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October 2022October 2022 YEARS CELEBRATING “Life depends on change and renewal” -Patrick Troughton
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About the Cover Artist:

Born and raised in Romania, Camelia Berberich has lived in Germany for 28 years. Although she has a graduate degree in chemical engineering, art has also played a significant role throughout her life. She always had a special interest in creativity and a curiosity for new things.

“Using colors to create art opened a whole new world for me to represent being,” Camelia explained, “Art needs passion. My artworks are born out of the pure desire for color and the enthusiasm for life and creation.” As varied and dynamic as life itself is, so are her works of art. She loves diversity in painting, and she is always concerned with using different topics and techniques. She does not want to follow a single set line and enjoys many genres of art such as contemporary, abstract, and portrait painting. She strongly believes that artwork is meant to bring peace and balance.

To view and purchase her work, visit:

“Renew & Revamp” October 2022

Contents Volume 21, Issue 10

A New Shade of Me by Ashley Memory

Thrill of the Hunt

Sasee Gets Personal with Alex Uhas: Custom Outdoor Furniture & Restrapping

Sasee Designer Home Guide

Why Heavy Furniture is an Awful Idea by Erika Hoffman

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from the Editor

If you stepped inside the little home my roommate and I refer to as the “Zen Den,” you would instantly be immersed in a rich blend of funky texture, retro vintage, and color galore. After you’ve been acquainted with the cats (Mr. Tom and Rosie) as well as the butterfly rug and sunshine mirror in our foyer, the living room area is just through the 70s beaded door curtains. Every room features various plants, elaborate macramé, vibrant wall décor, and comforting scents (unless the cats pooped recently).

A common theme that truly makes our place feel like home is the many pieces of rattan and bamboo furniture that were saved from my Papa’s beach house. My bedroom is also designed with heirlooms: the French Provisional dresser and bedside table are from my paternal grandparents, the four-poster bedframe from my maternal grandmother, and the vanity from my Papa’s mother. Most of the other pieces, big and small, were rescued from local antique shops. My grandmother, mother, and I love thrift shopping and all have an eye for eclectic treasures that add a touch of pizazz.

Some of my favorite pieces are the floral-embellished, wooden tea crate that’s the perfect size to hold my vinyl records, my grandmother’s mushroom-designed sewing kit box, the immense number of seashells I’ve accumulated, and the polaroid pictures full of sensational memories. Because I collect a multitude of interesting items, some are in a closet until I figure out how to reorganize and make more space. I am constantly adding and revamping so I am sure, in due time, they will all have a special place.

Currently, there’s a touch of Fall (my favorite season) festive décor including brass candlesticks and fairy lights on the mantel, pampas grass in antique vases, and a hodgepodge of pumpkins. From the smallest ornate details to the glittering disco balls, the Zen Den is overflowing with aged items that have been given new life.

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910-579-1525 • 17 Causeway Drive • Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469 Hours: 10am - 6pm Daily (Closed Tuesday & Wednesday) Text to Shop: 910-520-5197 A Curated Collection of Sun-Kissed Style Exclusively Ours: 14kt Gold & Gold Filled It’s OK to be a little obsessed with jewelry Join us for a JULIE VOS Trunk Show during October

A New Shade of Me

During the pandemic, my social calendar screeched to a halt, which made postponing hair appointments very easy. Stories such as how actress Sarah Jessica Parker embraced her gray tresses or how pewter-haired supermodels walked the Valentino runway helped ease the slow creep of silver at my crown. Perhaps, I, too, could turn a new corner in my life. COVID presented the perfect opportunity to go natural because I could hide behind a mask as my chemicallyenhanced locks grew out.

I had long rebelled against my birth color, a ho-hum brown somewhere between that of a mouse and a mushroom. Since my early twenties, I’d see-sawed between professional blonde highlights and sable lowlights, and once gray crashed the party in my late 30s, I’d been covering that, too. At age 53, three different colors now covered my head. To say nothing of my real shade, which lurked somewhere in the background. Over time, I’d grown to resent the increasing hours spent in a salon chair and since I retired, I hoped to use my time in more worthy pursuits, such as gardening, writing poetry, and enjoying a new marriage with my husband, J.P.

