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Life Long Learning (LLL) at St. Luke’s LifeWorks (SLLW) is an agency-wide philosophy that is part of all the services we provide from formal classes to individual coaching and mentoring. Beyond providing solutions to homelessness that involve employment and housing, our goal is to help people see the inner potential they have to improve their lives.

St. Luke’s LifeWorks enables families, single adults, people living with HIV/AIDS and people recovering from mental illness to achieve greater self-sufficiency and personal responsibility. Through a unique person-centered life planning approach, St. Luke’s LifeWorks helps each participant acquire critical life skills and education so they can reclaim their lives. We also encourage self-expression and creativity as part of the learning process, and the visual and written works of participants young and old are featured in this report. Our hope is that the work we do gives each person we serve a chance for a new beginning.

In Fiscal Year 2008/2009, 273 adults, or 77% of the people we served, participated in Life Long Learning activities compared to 41% in the previous year. Since it began in the Fall of 2005, our Life Long Learning approach has consistently expanded with the addition of more courses and workshops as well as the opening of a second Learning Center.Today, our computer lab is available on a full-time basis which extends beyond 40 hours a week. Additional achievements include: • Newly introduced quarterly Life Long Learning catalogs highlighted a new structure of core courses, classes, workshops and practical hours of application. • The LLL team added an IT educator and an educator for the South End Woodland Campus. • Four participants achieved a high school diploma.

• 18 individuals participated in post secondary education. • A successful internship program was completed.

• Four participants were hired as employees at SLLW.

• The first Circle of Excellence Awards recognized the achievements of 30 participants and tenants.



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FootSteps is a unique program of specialized care for the children and youth served at St. Luke’s LifeWorks. Caring adults, healthy foods, and socially and educationally stimulating activities are some of the basic ingredients for a happy, well-adjusted child. These were factors in shaping the services we provided – to 91 children and youth last year.

Overall, we strive to help the children acquire the same essential building blocks as the adults. Our hope is that this will ultimately lead to their ability to succeed in life. Activities are geared to help them achieve positive mental health, physical health, positive social and daily living skills, as well as a thirst for knowledge and education as a stepping stone to future employment. We also work to strengthen their personal sense of responsibility. With a combined focus on the needs of children, especially during their most formative years, as well as helping adults overcome the issues that led to their homelessness, our goal is to ultimately break the cycle of dependency and end homelessness. FootSteps highlights last year included:

• 90% of all school age children significantly improved their Developmental Reading Assessment scores to reach the next target level.

• Volunteers provided assistance with homework three days per week while the Stamford Board of Education funded professional tutoring.

• Bartlett Arboretum provided summer learning sessions. • Children attended the annual picnic at Todd’s Point hosted by Christ Church volunteers that included swimming and field games.

• St. Luke’s Parish, Darien sponsored a camping trip to Tamarack Preserve where the children learned to fish and barbeque.

• FootSteps youth went on on field trips to Green Chimney’s where they enjoyed pony rides and Bounce U! where they played on cool bouncy exercise equipment.

• The children experienced various cultural events including learning to play authentic West African drums for Kwaanza, and a holiday party hosted by Galen Partners complete with food, music and a magician. • The children participated in reading and art nights hosted by Women of Vision volunteers once each month.



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Last year, LifeWorks New Beginnings for Families housed 54 families, including 60 adults and 82 children. New Beginnings for Families is the only program in the area that can keep large families together, including single mothers, single fathers and two-parent families. Also unique is the program’s tie-in with our FootSteps Youth program, providing a New Beginning for the whole family.



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Considered the “official shelter� for single women in the area, our New Beginnings program for women provides emergency and transitional housing for many women who are in crisis. Last year we served 57 women who needed a place to stay and a chance at a new beginning in life.

A new beginning for me includes an apartment house that I own in a nice neighborhood. I live on the second floor and rent out the first floor.



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Our Gilead and Gilead Outreach programs allow individuals to recover and learn to live with mental illness. Last year, we provided services to 25 adults on site at Gilead House, and another 24 adults were given a new beginning through Gilead community outreach services.

I can officially say I have been through, underneath and back. I struggled through life at age 10 with an eating disorder from doing dance, cheerleading and gymnastics. No one had an idea that I had an eating disorder until I was 17. I was struggling with being anorexic and bulemic. I was also struggling with the loss of my mother. She passed away from cancer when I was 14. After this happened, my eyes went through the roof. I started making bad friends and I got into drugs. I was just a lost and confused girl. I needed help and I got it for both my eating disorder and my drug use. I also got help to deal with the loss of my mother. I moved to Gilead in May 2009. I didn’t like it at first, but I knew this was my new home. I’d make the most out of it, and I have. I’ve been clean for 21⁄2 years but I’m struggling with my eating disorder. I feel like God has lit my path to a new beginning and know my mother would be so happy with what I’m accomplishing in life. I can say I’ve been through hell and back, but I’m back for good with a new life and new beginning.



