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November 2011 - Stroke Magazine 3

Jeanne Seaver TWO FOR TWO



tuart, Fla. (Oct. 9, 2011) – What started out to be a miserable day had a happy ending as Jeannie Seaver won the Flamingo Billiards Tour 3rd annual “Cues for the Cure” event at Amy’s Billiards in Stuart, Florida. Seaver almost didn’t make it to the event. Both she and sister, Vanessa Seaver, ended up in a car accident as the weather and road conditions became unmanageable. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, at least not enough to stop either Seaver from making it to the event, making it to the money, and winning the tournament that ended after midnight. Seaver had a tough first match, but despite the mishap on the way to the event she managed to pull off a tough hill-hill win against room owner, Amy Poulter. After that it was smooth sailing with a 7-2 win over Kelly Cavanaugh and 7-2 over Marina Souza to make it to the single elimination redraw. There Seaver knocked out top player Helene Amy Poulter, Jeannie Seaver, Jennifer Page, Tour Director Mimi McAndrews Caukin 7-4, and sister Vanessa 7-3, to make it to the final match. everyone aghast as Page failed to make the cut in the side. In fact, Page Also making it to the redraw from the winner’s side was Robin Boggs missed the ball entirely giving ball-in-hand to Seaver who easily ran out and Chris Ann Fields. Boggs won over Christie Cloke 7-3, Vanessa the last two balls and won $400 and the event. Seaver 7-2, and newcomer Carmen Henriquez 7-6, but lost in the redraw to Cassidy Mulligan 7-2. Fields made it to the redraw with wins over A huge thanks again to room owner Amy Poulter (www.amysbilliards. Tour Director Mimi McAndrews 7-4, newcomer Alicia DeAbreu 7-4, and com) for being a great host and supporter of the Flamingo Billiards Cassidy Mulligan 7-3. However, the day ended with a loss to Vanessa Tour and “Cures for the Cure,” and to Boynton Billiards (www. Seaver 7-4 in the redraw. Also making it to the redraw from the winner’s for supporting the Flamingo Billiards Tour. side, Jennifer Page easily shot past Pam Patterson, 7-1, Kelly Coyle, 7-2, Some of the matches can be viewed at and newcomer Kim Richeson, 7-2. To get to the finals, Page sent two flamingo-billiards-tour-cues-for-the-cure-breast-cancer-fundraiser-atplayers home, Lauren Pickard 7-4, and Cassidy Mulligan, 7-4. amy-s-billiards-in-stuart-fl. The final match between Page and Seaver went back and forth all the way to the hill for both. Just when it looked like Seaver would run out and take the win, with two balls to go she left herself with a tough shot to get shape on the nine. She gave it her all but missed, leaving a tricky but makeable cut shot in the side pocket for Page. And just when it looked like it was over for Seaver, a little too much inside English left


1st $400 2nd $250 3rd/4th $100 5th/8th $50

Jeannie Seaver Jennifer Page Cassidy Mulligan, Vanessa Seaver Helene Caukin, Chris Ann Fields Robin Boggs, Lauren Pickard

CUES FOR THE CURE FUNDRAISER Stuart, Fla. (Oct. 8, 2011) –Florida’s top women billiards competitors met on Saturday despite the wind and rain to compete at Amy’s Billiards in the Flamingo Billiards Tour 3d Annual “Cues for the Cure” fundraiser in recognition of breast cancer awareness month. Twenty-six players and spectators raised more than $650. The money will benefit the South Florida Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Cocoa Beach resident and veteran player Jeannie Seaver won the event. The Flamingo Billiards Tour is a stepping stone to competing on the Women’s Professional Billiard Association. From left to right, back row: Jennifer Page, Marina Souza, Lauren Pickard, Pam Patterson, room owner Amy Poulter, Chris Ann Fields, Sue Roberts, Christie Cloke, Robin Boggs. Middle row: Helene Caukin, Alicia DeAbreau, Kim Richeson, Kelly Coyle, Barbara Ellis, Kelly Cavanagh, Alicia Borjas, Christina Terlizzi Debbie Barkley. Front row: Susan Martin, Janis Sessions, Cassidy Mulligan, Raquel Panjwani, Carmen Henriquez, and Tour Director Mimi McAndrews. Not pictured: Winner - Jeannie Seaver, Vanessa Seaver.

4 Stroke Magazine - November 2011



JPNEWT took its October 1-2, 2011 tour to Cosmo’s Billiards in Dickson City, PA. With $750 added to the prize fund, twenty ladies put their skills to the test to compete for top dollar and rank. We are thankful for the owner of Cosmo’s, Carol Clark, for including herself in this event. Besides the usual ladies that compete in this great tour from month to month, two other ladies decided to join in – Melissa Jenkins and Melanie McLeod. We hope these ladies will join us again. Tour Director Linda Shea and Briana Miller (both tied in rankings at #1) have tangoed first place finish during the last few stops, but this time two other top ranked ladies battled it out. What a season finale this was! My-Hanh had a great start during this event as she easily defeated Nicole Nester 7-3, Linda Shea 7-3 and Meredith Lynch 7-0. From the bottom bracket, Megan Smith breezed through matches against Denise Reeve 7-1 and Sharon O’Hanlon 7-2. She then met up with Tina Meraglio, ranked #3 prior to this event, who battled it out in a double-hill match. In the end, Smith sent Meraglio to the 1-loss side which advanced Megan to the semi-finals to face Lac. During this close match, Megan defeated My-Hanh 7-5 and advanced to the hot seat. For My-Hanh this wasn’t her end. From the 1-loss side, she persevered and conquered a tough match against Tina 7-6, who defeated Briana Miller 7-6 and Meredith Lynch 7-0, and was eager to return to the A-side for a rematch against Megan in the finals. Early on it appeared that Smith would knock out Lac, needing only to win two more racks to take first place. Nevertheless, Lac wasn’t giving up without a fight. In spite of being down by 5 racks, Lac fought her way up to a double hill match and defeated Smith 9-8. This match moved both ladies tour standings up a slot and includes them in the top 5. Congratulations ladies on a great and challenging event and tour year! Other top finishers during this finale were Tina Meraglio, Meredith Lynch, Briana Miller, Melissa Jenkins, Shanna Lewis, and Sharon O’Hanlon. Great job to Briana Miller for being our top ranked player of the year! Way to go! The JPNEWT would like to thank all the players for participating in this event and would also like to thank all those who are following us on during the event. A special thank you goes out to Cosmo’s Billiards for hosting this event and J Pechauer Custom Cues for supporting women in billiards.

Shannon "The Cannon" Daulton, Greg Little, Doug Schultz, and Joel Cain (owner of Raisin' Cain's)

Two players who'd never advanced to the title match on the Great Southern Billiard Tour before – Greg Little and Doug Schultz – battled it out for both the hot seat and event title on the weekend of October 15- 16. Little, who's participated on the tour for about five years, won both matchups. The $1,500-added event drew 42 entrants to Raisin' Canes, in Inman, SC. From among the winners' side final four, Little faced Walt Newsome, while Schultz battled William Cloud. A 7-3 victory for Little and a 9-2 win for Schultz set up the hot seat match, won by Little 7-3, who waited for Schultz' return. Newsome moved into the loss bracket to take on Wendell Thompkins, who'd defeated John Thompson 9-6 and Brian White 9-4. Cloud picked up Brad Black, who'd gotten by Brian Bagwell 7-4 and Matt Mancini 7-7 (Mancini needing 9). Cloud and Newsome advanced to the quarterfinals; Cloud with a 9-1 victory over Black, and Newsome 7-5 over Thompkins. Newsome took that quarterfinal matchup 7-4 over Cloud and turned to face Schultz. Schultz, though, seemingly determined for a re-match against Little, finished Newsome's bid 9-5, and got that chance. Schultz, from Myrtle Beach, SC got a couple more licks in than he'd managed in the hot seat contest, but Johnson City, TN's Greg Little hung on to prevail 9-5 and win his first GSBT title. Brian Bagwell, Chris Kendrick, John Thompson and Romy Malonzo received a free entry for their finish in the tie for ninth place. Tour director Shannon Daulton, who immediately after the finals, set out for the US Open in which he was scheduled to play an opening round match on Monday, October 17, thanked the staff and crew at Raisin' Canes, as well as sponsors Andy Gilbert Custom Cues, Nick Varner Cues and Cases, Mike Davis Exterminating, Tiger Products and Delta-13 racks.

RESULTS 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th/6th 7th/8th

$1,000.00 $550.00 $330.00 $200.00 $115.00 $80.00

Greg Little Doug Shulz Walter Newsome William Cloud Brad Black, Wendell Thompkins Matt Mancini, Brian White

November 2011 - Stroke Magazine 5


The 2011-2012 Lucasi Hybrid Cues All American Tour – conducted its sixth stop at Inland Reef in Virginia Beach, VA, Saturday, October 15. The $500-added 9-ball scratch tourney on 7-foot Valley bar boxes drew 32 players. On the A-side, Dave Perry (Virginia Beach, VA) took his semifinal match over Jack Davis 5-3, while Darrel Nestlerod (Newport News, VA) clipped Bill Mason (Virginia Beach, VA) 5-4. Perry took the hot seat in the next round with a 5-2 decision over Nestlerod.