The sensitive sculptor and I felt lucky to have found each other by a smoldering fire pit at a Halloween cookout. Both of our previous marriages had ended, and we soon fell in love over art and literature. J.P. didn’t seem to care about things like my hair, nor my lagging right leg and the multiple sclerosis that caused it. We had been married four years, and with his support, I slowly pruned the vanities of my previous life: the fancy clothes and cosmetics I wore in an attempt to look like everyone else.

The women in my life, however, did not jump on the au naturel bandwagon.

“Gray looks good on you,” said my best friend Kelly, raising an eyebrow. “But it’s not for me.” Divorced, she had just entered the dating scene and was enjoying the attentions of a much-younger man. Jill, another friend, pledged to join me in my journey, only to renege and go even blonder than before. My mother also opposed the change. “Is it the money?” she asked. “I’ll pay for it, honey.”

Mom had been born a redhead, and now 73, had enhanced her hair all her life. In fact, she loved her synthetic shade of gilded auburn so much that when her salon ceased carrying

her favorite brand of dye, she ordered it herself and toted it to her appointments.

“It’s not the money,” I said. “I’m getting tired of going to the beauty shop every five weeks.”

“Four weeks, sweetheart. You should go every four like me.” She didn’t budge, and in a trait we both share, tried to laugh off a serious subject. “Even Gracie and Roxie go to the groomers every two weeks,” she said, referring to her Maltese-poodle mixes. “They don’t complain!”

For once, I didn’t snicker. Instead, I secretly worried. Maybe it was too soon to fling myself headfirst into this strange sea of identity. What if I didn’t like the new me?

I retired early at age 49 from my job as a college admissions counselor because I wanted to ease the stress in my life, which worsened my M.S. and chronic fatigue. I had resolved to be more frugal with time and money, but my decision to give up the dye ran deeper. Although I walked without aid, my occasional stumble embarrassed me. By giving up a hair color that had never been my own, perhaps I would shed the last vestiges of my old self, and I might just begin accepting the real me, wobble and all.

Although I wasn’t sure, I had an inkling, call it a vague hope, that my unadulterated tresses laced with streaks of gray, might not be so alarming.

“I think you’re going to like the new you,” said J.P., as he ran his fingers through the hair at the nape of my neck, which I couldn’t yet see. “It sure feels a lot healthier.”

Little by little, a mixture of chestnut and lustrous silver started inching over my head. The transition was so gradual that I wasn’t shocked at all. And one year after walking away from the salon, my hair appeared to complement my skin tone in ways that the artificial tones never had. My hair now had character all its own. Even style. More importantly, I didn’t miss the nose-burning chemicals, the tugging on my head, and the hours wasted in the salon chair. For the first time in my life, I felt truly free.

I could even joke with Mom again. “We still look like sisters,” I reassured her. “But now everyone will think you’re the younger one.”

8 :: :: October 2022

“Oh Ashie,” she said. “You’re so funny.”

As the threat of COVID waned, I shed my mask and walked boldly into the sunshine. I looked forward to uncovering even more shades of the new me, hair and all. To my great surprise, my former critics–other women my age–came around. One day a stranger in the parking lot at the grocery store shouted out: “Love the hair!”

Another one cornered me in the bookstore. “How did you get that shade?” she asked. “I mean, how much did it cost?”

“Nothing,” I told her. “Nothing at all.”

“Do you think I should do it?” She fingered her own hair, a blondishbrown that reminded me of my former tone.

“Definitely,” I told her. “Go for it.”


Ashley Memory lives in Randolph County, North Carolina, and when she’s not reading on her porch swing, she’s either weeding her tomato garden or hollering for the dog. She’s written for Carolina Woman, Carolina Country, and Healthline. Follow her blog at

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Gets Personal with Alex Uhas:

Custom Outdoor Furniture & Restrapping

Q: When did you join Custom Outdoor and what is your role?

