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Introduction .............................................................................................. 3  Access Services Work Group ................................................................... 4  Administration ......................................................................................... 7  Area Research Center/University Archives ............................................. 9  Cataloging and Processing ..................................................................... 11  Collection Development ......................................................................... 14  Distance Learning .................................................................................. 16  Educational Materials Center ................................................................. 18  Electronic Resources Access .................................................................. 20  Instructional Resources Service ............................................................. 30  Library Instruction ................................................................................. 32  Library Systems Work Group ................................................................ 36  Reference Work Group .......................................................................... 39  Web Services .......................................................................................... 42  Library Staff Conferences and Meetings 2010-2011 ............................. 48 


Introduction The past year has seen the University Library continue its transition to electronic source material, while still recognizing the value of some hard-copy resources. The number of hard-copy monographic titles grew slightly—from 234,344 to 234,720—as new additions were offset by withdrawals of superseded or damaged items. At the same time, the number of electronic monographic titles grew from 203,054 to 215,547, a 6% increase. The additions were mostly the result of collaborative collections with the UW System and UW-Madison, a network that has paid high dividends for Stout. The Library began the process of turning the Reference area into a more spacious and inviting Information Commons, carving out new study space for students—that process will continue as we identify the means to pay for more renovation. With ever more resources coming to us online, there exists a need for maintenance and oversight of their access tools. To that end, our cataloging and processing department worked very hard in the past year to re-designate the location of physical titles in the catalog collection by floor, greatly assisting students in finding needed resources. They also verified the catalog links to over 2,300 online journals, insuring access to all the titles to which we subscribe. Our Student Artist-in-Residence history page was re-designed by the webmaster, replacing the old site with a kinetic, interactive page that brilliantly displays the available work of each artist and gives a short statement of their artistic intent. In addition to again re-designing our web page, the Library’s 32 course guides, 174 research guides, and library and staff pages were also revised in preparation for the campus move to the Fig Leaf web design software. Our Access Services group added new digital SLR cameras and other equipment for checkout, while maintaining camcorders, projectors, and other digital cameras for student use. The librarians conducted 249 instruction sessions for nearly 6,000 students, faculty, staff, and community members, teaching database searching, the basics of intellectual property, instructional materials for teachers, and other valuable topics. In addition, 94 outside sessions were scheduled in the Library Instruction Lab (Room 111) for Human Resources, Finance and other external groups. For all of the Library Staff, the focus has been on the changing landscape of electronic information resources and how best to utilize them. Staff members remain committed to providing the best resources—no matter in what form they appear—in order to further the mission of Stout and the education and enlightenment of the students, faculty and community.


Access Services Work Group Work Group Leader: Susan Lindahl - Access Services/Library Systems Librarian Work Group Members: Josh Steans – Interlibrary Loan, Universal Borrowing, Circulation Supervisor, Periodicals assistance, Open Reserve Julianne Johnson - (July 2010-March 2011) - Circulation Supervisor, Fine and Fees Billing, Circulating Equipment, Video Booking Amanda Greene - (LTE, Jan.-June 2011) – Night Circulation Supervisor, Fine and Fees Billing Christi Wasson - (LTE, Jan.-June 2011) – Office manager, Graphic design, Fine and Fees Billing (summer) Projects:  Student Technology Fees granted funds to purchase 4 digital projectors for student use.  University Library, with funding from Stout Student Association and the Provost’s office, extended open library hours to 1am in the morning Sunday through Thursdays.  Added circulating power cords for PC and Mac laptop computers. Ask5000 purchased the power cords and transferred them to the library for circulation. Power cords have become a popular item for check-out.  Access Services, Collection Development, and Cataloging collaborated to create a popular DVD movie collection in the Browsing Area.  In collaboration with Reference staff, Access services removed part of the Reference collection and re-aligned shelving to provide more student study space.  Completed re-alignment of Main Stacks shelving for standardization and efficient use of space.  Upgraded ILLiad to version 8 in sync with the UW System.  Changed Interlibrary Loan lending fees to facilitate free lending among cooperating libraries, while continuing to provide no-cost and low-cost research materials to the Stout community.  Updated Periodical Information operations manual.  Revised emergency procedure directions for Access Services and the Library.  Access Services staff assumed responsibility for correcting and approving student work hours on HRS.


Staff Training and Conferences:  Back in Circulation Again: UW-Madison (Sept. 2010)  Context, Focus and Quality in the Library Discovery Experience: Library Journal Webcast (Sept. 2010)  Integrating E-Books and E-Readers into Your Library: ALA Webinar (Feb. 2011)  Fundamentals of Project Management: PARQ, UW-Stout (April 2011)  Essentials of Front Desk Safety & Security: Webinar (June 2011)


2009-2010 2010-2011

Gate Count (total for year) *see challenges Gate Count for a typical week (average week in October) Circulation Transactions (total for year) Questions Answered ^see challenges

238,526 7044 35,127 15,255

Inter-library Loan: Loans to other Libraries Returnable Non-Returnable Universal Borrowing

Borrowed by Stout Returnable Non-Returnable Universal Borrowing

201,060 6274 33,528 41,035

2009-2010 861 1336 2640 Total 4837

2010-2011 992 1599 2742 5333

433 2966 2336 Total 5735

438 2997 2017 5452

Challenges:  *Gate Count is relative. The library’s gate configuration was streamlined in 2009 and the gates removed, to facilitate ease of entry and exit for patrons. The new gate’s counter system operates on the “broken beam” concept. During class breaks the flow of people becomes almost constant and several people can enter and exit without allowing the laser beam to break and count each one. Staff feels strongly the number of students have greatly increased, especially with the MSC being renovated. However, our numbers do not accurately reflect this, owing to the counter’s limitations.  ^Questions Answered are manually tallied, and therefore are subjective. The statistics for this area are felt to be low in past years, so we asked student desk workers to be more diligent when recording help. It is uncertain if we provided more 5  

   

help this year than in the past; we certainly have done a better job recording when help is provided. Circulation Supervisor left on disability in March of 2011. We have been fortunate to hire capable LTEs to fill the responsibility, but it is a continuing challenge to train and keep a supervisor before they find permanent employment elsewhere. We will continue to fill in with LTEs until the spring of 2012. Promotion of Library services and hours to Stout students and staff. We will work on posting more informational notices in Campus Life Today and UW-Stout Today. Providing and maintaining quality camera equipment to support coursework. We will request additional funding for digital SLR cameras from Student Technology Fees. Upcoming state budget will likely constrain services and hours of the library. We will evaluate statistics in order to continue providing the services most needed. Lack of sufficient Group Study Rooms continue to be a voiced concern by students. Library staff will look to arrange more open area seating to provide acceptable space for both groups and individual study students.


Administration Work Group Leader: Paul Roberts (until June 30, 2011.) William Johnston - Interim Director (as of July 1, 2011.) Work Group Members: Amy Styer- Financial Specialist Dawn Skovbroten - LTE

New Developments: Library  The wireless capacity of the library was upgraded by almost 1,000% with the upgrade of the wiring closet and the addition of 40 new wireless nodes throughout the building.  The Library’s first floor Reference Area began its transformation into an Information Commons.  Three new databases--called Community of Science or COS-were added to the ProQuest platform, enabling the Stout Community to search for research grants, find markets for research papers and identify potential collaborators or other researchers working in similar areas.  A new Feature Film video collection was established for the enjoyment of students, staff and faculty. Staff  The library saw the retirements of our long-time archivist Kevin Thorie and our ace cataloger and human spell-checker Becky Hendrickson. Both will be sorely missed.  Bob Butterfield was named Director of Instructional Resources Service in April of 2011, replacing the retired Brenda Swannack.  Jeanette Schermann, staff member and go-to person in Instructional Resources Service, was named the winner of the Library’s 2011 Barnard Award for Outstanding Service.  Kate Kramschuster joined Archives as an LTE (June-August, 2011) Activities  The Library took part in the 2010 and 2011 accreditations of: o Hospitality Leadership Management o Engineering programs audited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) o Construction Management 7  

o School Counseling – Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CACREP)  

Derek Huber was named the Student Artist in Residence in April 2011 and presented one of the best shows in recent memory. The Library participated once again in National Library Week. The 2011 theme for libraries was “Create Your Own Story.”