Mason (Virginia Beach, VA) 5-3. Davis then ousted Mason at 4th place by a score of 5-4; but Jack could not capitalize further, as he lost out at 3rd place to Darrel Nestlerod 5-4. The tourney finals went two sets, as Nestlerod upset the undefeated Dave Perry 4-5, but Perry recovered in the deciding set to take the title by a 5-2 score!

On the B-side both Ray Reyna (Virginia Beach, VA) and T.J. Carawan (Virginia Beach, VA) were relegated to 7-8th place at the hands of Bernard Andico (Virginia Beach, VA) Winners Darrel Nestlerod (2nd), Dave Perry (1st) and Jack Davis (3rd) 5-2 and Mike Ewing (Virginia Beach, VA) 5-3 respectively. Both Andico and Ewing were eliminated in the next round by Jack Davis (Virginia Beach, VA) 5-4 and Bill FINAL RESULTS: 1st $500 + Free Singles entry to ACS Nationals Dave Perry (Virginia Beach, VA) 2nd $300 Darrel Nestlerod (Newport News, VA) 3rd $150 Jack Davis (Virginia Beach, VA) 4th $100 Bill Mason (Virginia Beach, VA) 5-6th $60 Bernard Andico (Virginia Beach, VA) Mike Ewing (Suffolk, VA) 7-8th $35 Ray Reyna (Virginia Beach, VA) T.J. Carawan (Virginia Beach, VA)

Dave Perry won a free 9-Ball singles entry into the 2012 Lucasi Hybrid ACS Nationals. The ACS wishes to thank sponsors Lucasi Hybrid Cues, Championship Billiard Fabric and Nick Varner Signature Cases for their support Further information, entry details and schedules for the 2011/2012 Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour are available at

HIGHEST-PLACING WOMEN: $50 Kassy Bein (Virginia Beach, VA) $30 Jackie Duggan (Virginia Beach, VA)

s t l u s e R


BY AZB STAFF - 2011-10-12

Chance Chin, Tim Berlin (owner) and Greg Antonakos

One of the stories coming out of the Joss Tour's Turning Stone Classic XVII was the outstanding play of two tour regulars, Bucky Souvanthong and Greg Antonakos. Both players were in action over the October 8th and 9th weekend at Trick Shot Billiards in Clifton Park New York, and both players once again showed that they can hang with the best of them. Antonakos was the better of the two on this day, and he took the hot-seat with a one-sided 9-4 win over tour director Mike Zuglan.

6 Stroke Magazine - November 2011

Chin took that momentum into the final match with Antonakos and won the first set of the double elimination finals 9-4. Antonakos didn't get this far in the event just to roll over to a challenge from Chin though. He gathered himself in the second set and scored an equally lopsided 9-3 win over Chin in the second set of the finals. Antonakos pocketed $1000 for the win, while Chin took home $750 for second. The second chance event on Sunday saw Spencer Auigbelle defeat Kevin Ketz in the finals for first place. Auigbelle earned $300 for first, while Ketz winning $200 for second. Tour newcomer Dennis Scarbro was the winner of the $1200 collectible Joss Cue.

The Joss NE 9-Ball tour now takes a two week break and will be back in action in three weeks at Camelot Billiards in Rochester, NY. Tour director Mike Zuglan, once again, urges players to sign up now for the Turning Stone Classic XVIII as space is getting short in the event. RESULTS: 1st $1,000 2nd $750 3rd $550 4th $400 5th/6th $250 7th/8th $125

Greg Antonakos Chance Chin Mike Zuglan Dwight Dixon Bucky Souvanthong Jeff Smole Angelo Hilton Geoff Montgomery

2nd Chance: 1st $300 2nd $200 3rd $120 4th $80 5th/6th $40

Spencer Auigbelle Kevin Ketz John Babravitch Bruce Carroll Pete Mitchell, Paul Picard


Zuglan then found himself on the wrong end of another 9-4 score, this time to Chance Chin. Chin had lost to Antonakos early Saturday, but had come back with seven straight wins on the one loss side.

Daulton wins his own GSBT Pro-Am Tour stop





t doesn't happen very and Larry Kressel, who finished in a often. For the most part, tie for 13th place, earned free entry. pros are prohibited from Daulton thanked the ownership and participating in the amateur staff of Speak Eazy Billiards, as well Great Southern Billiard as sponsors Andy Gilbert Custom Tour, but on the weekend of Cues, Nick Varner Cues and Cases, October 8-9 at Speak Eazy Mike Davis Exterminating, Tiger Billiards in Sanford, NC, as Products and Delta-13 racks. a warm-up for next week's Best wishes were also extended US Open, Tour Director Shannon to Larry Nevel, who, on the ride Daulton opened things up and held a home from the tournament, was $1,500-added Pro-Am event that drew involved in a serious car accident 71 entrants, with pros racing to 13 that overturned his Jeep Grand against the amateurs. Cherokee, and sent him to the One of those pros was Daulton hospital. Nevel subsequently himself, who ended up coming back reported on his Facebook page from a loss in the hot seat match to (texting from his mobile phone on Keith Bennett, to defeat Bennett in a the way home from the ER) that true double elimination final, and win though his car was a total loss, he a stop on his own tour. It was the first himself was just "pretty sore with a time since last November at the GSBT bunch of cuts and bruises." He wrote Shannon "The Cannon" Daulton, Keith Bennett, & Jimmie Bullis Carolina Open/Tour Championships later on Monday that he "might have (owner of Speak Eazy Billiards - Sanford, NC) that Daulton had entered his own whiplash" and that his arm "was sore tournament. He won the One-Pocket to move." He planned on returning Morrison picked up Mike Fuller, who'd shut event at that tournament and finished fourth in to the ER on Tuesday for further evaluation and out Antonio Slaydon and downed Sam Monday the 9-Ball event. thanked everyone for the concerns expressed 11-4 to reach him. Unlike last year's 9-Ball event, at which by numerous Facebook friends regarding his Nevel got into the quarterfinals with a 13-2 Daulton came from the loss-side to advance to accident. victory over Ussery, while Morrison was busy, a quarterfinal match against Johnny Archer, barely surviving his match versus Fuller; Fuller 1st $1,100 Shannon Daulton Daulton this time advanced all the way to had reached his hill mark of 10 games, seven 2nd $600 Keith Bennett the hot seat match before Bennett sent him ahead of Morrison, who needed nine. Morrison 3rd $425 Tony Morrison west. Daulton had defeated B.J. Ussery 13-8 ran up a six-pack to advance against Nevel, and 4th $325 Larry Nevel for the right to meet Bennett, who'd sent then eliminated Nevel 9-11. 5th/6th $160 BJ Ussery, Tony Morrison west 11-3. Bennett got into the Daulton, at this point, was reportedly feeling a Michael Fuller hot seat, with an 11-11 victory, reaching his little under the weather, but in the semifinals, 7th/8th $90 Sammy Monday, requisite 11 games, before Daulton reached his rallied to defeat Morrison 13-2 and set up the Carlos Cruz 13. double elimination re-match versus Bennett. 9th/12th $50 BJ Hucks, Ussery moved over to face Larry Nevel, who'd Daulton took both sets of the final – 13-6, 13-8 Steven Page been sent to the loss-side by Bennett, from – to inscribe his name on the GSBT winners list Mike Higgins, among the winners' side final eight, and then for the first time in over a year. Antonio Slaydon defeated Steve Page and Carlos Cruz, both 13-5. Wendell Tomkins, Walt Newsome, Ron Park


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November 2011 - Stroke Magazine 7

J U N I O R P L AY E R P R O F I L E Name: Tyler Styer Home town: Brookfield, WI Birth date: 1/12/95 School you currently attend: Brookfield East High School Grade: 11th Favorite subject in school: Math At what age did you start playing pool? 14 Titles/High finishes: Billiard Congress of Wisconsin State Tournament, 2nd place 2011 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships, 3rd place Other notable awards: Represented the United States in the 2011 WPA World Junior 9-Ball Championships in Kielce, Poland What kind of cue(s) do you use? Schon Cues Left or right handed: Right Favorite band/music: Red Hot Chili Peppers Hobbies: Baseball, spending time with friends Memorable pool moment: Finding out I qualified for the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) Junior Championships Real-world hero: Besides both my great parents-- Willie Munson, and my good friend George Middleditch-may he R.I.P (9/15/11) Fondest childhood memory: Spending time with George at the Derby City Classic all week staying up till 3 A.M. telling jokes and playing Card tricks Goals- personal and/or career: Win the all around at the Derby City Classic I would like to thank Terry Romine Jr. I would not be where I am today in the pool room, or as a person with out him. He took me under his wing and lead me to were i am now. I tell him i don't know how to pay him back for everything he's done for me and he just tells me he wants to see me play good. I really appreciate everything he has done for me. Thank you so much. I would also like to thank Jerry Briesath for teaching me as well. Jerry is a great guy to be around. Spending time watching matches on the tv table at the derby was great. he had an answer for every one of my questions and just smiles when i ask the next one. I've learned a lot from him.

