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Breast Cancer Special

Journeying beyond Breast Cancer A Story of Hope

The Power of Positive Thinking The Benefits of Oncology Massage Breast Cancer - The Facts Image: Stefano Valle /

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A Word from the Editor Hi, I'm Catherine A ConContent nors and like many of you, I know first-hand what it's like to live with The Facts on Breast Cancer the challenges of today’s Page 4 modern and fast paced world. Many people are Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer now turning towards a Page 6 more holistic and natural way to live and deal with Pink Link day to day life.

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I'm a Stress Management Coach & Consultant and a holistic therapist, trainer and My Journey Begins teacher. This combination puts me in an unique position Page 10 where I can offer professional guidance with the added touch of deep understanding that can come only through personal experience and knowledge. This magazine is an in- The Benefits of Oncology Massage house magazine and was created to bring advice and knowlPage 12 edge to anyone suffering from stress. This magazine is lucky to have many highly experienced contributors and you can The Power of Positive Thinking read and enjoy their articles here.

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This Autumn I decided to dedicate my magazine to Breast Cancer. This is a condition that many women are either re- I knew I should have worn a chin covering from, in treatment for or facing the diagnosis right strap now.... It is a scary place to be and no-one know this more Page 16 than the woman who already walked the path. This issue of De-Stress is full of great articles, stories and links that are full of positive messages and hope. My thanks to all those that contributed articles, information, images and links to this issue of If you would like to see a particular article appear within De-Stess. All content belongs to those that this magazine, are specialized in a particular area which contributed and is re-produced with kind permay interests our readers and your would like to contribute, mission by those within the pages of this issue. you are welcome to send your suggestions by emailing ‘De-Stress 4 Life’ is an in-house magazine and is published quarterly by Stress Solutions 4 Life. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the permission of the publisher. Every effort has been made to ensure that all the information in this magazine is factual and correct at the time of press. The opinions expressed in this issue are not necessarily those of the editor or Stress Solutions 4 Life. Articles, advertisements and information in ‘De-Stress are provided for education and debate only. The information contained with the magazine in not intended to be used by non-medically qualified readers as a substitute for, or basis of, medical treatment, since some material may be speculative and/or not in agreement with current medical practice. Always check with your GP before trying any remedies and in particular always seek medical advice before following the advise given in articles or advertisements in this magazine.

Breast Cancer Special - De-Stress 4 Life Magazine

Breast Cancer The Facts

Cancer is a silent enemy; it creeps up upon us without much warning in many cases and the shock that it brings individuals and their families can rock people to their very core. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in Ireland. Irish statistics note that breast cancer accounts for 28% of all cancers in Irish women, with over 1700 new diagnosis each year. Breast cancer continues to be responsible for an average of 644 Irish female deaths each year. So let’s change that statistic starting now…… Despite all that doom and gloom the survival rate of Breast cancer is very high and ultimately the best way to beat breast cancer is to prevent it….. so what can we do to achieve that….. “Cancer is a word, not a sentence” John Diamond Become breast aware It is important that every woman from an age as young as 20 should be breast De-Stress Magazine - Autumn 2010 - Page 4

aware. This means § Any changes in the skin condiknowing what feels and tion – dimpling, puckering, rash looks normal for you so or redness that if any unusual § ‘Orange Peel’ skin caused by unchange occurs, you will usually enlarged pores recognize it immediately. The sooner you no§ Veins that have become more tice a change the noticeable or prominent better, because generally when breast cancer § Lumps, swelling or constant pain is found early, treatin your armpit especially around ment is more likely to the area of your lymph nodes be successful. Get into the habit of looking at your breast in a Looking for changes mirror and make a mental note of them. · Place your hands by your sides Feel your breasts often, the more often and turn yourself from side to you feel your breast the more familiar side while carefully and with you become with what’s normal for you. great detail look at your breasts What changes should I be looking of? in the mirror. It is widely accepted that a good time to · Raise your arms above your look at your breasts is about one week head and again look at your after your period or the same time each breasts, don’t forget to look month if you have reached menopause. around the area of your armpits These are the changes you should be looking for when you look at and feel too to detect any changes there. your breasts: · Place your hands on your hips with your elbows pushed for§ A lump of any size, thickening in your breast or skin ward and again look at your breasts not forgetting to turn § Constant pain in one area of from side to side. your breast § §

