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CASE STUDY: PHILADELPHIA, PA 1-5 Years Interim Design F Permanent Project Type: Pedestrian Plaza Sponsor Organizations: University City District; City of Philadelphia Office of Transportation & Infrastructure Systems Agencies Involved: Streets Department; SEPTA; Department of Commerce; University of the Sciences in Philadelphia; ThinkGreen Materials Budget: $50,000 Key Materials: »» Barrier Element: Wooden Planters »» Landscaping Element: Logs, birch trees, grasses, and herbs »» Street Furniture: Movable tables / chairs, log benches »» Surface Treatment: Acrylic traffic paint About the Project: University City District partnered with the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Transportation & Infrastructure Systems to create a plaza through the city’s Plaza Program. The plaza repurposed an underutilized concrete traffic island and a small slip lane on Woodland Avenue. Materials include locally sourced wooden planters and logs, trees, grasses, herbs, flowers, movable tables and chairs. Four years later, the plaza is in the process of being redesigned with permanent materials.

Barrier Element

Salvaged wood from neighborhood construction was used to build the large planters that act as barriers around the plaza’s edge (spec sheet page 38).

Street Furniture

Large logs were used from fallen trees at the Woodlands Cemetery across the street from the plaza. The logs act as both seating and the perimeter to the landscaping. (spec sheet pags 63 - 64).

Woodland Pedestrian Plaza (Ryan Collard for University City District).


Landscaping Element

Special attention to landscaping made this plaza great for stormwater management. Native trees, grasses, herbs, and flowers attract people, wildlife, and created a beautiful space (spec sheet page 38).

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