8 Stroke Magazine - November 2011






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Even Against Warpage! 7/26/2011 5:54:37 PM

BIADO Captures BSCP 8-Ball Division TITLE RISING STAR HAS OFFICIALLY WON A COMPETITION BY RAYA SPORT Finally, rising star Carlo Biado has officially won a pool competition, even if it's only a share of the 2011 BSCP National Pool Championships.

Nicolas, 9-5; Rocky Tullao, 9-7; and Joven Bustamante, 9-2. Two other strong contenders for the 10-ball division title are Roberto Gomez and Jerico Banares. Both won three matches each in yesterday's competition.

One of the hottest Filipino players competing in big events, Biado nailed his first first place in the ongoing BSCP Nationals by taking the 8-Ball division title. He, beat Alan Cuartero, 9-3, in a one-sided finale on Sunday at the Star Billiards Center.

ORCULLO TAKES BSCP 9-BALL DIVISION TITLE World No.1 Dennis Orcullo asserted his top ranking yesterday by handily beating determined challenger Carlo Biado, 11-8, in the finals of the 9-ball division of the BSCP National Pool Championship at the Star Billiards Center.

The 27-year-old Biado pounced on Cuartero’s inconsistency in breaking the balls. An Overseas Filipino Worker, Cuartero had a lot of dry breaks, enabling Biado to pull away. In winning the 8-Ball crown, Biado pocketed the P50,000 top prize and boosted his bid for the grand championship which carries with it a top prize of P200,000.

Carlo Biado (Photo courtesy of KC Cruz - Raya Sport)

He is on track to winning the overall title, because he has also secured a finals seat in the 9-Ball Division, where he faces world No.1 Dennis Orcullo. . Their 9-ball title match is slated at 1pm today, Monday Oct.10.

The reigning World 8-Ball champion had to come from behind to snatch the victory from Biado, who had earlier won the 8-ball finals against Alan Cuartero.

“Finally, I won a big one,” said Biado after winning the 8-ball title. “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. My drive of winning a major title got more intense after I lost my semifinal in the World Ten Ball Championship this year.” By taking one of the three championships at stake in this BSCP Nationala, Biado also secured a spot in the AKTV World Pool Summit slated to be held in Manila this November. The World Pool Summit is the last event in the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) calendar. A dry break by Cuartero in the sixth rack allowed Biado to get back to the table and gallop ahead. the young player quaickly sank balls Nos. 1 to 8 for a 4-2 lead. In the 7th rack, Biado sank the 7-ball and ran out the table for a 5-2 lead. Cuartero completed a runout in the 8th rack, but that proved to be the last time he could score as he had dry breaks on his next two turns and a crucial miss on the No.5 in the 12th rack. Biado, on the other hand, didn’t waste o any opportunity and took advantage at every turn

10 Stroke Magazine - November 2011

By beating Biado, Orcullo exacted sweet revenge against Biado, who had beaten him in their two previous meetings this year, first in the 2011 World 10-Ball Championship last May and second in the 8-ball division of the current BSCP Nationals last week..

Down 3-6, Orcullo climbed back into the match and raced ahead to the finish line.

Dennis Orcullo

to complete a four-rack run – and the win. “You need to have a runout in your breaks to beat your opponent in 8-hball.But it didn’t happen. I had a lot of dry breaks. It was just unfortunate for me,” said Cuartero, a house pro from Kuwait. 10-BALL DIVISION: Within hours of winning the 8-ball division, Biado encountered rough sailing at the start of the 10-ball division competition. Johann, 19-year-old player who started playing while still inhis shorts, dealt Biado a shocker. He beat Biado convinvingly bythe score of 9-7. Dennis Orcullo continued his confident march in the tournament by winning three of his 10-ball matches handily. He beat Eustacio

"I knew he would dictate the tempo because he already had the feel of the TV table after playing in the 8-ball finals," said Orcullo moments after clinching the 9-Ball title and the P50,000 prize on top of it. "But I just waited for the perfect opportunity to launch a comeback by pouncing on his dry breaks and missed shots. Luckily, I was able to complete the win." With Orcullo winning the 9-Ball division, the race to the grand championship of the BSCP nationals has become tighter. Both Orcullo and Biado sport a victory each in the 3-game format of this Philippine national pool championship. For Orcullo, the alternate break format used in the Nationals is a format that is beneficial to all players. "This format is favorable to all players unlike the winner's break format. Once you start winning consecutive racks, your opponent starts losing composure and confidence," he said.

COLUMNIST San Francisco Billiard Academy

2011 US Open Lessons


Last time I pointed out that you could learn a lot as a spectator with the safety play of Rafael Martinez as an example. I took my own advice and went to the 2011 US Open 9-Ball Tournament in Virginia this October. There were many great matches and I picked up a move or two.

Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy. The academy offers: Private Instruction Basics Clinic Eight Ball Clinic Nine Ball Clinic Introduction to Billiard Instruction BCA Recognized Instructor Course BCA Certified Instructor Course

In the diagram is a safety that I saw Stefan Cohen from France play. I thought he would play the tough cut on the 7, but instead he perfectly executed this safety shot, leaving both the 7 and the cue ball tight against the cushions. This is the sort of speed control of both balls you tend to find with one pocket experts, but in Cohen’s case I suspect it is from his experience with carom games in which you need to control the speed of all the balls. Cohen is also the former world champion at straight pool.




If you see one guy wearing lime green shoes, it’s an aberration or maybe insanity but if you see a dozen, it’s a St. Patrick’s Day parade. Later in the tournament I saw other examples of this safety, so maybe it will be worth your time to practice this shot. Note that against typical room players, even if the 9 was not there as a blocker the safe would still be effective as long as the shot is left straight in since a successful table-length draw is not likely. This comes under the heading of leaving shots your opponent might make but is very unlikely to run out from. I’ve been on both sides of that proposition. Another more common safe is shown with the letters. Suppose the 7 is gone and the 8 is the next ball in this position. By hitting about half the 8 on the left side you can put the 8 at B and the cue ball at A. Be sure to get the cue ball as close as possible to the cushion to make your opponent’s cueing harder.



Precision safe

Another thing to be noted from this Open was the critical importance of the break shot. Or maybe not. In the match between Darren Appleton and Alex Pagulayan -- the eventual winner and the third place finisher -- in the first 11 racks the breaker won only 3 times. Appleton won the last 7 racks in a row to take the match but only 2 of the racks were break and runs. Championship play is rarely a series of run outs, especially with the relatively small pockets of the Diamond tables. REJ

Perhaps the longest string in the Open was by Jason Klatt from Canada who put an unbroken 7-pack on Darren, but Darren managed to claw back for the win. The breaking rule was rack-your-own, break from “the box” (within a diamond of the head spot) and get three balls past the side pockets. In winning the race-to-13 finals, Appleton broke 13 times and made the wing ball (the outer ball on the side he broke from) 12 times. That’s what happens when you have a tight rack. On the other hand, Darren’s opponent in the finals, Shawn Putnam, broke 6 times and made the wing ball only twice. Inexplicably, Putnam broke from the left side all the time while Appleton was having his success from the right side. I hope I’ve convinced you to get out more and see what’s going on. The next major event in this area is the Mosconi Cup, which will be in Las Vegas December 7-11. I hope to see you there. I’m the guy with the briefcase and notebook -- say hello.

November 2011 - Stroke Magazine 11



Tim Miller

You can go to my web site and read over seventy important instructional articles at no cost to you. www. has video clips to show you how to hit the shots. My special three-day workshop is limited to four students. I do not allow my students to get lost in a large class. I am here to help you at a reasonable price. It is about skill development. May all the rolls go your way, The Monk

I am working on a project that involves the game of nine ball. Most of the masters will not share the vital concepts that are so important about this game. I promise you, this project will cover subjects that are not written about. The reason they won’t share this information with you is because it took to much sweat and effort to gain the knowledge. They simply do not want to give it away. I hope to have this work completed by mid November. Let’s establish The Monk’s Nine Ball Rules. 1. The break is the most important shot in this game. You must respect this opening shot. Your pre shot routine and thought process must be consistent on each and every break. The cue tip on the cue ball must be precise. The aiming must be accurate and the stroke must deliver the cue ball with deadly accuracy and with clear intentions on where the balls are going. The speed you use is vital. Stroke, speed and aiming point are critical parts of a good nine ball break. I charge two hundred dollars for a three hour session on the nine ball break. It would be good money spent. 2. You must master the nine ball foundation material. I give you a series of shots and strokes and a score sheet. Work on this until you can reach the level of advanced nine ball player. You must understand, if you cannot consistently pocket these foundation shots you will fail to reach the top level status in nine ball. It is as simple as that. The shots in the game of nine ball come up all the time. I set up a complete series of shots that will enable you to finish your run outs and win more games. Email me and I will send you ten of these foundational shots FREE of charge. 3. There is no such thing as an easy shot in nine ball. The entire shot sequence must be mastered on each and every shot you face. See the shot, know the stroke and shoot the shot. In nine ball it is not a matter of making the ball. You must play position and be on the right side of your next ball. You must make the ball, set up for the next shot so you can get position on the next ball. In other words, you are always thinking three balls ahead. 4. Do not make a ball when you cannot get position on the next shot. If you face a situation where you can’t get back to your next ball, play a safe. Do not play yourself into a corner. 5. Do not try to run a table when you know you have clumps and balls tied up. So often we lose the game of nine ball when we arrive at a tough shot. We knew this was going to happen and yet we still ran to this point. An example of a tough shot is a ball on the rail right next to a side pocket. That is a shot where we sell out with a bank attempt or pinch it down the rail. Pay attention to the killer balls that destroy a good nine ball game. When you are good at kicking and good at safety play, you can offer to let your opponent play himself into a corner. I have done this and ended up seeing him fail on the clump or trouble ball. Better him than me. 6. Nine ball is not about the break and run. Master the safeties found in my E book Safety Play. Don’t shoot them once. Shoot each safe a hundred times until your success rate is over 90%. Don’t come to me for backing money until you reach this success rate. 7. Play the game you are playing. Do not get ahead of yourself. Develop the I Came to Win attitude and focus on winning the game at hand. Do not get caught up in the score, or the value of winning or losing. Stay in the present and shoot the shot in front of you as a reflection of who you are. 8. Develop the ability to be a strong finisher. Run to the finish line in everything you do. Do not walk, do not hesitate do not get ahead of yourself. Be strong when it comes to the last three balls. And don’t try a low percentage shot on the eight. Be willing to play the safe required. Be patient when you are at the table. Play the game the right way. 9. Master the fine art of composure. When playing nine ball you must be composed at all times. In all shots, be composed. Be composed when walking to the table, when sitting in your chair when facing a critical shot. Simply be composed and not preoccupied with results. Be composed when you win, be composed when you lose.

