competitors to the Treasure Coast of Florida. With the help from local businesses contributing to the prize funds monthly, the female players can have a regular event that can attract top players from the southeast and beyond. Bill Mallen from Ultimate Billiards is hoping to see guaranteed monthly prize fund added by $1000 by years end for every monthly event! This exciting for the women players, the Treasure Coast of Florida, and the game of billiards. As it stands, the events will start with $250 added, $50 entry, and the top 25% will be paid. The format is a race to 7 games of 9 Ball, Double Elimination, draw at 1pm. The room is open for free practice at 11am. For more info, please contact Bill or Gary at Ultimate Billiards 772.464.7665 or visit them online at

APA Top League Operators World’s Largest Pool League Awards League Operator of the Year Awards LAKE SAINT LOUIS, MO (May 7, 2009) - The American Poolplayers Association (APA) recognized five of their top franchisees with League Operator of the Year awards during the APA Annual Convention in late April in Las Vegas. In the Level 1 Market, Joe and Carmen Bond of McCook, Neb., were honored for their performance during the past year. Steve Floyd of Shreveport, La., was the top League Operator in the Level 2 Market. In the Level 3 Market, Walter and Emily Mims of Birmingham, Ala., were selected. Marc Lancaster and Area Manager Kim Ramsey of Raleigh, N.C., were selected in the Level 4 Market. Lee and Jane Tiani from Washington, D.C. were awarded League Operators of the Year in the Level 5 Market. The APA awards a number of League Operators each year for their accomplishments in running their League area. Those selected League Operator of the Year receive a check for $1,000 and a trophy. In addition to recognizing the League Operators of the Year, the APA also awarded the Rookie and Journeyman of the Year awards. Brad Rees of Central Square, N.Y, received the Rookie of the Year Award, while John and Kelly Croft of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, were selected for the Journeymen of the Year Award. The Journeyman of the Year is presented to the top League Operator who is no longer a rookie, but not yet eligible to receive the League Operator of the Year award.

At The 2009 BCAPL Nationals in Las Vegas There were

16,099 viewers who watched the

BCAPL that OTBnTV streamed

LIVE from Las Vegas and 6,991 have watched after it was over

584 photos were taken of pool players with 14,729 views on the photos

Watch videos free at

Numbers given are independent counts by and

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BCA Pool League Rock

OTBnTV Live Real A

by: Don “Cheese” Akerlow

Our journey began three days before we were to arrive in Las Vegas at the BCAPL and had arranged with Mark Griffin, owner of the league, to have OTBnTV Live on site and on the tournament floor to stream the Grand Masters and Masters events free for the pool players. Pool on the net has grown exponentially in the last several years. In what turned out to be some of the best pool played, that has been seen over the internet to date. Pros playing 8-ball on 7’ Diamond tables. Whether it was the Men’s or Women’s turn, remarkable shots were made or missed, games won and lost by the roll of the ball. Mr Griffin had set up an area in the bleachers for OTBnTV and staff to set up the filming that would prove to be a classic. From the Grand Masters to the Masters and hill-hill matches, you can watch it all on and click on videos by OTBnTV. After we set up on Sunday afternoon and throughout the live streaming we were joined by Jay Helfert, Mark Griffin BCAPL Owner, Holly Ryan of CSI/NCS, Ken Shuman, Samm Diep, Bull, Mike Fieldhammer, Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth, Darlene Stinson, Mark Fenn. And interviews with Rick Donner about the refereee program, Mary Rakin before her Master Singles match, and Jennifer Barretta before her Master Team Semi-finals match. The 33rd Annual BCA Pool League 8 Ball National Championships is now in the record books. Some of the singles matches we filmed during the week were: MEN’S GRAND MASTERS: matches between Dan Louie vs Daryl Peach, Sal Butera vs Daryl Peach, Shane Van Boening vs Sal Butera and in the finals Shane Van Boening vs Simon Pickering WOMEN’S GRAND MASTERS: matches were Allison Fisher vs Yu Ram Cha, Yu Ram Cha vs Melissa Little, Yu Ram Cha vs Amy Latzko and finally Yu Ram Cha vs Julia Gabriel.

