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Stonewall Tellegraph 3310 Stonewall Tell Road College Park, Georgia 30349 770 306-3500 (Fax 770 306-3504) A 2012 Georgia Department of Education Distinguished Title I School Shannon A. Flounnory, Principal Tammye Coachman, Asst. Principal A complete monthly menu can be found onthe SWT homepage and the menu is subject to chang

Volume 26 Issue 16 December 3-7, 2012

Counselor’s Corner Word of the Day

Volume 16 Issue 6 Follow us on Twitter @StonewallTellES September 24-28, 2012

Vocabulary Being a parent is the Builders most demanding job in the world, yet most of us train “on the job.” When things are going well, savor the moment. When things are not going well you may feel Student Breakfast: $1.05 Lunch: $2.20 stressed and overwhelmed. Student Reduced Breakfast: $0.30 Stonewall Tell Elementary has adopted the · Are you sleeping and Student Reduced Lunch: $0.40 Healthy Kids, Smart Kids wellness initiative. eating too much or too Adult Breakfast: $1.55 We believe that healthier eating habits and Important Dates little? Adult Lunch: $3.15 consistent exercise have a positive impact on to Remember · Do you take your our children’s learning and ultimately their test frustrations out on your Monday scores. When sending classroom snacks, Sept. 29 Father/Son Game Day kids? Boneless Chix Wings w/ Rice or Black please remember that this is a “Sugar-Free (more info to come) · Do you feel out of Zone” school. Do not send soft drinks, fruit Forest Chicken Wrap Oct. 6 Stonewall Tell Global control? drinks with processed sugar, candy, Tuesday Service Day 9am- 12:00pm cookies, ice cream, cupcakes, cakes, hot · Do you feel as if your Turkey & Gravy w/Rice or Black Bean Oct. 8 Fall Pictures fries or sugary snacks. Also note that children misbehave on Taco Salad purpose? birthday parties that include cakes, cookies, Oct. 9 All Pro Dad’s Day Wednesday 7:00am- 7:45am wings, ice cream and other treats are · Do you strike out Lasagna Roll Up or Mini Burgers or Spicy prohibited and will not be allowed in the physically or verbally Oct. 9 LSAC 5:30/ STEM NIGHT Chicken Wrap building. Healthier items such as fruit cups, when angry? 6:30pm Thursday fresh fruit, pretzels, baked chips, 100% juice, · Do you have chronically Oct. 15 Teacher Workday/No Sw. Sour Chicken w/Rice or Tex Mex fresh vegetables, 100% fruit snacks, granola upset stomach or muscle School bars, animal crackers and items with low salt Nachos aches, especially in your Oct. 20 Fall Carnival 11am-3pm and minimum sugar are allowed. back and neck? Friday Fajita Grilled Fish/Biscuit or Cheese Pizza · Are you frustrated Studies validated and participation in a child's education is the ** Due tohave nut allergies, please do not sendthe fact that active parental interest because your children or Grilled Chicken Salad Fulton County offers any snacks with peanuts or peanut butter in don’t listen? MyPaymentPlus. This is an online them.most important determinant service that the single ofoffers thatyouchild’s achievement. Family involvement befeeldone inpick Parents, students will no longer be able ·must Do you as if you convenience and information you to charge breakfast. Any student on one particular child? need to manage your student’s exceeding -$9.00 in charges will receive can prepaypersonnel. on your partnership with teachers andaccount. otherYou school With these ensure · Do you feel as ifthat you we an alternate meal. partnerships, we must student’s meal account using a Parents please note that if your can’t talk to your kids? credit/debit card at child has ainfluence, fever of at least 100 positively model, and support our students…even by theSeptember way that we, the adults, Notice as of Monday, 24, If you answereddress “Yes” to each any of 2012, households that have not these questions, you may need degrees (F) they must be “feverreapplied forof the 2012-2013 School to reach out for help. Call your” Therefore, I am asking you to be mindful of the audience elementary-age students when you for 24 hours before returning Year, your child/ren will lose their school counselor for resources to school. This policy will be strictly benefits. If you would like your child to and information. receive free or reduced meals please fill visitenforced our school each day by adhering to the standards of appropriate attire at all times. Our guidelines so that we might out a free lunch application located in combat/prevent the spread of any the school cafeteria or in the front Robin Elder for students such as spandex leggings or pants, office. For speedier processing, you flu-like virus in prohibit, the school. but are not limited to, form-fitting bottoms School Counselor may apply online at: skirts that do not extend beyond mid-thigh length, sagging pants, and/or tops that expose their backs