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12 Stroke Magazine - November 2011

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Make up your mind to become a good nine ball player. Learn the strategies this great game demands. Master the moves and enjoy your time at the table. Check out my special workshop in Canton Ohio. If you would like to organize a workshop in your area, contact me at 1-603-566-6229

Casanzio Wins Bison Billiards Event $1,000.00 ADDED EVENT WAS A GREAT TIME

Out of the 32 shooters, 19 of them had played in at least one pro tournament before. The competition was real strong with the likes of Danny Dileberto, Mark Hatch, Randy Fawcett, Gerry Crowe, Dan Heidrich, Ron Casanzio, Shawn McCluskey, Dave Mills, Mark Creamer, Mick Norris, Tony Antone, Jim Duran, Al McGuane, Danny Kolacz, Adam Smith, and Derek Williams , all playing in the A bracket. In the end there were 3 shooters from the A bracket and 3 from the B bracket in the final 6.


1st $800 Ron Casanzio $800.00 2nd $400 Bobby Schroeder $400.00 3rd $200 Mark Hatch $200.00 4th $150 Dave Simmons $150.00 5th/6th Shawn McCluskey/Keith Webster 22 out of the 62 matches went to the hill. The second chance tournament was split between Danny Kolacz and Nick Wenzel $165.00 each.

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MAKES A GREAT GIFT November 2011 - Stroke Magazine 13

Allison Fisher Dominates China



aining, China- 15 times World Champion Allison Fisher finally snapped off her first win in China at the 2011 Haining Cup. She defeated friend and fellow top Brit Kelly Fisher. The event hosted all the top stars of China including World 9-Ball winner Bi Zu Qing, Fu Xiaofang, and the sensational Chen Siming. Foreign stars such as Ga Young Kim and Yu Ram Cha also participated.

Allison crushed the field including wins over recent World 9-Ball Champ Bi Zhuqing(CHN), demolished former World Champ Liu ShaSha(CHN), and devastated Tsai Pei Chen 9-2 in the semi-finals. On the other side, Bi Zhuqing crushed Korea’s Yu Ram Cha, before succumbing to Allison. Kelly Fisher overwhelmed everyone in a surprising 9-2 win over Siming Chen. In the finals, Kelly Fisher took on Allison Fisher in their 5th match play in the past 12 months. Allison had won the previous four meetings. Kelly took the lead at 4-2, but then it was all Allison as she won the next 7 of 9 games to win the tournament 9-5. This was Allison’s 3rd finals in China in little over a year, but her first triumph in the finals. “I’ve been close both times before at the World 9-Ball and the China Open, but this is really important for me to win finally here. Kelly and I were delighted to have done so well to get to the finals, though at times our match

14 Stroke Magazine - November 2011

was shaky,” said Fisher. Allison is sponsored by Star Tables, a top table manufacturer in China. Between both Fishers, they eliminated almost all the top China bets in the event, proving that Western women’s pool still has alot of bite. And more importantly for Allison Fisher, that after over two decades of play, she is still a deadly force to be reckon with. “In today’s women’s pool, the competition is by far stiffer than ever in history by a landslide. In modern times the Taiwanese dominated, the Koreans had their moments, and now China. And still Allison , the sport’s most decorated veteran still competing, comes out on top. Three finals in China of all places in 12 months? It’s incredible how she always still rises to the top”, said Charlie Williams, Allison Fisher’s coach and manager through Dragon Promotions. He adds, “There’s no doubt, she is still a top,top contender even today. Players still fear the Duchess of Doom.” Fisher flies to Manila, Philippines tomorrow along with her fellow top pro women for the Yalin Women’s World 10-Ball Championship. For Allison, it’s good timing with a nice momentum built from China. Photo: The two Fishers both overcame the odds on favorite Chinese to reach the finals together for England (l to r) Kelly Fisher and Allison Fisher


EVENT CONCLUDES WITH A FLAWLESS PERFORMANCE BY AZB STAFF ran that rack, then broke and ran the final rack for the match and title.

The final day of the 36th Annual U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships concluded with a flawless performance by the explosive British player “Dynamite” Darren Appleton. He defeated Shawn Putnam in a single-set finals match with a convincing score of 13-6. Appleton is the third player in U.S. Open 9-Ball history to claim back to back titles since Mika Immonen in 2008/2009 and Nick Varner in 1989/1990.

Putnam earned his second place finish defeating a number of world class players including Mosconi Cup MVP Dennis Hatch 11-2. Putnam appeared unstoppable, running the first four racks and jumping to an 8-0 lead before Hatch even won a game. The two friends bantered and even exchanged a fist pump when Hatch played a lock up safety on the 6 ball while down 8-1. Ultimately, Hatch was unable to capitalize on the rare opportunities he received and at 10-2, when Putnam got perfect on the 6 ball with four balls left on the table, he threw in the towel.

This year, 251 players representing over 30 countries arrived to vie for the most prestigious professional billiard title on U.S. soil. Only four entered the final day where each match would now be a win-by-two format that never came into play. The determined Brit entered the Accu-stats TV arena for his finals match sporting his patriotic England shirt with his country’s bold name and logo on the back. He had already defeated Putnam once in the first round of the finals bracket and felt confident he could do it again. The first of only two errors by Appleton came in rack seven. While up 6-0, he scratched while playing onerail position from the 3 to the 4 ball allowing Putnam a chance to move his first bead. He would claim that rack and two more bringing the score to 6-3 when the American fans began chanting, “USA! USA!” Putnam cracked a smirk but the cue ball found a way to the pocket on his following break. Appleton continued his lead throughout the match keeping the cue ball on a very short leash. His patterns were simple, his speed was precise, and his pocketing was deadly. While ahead 11-5, Appleton finally missed a thin cut on the 3 ball that sold out the rack. Putnam ran a few balls but found he was

Darren Appleton (Photo courtesy of Ricky Bryant)

cold from the chair. He missed the 7 ball in the corner but it banked in the side two rails. He did get out but broke and scratched in the following rack. Appleton

Putnam continued his tear in his next match against “The Lion” Alex Pagulayan who made a few uncharacteristic mental errors. Pagulayan received his first loss from Appleton in winner-side finals match. Both players stayed at each other’s heels until Appleton was ahead 7-6. In that rack, Appleton missed a 2 ball displaying the first possible signs of a slight mechanical breakdown. The gentlemen exchanged a few safeties until Pagulayan finally had an offensive shot at the 3 ball. As he shot it a cell phone went off in the top row leaving him with a tricky shot on the 4 ball. “I told you, only when he shoots,” said the playful lion. After much pondering, Pagulayan swung and missed the 4 in the corner. He would never regain control of the table again after that. Appleton’s break was too effective and consistent and would ultimately earn him the grand prize. Visit for online brackets and photo gallery.


How do you follow up your second straight US Open 9-Ball crown? If you are Darren Appleton, you follow it up with a win at the 2011 Challenge of Champions at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Ct.

This event calls for four invited players to compete in two races to five and a one game sudden death playoff if the players split the first two sets.

The final match between Appleton and See did not start off well for Appleton, with See winning the first set 5-2. Appleton came back to force a tie-breaker with a 5-2 win of his own in the second set.

There was no sudden death playoff for Darren in his first match as he posted back to back 5-2 wins over World 9-Ball Champion Yukio Akakariyama.

See won the lag for the sudden death game, but was unable to get a shot on the one after the break. See did take control after an Appleton safety, with a successful jump shot. That control came unraveled though, when See missed a five ball and was forced to sit and watch Appleton run out the remaining balls for the win.

The other semi-final match saw World 10-Ball Champion defeat Mika Immonen in a sudden death playoff after winning 5-2 and then losing 5-3.

Appleton earned $25,000 in the winner take all event.


