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all are welcome Welcome to St. Martin’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. For more than 125 years, St. Martin’s has been dedicated to being the body of Christ in downtown Austin. We’re a group of caring, loving and spirit-filled people who gather for worship. We value our inclusivity at St. Martin’s, where our members are young, old, gay, straight, single, married, partnered, and from different backgrounds and cultures. We welcome you no matter who you are or where you find yourself on your faith journey. As a community that celebrates the love of God, we try to emulate the compassion, open-mindedness and forgiveness of Christ in all that we do. — Rev. June Wilkins






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Life @ St. martin’s/2011


our worship @ St. Martin’s

Q: A: St. Martin’s is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the largest Lutheran body in the country with more than 4.5 million members.

Q: A: There’s no “dress code” here. Although some people wear suits and dresses, we’re happy to have you come as you are — even if you’re in jeans, flip-flops or shorts.

Q: What can I expect to hear at worship? A: You’ll hear beautiful music, some familiar words of liturgy, readings from the Bible and a message of God’s grace and acceptance of all people. Beyond that, you’re likely to hear the sounds of young children and babies in the seats around you. We encourage God’s children of all ages to come to our worship services. You will not hear a sermon of fear or hate.

Q: What do I do when the offering plate notebook doing in seat next to me?

A: If you’re visiting St. Martin’s, you are our guest — please do not feel obligated to give. Our offering is a time when our members place gifts in the plate to share with the world and the church the blessings that God has first given to them. The gray book is an attendance notebook. It’s a way to leave your name and contact information if you would like us to stay in touch with you.

Q: How can I become a member? A: We hold new member classes periodically throughout the year — and you are welcome to join us. Please let us know you are interested in membership by contacting the church at or 4766757. We’ll let you know of our upcoming class dates. You’re also welcome to check in at our website — — for the latest news and events at our church.

Q: A: St. Martin’s believes baptism is a gift of God’s grace available to all regardless of age. We baptize babies, children and adults. We believe that you only need to be baptized once, in any Christian denomination, and it lasts for all time (even if you change churches). God’s love can’t ever be taken away from us! If you’re interested in baptism, for yourself or your child, please let us know. You can speak to a pastor, or contact us at or 476-6757.

Q: Who can come to communion? A: Everyone is invited to communion regardless of age or background. It doesn't matter whether you are a member or whether this is the first time you’ve come to church. Consider yourself invited!


life @ St. martin’s/2011

Q: How can I be a worship leader? A: Leading in worship is a way of serving and sharing God’s love with others. Our members serve in a variety of roles: assisting ministers, readers, musicians, healing ministers, communion assistants, ushers and greeters. The youth and children of the church also serve on usher teams, as acolytes (lighting candles and leading the processions) and oblationers (bringing up the bread and wine as the offering). Additionally, there are those who work behind the scenes in the Altar Guild and Flower Guild, on committees, and as coordinators. If you’re interested in serving in any of these ways, contact the church at or 4766757.

Visit us online AT or call 476-6757

worship events @ St. Martin’s

March 9 - April 16

April 17 - April 23

April 24

June 12


Holy Week



The somber season of Lent starts with Ash Wednesday as we begin the journey to Easter. We remember Jesus’ time in the wilderness through contemplation and prayer. On Wednesday nights throughout Lent, St. Martin’s hosts meals and Vespers.

Beginning on Palm Sunday, we remember the events leading to Jesus’ death on the cross. Join us for our Agape Meal, St. Martin’s special Maundy Thursday worship, Good Friday worship and Stations of the Cross, and our Saturday Easter Vigil.

With triumphant shouts of “Alleluia,” St. Martin’s celebrates Jesus’ resurrection and the promise of life eternal through Christ. This festival day of worship is a pinnacle event in the life of the church, and a day of joy and gladness for all of God’s people.

We celebrate the arrival of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the church on Pentecost, which takes place 50 days after Easter Sunday. St. Martin’s has traditionally marked this day with the Rite of Confirmation for youth who are affirming their baptism.