Challenges: As budgets tighten across the state, every department and program on every Wisconsin campus is finding itself squeezed between the demands of quality education and the austerity caused by fewer resource dollars. The Stout University Library will need to effectively advocate for sufficient support to meet its mission and seek help wherever it can, while doing all in its power to effectively manage the resources it makes available. This will include finding ways to update the aging physical infrastructure of the building, consistently evaluating subscription databases and serials, finding the dollars necessary to convert hardcopy resources to electronic, and assuring the continuity of commitment to exceptional service for the Stout community, even as long-standing staff members retire and the budget is stretched to accommodate all stakeholders. Most importantly, the Library staff needs to stress the need for teaching students research skills that will allow them to remain in the forefront of their respective fields throughout their lives. Maintaining high service levels in order to help students achieve success in school and in the world will remain our primary purpose.


Area Research Center/University Archives Work Group Leader: Kevin Thorie – Academic Archivist III (retired 4 April 2011) Paul Roberts (Interim Archivist as of July 1, 2011.) Work Group Members: Robin Melland – Library Services Assistant-Advanced Lead Betty McIntyre – LTE Justin Schwarz – LTE Kate Kramschuster – LTE Statistics: 1278 patrons were recorded as using the archives during the fiscal year: 349 in person; 164 in tours; 765 through email, mail, and telephone. This includes the five Reminiscence Luncheons that were hosted in the Area Research Center/University Archives during the 2010-11 academic year. The most extensive use of the Area Research Center/Archives continues to be by means of the internet. The Archive/ARC currently has 17 digital collections, databases, and indexes currently available for the use of the Stout community as well as the general public. New Developments/Highlights: The Archives added a new database to the website containing Cookbooks at UW-Stout. This is a searchable index that is linked to digitized cookbooks developed at UW-Stout. Once a recipe is located, a link takes the patron to pages as they appear in the cookbooks. Patrons are able to scroll forward or backward through the entire book. This link has proven to be a popular addition to the indexes and databases of the Area Research Center/Archives. The Archives continues to work with UW-Stout classes and faculty who are using the ARC databases for writing and research assignments. Two classes met in the Archives this past year to do hands-on research for an assignment. The records center continues to operate under the umbrella of the UW-Stout Archives. Robin Melland represented UW-Stout this past year at meetings of the UW Records Officer Council (UWROC). She continues to work with campus offices on records management issues. 9  

The Archives continues to add to the John Russell, university archives, university publications, photograph negative, and county court records databases. 

The scanning and indexing of negatives for UW-Stout had been put on hold at the year 1958. The work on this database has now progressed and the index and database are now current to the year 1964. There are six thousand negatives that have been selected for inclusion in the database that remain to be entered. In addition there are thirty years of photographic negatives that remain to be sorted, reviewed, and selected for inclusion.

Problems/Opportunities:  A search is underway to replace Kevin Thorie as the campus Archivist and Director of the Area Research Center. Mr. Thorie gave long service to UW-Stout and will be missed.  Current budget cuts and anticipated budget cuts in the next biennium will continue to have an adverse effect on development of electronic resources that can bring university and historical records to the world community. A similar ongoing problem to be met is retaining enough historical records documenting the life of this unique institution as more and more of its important records are only retained in an electronic format. The UWStout Archive and the Area Research Center continues to be at the forefront of online databases, digital collections, and indexes within the state of Wisconsin. Sufficient support to further this work needs to continue.  Although great strides have been made during the past year, the current physical layout of the Archives/Area Research Center is outdated and needs to be addressed. The main Archives stacks need to be secured behind walls and doors and the patron work area in the Archives needs to be made more welcoming.


Cataloging and Processing Work Group Leader: Rebecca Peters - Cataloging/Processing Librarian Work Group Members: Rebecca Hendrickson – Library Service Assistant-Advanced (retired May 2011) Margaret Kunkel – Library Service Assistant Sr. Melissa Gilles – Library Service Assistant-Advanced

New Developments: Information Resources:  Changed location codes of 150,000+ items in catalog to improve OPAC display and aid users in finding materials on the shelf.  Reviewed 2,378 Stout owned journals holdings, with the help of students in Access Services, against SFX holdings. Fixed 99 title holdings in SFX to match Stout catalog to ensure users are provided with correct holdings information for journals.  Added proxy server address to 26,000+ e-book title catalog records to provide secure access to online content.  Processed 5,756 print items from reference collection review project.  Added and created metadata for 72 Journal of Student Research articles into MINDS@UW-Stout.  Withdrew 278 folded maps from reference collection.  Transferred 725 feature film DVDs from main/EMC collections to browsing collection.  Withdrew 211 Student Created Units from EMC collection.  Changed cookery subject heading to cooking for 750+ records to reflect Library of Congress Subject Heading changes.  Withdrew 448 curriculum guides from EMC collection.  Added individual book award notes to 63 EMC collection titles. Ongoing Projects:  Online catalog quality control and enhancement.  Authority work for Library of Congress Subject Headings.  Updating of cataloging manual.  Quality control of e-book records.  Genre headings.


Collaboration/Accomplishments:  Worked with Research Services on adding the Journal of Student Research to Stout’s Institutional Repository, MINDS@UW-Stout to extend access to Stout’s research.  Worked with Learning Technology Services and Research Services on setting up a procedure to add Research Day posters to Stout’s Institutional Repository: MINDS@UW-Stout.  Becca Peters & Carol Hagness presented Your Mobile Library as part of the library’s Adventures in Libraryland January Professional Development session.  Worked with Web Librarian, Carol Hagness, to develop content for library’s mobile site.  Marge Kunkel served on the Stone Soup scholarship committee.  Melissa Simonson participated in e-Scholar Laptop Rollout.  Becca Peters was awarded Research Services’ Just-In-Time Professional Development Grant.  Becca Peters served on Student-Artist-In-Residence Committee.  Becca Peters served on UWDICC Committee.  Becca Peters served on the CUWL Annual Conference Planning Committee.  Becca Peters served on Memorials and Honors Committee.  Becca Peters served on Library Space Use Committee. Continuous Learning:  Becca Peters attended Library in Your Pocket webinar, January 2011.  Becca Peters attended Computers in Library Conference, Washington D.C., March 2011.  Becca Peters attended Stout sponsored PowerPoint training, April 2011.  Becca Peters attended OCLC Knowledge Base Implementation webinar, April 2011.  Becky Hendrickson, Becca Peters, and Melissa Simonson attended OCLC Genre Webinar, May 2011.  Becky Hendrickson, Melissa Gilles, and Marge Kunkel attended Enhancing Quality Staff in Changing Times Conference, Minneapolis, May 2011.  Becca Peters attended Institutional Repositories webinar, May 2011.  Becca Peters attended WiLS Peer Council Meeting, Madison, May 2011.  Becca Peters attended RDA Workshop, Madison, May 2011.  Becca Peters attended CUWL Annual Conference, Madison, June 2011.