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St. Luke’s LifeWorks is on the forefront of providing low-income supportive housing; a solution to homelessness that addresses its root causes. Supportive housing is for people who are ready to be independent but may require some services. It is an alternative to more expensive and less effective institutional settings. Last year, St. Luke’s LifeWorks’ provided new beginnings to 96 people living in supportive housing at the Colony Apartments, Atlantic Park Apartments, Rose Park Apartments and at Metcalf House. I’ve been living at the Colony Apartments since September 2008. I suffer from severe bipolar disorder. Back in 2005, I stopped taking my medication and ended up in a severe manic episode which left me homeless, unemployed, uninsured and broke. After staying in two shelters I was given a bed at St. Luke’s LifeWorks Women’s Program at 8 Woodland.The Women’s Program proved to be much more than a shelter. I stayed there for 41⁄2 months and worked with my life coach to move forward with my life. During that time I filled out paperwork for the Shelter-Plus-Care Program and hand-delivered the documents to the Colony and Atlantic Park Apartments. I’ll never forget how I felt when I entered the Colony Apartments. I said to myself “this must be a nice place to live”.Three years later I was awarded an apartment at Colony and the rest is history. I consider myself “very blessed” to be a part of the St. Luke’s LifeWorks family and “doubly blessed” to have my own home at Colony. Miracles do happen and the positive turn of events in my life is proof of God’s presence and perserverance.



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Bread & Roses When HIV/AIDS was first discovered, Bread & Roses was started as a hospice program. Today, with the progression of treatment, people are living long and healthy lives. Through When HIV/AIDS reached pandemic proportions, Bread & Roses housing and education, St. Lukeʼs LifeWorks offered the opportunity for a New Beginning to was started aswho a hospice program. 21 adults last year are living with HIV/AIDS.Today, with the progression of

treatment, people are living longer, healthier lives. Through housing and education, St. Luke’s LifeWorks offered the opportunity for a New Beginning to 21 adults last year who are living with HIV/AIDS.

A new beginning for me is to be forgiven for my past mistakes and be able to find employment. I am a person living with AIDS and I have clearly been given a new start in life after moving into St. Luke’s LifeWorks McKinney House. They offer me nothing but love and understanding. Since entering St. Luke’s LifeWorks I have been able to go back to school and receive my homemaker companion certification and reinstate my CNA certification. St. Luke’s LifeWorks paid all the costs for this schooling. I have also taken computer classes and communication courses. I am surrounded by loving and dedicated people here at St. Luke’s LifeWorks who are helping me obtain employment and find me permanent housing.Without all this: I WOULD BE LOST.


BR E A D & R O S E S

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BOARD OF DIR E C TO R S A N D L E A D E R S H IP 2 0 0 8 / 2 0 0 9

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Dana E. Low, Board Chair TAMS Consultants, Inc. (ret.)

Stephen Pelletier, Vice Chairman Prudential International Investments Rosemary Mace, Secretary Community Volunteer

Alfred W. Roberts,Treasurer Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam & Roberts (ret.) David L. Hunt, Assistant Treasurer Hewitt Associates (ret.) D I R E C TO R S

Tim Abbazia Impact Financial Services

Dwayne Bethea Richard Fleischman and Associates Nancy Bogen Torchio Knight Libertas LLC

Timothy M. Bradford Hewitt Associates (ret.) Meredith C. Braxton Meredith Braxton, LLC

Thomas M. Cassone, Esq. Bello, Lapine & Cassone April F. Condon Robinson & Cole, LLP Kelly Copeland Community Volunteer John R. Crowley Community Volunteer Faye C. Gage Fairfield University

Nancy Gramps Community Volunteer

Michael F. Hayes PricewaterhouseCoopers

Page 8

Chris Meek Goldman Sachs


Jack W. Palumbo Clearbrook Investment Consulting

Denise Dagesse Program Manager – New Beginnings

Alison Munsch Community Volunteer Marianne Pollak Community Volunteer Naomi D. Rein, J.D. F.S. DuBois Center Leslie Teichgraeber PepsiCo University Derek Thompson UBS

The Rev. Dr. James R.Wheeler St. John’s Episcopal Church

Dr. David D.Young First Congregational Church UCC Jason T. Shaplen Ex-officio

S T. L U K E ' S L I F E W O R K S F O U N D AT I O N

John Schlachtenhaufen, President Dictaphone (ret.) D I R E C TO R S

Meredith C. Braxton Meredith Braxton, LLC Robert G. Green Investment Advisor

Stephen Pelletier Prudential International Investments John Poulson Five Mile Capital Partners, LLC

