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10/17/2010 3:00 PM 2007 Texas Hold’Em Billiards Johnny Archer vs Corey Deuel 10/17/2010 4:00 PM 2003 Trick Shot Magic Andy Segal vs. Mike Massey 10/17/2010 5:00 PM 2004 Women’s Trick Shot Magic Jeanette Lee vs Ewa Laurance 10/17/2010 6:00 PM 2004 Trick Shot Magic Mike Massey vs Nick Nikolaidis 11/07/2010 7:00 AM ‘97 $50,000 Challenge of Champ Fong-Pang Choa vs. Oliver Ortman

10/03/2010 7:00 AM 1993 World 9-Ball Champ 10/10/2010 7:00 AM 1993 Pro Tour Finals Francisco Bustamante & Earl Strickland 10/17/2010 7:00 AM 1994 WPA World 9-Ball Champ. 10/17/2010 11:00 AM 2004 Skins Billiards Champ. 10/17/2010 2:00 PM 2005 Texas Hold’Em Billiards Johnny Archer vs Gabe Owen

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Oct 2-3, 2010 Wild West Shootout Great Falls, MT Oct 28-31, 2010 Northern Lights Shootout Rugby, ND Nov 27-28, 2010 Malarkey’s Holiday Classic Tacoma, WA Dec 17-19, 2010 Broken Oar Mandan, ND


October 2010 - Stroke Magazine 3


New Team Snatches Title

Ryan McCarthy, Ken DeBroske and Scott Abramowitz

Ryan McCarthy wins Tri-State event at Sandcastle Billiards after a third place finish in the September 4 & 5th A/D at Amsterdam Billiards. In route to victory, Ryan suffered an first round match to Jason Egeln 6 - 4, only to go through the loss side with wins over Allen Wong 6 - 3; Ken DeCuire 6 - 2; Glenn Andaya 6 - 4; Andrew Cleary 7 - 5; Jason Egeln 6 - 4 and, Scott Abramowitz 6 - 4 to reach the finals against undefeated Ken DeBroske. Although Ken was playing exceptionally well and a dominant force, Ryan jumped to an early lead and maintained control of the match for an 8 - 5 victory. Congratulations belong to both Ryan and Ken for solid performance. Please provide a thank you to Sterling-Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Viking Cues, Ron Tarr Cues, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, and Dr. Dave Billiards Insructional Products for their sponsorship leading to this event. And a special thank you to "The Sandman", the owner of Sandcastle, for providing the players with excellent playing equipment and a great atmosphere to play in. RESULTS:

1st 2nd 3rd

$410 $200 $100

Ryan McCarthy Ken DeBroske Scott Abramowitz

1st Place Winners - Smooth Strokers : Vic Guimond, Mark Desjardin Tammy Hanley, Dave Dutton and not photographed William Dutton

Fourteen teams came out to play in TJ’s 10-week in house summer league at TJ’s Classic Billiards in Waterville Maine. It all came down to a four team playoff for the $4000 money week prize fund (the largest prize fund in Tj’s League history). The “5 Olives” were the favorites going in, having the MVP on their team, Bobby Dennis. They wound up just barely beating the Wild Card team, “Blind Squirells” by only one game sending them to the consellation match for 3rd or 4th place. In the meantime, new comers “Smooth Strokers” easily defeated veteran team “The Cutters” to give them a chance at the “5 Olives” to play for the coveted trophy and $1750 first place cash prize. The final match of the night was a back and forth battle with many lead changes. Eventually ending with the “Smooth Strokers” on top. TJ’s staff would like to thank the 70 pool players for making the summer league such a great success and we hope to see everyone for the Fall League starting Monday October 4th. TJ’S SUMMER LEAGUE PAYOUTS MVP $100 Bobby Dennis 1st $1750 & Trophy Smooth Strokers 2nd $1150 5 Olives 3rd $700 Blind Squirrells 4th $100 The Cutters Mike Zuglan’s Joss Tour Event “The Maine Event IV” being held at TJ’s Classic Billiards on October 2nd & 3rd 2010. People should come out and play, come in and watch or we will be streaming live on U-Stream


T J’s Billiards “The Maine Event IV” Oct 2-3

This is a Joss Tour Event 14.1 Airport Rd Waterville, ME 207-877-POOL (7665)

4 Stroke Magazine - October 2010

see page 14

age 18 or older. The competition is intended for the finest amateur players and the winners of the event qualify for a 2011 pro event. Shown below with their trophies for the preliminary round are the winners who will advance to the finals in Tampa.

Championships Or Bust Amy’s Billiards, 1600 NW Federal Hwy, Stuart, was the scene last weekend, (Miami) and David Uwate, (Miami), were co-winners in the Men’s Division. September 18-19, of a preliminary The US Amateur Pool round of the US Amateur (Pool) Championships are open to all Championships. Other rounds were amateurs, APA and non-APA held in Tampa, Tallahassee and members, age 18 or older. The Atlanta, as well as other locations competition is intended for the finest across the country. The final rounds amateur players and the winners of the nation’s most prestigious of the event qualify for a 2011 pro Amateur Pool Tournament are to be event. held in Tampa on November 5-7 at Shown above with their trophies Stroker’s Billiards. for the preliminary round are the Four men and one woman winners who will advance to the advanced to the final round, and finals in Tampa. will play in Tampa in the National For additional Information contact Championships. Amy Poulter, (Port Amy Poulter, Amy’s Billiards, Jordan Tavano, Matt Holland, Amy Poulter, Raymond Linares, David Uwate St. Lucie), was the winner of the 772-232-9966. See also www. Woman’s Championship Division, and Jordan Tavano (Hollywood), Matt Holland (Stuart), Raymond Linares

