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June 2019


By-pass speeding offences hit new heights


olice mobile speed camera vans that pay regular visits to enforce the controversial 30mph limit on the Stoke Gifford By-Pass have detected the tenth highest number of offences across all speed camera sites in South Gloucestershire during the 2017 to 2018 financial year, the Journal can reveal. And despite enforcement at the site being active only for the final six months of the year, it has detected the highest number of speeding offences across all mobile camera locations within the district. The startling conclusions can be drawn from the response to a Freedom of Information request recently published by Avon and Somerset Police, which shows that 658 notices of intended prosecution were issued in relation to the Stoke Gifford site for offences detected over the period 21st September 2018

Yellow backing boards have been added to the speed limit signs (l-r: same location in September 2018 and May 2019)

(when enforcement commenced) to 31st March 2019. Comparing this figure to the previously reported 307 offences recorded up to 22nd January 2019, the data also shows that the rate of detection accelerated significantly in the final two months of the financial year. The news comes just as South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) has complied with an obligation

to provide a formal response to a resident’s petition calling for the speed limit on the by-pass to be raised because “it has a speed limit that quite drastically does not match the engineering standard of the road”. Alex Hosking’s petition ran on the SGC website from 22nd January 2019 to 23rd April 2019 and attracted 527 signatures. Several Journal readers have commented that although the by-pass is a wide road, sweeping across open countryside for half-a-mile from its junction with Hambrook Lane to the A4174 Ring Road, it has a speed limit that is lower than the main road through densely populated parts of nearby Bradley Stoke. Travelling south from Parkway North Roundabout (near Nuffield Health), the by-pass (officially named Rosedown Avenue) initially has a 40mph speed limit before changing to 30mph shortly before the traffic light-controlled junction with Hambrook Lane.

Between Hambrook Lane and the Oxleigh Way traffic lights (entrance to Highbrook Park) the road has the appearance of one which might be expected to have a higher speed limit of at least 40mph, save for the presence of street lighting columns. Several readers who have been caught exceeding the speed limit have complained that the signage is inadequate, with just one set of signs at each end of the 30mph stretch. SGC has previously stated that legislation prevents it installing ‘repeater’ signs at intermediate locations. It has however, recently added yellow backing boards to the existing signs (see photos above), bringing them in line with nearly all other speed limit signs on roads in the immediate vicinity. Small ‘speed camera’ logo signs have also been added and there are plans to paint more 30mph ‘roundels’ on the road surface. A further measure that the council has used to heighten

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Stoke Gifford Journal, June 2019  

June 2019 issue of the Stoke Gifford Journal news magazine.

Stoke Gifford Journal, June 2019  

June 2019 issue of the Stoke Gifford Journal news magazine.