Oct. 2

Oct. 30

Nov. 27 - Dec. 23

Dec. 24

Blessing of the Animals

Reformation Sunday


Christmas Eve

We honor our Lutheran heritage and remember the contributions of Martin Luther. Join us for a celebration on the Mall as we post messages on a re-creation of the Castle Church door, where Luther nailed his 95 Theses that sparked the Protestant Reformation.

Advent is filled with our anticipation of the coming of the Christ Child. Join us for inspiring worship and music, special concerts and our traditional German Christmas Worship, which honors St. Martin’s roots as Austin’s first German Lutheran church.

We remember the babe of Bethlehem as St. Martin’s celebrates the Nativity of Our Lord. Join us at 4 pm for our Children’s Christmas Eve Eucharist. Later that night, come for our traditional Candlelight Christmas Eve Eucharist services at 7 and 10 pm.

Inspired by God’s love of all creation, we open our doors to the pets of the community during our Blessing of the Animals. Pets ranging from turtles to terriers fill the church as we give thanks to God for our fellowship with all living things.

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music @ St. Martin’s

rejoice in song Music at St. Martin’s plays an integral part of the worship life and member fellowship at our active downtown parish. The most significant musical instrument at St. Martin’s is the acoustical worship environment, which enhances everything from the voices in the pews to the large choruses and orchestras that perform in this soaring space on a regular basis. Two pipe organs, both in the west gallery of the nave, serve the full spectrum of organ and choral literature, from early Baroque to the 21st Century. More than 100 committed musicians minister to the worshipping congregation through their gifts of time and talent.

St. Martin’s offers the gift of music through the voices of 35 adult choristers, including four professional soloists. The choir sings a classical choral and solo repertory, and leads the church in robust hymns and expressive Psalm chants.


life @ St. martin’s/2011

Our church’s musical gifts include the talents of 15 ringers who play English and Dutch handbells and chimes monthly during worship. The ensemble appears at special events around the city as they share the music of St. Martin’s.

Symphonic Winds

Pipe Organs

The Symphonic Winds, organized by Founding Conductor Dale Elmshaeuser, play standard concert band arrangements for worship. The group is formed throughout the year from a roster of over 50 instrumentalists.

St. Martin’s has two pipe organs: a 21-rank Romantic-style choir organ by Kilgen, and a 36-rank mechanicalaction Baroque-style organ by Visser-Rowland. The instruments lead the congregational song and support the choir.

Visit us online AT or call 476-6757

music @ St. Martin’s

“Grounded in classical repertoire and traditional liturgy, St. Martin’s is continually led by the Spirit, recreating itself through many different alternative music genres and forms of artistic expression.” Thomas Pavlechko, Cantor and Composer-in-Residence

Bell Banners

Original Compositions

Guest Musicians

8:45 Band

Ringing out in procession on festival days, our Bell Banner teams carry 12 hand-crafted banners comprised of various timbres and pitches of bells and chimes. More than 100 members serve as bell banner carriers each year.

In addition to the works of our Composer-inResidence Thomas Pavlechko, several musicians at St. Martin’s share their talents by composing and arranging music for the choir, band, Symphonic Winds and handbells.

St. Martin’s is a popular performance venue in downtown Austin for visiting choirs, orchestras and music ensembles. Our featured guests this year range from Grammy nominated Conspirare to the Inside-Out Steel Drum Band.

With a core of keyboards, guitars, percussion and lead vocals, St. Martin’s 8:45 Band runs the gamut of Jazz, Contemporary, Blues, Rock, Hispanic and improvisational styles. Guests often serve as solo instrumentalists who enhance the band.

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child & family @ St. Martin’s

At St. Martin's, we believe the gift of faith grows out of the home, is nurtured by church and enables the child to live “faith-fully” in the world. We fully include children in all aspects of our congregation, and we provide a supportive culture for families. St. Martin’s equips adult leaders working with children, and adults value children as co-workers in the Kingdom of God. “Ministry with children is intentional to meet their growing needs, but by no means is faith passed along only from adult to the child,” says Sharolyn Browning, St. Martin’s Child & Family Minister. “When we truly welcome children, we open our hearts to better understand what we are all intended to be — a people that rejoices in the presence of God.”

