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The Blurry Face on a Gleaming Diwali Night


by Aparna Mukherjee

he noise of crackers made me get up from my bed. With my half-closed eyes, I saw the alarm clock which showed 6:30 am. I grabbed a pillow close to me and drifted off to sleep. The bursting crackers did not let me sleep. I had no option but to sacrifice my sleep. I jumped off from bed in excitement on realizing that this was the day for which I have been waiting for so many months. The day was Diwali when people were busy in celebrating the grand fest. Diwali has always been my favorite festival right from my childhood. The festive mood can be sensed all around. I could see smiles and joys everywhere. The




day of Diwali was going well with my neighbours and friends. As sun dipped below the horizon, the gleaming of earthen lamps glittered the earth. The colorful rangolis were enhancing the floors. I started decorating my house with flower rangolis. The entrance door of my house was decked up in fresh flower garlands. Every corner of my home was gleaming with the rows of clay lamps. From children to adults, everyone was letting off fireworks. With the onset of November month, the cold waves filled the atmosphere; giving pleasant shivers to everyone. The cold breeze


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