I moved to the Grand Strand after graduating from college and started working for Custom Outdoor Furniture in August 2019. As the logistics manager, the work I do involves assembling furniture, pulling customers’ orders, receiving incoming shipments, making sure our showrooms are stocked, delivering furniture, helping our guys in the shop restrap and refurbish furniture, and occasionally repairing warrantied furniture.

Q: Do you enjoy revamping furniture?

I really enjoy revamping furniture for many reasons. I love taking an old beat-up piece of furniture and giving it new life. Seeing the transformation from before and after has to be my favorite thing about the whole process. Another reason is the reaction that we get from our customers when they bring us an old, well-loved piece of furniture that they have had for years, not expecting to get many more years out of it. Once we refurbish it to make it look better than when they first bought it, their facial expressions make all the hard work worth it.

Q: Have you done any redesigning in your home?

My wife, Hannah, and I recently built our house, so one could say that we had some design say in every aspect of the house. After moving in, we installed all the custom lighting and cabinet handles ourselves. We also did some colored grout work on our backsplash and bathroom floor. Other than that, we really haven’t done any redesign or revamping in our home just yet, since it is brand new.

Q: What is your favorite piece of furniture that you own?

My kitchen table is my favorite piece because it is the same table that my parents had when I was first born. When I was moving to the Grand Strand, the table was in my parents’ basement just collecting dust, so I insisted on bringing it with me. It is very special to me to think about the countless meals my friends and family have shared at that table. Even though my family is back in Ohio, every night when my wife and I eat dinner at that table it makes me feel like my family is right there with me.

Q: Have you ever done any furniture DIY projects?

My wife and I took apart and totally refinished our kitchen table that I mentioned earlier. By sanding everything down, repainting the legs and base of the table, and putting a fresh coat of stain on the top, we gave the table a whole new life.

Q: What is your favorite way to decorate for the fall season?

My favorite fall decorations would have to be pumpkins. Nothing says fall like putting pumpkins on the front porch and seeing the leaves on the trees begin to change color.

Q: Do you and your family have any fall traditions?

Every year around Halloween, my wife’s family has a big pumpkin carving party. Everyone brings a different kind of soup that they made, and we all sit outside and carve pumpkins and eat way too much soup. Since we moved to the Grand Strand, we join in via FaceTime and carve our own pumpkins here. My wife and I also love to host Thanksgiving Dinner, and this will be our second year doing so in our new home.

Custom Outdoor 2415 Hwy 17 S. • Garden City, SC 29576 • 843-651-9633

14 :: :: October 2022
Furniture & Restrapping
Sasee Designer Home Guide Artwork by Sharon Holzer • Instagram: sharonholzer__


Want to soak in the sun while staying cool? Get the best of both worlds with a Ledge Lounger® Deep Water Chaise! This stylish in-pool water chair provides a comfortably contoured spot to relax on your pool’s tanning ledge or baja shelf.

Designed with high-quality, ultra-durable materials, these chaises are specifically made to withstand harsh UV rays, water, and pool chemicals, and are color stabilized for up to 20,000 hours in direct sunlight. And, for shallower sun shelf areas, the Ledge Lounger® Signature Chaise is the perfect fit.

Find yours in stock at Custom Outdoor Furniture & Restrapping in Garden City. Call (843) 651-9633 or swing by the store to learn more!

Luxury and Durability

This kitchen was done on a new construction waterfront home. We classify it as a “luxury custom” kitchen because of its high end custom cabinetry, built-in commercial appliances (Notice the concealed dishwasher to the right of the farmhouse sink!), and custom details throughout. The island has a 3” thick mitered edge quartz countertop, and the floors are large format porcelain plank tiles for durability at the beach!