Alfred W. Roberts Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam & Roberts (ret.) Dana E. Low Ex-officio

Jason T. Shaplen Ex-officio


Jim Bingham Director of Life Long Learning Rhonda DeLetis Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

John Dunn Life Long Learning Educator

Audrey Green Director of Program Quality & Compliance Carol Knight Program Manager - Living Our Potential Johnnie Malloy Chief Learning Officer

Maggie Manda Program Manager – Permanent Supportive Housing

Dorothy Narcisse-McPherson Program Manager – Bread & Roses

Lynne Menon Director of Marketing & Communications Elaine Osowski Director of Voluntary Services

Mirlande Pressat Director of FootSteps - Youth Services Robert Rimmer Chief Residential Officer Jason T. Shaplen Chief Executive Officer Tony Shaw Chief Financial Officer

Louise Varricchio Director of Human Resources Harry Wright Life Long Learning Educator


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Operating Income by Source Private Philanthropy In Kind Government Agencies Program Fees and Tenant Rents Investment Return Other

Year Ended 6/30/09 Audited

Year Ended 6/30/08 Audited



$1,568,662 113,000 2,824,500 510,746 (401,289) 19,448


Operating Expenses by Source Program and Property General and Administrative Support Fund Raising and Communications

3,726,884 776,549 529,548

Total Depreciation

5,032,941 347,304

Net Operating Surplus/(Deficit)



Total Assets Total Liabilities

$9,384,494 1,725,665

Total Net Assets*


* Net Asset difference is a result of devaluation of gifted Summer Street property Operating Income by Source

Private Philanthropy—31% In Kind—2% Government Agencies—56% Program Fees and Tenant Rentals—10% Other—1%

Operating Expense by Function

Programs and Property—70% General and Administrative Support—14% Fund Raising and Communications—10% Depreciation—6%


$1,648,369 216,000 2,791,623 517,914 (120,827) 35,809

3,882,170 539,335 460,886 4,882,391 305,519


$11,239,474 1,685,467 9,554,007

Sources of Private Philanthropy (All sources: $1,648,369)

Individuals—58% Corporations—16% Foundations—15% Religious—6% Civic—3% Special Events—2%


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538M3-SL 09AR v7:Layout 1


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In Gratitude to Our Founders Contributing a Cumulative Total Of Over $100,000 Founders

The Ahn Family Foundation Altria Employee Fund Bed, Bath & Beyond Mrs. Avery R. Brooke The Ruth W. Brown Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Calvert The Camulos Foundation, Inc. Carlson Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Cassidy The J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Cheston, Jr. Christ Church Greenwich Citi Foundation Citizens Programs Corporation Louis and Virginia Clemente Foundation, Inc. Kelly Copeland & Scott Dorf The Crane Fund for Widows and Children Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Critelli The Daphne Seybolt Culpeper Memorial Foundation Mr. Anthony F. Daddino and Mrs. Susan J. Bevan Donaldson Perkins Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David D. Ekedahl First Congregational Church of Darien Garden Homes Fund GE Consumer Finance General Re Corporation Mr. and Mrs. John R. Gibb Graham Capital Management Greenwich Committee For Human Services Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Gruseke GTE Corporation Mr. and Mrs. George B. Harvey The William Randolph Hearst Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Holloway Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Humiston, III Mrs. Anne S. Leonhardt The Frederick H. Leonhardt Fund Mr. and Mrs. Mort Lowenthal Mrs. Anne S. Mandel Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Mandel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Mazza The Stewart B. McKinney Foundation The Melville Charitable Trust The Edward S. Moore Family Foundation, Inc. The Estate of Mrs. Dorothy L. Newton Mr. and Mrs. Edward Y. Orenstein Overbrook Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pelletier Mr. and Mrs. Hyde C. Perce Pitney Bowes Inc. Mr. John A. Poulson and Mrs. Noreen L. Poulson RBS Greenwich Capital Red Ribbon Foundation Mr. and Mrs.Alfred W. Roberts, III Rev. Richard L. Schuster and Mrs.Angela Stovall Mr. and Mrs. Richard Silver Mr. and Mrs. Barrie Spelling St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Greenwich St. John’s Community Foundation St. John’s Episcopal Church, Stamford St. Luke’s Parish, Darien St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Riverside The Estate of Robert Stanger Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Stillman Tortuga Foundation The Tudor Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Joan L.Tweedy UBS UST, Inc. The William Pitt Foundation, Inc Women of Vision The Xerox Foundation

Honor Roll of Giving Gifts Received between July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009 LifeWorks Fellow $50,000 - $99,999

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Calvert Citizens Programs Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Critelli Pitney Bowes Inc. The Camulos Foundation, Inc.

