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2011 Monthly Newsletter

RUKidding?! 2.0 The University of Strathclyde has recently announced that they will be charging Rest of UK (RUK) students £9,000 per year to a maximum of £27,000 for an undergraduate degree. Your Exec Team are working closely with the University to ensure that there is sufficient bursaries and support for RUK students to ensure that the maximum amount of students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to study here. If you would like to get involved please send in an email to


everyone’s different

At USSA we strive to ensure that everything and anything that we do is both equal and diverse. Ensuring that the activities we run are open to all regardless of their own personal background and by making our own procedures open and transparent. By doing this we aim to ensure that all the students that we represent can make the best out of their Strathclyde Experience. (Darren Young, Vice President Equality & Diversity)


In week 1 a fashion show was held on level 8 of the Union in association with Strathclyde’s media groups. It was a successful event with a great presence from Strathclyde Fusion, your student radio, and Strathclyde Telegraph. If you want to get involved with any of these groups, get in touch by emailing me on Keep a look out for my Safety Campaign! (Cat Morton, Vice President Services)

Activities and Development

I’d just like to use this opportunity to inform you that we have plenty of fantastic activities going on throughout the year at the Association. From Clubs and Societies to Community Engagement, we’ll have something for you to get involved in. We try to make getting involved as easy as possible so drop into level 7 and let us know how we can help you get in contact with the people who are making these activities happen and make sure you’re getting the most out of your Strathclyde Experience. (Chris Milborrow, Vice President Activities & Development)

…Student Congress

Student Congress for Class Reps is fast approaching! If you are a class rep sign up on in order to take part, meet the Principal, have fantastic debates about key issues and get some awesome goodies! It’s on Wednesday 26th October, not to be missed! (Rebecca Maxwell Stuart, Vice President Education & Representation)


2011 Monthly Newsletter

...Rock Up! Sports Club!

The Rock Up! Sports Club! is a new initiative at Strathclyde, which offers a different sport or physical activity each week to our students. The aim is to have a fun and safe session each week, simple as that. There will be no PE teachers in indecent shorts, no getting picked last and no one being made to feel useless! So what are you waiting for? Get along to RUSC on the weeks that you can see an activity you would like to try, or be a regular RUSCer and come every week just for the hell of it!!! Charandeep (President) and Cat (VPS) on the bungee run during Freshers Week, showing their competitive nature! Freshers’ Week Flashmob

Question Time!

Like Rock Up! Sports Club on Facebook for more info. Fancy joining a sports club? Come up to Level 7 of the Union and sign up to the Sports Union!

What is your most memorable moment of Freshers Week?

Darren Young: My most memorable moment would have to be the Flashmob that happened in Rottenrow Gardens. It was fun, energetic and lively. I still can’t believe how many people were actually up for taking part within it! Chris Milborrow: The Big Fairground was a really successful day and I think everyone who attended had great fun, and most even left with a caricature! Karen MacKellar: My most memorable moment was being amazed by Dynamo, the magician! The tricks he did were just fantastic. I still don’t know how he does it! Cat Morton: My most memorable moment of Fresher’s Week was watching people playing on the inflatable assault course items, standing at the top of Rottenrow looking down was a really happy moment. Charandeep Singh: The Conga from Halls to the Union was such good fun and it was great seeing everyone get involved! I loved playing rounders and Frisbee in the Campus Village – great fun! Rebecca Maxwell Stuart: The Postgraduate Welcome Event was amazing, I only thought there would be about 50 students max there, but around 200 appeared!!! Was great seeing the Priory so full!

USSAY Exec Oct 11  
USSAY Exec Oct 11  

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