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At the beginning of every year, we all decide we are going to accomplish a certain amount of things, whether it’s choosing to cut bad habits or aiming to do better in our lives than we did the year before. However, no matter how good our intentions are, we seem to fall short a few months into the year — myself included. Sometimes, all it takes to stick to your convictions is to know how and what to do to stay consistent and accomplish your goals. With that extra push, you can fulfil your goals for the year. In this issue of Vibe, we look at how to set your mind, body, and soul onto the path of success. Sophelia Gentles

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in this issue Mind + body + soul

p. 04 I can and I will In 2016, I made a promise to myself — I promised that I will succeed.

p. 12 Louis vuitton series 3 exhibition Students attended the Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition.

p. 06 St patrick’s newsroom • Class of Nov’15 graduate • St Patrick’s Day • Council corner • Students for healthy living • Employers recruiting

p. 14 what to wear Summer occasion

p. 09 Rural retreat Spring is in the air, so we made a list of England’s greatest outdoor locations for you to explore.

p. 17 what to watch ‘The Big Short’ brings humour to the great Wall Street crash financial crisis of 2008. p. 19 steps to success Like a good cake, success has a recipe, but many of us don’t use it.

p. 20 fun days for the family Spring in London is a time for family fun with its wide array of activities for children of different ages. p. 22 Healthy eating Salads for summer dressing p. 25 the spring routine • Getting fit on the go • Meditation 101 p. 26 events & activities Spring / Summer 2016

t h e v ib e m a g a z i n e


I can and I will

I can and I will by Nashelle Fay Johnson

I am a 24-year-old with a 6-year-old son. I work part-time, run my own business (FayBeautyuk), and have personal issues. My problem is that every time I try to commit to something educational, I either get distracted or can’t manage, and give up! It’s as if there is something constantly stopping me from completing my education, like there’s a little voice saying “No Nashelle, you aren’t going to get through this year!” In 2016, I made a promise to myself — and that is what you need to do as well. I promised that I will succeed. I don’t have the power to control the obstacles, but I have the power to choose if I get around them or not. Sometimes there comes a point in life when you need to take responsibility for how you deal with your situations and how you prioritise what really matters to you.

type of learning style does not mean that you are not smart or good enough: it is just a psychological barrier that you have the power to remove. Yes, it will be hard to get over as nothing great comes easily, but I just want to remind you that it can be done. Embrace your weaknesses and individuality, and find new ways of learning. I record myself talking about my assignments before I put it on paper, then I read it back at least twice before typing it, and before submitting it I get someone else to go over it. I also record my lectures and take as many notes as I can. There are many ways to get the best out of something: you just have to find the route that works best for you. One thing I have realised on my educational journey is that it is my responsibility to make things easier for myself.

The next issue is the feeling of being inadequate. If you’re feeling like you aren’t as intellectual as you want to be or incapable of learning, and you surround yourself with doubt and negativity, you need to cut it out — starting now! That is something I do a lot and it’s not helpful. Everyone is different and we all learn differently. Just because you may feel that there is only one

Work hard for what you want. You are capable of achieving anything, including completing your course. I’m not saying you won’t have doubts — other people may doubt you too — but you have to believe in yourself. I want you to have confidence and an “I can and I will” attitude and look forward to seeing you at our graduation class of 2016. You can do it!

I don’t have the power to control the obstacles, but I have the power to choose if I get around them or not.


t h e v ib e m a g a z i n e

t h e v ib e m a g a z i n e



st patrick’s newsroom C OLL E G E h ig h l ig h t s


t h e v ib e m a g a z i n e


c l a s s o f N ov ’ 15 g r a d u at e

We held the Class of November 2015’s graduation ceremony at St Mary’s Church in Marylebone, with over 300 students graduating. The day was one of the best graduations that St Patrick’s has had so far. Principal Professor Daniel Khan gave a passionate speech, encouraging students to follow their dreams and telling them that strong determination would help them to succeed. The ceremony ended with a stirring song which had the congregation standing in celebration. Two technology students were awarded the Principal’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement: • Marius Moraru, 15 Distinctions and 1 Merit • Sukhdev Jassi, 14 Distinctions, 1 Merit and 1 Pass We would also like to say well done to the staff who received the Aspire to Inspire Staff Award: • Kinga Mihaly, Student Services • Magdalena Witko, Head of DALE • Sandip Kaur, Attendance Administration