18 :: Sasee Designer Home Guide 2022
Prodigy Kitchens & Baths 8435 Ocean Highway Pawleys Island 843-314-0444 PRODIGY Kitchens & Baths 8435 Ocean Highway, Pawleys Island, South Carolina 29585 Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm • Saturday: 9am - 1pm • (843) 314-0444 YOUR LUXURY KITCHEN & BATH DESIGN CENTER

Integrity, Reliability & Quality

Cocora Home Décor & More is an interior design company and retail store that specializes in renovations, decorating, and a variety of other services. Serving clients From North Myrtle Beach to Kiawah Island, South Carolina, our projects are located along the Grand Strand. We work with homeowners of different styles & budgets. We are committed to making your visions and dreams a reality. Within the design industry, we specializes in space planning, color, architectural design, window dressings, and furniture placement.

Cocora Home Décor & More is dedicated to providing exceptional service while working alongside you and bringing your dreams to life, with their attention to detail and passion for design. We can do as much or as little as you need, from full renovations to just the finishing touches. We can help you with new construction design and selections, kitchen and bathroom remodel design and contracting, project management, window treatments, furniture and accessories, and exterior and interior color options.

Cocora Home Décor & More 727 Wachesaw Rd, Murrells Inlet 843-651-0801

Sasee Designer Home Guide 2022 :: 19 727 Wachesaw Rd Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 843-651-0801 NOW OPEN! Affordable to Affluent Gorgeous Furnishings Available Immediately @cocora_murrellsinlet Design Services Available
20 :: Sasee Designer Home Guide 2022 FABRIC SHOWCASE You can decorate...We can help! 843-449-6728 • Arcadian Shores - 10788 Kings Road - Myrtle Beach Designer Fabrics Custom Upholstery Drapery Cushions Bedding Pillows and MUCH more!

You Can Decorate…We Can Help!

Is your sofa looking a little tired? Maybe your draperies need a pick-me-up? Perhaps your furry friends have “over loved” your cushions and throw pillows. Did perfect little Timmy spill juice on your dining chairs?

If your answer is yes to any of these, you’re probably wondering, where do I start?

Fabric Showcase has been redecorating the Grand Strand for over 15 years! Our team of skilled artisans have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the entire design process from start to finish. Whether you have a small project or have just acquired a new condo still stuck in the 80s, we can point you in the right direction. Most often, our clients have an idea of what they are looking for and enjoy being part of the design process. If you are feeling completely overwhelmed, there are numerous full-service designers that shop with us too!

Regardless of what your fabric needs are, Fabric Showcase has got you covered…literally!

Fabric Showcase 10788 Kings Road, Myrtle Beach 843-449-6728

Sasee Designer Home Guide 2022 :: 21

Custom Built Furniture

At White Pine Artisan Market, we take pride in our custom-built furniture. From Farmhouse-style consoles with sliding doors to Adirondack chairs for your beach house porch, we use nothing but the best-grade woods and durable finishes. Each piece is locally made and custom-built for you. Choose from one of our display pieces and make it your own.

Not looking for new furniture? That’s okay. We also offer vintage pieces that have been refinished or repurposed. These are definitely one-of-a-kind pieces that will make your home decor stand out.

Stop in today and you’ll also enjoy all of the home decor accents made by local artists. We offer a range of items from lamps, barn wood photo frames, wall art, embroidered pillows and hand towels, to unique gift items like soaps and candles. There’s just so much to see!

White Pine Artisan Market 1470 Hwy 17, Little River 843-734-1551

22 :: Sasee Designer Home Guide 2022 843-734-1551 1470 Highway 17 • Little River, SC Mon - Sun 10am - 5pm

Introducing the Model 200 Gable Room, a beautiful outdoor escape that Sunspace of Myrtle Beach specifically designed for Mr. and Mrs. Sharkey of Conway with some high-quality personal features. From the vinyl windows and vinyl transoms for enjoying all the natural light and views to the added pine tongue and groove ceiling, the room is now parallel to their goal of having that perfect lake house feel. Mrs. Sharkey is a designer herself and had a vision for her outdoor space she wanted to make a reality.