Remember that most breast changes are A change in size or shape of your not cancer and over eighty percent of breast breast lumps are benign such as fibrocysChanges in the shape of your tic breast disease, but all lumps and nipple and/or unusual dis- changes should be checked out with your charge, especially if it contains doctor. traces of blood

Breast Cancer Special - De-Stress 4 Life Magazine How to feel for changes

you. Here are some of the natural Feel each breast in turn. Keeping your changes to watch out for. fingers together and flat, firmly move · Menstrual cycle – every month over the whole breast, including the nipyour breasts change during ple and armpit. Feeling your breast is menstruation, they can become often easier to do the bath or shower bigger, tenderer and sometimes especially with a soapy hand. Some lumpy; this is more often the women prefer to feel for changes while case before your period. Some lying down but either way is ok. If you women have tender breasts are starting to feel your breasts for the first time then really take the time to go throughout their cycle and if you over every area maybe several times evare concerned about this then a ery month, this will familiarize you very chat with the doctor is in order. well with your breasts. It’s amazing how · Pregnancy & breast-feeding – little we know our own bodies sometimes – a simple test is this, put your during pregnancy and breasthands behind your back and now defeeding your breasts may be scribe what your right hand looks like, very enlarged, firm and tender, what’s is the texture of your skin, condiremember this is normal at this tion of your nails, any freckles? Yes, time. But you should continue to where? …… harder that it seems right. check your breasts and note any changes with your doctor. Likewise anyone who is lucky enough to be able to feel a woman’s breasts (be that boyfriend, husband or girlfriend) should point out if they feel something that’s not quite right. Remember to always thoughts in your mind – ·



I know what’s normal for me so therefore I can spot when something changes


doctor examines your breasts he/she is often able to reassure you that there is nothing to be alarmed for. You may be sent to a breast clinic for a more detailed examination and again this isn’t something to be alarmed about. Never be afraid that you are making a fuss when it comes to your health, nine out of ten breast lumps are harmless but peace of mind that comes with a full examination is priceless. Irish women have a 1 in 12 chance of developing breast cancer at some point in their lives, so remember the old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’….. And for you guys – breast cancer affects you too and you should also be checking your chests for unusual changes or lumps, around 14 men develop breast cancer in Ireland each year. Always remember that your health is your wealth……

The menopause - after the menopause breasts will feel "Early detection is key, and if I hadn't softer and they may change, for found my lump early, I don't know what example get smaller and in other would have been. I am still here and I want to encourage women to do that on cases bigger. Continue your a regular basis." - Olivia Newton-John breast checks during and after menopause and discuss any changes big or small with your doctor.

What to do if you find something


I know what to look for and to First of all do not panic, many feel for lumps and changes found are not cancerous at all. In fact many lumps end up been benign and · I will discuss any changes with are no risk, I had a lumpectomy my doctor without delay myself 9 years ago and my lump was benign. Although I remember how it was a frightening situ· If I am at the age for routine ation to find myself in, I have not breast screening I will attend forgotten so can understand and make my appointments how others feel when they discover a lump. without delay So what do you do if you find Life changes something? With the time our bodies change and a Make an appointment to see woman’s body is constantly changing your doctor as soon as possible, with the natural menstrual cycle so it’s never leave something like this important to know what’s normal for on the long finger. After the

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Breast Cancer Special - De-Stress 4 Life Magazine

Journeying beyond Breast Cancer

A story of hope

By Marie Ennis-O’Connor “I’ve seen extreme bravery from the least likely of people. Life is about the moments when it’s all gone wrong. That’s when we define ourselves.” ~ Bear Grylls

us, I never planned on having breast cancer. I was too young I thought; there was no history in my family; this kind of thing only happens to other people. All those things we tell ourselves to soothe and reassure. I was totally unaware that I had a tumour growing in my right breast, and in the weeks and months leading up to my cancer diagnosis, I carried on with my life, blissfully unaware that it was about to change in a deeply profound way.