November 2011 - Stroke Magazine 15




L-R: Jeremy Sossei, Jennifer Barretta, Gregg McAndrews

The Predator Pro-Am Tour's 12th stop of the season rolled through Cue Nine, in Levittown, NY on October 1-2, 2011. Cue Nine, which is one of the newest pool rooms in Long Island, features an impressive menu by celebrity chef Marc Anthony Bynum, as well as a unique upscale atmosphere. The event drew top amateurs and pros for their respective events, and while there was stand out play by several people in the two events, the major buzz was all about one person in particular‌ Jennifer "9mm" Barretta. Jennifer Barretta has emerged as one of the top women players in the game, as well as being branded as one of the most marketable players in the game today. ESPN has recognized Jennifer for being one of the sexiest athletes in sports, and she has been featured as a model & athlete in Maxim and Playboy magazines. Most recently, Jennifer has helped spearhead a breakthrough group of female NYC players called the RackStarz, who are working on bringing a new level of exposure and excitement to the game. Through continuing to improve her game and competing in both the women's and open events, Jennifer Barretta has proven that she has a serious game to back up the hype. Jennifer came out to compete against the best in the Predator Tour's Open/Pro 10-Ball event, and ended up proving that her "9mm" firepower was enough to battle against the big guns and giant killers. Jennifer started out with a win over Jerry Tarantola 8-4, than defeated her first teacher, and the tour's #1-ranked player Tony Robles, for the first time. However, she was sent to the one-loss side after an impressive performance by Jeremy Sossei. Jennifer then bounced back with an 8-7 hill-hill win over Gregg McAndrews in the semifinal, earning her a spot in the finals. In the finals, Jennifer was set for a rematch against one of the region's toughest players, Jeremy Sossei (currently #17 on the BCA rankings list), who had

16 Stroke Magazine - November 2011

L-R Daniel Dagotdot, Luis Novas (Co-Champions) & Wellington Reyes

been dominant in two previous sets against Jennifer. In the final match, Jennifer Barretta played a spectacular set en-route to a 11-4 final scoreline, putting an exclamation on making history on the Predator Tour. With this win, Jennifer became the first female pool player to ever win an Open/Pro event on the Predator Tour. Tony Robles mentioned that he has never seen Jennifer play at such a high level, and was playing good enough to beat anyone in the world the way she was playing. Tony appeared teary eyed after his match with Jennifer, who proved to be a very worthy opponent in their set. "I am super proud of Jennifer. She has come such a long way since her first lesson with me years ago and I couldn't be happier for her" stated Tony. Two other players brought buzz-worthy performances to the table in this event. Pat DiBuono also brought his "A" game as he had an impressive and remarkable event, as he defeated several strong players, including Tony Robles. Gregg McAndrews also had a strong day, playing several stand out sets, including defeating the always-tough Frankie Hernandez in two consecutive sets. Kudos go out to Jennifer Barretta on this very impressive win‌ be sure to keep an eye out for one of the strongest women players in the game today to continue, as she continues to stir up buzz in and around the game.

hottest amateur players in the Tri-State area right now, and was looking to prove he can hang at his newly-appointed A+ rating, which is the highest rating in the Predator Tour's amateur division. However, Daniel had a rough start to the event, taking a first-round loss on the hill (7-6) to Jamie Gremmo. But, in comeback fashion, Daniel won the next nine consecutive matches to earn a spot in the finals. On his road to the finals, Daniel defeated Robert Gipp 8-6, Roberto Mendoza 7-4, Shawn Sookhai 8-6, Tony Sinacore 7-6, Dave Shlemperis 8-7, Christian Smith 7-3 John Ortiz 7-5, George Poltorak 9-5, and Wellington Reyes 7-6. Meanwhile, Luis Novas took control in the winner's bracket, running through to the finals undefeated. Luis is another player who has been putting in a lot of time in both on the practice table and in competition, and is also poised to soon break through to the next level. En route to the finals, Luis Novas defeated Gail Glazebrook 7-4, Bob Schlott 7-5, Tony Ignomirello 7-3, George Poltorak 7-6, and Wellington Reyes 9-5 in the hot seat match. At the end of the day, Luis and Daniel decided to split the victory and be cochampions of the event. Congratulations to both Luis Novas and Daniel Dagotdot for their much-deserved victories.


OPEN/PRO 10-BALL FINAL RESULTS: 1st: $500 Jennifer Barretta 2nd: $300 Jeremy Sossei 3rd: $165 Gregg McAndrews 4th: $100 Pat DiBuono

In the Predator Tour's Amateur 9-Ball event, fortyfive players came out to compete at Cue Nine. Top amateur players included Mark Pantovic, Tony Liang, Wellington Reyes, Christian Smith, John Ortiz, Raphael DaBreo, and Daniel Dagotdot. Daniel Dagotdot came into this event as one of

AMATEUR 9-BALL FINAL RESULTS: 1st/2nd: $750 Daniel Dagotdot / Louis Novas 3rd: $400 Wellington Reyes 4th: $225 George Poltorak 5th/6th: $165 Ron Mason, John Ortiz 7th-8th: $125 Bob Schlott, Christian Smith 9th-12th: $100 Tony Ignomirello, Dave Shlemperis, Charles Young, Billy Santiago The next stop on the Predator Pro-Am Tour will take place on October 15-16 at Cue Bar in Bayside, Queens, NY. Be sure to check out www. for more details.

ERIC TANG TAKES TOP HONORS at The Predator Pro-Am Tour's CueBar Stop




n October 15-16, the Predator Pro-Am Tour's thirteenth stop of the 2011 season was hosted by CueBar in Bayside, Queens, NY. One of the premier spots for pool in the area.

Steve Mack also had an impressive run through the one-loss side, but was eliminated in the following round by Matthew Harricharan in a hill-hill cliffhanger at 7-6. However, Matthew faced a similar fate in the next round at the hands of Niko Berdzenishvili in the quarterfinal, who finished off the match at 7-6 as well.

While the majority of the area's pro and open players were participating in the first day of competition of the US Open, this tour stop only featured the $500 added 9-Ball amateur event.

Out of all of these players, Niko had the longest L-R 1st Place: Eric Tang, 2nd Place: Harry Lau, 3rd Place: Niko Berdzenishvili and 4th Place journey through the one-loss side. As one of winner: Matthew Harricharan the few players without first-round byes, Niko A field of 45 top amateurs from around the area filled the field, where Berdzenishvili lost his very first match against Meshak Daniel, to then two would meet to go undefeated through the winner's bracket and face win eight consecutive matches on the one-loss side to go to the semifinals. off in the hot seat match. After an exceedingly late night of play, Niko Berdzenishvili gave in to In the upper half of the bracket, Harry Lau battled through a series of fatigue against Eric Tang losing in the semifinal 7-5, while undefeated close matches to advance to the hot seat match. Harry Lau and hot seat loser Eric Tang decided to hang up their hats and split for 1st/2nd. Eric Tang claimed the title, while Harry Lau and Meanwhile, Eric Tang took charge of the lower half of the bracket, Niko Berdzenishvili took 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Congratulations to also going through a number of tight matches to then defeat Matthew all three players for their strong showings in this event. Harricharan 7-4 in his 'final four' match-up. Eric Tang then took on Harry 1st: $800 Eric Tang Lau in the hot seat match, which would end up in Harry's favor by a 2nd: $550 Harry Lau scoreline of 7-5. 3rd: $400 Niko Berdzenishvili 4th: $275 Matthew Harricharan On the left side of the bracket, a number of players showed a lot of heart, 5th/6th: $175 Clive Rose, Steve Mack including Shawn Sookhai, who after a first-round bye, lost his second 7th/8th: $100 Ray Lee, Shawn Sookhai round match to then comeback with five straight wins and finish tied for 9th-12th: $70 Ray Feliciano, Glenn Ramsey, seventh place with Ray Lee, after losing 7-3 to Steve Mack. Gary Murgia, Tony Liang


Grau wins short-field stop on Western New York Pool Tour REMAINING UNDEFEATED AFTER FIVE MATCHES Dave Grau went undefeated to capture first place on the Western New York Pool Tour, on Saturday, October 8. It took him five matches to complete the task; three rounds of single elimination pool, and a double elimination final that occurred because his opponent – Mark Cramer – took advantage of a $20 buy-back for a second chance in those finals. The event was hosted by Six Pockets in Rochester, NY and drew only five entrants. Tour director Nick Brucato drew a bye in the opening, single elimination round, as Grau faced Terry Bowman and a player known only as Hero faced Cramer. Grau advanced to a second round with a 7-2 victory over Bowman, as Cramer got by (the) Hero, also 7-2. In the second round draw, Bowman squared off against Cramer, while Grau drew Brucato. Both Cramer and Grau advanced to the next round with 7-4 victories over Bowman and Brucato. Cramer then drew a bye,

as Brucato bought back into another match versus Grau. Grau defeated him 7-5, and the Grau/Cramer finals were on. Grau won the opening set 7-4, and when Cramer bought in to a second chance, defeated him again 7-5 to capture the event title. In addition to the monetary prize, Grau's victory earned him free entry to the tour's next stop, scheduled for October 15, at Steel City Billiards in Brentwood, PA. In spite of the short field, Brucato had high praise for Six Pockets owner Terry Horan and his staff for their hospitality. He also thanked Dave Leckinger, owner of Triton Cues, who was on hand throughout the day for cue repairs. 1st 2nd

$225 $125

Dave Grau Mark Creamer

November 2011 - Stroke Magazine 17

Chix with Stix by: Don “Cheese” Akerlow


t is time again for the Tour Championship of the Women’s Professional Billiards Association (WPBA) to be held. It is returning to the beach - Lincoln City, OR at Chinook Winds Casino. It has been what feels like an eternity since the ladies were last at Chinook Winds and the fans and followers of the WPBA have been waiting for their return.