s t pat r i c k ’ s day

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the world by the Irish, people of Irish descent, or anyone who wants to take part. One of the many perks of being part of St Patrick’s is taking part in the annual Mayor of London’s St Patrick’s Day Parade. This year, the parade took place on 13/03, with up to 150,000 spectators lining the streets of central London, and well over 2,000 people on the 50 pageantry cars and floats. Many people were dressed in green and white, featured clover leaves on their clothes, or wore full costume. The Student Experience team and members of the Student Council were in the middle of the revelry, doing a choreographed dance whilst wearing St Patrick’s t-shirts and holding a custom made placard with the college logo. The group reported that the day was great fun, and they hope to take part next year.

Council corner

As humans, we all have the desire to be respected - and unlike many things in life, it doesn’t cost a thing! But respect is in short supply; some people are so stressed out, they don’t realise how their behaviour can be seen as disrespectful. We all value who we are and want to better ourselves — and so, subconsciously, we expect others to see us as valuable members of society. But we might lose respect from the people around us if we don’t act correctly. If we show respect for ourselves and others, we will receive respect in return; so let’s make that the St Patrick’s code of conduct. Why don’t we all become the person who opens the door for others, picks up litter, and attends classes on time? This can make our lives just that little bit better.

s t u d e n t s f o r h e a lt h y l i v i n g

Health & Social Care students held a Health Promotion Campaign at the Stratford campus to raise awareness about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. The students’ campaign looked at areas such as healthy eating, reducing alcohol intake, stopping smoking, exercising, and having safe sex. They distributed freshly made juice and a range of healthy food amongst the student body and staff, informing them about the benefits of healthy eating. Government leaflets on various health issues such as safe sex, reducing alcohol consumption, and quitting smoking were also given out. With only five weeks to organise the campaign, they enthusiastically created the project and demonstrated their entrepreneurial skills — meeting most of the requirements for a high grade in the process. Group 75B were also able to raise £42.03 during the campaign for MacMillan Cancer Charity.

e m p l oy e r s r e c r u i t i n g

Health & Social Care school students took part in a recruitment fair at the new 30 Holborn campus. Five leading healthcare employers were present, including London Care, Aqua Care and Care First. Students were able to learn about each organisation, job descriptions for available roles, and rates of pay. Current students were offered part-time roles to complete the work experience element of their course, whilst alumni were offered full-time positions with the possibility of career development. Turnout was high, with well over 150 students registering their interest. Students expressed their satisfaction with the fair and how it had enhanced their learning experience. t h e v ib e m a g a z i n e


Spring is in the air and 2016 has been branded the Year * of English garden , so we made a list of England's greatest outdoor locations for you to explore.

R u r a l r e t r e at

Rural retreat british countryside




Hampstead Heath For a bit of wilderness within London, visit Hampstead Heath. With its various playgrounds, secret gardens, wide open spaces, and ponds, it’s a treat for the whole family. Enjoy activities such as funfairs, musical events, and festivals – just check their website to see what’s on. Plus, those who enjoy history and art can visit Kenwood House and the surrounding gardens.

Holland Park Holland Park is a gem within Zone 2 for those not wanting to venture too far out, with gardens, a children’s play area, sports facilities, and large swathes of woodland. The crowning jewel in Holland Park’s crown is Kyoto Garden, which was donated by the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto in the ‘90s. It is a beautiful representation of Japan, complete with waterfall and peacocks. *by Visit England


R u r a l r e t r e at

installations, an aquarium, and a bustling town centre where you can buy souvenirs. There are regular trains from Charing Cross, Victoria, and St Pancras, which will get you to Hastings in just under two hours.