Watch all the videos o MEN’S MASTER DIVISION: saw Vince Chambers vs Danny Petralba WOMEN’S MASTER DIVISION: Gina Kim-Lipsky vs Tina Pawloski, followed by Tina Pawloski vs Mary Rakin. When this match was over Mary was exhuberant with her win and was about in tears as her father hugged her and the excitement set in (see photo lower left of Mary and her father). Masters Division Teams both Men and Women concluded the following Saturday night at the Riviera Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Up first was the Men’s Division that started early evening between the defending Mixed Masters Team 2008 of Two Stooges from Minnesota playing Young Guns from Missouri. The entire match was streamed live by www. and is available to watch for free. The Women’s Masters played afterwards with the semi-final match between NPL Chix and the New York Dolls and finals between NPL Chix from the Pacific Northwest and Table for 5 from the Chicago area. We were there filming as the match concluded at 2AM Sunday morning. There were other bonus matches filmed throughout the BCAPL Championships that filmed that are available to watch Free. There were 400-500 people watching the matches at any given time on the tournament floor as well as over 16,000 unique viewers overall on the internet. And at press time we have had over 6,300 additional viewers who have logged on after the live streaming to watch the videos. Needless to say these numbers at an amateur event are unparalleled and more pool players and friends and family were

ks the Riv at Nationals

June 2009 page 9

Action in Real Time

on m or able to watch someone they knew or had heard of, bringing the exposure of the BCA Pool League to a new level. The BCAPL, the Greatest Pool Tournament in the World, had a community atmosphere of a family reunion. OTBnTV announced the different streamings and tournament that were going on for each of the 10 days throughout the BCAPL. We encouraged the viewer that was watching to log on to the other streaming sites such as the World Pool Masters and the Predator International 10Ball Championships and challenge matches by the Action Report. We encouraged an atmosphere of having 3-4 streamings at one time on your computer enabling the viewer that could not make the BCAPL feel like they were there. OTBnTV was sitting in the crowd filming on the 10 final tables as if we were merely a spectator. We were trying to bring to you the viewer the true experience of being on the tournament floor live just like you were there. Accompanying the free live streaming Don “Cheese” Akerlow took nearly 600 photos of the players while the matches were being streamed. Photos are available to view on the BCAPL Video Magazine page along with nearly 28 hours of video that was streamed live. You can still see the action if you haven’t had a chance to at no charge. The BCAPL did an awesome job of keeping the players updated through the live tournament brackets. This new software system gave the pool players up to date bracketing so that you could watch the progress of your favorite player or team by just checking online at We would like to thank Mark Griffin, Holly Ryan, David Vandenberg,

and all the BCAPL staff for all their help and insight to make this live streaming possible and bringing amateur pool and it players to a new level. We’d also like to thank Ric Jones and Bad Boy Promotions and staff for all their help. And of course our sponsors, BCAPL, Riviera Casino Hotel, OB Cues, The Break, Rackem Magazine, Stroke Magazine and CuePen. com. We at OTBnTV would like to invite you to log on and watch the videos of the BCAPL. The photo galleries, which have had over 18,000 viewers, are free to download. Find your favorite photo(s) from the BCAPL Nationals in Las Vegas, download it and have it framed. If you would like to be notified of upcoming events being streamed by OTBnTV Live become a follower of our channel on All you need to do is register as a user, go to our show page and click the “Follow” button. It’s that easy! We have more events lined up so join us on Ustream and watch OTBnTV Live Real Action in Real Time. We hope to see you next year in Las Vegas! Thanks for tuning in.