Sunday Nursery Care

Sunday School

More about Godly Play

Vacation Bible School

Our nursery is a safe and joyful place for the youngest children at St. Martin’s. Infants through children age five are welcome to enjoy the nursery, which is staffed by professional caregivers in Room 207 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Our approach to spiritual guidance is called Godly Play. In our upper level classrooms, children ages two through fifth grade become aware of their part in God’s kingdom through story, liturgy, and joy, and come to recognize God’s presence.

This global movement brings the story of God and the Christian people to children through tactile, beautiful materials and stories heartfully told by caring adults. St Martin’s is a leader in training teachers in Godly Play in the Central Texas area.

Join us July 24-28 from 5 to 8:30 pm for our Vacation Bible School. We travel back to Bible times again this year for a fun-filled adventure in faith that includes nightly dinners, music, crafts, stories, games and more. There will be activities for all ages!


life @ St. martin’s/2011

Visit us online AT or call 476-6757

youth & family @ St. Martin’s

led by the spirit Youth are at an important juncture in their faith formation. They’re exploring ways to live authentic, Christ-centered lives filled with meaning and purpose, and they’re brimming with questions that stem from their deep desire to know God. Their creative spirits respond to the love of Jesus and the spirit of God in ways that invigorate and inspire the congregation at St. Martin’s. “Youth fill our community with energy, enthusiasm and talent through worship and service,” says Erika Rorer, St. Martin’s Youth & Family Minister. “They encourage us to reach out and serve our broader community and to be true stewards of our Godgiven gifts.”

Sunday School


Middle School Youth

Senior High Youth

Youth gather at 10 am in the lower level to build deeper relationships with God and others. They are encouraged to lead, ask questions and learn. Through study, prayer and current event discussions, they explore and grow in their faith.

Our Youth Confirmation program is a 3-year exploration of the Bible, the Small Catechism and Christian faith and living. Each summer, youth attend Camp Chrysalis and participate in the Rite of Confirmation on Pentecost Sunday.

Students in our Middle School Youth Group grow in their friendships and in their faith in God. They hang out, pray and find ways to claim a faith of their own. Many of these students also are enrolled in our Confirmation classes.

Senior High Youth take their faith journey to the next level through Sunday morning education, serving as worship leaders and volunteering in the community. They embark on summer trips and take part in outreach projects.

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Life @ St. martin’s/2011


adult ed @ St. Martin’s

the living word Our community is continually thinking, talking and learning about God. We believe that the Word of God is a living Word — a Word that is vital and alive. While it is steadfast and neverchanging, the Word of God also is constantly growing as we understand more about our world and as we deepen our relationship with Jesus. We believe that Christian education is not just for young people. It is not a task that stops when we enter our teens or become confirmed. Christian education is a life-long practice. Whether we are new to our faith or we know the Bible by heart, we always engage ourselves in learning and discussion about God to keep our life in Christ blossoming.

Adult Forum


Faith & Fellowship

Vacation Bible School

Come to the Fellowship Hall Sundays at 10 am for topics that engage the mind and spirit. Guest scholars and experts lead conversations about the Bible, current events and more. Previous topics have included “The Theology of Star Wars” and relationship building.

Join us in the Chapel Sundays at 9:30 am for a traditional Sunday School class. Participants begin the class with a hymn, they share their week’s highs and lows, and join in prayer together. The class focuses each week on an ongoing study of Scripture.

You’re invited to the Parlor Sundays at 10 am for a time of sharing about current events, faith and the Bible. Infants and children are welcome in the class, which is located right across from our nursery. Group members study various topics of faith.

