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CASE STUDY: Miami, FL 3 Year

Demonstration F Interim Design



Project Type: Shared Use Path / Bike Trail Sponsor Organizations: Florida East Coast Industries, Friends of Ludlam Trail Agencies Involved: Miami-Dade County Parks Department Materials Budget: $200,000 for trail, $20,000 programming Key Materials:

Surface Treatment

»» Surface Treatment: Compacted fill and gravel

6 in. of Compacted grave was all it took to get people moving along the Ludlam Trail.

»» Park Furniture: Branded umbrellas, signage »» Programming: Regular events throughout the demontstration and pilot phases. About the Project: Friends of Ludlam Trail launched a multiyear planning and programming effort for a 6-mile abandoned railway in Miami-Dade County. In 2012, Street Plans, launched the Friends of Ludlam Trail together with local running guru Frankie Ruiz with an eye toward implementation of the trail. Jursidictional and ownership challenges have prevented public access of the corridor for decades, but in 2014 Street Plans designed a temporary trail project for the Friends group which included monthly events on the trail, and the construction of a 4-mile interim trail facility to be enjoyed by the community before the permanent project is designed and delivered. The trail was constructed over the course of a month in 2014 with compacted gravel and since has been programmed by the Friends of Ludlam Trail. Permanant construction is not far off, a goal that has been accelerated thanks to the delivery of the interim project.


An inaugural bike ride + community celebration that included live music, bounce castle, and food trucks.

Park Furniture

Colorful umbrellas mounted in 5 gallon buckets were created at low cost to create this shaded seating area (spec sheet page 64).

Top left: Existing conditions, August, 2014 (Street Plans); Top right: Completed temporary gravel trail, November 2014 (Street Plans); Bottom: a bike ride, shaded seating area, and other programming elements comes together for the launch of the Ludlam Trail (Florida East Coast Industries).


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