Tamre’ Geene’-Rogers, president of the WPBA and local president of the Northwest Women’s Pool Association (NWPA) sat down for an interview. There have been a lot of rumors and questions about the WPBA circulating with in the billiard community, so I thought I would try to clear a few things up with Tamre’. I asked her why the WPBA was doing less events in the last few years and she remarked, “We have fallen off on tournaments, some of it has to do with the economy and we are working hard to put together a strong schedule for 2012.” The WPBA has loyal sponsors in Diamond Billiard Products, Simonis Cloth, Delta-13, Aramith and of course the APA. Tamre’ said she was always reaching out to the billiard community to form more alliances and seek new sponsors. I asked Tamre’ if the WPBA is considering pool halls to host their tour events to which she responded, “Part of the difficulty of that is the production side of it. We have to be able to have the trestles and all of the equipment in order to do the filming for ESPN. It is difficult to do that in a pool room setting and also to bring in the bleachers to allow the amount of spectators that come to the events. If you would go into a pool room you wouldn’t have that opportunity to do all of that because some pool rooms just can’t accommodate that type of seating. You have to play on the equipment the pool room has etc. We have Diamond Billiards as our table sponsor. I don’t know the whole story of exactly when they moved because I came in very late to the WPBA but I played during the time that we played in pool rooms and then when they switched, it’s just a much better venue. It’s much easier to do the filming and to accommodate the fans. For example in Lincoln City, this time, the Opal-APA is having a Regional Tournament down there so we are doing a side by side with them. We do that in a multitude of places. Last year when we were in Niagara in December we had a side by side with one of the Canadian APA Leagues who came down and held a regional event. It worked out great. We love having the APA as a side by side. The APA is not only our sponsor, we support them, they support us but the players really love having the WPBA. They get to shot clock for the

18 Stroke Magazine - November 2011

e h T

players sometimes. They volunteer and come in to shot clock a match which is exciting for them and we appreciate them doing that. They also get to come in and watch the professionals play and interact with them. A lot of times the players will hold a mini tournament on a Friday or Saturday night and the WPBA players will go in and play.” I asked Tamre’ to help everyone understand why the WPBA went down to a field of 48 instead of staying at 64 players. She responded, “Sometimes the field is hard to fill on a 64 player field as you start getting declines. You know players have lives as well, sometimes they can come and sometimes they can’t. The economy has hit people really hard so the cost of having to travel to different places was difficult, so we were asked to take a look at the field and to go down to the 48. Now the one tournament that will remain at 64 will be the U S Open. Because it is a U S Open event, we have different guidelines for inviting people to that event. So we made that decision based on some membership input as well so we went down to 48. We made that decision to help fill the field to have the top players. But where the WPBA is at this moment in time we felt that this was the best choice for us to make. Now that’s not to say in the future when we have a schedule of more tournaments that we are not going to look at the opportunity of opening those events back up again. We’ll challenge that when we get to that point again. But with as little events as there are right now and what we are trying to do we felt it was the best move for the WPBA. You’ve got to remember, years ago, when you look back at the history of the WPBA the field used to be a 48 player field and then they opened it to 64 and we’ve just chosen to go back to kind of where we were. We actually have gone back to winner breaks. We aren’t doing the alternating break and we’ve actually gone back to the double elimination until the TV rounds. Then we have to go to single elimination at that point.” I have noticed over the years that the amount of tournaments telecast by ESPN has fallen off drastically in the last couple of years, so I asked Tamre’ if she had any “insider” information about the situation. She said, “You know the fewer tournaments you have the less opportunity you have to show on television. They are committed to running so much per event. Of course, the less tournaments you have the less women’s billiards there will be on TV. I did not too long ago see some really old classic events on there. I want to say a couple of months ago that I saw something but of course we just reran the finals this last week for the U S Open. I don’t see a lot of other billiards on there. I don’t see the trick shots that used to pop up before, different things like that. It is our goal to get as many events as we can. That’s why we are working so hard on

! s n r etu

R A B P W 2012 because the more events we have the more billiards is going to be on television. That’s why it is one of my main focuses, to get events. Signing casinos to bring us into their establishment. I get emails from fans periodically which I love. I love the fans emailing me because I think it’s great they take the opportunity to sit down and write me a note and many times I hear are there going to be more events? And again all I can say is we are working very very hard to make that happen for them.” Tamre’ has her work cut out for her, but she is not new to challenges. She has been active in women’s pool in the Pacific Northwest since the NWPA began in 2002. It was organized after the ACW (Association of Cuesports for Women) begun by Linda Carter was discontinued. The NWPA has an established history for the past decade in the Pacific Northwest. And has grown into giving the women of the area an organization that helps them reach the goal to compete on a professional level in the WPBA. Whether they aspire to become a professional or just better their own game, the NWPA gives the women a structure from which to do that. In closing I asked Tamre’ if she had anything else she would like to add and she answered, “The only thing that I would like to say is I am really thankful to the women of the WPBA for entrusting me with this role. Sometimes, I get emotional about it. They have chosen to keep me on this board as president, so to me it means they saw something in me that could help the WPBA. It’s always been a dream of mine to be involved with the WPBA and I never imagined I would ever be president. That was the farthest thought from my mind of that every taking place. I always wanted to say thank you to the players, thank you to the membership, thank you to the rest of my board members for their support as well. We are just going to continue to plug along. This is going to be a great ride and I really look forward to it.” And if you ever see Tamre’ be sure to get her a carmel frappuccino. She said it’s her new favorite. It’s her one vice besides collecting wine.

Tamre’ Geene’-Rogers



3rd Place - William Zarzour ; 1st Place - Ron Gabia;

right 2nd Place - Dan Cintron

His tournament trail included wins over 2011 Tri-State Invitational winner Paul Ravel 7 - 6; Carl Yusuf Khan 7 - 5; up and coming Ed Culhane 7 - 4; Joe Landi 7 - 0 and William Zarzour 8 - 6 for the Hot Seat. With the remaining players battle fatigued, the positions for 1st thru 3rd were decided by relative strength of the players and their standing through a mutual agreement to conclude the event. The ever threatening Dan Cintron placing 2nd with a 9/1 win/ loss record and William Zarzour, finishing 3rd, deserve recognittion for their solid performances. Please provide a thank you to Sterling-Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Ron Tarr Cues, Kamui Tips, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics for their sponsorship leading to this event. 1st $710.00 Ronald Gabia 2nd $460.00 Dan Cintron 3rd $290.00 William Zarzour 4th $170.00 Alex Osipov 5th - 6th $110.00 Joe Landi, Cyndi Haefner 7th - 8th $85.00 Ed Culhane, Kapriel Delimelkonglu 9th - 12th Silva Fret, Koka Davladze Jim Ireland, Glenn Ramsey



1st Place - Ed Culhane; 2nd Place - Mike Ettl; right 3rd Place - Ron Mason

Ed played strong all day as he went undefeated into the Hot Seat. He then edged his way through Finals against Mike Ettl 9 - 8 for the victory. His tournament trail included wins over Ed Hugh 7 - 3; Raphael DaBreo 7 - 5; Geovani Hosang 7 - 5; Mark Pantovic 7 - 3 and Mike Ettl 7 - 3 for the Hot Seat and 9 - 8 in the Finals. Both Mike Ettl placing 2nd and Ron Mason finishing 3rd with a 6 win/ 2 loss record, deserve congratulations on their solid performances. Many thanks go to Theo Katelas and his cousin Theo for their generous support of the Tri-State Tour, by providing excellent playing conditions and beautiful surroundings, not to mention a terrific menu of high quality meals. Please provide a thank you to Sterling-Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Ron Tarr Cues, Kamui Tips, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics, and for their sponsorship leading to this event. 1st $600.00 Ed Culhane 2nd $380.00 Mike Ettl 3rd $235.00 Ron Mason 4th $140.00 Mark Pantovic 5th - 6th $90.00 Keith AdamikMichael Aro 7th - 8th $65.00 Geovani Hosang, Keith Diaz 9th - 12th Jimmy Martinez, Joe Landi, Matt McMillen, Ben Casteneros


Fuller gets by Chau twice to win Poison Planet Pool stop and US Open entry Mike Fuller went undefeated on the Poison Planet Pool Tour stop on Saturday, September 25, defeating Manny Chau twice to capture the first place prize. In addition to the monetary first prize, Fuller also won a free entry to the US Open 9-Ball Championships, later this month. The $1,000-added event drew 26 entrants to Barry Behrmann's Q-Master Billiards in Virginia Beach, VA. Once Chau had sent Chris Vollmar west 9-3 from among the winners' side final four, and Fuller had gotten by Brandon Shuff 9-2, it was time for their first of two meetings. Fuller prevailed 9-4

20 Stroke Magazine - November 2011

and sat in the hot seat, awaiting Chau's return. Shuff moved over to pick up Eric Moore, who'd defeated R.J. Carmona 7-3 and Bill Duggan 7-4. Vollmar drew Mike Davis, who'd gotten by Rob Pole 7-3 and Chris Futrell 7-5. Davis and Shuff advanced to the quarterfinals after Davis defeated Vollmar 7-2 and Shuff had downed Moore 7-3. Davis then survived a double hill battle versus Shuff in those quarterfinals and turned to face Chau. Chau earned his right to a second crack at Fuller with a 7-4 win over Davis and the re-match was on.

