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CASE STUDY: Miami, FL 1 Week + 1 month


Demonstration F Pilot


Project Type: Park Sponsor Organizations: Ralph Rosado, Miami Downtonw Development Authority (DDA) Agencies Involved: Miami DDA, Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Materials Budget: $10,000 Key Materials: »» Street Furniture: Bench seating, moveable bistro chairs, adirondack chairs, awnings »» Surface Treatment: Live Sod, Painted mural, artistic striping »» Programming: A variety of cultural and social events throughout the week, exercise equipment, and other park amenities. About the Project: In 2012, Street Plans, together with local planner, and civic leader Dr. Ralph Rosado, AICP, worked with the Downtown Development Authority, local businesses, and community members to quickly design and deliver a temporary public park. In the time since this first one week project was completed, a permanent design concept was developed, which included removing 4 lanes of traffic and re-allocating the space to a redesigned public realm along Biscayne Boulevard. In 2016, the DDA was awarded a $150,000 grant from the Knight Foundation, which is being used to develop a one month version of this project. The next iteration is called Biscayne Green and it will be operational throughout January 2017. Permanant improvements are being made to advance the final permanant project, including murals on the Metromover facilities, and on the surfaces of the two parking lots. 122 · PROJECT APPLICATIONS

Street Furniture

Chairs formerly used for special events were purhased at discount on craigslist.

Park Furniture

Exercise Equipment was donated for the week by local park equipment vendors.

Surface Treatment

Live sod was donated for the week. It was watered daily and reused after the demonstration project (spec sheet page 68).

Top left: Existing Conditions (Ana Bickic / Street Plans); Top right: Bayftont Parkway project, 2013 (Ana Bickic, Street Plans); Bottom: Unscripted activity in the pop-up park (Street Plans).

Tactical Urbanist's Guide to Materials and Design v.1.0  

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