LifeWorks Partner $25,000 and Above

Carlson Family Foundation Mr.Anthony F. Daddino & Mrs. Susan J. Bevan The Edward S. Moore Family Foundation, Inc. The Estate of Ms. Betty Hardman St. Luke’s Parish, Darien UBS Women of Vision

President’s Circle $10,000 - $24,999

Mr. & Mrs. Sangwoo Ahn Ms. Elizabeth P. Ball Mr. & Mrs. John N. Blackman Jr. Mrs.Avery R. Brooke Jeanie & Harry Burn Christ Church Greenwich The Community Fund of Darien The Edouard Foundation Garden Homes Fund General Re Corporation George J. & Jessica Harris Foundation Ms. Betsy A. Levinson Mr. & Mrs. Dana Low Mrs.Anne S. Mandel The Murray Family Mr. Ralph Nazareth The Near and Far Aid Association, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Pelletier People’s United Community Foundation Red Ribbon Foundation Mr. & Mrs.Alfred W. Roberts, III Mr. & Mrs. Rod Runestad The Ruth W. Brown Foundation St. John’s Community Foundation St. John’s Episcopal Church, Stamford St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Riverside The Rev. Richard L. Schuster and Angela Stoval The Thomson Reuters Corporation Nancy Bogen Torchio & Daniel S.Torchio Tortuga Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth G.Tropin The Tudor Foundation, Inc. The William Pitt Foundation, Inc. The Xerox Foundation

Benefactor Society $5,000 - $9,999

Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS Clare Rose Foundation, Inc. Kelly Copeland & Scott Dorf Ms. Mary Craig Mr. & Mrs. John R. Crowley Mr. & Mrs. Charles Eaton Facultative Resources, Inc. First Congregational Church of Darien First County Bank First Presbyterian Church of New Canaan The Foursome Group, Inc. GE Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Hartwell Mr. & Mrs.William C. Howland The Kaufmann Foundation Mr. & Mrs. David M. Mace


Mr.Thomas J. McGlynn, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Denis J. Nayden Mr. & Mrs. Hyde C. Perce Mr. John A. Poulson & Mrs. Noreen L. Poulson The Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Purdue Pharma, LLP Richard Davoud Donchian Foundation Round Hill Community Church, Greenwich St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Greenwich St. Catherine of Siena Parish, Riverside Mr. & Mrs. Richard Silver Mr. & Mrs. Hans G. Storr Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Street The TJX Foundation, Inc.

Leadership Society $2500 - $4,999

Altria Client Services Mr. & Mrs.William H. Anderson The Daphne Seybolt Culpeper Memorial Foundation Darien Sport Shop, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Maarten L. de Ruiter Donaldson Perkins Foundation Dr. Paul J. Donoghue First Congregational Church of Greenwich GE Foundation Mr. David S. Golub and Ms. Kathryn Emmett Mrs. Louise S. Hoffman IBM Employee & Retiree Charitable Campaign Leon N. Lapine Charitable Residuary Trust Mr. & Mrs. Ed McGettigan O’Connor Davies Munns & Dobbins, LLP PepsiCo Foundation ProLiteracy Worldwide RFR Realty LLC St. Maurice Parish, Stamford Mr. & Mrs. John Schlachtenhaufen Second Congregational Church, Greenwich Mr. & Mrs.Arthur Selkowitz Dr. Mary E. Siegel Mr. Marc Street Union Baptist Church, Stamford Mr. & Mrs. Richard C.Watson The Wellspring Trust, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. John H.T.Wilson The Wright Insurance Agency XL Reinsurance America Inc. Mr.Wilfried Zimmerman

Woodland Society $1,500-$2,500

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Baker Bartlett Arboretum Mrs. & Mr. Randy Bourne The Bowling Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs.Timothy M. Bradford Ms. Leanne Cornell Mr. James Crutchley Mr. & Mrs. Eric G. Dalrymple Mr. & Mrs.Anders Ekernas First United Methodist Church Stamford Friends of Children, Inc. The Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Dean A. Godown Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Goodnow Mr. Robert P. Herzog Mr. & Mrs. Scott A. James Mr. & Mrs. Reginald L. Jones III Mr. & Ms. Ronak Khichadia Macy's, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Fred J. Matera Mr. & Mrs.William Mandi Mr. & Mrs.Thomas R. McCullough Ms. Bridget Miller Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Pingarron Mr. Eric Pirritt & Family Mr. & Mrs. John W. Potter Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Rimmer Mr. & Mrs. Matthew B. Smith Ms. Mary Sommer and Mr. Jay Sandak


Stamford Hospital Foundation TD Bank The Stamford Women’s Club Trinity Episcopal Church, Southport Union Memorial Church, Stamford