Think that VBS is only for kids? At St. Martin’s, we host adult classes during VBS week. Make plans to join us July 24-28 from 5 to 8:30 pm as we travel back to ancient times to explore themes from the Bible. Dinner and activities for children are included.


life @ St. martin’s/2011

Visit us online AT or call 476-6757

care & prayer @ St. Martin’s

Caring and praying for our neighbors is a hallmark of the Christian life. At St. Martin's, these spiritual practices are woven into the fabric of our community. We are proud to be one of the first congregations in our area to have a Stephen Ministry program, which has trained and organized lay people within our church since 1979 to care for others. Over 100 members of St. Martin’s now are either active or inactive Stephen Ministers. St. Martin’s also acknowledges the deep need for prayer and healing within our community and world. Our members serve as Healing Ministers during our worship services and at other special occasions.

Stephen Ministry For more than 30 years, Stephen Ministers at St. Martin’s have reflected the love of Christ by providing confidential one-on-one care to members during times of need. They receive special training and take part in continuing education programs at St. Martin’s.

Caring Visitors & Home Communion Members help support our church’s mobile volunteer ministry that brings the bread and wine of Communion to those who are unable to attend worship. These visits extend the compassionate love of Jesus to all.

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Healing Prayer

Hospital Visitors

Healing was an important aspect of Jesus’ ministry. That’s why St. Martin’s offers healing prayer at each of its worship services. You are welcome to receive a blessing from one of our Healing Ministers during our sharing of the Eucharist at worship.

St. Martin’s volunteers pay visits to hospitalized members and their families in caring, thoughtful and prayerful ways. Volunteers extend the love of Christ and the care of our community, and they check on the progress of members following their release.

Life @ St. martin’s/2011


service @ St. Martin’s

called to serve St. Martin’s is a congregation that serves the Austin community and beyond through our giving and volunteering. Church members enthusiastically assist a variety of charities each year with our monthly donations and support. St. Martin’s takes on a variety of hands-on service projects, too. At Thanksgiving, our members host and serve a Community Feast for all. The church opens its doors on freezing winter nights to shelter the city’s homeless. Also, St. Martin’s members donate and deliver Christmas gifts and school supplies to low-income children and seniors who live along the Texas/Mexico border. Additionally, our children, youth and preschool students collect coats and jackets to share warmth with others.

Agua Viva Lutheran

Water to Thrive

Habitat for Humanity

Freeze Night Shelter

Agua Viva is our partner congregation in Laredo, which is located on the Texas/Mexico border. St. Martin’s helps the congregation with facility maintenance of the church, teacher training and donations that assist children and senior citizens.

Water to Thrive is a faithbased organization in Austin that brings clean well water to villages in rural Ethiopia. St. Martin’s members — including the children and youth of the congregation — have supplied funds to help build these wells.

Austin’s Habitat for Humanity is a volunteer organization that builds affordable houses in partnership with God and families in need. A threemonth building project involving St. Martin’s members and other area Lutheran congregations typically begins each fall.

Volunteers from the congregation open St. Martin’s doors on freezing nights to give shelter to the city’s homeless. On these occasions, St. Martin’s provides meals, clothing, and a safe, warm place for people to find rest and hospitality.


life @ St. martin’s/2011

Visit us online AT or call 476-6757

service @ St. Martin’s

Each year, St. Martin’s members decide which service agencies to highlight as Benevolence Focus recipients. The congregation collects gifts for these programs, which are individually selected for doing worthy jobs of sharing God's love with others. If you’d like to donate to one of our Benevolence Focus groups, please write a check to the church and put the name of the organization in the memo line. Groups we have supported in the past have included:

Mobile Loaves & Fishes Mobile Loaves & Fishes is a social outreach ministry to the city’s homeless and indigent working poor. St. Martin’s volunteers, including our Senior High Youth, prepare sandwiches and drive in groups of six around Austin as they give food to those in need.

* Lutheran Social Services of the South LSSS annually serves 25,000 people and runs the New Life Treatment Center for children

* Lutheran World Relief LWR works with partners in 50 countries to combat hunger, improve health and end conflict

* Austin Safe Place Safe Place exists to end rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence across the Central Texas region

* Caritas of Austin Caritas assists low-income community members and refugees in times of crisis

* Cross Trails Ministries Cross Trails provides spiritual renewal through its camp and retreat programs in Central Texas

* Salvation Army This network of ministries cares for the poor by providing a range of services to assist the needy

* Meals on Wheels & More The group cooks meals for more than 1,800 people daily and oversees various social services The Jean Coburn Scholarship Fund gives tuition assistance to single parents and families in need

Austin Helps Honduras St. Martin’s has built a 10-year relationship with the residents of Juticulpa, Honduras. Volunteers from our congregation travel on mission trips to the area to build homes, maintain a school, train teachers and support students. We’ve helped initiate an array of community projects that have improved the lives of hundreds of people who live in the Colonia Solidaridad neighborhood.