Fortunately, using their top-notch workmanship to make their customers’ outdoor dreams become a reality is Sunspace’s specialty. of Myrtle Beach 11690 Hwy 17S Bypass, Murrells Inlet 843-299-2611

Sasee Designer Home Guide 2022 :: 23 Affordable • Maintenance Free Integration • Custom Design 843-299-2611 11690 Highway 17 S Bypass, Frontage Rd, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 Call us now and let us show you how to improve your family time and your outdoor lifestyle luxury. Mention Sasee to get 10% Off any order Sunspace of Myrtle Beach is proud to be your local specialist in “Outdoor Family Lifestyle Living”. Specializing in Aluminum decking, railings, glass railings, porch & veranda conversions with WeatherMaster vertical 4 track windows, Patio and Porch roofs in solid and acrylic, full sunroom additions from screened to enclosed. Lets not forget about the BBQ roof. “It’s our new favorite room of the house.” -Brandi Sharkey

A Custom Home Design/Build Process Tailored To You

Classic Details

Evoke Endless Style

An authentic custom home design seamlessly blends form and function to create a space that can withstand time. Utilizing architectural details that lend classic style, your home can easily be updated with minimal investment as interior design trends evolve. This light and airy kitchen is a perfect example. Its oversized center island is a blank slate when it comes to style. Just change the centerpiece, seating, and lighting for a quick update. Floating, glass front cabinetry also creates a display that can easily change, as trends do, by simply updating the contents on display or installing a new backsplash. Meanwhile, the layout of this open kitchen never goes out of style, with plenty of surface area to cook and prep while still engaging with those around the table and in the adjacent living space.

At CRG, we focus on quality construction and have an in-house team to help guide you through every step of the process to ensure the home we build will function for your family and generations to come.

CRG Companies 849 82nd Parkway, Myrtle Beach 843-651-8460

24 :: Sasee Designer Home Guide 2022

More Than Flooring

Flooring and tile options can genuinely bring your vision to life when it comes to a remodel or new home construction project. This sunny bathroom utilizes a mix of styles, colors, and sizes to create a fresh, coastal vibe with minimal décor. The bursts of bright blue decorative and subway tiles paired with a classic, monochromatic base from the floor to ceiling reflect the natural lighting from the porthole window and compliment the builders’ clean design for the room. Tiles of different textures were also selected to create a dynamic space full of style!

At Young Interiors Flooring Center, we work with DIYers and professionals alike to turn every project into a statement. More than our unique flooring options and our fully stocked showroom, you’ll truly fall in love with our team of professionals ready to guide you in selecting the flooring and tile to make your next project a breeze!

Young Interiors Flooring Center

1830 Hwy 9 East, North Myrle Beach (Longs) 843-399-6524

Sasee Designer Home Guide 2022 :: 25

Better Living by Design

Coastal Luxe Interiors is known for full, custom design services, beautifully covering everything from floor to ceiling with their extensive in-stock items located within the 10,000-square-foot showroom in the heart of Myrtle Beach. Essentially, Coastal Luxe is a one-stop-shop store with extensive interior resources to build or remodel your home. The heart of the business is the staff of about 10 total employees including three senior designers who specialize in flooring and cabinetry and a fulltime seamstress.

The interior designers are versed to do space planning and will design and select all of their clients’ window treatments, furnishings, and accessories. Each design consultation includes a guided walk through the details of the space and the options available, including the durability level wanted, the scale of the furnishings, the height of the room, and the color palette, to name a few. Custom ordering items designed and selected to perfectly fill each and every space as unique as the project is typically a must to achieve the overall look and expectation for the client as well as the designer’s vision.

The talented and passionate team is renowned for putting its clients first and exceeding their expectations. From conception to completion (and every step in between), the Myrtle Beach-based Coastal Luxe Interiors is a master in the design industry and is known to be flawless for clients throughout Horry, Georgetown, and Brunswick counties.