Franklin Society $1000 - $1,499

Assurant, Inc. Joan & Ed Barksdale Bello, Lapine & Cassone Mr. & Mrs.Ashish Bhutani Mr. & Mrs. Norman Block Blue Ridge Capital, LLC Mr. & Mrs.William H. Browne Mr. & Mrs. Curtis W. Carlson Dow Chemical Company Foundation Mr. & Mrs. David D. Ekedahl Mr. & Mrs. John H. Erdman, Jr. Ms. Elizabeth Evans First Presbyterian Church of Stamford Mr. & Mrs. Richard Freedman Friends of Joe Lieberman The Ganim Group Goodrich Corporation Mrs. Marion V. Green Groom Room Herbert & Sarah M. Gibor Charitable Foundation Hudson Valley Bank The Italian Center of Stamford Mr. & Mrs. Christopher P. Kane Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Kaskell Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Keeler Mrs. Susan Kostin Mrs.Anne S. Leonhardt Mr. & Mrs.William Lindstrum Mr. James J. Lynch Mr. & Mrs. R. D. MacDougall Mr. & Mrs. Kevin A. MacGuire Mr. Bruce MacLeod Mr. & Mrs.Thomas J. McCarthy, Jr. Mr. James W. McCleary Mr. & Ms. Gregg Mercede Ms. Josephine A. Merck Ms. Patricia Messina Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Moyer Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Napier Mr. & Mrs. Ken Nomiyama The Estate of Ms. Shirley Orlando Mr. & Mrs. Edward Pollak Mr. & Mrs. John J. Raffaeli, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Erwin Riven Mr. & Mrs. Daniel K. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Rogers St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church,Wilton Ms. Donna Stafford Mr. John W. Stansell and Mr. Michael R. Pellegrino Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Storms The Ernest & Joan Trefz Foundation Mrs. Bettye Turitto Visible Changes Mr. & Mrs. John M.Valenstein Mr. & Mrs. Charles E.Waggner William Pitt-Sotheby’s International Realty Mr. Jay Vivian & Ms. Barbara Wood Mr. & Mrs.Wayne Wright

LifeWorks Club $500 - $999

Mr. Frederick W.Arndt Babson Capital Management, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Barker Mr. & Mrs. John P. Bassler Mr. & Mrs. Richard Battista Mr. & Mrs. Jan Bennink Mr. & Mrs. Lynn S. Birdsong Mr. & Mrs. Mark W. Blackman Ms. Nancy Blair Mr. & Ms. Peter L. Briger Mr. & Mrs. David D. Brown, III

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Page 11

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brownstein Mr. Richard T. Bruce Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Cassidy Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Clapp Mr. Marshall Clark Mr. John S. Contaras, Jr. Cowen Healthcare Royalty Ptrs Mr. K. Blake Darcy Mr. Gregory A. Darland Mr. & Mrs. Michael de Milt Ms. Donna E. De Witt Ms. Beatriz Downey Mr. & Mrs. Henry Dunlop Mrs. Barbara A. Earle Mr. Daniel J. Elkaim Ms. Colleen Fahey The Feinstein Family Fund Mr. Michael O. Feldman Mr. & Mrs.Allan Fine The Rev. & Mrs. Bartlett Gage Mr. & Ms. Paul E. Gaston Mr. H.W. Ghriskey, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George E. Gilliam Ms. Maxine A. Goldblum Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd W. Gravengaard Ms. Jean Gray Ms. Myriam G. Griffith and Mr. Jim Cameron Mr. & Mrs. Gerard P. Hallock Ms. Shirley B. Hartlett Mr. Darrell Harvey Harweb Foundation Mrs. Mary L. Heist Mr. & Mrs. Dan T. Hickey Mr. Stephen J. Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Dave Hunt Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Jansen Mr. & Mrs.Thomas Joyce Mr. James Kaplan Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Katz Ms. Joanne F. Kennedy Mr. & Mrs.Thomas B. Ketchum Mr.Tom Keyes & Mr. Keith Fox Mr. & Ms. Kenneth Littlefield Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. Lochner Mr. & Mrs. James MacPherson Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Malloy Dr. & Mrs. Stuart W. McCalley Mr. & Mrs. Frank Mercede, Jr. Ms. Jane Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Garrett M. Moran Mr. Kenneth F. Mountcastle, Jr. Mr. David B. Murphy Mrs. Marti P. Murray Mr. Michael J. Nicholas Mr. & Mrs. Bruce S. Nicholas Nuveen Investments OdysseyRe Mrs. Barbara O'Neill & Mr. John O'Neill Mr. & Mrs. Jack Palumbo Plant Memorial Fund Mr. & Mrs.Austin K. Pryor Mr. & Mrs.ThomasV. Reifenheiser, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David Rogath Mr. & Mrs. Russell S. Reynolds, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Gerald B. Rigg St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Greenwich Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Schiff Mr. & Mrs. Michael Schlessinger Madam Yvonne Sermier Mrs.Walter D. Shepard Stop & Shop Supermarket Co. Mr. Joseph Tatusko Mr. & Mrs. Irving Thode Mr. & Mrs. John L.Townsend Mr. & Mrs. Peter Wells, Jr. Ms. Carlotta Wick Unitarian Church,Westport The Watkins Family Foundation Westhill High School Mr. & Mrs. Donald J.Wikstrom Ms.Andrea Zacher