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* Any Baby Can The group provide services and education for needy Austin children and their families

* Capital Area Food Bank CAFB distributes food to more than 340 social service agencies across Central Texas

Life @ St. martin’s/2011


groups @ St. Martin’s

Senior High Youth Group

feels like home St. Martin’s is committed to being a Christ-led community where each individual is known, cared for and encouraged to grow in faith. Our groups help you form relationships within the church and explore your shared interests — whether it is discussing the Bible, enjoying the outdoors, sewing a quilt, tackling fix-it projects or simply sharing your stories in fellowship with others who also call St. Martin’s their church home.

Small Groups

Saintly Seniors Our active seniors gather in the Parlor for lunch and a speaker on the second Tuesday of each month. The group also hosts movies and excursions.

Our Small Groups meet in homes across Austin for study, meals and more. Newcomers are always welcome.

Junior High Youth Group Junior High Youth build deeper relationships with God and others as they hang out, pray, and find ways to claim a faith of their own.

JAM (Jesus and Me) JAM gives our third through fifth graders opportunities to share in the fun of service projects, overnight retreats and more. Children form deeper friendships that help them transition into our youth programs.


life @ St. martin’s/2011

Senior High Youth take their faith journey to the next level with outreach projects, out-of-state mission trips, volunteer opportunities and Bible studies.

Visit us online AT or call 476-6757

groups @ St. Martin’s

MYC (formerly Mothers of Young Children) Women at many stages on the motherhood journey enjoy each other’s companionship. MYC members gather on the first and third Wednesdays each month at 6 pm for dinner, Bible study and conversation in the Parlor. Babies are always welcome!

Women of the Church (WELCA) St. Martin’s Women of the Church gather for monthly Circle meetings and special quarterly events. They also coordinate a variety of service activities throughout the year, including ThankOffering Weekend in November.

St. Martin’s Dads and Young Men are devoted to the support of the church, the community, and one another through God's Word. They aim to enrich their roles as fathers and men of faith through fellowship and outreach, strengthening their families and enhancing the world around them as they look to God in all aspects of life.

Mop & Hammer

Church Committees

St. Martin’s men lend a hand by fixing up the church twice a month. Their work includes general repairs, painting, carpentry, welding and more.

Church Committee volunteers help shape the life of the community at St. Martin’s. Our groups include the Church Council, Preschool Board, and others.

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environment @ St. Martin’s

creation care St. Martin's makes a point to recycle our paper and cans, watch our heating and air conditioning use and much more. We do this in recognition of our stewardship of God’s creation. We understand that we share our planet with other creatures — which is why we invite the pets of our congregation to a special Blessing of the Animals worship each fall. St. Martin’s is proud to share a portion of its property as a Community Garden to serve downtown. Church volunteers have come together to build raised beds and garden paths, and to plant seeds for vegetable crops. Our church also helps children nurture their spirituality through an appreciation of nature. Recently, St. Martin’s opened its new St. Francis Garden, a natural play area with a miniature labyrinth for children to explore.

Community Garden

St. Francis Garden

Blessing of the Animals

Tending the Earth

Our Environmental Stewardship Committee has worked with neighborhood residents in nearby Judges Hill to convert a portion of our church property into a Community Garden. Our vegetable plots serve as a vibrant downtown resource for fresh food.

St. Martin’s opened in Fall 2010 a new play area for the children of our congregation and the students at St. Martin’s Preschool. The area includes natural exploration areas, undulating hills and a miniature labyrinth for children to explore.