Healthy Kids, Smart Kids

Monday -Modify Tuesday - Remake Wednesday - Alter Thursday - Revise Friday - Amend

From the Desk Tammye Coachman…

and cleavage. We ask that parents adhere to the same standards of dress that we require for our students who are very impressionable at this level as we consistently remain vigilant in removing any internal or external distractions which may affect their academic performances and social and emotional growth. Thank you for your understanding and assistance in keeping our school’s focus on the core principles related to academic achievement.

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Mrs. Coachman


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Page 770 7 Parent Reminders College Park, GeorgiaSuperintendent 30349 770 306-3500 (Fax 306-3504) Page 4 Operational Planning Title I School gia Department of Education Distinguished Page 8 Important Dates to Remember Tammye Coachman, Asst. Principal Page 5 What’s Happening?(KK-3 ) A complete monthly menu can be found onthe SWT homepage and the menu is rd

Counselor’s Corner

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Volume 26, Issue 16

Golden Encouragement This past week has been a crucial time for many Fulton County Residents; being the voting season for the inaugural School Governance Council Elections. For those of you who do not know the School Governance Council is a part of the transition into the charter system for Fulton County. As a charter system, the district is able to help the students achieve “unleashing the innovative energies of our local school leaders and their communities.” There are twenty schools making this transition to the charter system for the next school year; so as you can see the county has a large amount of leaders helping to ensure the success of this system! The purpose of a School Governance Council (SGC) is to provide parents, school staff, and community members with a leadership role in the management of the school. The voting began on November 26- December 2, 2012 online. I hope that everyone was able to be a part of history and cast their vote in the inaugural SGC this past week. I was able to cast my vote for the Teacher Positions that were available. It was a nice and easy process to follow and I felt as if I were a part of something bigger; a part of helping to decide the future achievements of our students. Having the involvement of parents and teachers in the lives of our students is more important today than it was twenty years ago when I was in school. As parents and community leaders we have a duty to be “the change we wish to see in the world”. This means that if we want to see our children rise higher than we have ever seen before, we must lead them to greater heights. Encourage them to study and do their best on each test given because the standards are rising daily so should the scores of our children. At Stonewall Tell we Set the Trends to Exceed the Standards that have been given so this School Governance Council is only the beginning of helping our Students excel higher than they have in years before! Ms. Golden

Volume 26, Issue 16 3

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Strategic Plan 2017 This is the school system’s roadmap for how Fulton County Schools aims to improve student achievement over the next five years. Three goals serve as the district’s measure for long-term student success, which is that students will graduate on time and be ready for college or the workforce. • Graduation Rate – 90% of Fulton students will graduate on time • College Readiness – 85% of Fulton’s seniors will be eligible for admission to a University System of Georgia college or university • Career Readiness – 100% of Fulton's graduates will be work-ready certified “These are big goals, but they are attainable,” said Superintendent Avossa. “Our strategic plan is focused on improving outcomes for all students, and the only way to do this is to set measurable goals and put supports in place to help our students and staff to reach them.” To that end, as part of its “Building Our Future” strategic planning initiative, the school system will focus on five key areas – instruction, people, technology, effective schools and resources – to drive improvement. • Instruction – Students will be engaged in learning that enables them to reach their full potential for college and career readiness • People – Fulton County Schools will attract and retain the most talented and effective employees in K-12 education • Technology – Students, parents, teachers and administrators will have the tools and information they need to accelerate learning