Fuller allowed Chau one less rack in the finals than he'd given up in the hot seat match, defeating him 9-3 to capture the event title and earn the free entry to the US Open.


RESULTS: 1st $638.00 2nd $500.00 3rd $350.00 4th $200.00 5th/6th $150.00

Michael Fuller Manual Chau Mike Davis Brandon Shuff Eric Moore, Chris Vollmar

TOENNIES DOUBLE DIPS MULLENS to take second-to-last

BAAT stop


BY SKIP MALONEY - AZB STAFF As the Florida-based Bay Area Amateur Tour wraps up its 2011 schedule, contenders for the year's top tour rankings are jockeying for position. In the second-to-last event of the year, a $340-added event that drew 17 entrants to Wally's in Lakeland, FL on Saturday, October 15, the first and second place standings were reversed; Kelly Cavanaugh, who finished third in the event, advanced to the top slot in the rankings, while Sabra MacArthur Beahn, who finished in the tie for seventh place, dropped into the second slot. Jamie Toennies, in the meantime, advanced from ninth to sixth place in those standings when she came from the one-loss side to meet and defeat hot seat occupant Tracey Mullen in a true double elimination final. It was Cavanaugh and Mullen who squared off in the battle for the hot seat in this latest event; Cavanaugh having sent Toennies west 6-3, as Mullen was doing likewise to Chris Fields 5-4 (Fields needing to reach 6). Cavanaugh and Mullen fought back and forth to double hill before Mullen prevailed to gain the hot seat. Toennies moved over to face Cassidy Mulligan (winner of the September stop on the tour), who'd survived two straight double hill matches versus Lisa McElroy and Cortney Bernard to reach her. Fields drew tour newcomer Terri Cockrell, who'd shut out Erikka Halbert (another newcomer) and ended MacArthur Beahn's day 3-4 (Beahn

Mullen, in the hot seat, and entering the tournament in possession of fifth place in the overall standings, could not be caught by Toennies, no matter what the outcome of the true double elimination final (both had not attended tour stops in March and May). The result, though, bore implications for the tour's Grand Finale, set for November 12, at Stroker's in Palm Harbor, FL.

Tracey Mullen, Tour Director Stephanie Mitchell and Jamie Toennies

needing to reach 6). Fields and Toennies advanced to the quarterfinals in totally opposite ways; Fields with a shutout over Cockrell, Toennies in a double hill battle against Mulligan. Toennies moved on to a semifinal re-match against Cavanaugh with a 4-1 victory over Fields. With MacArthur Beahn's seventh place finish, Cavanaugh had already advanced to the top of the tour rankings, when she'd gotten as far as the hot seat. Toennies' 4-2 victory in the semifinal re-match didn't disturb that position, but it did improve her own standing, from ninth to sixth.

In a straight-up race to five, Toennies took the opening set 5-3. In the race-to-four second set, the two battled to double hill before Toennies prevailed to capture the event title. Had Mullen won, she'd have created 155 points of separation between herself and Toennies, going into the tour's final event in November. Toennies victory reduced that gap down to 85 points. Tour representatives, quoted in a report on the BAAT tour stop in September, erroneously identified this most recent stop as the final 'points eligible' event for 2011 tour standings. In fact, eligible, tour-ranking points can and will be earned at the tour's Grand Finale in November


1st $275.00 Jamie Toennies 2nd $175.00 Tracey Mullen 3rd $120.00 Kelly Cavanaugh 4th $70.00 Chris Fields 5th/6th $50.00 Terri Cockrell Cassidy Mulligan

Shuff and Strickland share title on Action Pool Tour Warm-Up to US Open In a truly last-minute warm up to the US Open, already underway in Chesapeake, VA, Earl Strickland and Brandon Shuff were to have squared off in the finals of a stop on the Action Pool Tour on Saturday, October 16. They opted to share the event title, and split the first and second place winnings. At stake in the event, as well, was a free entry to the US Open, which was slated to go to the highest placed finisher in this event, not already entered in the Open. That privilege went to tour director Ozzy Reynolds, who, in a 7th/8th place battle defeated John Newton. The Warm-Up event drew 45 entrants to Diamond Billiards in Midlothian, VA, including a host of notables who would leave the event, bound for the US Open – Strickland, Shuff, Mike Davis, Carey Dunn, Shaun Wilkie, Dave Hunt, and Larry Kressel among them. It was Shuff advancing to the hot seat in this event. After receiving a bye in the opening round, Shuff went on to defeat Mat LeMire, Carey Dunn, and John Newton to join and face Strickland for the first time among the winners' side final four. Strickland had just sent Reynolds west 9-7. The other two among the final four winners were Wilkie and Dave Hunt. Hunt had opened the tournament with three matches in which he'd chalked up an aggregate score of 27-2, and then won two straight double hill matches, against Larry Kressel, among the final eight winners, and then, Wilkie, among the final four, for the right to face Shuff in the hot seat match. Shuff had just sent Strickland west double hill. Shuff played his final match, sending Hunt to the semifinals.

BY SKIP MALONEY - AZB STAFF On the loss-side, Reynolds, having been sent over by Strickland, defeated Jeremy Perkins 9-4, and earned his free entry to the US Open with a double hill win over John Newton, which set him up to face Wilkie. Strickland met up with Larry Kressel, who'd defeated Scott Kessler 9-6 and Danny Mastermaker 9-3 to reach him. Wilkie defeated Reynolds 9-7 to get into the quarterfinals, where he was joined by Strickland, who'd downed Kressel 9-3. Strickland then defeated Wilkie in the quarterfinals and Hunt in the semifinals by the same 9-4 score. At that point, Strickland and Shuff opted to forego playing a final match, and share both the event title and first and second place prize money.


RESULTS: 1st 1st 3rd 4th 5th/6th 7th/8th

$675.00 $675.00 $300.00 $200.00 $150.00 $100.00

Brandon Shuff Earl Strickland David Hunt Shaun Wilkie Larry Kressel, Ozzy Reynolds Danny Mastermaker, John Newton

November 2011 - Stroke Magazine 21


Mosconi Cup Teams Set


TEAM USA ith The 2011 Mosconi Cup set to kick off at 11am on Thursday 8th December, the team selected to represent America at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas will be Shane Van Boening, Shawn Putnam, Mike Dechaine, Johnny Archer and Rodney Morris.

These five have finished at the top of Matchroom Sport’s ranking system that comprised ten events across the USA over a 12 month period. With a total of 26 appearances in the transatlantic tussle between them, there is plenty of experience on hand, with Mike Dechaine being the sole debutant. Following a career best finish at the weekend’s US Open in Chesapeake, Shawn Putnam, who was a member of the winning side in 2005, crashed the top three to guarantee an automatic spot. He ultimately displaced Johnny Archer, but “the Scorpion” and Rodney Morris garnered sufficiently high finishes at the Open to maintain their top five positions and hold off Dennis Hatch, who narrowly missed out.

With the top three in the ranking assured their spots, Matchroom Sport decided to go with the top five after an epic year-long battle among the top players in the USA, and named Morris and Archer as the “wild cards”. The team will now attempt to win back pool’s most prestigious team trophy after defeat in London last December. The US Mosconi Cup Ranking consisted of 10 events throughout the United States, and culminated in the US Open. Points were allocated as per the BCA Points List and each event was weighted depending on total purse, size of field and number of top-ranked players competing. Only players finishing in the last 32 of each event were allocated points and players were allowed to drop their worst finish of the ten event series. At the conclusion, after the 2011 US Open, the top three players were automatically granted entry to the Mosconi Cup side.