September 29th 2004. That day is etched on my memory. I can still feel those butterflies in my stomach as I waited for my surgery. A week earlier I had been hit by the metaphorical juggernaut of those three little words, you’ve got cancer, and now here I was dressed in my surgical Being diagnosed with cancer and its atgown about to face my toughest chal- tendant treatment takes you on a rollerlenge. coaster journey of emotions. The apparent randomness of a cancer diagI never planned on becoming a breast nosis shakes your sense of identity to its cancer survivor, because like so many of

Image: graur razvan ionut /

De-Stress Magazine - Autumn 2010 - Page 6

very core and afterwards nothing will ever feel certain again. Facing your mortality awakens you to life like nothing else can. I have experienced the rollercoaster highs of that journey - a heightened sense of awareness and the sheer wonder of being alive, alongside the lows of despair and fear. While the time of diagnosis and treatment was difficult, it was nothing compared to its aftermath. There is an expectation that when you walk out of hospital on that final day of treatment, your cancer story has ended, but the reality is that in many ways you story is only just beginning. Now the real healing begins.

Breast Cancer Special - De-Stress 4 Life Magazine the readers who come to my blog do not have experience of breast cancer, but they too have been touched in some way by loss or pain. We all share something in common. We all have our own stories of loss and pain. We all have something to teach and learn from each other. To heal when one has experienced any type of trauma, takes time, gentleness and support.

Image: Andy Newson /

Sometimes there can be a code of silence surrounding the aftermath of cancer treatment. Many cancer survivors experience feelings of fatigue, guilt, loneliness or depression; alongside feelings of gratitude and a renewed sense of purpose. As we transition from the treatment phase of survivorship, we are not always prepared for the maelstrom of mixed emotions which can hit us. This is the part of the journey with cancer I struggled with the most, and in trying to make sense of it, I started the Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer blog. I wanted to provide a space for survivors to share their experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly. There is a wonderful quote from Rebecca Falls which says that “one of the most valuable things we can do to heal one another is listen to each other’s stories”. In doing so, we validate the experiences of others; we uplift and inspire, we comfort and console, we laugh and we cry together and ultimately we learn to heal what needs to be healed.

overwhelming obstacles” wrote another hero, the actor, Christopher Reeve. When a riding accident changed his life forever, he showed grace, determination, and courage in living with disability. Living in the shadow of cancer has taught me that we are all of us capable of the same heroism in our own lives. Pain can be a powerful motivator, more so than pleasure. It has an amazing way of making us focus more clearly on what’s really important. Whatever you’re struggling with right now can be your wake-up call. Six years after I sat on that hospi- And when you find yourself standing at tal bed, I sat glued to my TV the edge of a cliff, spread your wings and screen, watching the successful fly... rescue of the miners in Chile. As I watched the men emerge one by Come to the edge. one out of their narrow capsule, I We can't. We're afraid. reflected on how resilient the human body and spirit are. Like the Come to the edge. miners trapped underground, a light of hope can still burn in our We can't. We will fall! own hearts and our spirit shine through no matter what darkness Come to the edge. we are facing in our lives. The world hails these men as heroes and so they are. But they are not alone in their heroism. The world is full of everyday heroes, but we do not see them on our TV screens. “I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of

And they came. And he pushed them. And they flew. Guillaume Apollinaire

Marie Ennis-O’Connor grew up in Dublin, but now lives with her husband in County Clare. Following a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2004, Marie underwent nine months of treatment with surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and hormone therapy. Since this experience, Marie has become a passionate advocate for the issues facing younger women with breast cancer. She is secretary of Europa Donna Ireland, a registered charity, whose mission is to bring the voice of the woman with experience of breast cancer to campaign for evidence-based, best practice health policy for breast cancer treatment in Ireland. Marie is co-author of a patient information book on Breast Cancer and Fertility, and runs the successful Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer blog, a finalist in the 2010 Irish Blog Awards. Connect with Marie: Twitter:

Linkedin: While the experience of cancer was my wake-up call and catalyst for changing Facebook: my own life, it doesn’t have to take cancer to awaken you to your life. Many of Blog: De-Stress Magazine - Autumn 2010 - Page 7