Coastal Luxe Interiors 6613 N. Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach 843-946-6644

26 :: Sasee Designer Home Guide 2022 843.946.6644 6613 N. Kings Highway Myrtle Beach, SC 29572 Retail Therapy available Tuesday Friday 11:00 am 4:00 pm In Home or In Store Interior Design Consultation by Appointment New Construction & Remodel Material Selections (Cabinets, Lighting & Flooring) Coastal Luxe Interiors Better Living by Design :: October 2022 :: 27 BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH OCTOBER Bethea, Better Every Day! Bethea is a Life Plan Retirement Community offering Independent Living, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing. Additionally we provide inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation services in our state-of-the-art Rehab Center. 843-395-4402 SPEND TIME DOING WHAT MATTERS... Fellowship with friends Pursue new hobbies Serve others Or simply relax WHILE BETHEA’S LOVING STAFF Provides housekeeping Prepares delicious meals Maintains the lawn and more! 916 N. Ocean Blvd., Myrtle Beach, SC On the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk one block south of the SkyWheel® 916 N.Ocean Blvd.,MyrtleBeach,SC

Why Heavy Furniture is an Awful Idea

My husband and I decided to move an “Elvis Presley” designed headboard. This queen-sized bed had to be disassembled and removed by workers to the garage when a new vinyl, wood-looking floor was installed in our sleeping quarters. Rather than pay a crew to carry it back to the bedroom and re-assemble it, we – a pair of frugal baby boomers – decided we’d do it ourselves. My husband and I, like our Greatest Generation dads, have always been of the disposition: “Why pay good money if you can D-I Y?”

How old are we? Let’s just say we were in one of the first groups offered…Covid vaccines.

This “Elvis Presley” décor, modeled after a headboard Elvis had for his bed at Graceland, we bought 20 years ago. I thought the leather headboard was stylish, luxurious, and sexy. Maybe that last adjective was the reason they named this design after the Rock Legend. After what happened yesterday, I’ve decided it was designated “Elvis Presley” because this namesake headboard is big, massive, and… overly heavy!

My husband held most of its weight. He pivoted it onto one of its sturdy feet and told me to let my side down. I’m not saying whose fault it was. I’m not assigning blame; however, this 100-plus pound frame came crashing down, without warning, crushing my pudgy left foot.

I collapsed to the concrete floor, in agonizing pain, screaming like a pig at the abattoir. I’m still surprised neighbors didn’t poke 9-1-1 into their smartphones because my blood-curdling shrieks sounded like an audition for a slasher movie.

“Why did you let go of the headboard?” my husband asked. I’d have gladly answered him if I hadn’t been in mortal pain and screaming unintelligibly while I grasped my left foot, which glowed a pulsating purple. Within seconds, my foot tripled its size. I felt like that character on TV who turned into the Incredible Hulk; that’s how fast the transformation of my previously petite “pied’ was. My husband, the perp, ran to the freezer and returned with a bottle of frozen water. My wounded fourth toe had an ebony-streaked gouge surrounded by mauve and magenta, and my pinkie piggie “twinned” its adjoining digit. The backs of those two toes were bruised black, as well as the entire top of my foot. My appendage wasn’t recognizable as human.

Too painful to squeeze my swollen left foot into my left sneaker, I sat moaning on the garage floor cradling my Neanderthal paw.

“Is it broken?” I inquired between muffled gasps.

“Probably your toe is.”

“What’s to be done?”

“Not much for a broken toe. We’ll tape it to the others.” “X-ray?”

“If the bones don’t protrude through the surface, not much to be done.”

“A few days recovery?” I groaned.

“Maybe a couple of weeks.” I moaned more. “Or longer,” he added.

Every time he touched it, I yelled out in excruciating pain. I don’t think an actor being scalped in an old Western could have howled as desperately as I did. Taping the toes together helped a bit, but I couldn’t put any weight on my left foot and could barely hobble to a chair. “You sit here. I’ll finish moving the headboard,” he said graciously.

“Really?” I answered with a heavy dose of sarcasm. “You’ll let me just sit here.”