Photos (above left) NPL Chix: Cindy Doty, Mary Hopkin, Jackie Fitchner, Liz Cole, Andrea Saenz-Maes (above right) Two Stooges Metro: Josh Burbul, Richie Cunningham, Ty Wilson, Brian Brekke, Mario Parayno (below (l to r)): Mary Rakin and father, Simon Pickering, Shane Van Boening, Danny Petralba, Yu Ram Cha, Julia Gabriel, and Tina Pawloski

June 2009 page 10

Expect To Run Racks © 2009 Mike Fieldhammer,

Have you run your first rack yet? If not, you probably have an apprehensive feeling of nervousness as your run builds. Most players recognize that running a rack from the break is a noteworthy achievement. It is a satisfying accomplishment, just like your first big draw shot, thunderous break shot, or perfectly executed jump shot. Why is the run such a difficult hurdle? Completing a break and run demonstrates the confluence of knowledge and skills that should be a celebrated occasion. For it to happen, one must have a successful break shot where a ball is made and the balls are spread. Table management and pattern recognition must be used. In addition to sound strategy, proper shot execution is a must. You must pocket balls and exhibit some degree of cue ball control to set up the next shot. All of these items must be balanced and controlled. If you have a tendency to be nervous in tournament matches, the anxiety can be turned up to eleven if coupled with the run out fears. This is obviously a bad combination. You must be comfortable and confident to run out and the only way to become accustomed to it is to do it, over and over again. There is a saying in the sales world that the best time to make a sale is right after a sale. In other words, success breeds success. You’ve proved you can do it and have the confidence to do it again. The same can be said about running racks. It isn’t just an amateur phenomenon. Highly skilled players and professionals feel the same type of pressure. This is most commonly seen in straight pool. Many high runs end right before a player’s personal best. There is a pressure that increases just as the record run is within striking distance. You may want to keep some sort of log or journal so that you can notate landmarks in your pool game. If you’ve been on the brink of breaking and running a rack, jot down meaningful notes and circumstances about the playing session. Read the entry between practices and try to deduce what is keeping you from finishing the run. Set a goal in the journal to complete a specific feat by a future date. Be realistic, but optimistic. When the recipe comes together and you reach your goal, celebrate, document it and set a new goal. This kind of internal motivation will launch your pool skills to the next level. Mix up your practice partners. An hour or more heads up play versus different opponents can also be a useful measuring tool. Make notes on how the session stacked up and take away some new shot knowledge if you see a safety or other shot you were unfamiliar with. Stick it in your journal for review later. Doing something for the first time is the hardest. With continued attempts and more frequent successes, you may soon be stringing racks together without realizing the difficulty of what you have just done. Mike Fieldhammer Professional Billiard Instructor / 612.802.0519 Mike is a full time tournament player and professional billiard instructor. He is available for private instruction or group clinics and events. Gift certificates are available.

Pool On The Net from Las Vegas BCAPL and VNEA Nationals on

Remembering the Good Stuff

By Samm Diep, © May 2009

Far too often, when we lose a match, the only thing we can remember is the freshest, most recent mistake(s) we made. Perhaps you missed an 8 ball at hill-hill? Or, maybe you hung an aggressive shot instead of playing the safety. Whatever the case may be, it’s so easy to reflect on the negative. Sometimes, we only remember the bad even after we win a match. We are our own worst critics. Samm Diep Unless you’ve just played a near flawless set, chances are the most recent error you made was not your only one. If you really wanted to rehash your faults, you could probably find other misses or bad decisions that resulted in a loss here and there; maybe some were more costly than others. It’s so much easier to be hard on ourselves. Let’s try something else. If you don’t already do this, the next time you lose a match, instead of immediately reviewing the worst shots, try thinking of the best ones. Of course, we should note the trouble shots so we can work on them, but reflecting on the positive can be just as helpful. For instance, it’s common to play another match right away once you lose your a-side match. Well, instead of beating yourself up over the 7 ball you rattled, visualize that perfect break and controlled runout you had from game three. Remember how smooth you stroked each shot and think about how it felt. You were decisive and confident. Your cue was level and your head stayed down. Yeah, so you missed the 7 ball; the same shooter broke and ran the third rack. That means you have it in you to do it again and again. When you think of your errors, counter each thought with a positive one. Visit “random smatterings of pool thoughts, articles, & news”. Take polls, view article archives, and read tournament and training updates. Samm Diep, “Cherry Bomb” - House Pro at Rack ‘Em Billiards (Aurora, CO) - Author of “You Might Be A D Player If… (101 Classic Moves That All Pool Players Can Appreciate)” - Player Representative for CB Custom Cues, Tiger Products, PoolDawg, IB Cue Cases, Predator (fun & unique products for pool players)