TEAM EUROPE DARREN APPLETON’S second successive US Open title – only the third man in history to successfully defend the biggest title in American pool – saw him move to second spot in the final European rankings and secure a second successive Mosconi Cup appearance. He will be joined by countryman Chris Melling who has enjoyed a fabulous season, with 14 times Mosconi Cup veteran Ralf Souquet (Germany) claiming the third automatic spot. The remaining two “wild card” spots go to the Dutch duo of Nick Van den Berg and Niels Feijen, who have ten Mosconi Cup appearances between them. Following a 13 event series over 12 months taking in 12 different countries around the world, the top five players in the ranking will now reconvene at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to defend the title they won so well in London last year. World 10 Ball champion Huidji See gave Feijen a run for his money but

22 Stroke Magazine - November 2011

came up just six points short as ‘The Terminator’s 17th place finish in Chesapeake saw him over the line. There are two changes from last year$B!G(Js victorious side – Melling comes in for Karl Boyes, while Feijen replaces Mika Immonen. The team will once again be captained by Dutchman Johan Ruijsink. The Mosconi Cup is the annual Europe v America pool showdown. In existence since 1994, the event features two five-man teams doing battle in a series of singles and doubles matches over four days of compelling action. Tickets for the Mosconi Cup are priced at $35 per day or $120 for the four day season passes and booking charges will apply. Currently the Mosconi Cup is sold through Ticketmaster (1-800-745-3000) or MGM Resorts Contact Center (1-866-740-7711). Visit and search “Mosconi Cup”



Janet Atwell went undefeated on the MissCues Regional Ladies Tour on the weekend of October 15-16, but not before being challenged by Teruko Cuculleli, who'd been sent to the loss-side in the event's opening round, and battled through six wins on that side of the bracket to face her in those finals. It was Atwell's third win on the 2011 MissCues tour, and the second time she defeated Cuculleli in the finals. They'd met in the finals in June, as well, but Cuculleli ended up on top in that Louisville, KY event. This most recent $500-added event drew 15 entrants to 8-Ball Sports Bar & Billiards in Columbus, OH.

Melody Kuty 7-1, and Stephanie Goens 7-3 to reach her. It was Cuculleli and Jolie advancing to the quarterfinals; Cuculleli with a 7-5 victory over Merrill, and Jolie 7-4 over Parsons. Jolie fought tooth and nail in those quarterfinals, forcing a 13th deciding game that was eventually won by Cuculleli, who followed that win up with a semifinal shutout over Meraglio. It was the 'rubber match' of three finals that Atwell and Cuculleli had played against each other on the MissCues tour, dating back to June. Atwell won their match title tie-breaker 9-6 to win her third MissCues title in 2011.

Following victories over Tracy Cantrell and Teruko Cucculelli and Janet Atwell Buffy Jolie, Atwell moved among the winners' side final four, where she faced Marianne Merrill, who'd sent Cuculleli west in the opening round. Atwell and Merrill Tour director Becky Todd thanked Richard Whaley and his staff were joined among the final four winners by Tina Meraglio and Lynn at 8-Ball Sports Bar & Billiards for their cooperation, support and Parsons. Atwell and Meraglio advanced to the hot seat match with assistance in hosting the event. identical 7-2 victories over Merrill and Parsons. Atwell kept the 7-2 score going in the hot seat match that sent Meraglio to the semifinals. 1st $460.00 Janet Atwell 2nd $345.00 Teruko Cucculelli Meanwhile, on the loss side, Cuculleli was working on her journey 3rd $230.00 Tina Meraglio back to the finals. She got by Samantha Patton 7-2, Jessica Human 7-1, 4th $115.00 Buffy Jolie and Cantrell 7-3 to pick up Merrill. Parsons drew Jolie, who'd defeated


November 2011 - Stroke Magazine 23

24 Stroke Magazine - November 2011


Trick Shots by Sarge


This month’s Artistic Pool Shot is from the Follow Discipline


Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth

This month’s Artistic Pool Shot has a Degree of Difficulty (DOD) of 9. This is a specialty shot of Tom Dr. Cue Rossman’s. You can almost “ Bet The Farm” he will make this shot within 3 attempts. Let’s look at the set up for this great shot. You begin by placing B ball two ball’s width out from the long rail, with the right edge of the ball in a straight line to the left point of pocket B. The E ball is frozen to the B ball and is also two ball’s width out from

cushion by C ball and a scratch is allowed. The balls on either side of the “Gap” May Not Be Touched as the cue ball curves through. Here are a few helpful hints to help you execute this shot. The cue ball’s placement is critical for this shot. I place the cue ball just behind the X line with the cue ball’s right edge in line with A ball’s left edge. I use top left English, at 11 o’clock, and a medium hard stroke. When the cue ball contacts the E ball first the vertical axis

the long rail. The A ball is frozen to the E ball and angled so the line of centers between E and A ball are pointed to the left point of pocket A for the allowance of throw. The C ball is between the pocket points of C pocket. You can now set up the row of blocking balls with a two ball space as shown. The cue ball is in hand anywhere behind the line X. The objective of this shot is to shoot the cue ball hitting E ball first then carom to B ball and then travel with a timed curb through “Gap” in the row of blocking balls to pocket the C ball. You will be making all for object ball’s as pocket letter designated. The cue ball may contact an extra

of the cue ball will be in line with the right edge of the E ball, a half ball aim. You are now cutting the E ball to the left. This is a must or E ball will not bank cross side. If the cue ball strikes any of the first 5 ball’s out from the long rail you’re shooting too softly and if the cue ball strike’s any of the second group 5 ball’s you are hitting too hard. Be sure your cue ball is level and you follow through. This set up is for a nine foot table so you will have to make adjustments if you attempt this shot on an eight or seven foot table. With some serious practice you will be able to make this great shot.

One of the top trick shot artists in the world, Sarge now calls Las Vegas his home. He is looking to resume his trick shot exhibitions which made him famous throughout the Northwest. ... look for him in a pool room near you.

g Comin k Tour ew Yor stern N


$250 Added Guaranteed

Bar Box 8-Ball 1st Saturday of the Month $35 entry includes green fee - Double Elimination - Race to 3 Doors open Noon - Calcutta 2pm - Starts 2:30pm

November 2011 - Stroke Magazine 25

Read Online

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice DATE Nov 5 Nov 5-6 Nov 5-6 Nov 5-6 Nov 5-6 Nov 5-6 Nov 6 Nov 9-13 Nov 9-13 Nov 12 Nov 12 Nov 12 Nov 13 Nov 12-13 Nov 13 Nov 19 Nov 19 Nov 19 Nov 19-20 Nov 19-20 Nov 20 Nov 26 Nov 26-27 Nov 27 Dec 3 Dec 3 Dec 4 Dec 10-11 Dec 10 Dec 10 Dec 10 Dec 10-11 Dec 18 Dec 18 Dec 18

CITY Raleigh, NC E Rutherford, NJ Fairfield, OH Yorkville, NY Greenville, SC Atlanta, GA Jackson Hgts, NY Las Vegas, NV Goldsboro, NC Brentwood, PA E Rutherford, NJ Palm Harbor, FL Raleigh, NC Orange Park, FL Drexel Hill, PA Staten Island, NY Rochester, NY Boynton Beach, FL Providence, RI Fairfield, OH E Wareham, MA Williamsville, NY New Bern, NC Levittown, NY Brooklyn, NY Raleigh, NC Frazer, PA W Hempstead, NY Largo, FL E Rutherford, NJ Buffalo, NY Raleigh, NC Warwick, RI Bayside, NY Rochester, NY

LOCATION Brass Tap Billiards Castle Billiards Michael’s Billiards Hippo’s Billiards World Cup Billiards Mr Cues Billiards BQE Billiards Bally’s Casino Fast Eddie’s Steel City Billiards Castle Billiards Strokers Billiards Brass Tap Billiards Park Ave Billiards Drexeline Billiards Port Richmond Billiards Six Pockets Slate Billiards Snookers Billiards Michael’s Billiards The Fan Club Bison Billiards Mickey Mulligans Cue Nine Billiards Gotham City Billiards Brass Tap Billiards Main Line Billiards Raxx Pool Room Corner Pocket Castle Billiards Bison Billiards Brass Tap Billiards Bo’s Billiards Cue Bar Six Pockets

PHONE (919) 876-2382 (201) 933-6007 (513) 860-0044 (315) 768-0218 (864) 220-2630 (770) 454-7665 (718) 779-4348 (800) 984-7665 (919) 759-0071 (412) 884-5255 (201) 933-6007 (727) 786-6683 (919) 867-2382 (904) 215-1557 (610) 259-9144 (718) 727-0800 (585) 266-1440 (561) 735-7802 (401) 351-7665 (513) 860-0044 (508) 295-6773 (716) 632-0281 (252) 637-3711 (516) 796-4600 (718) 714-1002 (919) 876-2382 (610) 647-8805 (516) 538-9896 (727) 330-7822 (201) 933-6007 (7126) 632-0281 (919) 876-2382 (401) 732-7665 (718) 631-2646 (585) 266-1440



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26 Stroke Magazine - November 2011

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16th Annual Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament February 4-5, 2012 Hard Times Billiards, Bellflower, CA $3000 Added Guaranteed $4000 Added w/ Full 192 Field

19th Annual US Bar Table Championships

February 12-19, 2012 Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, Reno, NV $25,250 Added Open & Women’s 8, 9 & 10-Ball Divisions All Around Point Bonuses

Play in “the Greatest Pool Tournament in the World” The BCAPL National Championships May 9-20, 2012 Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV and Starting July 17-27, 2013 Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, NV

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May 10-13, 2012 Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV $10,000 Added

13th US Open 10-Ball Championship

May 14-19, 2012 Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV $25,000 Added BCA Point Event

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Stroke Magazine November Issue 2011  

Stroke Magazine for the Eastern and Southern U.S.A. has results from all the tours, Junior profile, an exclusive interview with the presiden...

Stroke Magazine November Issue 2011  

Stroke Magazine for the Eastern and Southern U.S.A. has results from all the tours, Junior profile, an exclusive interview with the presiden...