Dagotdot Wins #2 CSI and Mueller Join Forces

Wilson Cruz, Daniel Dagotdot, Yomalin “Smiley” Feliz

Daniel Dagotdot wins his second Tri-State at the Master Billiards event. In route to victory, Daniel won his first match against “A” class player Mike Wong 7 - 2, then suffered a loss to Scott Simonetti 7 - 5. Daniel proceeded to go on a rampage with wins over Dan Cintron 7 - 5; Ed Culhane 7 - 6; Scott Simonetti 7 - 1; Wilfredo Albay 7 - 5; Ron Mason 9 - 7 and, Wilson Cruz 7 - 6 in order to get to the finals against Yomaylin “Smiley” Feliz. While Daniel was fighting his way back, Yomaylin was doing some damage of her own. She went undefeated to the hot seat with wins over Kevin Early 6 - 4, Ryan McCarthy 6 - 3; Ramilo Tangloa 6 - 5; Tran Tran 6 - 3, George Osipovitch 6 - 4 and Wilson Cruz, in the Hot Seat match, 9 - 8. Congratulations belong to Daniel, Yomaylin and Wilson Cruz with a 5 & 2 record, for their solid performance. Special acknowledgement goes to Ozone Billiards for providing the Lucasi Break Cue. Also, please provide a thank you to Sterling-Gaming, Viking Cues, Ron Tarr Cues, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, and Dr. Dave Billiards Insructional Products for their sponsorship leading to this event. 1st $670 Daniel Dagotdot (+Lucasi Break Cue) 2nd $430 Yomalin “Smiley” Feliz 3rd $270 Wilson Cruz 4th $160 Ron Mason 5th $105 Wilfredo Albay, George Osipovitch 7th $80 Scott Simonetti, Alan Chan

CSI Inks Deal with Mueller Recreational Products Two pool and billiard industry leaders, Mueller Recreational Products and CueSports International (CSI), are proud to announce they have inked an exclusive 5 year deal to provide the best in cuesport products at the lowest possible prices to BCA Pool League and USA Pool League members and all CSI affiliates. A family owned company based in Lincoln, Nebraska - Mueller has a 34 year history of providing a wide array of billiard and dart supplies worldwide. In the Mueller / CSI agreement, BCAPL and USAPL league members will be able to benefit by having the Mueller extensive catalogue of products offered at exclusive pricing. The CSI online member’s only store, Rackem’ Rewards, will be replaced and managed by the Mueller team. “We are excited to work with Mueller. They have a unique placement in the sport as they provide the largest and most complete list of billiard products in the industry. The volume of products Mueller’s sells ensures the best possible pricing for our membership,” said CSI CEO Mark Griffin. Further details will be announced in the coming months as the specifics of the agreement are rolled out to the pool and billiard community. CueSports International is dedicated to creating more choices for all players. CSI is the parent company of the BCA Pool League and the USA Pool League. CSI also produces independent events such as the U.S. Bar Table Championships, the Jay Swanson Memorial and the U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship. Visit, www.playbca. com and for more information about CSI and its divisions.

October 2010 - Stroke Magazine 5

Two Great Trick Shots By: Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy Here are two trick shots to make the 8 and the 9 in side pocket A. I call them great because unlike some trick shots, there are things to be learned from them that you can use in games. Also, they are truly amazing when they go, which is most of the time if you have practiced them. Bob Jewett For the 9 ball shot -- the goal is to make the 9 in pocket A -- both the 9 and the cue ball are frozen to the cushion and to each other. They really need to be frozen or the shot will be either inconsistent or impossible. One technique for encouraging balky balls to stay frozen is to tap them into place with another ball. If you aim at about the point indicated, which is the edge of the metal fitting for the side pocket on the other side and shoot firmly, the 9 will move relatively slowly down the rail while the cue ball zips across one rail to hit it just as it passes the side pocket. The main thing to learn from this shot is how adjustments can be used to modify parts of the shot. The more you shoot into the B C nine ball, the faster it will move down the table relative to the cue ball speed. If the nine ball is short of the side pocket when the cue Side pocket shots ball returns, you need to give it more speed, so you need to shoot into it fuller. Choose an aiming 9 point closer to the middle of the side pocket -- not a lot closer, try Aiming point a half-inch at a time. A As you take an aiming point to the left or right to get less or more speed on the 9, the path of the cue ball will also change. 3 5 To adjust it to come to the side 6 8 7 2 4 pocket, use a little left or right English to change the angle off the far cushion. With these two controls -- and with careful setup -- you can expect to make the ball over half the time. Remember to hit the ball firmly as it keeps the timing more consistent; the 9 should be moving at a good pace when it’s struck by the cue ball the second time. The exact distance of the two balls from the side pocket is not too important, but you will have to change the aiming point and English slightly as you move away from the side. The shot can be made with nearly the same line three diamonds from the side. The shot to make the 8 ball in the side I first saw done by the exhibition player Jack White in the 1960s but it dates back at least 70 years. It’s called The Rosebud. The 8 is on the spot with the 6 and 7 straight across. The other four balls are placed touching the 6 and 7 and lined up with the 6 and 7 to the far corner pockets, B and C. For example, the 5-7 line points to pocket B. The proposition is to make the 8 in any of the four pockets on that end of the table, which you can let the audience pick before you place the cue ball. If pocket A is chosen, place the cue ball as shown in line with the 2-8-5 line, and shoot the 2 straight at the 8. Do you see what happens to let the 8 go in side A? The entire shot is based on tangent lines from ball collisions. The 8 ball last hits the 5 ball -- I’ll leave it for you to figure out where the other balls have gone during the lightningfast sequence of collisions. I’ll also leave it to you to figure out where to put the cue ball for the other three pockets. Have fun. REJ

