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The following presentation demonstrates how copywriting & words can be effective medium for the designer. This project is designed as a basic introduction to copywriting in a basic form. Looking at languge, twists on phrases and general word play. The examples shown are all award winning professional solutions taken from various source both historical and contemorary.


Year 1 - Copywriting

The economist magazine. This campaign was one of the most well known and successful examples of copywriting in recent times. A long running campaign that worked on the basic propersiton that ‘by being an economist reader you were in the know when it came to all things financial.’ ‘by being an economist reader you were in some way ahead of the game’. ‘by being an economist reader you were confident, savy, inerlectually superior’. The economist ads also had a simple distinctive style. A classic serif typeface reversed white out of a red background.


A supporting presentation for a one week creatuve copywriting exercise

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