Fairfield Club $250 - $499

Dr. Lowell Ackiron Dr. Winthrop and Dr. Caroline Adkins Mr. & Ms. James Adler The Allstate Giving Campaign Ms. Kamara Amaker Mr. & Mrs. Peter B.Ardery Ms.Virginia P.Atkins Mrs. Helen R. Barber Ms. Sheryl Battles Ms. Marcia Berry Boys & Girls Club of Stamford, Inc. Ms. Meredith C. Braxton Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Bromfield Mr. John L. Brown Paula Callari Mr. Stewart Campbell Capmark Financial Group Inc. Ms. Margaret M. Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Case Casper Company, LLC Mrs. Josie P. Castleberry Megan & Jonathan Catherwood Mr. Joseph L. Colarusso, Esq. Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Cole Mr. & Mrs. Mark Competiello Ms. Lucia Cook CPG Architects & Planners Mr. Kevin F. Crawford Mr. & Mrs.Thomas J. Daley Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Day Ms. Denise J. Daych Ms. Rhonda DeLetis Mr. & Mrs. Richard Derr Mr. & Mrs. John K. Doherty Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey H. Durno Mr. & Ms. Michael M. Ego Ms. Doris Eichwald Ms. Mary Ellen Elias Ms. Susan S. Ellis Ms. Elizabeth S. English Mr. & Mrs. Steven C. Erickson Ms. Carrie S. Finlayson Mr. & Ms. Jacques Friedman Ms. Barbara A. Fulton Mrs. Louisa B. Gillespie & Mr. Frank Gillespie Mr. & Mrs.Andrew G. Geisert Mr. & Mrs. Neil D. Gershon Mr. & Mrs. John Gibbons Mr. & Ms. Mark S. Glassman Goldman, Sachs & Co. The Golf Club At Amber View Mr.Anthony C. Gooch Ms. Eileen Grasso Mr. & Mrs. David M. Green Mr. & Mrs.Thomas Haack Dr. & Mrs.William Hale Mr.Wilmot L. Harris Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Duane E. Hill Ms. Annie Ho Prof. Derek Holder Mr. & Mrs.Arthur W. Hooper, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Hovell Mr. & Mrs. Henry Hubschman Mr.Thomas Iskrzycki Ms. Mary W. Jennings Mrs. Christine Kelly Mr. & Mrs.Thomas Kinzler Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Kirkpatrick Mr. & Mrs. Bruce G. Koe Mr. Christopher A. Kusske & Mr.Allen B. Kolkowitz Mr.William J. Lasko Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Lawrence Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Lichtman Mr. Armand V. Liguori Mr. David L. Lloyd, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James C. Lynn Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Malkin Mr. & Mrs. Brien Malloy


The Honorable Dannel P. Malloy Mr. & Mrs. Shaun M. Malloy Mr. & Mrs. Leonard H. Mark Mr. & Mrs.William G. Martens Ms. Jennifer McAlister Ms.Takeia McAlister Mr. & Mrs. Pearson T. Menoher Mr. & Mrs. Fred J. Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Philip K. Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Robert Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Len Miller National Alliance on Mental Illness Dr. Jutta M. Nemec, M.D. Mr. Paul O'Keefe Mr. & Mrs. Colin O'Neill Oracle Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Orthwein Mr. & Mrs.Aldo Papone Ms. Rosemary A. Pason Mr. & Mrs. Steve Peet Mr. & Mrs. Robert Phillips Mr. Lavaud Pierre Mr.William H. Pratt & Mrs. Stacy D. Pratt Mr. & Mrs. Richard Radcliffe Ms. Katherine M. Rawden Mr. & Mrs.Allison Reams Mr. Richard W. Reinemann Mr. & Mrs. John T. D. Rich Mr. & Mrs. Bruce T. Richards Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Richardson Ms. Cynthia Ritzler Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Rooney Ms. Diane J. Rosenthal & Mr. Mark Deitch Ms. Eileen H. Rosner Mr. Edward N. Ryan St. John's Lutheran Church, Stamford Sandak Hennessey & Greco LLP Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Sawch Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Schneider Mr. & Mrs.Anthony C. Shaw Shelter for the Homeless Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. Smith Ms. Jessica Spring Stamford South End Neighborhood Revitalization Zone, Inc. Mrs. Didi C. Streit Mr. & Mrs. John Seel Taunton Press, Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Michael K. Urban UST, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Regis Valentine Mr. & Mrs.Albertus van den Broek Mr. & Mrs. John Van der Kieft, III Mr. & Mrs. John W. Van Dyke Rev. & Mrs. Richard F. Van Wely The Volunteer Center of Southwestern Fairfield County W&M Properties of Connecticut, Inc. The Rev. Dr. James R.Wheeler Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Wilson Carolan & Peter Workman Mrs. Joan M.Warburg Mr. & Mrs. Robert G.Widen Mr. Ken C.Wiegand & Mrs. Anne Wiegand Mr. & Mrs. George Yerrall Mr. & Mrs. Zambelli

