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VISH DHAMIJA AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW From a law drop out to a Management Degree to writing successful Legal Thrillers, Vish Dhamija is back with another Bestseller - "The Heist Artist" to tell the readers that every crime thriller is not a whodunit in an exclusive interview with Pria

by Pria Being a crime writer and stimulating the legal fiction genre in India which was practically nonexistent, how has been the journey been so far? It’s had its fair share of ups and downs, but it’s been fantastic, so I can’t really complain. And as you rightly mention in the question, it is a journey so it’s a continuing process. It feels good to have come this far and to be recognized. 8



A drop out of Law College and a degree holder in Management. What made you do so? I dropped out of law due to practical reasons. Law is a noble profession, but it takes a long time before one can establish oneself as a lawyer of some credibility especially for someone like me, who didn’t come from a well-known legal

MARCH 2019

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Storizen Magazine March 2019 | Vish Dhamija