Our members celebrate that we share our planet with many other forms of God’s creation. That’s why we invite the pets of our congregation to come to St. Martin’s each fall to participate with us in worship and receive a special blessing in our Sanctuary.

St. Martin’s vigilantly tends to our church and grounds in Earth-friendly ways. We use native plants in our landscaping and biodegradable plates for fellowship events. We also have extensive in-house programs for recycling, energy and water conservation.


life @ St. martin’s/2011

Visit us online AT or call 476-6757

preschool @ St. Martin’s

growing in the spirit St. Martin's Lutheran Preschool, established in 1962, provides a nurturing Christian environment for families as a ministry of St. Martin's Evangelical Lutheran Church. It is the school's goal for children to grow spiritually, morally, academically, culturally, socially, and physically as they mature in Christ. Our school offers well-balanced, integrated educational programs for children from 18 months through Pre-Kindergarten. In addition to our standard curriculum, we provide hot lunches and snacks, developmentally appropriate playgrounds and summer programs. St. Martin's Lutheran Preschool admits children without regard to race, color, ethnic origin or religion.

Little Learners

Growing Strong

Building Faith

Nutritious Lunches

Reading readiness is a priority at our preschool. Our children learn the academic skills they need to succeed in their Kindergarten classrooms and beyond. Our curriculum also includes thematic unit studies, music, art, Spanish, computers and more.

Children at St. Martin’s enjoy lots of room to play and develop their motor skills. We have an indoor gymnasium, an outdoor playground and a new outdoor play garden that opened in fall 2010. Enrichment classes are also offered in dance and gymnastics.

Our staff and teachers help children grow in their faith through weekly chapel and Godly Play, which brings the stories of God and the Christian people to children through tactile materials and stories heartfully told by caring adults.

Children love our delicious and nutritious lunches and snacks provided by Patricia’s Lunchbox. Our hot cafeteria lunches are tasty for even the pickiest eaters, and our healthful snacks give parents peace of mind that their children are eating well.

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milestones @ St. Martin’s

milestones in faith So many important faith milestones, including Baptism and Communion, have their beginnings in childhood. Parents, caregivers and the congregation that surround the children and youth of St. Martin’s have a wonderful and serious responsibility. Living in the baptismal covenant means proclaiming to children the Good News of God's abundant love. This love is manifested in Baptism and Communion, and revealed in the Word, the Lord's Prayer, the Ten Commandments, the Creed and, ultimately, in our daily lives. Parents are equipped to share this Good News with their children in the Parents & Promises class that St. Martin’s offers quarterly on Sunday mornings. This class is designed for parents who are preparing for their child’s Baptism or Communion, and it is open to anyone interested in learning more about these sacraments.




Other Milestones

Baptism marks a person’s entry into the community of God's people. It begins a lifelong journey that shapes every aspect of our lives and gives meaning to each moment. We welcome people of all ages to the baptismal font. Call the church at 476-6757 for information.

Through Communion, we’re strengthened for service by God's abiding love and we share in the abundance of living in community. We welcome all people to join in the feast of the Lord's Supper. If a child reaches out to share in this great meal, we welcome them.

The Affirmation of Baptism is a turning point that celebrates God’s love and grace manifested in Baptism. Although St. Martin’s typically celebrates this milestone among 8th Graders in the church community, adults may choose to mark this occasion, as well.

Children have unique events that shape their faith. We recognize in our worship a few of these that are shared by many: Bible presentations at Age 2 and First Grade; Blessing of the Backpacks in the fall, and the “God & Me” and “God & Family” medals.


life @ St. martin’s/2011

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life passages @ St. Martin’s

our journey together Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega — the beginning and the end. As Christians, we believe that God is a part of each of our lives and all the places in it. That is why, as a community, we celebrate and mourn with our members at each of their passages of life. From birth and baptism to marriage, starting a family and through death, each passage in our lives is infused with God’s blessing, love, compassion and forgiveness. At St. Martin’s, we believe that these passages of life should not be made alone. Each of these moments, both joys and pains from the beginning of life to the end, are remembered and shared with the community of faith.