Read more articles by Bob Jewett at

6 Stroke Magazine - October 2010

Even More Practice to Make Perfect By Samm Diep, © October 2010

I’ve always been told that it takes 21 days to form a habit. If there’s something you want to learn or a behavior you’d like to develop, give it 21 solid days and it should become second nature by then. New information tells us to throw that number out the window. Recent studies by the Medical Research Council indicate the new magic number is 66. Their research has shown that it actually takes us Samm Diep more than three times as long to learn to do something automatically. According to Professor Jane Wardle, of University College London, “What we found was that it takes 66 days on average for people in our study to acquire a habit.” Though the studies varied between individuals, they were able to determine that if you do something every day for 66 days, in the same situation, it will become automatic. Also, “performing an action for the first time requires planning, even if plans are formed only moments before the action is performed, and attention. As behaviors are repeated in consistent settings they then begin to proceed more efficiently and with less thought as control of the behavior transfers to cues in the environment that activate an automatic response - a habit.” What does this mean for pool? Well, depending on what your personal goals are, you may want to consider this information the next time you decide to take the day off from practice. If you’re a beginner, learning a new shot, or changing your mechanics and you do not have 66 straight days to spare in the pool room, it will now take even longer to learn this game. If you’re only committing 2-3 days a week to your training, it could take in excess of six months before changes become automatic to you. And who has that kind of time and patience? If regular practice wasn’t important enough before, we are now reminded of just how detrimental the lack of it can be to our progress. An hour a day keeps the misses away. Even if you only have an hour or less, put in the time and continue to develop that muscle memory. Samm Diep, “Cherry Bomb” ( House Pro at Rack ‘Em Billiards (Aurora, CO) Author of “You Might Be A D Player If… (101 Classic Moves That All Pool Players Can Appreciate)” Player Representative for Chris Byrne Custom Cues, PoolDawg, Predator, Jim Murnak Custom Cases, & Delta-13 Rack Read more articles by Samm Diep at


by Renee’ La Viness Q-Spot Billiards - Tulsa, OK

On Saturday, September 25th, 2010, while everyone else was shopping, mowing lawns, etc., the real fun was happening at Q-Spot Billiards in Tulsa, OK. Shortly after 2:00 pm, Gene La Viness (of Crown Cues) and Gene La Viness Josh Smallwood began a 9 ball race to 7 ahead. The video camera was filming the match which was broadcast live, online. The loser of this match would have to become a blonde for at least two weeks. It was decided they would alternate breaks. Gene won the Josh Smallwood lag and the games began! Gene won the first two games, then Josh won three, then Gene won two... The match carried on in this manner for ALMOST ELEVEN HOURS and 147 GAMES!! The guys only ate during play and refused to stop for a lunch break, or to get some fresh air, call home or rest. The only breaks taken were during the few five to ten minute periods while the computer was rebooted for the live stream. Everyone knew Gene and Josh must be enduring a great deal of pain to continue the match so long, but nobody was giving up and signs of weakness were only evident in the ease of irritation when someone interfered or an easy shot was missed. Even the irritation was fairly well controlled, though. Both men were extremely dedicated to their match and kept a positive attitude throughout the day. They took whatever time was necessary to make the shot at hand and seldom gave up position to the opponent. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to determine the two were very well matched for this particular competition and fatigue might be the only factor which would allow a winner. The area around the table was rather quiet, although the rest of the room was often rolling with laughter, frustration, pride... typical sounds from a family pool Blonde for at least 2 weeks!! hall. Some were there to watch the match, but played at other tables and only checked in once in a while to avoid disrupting the focus of the players. Although the room was full of sounds, it is doubtful that even the loud jukebox was heard by either of them, when it was played. Some viewers watched the match on their computers from Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania... Some of the more dedicated ones stayed throughout the day. In the middle of the night, at almost 1:00 am, a winner finally prevailed! Josh Smallwood would remain a brunette, while Gene La Viness was to become a blonde for at least 2 weeks!! Congratulations to Josh for a well-deserved win! This fun event was sponsored by Q-Spot Billiards of Tulsa, Crown Cues, and D’oro Pizza. Each of the sponsors contributed multiple door prizes for the event, as well as offering great support for the players. If you missed the match, it is online at