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APA National Singles Crowns Champions World’s Largest Pool League Crowns Seven Amateur Champions in Las Vegas LAKE SAINT LOUIS, MO (May 7, 2009) — More than $450,000 in cash and prizes was

1st Purple Tier: David Rowell (AL)

Each of the three Champions received a prize package worth $10,000. Runners-Up in each tier took home a prize package worth $5,000. Nearly 37,000 amateur shooters attempted to qualify for the 2009 APA 9-Ball Shootout Singles Championship in their local league area. More than 2,900 poolplayers made it to the regional level of the 9-Ball Shootout before the field was whittled down to 250 men and women competing for 9-Ball crowns in each of three skill level tiers. More than 20,000 shooters attempted to qualify for the 2009 8-Ball Classic. Nearly 5,100 poolplayers made it to the regional level before the field was narrowed to 439 men and women competing for 8-Ball crowns in each of three skill level tiers. In the finals of the 8-Ball Classic, four champions each took home a prize package worth $15,000 for their performances. In the Blue Tier (Skill Levels 2 - 3) of the 8-Ball Classic, it was Brent Bratcher of Louisville, Ky., defeating Michael Ryan of Joliet, Ill., in the final match. Bratcher defeated Michael McCabe of Fullerton, Calif., in the semifinals to advance, while Ryan defeated Frank De La Cruz of Tucson, Ariz. The finals of the Yellow Tier (Skill Level 4), saw Donnie Richardson of Buersheba Springs, Tenn., defeat Tripp Tatum of Germantown, Md.. Richardson advanced to the finals by defeating Phil Farris of Hamilton, Ohio, earlier in the day in the semifinal round. Tatum defeated Olga Azarova of Seattle, Wash., in the semifinals. In the Red Tier (Skill Level 5) of the 8-Ball Classic, it was Chris Frazao of Trumbull, Conn., defeating Douglas Krus of Peoria, Ill., in the final match. Frazao defeated Mike Kurpicski

In the annual Jack & Jill Doubles Championship, held in the MiniMania Room during the Singles

1st Yellow Tier: Donnie Richardson (CT)