My plans that day – since I was fully inoculated against Covid-19 – had included escaping the house, maybe seeing some folks, but no, not to be! I was stuck inside with a bum foot and swollen toes that didn’t look remotely humanoid.  Had I ventured out, I’m sure others, especially those in masks and face shields, would’ve scurried away from pariah me if they’ve gotten a gander at my flip-flops where two Covid-toe doppelgangers protruded.

So, I sat down at my computer, too tired and too achy to compose a story or work on my novel-in-progress; instead, I’d scroll a little and read some emails. Immediately, I spied an essay on ageism. It quoted an elderly woman in a longterm care facility: “I think there’s been a very paternalistic attitude about whether we are capable of making decisions, or the hierarchy knows better what we need.”

Hmm. Yes. Sometimes, there’s unnecessary prejudice against old people. Sometimes, age is just a number. On the other hand, I can clearly state, based on recent personal experience, there are reasons old folks aren’t furniture movers. I’d question that physical avocation for those who grew up listening to The Drifters. Also, I have a bone to pick about my husband’s and my decision-making. How did we conclude we were up to the task of moving heavy furniture? That group-think of ours contained a bit of faulty wiring!

So, what to do next? Grabbing my smartphone which I barely

28 :: :: October 2022

know how to use, I snapped a photo of my bruised big foot and blackened digits and zoomed it to our four adult children with a message: Old chubby mamas shouldn’t move furniture.

I thought this mode of communication was a not-so-subtle way to seek out volunteers for future heavy lifting. All four sympathetic souls responded.

“Ouch!” said my oldest son. “Looks painful,” said my second son. “Ouch. Ouch.” noted my third son.

“Yikes! exclaimed my daughter with sad emojis.

Ouch? – that does sum it up!

Since no one asked why in tarnation their senior citizen parents were moving furniture, I guess my enlightened offspring believe that popular saying, bantered about, “Age is just a number.”

Not me! I’ve discovered there’s a reason or two – or a couple hundred – why old folks aren’t furniture movers.

As a footnote to this tale of woes and toes, I got the x-ray done. A broken toe? Indeed, it was!

Like all unlucky occurrences, there lurks a silver lining among the mauve and magenta. This past North Carolina winter, I could forecast snow and ice and freezing cold, miserable weather at least a day ahead of time. I’m more accurate than the perky weather gals. Hoffman’s niche is the personal essay. She compiles her published stories and sells them through Amazon. There too one can find her collections of essays on writing. :: October 2022 :: 29
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Kevin M. Sattele, M.D.

My name is Ricky Jones, I am single and always working or otherwise on the go.

I was unhappy with my weight and the way I looked in my clothes. Also, I am a certified scuba diver and love to dive. But I had not been diving in two years because my dive gear didn’t fit me anymore. I kept seeing your billboards and hearing about your program on the radio.

I chose Dr. Sattele’s program because dive season was nearing, and I was desperate to once again fit into my dive gear. My physical, mental, and emotional health has improved since taking part in Dr. Sattele’s Rapid Weight Loss Program. I’m back in the gym, running for fun as well as for fitness, and of course I’m once again able to enjoy exploring beneath the ocean’s waves.

Every year at the time of my yearly physical my doctor would say that I needed to lose weight and that by doing so I should be able to stop taking medication for my blood pressure which I have in fact been able to do.

I’ve lost 107 pounds; the program was easy to follow and I was able to eat real foods. Following the program changed the way that I think about food and the way it is prepared.

Dr. Sattele’s staff is helpful, encouraging, and supportive. I now have increased confidence. My family and friends are impressed with my progress and that I have been able to keep the weight off. I would and have recommended this program to family and friends because it is easy to follow. When you follow a structured eating plan learned while on the program you can keep the unwanted weight off even when you leave the program, you just need to try to always be mindful of the high calorie and fat gram mind field we all live in.