October 2010 - Stroke Magazine 7

“Fireball” Strikes New York Diamond Billiards, running 18 racks in a row, but it was Sigel who was able to complete a The Seminole Pro Tour, in conjunction with the perfect first day. Sigel would start day two Predator Tour, rolled into West Hempstead, against Minnesota’s Dustin Morris, who New York for the 7th tour stop at Raxx Pool finished the Diamond Billiard’s tour stop in 7/8th Room. There was a full field of 64 exceptional place and has been shooting extremely well as players. It was one of the of late on tour. Morris strongest fields to date would fall victim to the on the tour with several ‘Sigel streak’ with a loss players from the greater of 8-0. Sigel, so far, had New York region and the won 29 straight racks. entire Northeast. The Next, Sigel faced Mike Pro Tour would not be “The Fireball” Dechaine. complete without the Siegel won the first rack, die-hard players on hand running the streak to to keep it interesting. 30 straight. Dechaine, The accumulation of taking the ‘Sigel streak’ points from each event as a personal challenge, moves the players one would end the streak by step closer to the 2010 winning the next rack. Seminole Pro Tour Player Dechaine would continue of the Year title, which is to shoot extremely well still up of grabs. and not only end the Stevie Moore is just streak at 30, but also five points behind Corey end Mike Segil’s run Deuel for the leader spot on the winner’s side of of the 2010 Player of the the bracket. Dechaine Year standings. Moore would win by a score of had a rough start to the 8-6. Sigel would go on to weekend by suffering a face “Iron” Mike Davis on first round loss to eventual the one loss side. Davis third place finisher Josh was on a roll and would Brothers 7-2. He would beat Sigel 8-5 ending a make his way through spectacular tournament the one-loss side of the for “Captain Hook” Mike bracket with wins against Sigel. Paul Ravel 7-1, Mike Corey Deuel, current Vednak 7-5, Barry Banks leader in the Player of 7-6 and Shaun Wilkie 7-6. the Year standings, came These string of victories into this tournament put Moore in the money at playing the best he has the end of day one. Day all season. Winning the Above: Mike Deschaine, Gerry Mayen (Seminole Pro Tour), Corey Deuel two would not be too kind last tour stop at Diamond Below left: 2nd place Corey Dueul. Below right: 3rd place JoshBrothers for Moore. His first match Billiards in Cape Coral, was against Tony Robles. Robles would end the tournament with two straight devastating FL ranked Deuel atop the standings for the time the weekend for Moore by defeating him 8-3. losses. being. With Stevie Moore right at his heals, Moore finished in 13/16th place and gained 50 The big story of this tour stop featured world only five points behind, Deuel would have to points in the Player of the Year standings, but champion Mike Sigel. Sigel made a spectacular have a great finish in this tournament to create he would need much more than that to try to debut on the 2010 Seminole Pro Tour by doing some space in the standing. Creating space is maintain first place. With his 50 points, Moore something few players have been able to pull exactly what Deuel would do over the weekend. would only temporarily be in the lead by 45 off on any other pro tour ever. Sigel began the Deuel would finish day one on the winner’s side points, but with other players still remaining day by beating Ray Romanski 7-0. Sigel would of the bracket after dominating wins over pro in the tournament and earning points as they then square up against Mike Wong and would tour regular Bill Dunsmore 7-1, Rafael Dabro progressed through the brackets, Moore’s lead defeat him 7-0. Sigel’s next opponent would 7-4 and Mike Miller 7-3. Deuel would catch a was in jeopardy. be Shawn Wilkie. Wilkie finished in the money very fortunate break at the beginning of day One excellent match in the first round was at the Seminole Pro Tour Gem City Open in two. last year’s Empire State defending champion, Marietta, Georgia earlier this year in a field Deuel was scheduled to play Earl Herring, Dennis Hatch, facing the same player whom he that has been arguably the toughest on tour who was shooting very strong on day one, but beat for the title, Manny Chau. The balls did this year. Sigel would cruise past Wilkie 7-0 to Herring did not show up to play on day two due not seem to roll in the favor of Chau at all. He finish a perfect run on day one. to prior work obligations. This placed Deuel struggled with some straight shots and seemed Mike Davis had an impressive run at one match away from the hot seat match. To By: Gerry Mayen

8 Stroke Magazine - October 2010

to not have his usual fine touch. Hatch would go on to have a shutout win 7-0. Chau would then face his next opponent Joe Panzerella. Chau was still not able to find his groove and lost again, but this time to a score of 7-6. Just like that - last year’s runner-up was out of

“Fireball” Strikes New York get there Deuel would have to face a tough Jeremy Sossei. Deuel would narrowly get by Sossei 8-6 and advance to play Mike Dechaine in the hot seat match. Mike Dechaine was no doubt playing the best he has all season on the Pro Tour. After his huge victory over Mike Segil, Dechaine seemed to be on a roll and could not be stopped. With the all the spectators buzzing over Dechaine ending the streak by Mike Sigel, Dechaine took this opportunity to make a bigger statement. He began the match against Deuel on fire, taking an early 4-1 lead. Dechaine miscued while hitting the 5 ball, sending the cue right into the commentators booth. Dechaine seemed like he was about to send his cue flying even further. Known for his fiery attitude, this could have been a turning point in the match that would allow Deuel to post a comeback. Deuel did win the next two racks to bring the score to 4-3, but Dechaine kept his composure and finished off Deuel 8-4 to become the king of the hill. Deuel would visit the one loss side to play Josh Brothers for a chance to play Dechaine for the championship. Brothers - who had also been sent to the one loss side by Dechaine (8-6) - was out for revenge if he got the chance to see Dechaine in the finals. Deuel would be the one who would get his opportunity at revenge as he would defeat Brothers 8-5. The championship match between Mike Dechaine and Corey Deuel would go very similar to their first match – up. Dechaine jumped out to an early lead, placing Deuel in a tight spot to attempt a comeback. Dechaine would miss a few easy shots that would get him a bit rattled, but through it all Dechaine kept focused and come away as the new Seminole Pro

Tour/ Empire State Championship/ Predator Tour Stop 2010 Champion. Congratulations to Mike Dechaine for his superb display at the tournament and for winning the $4,000 first prize. This puts seven tour stops in the books for the year with seven different winners. The one bright spot for Deuel was that with his second place finish, he earned 125 Player of the Year points and would be the leader after the weekend, enjoying a very comfortable 80-point lead over Stevie Moore. We would like to thank Holden Chin, owner of Raxx Pool Room, and the entire staff for being wonderful hosts for this event. We would also like to thank Tony Robles and the Predator Tour for their partnership in bringing this event together. Please join us for our next Seminole Pro Tour stop, the final of the season before the Steve Mizerak Championship, at Strokers Billiards in Palm Harbor Florida on October 9-10. FINAL PAYOUTS: 1st $4000 2nd $3000 3rd $2000 4th $1500 5/6th $1000 7/8th $600 9/12th $140 13/16th $305

Mike Dechaine Corey Deuel Josh Brothers Mike Davis Mike Sigel, Jeremy Sossei Tony Robles, Georger Sasoucie Dustin Morris, Scott Freeman Earl Herring, Dennis Hatch Stevie Moore , Matt Krah Joey Korsiak, Mustafa Diliitas