Breast Cancer Special - De-Stress 4 Life Magazine

One-of-a-Kind Website Gives Cancer Patients Reason to Hope

That something was another woman who had her exact diagnosis. “People don’t realize how many different kinds of breast Breast Cancer Survivor Founds “Pink-Link” to Give Patients a cancer there are, and how many different ways to treat it. Way to Connect When it gets down to the nitty gritty, and you have to decide if you’re going to cut off a part of your body, make yourself sick Doctors, patients and survivors know it takes a village to navi- with drugs, lose your hair, and everything else that happens, gate diagnosis, treatment and recovery. you want to talk to somebody who’s been there.” February 1, 2010 – When she was going through breast cancer treatment in 2004, Vicki Tashman had great doctors, reams of research, multiple support groups, a loving husband and an extensive network of friends. “I was journaling, meditating, talking to everyone I could, and crying a lot,” she says. “I was surrounded by people who cared, but something was missing, something that would have made a tremendous difference.”


De-Stress Magazine - Autumn 2010 - Page 8

“You can do all the research in the world, and you can go to every support group in town, but until you meet someone who is going through, or has already gone through, the exact kind of cancer you are facing and who is debating the same choices as far as their treatment and recovery, you still feel entirely alone.”

Breast Cancer Special - De-Stress 4 Life Magazine Not satisfied with what the Internet had to offer, but aware that it could be an unbelievable tool, Tashman founded Pink Link, a free online community of breast cancer patients and survivors. Based on proprietary software which allows participants to communicate with each other while maintaining their anonymity, Pink-Link’s member database allows women to enter very specific

information about the type of breast can- cedure, taken the same medicine, and cer they have and the treatment options debated the same issues that you are they are pursuing. confronting.” Tashman says she loves the quote, “To know the road ahead, ask someone coming back.” “That’s what Pink-Link is all about,” says Tashman. “What’s empowering to a woman is to be able to connect with someone who’s had the same pro-

Pink-Link is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and is supported by individual donations. All services on the Pink-Link website are free.

Vicki Tashman didn’t just survive breast cancer, she beat it. Well, thanks to Pink-Link, now it’s not. Commanding all the resources and support available to her, she was a prime example of the active and pro-active patient. She interviewed different doctors, attended different support groups, signed up for different studies and never took “no” – or “I don’t know” – for an answer. All this worked to her advantage and she is alive today because of it.

A California native, who attended University of Colorado at Boulder, Tashman lives in LA with her husband and two children. Her paternal grandmother died of breast cancer, and her mother is a survivor of nine years. “Each day is a gift,” she says. “I’m not trying to change the world, just make a difference where I can.”

The one thing she felt was missing however during her battle with the disease, was a way to find another woman who had the same type of cancer, was considering the same treatments, feeling the same side effects and processing the same fears. When she finished her treatment she decided to do something about that. “It just occurred to me one day that here we had this unbelievable tool, the Internet, at our disposal, but there was no way for me to find someone who was going through, or had already gone through, the same kind of cancer as me,” Tashman says. “Why should it be easier to find a date online than a compatible mentor who can help you get through chemo?” Pink-Link ( is the outgrowth of this idea and is now the only online searchable database of breast cancer patients and survivors on the Internet. Completely FREE and CONFIDENTIAL, Pink-Link allows women to enter as much detail as they like about their particular diagnosis and then search for other women who are the same age, living in the same part of the country, taking the same medications, facing the same treatment options. The site can match women who’re going through treatment simultaneously or can pair a patient with a survivor … or both. “You know, it was great when I was sick to talk to any other woman who’d had breast cancer. We could cry on each other’s shoulders, try and cheer each other up, understand each other in a way others could not,” she says. “But when it got right down to it, I had a lot of specific questions that could only be answered by someone who’d been in my exact shoes, and that was hard to find.”

