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Poetry Of A Star by Vidya Shankar I went up one night To the rooftop, a desire to languish a-while In the coolness of the wafting breeze outside, Knowing, yet accepting that it was but A temporary escape from the stifled air Of a peak summer’s room. Up there I saw the vastness Of the deep blue galaxy dotted with diamonds; I reached out for one, the twinkle Enchanting my longing for just a feel of belonging, But just short, I paused, not wanting To hurt the midnight satin above. The gems saw this, and shooed me away, A mere mortal I was after all, how could I Presume to want to be among them? Grieved, I moved away, an outcast Unworthy of a diamond, Dying my mind instead. The heavens saw this and as I made To resign to the mundane, it sent for me A verse written with a peacock quill. ’Twere my eyes that twinkled now As I read the invitation to join the stars.

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