awarded to APA members at the APA National Championships, Matt Mancini and Wai Lam of Singles Championships held April 29 – May Revere, Mass., defeated Richard Winpigler and 2 in Las Vegas at the Riviera Hotel & Casino. Leslie Hickman of Frederick, Md. Mancini and The National Singles Championships consisted Lam took home $5,000, while Winpigler and of both the 8-ball Classic and 9-Ball Shootout Hickman received $3,000 as Runners-Up. Singles Championships and the Jack & Jill Sportsmanship Awards were presented to Doubles Championship. The final round of the 9-Ball Shootout featured three championship matches, one for each skill level tier, with two shooters in each match competing for $10,000 in cash and prizes. Dustin Harwood o f S u m n e r, Wa s h . , defeated Amber Setzer of Mooresville, N.C., in the finals of the Green Tier (Skill Levels 1 – 3) for the championship. Harwood advanced 1st Red Tier: Chris Frazao (CT) to the finals after a semifinal round victory over Tammy Hellyer of Richard Benes of Palmetto, Fla., and Kevin Jones San Antonio, Texas. Jr. of Fontana, Calif., for outstanding conduct Setzer advanced to the throughout their matches 1st Jack & Jill: Wai Lam and Matt Mancini (MA) finals after defeating in the 9-Ball Shootout and Emily Marino Vang of 8-Ball Classic, respectively. of Millersville, Md., The APA, based in Lake Saint Beaverton, Ore. in the semifinals to Louis, Mo., sanctions the world’s Nicolas Reyna of Lincoln Park, Mich., defeated advance, while Krus largest amateur pool league, Joshua Sherman of Rockledge, Fla., in the defeated Michael known as the APA Pool League finals of the White Tier (Skill Levels 4 - 5) for throughout the United States, Jaeck of Whitehouse, and as the Canadian Pool League the championship. Reyna defeated Clodagh Ohio. in Canada. More than 260,000 Lancaster of Redmond, Wash., in the semifinal The finals of the Purple members compete in weekly round to advance to the finals. Sherman Tier (Skill Levels 6 - 7) 8-Ball and 9­Ball league play. The advanced to the finals by defeating Allam pitted David Rowell APA is generally recognized as the Ramahi of Marietta, Ga. Governing Body of Amateur Pool, of Birmingham, Ala., having established the official Kenneth Brisbon of Oxford, Mich., defeated against Martin Zavala, 1st Blue Tier: Brent Bratcher (KY) rules, championships, formats and Brandon McGuire of Roaring River, N.C., in the Jr. of Joliet, Ill. Rowell handicap systems for the sport of finals of the Black Tier (Skill Levels 6 - 9) for the defeated Avery Barnard of Macon, Ga., in amateur billiards. championship. Brisbon advanced to the finals The APA and its championships are sponsored by Cuetec the semifinal round. Zavala advanced after Cues and PoolDawg. after defeating Bob Vallas of E. Peoria, Ill., in the defeating Jamie Guajardo of Crest Hill, Ill. For more information on the American Poolplayers semifinals. McGuire advanced to the final round First place winners received cash and prizes Association, visit match after a victory over Yong Fang of Chino, worth $15,000. Each Runner-Up received cash Calif., in the semifinal match of the Black Tier. and prizes worth $9,000.

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The Easy Way Revealed

By: Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy Last month I gave you a position pattern problem (shown in the diagram) involving a rack of 8 ball that you began with ball in hand and choice of balls. The goal was to run out the rack with just stop shots. The first reader to come through with a solution was Mike Fieldhammer who is a certified instructor in the Minneapolis area. You may Bob Jewett have seen Mike at tournaments where he works as a photographer when not playing matches or heard Mike as a commentator on OTBnTV. Shown is the solution using the solid balls. The best way to find this pattern is to work backwards from the 8 ball. The only pockets possible for the eight are the lower left and lower right corners. The 3 ball is close to the line from the lower right pocket to the eight, so it is our candidate “key” ball. It’s not hard to find the pattern with this start. Note that which pocket each object ball goes into is important since with a perfect stop shot the cue ball is left one ball away from the position of the ball you just sank. For a puzzle like this that’s helpful -- the stop shot on the 3 that gets a stop shot on the 8 must come from the direction of the 5 or you won’t be straight in on the 8. Of course in actual play, the balls are rarely configured so obligingly. Even if they do offer an easy path, it’s important to take care on each shot to make sure the shots stay easy, maybe by adjusting a little from the stop shot ideal. An example of this is the shot you play on the 5 to get on the 3. If you pull the cue ball back from the 5 a little with unwanted draw, it will be hard to maintain the position on the 8. On the other hand, if you let the cue ball drift forward slightly after hitting the 5, the slight angle on the 3 is not a problem as the 12 can stop the cue ball if it drifts in that direction. Another tricky spot is the 7-46 sequence. If the cue ball drifts forward after the 7, the shot on the 4 will cause the cue ball to drift towards the 8 and possibly hide the 6 behind the 13. If you want to be sure to avoid that particular problem, you should make sure the cue ball backs up just a little from the 7. Now that you see how the problem is solved for the solids, can you find a sequence that gets the stripes. Remember that you are starting with cue ball in hand.

