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Street furniture for pilot or interim design projects may be governed by established municipal street design guidelines. Where flexibility and time allow, look to collaborate with local artists or community groups to create street furniture that reflects neighborhood or block identity. The provision of street furniture provides an excellent opportunity to integrate beauty, creativity, and play into any public space.

Photos left to right: Hay bales and movable chairs and tables at a pop-up plaza in Poughkeepsie, NY (Street Plans); Cinder blocks and 2 x 10 in. boards and wooden crates provide seating for a 2-day demonstration in Burlington, VT (Street Plans); Simple, movable metal chairs provide seating at Proxy, an interim-design public space in San Francisco, CA (Street Plans); At the Market Street Prototyping Festival in San Francisco, CA, designers experiment with a whimsical rocking bench, injecting joy and social interaction into sidewalk seating (Street Plans).


Access for people of all ages and physical abilities

Planning + Design

To maximize user comfort, opt for movable chairs and tables — this provides the flexibility that allows people to reposition chairs to sit in the shade, or pull a few tables together to accommodate a large group.

STREET FURNITURE: CONSIDERATIONS Physical comfort for all users Good State of Repair Availability / Ease of Procurement Dimensions (May impact ease of transport, storage) Aesthetics (Considering local context) Storm Water Impacts Cost Durability Maintenance

Street furniture is an important element for any public space, providing the opportunity for people to sit, linger, and interact with each other and their environment. Depending on your project duration and budget, you may want to purchase ready-made street furniture or create your own from recycled or borrowed materials. Don’t be afraid to keep it simple: a demonstration project on a lean budget may simply use hay bales to create a place for people to sit and rest.

Stewardship (For example, do chairs need to be locked together or taken inside each day?) Access for City Services (Public transit, trash collection, street sweeping, snow removal etc.) Construction Impacts / Ease of Installation

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