October 2010 - Stroke Magazine 9

Product Review Magic Ball Rack Delta-13 Case by: Don "Cheese" Akerlow I recently had the opportunity to use the Magic Ball Rack first hand and test it against the use of a regular rack. I was pleased and surprised at how well it held the ball, ease of use and that it didn’t have to be taken off of the table before the break. I did have some concerns however and made up a list of questions. Here are my questions and responses about the Magic Ball Rack. Try it out yourself and see what you think. I know you’ll like it. 1) How, when and where did you get interested in the game of pool or billiards? I had always had an interest in cue sports but I was really in my teens where I really caught the bug. I used to go play every Saturday afternoon with a school friend, we were not very good but we enjoyed playing. I started playing 8 ball but after a while progressed to 9 ball, lucky for me that pool started to become very popular in the UK and more players converted to 9ball. That was over 12 years ago now. 2) What inspired you to design a rack and why? I had always found that in pool you could buy a nice production or custom cue, buy good quality balls and even tables. But it was near to impossible to buy a rack that would rack the balls 100% touching everytime. So I thought I could design a rack which would fill this gap in the market and add a level of consistency to the game of billiards. 3) How did you come up with this design when everybody else removes the rack from the table? I looked at nearly all the other triangles and devices on the market, some were great and some were not so great, but from my study I had identified it doesn’t matter how good or precise the rack is! It’s the cloth, which will make the difference. Eg, Sometimes the 1ball just won’t stick or the wingball just moves slightly when you remove the rack. So I looked at designing a rack at the cloth level not above the table like all the other predecessors. I brought a sardo rack many years ago and found that to work quite well, I remembered that it suggested that you tap the table 1st to train the cloth. From this I was able to design Magic Ball Rack, a rack which sits at cloth level and will hold the balls and can be removed after the break. 4) What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Magic Ball Rack? I think the advantages of the Magic Ball Rack are: · Consistent rack every time · Quick and easy to use · Eliminates cloth wear around the racking area · Will give a perfect rack on new and old cloth · No need to tap tables I think the disadvantages are: · If a ball is rolling very slowly over the rack after the break it could change the angle of the ball. However, this is at very slow speeds. · Sometimes a ball will rest back on top of the rack after the break. Overall I would say that Magic Ball Rack fixes more problems than it does cause. 5) How long do they typically last? The racks last between 6-9 months of everyday use. The racks are made from a tough grade film which is strong and durable, they will not crack or chip. I would recommend that you do not bend the rack as this can impair the performance of the rack. 6) Cost? The cost of the Magic Ball Rack is · 9&10 Ball (2 racks per pack) USD$10 · 8 Ball (1 rack per pack) USD$10 7) Where can you find the Magic Ball Rack? Magic Ball Rack is available through various vendors across the US and Worldwide. You can go to http:// 8) If somebody is looking to becoming a dealer for you, what do they do? I am happy to talk to any people looking to become a dealer, I am also interested in working directly with poolhall owners directly. They can contact me directly at

10 Stroke Magazine - October 2010

If you go to to find out information about the new Case this is the product information you will find. The Delta-13 STACKABLE Case is compact and durable way to safeguard your Delta-13 rack and Aramith balls. The tray is made of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) which is a light, but tough, heat resistant material.The cover is made from glycol-modified polyethylene terephthalate (PETG), which is a clear thermoplastic. PETG is used for its impact strength. The Case and Tray are perfect for pool halls, tournament directors, and league operators interested in the following benefits: - Minimizes ball, rack, & chalk theft - Reduces replacement costs - Minimizes storage space requirements with stackable capability - Saves time with equipment management - Delta-13 rack reduces cloth wear The Delta-13 Case holds the world's best accessories. While this explains what the case is, what it doesn't tell you is how cool it is! You have compact storage for balls, Delta-13 rack and chalk. This is a great way to keep everything organized and conveniently stored. You can easily see how it can be used at home, in the pool hall, at tournaments and any place people get together to play pool. You should check it out. The best thing about the Delta-13 Case is that it is now on sale you save $10! Order yours today at www. Oh and by the way, if you like the white Delta-13 rack, you can order that online too. Check out ALL the cool colors!


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1ST ANNUAL REVEREND CLARENCE KEATON MEMORIAL Daniel Dagotdot Wins the Amateur Event/Jeremy Sossei Takes the Pro 10-ball

Open/Pro Event L-R, 2nd Place: Tony Robles, 3rd Place: Sean Morgan and 1st Place Winner: Jeremy Sossei

Approx 6� long

By Alison M. Fischer, On September 11-12, Tony Robles spearheaded the $1,000, added 1st Annual Reverend Clarence Keaton Memorial Tournament, as the 14th stop on the Ozone Billiards Predator Tour 2010 season. Reverend Clarence Keaton, known as "The Rev" by many players, frequented Master Billiards (where the memorial event was held), along with many other New York pool rooms. Well-loved by many members of the pool community, Reverend Clarence Keaton lost his battle against cancer last year. Reverend Keaton was a close friend of tour founder Tony Robles, and would regularly drive to the US Open and The Super Billiards Expo with Tony and his son Shawn Keaton, who is one of New York's top emerging talents. Along with Shawn, a number of other up-and-coming players competed in the A/B/C/D 9-ball event in this memorial, including John Alicea, Noel Bensurto, Daniel Dagatdot, Jerry Tarantola, Mike Panzerella, and Stewart Warnock. In total, 70 of New York's top players came out to help memorialize "The Rev's" presence and influence on pool in NYC. The story of the Amateur event of the Ozone Billiards Predator Tour 9-ball championships was centered around the transition of Daniel Dagotdot from a B player to an A player. Daniel has been playing progressively stronger, and building confidence in his game and tournament play. This up-and-coming Fil-Am pool player has been impressive in a combination of dominant and clutch wins, helping him pull all of the pieces of his game together in