Challenges:  Implementing cataloging rule changes resulting from the switch to Resource Description & Access (RDA) from AACR2.  Adapting cataloging workflows to accommodate the increasing addition of electronic resources.  Utilizing technology to improve cataloging/processes and efficiencies.  Training of new cataloger. Statistics: Original cataloging: Copy cataloging: Total cataloging:

337 4,109 4,446

Records withdrawn: 3,510 Records downloaded: 12,184 (Includes acquisitions, upgrades, new cataloging, name & subject authorities) Record sets added for e-books (# titles) 543* Records enhanced by vendor Blackwell (BNA) 0** Mended/Repaired: Books Periodicals Audiovisual Miscellaneous (Includes kits, games, Browsing to Main, Blacked-out Withdrawals, Theses Returned to Advisors) Total:


Standing Orders Processed: Grand Total:

403 8,482

584 9 151 7,335

*Lapse in addition of some e-book collections to catalog **Lapse in enhancement of records


Collection Development Work Group Leader: William Johnston (to June 30, 2011.) Work Group Staff: Cyrilla Face – Monograph Acquisition Kathy Winters – Standing Orders/Periodicals Acquisition Other Work Group Members: Jana Reeg-Steidinger - Reference Librarian Cory Mitchell - EMC and Reference Librarian Bob Butterfield - IRS director

New Developments: In 2010-2011, the Collection Development department: Established a feature film DVD collection. Replaced approximately 30 popular classroom VHS films with DVD format. Began acquiring rights for video streaming. With the Electronic Resources librarian and cataloging unit, identified individual periodical subscriptions that were available electronically, then linked them to the catalog. o Further evaluated the periodicals collections in microfiche and film then withdrew those we could do without. o Scanned over 21,000 pages of course materials for 38 faculty and staff members for upload on D2L. o o o o

Major changes occurred in our database vendors. Cambridge Scientific was purchased by ProQuest, which stopped producing Health and Safety Abstracts. ProQuest American Business Index(ABI)/Inform was upgraded to their Complete package; this consists of: Dateline, comprising regional and local business news, Global, comprising comprehensive market and business trends, and Trade & Industry, which provides specific information on complete market segments. 14  

ProQuest also purchased Ebrary, but the platform fee for access remains out of reach of the University Library at present. At the same time, Wilsonweb, and its venerable parent company H.W. Wilson, was purchased by EBSCO; the Wilson databases are now migrating to the EBSCO platform. Finally, EBSCO purchased NetLibrary, which makes new e-books available to us at no further charge than the purchase of the title. We expect to make good use of this in the future. Challenges: In the coming year, the Collection Development unit and workgroup will continue to focus on expansion or electronic resources, especially e-books and online periodicals. Filmstrips, slides and older technology, will be withdrawn, VHS films essential for classroom use will be replaced with DVDs, video streaming will be evaluated for time-sensitive videos, microfiche and small-run, hard copy periodicals will be withdrawn from the stacks. The new Collection Development Librarian, Cory Mitchell, assumed his role as of July 1, and has already shown great potential to move the University’s unique collection of resources forward. Statistics: 2010-11 acquisitions --3,738 new monographs added to collection (Over 5,000 damaged and superseded items were withdrawn) 234,720 monograph volumes in collection --424 new DVDs added to collection Almost 14,000 videos now in collection 11,183 Audio-Visual items in collection (sound recordings, software, cds.) Total number of hardcopy monographs and a-v items in collection: 259,903 848 Print journal subscriptions 14,225 e-books available 114,616 Full-text serials 863,160 Full text e-documents Scanning done for D2L classes and students with disabilities: MB scanned -- 1863.606 Pages scanned -- 21,373


Distance Learning Work Group: Jana Reeg-Steidinger, Reference Distance Learning Presentations: On Campus 

Wisconsin Technical College System Immersion Cohort (2 sessions)

Vocational Rehabilitation Graduate DE Cohort-Library Research, Thesis writing Workshop, APA and Research Writing

Hybrid Classes 

Educ730 Research Foundations

TECED739 Introduction to Research (2 sessions)

CTE708 Issues in CTE

Lecture Capture Presentations 

CTE534 Performance Analysis

EDUC710 Introduction to Research

EDUC730 Research Foundations

INDMNT400 Organizational Leadership (2)

INDMNT750 Organizational Research Methods

Locating Stout Thesis

Thesis Writing Workshop

Off-Campus CTE708 Issues in CTE - Library Research Resources + Thesis Writing Workshop for CTE Cohort at NWTCC in Green Bay.


Challenges: Online instructors post scanned journal articles in their course for student review and commentary. Students do not learn information seeking skills and critical thinking this way. Similarly some online instructors prefer “soft URLs” (web sites) to library databases, trying to avoid “email hassles” (user name authentication for Stout students currently enrolled in courses.) An ongoing challenge is convincing online instructors and students of the merit of digital library resources.


Educational Materials Center Work Group Leader: Cory Mitchell

New Developments: Information Resources:  EMC Curriculum Guides Collection was reviewed and weeded (reduced 58%) to remove outdated materials.  EMC Curriculum Guides Collection was moved from file cabinets to upright shelving, reducing the EMC physical footprint.  EMC Computer Software Collection was eliminated due to low use and the trend of educational games being freely available on the Internet.  EMC Student Created Units Collection was eliminated based on low use and faculty input.  EMC popular movies in the EMC Juvenile and EMC Young Adult Collections were transferred to the DVD Collection on the fourth floor.  The EMC budget was $18,000. Only $12,883 of that was spent and the remaining $5,116 was given back to the general acquisitions budget to cover part of the University Library’s budget lapse. Assessment:  Ongoing EMC collection analysis included replacing aged and worn copies of items, identifying gaps in existing collections, and updating EMC collections in consultation with education faculty. Collaboration:  Met with education faculty to review course syllabi, provide EMC/library instruction, purchase requested materials to support assignments, seek input on, and maintain, education web pages to support student research needs.  Collaborated with Reference Workgroup on use of EMC/Reference floor space for Information Commons. Staff:  EMC Librarian attended conferences: o Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarian’s Conference (April 2011). Teaching:  The EMC Librarian provided 21 library instruction sessions for EMC/curriculum related classes, and additional sessions for non-education courses. Challenges:  The possibility of a decrease in the EMC budget for the upcoming fiscal year due to a budget lapse. 18  

Ability to purchase textbooks to support the new teacher education programs (Math & Science) with decreased funding.  Maintaining the EMC weeding schedule to ensure that the entire collection is weeded every 5 years.  Promotion of the EMC collection and services to the UW-Stout community. Statistics: 2009-10


EMC Collection (total)


20,685 items

EMC Juvenile Collection


11,666 items

EMC Text Collection


7,212 items

EMC Young Adult Collection


1,232 items

EMC Curriculum Guides Collection


415 items

EMC Puppet Collection


150 items


10 titles


0 items

EMC Periodicals Collection EMC Computer Software Collection


Electronic Resources Access Work Group Leader: Lelah Lugo – Sr. Academic Librarian Staff: Others as they are affected. The ERA Librarian is responsible for the functionality and local customization of databases/electronic resources; ensures accessibility for databases through authentication processes and placement on the library web site; maintains SFX Journals A-Z list; administers Metalib database access and its configurations; provides library instruction sessions in areas of expertise; participates in reference services; and aids for electronic resources. As Assistive Technology Librarian, she is responsible for providing equipment and a computer system with specialized software and devices for users with disabilities, as well as instructing users in their use. Also acts as the library liaison to the UW-Stout Office for Students with Disabilities.