Image - by kind permission of Vicki Tashman

De-Stress Magazine - Autumn 2010 - Page 9

Breast Cancer Special - De-Stress 4 Life Magazine

My Journey Begins.... By Tasha Rinehart An extract from Note from the Editor When I was researching sources for this ‘Breast Cancer’ special I was very touched by this young woman's blog and her journey through Breast Cancer. Visit Tasha Rinehart’s blog to read more about this remarkable woman's courage, inspiration and ‘down to earth’ attitude. This extract is the first blog post by Tasha, please visit her site to read more about her journey..... thing to be lost in while sure it's scary and there are lots of translation going "down unknowns and what-if's out there, but the pipeline". one thing that I learned from my dad is that this is now my reality. It is happening Most importantly, I regardless of if I want it to or if I think it’s don't want anyone to fair; so I can mope and cry and cuss and feel like they can't ask be pissed off, or I can be happy and me questions or that thankful for the things that I do they have to pretend have...either way, the outcome is still the like this isn't happening. same! I have a long battle ahead of me I assure you, it is on my and I don't want to start the fight with mind pretty much 24/7 cancer already having one up on me by Image - by kind permission of Tasha Rinehart regardless of if you having a bad attitude. :o) I have such an amazing support system bring it up or not, so please don't feel like with my friends and family and I don't you can't talk to me about it. On the flip My next blog will begin the update proknow what I would do without all of you. side, this also doesn't mean that this is cess. I'll probably just title each blog with Each and every one of you is truly a bless- the only thing we can talk about. I am still that day's date (pretty creative, I know) ing in my life and I appreciate you to the the same 'ole me and I still have lots of but that way everyone can stay caught fullest extent! Now, with that being said, goofy, quarky stories that have nothing up and know right where to start reading I know that everyone is going to have to do with cancer. I've got a 1-year old at a quick glance. Also, please feel free to questions and want to know what's going who does something note-worthy pretty pass on my blog address to anyone who on through each and every stage and I much daily and a husband who keeps me you might think would find it of interest. don't want anyone to feel left out or to on my toes! This may be a new part of my I know a lot of people have put me on not be in the know. This is why I've cre- life, but it has not become my life. If prayer requests with different churches ated my blog. It will act as my journal nothing else, I want each and every per- and groups and if any of them want to through this journey and it will be a way son who reads my blog to use my experi- know how their prayers are working this for everyone to stay up to date without ence to realize how precious life is and will be the place to find out! :o) me having to repeat the same informa- just how much we need to appreciate tion several times or worse, for some- each and every minute of it! I am taking Thanks again to all of you and God bless! a very positive approach to this, and De-Stress Magazine - Autumn 2010 - Page 10

Breast Cancer Special - De-Stress 4 Life Magazine tion for what my husband and my mom do for me every day. We're like the 3 Amigos! :o) Of I'm 31 years old and I am a graphic designer/photographer. My full-time job course, it is only fair that I also is with Arrow Truck Sales in Kansas City say that I have such an amazing where I am a graphic designer, and I also support system as a whole. My do freelance photography. My friends/ friends, family, co-workers and even strangers have all stepped family put together a team (Team Tasha) for the American Cancer Society's up and done anything in their 'Strides Against Breast Cancer' walk this power to make sure I'm taken care of and in good spirits. past weekend and it was an amazing turnout! My Journey with breast cancer has given me such an amazing I'm married to Jeremy and we have a outlook on life, and I definitely 15-month old son named Alex. Those "take time to smell the roses" two are the sunshine of my life! My mom is my best friend and has been my so to speak. I've always been a husband and I's rock through this entire positive person, however this journey. She is there whenever we need experience has strengthened my opinion that everything hapImage - by kind premission of Tash Rinehart her, and if she can't do it she finds pens for a reason and you have someone who can. My dad passed away from a short battle with cancer in Janu- to embrace those experiences, good and bad. I enjoy all the little moit! I genuinely feel like I'm a better perary, so I know what its like to watch ments with my son and my husband and son now than I was before my diagnosis helplessly while someone you love suffers. Because of my personal experience I laugh...all the time! I appreciate people and I look forward to what else I will learn on my journey. with that, I have such a strong apprecia- and the little things they do to a much higher extent than I ever have and I love

More about Tasha Rinehart

The power of love to change bodies is legendary, built into folklore, common sense, and everyday experience. Love moves the flesh, it pushes matter around.... Throughout history, "tender loving care" has uniformly been recognized as a valuable element in healing. ~Larry Dossey