ABCD Event L-R 2nd Place: Andrew Kane, 3rd Place: Arturo Reyes & 1st Place Winner Daniel Dagotdot

a way that is a threat to any pool player in the NY landscape. Daniel went through the field undefeated with wins over Tony Liang 7-5, Ed Culhane 7-4, John Alicea 7-4, Alex Gilvarg 7-4, Steve Wright 7-2, and ultimately Andrew Kane 7-4. Andrew Kane bounced back with a "W" over Arturo Reyes 7-5, giving him the re-match opportunity. In the final match, Daniel capped off an impressive tournament with a dominant performance, which led to a dominant 7-2 win for his first Ozone Billiards Predator Tour 9-ball win. In July's tour stop at Amsterdam Billiards, Daniel had finished second to John Alicea in the finals, and showed the field in this event that his close loss in the finals fueled him to take his game to the next level. Other stand-out players in this event were Gail Glazebrook, who won a total of four matches, but lost one round before the money, along with Arturo Reyes and Steve Wright, who both showcased heart and explosive play. Kicking off late Saturday

afternoon, the Open/Pro 10-ball event featured top-level talent such as Hunter Lombardo, Holden Chin, Jeremy Sossei, George Sansouci, Mike Miller, Sean Morgan and Zion Zvi. Top NY female player "Snooky" Diana Rojas showed a lot of heart to tangle with the big boys in this event as well. Top Florida pro player Hunter Lombardo stayed around NY long enough after the Seminole Empire State 10-Ball Championships to participate in this 10-ball event. Hunter opened with an impressive 8-3 win over Holden Chin, as well as a clutch hill-hill victory over Mhet Vergara, before losing to Tony Robles 8-6 and Ginky 8-5. Tony Robles brought his "A" game, and was determined to honor his late friend Clarence Keaton by showing the heart that "The Rev", as he is known by his friends, always brought to the table. Tony defeated Phil Davis 8-5, Jeremy Sossei 8-6, Hunter Lombardo 8-6, and "Alaska" Sean Morgan 8-3‌ earning a spot in continued on page 13

Final Results 1st: $1,000 Daniel Dagotdot 2nd: $600 Andrew Kane 3rd: $400 Arturo Reyes 4th: $300 Steve Wright 5/6th: $200 Patrick Meyers, Alex Gilvarg 7/8th: $150 Luis Novas, Stewart Warnock 9-12th: $100 Alberto Estevez, Willie Santiago, Mike Hertz, Juan Guzman Open/Pro Final Results: 1st: $800 Jeremy Sossei 2nd: $500 Tony Robles 3rd: $345 Sean Morgan 4th: $200 George Sansouci October 2010 - Stroke Magazine 11

DUKICH GOES UNDEFEATED Valerie Dukich went undefeated to win her first Tiger Bay Area Amateur Tour (BAAT) tournament at Stix Billiards in St. Pete Beach, FL on August 21st. Dukich topped the field of 21 players in the $420-added event. The tour welcomed newcomer Sandra Titone and welcomed back a few players to the event held at the “room with a view!” Windows at Stix look out over the intercoastal waterway in St. Pete Beach, offering a beautiful respite while waiting for a match. One player commented that she’d been playing pool for many years, but this was the first time she’d seen dolphins from inside a pool room! The one-loss side final four matches featured Melissa Morlan vs. Kelly Cavanaugh and Chris Fields vs. Tour Director Stephanie Mitchell. Morlan, who had returned to the tour after a several-months break, was fighting her way through the one-loss side following a first round loss to Dukich. Cavanaugh, who has made her mark on the tour this year with two 2nd place finishes, also had been sent west by Dukich. Morlan came out of her corner fighting, and won all three games of 8-ball, one game of 9-ball and reached the hill before allowing Cavanaugh to take a game. Morlan closed the door on Cavanaugh, winning the match 5-1. Meanwhile, Fields, who joined the tour last month making a statement with her 3rd place finish, was battling against Mitchell. Mitchell was making her way through the one-loss side, overcoming a second round loss to Cavanaugh. Like Morlan, Mitchell came out swinging and won the first three of four 8-ball games, then won two games and reached the hill in 9-ball. Fields won the next game, making the match 5-2. Fields now needed two games to win the match in the handicapped format, but it wasn’t to be. Mitchell finished off the last game, winning the match 6-2 and advancing to the next round. For their 7th place finishes, Cavanaugh and Fields won prize packages of gifts generously provided by our sponsors. In the next one-loss round, Morlan matched up against Lana Loomis, who had arrived on the one-loss side, thanks to a defeat by Sabra MacArthur Beahn. The opponents traded groups of three wins, with Morlan taking the first three games of 9-ball, Loomis the next three, then