Sigel Wins Sandcastle

Sandcastle Billiards in Edison NJ, hosted the Blaze 9 Ball Tour on Saturday May 2, 2009. A strong field came out to play, players like: Mike Sigel, Shaun Wilkie, Matt Krah, Eddie Abraham, Josh Brothers, Mike Miller, Ben Sadowski to name a few. Leading the top half of the bracket was

Winner Mike Sigel, Owner Ed, Second place Matt Krah

Matt Krah with wins over Paul Ravel 9-5, Michael Wong 9-4, and Eddie Abraham 9-7. Leading the Bottom half of the bracket was Mike Sigel with wins over Mike Miller 9-3, Ben Sadowski 9-1, and Shaun Wilkie 9-7. Play for the hot seat was Matt Krah VS Mike Sigel this was a great match that went double hill with Matt Krah coming back being down 8-6 to win the match 9-8 sending Mike Sigel to the one lost side. Waiting for Mike Sigel on the on lost side was Shaun Wilkie this was a rematch from earlier that day and again it was Mike Sigel coming away with the win this time by a score of 7-4 to get to the finals. In the finals it was Matt Krah VS Mike Sigel, Mike Sigel has to beat Matt Krah twice to win the event first set was close until Mike Sigel pulled away late in the match winning 7-5 and in the second set it was all Mike Sigel winning easily 7-1 to win the match and the event. 1st $675 Mike Sigel 2nd $360 Matt Krah 3rd $150 Shaun Wilkie 4th $100 Josh Brother 5/6th Eddie Abraham Carmen Lombardo

BCAPL Results from the East

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MEN’S OPEN TEAM WOMEN’S MASTER SINGLES 1st Hustlin’ 1st Mary Rakin 2nd The Little Rascals 2nd Tina Pawloski 3rd Whatever Dude 3rd Gina Kim Lipsky MEN’S MASTER TEAM WOMEN’S GRAND MASTER SINGLES 1st Two Stooges 1st Yu Ram Cha 2nd Young Guns 2nd Julia Gabriel 3rd Flip Flops 3rd Melissa Little MEN’S TROPHY TEAM WOMEN’S PLAYER MEMBER SINGLES 1st GJ Boys 1st Buffy Jolie 3rd Slims (Danny’s) 2nd Patty West WOMEN’S OPEN TEAM 3rd Rhonda Moses 1st Kiss Of Death OPEN SCOTCH DOUBLES 2nd Pool Party 1st Ken Brisbon and Dawn Fital 3rd Deja Cue 2nd Larry Wilson and Andrea Wilson WOMEN’S MASTER TEAM 3rd Douglas James and Ranee Breckel 1st NPL Chix MASTER SCOTCH DOUBLES 2nd Table For Five 1st Marc Vidal and Liz Ford WOMEN’S TROPHY TEAM 2nd Danny Tam and Ricki Casoer 1st Pine Street Ladies 3rd James Davis Sr. and Heather Pulford Lloyd 2nd Busters BCAPL Photos courtesy of: Fred Stoll and David Thomson 3rd Out For Fun 9-BALL CHALLENGE 1st Tyler Edey 2nd Mitch Ellerman MEN’S SUPER SENIOR SINGLES 1st Jim Henry 2nd Dago Huber 3rd Roger Riley MEN’S SENIOR SINGLES 1st Doc Rice 2nd Edward Borrego 3rd Robert Herchick MEN’S OPEN SINGLES 1st Bruno Sousa 2nd Mike Boyd WOMEN’S OPEN SINGLES 3rd Gus Correa Rodriquez 3rd Angie Killips (NY) MEN’S MASTER SINGLES 1st Danny Petralba 2nd Vince Chambers 3rd Bobby Benavides Sr. MEN’S GRAND MASTER SINGLES 1st Simon Pickering 2nd Shane Van Boening 3rd Roberto Gomez MEN’S PLAYER MEMBER SINGLES 1st David Broxson 2nd Francis Crenier 3rd Brendon Crockett WOMEN’S OPEN SINGLES 1st Christina De La Garza 2nd Helen Hayes 3rd Angie Killips WOMEN’S SENIOR SINGLES MEN’S PLAYER MEMBER SINGLES 1st Sharon Kusseau 1st David Broxson (FL) 2nd Pam Fletcher 3rd Colleen Shoop


