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Why Dalsbruk • Market day every Wednesday and Saturday • Festivals: Baltic Jazz (5–7.7.2019), Festival Norpas (2–4.8.2019) and September Open (7.9.2019). • Harbour. Archipelago cruises to Bengtskär and Örö coastal fort amongst others. • Dalsbruk’s Mill museum, Tullbacksvägen 7: Local industrial and cultural history from 1686 onwards. • Nature path to Senatsberget. • Canoe rental in Stora Masugnsträsket. Booking in Räpylä, Kolabacksvägen 1. • Boat rental in the marina: Midnight Sun Sailing.

See Dalsbruk in a couple of minutes! A charming video captures the mood: 

Also visit the Dalsbruk’s ironworks museum to learn more interesting stories about Dalsbruk!

nsträsket and continue up Senatsberger hill to the viewing tower – you pass Bläckhornet and the hills Klockbega and Trollberga. Perhaps you’ll meet Jarl Hohenthal, glass blower, at Tackjärngjuteriets Glashytta. Ironworks for 330 years Dalsbruk and her inhabitants lived hand in hand with the ironworks for over 330 years. This symbiosis produced millions of tonnes of iron and a beautiful mill village environment. The rich history of the ironworks has resulted in many books. You feel the influence of the ironworks wherever you wander in Dalsbruk. One of the prettiest details

is the slag-stone found in most of the buildings. Ironworks village beside the sea Smell of the sea or fairytale lake environments – the village’s location, sandwiched between the sea and two lakes gives plenty of opportunity for memorable excursions. A ferry will take you out to the archipelago from the harbour without charge. Passenger ferries operate to Bengtskär and Örö coastal fort amongst others. Paddling in the large Stora Masugnsträsket fen with wilderness views is a fascinating experience. Rent a canoe and enjoy the adventure!



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Welcome to the Archipelago  

Archipelago Tourist Broschure.

Welcome to the Archipelago  

Archipelago Tourist Broschure.