Counselor’s Corner Improve Your Discipline “Use Consequences for Misbehavior” Having consequences for misbehavior helps children learn to behave. Consequences provide structure and help children know where they stand. Consequences are most effective when you: • Pose them in a manner. Say, “Yes, you can go play as soon as you finish cleaning your room.” Avoid saying, “No, you can’t play because you haven’t cleaned your room.” • Focus on the behavior you want, rather then the consequences. You don’t always need to tell your child what the consequence is. Knowing the consequence may actually encourage his/ her to weigh his/her options at times. • Get your child to come up with the consequence. This beats just imposing it. For example, what should happen if your child fights with a sibling? By being involved, a child feels more ownership for the result. This encourages him/her to take more responsibility for his/her behavior. If your child doesn’t come up with a suitable consequence at first, keep asking, “What else?”

• Effective Schools – School leadership will be collaborative and will balance innovation with accountability • Resources – Student needs will be supported with efficient and effective allocation of staff, instructional materials and equipment.

The strategic plan will guide the system’s direction over the next five years and is the result of many conversations with the school board, teachers and school leaders as well as engagement with parents and the community. The plan is posted at

Source: Marvin Marshall, Discipline without Stress

Robin Elder School Counselor

Volume 26, Issue 16

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Operational Planning In November 2011, Fulton County voters approved a one-penny education sales tax to fund new schools, renovations and additions, and provide enhanced technology across the county. The fiveyear building and construction plan calls for some of the district’s most outdated schools to be replaced with new state-of-the-art facilities. In order to move forward with those plans, three elementary schools in South Fulton – Oak Knoll, Harriet Tubman, and Mt. Olive – are slated for closure due to aging facility conditions. These would be replaced by two new schools – one at the former College Park Elementary School site and another at yet-to-be-determined location. If approved by the school board, the schools would be closed after the 2013-2014 and 2015-2016 school years.

Middle and high school boundaries Also at the meetings, school system staff will ask parents for input into how new boundaries should be drawn for South Fulton middle and high schools. The revised attendance zones are necessary due to the recent opening of the new Banneker High School, which has available space due to its larger size. Middle school enrollments also are being reviewed to balance the number of students among schools. The schedule for the three rounds of community meetings are as follows: •Round 1 – Monday, Oct. 29 (Woodland MS) and Tuesday, Oct. 30 (Banneker HS) •Round 2 – Monday, Nov. 26 (Woodland MS) and Tuesday, Nov. 27 (Banneker HS) •Round 3 – Monday, Dec. 10 (Woodland MS) and Tuesday, Dec. 11 (Banneker HS) Each meeting will begin at 7 p.m. Parents should only plan to attend one meeting per round at either location. Final recommendations will be presented in January 2013 with approval expected in February. Regards, Yngrid L. Jones-Huff Executive Director, Operational Planning

It is the policy of Fulton County School Systems not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age or disability, in any employment practice, educational programs or any other program, activity or service. If you wish to make a complaint or request accommodation due to discrimination in any program, activity, or service, contact compliance coordinator, Mr. Ron Wade, 786 Cleveland Ave., SW Atlanta, Georgia 30315 or call (404) 763-4585 TTY 1-800-255-0315.


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What’s Happening? Unit- Inventing Fun

Math- Analyzing, Comparing, creating, and composing shapes

Phonics-r-controlled vowel – “er”, “ir”, “ur”

ELA- Questioning Words

Reading- Summarizing

Social Studies- Statue of Liberty

Language Arts – Past Tense Verbs

Science- The Sun and Moon: What’s

Math – Fractions

Hot and What’s Not

Science- American History

Second Grade Tips!!! Please listen to your child read each night, and help them to master multiplication facts.