Century Club $100 - $249

Mrs. Hermine F.Aborn Ms. Elizabeth S.Adams Mr. Dan Ahern AIDS Project Greater Danbury Mr. & Mrs. Charles H.Ainsworth Mr. & Mrs. Nelson L.Alpert Reverend David Anderson & Mrs. Pam Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Carl J.Andres Ms. Heather C. Antonelli

ST. LUKE’S LIFEWORKS H ON O R R O L L O F G I VIN G 2 0 0 8 / 2 0 0 9

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Mr. & Mrs. Mark Appel Mr. Lou Argenio Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Allan G.Atherton Mr. Johnny Babun Mr. & Mrs. Roger Bacon Ms. Jill M. Baillargeon Mr. & Mrs. Lance Bakrow Mr. Benjamin Barnes Mr. Kenneth G. Bartels and Ms. Jane Condon Mrs. Penelope A. Bartko Dr. Edith Beck Mr. Paul R. Bednarz Mr. William C. Bell Mr. & Mrs. John E. Benison Dr. & Mrs. Joel M. Berns Ms. Lynn P. Berry Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Bilotti Mr. Charles H. Birckhead Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Bloom Ms. Patricia Bogen Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bollman Mr. & Mrs. Michael Book Mr. & Mrs. Eugene B. Borowitz Ms. Edna Boschat Mr. & Mrs. Christopher H. Bradley Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Brady Helen A. Brandes Bridgeport Community Health Center Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Foundation Mr. Lawrence K. Brown Ms. Nancy C. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Henry I. Bryant Mr. & Mrs. Roger C. Bullard Ms. Jane A. Burley Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Burnsed Ms. Katherine A. Burt Mr. Nigel Burton Mr. George Caffrey Ms. Laura M. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Cannan Mr. Michael Cappiccille Mr. & Mrs.Alan T. Carlo Jeannine & Thomas Carr Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Carriero Mrs. Margaret W. Casey Mr. & Mrs. Roch J. Champagne Mr. Robert E. Cienian Mr. & Mrs. Edward P. Clarke Mr. & Mrs. John A. Cleary Mr. & Mrs. James H. Cloud The Congregational Church of Green’s Farm,Westport Mr. & Mrs. Langdon P. Cook The Rev. & Mrs. Douglas T. Cooke Mrs. Barbara W. Cooke Mr. & Mrs. Henry L. Cooper Mr. Patrick Cosgrove Ms. Constance R. Cowen Mr. & Mrs. Curtis J. Crawford Mrs. George Crossman Ms. Marion H. Crowley Mr. & Mrs. Marc P. Curto Mr. & Mrs. Philip E. D'Eramo Dermatology Center of Stamford Meredith Derr Mr. & Mrs. David A. Dever Ms. Diana M. Dieterich Donation Line, LLC Ms. Marilynn S. Dueker Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Dumas Edward Angell Palmer and Dodge LLP Dr. Ellen Eisenberg Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Eldh Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Eldh, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Epstein Ms. Susan Page Estes Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Ettinger Mr. & Mrs. Philip Evensen Ms. Elbee Farricker Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Faxon Ms. Lorraine H. Fenton Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Ferguson