New Developments: Information Resources New Databases Currently the library has 236 databases or database systems, 179 full text (76%) and 57 (24%) non-full text databases. This is an increase of .4% over the previous year when the library had 235 database systems. Full text databases comprise periodical indexes, book collections, ERIC documents, legal documents and single full text books or periodicals. Several databases were purchased through the UW-System Library Consortium, Stout Library, Badgerlink (Wisconsin funded program via Department of Public Instruction), and a number were free. New databases include:  Accessible Archives (UW-System Library Consortium)  African American Newspapers Newsbank (UW-System Library Consortium)  African American Periodicals Newsbank (UW-System Library Consortium)  America’s Historical Newspapers Newsbank (UW-System Library Consortium)  Cities Around the World (free)  COS Funding Opportunities (UW-System Library Consortium)  COS Papers Invited (UW-System Library Consortium)  COS Scholar Universe (UW-System Library Consortium)  Early American Newspapers Newsbank (UW-System Library Consortium)  EBSCO E-Book Collection (formerly NetLibrary E-Book Collection) 20  

 Legislative Histories (free)  Map and Atlas Collection (free)  Metapress/Baywood Journals  New England Journal of Medicine (UW-System Library Consortium)  North American Immigrant Diaries and Letters (UW-System Library Consortium)  OECD iLibrary (UW-System Library Consortium)  Sage Journals (40 separate titles)  Something About the Author (Cengage Gale)  Wisconsin Decorative Arts Database (free)  (free) Database Vendor Changes EBSCO bought out NetLibrary the electronic book collection and converted it to the EBSCO platform. The EBSCO e-Book Collection is now available via the EBSCO database array. In June, EBSCO also announced that they had purchased the WilsonWeb databases and would be converting or incorporating the Wilson databases into the EBSCO platform. The first database to be converted was Biological and Agricultural Index which is also still accessible via the Wilson platform. EBSO also announced that this conversion should be completed in December 2011. Another major change has been ProQuest’s acquisition of all the CSA Illumina (Cambridge Scientific) databases and their conversion into the ProQuest platform. In the Spring of 2011, ProQuest discontinued the Health and Safety/Risk Abstracts database in CSA leaving the Design and Applied Arts Index the only CSA database converted into the new ProQuest platform that the library subscribes to. Database Usage and Full Text Availability The Ex Libris SFX link resolver system provides a collection tool that will report on the number of unique and duplicate holdings available from full text targets (databases). Not all of the targets that are available to Stout users are available in the SFX system. There are fifty-three targets that can be accessed for full text resources (books, periodicals, conference proceedings, and standards). A total of 88,762 are available and of that, 69,198 titles are unique to their respective databases. This means that there are 78% that are unique and with only a 22% overlap of titles. During this fiscal year, there was a 15% increase in the number of full text titles available over the previous year (75,859). EBSCO continues to be the database system of choice for most of the Stout users. However, this fiscal year shows a 17% decrease in the number of database searches done. This may be accounted for by the way the databases are accessed. In the past when a searcher accessed a database in the EBSCO system they may have selected all the databases to search simultaneously which consequently meant that every database was counted toward the total. 21  

Using the Metalib “Find Database” access point via a native interface link, and individual LibGuides Reference Guides system, databases may now be accessed directly. Databases/Database Systems Discontinued Several major databases/database systems were discontinued or ceased publication by their vendors. These included:  FirstSearch Databases (discontinued by OCLC) included: o Biology Digest o Business Dateline o Dissertations Abstracts Online o Geobase o SIRS Researcher  Emerald Library (subscription dropped by UW-System Library Consortium): approximately 140 full text journal titles  Health and Safety/Risk Abstracts (CSA/ProQuest)  Ex Libris 

 

The Ex Libris products, SFX (Find it!), bX Recommender Service (part of Find it!) and Metalib (Supersearch) are available to the Stout Community. Continued refinement is ongoing. The A-Z Periodical List which integrates both online full text and locally held periodical titles. Minor changes and updates are done by the ERA Librarian. Over the course of this past fiscal year, a process was agreed upon and implemented between the Cataloging Work Group and ERA Work Group whereby serials changes/additions would be done to the Voyager catalog and then forwarded on to the ERA Librarian in order to update the A-Z Periodical List in a timely and more transparent way. A new SFX version 4 upgrade was anticipated for the Fall 2010, however this did not move forward until August 2011. Planning by the entire UW Libraries library systems groups was done primarily during the Spring of 2011. Metalib was not upgraded during the 2010-11 fiscal year. Matt Decker-Maurer (Library Systems Work Group, Sue Lindahl (Library Systems Work Group and Lelah Lugo (ERA Work Group) attended the ELUNA (Ex Libris User’s of North America) National Conference in Milwaukee in May. This conference was essentially an international conference with attendees from all over the world. Becca Peters (Cataloging Work Group), Bob Butterfield (Instructional Resource Service) and Lelah Lugo (ERA Work Group) attended the 4th UW Libraries Conference in Madison in 22  

June where Ex Libris products along with other related subjects were presented and discussed.

MobileLib Carol Hagness (Web Librarian) along with Becca Peters (Catalog Librarian) developed a mobile interface for smartphones and other mobile devices during the Spring of 2011. The EBSCO, WilsonWeb, JStor and RefWorks database systems provided access through their respective interfaces for this access method. In order to secure access to these database systems the ERA Librarian, along with Matt Decker-Maurer (Library Systems) were able to add configurations to the EZproxy server to authenticate Stout users. Although the mobile interface was only available in the Spring 2011, there was significant usage of this new service. The EBSCO Mobsmart interface totaled 726 searches with 195 logins and Wilson usage totaled 24 searches for a total of both systems of 750 total searches. These statistics will only increase as more users acquire mobile devices and more database systems provide mobile interfaces. Assistive Technology Software upgrades were acquired for the Assistive Technology Station as well as new hardware including an Epson Scanner to replace the old HP 8200 model. The ERA Librarian determined that the Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software was no longer needed as it was not used. Zoomtext (magnifier), JAWS (screen reader), and Kurzweil (scanning) software was ordered. Statistics Database Usage Statistics FY 2010-2011: The database modules available provide varying levels of usage statistics. DATABASE SYSTEM


American Chemical Society









Books 24X7




Books in Print




CSA (Cambridge Scientific)






CQ Researcher

















Gale Databases













Lexis Nexis

























Web of Science










Credo Reference EBSCO Engineering Village 2 (Compendex)

Institute of Physics (Physics Jnls) JStor Kraus Curriculum Library

Oxford University Publishing Plunkett Research Online Project Muse

WilsonWeb Total


Comparison Data for the Top Ten Database Systems FY 2010-2011: Database System EBSCO

Searches 09-10 4,470,180

Searches 10-11 3,730,794

% Change -17%











Lexis Nexis




Cengage Gale Databases




Plunkett Research Online




Credo Reference













16, 719






Wilson Oxford Publishing

JStor FirstSearch/WorldCat Sub-Total Other Databases Total

Database Subscriptions: Full text database subscriptions = 179 Non-full text database subscriptions = 57 Ceased/Discontinued Databases = 7 Total full text/non-full text database subscriptions = 236 2010-2011 Total = 235 (.4% increase) Electronic Book Collections Subscriptions (full text): Alexander Street Press (10 databases) = 5,474 Books 24/7 = 10,170 Credo Reference = 574 EBSCO Book Collection = 4,446 Eighteenth Century Collections = 180,000 Knovel Engineering Library = 3,344 MD Consult = 85 NetLibrary = 10,000 25  