Third Grade is Rockin’-and-Rollin’ as we embark upon our 2nd Unit, “The American Dream & Rockin’-and-Rollin’!” with Reading Novel: And Then What Happened Paul Revere? This unit will last to December 19th. Within this unit all subjects will be

integrated. It will consist of the following skills: The Heroes that we will be integrating for reading and social studies are: Paul Revere, Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Thurgood Marshall; American Government. Language Arts: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and figurative language Writing: Informative, Narrative, and Short Research Connections Science: rocks, minerals, fossils and soils; Math: multiplication, division, fact families, algebra, word problems, data and measuring; Health: Mental and Emotional Health.

Volume 26, Issue 16

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What’s Happening? MATH-------------------------------------------Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Language Arts: George Washington Socks Adverbs Opinion (Persuasive)

READING---------------------------------------Literary Text: “Rosa Parks.” (Skill: Author’s Purpose/Compare&

Math: Fractions (Adding/Word problems)

LANGUAGE ARTS-----------------------------Pronouns

Science: Force and Motion Pulley/Wheel-andAxle


WRITING---------------------------------------Informational SCIENCE----------------------------------------Growth and Inheritance

Social Studies: American Revolution Beginning of the war/Life during the War

SOCIAL STUDIES-------------------------------How the U. S. became an International Power by the early 1900’s. HEALTH-----------------------------------------Legal and Illegal Drugs

Quantum ArtSmart Happenings

Be sure to check out the tab “Websites” on the art website: I’ve added 2 SPECTACULAR Science/Art WEBSITES. The first is , a place to hear about the latest exciting stuff in science and technology. ( Mostly discoveries about the part of our world that is too small to see and making things using Nanotechnology. Things like computer chips, bicycles, tennis rackets, and tiny surgical devices. Beautiful photographs included that scientists take using Scanning Electron Microscopes and Atomic Force Microscopes. Also, interviews with real scientists). What does nanotechnology mean to your child’s future? And you don’t want to miss an online atomic/molecular digital amusement park for kids!! STEAM: Chemistry Assembly Dec 11 for 4th & 5th Graders conducted by Ga. State

University Graduate Chemistry Department.

Physical Education Week of December 3-7, 2012- Rhythms & Dance! This week all students will use the GeoFitness Mats In addition – grades K-2 will use rhythm sticks, and grades 3-5 are working in groups to create their own dance routine! Students in grade 3-5 will perform their dance routines in class from December 13 – December 19! Make sure you are being active for 20 minutes a day after school each day!


Music Notes 5th Grade – Beginning of recorder unit. 4th Grade – Review tempo, and learn ‘Draw Me a Bucket of Water’ 3rd/2nd Grade – Review and learn new traditional American and British line dances 1st/K – Learn about long and short sounds, and demonstrate on instruments

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Volume 26, Issue 16


Healthy Kids, Smart Kids Stonewall Tell Elementary has adopted the Healthy Kids, Smart Kids Wellness Initiative. We believe that healthier eating habits and consistent exercise have a positive impact on our children’s learning and ultimately their test scores. When sending in classroom snacks, please remember that this is a “Sugar-Free Zone” school. Do not send soft drinks, fruit drinks with processed sugar, candy, cookies, ice cream, cupcakes, cakes, hot fries or sugary snacks. Also note that birthday parties that include cakes, cookies, wings, ice cream and other treats are prohibited and will not be allowed in the building. Healthier items such as fruit cups, fresh fruit, pretzels, baked chips, 100% juice, fresh vegetables, 100% fruit snacks, granola bars, animal crackers and items with low salt and minimum sugar are allowed. ** Due to nut allergies, please do not send any snacks with peanuts or peanut butter in them.

***Parents Please Read*** 

 

APEC at Stonewall Tell If you need afterschool care for your child, APEC is available on site.      

7:00 pm pick up S.T.E.M. Curriculum Computer Lab Fitness Classes Certified Staff Snack & Supper Provided

If you are interested, please contact APEC at 404-759-5950. We

  

ALL Volunteers MUST complete a Volunteer Registration Form and the Parent Volunteer Training @ ntent/Training/ChildAbuseandNeglect/play er.html. Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the student drop-off zone. This zone is not for parking. Use the visitor parking spaces. Please dial 0 when calling the front desk. Please send a note or letter whenever you change the dismissal process for your student. No phone calls, please! Please consider using the school bus for student transport to and from the school. We are unable to call students to the front office for early dismissal after 2:00p.m. Safety and security is a concern. School starts promptly at 7:40a.m. Students are marked TARDY when they arrive after the morning bell. There is no GRACE PERIOD.