Image: graur codrin / De-Stress Magazine - Autumn 2010 - Page

Breast Cancer Special - De-Stress 4 Life Magazine

The Benefits of Oncology Massage with a trained Massage Therapist By Catherine A Connors Cancer patients all too often experience feelings of isolation, fear, anxiety and worry which can be alleviated and/ or assisted through the medium of touch. All humans are essentially physical creatures; we need to be touched and to feel tenderness & kindness. Cancer patients are also under high amounts of stress, worry and strain, and certainly massage can help ease this type of stress. Reduced stress levels have been shown to be beneficial for the immune system, so a properly performed Oncology massage can actually be extremely beneficial for a patient, strengthening his or her body for the fight against the cancer. So what is Oncology Massage? And why is it different from ordinary massage? Oncology Massage is a specially designed combination of various therapies such as Swedish massage, Reflexology, Indian head massage etc and is specifically designed for people living with cancer. The aim is to improve the function of the immune system and blood circulation, which helps increase a person’s energy level, and appetite. Those who can receive an Oncology Massage are · · · · ·

Chemotherapy patients Patients receiving radiation treatments Pre- and post-surgical cancer patients Cancer patients in remission/still recovering from treatments Anyone who has had one or more lymph nodes removed

The important thing is to find the correct therapist for you, it’s very important that you feel comfortable with your therapist, that you can freely chat and discuss your feelings (both physically and emotionally) and feel at ease. The primary concern with massaging cancer patients is that a poorly performed massage by a therapist without the necessary experience could actually hurt the patient. Because of surgery and/or various therapies some patients experience increased sensitivity and fragile skin. So how do you find a therapist that’s right for you?

Image: graur razvan ionut /

therapies including massage, so they may have a recommendation, and doctors may want to be in contact with the therapist about the patient's specific case before approving massage and/or the therapist. Be sure to ask your therapist questions, such as their qualifications, the type of illnesses they deal with and how many years they are practicing. I would personally recommend that if you are a cancer patient seeking a therapist you should look for a therapist with at least First and foremost, as with any type of illness, it is a good idea 7 years experience and certainly with some training or knowlto talk to your doctor first before making an appointment for edge of massaging cancer patients. If you are not convinced massage. Many doctors today work directly with massage then don’t take the chance and continue looking. therapists or health professionals who offer different types of De-Stress Magazine - Autumn 2010 - Page 12

Breast Cancer Special - De-Stress 4 Life Magazine This type of massage will be tailored to the individual client, so no two clients will receive the same massage. A good therapist will take notes after every session and you shouldn’t be alarmed by this. Several things may be different from a massage you might receive in a health spa, for example ·

· ·

A detailed account will be completed, including the kind of cancer you have (or had), all treatment history, any current treatment you’re on, all symptoms and side-effects you are experiencing, and any surgery or lymph node involvement you might have. Pressure may be lighter than a regular massage. A lot of the massage time may be spent on the feet (Reflexology), the spine (Hot stone therapy and/or acupres-



sure points) and the head (Indian head massage) with the rest of the body receiving a lighter massage. Specific symptoms at the time of massage will be addressed via pressure point (for example nausea, depression or any pain). Depending on your own needs the position you lie in might be modified to accommodate any surgery, radiation sites or sensitive skin.

types and those with illnesses I can assure you that everybody’s body is beautiful. In a nutshell your body is the greatest gift you have, treasure it, love it, care for it….. never be shy to treat your body to a massage, your therapist (once you find him/her) is a professional and as such is well aware that we all come in different packages. There are so many benefits to receiving regular massage, including · · · · · ·

What’s the most important is that you are met with respect; so many people out there miss out on the wonderful feeling of a massage and the health benefits that follow because any number of reasons, cancer shouldn’t be one of them.


A stronger immune system Better circulation Pain reduction or relief Reduced nausea and vomiting Increased energy and appetite Better outlook on life / less depression Having a more restful sleep

As a massage therapist and someone So why not book that massage today…. who has massaged many different body

Cancer by the Day by Sue Ennis “Cancer by the Day” is Sue Ennis’s personal Breast Cancer journey and in her blog she talks openly about her surgery, treatment and survival..... This site is certainly one that I would recommend to visit and read especially if you or someone you know is facing breast cancer. It takes a certain courage for women like Sue to make their journey public and because of this action they deliver hope, inspiration and information to others.....