Nursing Consult = 39 Safari Tech Books = 645 University of California E-Scholar Editions =770 Total titles = 215,547 2009-2010 Total = 203,054 (6% increase) Special Electronic Materials (full text): ERIC Documents = 509,614 IEEE Explore Conference Proceedings = 14,582 IEEE Explore Standards = 3,807 Lexis Nexis: Congressional Serials Set = 333,157 Total electronic special materials = 863,160 2009-2010 Total = 671,797 (22% increase) Full Text Periodical Titles Available by Database System: There is some overlap of titles between the databases, thus a title can be counted in more than one database or system. Accessible Archives = 18 American Chemical Society = 64 American City Business Journals (BizJournals) = 40 Annual Review of Nutrition = 1 Bentham Open Access = 242 BiologyBrowser = 408 BioMed Central = 246 BioOne = 97 CQ Researcher = 1 Directory of Open Access Journals = 7,199 African American Newspapers Newsbank = 59 African American Periodicals Newsbank = 102 American’s Historical Newspapers (Series 1-7) Newsbank = 1,723 EBSCO = 61,777 Find Articles = 2,225 Free Library = 2,312 Highwire = 311 IEEE Explore = 427 Institute of Physics = 80 JStor = 371 Lexis Nexis = 14,863 Magportal = 150 MD Consult = 57 26  

Metapress Baywood = 6 Nature = 132 Newsbank = 2,338 Nursing Consult = 40 Open J-Gate = 7,484 PloS (Public Library of Science) = 7 Project Muse = 334 ProQuest = 6,840 Sage = 45 Springer Complete = 114 Wilson = 5,579 Total Titles = 114,718 2009-2010 Total = 100,796 (12% increase)

SFX Statistics FY 2010-2011 (Ex Libris Search Link Resolver) SFX Requests and Clickthroughs FY 2010-2011: Month












































Ave Per Month


Document Delivery/ILLiad Targets by Source FY2010-2011: Month










































Comparison of SFX Requests, Clickthroughs, and Document Delivery/ILLiad Targets FY2010-2011: 2009-2010


Percent Change













Metalib Statistics FY 2010-2011 (Ex Libris Federated Search Engine)

Total Number of Active Databases in Metalib FY 2010-2011: 306 2009-2010 Total = 234 (24% increase) 28  

Note: The 306 database figure represents all Metalib configurations including single journal titles, ex: Sage Journals (40 titles), database systems, ex: EBSCO which is a general access point for all a given vendors databases, all of JStor subcategories which is the method used by Ex Libris for certain database targets. Statistics for Metalib were not available this year and were incomplete. Challenges:  The new Library Home Page web redesign will significantly impact usage of databases to what extent is unknown with access more streamlined for databases and full text journals.  New vendor database interfaces and other changes will continue to be implemented. During this past year there was a completely new interface for ProQuest, as well as the merging of CSA databases into the ProQuest system; EBSCO has acquired both NetLibrary (e-books) and the WilsonWeb databases is being converted. All of these types of changes will have an effect on ease of access and enhanced searching capabilities for library users.  The new front end for Metalib called Xerses should be implemented during the 20112012 fiscal year. This front end is supposed to be easier to configure and use than the traditional Metalib interface. Subject categories have been determined, but not yet implemented.  The UW-Libraries are also looking at different discovery interface such as the UWMadison Library developed interface called Forward as well as others from Ex Libris, OCLC and EBSCO. An RFP is being developed. FY 2011-2011 Conferences/Professional Development Opportunities Attended: Lelah Lugo, ERA Librarian

Matt Decker-Maurer (Library Systems Work Group, Sue Lindahl (Library Systems Work Group and Lelah Lugo (ERA Work Group) attended the ELUNA (Ex Libris User’s of North America) National Conference in Milwaukee in May. This conference was essentially an international conference with attendees from all over the world. Becca Peters (Cataloging Work Group), Bob Butterfield (Instructional Resource Service) and Lelah Lugo (ERA Work Group) attended the 4th UW Libraries Conference in Madison in June where Ex Libris products along with other related subjects were presented and discussed.


Instructional Resources Service Work Group Leader: Robert Butterfield – Instructional Resources Director Work Group members: Tom Dunbar – Library Services Assistant-Advanced Lead Jeanette Schermann – Library Services Assistant-Advanced Lead 16 LTE’s----2570 hours 5 State payroll students----1362 hours Instructional Resources Service offers a rental/purchase resource collection (non-consumable of print and non-print materials for students on or off campus which directly support UW-Stout’s curriculum. Segregated Fee $5.54 per credit for undergraduate, $7.55 per credit for graduate Circulation Circulation Transactions

102,573 in 10-11

Books/Resources Purchased 199 titles; 10,805 copies Total Inventory: 1,770 titles; 87,574 copies; Retail $5,900,622 Cash Transactions Sales: $55,421.72 in 10-11 Fines: $23,954.54 in 10-11 Distance Education and E-Learning Increase of over 5% in student requests fulfilled from 4515 courses in 09-10 to 4753 in 10-11.   

Summer 2010 Fall 2010 WinTerm /SP 2011

270 courses 233 courses 316 courses


1109 requests 1,761 requests 1883 requests

Transition of leadership Brenda Swannack retired from her position as Director June 30, 2010. Robert Butterfield has assumed duties as Director as of April 1, 2011. Datatel conversion to PeopleSoft Datatel conversion to PeopleSoft for student and staff information, student schedules, class rosters, individual class enrollments has been completed. Further training and assessment will be required to promote familiarity and help determine best practices. HEOA (Higher Education Opportunity Act) compliance IRS continues to maintain the database supporting HEOA compliance. IRS continues to coordinate with the academic departments to improve compliance. Particular areas of emphasis for training are in reporting online course requirements and resources required to be purchased by the student. E-book pilot project IRS has been tasked to draft an initial plan for implementing e-book resources into the Stout curriculum. The initial phase of this program will culminate in a live test of material in a course(s) in summer or fall 2012. Uncertainty of Budget Budget considerations will remain a concern throughout the immediate future. Creation of new courses and programs, increasing enrollment, inflation, and the introduction of new technology will continue to outpace revenue. A challenge for fiscal year 2011-2012 will be to establish a comprehensive strategic plan and develop forward-looking strategies for implementation of new material/technologies and evaluating the current model of financing Instructional Resources.


Library Instruction Work group Leader: Jessy Polzer - Instruction Librarian Work Group Members: Carol Hagness, Bill Johnston; Lelah Lugo; Cory Mitchell; Becca Peters; Jana Reeg-Steidinger.