South east


Brighton 1 As one of the most iconic seaside resorts, Brighton is a lively town full of activities to do and places to go. In addition to attractions like the Royal Pavilion, the Brighton Pier, and Preston Manor, you can also explore Brighton Lanes: a shopping district full of independent retailers and quirky shops. For those with children, we recommend the Sea Life Centre, LaserZone, and of course the beach. Trains from Victoria station will get you to Brighton in under an hour, giving you enough time to explore the town – or, if you plan for it, you can book one of the many affordable hotels and experience the vibrant nightlife along the sea front.


hastings 2 Hastings is a coastal town within easy reach of London, and as the site of William the Conqueror’s first castle, it offers a great education experience for families with children. It is also the site of the Battle of Hastings in 1066. You can find out more about the history of the town at the Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, which has free admission. Hastings has three miles of unspoilt beaches for you to enjoy, as well as a series of lighting 10

t h e v ib e m a g a z i n e


South Downs National Park


For something closer to home but in the countryside, why not visit the South Downs National Park? One of England’s newest National Parks, it stretches across three counties and offers abundant wildlife and protected woodland areas. There are activities for all ages and lots of picturesque villages to visit.



Peak District 4 For those with an adventurous spirit and time on their hands, venture north to Derbyshire. The Peak District offers walking paths for those who enjoy being out in the open. A major point of interest is the classical stately home of Chatsworth House, which is used as a backdrop in period dramas. There’s always plenty to see and do, both in the countryside and in the towns; you could even spend a whole week here.

R u r a l r e t r e at


South west

Cornwall is full of great towns to visit, and Newquay and St Ives are certainly in the top three. It’s best to travel to Cornwall for a long weekend or even a 7-day visit – there is a lot to see and do in this historic peninsula. Newquay 5 Newquay is Cornwall’s most popular resort, with a beautiful beach and a port to explore. One of the best places for those with children is Holywell Bay Fun Park – but for more sophisticated evening entertainment, visit the Lane Theatre. Whether you’ve brought your family or your significant other for a getaway, Newquay has something for you.

St Ives 6 In St Ives, you can take a boat ride around the bay, or up the coast to Godrevy Lighthouse or Seal Island. For those with children, visit Paradise Park, which houses over 650 birds – plus an indoor play area with slides and ball pits.


t h e v ib e m a g a z i n e


l o u i s v u i t t o n s e r i e s 3 e x h ibi t i o n

Louis vuitton Series 3 exhibition

Students from the fashion school recently attended the Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition, which showcased Louis Vuitton’s Autumn/Winter’15 collection and gave audiences an insight into the brand’s past, present, and future. Students were taken through every stage of the design process, from planning to completion. A particular highlight was observing a Parisian artisan working on

a small trunk which was one of the brand’s most popular pieces, featuring its distinctive brown iconography. They learned that her work involves the same details as the nineteenth century, and that each item takes around thirty hours to create. This event gave students an insight into the conceptual and practical creative processes involved in fashion design.



1 Creative director of Louis Vuitton Nicolas Ghesquière and actress Michelle Williams

Karen Messam make-up / beaut y ther apy / face painting weddings, red carpet events, commercial, T V, private functions, editorial 07958 104 918 /

What to Wear summer occasion Summer is just around the corner, bringing graduations, holidays, and celebrations with it — and, of course, new fashion trends for the season.







1 Zara Studs & chain bag £29.99 2 Zara Sunglasses with metallic arms £15.99 3 Zara Floral print midi skir t £39.99 4 Zara Contrast city bag £29.99 5 Zara Slingback shoes £29.99 6 Finery London Kirsty bangle £19 14

If you like to keep up to date with the latest styles, we’ve found some recommendations for you! With these outfits, you can enjoy the sun in style no matter what the occasion is.







7 Zara Topstitched clutch £17.99 8 Zara Hoop & chain earrings £12.99 9 Finery London Tagg earrings £15 10 Finery London Huntswor th earrings £19 11 Zara Sandals £29.99 12 Mango Violeta Jumpsuit £69.99 15

b r i ta n i c o c o f f e e h o u s e Breakfast Choice of hot drink + freshly baked croissant ÂŁ2.50 Lunch Choice of hot grilled panini + cold drink + crisps/cereal bar ÂŁ3.99 3 5 9 H i g h S t , S t r a t f o r d , L o n d o n E 1 5 4 QZ

Free WI-FI available. Staff/Student ID required.

w h at t o wat c h

what to watch t h e big s h o r t

Funny, witty, and informative, ‘The Big Short’ brings humour to the great Wall Street financial crisis of 2008. ‘Anchorman’ director Adam Mckay brings to light the story of four men who predicted the crash would happen. Steve Carell, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, and Brad Pitt deliver a believable and occasionally heart-felt performance in their roles as bankers and hedge

fund managers. All the Wall Street jargon is explained, and is accompanied with wit, sarcasm, and just the right amount of light heartedness. The beauty of this movie is in how the subject matter is handled. You would think that an issue as serious and as the financial crisis could not be joked about, but the script, cast, and delivery all bring a different perspective.



