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Project Type: Guerrilla Mid-block Crossing Sponsor Organization: Concerned Citizens Agencies Involved: N/A - Unsanctioned Project Materials Budget: < $100 Key Materials: »» Surface Treatments: Spray paint used to create continental crosswalk striping About the Project: In May of 2011, two concerned New Haven residents painted a guerrilla crosswalk across Whitney Avenue by Audobon Street. Just a few days later, the City of New Haven removed the crosswalk. The two residents then later sent in a formal project request asking that the crosswalk be added back. Two years later, in August of 2013, the City of New Haven made plans and has since constructed a permanent version of the crosswalk. What began as an unsanctioned crosswalk later turned into a raised intersection with three faux-brick crosswalks, curb extensions, pedestrian seating, LED lights, trees, delineators, and rapid flashing beacon crossing lights. One of the concerned residents involved in the unsanctioned project was Doug Hausladen. After he painted the guerrilla crosswalk and sent in the formal project request form, he was elected as a City Alderman. Just a few years later, Doug inow serves as the Director of Transportation, Traffic & Parking for the City of New Haven.



Above: An unsanctioned crosswalk highlighted a real need at the Whitney Avenue / Audobon Street Intersection (Thomas Macmillan, New Haven Independent). Below: Two years later the entire intersection was raised with new crossing treatments (Google).

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