New Developments: Teaching 249 sessions were conducted for an audience of 5,923 students, faculty, staff and community members. Additionally, the Library Instruction Work Group (IWG) scheduled 94 sessions in the Library Instruction Lab (University Library 111) for groups other than library staff. New teaching methods were developed and instruction librarians were trained to use them. Inhouse professional development was provided to strengthen teaching skills, including training in two new pedagogical strategies and one organizational method for teaching materials. Publications Librarians continue to increase the usability of Research Guides (hosted on LibGuides) through an editorial rotation. Standards for design and content are being discussed and implemented to optimize student use, streamline the editing process and preserve continuity. The move of the library website to the new Figleaf design began in spring 2011 and is currently ongoing. The IWG continues to collaborate closely with the Web Librarian to increase usability of instructional materials on the web. A new design for print publications was approved by IWG. IWG leader is currently working on a finalized template as well as new editing and ordering procedures. All print publications were uploaded to Bluedrive and new editing procedures were implemented in spring 2010. Soon after, the campus announced that Bluedrive will no longer be supported. Therefore, all print publications were removed from Bluedrive to the IWG leader’s personal computer. New modes of sharing files are being explored. Strategic Planning During the summer of 2010 we began a strategic planning process that is scheduled to span two years. The goal is to increase the alignment of our goals with the overall mission of the University by defining the gap between our current program and our ideal program in the areas of teaching content, pedagogical approaches, organization, and beliefs and values. The overall planning process includes: 32  

reflective analysis of the current Library Instruction Program

review of best practices for Library Instruction Programs

survey of UW-Stout teaching faculty and staff to assess perception and needs

define ideal program in context of current library staff, University goals and needs, and resources

write and implement related goals and action plans, including a sustainable model of continuous assessment and change

In August of 2010 we met to explore our own values and beliefs, teaching content, pedagogical approaches and modes of organization. In the spring of 2011 a Qualtrics survey was distributed to teaching faculty and staff exploring how instructors:  integrate information literacy and academic integrity into curriculum  percieve UW-Stout students mastery of these skills  perceive these skills as important for student success Additionally, the survey inquired about what types of services and resources instructors require in order to support their goals in relation to information literacy and academic integrity. A complete survey analysis with recommendations is available to anyone in the UW-Stout commmunity by emailing Jessy Polzer, Instruction Librarian (

In May of 2011 the IWG leader met with the Freshman English Committee to discuss ways to strengthen the collaboration between the Freshman English Program and the Library Instruction Program. Discussion and recommendations were added to the body of feedback that will be used for future planning. In response to discussion, a ‘menu’ of teaching modules available from library instructors was written and distributed to the English Department, with plans to distribute this list to all UW-Stout teaching faculty and staff in the future. Similar discussions with the Psychology Program Director resulted in more useful feedback as well as more strategic library instruction integration into Psychology 100 (Foundations) and 190 (Research Methods).


Recommendations:  Continue the strategic planning process for the Library Instruction Program. Next steps include researching best practices and designing a new program proposal. 

Pursue discussion with departments, assessing collaborative opportunities to strengthen student learning. These discussions should explore what information literacy looks like in each discipline, where in the curriculum are information literacy learning goals already taught or naturally fit, and how the library can assist each department to fulfill their information literacy learning goals.

Revise all print publications, online tutorials, and Research Guides in reference to the new website.

Explore new modes of file sharing for print publications. Revise editing and printing procedures.

INSTRUCTION STATISTICS 2010-2011              

Total Instruction Events: 249 Total Audience: 5,923 Total Undergraduate Classes: 197 Total Graduate Classes: 46 Other Groups Presented to: 5 Instruction by Staff Members Hagness: 2 Johnston: 3 Lugo: 30 Mitchell: 58 Peters: 4 Polzer: 85 Reeg-Steidinger: 66


Library Instruction Presentations by Department Department

Levels 100400 2 5 4 1 1 15 5 87 1 8 12 3 11 5 6 1 14 11

Art/Art History Business Communication Technologies Counseling Design Education Engineering & Technology English/Philosophy/Speech/ Theatre Food & Nutrition History Hospitality & Tourism Human Development & Family Operations & Management Psychology Rehabilitation Social Science Transdisciplinary Library-Sponsored  6 Thesis Workshops  1 Graduate Orientation  2 International Student Orientation  1 High School Class UW-Stout-Sponsored 6  1 New Instructor Workshop (NTLC)  1 NTLC May Day Event  1 New Employee Orientation  6 Learning Community Events  3 Honors Colloquium Discussion Leaders

Dual UG/G

Levels 500800 1


15 1 1


2 16 2 3




3 5 4 1 1 30 5 88 2 8 12 5 28 7 9 1 14 16


Additionally, librarians continue to meet with students individually for research consultations, including Honors students. See Reference section of this report for details.


Library Systems Work Group Work Group Leader: Susan Lindahl - Access Services/Library Systems Librarian Work Group Members: Linda Heath – PC software and Windows servers Matthew Decker-Maurer – PC hardware, InMagic/ARC databases, EZproxy server, collaborates on Ex Libris Products (Voyager, SFX, and Metalib) Lelah Lugo – Electronic Resources/Assistive Technologies Librarian. Responsible for Metalib/SFX and Assistive Technology station

New Developments Collaboration with Campus IT:  Expanded 3rd floor network closet and upgraded building network wireless.  Loaded SMS files to implement sending Call numbers from the OPAC as text message to personal cell phones.  Secured SSL certification for encrypted login of library proxy server.  Modified print server configuration to work across campus network; reloaded print drivers on public computers.  Worked with Campus IT to load Campus Software (Keyserver) onto public-use library computers and staff computers.  Switched sending email account on scanners/copiers to EOJohnson.  Library Systems Librarian is member of the Campus IT Advisory Committee.  Library staff participates in the deployment of campus laptops. Online Catalog (OPAC) enhancements:  Record view: number of items available.  Worked with Cataloging group to removed 16 unused location codes.  SFX and Metalib enhancements covered in Electronic Resources report. Technology: 

Software o Upgrade Library Catalog – Voyager 7.2.1, Aug. 2010. o Upgrade Library Catalog - Voyager 7.2.3, Jan. 2011. o Loaded Hyperion client on IRS computers to access student/class registration for textbook inventory. o Photoshop Elements for staff computer. 36  

o o o o o o

Wodershare FlashGallery Factory for staff computer. Upgrade SnagIt and Camtasia Studio for staff computers. Assistive Technology computer software upgraded: JAWS, ZoomText. EZproxy upgrade. LabStats upgrade. InMagic upgrade.

Hardware o Installed under-desk mounts for computers in Library Instruction Lab; increasing desktop space and increasing sightlines for teaching. o Installed several wireless network cards into PCs in the Library Instruction Lab in order to split computer rows and create walking isle. o Transferred large format flatbed scanner from ILL to student access in the Reference room. o Deployed (3) public laptops with Transcription capabilities, NVivo and Visio software. o Purchased B&W desktop laser printers for staff to replace failing color inkjet printers. o 10 new public computers purchased from University Library funds. Statistics:  Computers in the library: 145 total (74 public computers and 71 staff computers) including IRS and laptops.  Public printers handled 222,000 print pages.  Searches performed in the Voyager public catalog:  Increase in 2010 must be attributed to  2010-11: 2,010,288 +64.3% an unknown external search engine  2009-10: 1,292,457 + 1.1% hitting Stout.  2008-09: 1,212,524

Staff Training and Conferences:  Ex Libris Regional Directors’ meeting in Minneapolis (Oct. 2010, 2 members attended)  UW System Library Automation Managers meeting at UW-Stevens Point (Jan. 2011)  Using eBooks and eReaders in your library: ALA Web-workshop (Jan. 2011)  WWHEL: Your money in your life at UW-Eau Claire (March 2011)  HRS Training, UW-Stout (March 2011)  Classified Professional Development: HELP! My life is a game of twister! (April 2011)  Fundamentals of Project Management: UW-Stout Quality Training (April 2011)  ELUNA (Ex Libris Users of North America) Annual meeting in Milwaukee (May 2011, 3 work group members attended) 37  

One System, One Library: UW System Library conference at UW-Madison (June 2011)

Challenges:  Xerxes front end implementation for Metalib, unknown as to its impact on utilization.  Public print server hardware and software are more than 10 years old and not handling modern day file sizes. Current print server systems need to be investigated.  Library servers on 3rd floor need to be relocated to 1st floor; also facilitating enhancement of wireless on 1st floor of Swanson Learning Center.  Resolve effective use and security of in-house file server.  Library moved off sub-domain onto the university network domain in late summer 2011. New configuration of individual staff computers, shared staff computers, and public computers need to be resolved.  Library continues to receive requests to load specialized software programs on public computers. Policy needs to be re-evaluated for requests.  Implement a major Voyager upgrade to version 8 in summer 2012. We do not anticipate a smooth transition.  UW System Libraries are continuing to work toward an Identity Management (IdM) system to allow for unique patron logon throughout system. It will be a challenge to implement across several library software systems and to budget for it.