Forcing a Smile An extract from - written by Sue Ennis This past week has really been tough for a few people around me. One in particular warmed my heart when she reached out to me for my words of encouragement and for me to share my coping skills to help her deal with a most tragic event. Life can be cruel at times no doubt and then today, we received news of the passing of a long time friend to cancer. Someone I met through Bruce from literally week one of a our relationship…and a good friend to Bruce for years before that. This made my top coping skill really come through strong – force a smile, always. Remember the good

times, all the life was and cherish the memories…anything that warms your heart, memories never leave. Forcing a smile in the worst bout of tears does something inside…tear generation activity and the muscles that smile never get to meet. For me, I realized the more I kept smiling through it all, the more everyone smiles back. I cannot say it takes the pain, fear, sorrow and grieving away, but it helped me…and I’m pleased it came to my mind to share with another…and now you all. De-Stress Magazine - Autumn 2010 - Page 13

Breast Cancer Special - De-Stress 4 Life Magazine

The Power of Positive Thinking By Catherine A Connors Your attitude and your reaction to events positive in every situation, even the and/or changes in your life can deter- bleakest, the old saying ‘every cloud has mine the condition of the world you live a silver lining’ has some merit. in. You will gain more from life by thinking positively than by taking a negative or A positive mind anticipates happiness, cautious approach. In other words it’s joy, health and a successful outcome better to be an optimist rather than a from situations and actions, it looks to the positive aspects of every situation pessimist. and what we learn and gain each time, So what does ‘Positive Thinking’ mean? even when things go wrong (as they sometimes do in life) by maintaining a “No matter where you go or what you positive mind we can look at these situado, you live your entire life within the tions as opportunities to learn from confines of your head” - Terry Josephson them and not to dwell on them.

to sing, sharing a meal with family or friends, the sound of rain, kicking a football etc, the list could go on and on. Every moment of our day (and lives) is precious. 3. Write it out - Take some time to write down everything that you love and are thankful for in your life, people, things, happy events, moments when you feel/ felt good/proud/happy/successful etc…

Now make a list of all the aspects of yourself that you like, everyone has something special about themselves that Its import to note that positive thinking “I like to think of thoughts as living blos- they can do or enjoy doing. isn’t about ignoring the obvious; it isn’t soms borne by the human tree” - James about pretending that everything is won4. Realize your negative thoughts - This Douglas derful in your life when you find yourself might require a bit of soul-searching (and in times of difficulty. Positive thinking So how do you start to thinking positive in some cases a little outside help might really is a process of finding something – be needed, for example a coach, therapist etc), some of our negative thoughts Below are some steps that can are sometimes deep seated beliefs about help you on your journey to pos- life. itive thinking When you find yourself thinking negativ1. Be aware of your thoughts. ity (I can’t do this, I’m terrible, I’m a failTake some quite time in the day ure) then stop what you are doing and to just sit and quietly observe spend a moment exploring why this what mulling around in your thought has popped up in your mind, head without focusing on any then try replacing the negative thought thought, just allow them to with a positive thought, ex: I can’t do this come and go at random. Medi- to I’m going to give this the best shot I tation is a wonderful tool for can…. this, and it’s during this quite time that we can learn what re- These are but some steps anyone can ally happens in our own minds. take on the journey to positive thinking. Life sometimes knocks us for six when we 2. Appreciation – appreciate least expect it, but if you have a positive everything that your body/ mind there is nothing that can stop you mind/environment/life can do from achieving your dreams. and bring us, from breathing to dancing, sports to walking on “The world we have created is a product the beach, to be able to hear of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking” birds singing, to smell the freshly cut grass, to wrap our - Albert Einstein arms around someone we love, Image: federico stevanin / De-Stress Magazine - Autumn 2010 - Page 14

Breast Cancer Special - De-Stress 4 Life Magazine

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Note from the Editor - Discovering you have breast cancer can be a shocking and naturally scary time, sometimes it can involve hospital visits, surgery, after care and physical and emotional changes due to treatments.

have a wonderful range of clothes, underwear, head scarves, hats, gifts and all other types of fashionable items that aid cancer recovery for sale on their website. They also have downloadable PDF files that are a wealth of information for anyone who might be starting their own cancer journey.

