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Interim Design


Project Type: Curb Extension Sponsor Organization: City of Austin Transportation Department (ATD) Agencies Involved: ATD Materials Budget: N/A Key Materials: »» Surface Treatment: Striping with traffic paint, colored dot treatment with thermoplastic »» Barrier Element: Flexible delineators (upgraded to concrete buttons) »» Signs: 4-way stop signs About the Project: The Austin Transportation Department led a series of low-cost interim design safety improvements at the intersection of East 6th and Waller Street. Stop signs, continental crosswalks, curb extensions were added to each leg of the intersection. Colored dots highlight the pedestrian space of the curb extensions, while double white lines mark the perimeter. ATD initially used plastic delineators as the curb extension barriers, but quickly upgraded to mountable concrete buttons when the delineators were repeatedly knocked down. The project is intended to last Until funds are available for capital construction. Materials testing at this site has helped inform Austin’s approach to adding barriers to other rapid implementation projects, such as bike lanes.



The evolution of an interim design project (City of Austin).

Barrier Element

Flexible delineators were placed every 2 - 3ft. to define the curb extension space. Delineators were knocked down easily at this site and were replaced with mountable “ buttons” (spec sheet page 30).

Barrier Element Upgraded

Within weeks of installation, ATD swapped delineator posts for concrete buttons, and field tested adhesives (such as epoxy) to see what worked best (spec sheet page 42). PROJECT APPLICATIONS · 97

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