Memorial Services


Bereavement Support

We welcome those who wish to be married at St. Martin’s, which offers a soaring sanctuary space or a more intimate chapel for wedding ceremonies. Contact the church office at 476-6757 to learn more about how St. Martin’s can be a part of this blessed beginning.

St. Martin’s memorial services are times of blessing for the deceased and of thanksgiving to God for that person's life. As Christians, we believe that death marks not the end of life, but a new beginning as we move from earthly life to a greater life with God.

St. Martin’s provides a final place for loved ones as a continuing witness to the risen life we have in Christ. The Columbarium at St. Martin’s is located within our Chapel as a place of remembrance for those who are now at rest within the communion of saints.

Each of us will experience grief at some point in our lives. While it is a universal experience, it is also a unique one. St. Martin’s offers bereavement support for those who are in the midst of a loss. We’re here to help people work through their grief move toward healing.

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Life @ St. martin’s/2011


joyful giving @ St. Martin’s

joyful giving Joyful Giving is a giving decision based upon our own recognition that we are abundantly blessed by God. It is our decision to awaken within ourselves the richness of our desire to be “on purpose” in making a positive difference in the lives of all of God’s children by our giving decisions. When each of us gives as we are able, together we fund the ministries within our church and the world beyond. As Christians, we are called to actively respond in gratitude to God. At St. Martin’s, we do this by annually completing an Estimate of Giving Pledge card. Our grateful response to God includes offering ourselves in service to Christ and our neighbors through the gifts of our time, talent, and treasure.

Online Pledging

Online Giving

Planned Giving

Time & Talent

Pledge online by going to our church’s website. It’s simple to do and helps us all be efficient with our time and resources. Online pledging provides an estimate of your giving — and it helps the church budget for its operations and ministries most effectively.

You’re encouraged to give regularly by making secure automatic payments to St. Martin’s. We offer safe ways to transfer funds online. Online giving helps provide consistency and regularity to your joyful giving and first-fruits emphasis.

These giving decisions utilize our Endowment Fund. In perpetuity, the Fund provides income for our church’s needs. Many gifts to the Fund include stock or retirement plans, bequests made through a trust or will, and/or beneficiary designation giving.

Giving at St. Martin’s isn’t just about dollars and cents. It’s also about sharing our time and talent — from performing to praying — with the congregation on a regular basis. Volunteers are always needed to assist with a wide variety of needs at the church.


life @ St. martin’s/2011

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our history @ St. Martin’s

a faith-filled heritage On June 3, 1883, twenty German Lutheran families organized the “Deutsche Evangelische Lutherisch St. Martin’s Kirche” in Austin. The mission congregation met in other church buildings until members could secure land to build a church of their own. In Dec. 1884, three months before the cornerstone was laid at the present Texas Capitol, the congregation of 50 members with more than 70 children laid the cornerstone for St. Martin’s. Now, more than 125 years later, St. Martin’s continues to share God’s love with others as we gather around the Word and Sacraments. At St. Martin's, you will meet people who embrace many different viewpoints but who find their center in the love of God.

Rooted in Austin

1884 to1929

1929 to1957

1960 to present

Founded by German immigrants, St. Martin's Evangelical Lutheran Church began in 1883 with bi-monthly German Lutheran worship services. Rev. Henry Merz, a missionary from Switzerland, conducted the first Sunday worship service.

Our first home on East Peach Street, now 13th Street, was built three months prior to the laying of the cornerstone of the Texas Capitol. The frugal congregation used bricks salvaged from the original Texas Capitol building, which was destroyed by a fire.

Our second location on 14th Street was chosen due to an impending expansion of the Texas Capitol. The white stone Gothic structure was dedicated in April 1929. Our beautiful oak altar, carved by Wisconsin artisans, was installed in the sanctuary.

Another expansion of the Capitol Complex forced St. Martin’s to move. Worship was held at Austin High during construction of our current Romanesquestyle church at 606 W. 15th St. In 2001, St. Martin's re-dedicated its renovated facilities.

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Life @ St. martin’s/2011


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life @ St. martin’s/2011

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