Reference Work Group Work Group Leader: Jana Reeg-Steidinger - Reference/Distance Learning Librarian Work Group Members: Carol Hagness, Bill Johnston, Susan Lindahl, Lelah Lugo, Cory Mitchell, Becca Peters, and Jessy Polzer. Highlights Reference Area/Information Commons Transformation Initiated three years ago, the project responded to learner preference for electronic resources, increased online and distance learning courses, and in support of collaborative learning in a popular area. The primary work group goal, during this report period, was project completion. All collections within the physical space were evaluated by the workgroup. During 2010-2011, the Reference Collection was reduced in size by approximately 60% with titles relocated or withdrawn. Other collections relocated or withdrawn were Tests in Microfiche; Stout Thesis Collection microfiche; map collections; and print indexes. Other improvements made--with contributions from other work groups--included additional moveable table arm chairs; removal of outdated and/or unused equipment; rearrangement of side-by-side computer workstations into pod-style configurations; removal of more than 10 curriculum guide file cabinets; and modest improvement to floor covering. The project worth is measureable by unanimous endorsement of the repurposed space by students, staff, administration, and alumni. Reference Desk Questions 6,368 were recorded including email and meebo questions. Questions fielded at three other public services points (Access to Learning Desk, Circulation, and Periodical Information) were not recorded. Consultations Librarians provided scheduled consultations, with students and staff, for research; classroom and library instruction follow-up; thesis workshop follow-up; APA style; and Honors contracts. Recorded consultation tallies given by Librarian Staff: Hagness (8); Lugo (2); Mitchell (7); Peters (3); Polzer (6); Reeg-Steidinger (56). Total = 82. Staffing Reference questions have been on the decline over a span of time. Contributing factors include the increase of computer accessible resources and online courses teamed with learner preference of electronic resources. The work group collected and discussed data regarding 39  

patterns of reference exchanges for summer, evenings, and weekends. The following adjustments were made to Reference Desk staffing: earlier evening service; summer weekend service discontinued; and Saturday service discontinued. Because learner service is of extreme importance, student workers staff the ALD Desk during all open building hours. The librarians increase focus on enhancing other aspects of learner research support, some examples being scheduled research consultations; development of online tutorials; just-in-time screen capture learner tools; and web development Learning Community Librarians/Residence Hall Service For the past three years, work group members served as specialty librarians for the campus learning communities. During project evaluation, the group agreed to expand service to all students living in resident halls. Research Day The traditional display featured the first UW-Stout Library Research Scholars sponsored by the UW System’s Research Network Scholars program. Lib Analytics. Lead by the Web librarian and Systems librarian, the work group planned for reference question data collection. The program accommodates recording, tracking and analysis of reference data encountered in offices, on campus, and through home email. The project was implemented on July 1st 2011.         Community User's Logons     January  February  March  April  May  June  July  August  September  October  November  December  Total for year  

2005                      70  66  74  160  133  503 

2006 111  111  103  107  104  245  143  139  161  227  228  170  1849 

2007 256  278  168  228  95  212  275  217  245  197  184  131  2486 

2008 181  182  146  185  118  175  184  94  134  173  137  40  1749 


2009 69  103  116  123  92  98  100  76  73  78  58  84  928 

2010      ‐       ‐       ‐  20  68  51  54  103  50  43  50  48  487 

2011 29  58  64  76  29  62  61  38  66  64  44  31   622  

Recommendations Although the Reference/Info Commons project created new areas for group collaboration, the need for additional group study areas is acute throughout the library. The antiquated laser printing system buckles under heavy use impacting library service at crucial student production times. The new system, currently under Student Tech Fee review, cannot come too soon. The vast 16-year old carpeting in the Reference/Info Commons is ratty beyond belief. It should be replaced to uphold area aesthetics. As an enduring goal, we as professional reference librarians need to explore new technologies and methodologies to enhance and expand reference services to UW-Stout’s physical and virtual campuses.


Web Services Work Group Leader: Carol Hagness – Web/Reference/Instruction Librarian Work Group Members: Bill Johnston – Collection Development/Serials Librarian, responsible for purchasing online resources. Lelah Lugo – Electronic Resources Librarian, responsible for maintaining web pages for vendorrelated web resources and contacts with vendors; SFX/Metalib/AZ List enhancements. Susan Lindahl – Library Systems/Access Services, responsible for maintaining web pages for library’s OPAC and Access Services; OPAC enhancements. Matt Decker-Maurer – IS Comprehensive Support Technician, responsible for maintaining Library Systems web pages and the proxy server and its associated Area Research Center databases. Rebecca Peters – Cataloging Librarian, responsible for management of electronic resource records and electronic collections added to the Stout Library Catalog. Rebecca Hendrickson – Library Services Assistant-Advanced/Lead, responsible for bibliographic entry of electronic resources and periodicals into the Stout Library Catalog and for online UW-Stout theses. (Retired, May 2011) Kathy Winters --- Library Services Assistant-Advanced/Lead, responsible for standing orders and electronic course materials. Web Projects  In May/June 2010, the library website went live on the campus content management system, CommonSpot (CS). The library’s homepage redesign follows: From:



    

When campus went live with CommonSpot and changed their servers and urls in Summer 2010, a LibGuides clean-up project was necessary to link to the correct pages. Also in LibGuides: developed “master boxes” to make editing/updating pages easier and standardized; highlighted the databases box to promote library databases; instituted direct linking to databases rather than a master list page; developed templates for EMC pages; and revised all database instructions. Redesigned the Student-Artist-in-Residence site and developed a photo gallery using Wondershare. Revised and reproduced eight Camtasia tutorials to reflect web page changes. Worked with the University Archives on development of pages for Cookbooks at UWStout Index. Published mobile website for the library. Work began on the second campus web redesign with FigLeaf and the changeover from CommonSpot5 to CommonSpot6 in July 2010. The proposed library homepage and left navigation for secondary pages were approved in May 2011. Originally planned for going live with CS6 in June 2011, then moved to August, then to October.

Collaboration  New Instructor Workshop—Hagness provided a break-out session on library services specific for instructors, covering scanning of library materials for D2L courses, copyright, subject and course guides, deep linking to databases and/or articles.  Peters and Hagness worked with Josh Steans to clarify rules for loans of theses on microfiche and if/when to put on the web. Continue to collaborate with the Graduate College regarding theses on the web.  Worked with Steve Cox (campus web) to get all LibGuides, CommonSpot pages, /lib/static/ pages, and Archives index pages into the campus search.

Servers/Pages: The Library website is situated on four servers: Server




LibGuides 123 Subject Guides

LibGuides present the best library and web resources in Stout’s programs. Developed specifically for libraries, this software is used nationwide for research guides.


151 Subject/ Database/

147 Subject/ Database/

Research Guides

Research Guides

30 Course Guides

32 Course Guides

Each guide has 6-12 tabs (pages) of information with several content boxes on each tab. These statistics are only available an annual basis, not fiscal year.