Men’s Master Team: 3rd Flip Flops

WOMEN’S OPEN TEAM 1st Kiss Of Death (NJ)

Complete Results available at


June 20

Tristate Tour

C - D 9 Ball

Brunswick Tables Simonis & Mali Cloth Weekly Tournaments Pool Leagues




Lodging Discounts 101 Townsley Ave Edison, NJ Call for details 732.632.9277



Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

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CITY LOCATION Allentown, PA Buzzy’s Billiards Spring Hill, FL Capone’s Billiards Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards Sunnyside, NY Master Billiards Cafe Woodbury, NJ Hot Shot Billiards Bayside, NY Cue Bar Parsippany, NJ Comet Billiards Greenville, SC World Cup Billiards Palm Harbor, FL Stroker’s Billiards Kokomo, IN Ryno Room Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards Manchester, CT World Championship Billiards Edison, NJ Sandcastle Billiards Montgomery, AL Deja Vu Billiards Doral, FL Doral Billiards Doral, FL Doral Billiards Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards Lincoln, NE VNEA Live on Lincoln, NE VNEA Jr. Nationals Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards Livonia, MI The Rack Inman, SC G-Jays Billiards Holiday, FL Hammerheads Glen Burnie, MD Big Daddy’s Billiards New York, NY Amsterdam Billiards Chattanooga, TN Diamond Billiard Club Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards Parsippany, NJ Comet Billiards Roanoke, VA Guys & Dolls Windsor Locks, CT Pool Table Magic Florence, KY Billiard Hutch Florence, KY Billiard Hutch Sayreville, NJ Primetime Sports Bar Parsippany, NJ Comet Billiards Whitehall, PA Jordan Pool Hall Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards Fort Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards Sanford, NC Speakeazy Billiards Mobile, AL Breakers Billiards Derby, CT Fat’s Billiards Springhill, FL Capones Charlotte, NC Paradise Billiards Goldsboro, NC Fast Eddie’s Sports Bar Glen Burnie, MD Big Daddy’s Derby, CT Fat’s Billiards Fort Myers, FL Miscue Lounge Fort Myers, FL Miscue Lounge Whitehall, PA Jordan Pool Hall Cape Coral, FL Diamond Billiards Clearwater, FL Park Place Billiards Kokomo, IN Ryno Room Parsippany, NJ Comet Billiards Somersworth, NH Busters Billiards Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards Winston-Salem, NC Break Time Billiards La Grange, GA Chalk It Up Billiards Tampa, FL Strokers II Stamford, CT Rack and Roll Billiards

PHONE (484) 554-9397 (352) 688-9965 (772) 464-7665 (718) 507-1660 (856) 384-5727 (516) 316-6802 (973) 334-7429 (864) 220-2630 (727) 786-6683 (765) 868-8171 (772) 464-7665 (860) 647-1711 (732) 632-9277 (334) 239-9212 (305) 592-8486 (305) 592-8486 (772) 464-7665 (772) 464-7665 (734) 422-7665 (864) 641-5558 (727) 939-9494 (410) 760-1332 (212) 995-0333 (423) 877-5882 (772) 464-7665 (973) 334-7429 (540) 981-1600 (859) 647-6070 (859) 647-6070 (732) 721-6555 (973) 334-7429 (484) 554-9397 (772) 464-7665 (772) 464-7665 (919) 775-1166 (251) 341-1117 (203) 734-7713 (352) 688-9965 (704) 900-7525 (919) 759-0071 (410) 760-1332 (203) 734-7713 (239) 936-1116 (239) 936-1116 (484) 554-9397 (239) 573-7665 (727) 725-7665 (765) 868-8171 (973) 334-7429 (603) 692-7926 (772) 464-7665 (252)908-0754 (706) 882-9798 (772) 464-7665 (203) 327-9911

EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED NCS 9-Ball Qualifier $50 GSBT Call $1500 Treasure Coast Open Call $$$ Tri State Tour A-B-C-D/Dbl Pts Call $1500 One Pocket $45+$5 g.f. $300 NCS 14-1 Continuous Qualifier $60 Call Tri State Tour B-C-D 9-Ball Call $500 GSBT Call $1500 KF Cues 9-Ball $65/$50 $1600 NCS 9-Ball Qualifier $60 $1000 w/64 Billiards Race to 9 pts $20 (incl g.f.) NCS 14.1 Continuous Qualifier $60 Tri State Tour C-D 9-Ball Call $500 GSBT Call $1500 Guar. Viking Amateur-Advanced $60 $1000 Viking Amateur $50 $500 One Pocket Race to 3 $25 (incl g.f.) VNEA Jr. Nationals Varies Free Live Streaming of the Jr. Nationals - Times TBA Ladies 9-Ball - Race to 7 $50 $250 NCS 14-1 Continuous Qualifier $60 Ladies 9-Ball Call $200 KF Cues 9-Ball Tour Call MD Open 14.1 Championships $250/$100 Call Tri State Tour A-B-C-D 9-Ball Call $1000 GSBT A/B Amateur Call $1500 9-Ball Race to 7 $25 (incl g.f.) 2008-2009 Invitational Call Call GSBT Call $1500 Guar. 10 Ball Season Finale $20+$10 g.f. Call Viking Open $60 $1500 Viking Amateur $50 $1000 JPNEWT Call NCS 14.1 Continuous Qualifier $60 NCS 14.1 Continuous Qualifier $60 $500 w/32 Ladies 9-Ball - Race to 7 $50 $250 KF Cues 9-Ball Tour Call GSBT Call $1500 9-Ball Race to 9 $65 $10,000 purse NCS 10-Ball Qualifier $60 $500 SE Open Season Champ. $100 $2000 GSBT Call $1500 Guar. Jacoby Carolina Tour Call $1000 NCS 10-Ball Qualifier $60 TBA NCS 9-Ball Qualifier $60 $500 Bob & Brad Martin Mem. Open $80 $1000 Bob & Brad Martin Mem. Ama $50 $300 NCS 10-Ball Qualifier $60 $500 w/32 Seminole Pro Tour Call $6000 Tiger Bay Area Amateur Call $500 NCS 10-Ball Qualifier $60 $1000 w/64 Predator 9-Ball Tour Call $1000 NE 9-Ball Series Call $2500 Ladies 9-Ball - Race to 7 $50 $250 Jacoby Carolina Tour Call $1000 GSBT Call $6500 Guar. KF Cues Tour Call $2500 East Coast Pool Tour Call Call

TIME Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call 3:30 PM Call Call Call 1 PM 1 PM 1:00 PM Online Call Call Call Call Call Call Call 1 PM 10 AM Call 11 AM 1 PM 1 PM Call Call Call Call Call Call Noon Call Call Call 1 PM Call Call 12:30 PM 12:30 PM Call Call Call Call Call Call Call 1 PM 6 PM Call Call

Watch the BCAPL Nationals from Las Vegas


Watch the VNEA International Championships

Results Coming in July

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Attention Ladies!

Ultimate Billiards Presents Monthly Ladies 9 Ball Tournament

$250 Added

$250 Added Every Event $50 Entry Race to 7 Games Double Elimination 4th Saturday every Month! Open To all Female Players!

Starts June 27th 772.GO4.POOL 772.464.7665

4112 Okeechobee Blvd, Fort Pierce, FL 34947

Stroke Magazine June Issue 2009  
Stroke Magazine June Issue 2009  

All the photos and results from the BCAPL National Championships in Las Vegas are available in the June Issue. The Pool Players Voice. You c...