Morlan the third three, which were games of 8-ball. The match was now hill-hill in the 7-4 race with one game of 8-ball left. Loomis sank the final 8-ball, winning the match with a score of 4-6. The other match of the round was between Mitchell and Christine Brenner, who had also been victimized and sent to the one-loss side by Dukich. The score see-sawed in the 7-4 race. Both players reached the hill before Mitchell fired in the final ball and won the match 7-3. For their 5th place finishes, Morlan and Brenner took home $60. The quarter-final match featured Loomis and Mitchell. Mitchell kicked into gear, winning four games of 8-ball, then three games of 9-ball, and reached the hill. Loomis won the next game and was launching a comeback, needing three more games. But Mitchell was on a roll and foiled her attempts, winning the final game and the match with a score of 8-1. Loomis claimed $100 for 4th place. Congratulations to Brenner (5th) and Loomis (4th)! Each has played in several BAAT tournaments, including the first one ever held in January 2008. They both have previous best finishes of 9th place and both finished in the money today for the first time! The semi-final match featured Mitchell and Beahn, who was sent left on the chart with a 5-2 defeat by Dukich. Beahn started off the match by winning the first game of 9-ball. That would be the last time she saw daylight, as Mitchell delivered her a 5-1 blow. Beahn ended up with 3rd place and $150. Dukich was sitting in the hot seat waiting for Mitchell. The match started with 9-ball. The first game went back and forth with Dukich prevailing. In the second game, Dukich broke, made nothing, Mitchell missed the 1, and Dukich ran out. Game three featured easy shots missed by both players, with Mitchell winning the game. Mitchell now needed to win five games before Dukich won three. Games four and five again went back and forth, but Mitchell missed the 9-ball each time and Dukich won both, reaching the hill. She broke, made a ball and missed the 1. Following safety play and two more innings, Mitchell ran out from the 3. The score was now 4-2 Dukich, and the game changed to 8-ball. The players traded misses. Then, when it looked like Mitchell would win the game, she scratched on the ball before the 8, leaving Dukich with one ball and the 8-ball to pocket for the win and the match. Dukich was thrilled with her win, taking home $325 for 1st place. Mitchell’s runner- up finish earned her $225. Thanks to Charlie, owner of Stix Billiards, and his staff members, for providing a great location for the tournament. Thanks also to our sponsors, including Tiger Products, Lucasi Hybrid, Sterling Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Ray Martin, Nick Varner,, Robertson Billiard Supplies, Tweeten Fiber, Billiard Scoop, and Sports Rock, for making it possible for BAAT to give gifts to players, fans, and room owners. RESULTS: 1st $325 2nd $225 3rd $150 4th $100 5th-6th $60 7th-8th

Valerie Dukich Stephanie Mitchell Sabra MacArthur Beahn Lana Loomis Christine Brenner, Melissa Morlan Kelly Cavanaugh, Chris Fields

For tour and schedule information, go to the BAAT Tour website at, or contact Stephanie Mitchell at (813) 833-8707 or Sabra Beahn at (727) 480-2250.

12 Stroke Magazine - October 2010

Mezz Pro-AM

Haywood-Shea Claims Comeback Win

Josh Brothers, Bob Maidhof, Jeremy Sossei

Mezz Pro-Am Tour made its way to Drexeline Billiards in Drexel Hill PA on Sunday September 19th. Special thanks to Bob Maidhof for hosting the event. A strong field came out to play players like: Eddie Abraham, Matt Krah, Adam Kielar, Joey Testa, Josh Brothers, Jeremy Sossei to name a few. Leading the top half of the bracket was Joey Testa with wins over Tim Anderson 7-3, Sam Quinzi 7-2, Mike Miller 7-3, and Josh Brothers 7-5. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Jeremy Sossei with wins over Dominic Noe 7-5, Jose Cruz 7-2, Mark Ford 7-3, Bob Maidhof 7-2, and Shaun Dobson 7-5. Playing for the hot seat was Joey Testa Vs Jeremy Sossei, this was a good match with Sossei pulling away late in the match to win 7-4 and sending Testa to the one lost side. Making the move from the one lost side was Josh Brothers with wins over Bob Maidhof 7-1, Mike Miller 7-6, and Joey Testa 7-5. In the finals it was Jeremy Sossei Vs Josh Brothers, Sossei and Brothers decided to be co-champions. Thanks all the sponsors for their ongoing support and all the players that came out to play. 1st $645 3rd $400 4th $200 5th/6th $150 7th/8th $100 9th-12th $70

Jeremy Sossei / Josh Brothers Joey Testa Mike Miller Shaun Dobson / Bob Maidhof Bob Burt / Adam Kielar Dan Mcginnis, Dominic Noe, Chip Klein, Eddie Abraham

U S Open Highlights AzBilliards and Accu-stats Bring Daily Video Highlights from the 2010 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships

Made Possible by Simonis Cloth, Lucasi Cues, and TAP Pool League September 25, 2010: will be bringing unprecedented event coverage during this year’s U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships. The 35th Annual event will be held in Chesapeake, Virginia October 17-23. The daily video updates will show actual match highlights courtesy of, the leading resource for professional billiard matches. The dedicated 2010 U.S. Open coverage page will also include: AzBilliards Daily Buzz video updates, Live scoring, Tournament brackets, Daily tournament news, Player interviews, And more ... Simonis cloth enhances the enjoyment of your game by allowing you to play your best. They also practice green manufacturing and is considered a low environmental-impact company. Visit for more information. Daily videos and interviews will be hosted by recognized billiard personality, Samm Diep ( Promotional consideration also goes to Lucasi Cues ( and TAP Pool League (tapleague. com).


By Allison Fischer of On the weekend of September 11-12, the ladies of the JPNEWT Tour headed to Cosmo's Billiards in Scranton, PA. Two players, Megan Smith and tour director Linda Haywood-Shea, stood out among the crowd at this event to go through the winner's bracket undefeated, meeting in the hot seat match. Megan Smith would take wins over Kia Sidbury, Borana Andoni 7-6, and Denise Reeve 7-3. Meanwhile, Linda Haywood-Shea went through Melissa Jenkins 7-5, Judie Wilson, and Briana Miller 7-5. However, Linda would then be sent to the one-loss side 7-5, to wait for the winner of the loser's bracket. After their losses in the final four on the winner's side, Briana Miller and Denise Reeve would meet in the quarterfinal, where Briana would win by a close 7-5 score. Briana then took on Linda Haywood-Shea in the semifinal, but would be shot down 7-1. Linda Shea would then get a second chance at Megan Smith in the finals... and in a true battle, the two players went to double-hill, where Linda avenged her earlier loss, winning the case game to become champion. Congratulations to both players for a hard-fought battle! RESULTS: 1st: $440 2nd: $280 3rd: $195 4th: $125 5th/6th: $75

Linda Haywood-Shea Megan Smith Briana Miller Denise Reeve Colleen Shoop, Judie Wilson