This program changes the way you think about eating and helps you to break bad habits of the “SUPER SIZE ME” society that we live in. With fast food restaurants and convenience stores stocked with snack cakes and potato chips as far as the eye can see, it is no wonder many of us have trouble with our weight. Once you see that you can structure an eating plan that gives you everything you need to be healthy and you see the positive changes in your life, it can become just as addictive as the junk food that is so readily available.

Call today to schedule your FREE Weight Loss & Body Shaping Consultation which includes a FREE Body Fat Analysis – $250 Value! New Patient Special: Join Dr. Sattele’s Rapid plus HCG Weight Loss Program with a Friend or Family Member and You Both Save $50! Back by popular demand: B12/Lipotropic Injections To Go 2 for $35 These injections help speed up metabolism and break down fat faster*Patients who have not been in for 2 months or longer *Restarting Patient Special: Rejoin and Save $50 on All Restart Fees 3 Convenient Locations 843-407-3124 Florence • Murrells Inlet • N. Myrtle Beach FREE Medical Reports available online - go to After Before Looking to Lose Weight but Don’t Know How? Let Dr. Sattele help you reach your weight loss goals and maybe you will be our next success story just like Ricky...
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Irreversible is not a word you want to hear from your Doctor but it’s a common one if you’ve been diagnosed with Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy or CIPN

Elliott S of North Myrtle Beach survived testicular cancer only to be living life in constant pain. He felt as though he were walking on pins and needles, becoming weaker and weaker everyday “I was beginning to be worried that one day I would be wheelchair bound ”

Nearly half of patients who undergo chemotherapy will develop Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy or CIPN.

Chemotherapy meds travel throughout the body and attack cancer cells; sadly they can also cause severe damage to healthy nerves. CIPN can begin within weeks of starting treatment and can worsen as treatment continues. A high number of really unfortunate people will be forced to endure the symptoms associated with CIPN for months, or even years after they’ve completed chemo.

When asked how CIPN was affecting his quality of life, he responded, “It was difficult to even walk up and down stairs and do other things we usually take for granted.”


The most common symptoms:

pain, tingling, burning, weakness, or numbness in arms, hands, legs or feet sudden, sharp, stabbing or shocking pain sensations loss of touch sensation clumsiness and trouble using hands to pick up objects or fasten clothing loss of balance and falling

For some, their nerves will recover over time. For most, the nerve damage is ‘irreversible ’ Elliott had been told just that by a series of Doctors and specialists. Essentially they could cure his cancer but couldn’t fix the damage done by the drugs used to cure his cancer

Then Elliott made a call to Dr. Tonya Weber of AIM|Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine right here in North Myrtle Beach Dr Weber is using the time tested science of Acupuncture and a technology originally developed by NASA that assists in increasing blood flow and expediting recovery and healing to treat this debilitating disease.

After a series of treatments Elliott was taking stairs with stride!

“We have a beach house and it’s up stairs This morning I walked right down the stairs and got in the car,” Elliot shared.

“I remember thinking ‘that’s become mighty easy for me’, I didn’t have to hold on to the hand rail or anything! It’s life changing to have this mobility back!”

Again and again, we meet with patients who were once diagnosed as “untreatable” or “incurable” but after receiving Dr. Weber’s treatments are now living lives free from pain and suffering. For over 17 years she has been reversing the effects of CIPN and other varieties of Peripheral Neuropathy, including that caused by diabetes without invasive surgeries and medications that come with uncomfortable side effects

If you’ve recently beat cancer only to find that you’re living a life in constant pain and discomfort or you’re struggling with the same symptoms as a result of either Idiopathic Neuropathy or Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, Dr. Weber and the incredible team at AIM can help!

There is hope.

If you have additional questions or are ready to schedule a consultation call (843)273 4467 and a Care Coordinator will be happy to help!

You can read more incredible success stories at AIMLiveLife com or by searching 'AIM Acupuncture' on YouTube!

Finally! A local Doctor is helping cancer survivors live lives free from the constant pain and suffering associated with Peripheral Neuropathy!
Visit to learn more and to take advantage of their New Patient Offer!
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