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STRAW WATTLE Typical Dimensions: Varied. Typically sold in 25 ft. long, 9 in. diameter rolls. Estimated Cost: $4 / linear ft. Overview: Lightweight and easily shaped into various configurations.

As part of the Better Block Philly demonstration projects in Philadelphia, straw wattle curbing was used to create curb extensions and expanded sidewalk space (Better Block Philly).

F Demo (1 day - 1 month) Pilot (1 month - 1 year)

The Austin Transportation Department has used concrete buttons to create a less visually intrusive curb extension barrier. (Michael Andersen,

Interim (1 - 5 years)

Recommended Applications and Installation ɖBikeways: ɖ Place straw wattle along edge of the bike lane to create continuous curb or use to create protected intersection demonstrations. ɖMedian ɖ Islands/Curb Extensions: May be placed along edge of median island or curb extension to create a temporary curb. Provide a minimum 6 ft. break for crosswalk / pedestrian accessibility. ɖPlazas: ɖ Place along edge of plaza area to create curbing as desired. ɖRoundabouts: ɖ May be used to demarcate roundabout area or splitter islands, in conjunction with signs and other design elements. Tips and Considerations »» Low profile, combine with reflective materials (cones, free-standing delineators etc. if left out overnight. »» Only appropriate for very short-term demonstration projects. Potential Sources »» Borrow from city public works or parks department »» Purchase from landscaping or hardware store

Hard plastic “armadillos” provide a low-lying and durable bike lane barrier. Left: Rogers, AR protected bikeway (Street Plans); Right: Washington, D.C. (Street Plans) Note: Washington D.C.’s Department of Transportation removed armadillos — spaced 15 ft. apart instead of 8 ft. or less. — because they failed to prevent u-turning in the bike lane as intended. They were replaced by the parking stops pictured above.

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