 

look forward to hearing from you.

Students dismissed before 11:10 a.m. are marked ABSENT for the whole day. Our Dismissal Process The school schedule is 07:40am-2:20p.m.


Dismissal starts at 2:20p.m. We have 11 buses to load with

As parents you begin the training process of respecting others in the home; so as Educators of your children we are to continue the task in the

4 buses being loaded at one time.


Car riders are dismissed

Together we can make a difference in the lives of our children. We would

around 2:45p.m.

appreciate if you respect our processes as students enter in the morning.

 During Morning Announcements ALL students, parents and teachers are asked not to talk, walk or conduct ANY business as a part of our trainings for our students. They are expected to participate in the moment of silence as well as the pledge to the flag. Thank you for you cooperation!

 

ALWAYS sign in your presence in the building at the front desk. There is not a telephone in any classroom. Please provide your child with an extra set of clothes in case of an accident.

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Volume 26, Issue 16

**A complete monthly menu can be found on the SWT homepage and the menu

Important Dates To Remember

is subject to change** Student Breakfast: $1.05

Lunch: $2.20

Student Reduced Breakfast: $0.30 Student Reduced Lunch: $0.40

Dec. 5 Cub Scout Meeting 6:30-8:30 (Café) Dec 7&14 ATLAS Mtng in Mr. Gilmore room 3:00-4:30pm (Shirt &Tie Required) Dec. 7&14 STYLE Community Service

Adult Breakfast: $1.55 Adult Lunch: $3.15

Monday Chicken &Gravy/Brown Rice Or Stuffed Crust Dippers/Sauce Tuesday

Dec. 10-18 Winter Holiday Store for Students (PTA Office) 9:00am-1:00pm Dec. 11 All Pro Dad’s Mtng Dec. 11 LSAC Mtng 5:30pm Dec. 13 Girls Scout Mtng 3:30pm4:30pm Dec. 14 A.P. Randolph Talent Show 7:00pm Dec. 19 Last Day of Winter Semester

Chili w/Cheddar Biscuit Or Chicken Nugget Bites w/Rice Wednesday Stuffed Shells Or Hamburger

Dec. 20-Jan.4 Winter Holiday (NO SCHOOL) **Every Mon. and Wed. Extended Day (5th Grade) Math 3:00pm-5:00pm For the FIRST time in history, Chick-fil-A Calendar Offers have gone digital!


After activation, you can:

Sw. Sour Chicken w/ Rice Or Tex Mex Nachos

Redeem a free menu item each month

Friday Fajita Grilled Fish /Biscuit Or Cheese Pizza

For Only $6 you will get nearly $25 worth of coupons for free Chick-fil-A menu items and you will be providing valuable support for your school and the Stonewall Tell PTA.

Receive monthly reminder emails* Replace lost or stolen cards* Access card account details*

Students w/ the most participation: 1st Place: $50 Gift Card of your choice

Fulton County offers MyPaymentPlus. This is an online service that offers you the convenience and

2nd Place: $25 Gift Card of your choice

information you need to manage your student’s account. You can prepay on your student’s meal

3rd Place: $15 Gift Card of your choice

account using a credit/debit card at

Contest from Nov.26- Dec.14th

It is the policy of Fulton County School Systems not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age or disability, in any employment practice, educational programs or any other program, activity or service. If you wish to make a complaint or request accommodation due to discrimination in any program, activity, or service, contact compliance coordinator, Mr. Ron Wade, 786 Cleveland Ave., SW Atlanta, Georgia 30315 or call (404) 763-4585 TTY 1-800-255-0315.

volume 26 issue 16  
volume 26 issue 16  

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