REVEREND CLARENCE KEATON MEMORIAL continued from page 10 the finals undefeated. Meanwhile, Sean Morgan had been turning heads with gritty play, defeating Zion 8-4, Mike Wong 8-7, and Jerry Tarantola 8-6, before losing to Tony Robles 8-3, then Jeremy Sossei 8-7. Young gun Jeremy Sossei opened up with an 8-6 win over Diana Rojas before losing to Tony Robles 8-6. However, Jeremy dug deep to grind back from the one-loss side to eventually meet Tony Robles in the finals for a rematch. Jeremy's road to the finals led him through Zion Zvi 8-6, Mike Miller 8-2, Jerry Tarantola 8-6 and Ginky 8-7. Jeremy followed the semifinal up with another hill-hill match in the finals to capture top honors in the 1st Annual Clarence Keaton Memorial. Tony Robles and the Predator Tour would like to thank their sponsors: Predator Cues, Poison Cues, Ozone Billiards, Delta-13 Racks, The Seminole Tribe of Florida, The Seminole Pro Tour,,,, Billiards Press,, Master Chalk, RJH Custom Cues, Webb Custom Cues, Jim Murnak Cue Cases,,, Billiards Digest, Inside Pool Magazine, Pool & Billiards Magazine, Maxim Billiards & The Tournament Guide. October 2010 - Stroke Magazine 13

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

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LOCATION O’Banions T J’s Classic Billiards First Break Cafe Bama Billiard Club All Star Billiards Amy’s Billiards Strokers Billiards Starcade Billiards Kylie’s Sports Bar Art of Billiards Hammer Heads One Shot Billiards Classic Billiards BCAPL Mr Cue Billiards White Diamond Billiards Brickyard Billiards Murgreesboro Billiard Club White Diamond Billiards Ultimate Billiards Ultimate Billiards Ultimate Billiards Seminole Hard Rock Hotel Art of Billiards Hippos House of Billiards Mr Cues II Primetime Billiards Fast Eddie’s Sports Bar Ultimate Billiards Rockaway Billiards Ultimate Billiards Ultimate Billiards Bison Billiards Michael’s Billiards Ultimate Billiards Classic Billiards White Diamond Billiards Kylie’s Sports Bar Art of Billiards Speakeazy Billiards

PHONE (318) 388-0160 (207) 877-7665 (703) 444-2551 (205) 657-5865 (301) 668-5668 (772) 232-9966 (727) 786-6683 (850) 244-2349 (704) 895-6944 (352) 225-3535 (727) 939-9494 (732) 249-4555 (770) 679-5278 (702) 719-7665 (631) 226-9486 (337) 989-9889 (317) 858-0637 (615) 895-3442 (337) 989-9889 (772) 464-7665 (772) 464-7665 (772) 464-7665 (954) 985-5701 (352) 225-3535 (315) 786-0218 (770) 380-6290 (732) 721-6555 (919) 759-0071 (772) 464-7665 (973) 625-5777 (772) 464-7665 (772) 464-7665 (716) 632-0281 (513) 860-0044 (772) 464-7665 (770) 679-5278 (337) 989-9889 (704) 895-6944 (352) 225-3535 (919) 775-1166

EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED 9-Ball Bar Box - Race to 5 $60+$15 g.f. $1,000+ Joss Tour - The Maine Event IV Call Call One Pocket Bob Stocks Mem. $45-$100 $1,000 Guar. 9-Ball on 7’ Smart Tables $40 $500 9-Ball Barry Jones Mem. $50 $800 1st w/64 Flamingo Billiards Tour-Ladies Call $250 Seminole Pro Tour Call $7,000 9-Ball Texas Express $50 GSBT-Amateur 9-Ball on 9’ Call $1,500 Guar. Open 9-Ball Men & Women $25M/$20W $250 w/32 Tiger Bay Area Amateur Call $500 Blaze 9-Ball Tour Call $1,000 GSBT-Amateur 9-Ball on 7’ Call $1,500 9-Ball Challenge Singles/Teams $35/$65/$100 $2,400 Ozone/Predator Tour - ABCD Call $1,000 Super 9-Ball $40 $1,000 w/128 9-Ball Bar Table $100 $1,500 w/64 GSBT-Amateur 9-Ball on 8’ Call $1,500 Super 9-Ball $40 $1,000 w/128 Amatuer & Open 8-Ball $55 ea $250 ea So FL 1 Day Tour Open 9-Ball $75 $250 Tiger SE Open 9-Ball $65 $500 Steve Mizerak Championship Call $50,000 Open 9-Ball Men & Women $25M/$20W $250 w/32 Al Conte Memorial $120/$70 $2,000 NGB Amateur Billiards Tour Call $1,000 Mezz Pro Am Tour Call $1,000 GSBT-Tour Championship Call $7,500 prize fund Poison 9-Ball Amateur/Open $65/$75/$85 $1,000 ea Mezz Pro Am Tour Call $1,000 Flamingo Billiards Tour Final Call $1,000 Men’s Open 9-Ball $55 $250 Joss NE Tour $120/$70 $2,000 GSBT-Amateur 9-Ball on 9’ Call $1,500 Amateur & Open 8-Ball $55 ea $250 ea GSBT-Amateur 9-Ball on 7’ Call $1.500 SW 10-Ball Tour Call $500 w/64 GSBT-Amateur 9-Ball on 9’ Call $1,500 End of the Year BIG EVENT Call Call GSBT-Amateur 9-Ball on 9’ Call $1,500

TIME 6PM Call Noon 1PM 10AM 11AM Call 11AM Call 10AM Call Call Call Call Call 10AM 11AM Call 11AM 11AM 11AM Call 10AM Call Call Call Call 11AM Call 10:30AM 11AM Call Call 11AM Call Call Call Call Call


Oct 28-31, 2010 Northern Lights Shootout Rugby, ND

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Apr 1-3, 2011 Platte Valley Open - WY Apr 8-10, 2011 MCMOA MT

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