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DUCT TAPE Typical Dimensions: Use minimum of 4 in. width tape for striping. Estimated Cost: $3 - $5 / 20 yard roll; $0.15-0.25/ ft. Overview: For one-day projects, use standard white duct tape or other colors as needed.

Left: Volunteers create a demonstration protected bikeway in Detroit using spray chalk (Team Better Block). Right: Volunteers use white duct tape and white tempera paint to create a new crosswalk along Detroit’s Michigan Avenue (Street Plans).

Foil-backed traffic tape is available in multiple colors, including yellow (seen here), which can be used for center line striping. Volunteers installed a very short-term splitter island with cones and yellow traffic tape to encourage people driving to navigate around a temporary mini-roundabout at the center of this Long Beach, CA intersection (Street Plans).

46 · MATERIALS PALETTE · Surface Treatments

F Demo (1 day - 1 month) Pilot (1 month - 1 year)

Interim (1 - 5 years)

Recommended Applications and Installation ɖBikeways: ɖ Striping width recommended at 6 in. for outermost line, 4 in. for inner line (closest to curb). Recommended bike lane width is a minimum of 5 ft. Tape can also be used for intersection treatments or to stripe a bike lane buffer area, with diagonal chevron or cross hatch markings spaced every 8 - 10 ft. if buffer is 2 ft. or wider. ɖPedestrian ɖ Crossings: Tape can be used to create temporary crosswalks, which come in many varieties and colors. A traditional continental crosswalk should have stripes a min. of 12 in. wide, with 12 - 36 in. gaps between stripes. ɖCurb ɖ Extensions and Plazas: Stripe outer boundary of curb extension with double white lines, 4 in. wide. ɖRoundabouts: ɖ Use tape to stripe splitter islands and / or outer perimeter of the roundabout area using stripes at least 4 in. wide. Tips and Considerations »» Sweep or powerwash street to remove dust and debris before applying. »» Provides a low-cost option that is easy to source and remove. »» Not reflective makes it a poor candidate for overnight/ multi-day or week demonstration projects. »» Can become slippery if wet. Potential Sources »» Buy from local hardware store or in bulk from:

Tactical Urbanist's Guide to Materials and Design v.1.0  

The only materials and design guidance for Tactical Urbanist demonstration, pilot, and interim design projects. Funded by the James L. Knigh...

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