1 & 2 Image source: The Holy wood Repor ter



t h e v ib e m a g a z i n e

steps to success

steps to success

We all want to be successful in life and make billions, so we look to those who have created their own empires: Richard Branson, Oprah, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, the list goes on. Sometimes we look at these people and doubt whether we can get to that place of success, wondering why we’re not getting anywhere. Like a good cake, success has a winning recipe, but many of us don’t use it. The key to success is simple, and it starts with you.

Attitude One of the things you need to endure the journey is determination and the right attitude. Determination is not as straight forward as simply thinking to yourself “I can do this”: it takes sacrifices, giving up your time, and sometimes choosing to say ’no’ or ‘it can wait’ so you can do what’s more important. Applying the correct attitude will improve your drive to reach where you want to be.

Focus We often spend too much time getting distracted by projects that are not related to our ambitions, and so eventually we lose track of our original intention. Focus on what you have set for yourself and your own life and get involved in fewer things: prioritise quality over quantity. If you really want something, it takes determination, valuing your time, a stable mind, and focus. We all have the ability to achieve success - you just have to put the work in. Success is yours if you want it.

Peace of mind Life can be very stressful when you have a lot of commitments. With a family, a job, studying, and your own personal tasks, it can get all a bit too much. However, there are changes you can make to help reduce your stress, work more effectively, and make better decisions. For example, meditation can help you become calmer and more aware of yourself, your mental state, and your surroundings. We all need time to relax and rejuvenate, whether it’s taking a trip away or going to the spa. The key is making fewer decisions, which is less work for your mind. When you make fewer decisions, you reduce tension and free our mind to focus on more important matters. Having a more peaceful mental state allows you to be more productive, motivated, and less tired.

Time It is often not obvious how valuable time is until you need it. We give so much time to everyone and everything that we leave ourselves with barely any time to do anything for ourselves. Set time aside for you, whether it’s a few hours or one day a week. Successful people structure their time, ensuring that their days are maximised in ways that will help them achieve their goals. Plan your day: create an agenda of what you need to do, and stick to deadlines.

t h e v ib e m a g a z i n e


f u n d a y s f o r t h e f a mi l y

fun days for the family

V& A Museum of Childhood The Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green can be a special treat for you and your children, as it houses the UK’s largest collection of children’s items, toys, equipment, and costumes from the Victorian era. The museum inspires children to learn and take part in arts and crafts, with events, workshops, and activities planned throughout the year.

Southbank The Southbank area is an interesting spot for families wishing to get involved in London’s arts culture. You can enjoy live music, fun fair rides and the Jubilee Gardens. For some indoor fun visit the London Aquarium, London Film Museum, and the newly opened Shrek’s Adventure. The Southbank Centre is also running The Wondercrump World of Roald Dahl until 3rd July. South Kensington & Exhibition Road Enjoy a picnic in the lovely Kensington Gardens, take a walk by The Long Water, or enjoy some of the free museums on Exhibition Road. The Natural History Museum is a big hit with children and the Science Museum will be a treat for inquisitive minds. Admittance is free, but it may be busy, so do arrive early! 20

t h e v ib e m a g a z i n e

Cit y Farms Children love animals — it’s a fact! Incorporate this into your next outing and venture into any of the numerous city farms scattered throughout the capital. The biggest farm within city limits is Mudchute Park and Farm on the Isle of Dogs. Animals can be found in the fields as well as in their pens.

Spring in London is one of the best times for family fun with its wide array of events and activities for children of different ages.

