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Pilot Project

Project Type: Protected bike lanes Sponsor Organizations: Walton Family Foundatiom, Bicycle Coalition of the Ozarks. Agencies Involved: Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Council, City of Rogers Materials Budget: $10,000 Key Materials: »» Barrier Element: Five types of bikeway barriers were tested: armadillos, flexible delineators, rubber cycle lane delineators, and parked cars. In addition, diverters made out of galvanized steel planters were used to limit through traffic along a portion of the project serving as a neighborhood greenway / bicycle boulevard. »» Surface Treatments: 4” White and Yellow traffic tape, white and green water-based paint. About the Project: The City of Rogers, Arkansas was one of three Northwest Arkansas cities that participated in in a monthlong series of pilot projects called Bike NWA. The project was sponsored by the Walton Family Foundation and led by Street Plans, the Bicycle Coalition of the Ozarks, and the Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Council. Rogers is a town of just over 60,000, and the pilot project was designed to test a variety of barrier and design treatments along a nine-block segement linking the Lake Atalanta Trail system to the Rogers Activity Center. Five types of protective barriers were used, with an eye toward creating beautiful streets as well as addressing critical cycling connections.


Flexible delineator posts are a lowcost option for pilot protected bike lanes but frequently need replacement, especially on streets with a high volume of traffic (spec sheet page 30).


Armadillos are low profile, mountable, and very durable.. However, they also cost roughly twice as much as flexible delineators (spec sheet page 42).


Construction grade yellow traffic tape and spray chalk were used to create striping and pavement markings (spec sheet pages 48 - 49).

Top left: Flexible delineators were glued with Gorilla Glue on along 3rd Street (Street Plans); Top right: Armadillos are low profile and provide a great solution for locations where curbside emergency vehicle access is required. (Street Plans); Bottom: Cycle lane delineators are another low profile option for protective device, used here with a “floating” parking lane (TIm Conklin).


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