23 Course Guides


131,956 total hits

170,773 total hits

Guide views N/A

82,130 guide views

189 LibGuides

197 LibGuides

1228 Pages

1299 pages

4006 Content 4274 Content boxes boxes CommonSpot Includes higher level, “Stout-like” pages: Homepage, library services, Archives projects, forms, mission/goals/policies, etc.


168 pages/

160 pages/



28,918 views (“Live” in May 2010 only 2 months data)

317,689 views (12 months data)

EZproxy/InMagic Archives’ databases and associated digital collections reside on the EZproxy server.

12 searchable databases

12 searchable databases

13 searchable databases

/static/lib/ (moved to content/lib/ in 2010)

19 Camtasia tutorials

19 Camtasia tutorials

15 Camtasia tutorials

51 SAIR pages

53 SAIR pages

52 SAIR pages

Theses: 19982009

Theses: 1998-2010

Includes large files such as Camtasia tutorials, Student-Artists-in-Residence (SAIR), theses, and misc.



Statistics Top LibGuides Pages for 2010/2011

Guide Articles & Databases Citing Resources Library Hours BUINB-260:International Business & Marketing Newspapers on the WWW

APA Style for UW-Stout Master’s Theses Thesis Survival Guide Management Off-campus Access to Databases Evaluating Resources Family and Consumer Science Education School Counseling and Psychology

E-books REHAB: Voc Rehab Graduate Resources Business

Apparel, Fashion, and Retail Merchandising

EDU740:Research Foundations Research Tutorial RDGED-703 Children’s and YA Literature Legal Research Food and Nutrition Special Education Literary Criticism TECHED-739:Intro to Research in VocTech Ed Encyclopedias The following were top hits in 2009/10 but were not at the top of the list in 2010/11

Hits 2009/10 100,523 15,897 No page

Hits 2010/11 34,873 11,040 9,091

8,310 Not in LibGuides 2,058 Feb-June 2010 only 3,875 No page 3,751 6,094 2,265 1,463 821 Feb-June 2010 only 1,853 2,265 1,496 Jan-June 2010 only 1,139 Sep 2009-June 2010 Not in LibGuides 1,967 1,093 1,159 376 978


1,385 1,338



5,340 4,050 3,976 3,752 3,682 3,422 3,035

3,010 2,442 2,092


1,792 1,627 1,477 1,333 1,257 1,200 1,192 1,104 1,030

Search the Web Speech and Forensics RefWorks CTE338-638:Performance Analysis Plagiarism

9,522 3,451 3,030 1,560 1,067

1,104 593 1,231 986 949

Top Library Pages in CommonSpot

Guide /lib/index.cfm /lib/services/irs.cfm /lib/archives/index.cfm /lib/archives/databases.cfm /lib/about/staff_directory.cfm /lib/services/addaprinter.cfm

Hits July 1, 2010June 30, 2011 209,934 15,823 14,963 6,652 4,270 3,264

Comments on Statistics  First time that a whole year’s statistics are available  The use of search boxes on the library homepage and direct linking to databases throughout the site, instead of directing all links to one page, has lowered the overall total of uses of pages. However, this method allows easier, faster access to resources in library databases. 46  

Pages Digitized for Inclusion in Online Courses and for Students with Disabilities

# of pages




% change





Challenges  Changing the web design and site navigation in the middle of a semester creates issues for library instruction and library users in the use of library materials. It further creates issues for the library webmaster in bringing the library pages on other servers into compliance with the campus look and links.


Library Staff Conferences and Meetings 2010‐2011 Name


Title of Conference



Ex Libris Regional Directors' Meeting


Decker-Maurer, Matt


Using eBooks & eReaders in your Library: ALA Web-workshop


Decker-Maurer, Matt


HRS Training


Decker-Maurer, Matt Gilles, Melissa

May-11 May-11

ELUNA(Ex Libris Users of North America) OCLC Genre Webinar

Milwaukee UW-Stout

Gilles, Melissa


Enhancing Quality Staff in Changing Times


Hagness, Carol


Professional Development: Finding Resources and Library Services Using the Redesigned Library Website Presentation


Hagness, Carol


Professional Development: Your Mobile Library Presentation


Hagness, Carol


Lending E-book Readers in Libraries Webinar


Hagness, Carol


The Handheld Librarian Webinar


Hagness, Carol Heath, Linda Heath, Linda

Mar-11 Mar-11 Mar-11

Computers in the Library Conference HRS Training WWHEL: Your Money in your Life

Washington, D.C. UW-Stout UW-Eau Claire

Heath, Linda


Professional Development: Help! My life is a game of twister!


Hendrickson, Rebecca


OCLC Genre Webinar


Hendrickson, Rebecca


Enhancing Quality Staff in Changing Times

Minneapolis, MN

Johnson, Julianne


Johnston, Bill Johnston, Bill

Sep-10 Oct-10

Decker-Maurer, Matt

Back in Circulation Again Fair Use and Copyright teleconference CDC Conference


UW-Madison UW-Stout Madison

Johnston, Bill


Professional Development: Copyright for Educators Presentation

Johnston, Bill


Collection Development Committee Teleconference


Kunkel, Marge


Enhancing Quality Staff Conference

Minneapolis, MN

Lindahl, Susan


Context, Focus & Quality in the Library Discovery Experience Webcast


Lindahl, Susan


Ex Libris Regional Directors' Meeting


Lindahl, Susan


UW System Library Automation Managers Meeting

UW-Stevens Point

Lindahl, Susan


Using eBooks & eReaders in your Library: ALA Web-workshop


Lindahl, Susan


Fundamentals of Project Management: Quality Training


Lindahl, Susan


ELUNA(Ex Libris Users of North America)


Lindahl, Susan


Essentials of Front Desk Safety & Security Webinar


Lugo, Lelah


ELUNA(Ex Libris Users of North America)


Lugo, Lelah


One System, One Library: UW System Library Conference


Mitchell, Cory Peters, Rebecca

Apr-11 Jan-11

Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians Annual Conference Library in Your Pocket Webinar

Milwaukee UW-Stout

Peters, Rebecca Peters, Rebecca

Mar-11 Apr-11

Computers in the Library Conference Power Point Training

Washington, D.C. UW-Stout

Peters, Rebecca Peters, Rebecca Peters, Rebecca Peters, Rebecca Peters, Rebecca Peters, Rebecca

Apr-11 May-11 May-11 May-11 May-11 Jun-11

OCLC Knowledge Base Implementation Webinar OCLC Genre Webinar Institutional Repositories Webinar WiLS Peer Council Meeting RDA Workshop CUWL

UW-Stout UW Stout UW-Stout Madison Madison Madison




FYE FYI: The Library and First Year Experience Programs Webinar


Reeg-Steidinger, Jana


Not-so-Dangerous Liaisons: Library Liaison Programs in the UW System Webinar


Reeg-Steidinger, Jana Roberts, Paul Roberts, Paul Roberts, Paul Roberts, Paul

Feb-11 Jul-10 Sep-10 Feb-11 Apr-11

The Handheld Librarian Webinar CUWL CUWL CUWL CUWL

UW-Stout Madison Stevens Point Madison Green Lake, WI

Steans, Josh


Essentials of Front Desk Safety & Security Webinar



Enhancing Quality Staff Conference

Minneapolis, MN

Reeg-Steidinger, Jana

Winters, Kathy


2010-11 Library Annual Report  

Library annual report

2010-11 Library Annual Report  

Library annual report