Get your body back in flaunting shape for the holidays with these salad ideas. The ingredients are just guidelines, so please do feel free to experiment!

h e a lt h y e at i n g

Healthy Eating s a l a d s f o r s u mm e r d r e s s i n g

chicken salad

Ingredients Mayo or salad dressing Soy sauce Ground ginger Cooked chopped chicken breast Red or yellow sweet peppers Peanut butter Pea pods Roasted peanuts Whole wheat pita breads

Broccoli salad

Ingredients 1/2 pound of cooked steak, cut into strips Broccoli, cooked and chopped

Green beans Cooked and cut stalk celery, sliced Sliced mushrooms 1 sliced green onion 1/2 tablespoon of red wine vinegar 1/2 tablespoon lemon juice 1/4 cup non-fat yoghurt 1/2 tablespoon mustard 1/4 tablespoon ground pepper 1/2 head of lettuce 1/2 tomato, sliced Fresh parsley

1/2 a thinly sliced onion Mixed salad greens Salad vinaigrette 1 tin of tuna At least 4 anchovies At least 3 hard-boiled eggs

muscle munch


nicoise salad

Ingredients Quartered new potatoes Freshly chopped parsley 1 tablespoon of capers Pitted black olives Thinly sliced plum tomatoes Trimmed and blanched green beans

Kidney beans or butter beans Chick peas Cannellini beans Sweetcorn Cherry tomatoes Cucumber Sweet peppers Lettuce Lemon juice Vinegar Pinch of salt Pinch of black pepper t h e v ib e m a g a z i n e


Often there isn’t enough time in the day to go to the gym or a sports club. However, there are exercises that you can incorporate into your everyday routine.


t h e v ib e m a g a z i n e

the spring routine

the spring routine getting fit on the go We all struggle to fit exercise into our schedule, and often there isn’t enough time in the day to go to the gym or a sports club. However, there are exercises that you can incorporate into your everyday routine, without interfering with your schedule.

meditation 101 Meditation has many benefits that will allow you to be your best self. It can help you to have better concentration, increase your creativity, reduce your stress and blood pressure. These 6 steps will have you feeling like a new peaceful, calmer you.

Squats / This is all about working the legs, bum, and core. Take advantage of the moments when you need to bend down — whether it’s cleaning the house or picking something up at work — to do a squat when you need to bend down. Consciously engage (hold or tense) your muscles and do two or three squats.

Step 1 / Wear something comfortable, preferably loose baggy clothes, and remember to take off your shoes.

Power walk / Instead of just cruising down the pavement, engage all your muscles by taking fast and small steps.

Step 3 / Decide how long you will meditate for. You may want to begin with 5-10 mins a day. As you become used to it, you can increase your meditation time.

Step 2 / Choose a peaceful environment. Find a place where you feel you can relax. It can be in your house, garden or park.

Bicep curls / There’s no need for gym weights - you can use bottles, cans, carrier bags, or whatever feels right for you. To receive the best results, do some bicep curls as often as possible.

Step 4 / Flex and stretch. Before the start, remember to stretch your legs and back, especially your neck and shoulders.

Leg r aises / Make the most of sitting down when you’re watching TV, in a lesson, or at your desk. Keep your legs straight and lift them up and down slowly, doing as many as possible.

Step 5 / Sit in a comfortable position. The typical meditation position is sitting on a cushion in the lotus pose, but if you’re not that flexible you can sit differently.

Stomach clenches / Holding your stomach in can be done anywhere and anytime, and no one would know! It will help you get that toned stomach you’ve been looking for.

Step 6 / Relax the body and the mind. Take deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, relaxing your mind and body. Empty your mind of every thought.

t h e v ib e m a g a z i n e


events & activities

events & activities * spring / summer 2016

M ay



J u ly

26 Debating Society, 2–3pm, Duncan House

Date TBC Barclay’s Bank Workshops — Cash Flow Management, Duncan House

Date TBC Barclays Bank Workshops — International Trade, Duncan House

27 Basic IT Skills Workshop, 3–4pm Location TBC

2 / 9 / 16 / 23 / 30 Debating Society, 2–3pm, Duncan House

7 / 14 / 21 / 28 Debating Society, 2–3pm, Duncan House

10 / 24 Basic IT Skills Workshop, 3–4pm Location TBC

10 / 24 Basic IT Skills Workshop, 3–4pm Location TBC

8 / 22 Basic IT Skills Workshop, 3–4pm Location TBC

*Events can be subject to change; please see college notices for any updates.

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