The wonderful women (Lisa Lurie and Ellen Kander) at ‘Cancer by Glammed’ ( Please check them out at De-Stress Magazine - Autumn 2010 - Page 15

Breast Cancer Special - De-Stress 4 Life Magazine

I Knew I Should Have Worn a Chin Strap! By Christine Clifford, CSP

In 1994, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My husband and I decided to take a break from my chemotherapy and the cold, Minnesota winter. We flew to Scottsdale, AZ where there was a professional golf tournament going on, “The Tradition” on the Senior PGA Tour (now the “Champions' Tour). We bought tickets and were standing on the third tee, watching my three idols in golf tee off: Jack Nicklaus, Raymond Floyd, and Tom Weiskopf. Suddenly, a gust of wind came up and blew my hat (and my hair!) right off my head into the middle of the fairway! The gallery went silent, and my golf idols stared at me as my wig was in their flight path. So I took a deep breath,

slipped under the ropes, ran out into the middle of the fairway, and grabbing my hat and my hair, turned to the golfers. “Gentlemen,” I offered, “the wind is blowing left to right”. They say the laughter could be heard all the way back to the clubhouse, and I realized that once again, laughter is the best medicine.

Images are by kind permission of Christine Clifford De-Stress Magazine - Autumn 2010 - Page 16

Christine Clifford is CEO/President of The Cancer Club, a Professional Speaker and author of six books, including Cancer Has Its Privileges: Stories of Hope & Laughter. You can reach Christine at or visit her websites at or Don't forget to laugh! TM

Namaste Organic Spa 30 Franklin Avenue Ridgewood, NJ 07450 Oncology Treatment by the Namaste Organic Spa

enhancing a patients overall feelings of well being. Cancer clients who come for Oncology massages during their Combines massage with Reflexology medical treatments or after, feel that and/or sound healing. May help relieve they can cope with everything they are stress and side effects of Chemothera- going through a little better. The physipy. May also support body systems cal and emotional benefits of massage that are dealing with Cancer. Reiki help their bodies release toxins and Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy are emotions. The benefits of massage also offered to client. seem to be most beneficial when combined with other healing modalities as Image - by kind permission of Marisol FitzgerWe have found that massage for CanCraniosacral and Reiki therapies. ald - Owner of Namaste Organic Spa cer patients can relieve nausea, fatigue, pain, and depression while Company founder, Marisol Fitzgerald, began her wellness career as a Reiki practitioner. She quickly became a Reiki Master and began holding seminars across North Jersey teaching this ancient Japanese healing art to others. In 2005, Marisol began studying Massage Therapy. By combining her Reiki knowledge with her massage techniques, Marisol's success was immediate. Devoted clients praise her techniques and ability to make them feel genuinely better, both physcially and spiritually.

Image - by kind permission of Marisol Fitzgerald - Owner of Namaste Organic Spa

Marisol also makes a connection by making sure Namaste Organic gives back to its clients. Organizing chair massage stations at clients' charity events allows Namaste Organic to donate 100% of all proceeds back to that charity. At Namaste Organic, they also allow their clients to give back by donating an Oncology Treatment to someone suffering or recovering from Cancer. This unique treatment that Marisol developed includes Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki and gentle massage techniques to improve the physical and emo-

tional well being of Cancer patients. This Oncology Treatment is always free of charge to Cancer patients, and funded through client donations and Namaste Organic themselves. The extensive treatment list at Namaste Organic includes spa favorites such as Hot Stone Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. There are also many treatments that are hard to find at other spas such as Himalayan Sea Salt Scrubs, Detoxifying Herbal Treatments, Craniosacral Therapy and Chakra Balancing. Aside from the amazing list of treatments, Namaste Organic promises to always give a 60 minute massage, never a 50 minute massage like a most spas. Namaste Organic Spa is a full service, organic wellness sanctuary founded by Massage Therapist, Marisol Fitzgerald. Namaste Organic offers retail and treatment services that focus on the overall well being of your body. Namaste Organic prides itself on creating a personal connection with each client along with providing a stress relieving and healing treatment. Namaste Organic Spa is located in Ridgewood, NJ and is open seven days a week. For more information, retail and treatment offerings will be available online at:

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