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Ms. Christal C. Ferrandino Mr. & Mrs.William Fertig Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Finsthwait Mrs. Susan H. Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Chris Forester Mr. Peter Formato Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Forrow Mr. & Mrs. Howard A. Friedman Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gaglio Mr. Frank Gaglio Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Garrity Mr. & Mrs.Thomas V. Glynn Dr. Michele Gasiorowski & Dr. Henry Gasiorowski Signe S. Gates Ms. Harriet Gayle Dr. & Mrs. Philip M. Gaynes Ms. Nancy Geary Mr. & Mrs. Harry Geller Ms. Marion George Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gilhuly Mr. & Mrs. Charles Goodyear Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Gordon Mr. & Mrs. Ren Gordon Mr. Mark Grace Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Green Mr. & Mrs. Steven Guggenheimer Mr. Val Guilford Mr. & Ms. Ray Gustin Ms. Patricia Guza Mr. & Mrs.Tom Hamm Mr. & Mrs. Bayard R. Hand Ms. Susan Handler Ms. Lisa A. Hanners & Mr. Stephen R. Patton Ms. Katherine M. Hanson Ms. Patricia M. Harbilas Mrs. Doris Harrington Mr. & Mrs.Wilmot L. Harris Mr. & Mrs. John A. Harrison Ms. Lisa A. Haughton Mr. James R. Hawkins, II Mr. James P. Healy & Ms.Amy V. Harr Mr. & Mrs.Alvin E. Hebert Helping Hand Center Mr. & Mrs. Michael Herling Ms. Imogen Howe & Mr. Odin Paul Solem Mr. John Hughes Mr. Robert J. Hughes Mr. & Mrs. John R. Hummel Mr. & Mrs. Philip Huyck Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Hyde Mr. & Mrs. Neal M. Jewell Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M. Jewett Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Jewett Mr. & Mrs. John Jinishian Mr. & Mrs. Clark S. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. Jordan Mr. & Mrs. Ramsey Joslin Mrs. Joan Kadlec Ms. Sherry Kane Roni Kaplowitz Mr. Gregg Karas Mr. Gerald Karr Mr. & Mrs. Leon Katz Ms. Randie S. Katz Mr. & Mrs. John A. Kegaly Mr. Paul J. Kelly Ms. Diana Klemin Mr. & Mrs. James V. Kriz Mr. & Mrs. Russell R. Kroszner Dr. Robert S. Kruger Mrs.Ann V. Krupnik Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Kugler, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John R. Laird Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lannamann Mr. & Ms.Andrew V. La Stella Ms. Priscilla Lee Mr. & Mrs.Thomas Lehmkuhl Ms. Melissa Levethan Mr. & Mrs. Paul Levine Mr. & Mrs. Robert Levine

Ms. Sandra W. Libbey Ms. Betty A. Lichtenstein Mrs.Virginia Liddel Mr. & Mrs.William Linke Ms. Joan G. Lister Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Litwak Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lovas Mrs. Michelle Bachmann Love & Mr. James Love Mr. & Mrs. Mark G. Lowenstein Mr. & Mrs. John Lund Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Lynn Mr. & Mrs. Milton Mann Mr. David Manning Mrs. Claudine & Mr. Lee Martin Mr. Daniel N. Martinelli Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Mason Mr. & Mrs. David M. McNichols Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. McSpadden Medical Missions for Children, Inc Ms.Valerie Mellucci Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Mendelsohn Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Miller Rev. & Mrs. Donald G. Miller Mr.Wilbur H. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Louis Molinaro Mom’s Club of Stamford Central Mr. & Mrs. Milton G. Moon Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. More Mr. & Mrs. Bruce P. Morrison Ms. Louise D. Moss Mr. Michael Murray Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Murray Mr. & Mrs. Chris Myers Mr. & Mrs. Gary H. Neems Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Neiman Mr. Robert Nixon Mr. & Mrs. John T. Norrgard Ms. Suzanne Novik Mrs. B W Oakford Ms. Dorothy O'Grady Ms. Emily L. Oppenheimer Mr. & Mrs. Mark Osowski Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Otto Our Lady Star of the Sea, Stamford Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Paglia Mr. C. Lawrence Paine Dr. & Mrs. Michael Parry Ms. Michele Parry and Mr.William Parry, III Ms. Rebecca Pascarelli Mr. & Mrs.Thomas Passios Mr. & Mrs. Peter E. Pattison Mr. & Mrs.Wulf Paulick Mr. Ronald C. Petrunoff Mr. Russell A. Phillips, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Steven Pisarkiewicz Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Porricelli Ms. Ann S. Purcell Mr. David L. Quatrella Ms.Anne M. Quinn-Dineen Ms. Emily M. Ragsdale Mrs. Margery G. Ramsey Mr. & Mrs. Harley Rankin, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Rappaport Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Rawn Mr. & Mrs. George Raymond Mr. & Mrs. David B. Rich Mr. Robert N. Rich Jacqueline M. Rieser Mrs. & Mr. Barbara Rindo Mr. Ron Rivard Mrs. Cecile Rivel Mr.William L. Robbe Ms. Janet Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Rockhill Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Roones Mrs. Heidi A. Rosecrans Ms. Judith Rosenberg Dorothy & Alvin Rosenfeld Philanthropic Fund Mr. & Mrs. John A. Rothermich


Mr.Wesley F. Rouse & Mr. Bob McWilliams Mr. Amitava Roy Mr. Stephen Roy Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Russo Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Samoskevich Ms. Gladys P. Santos The Estate of Mrs. Constance G. Scanley Dr. & Mrs. Frank Scarpa Mr. & Mrs. Barry Schaefer Mr. & Mrs. Steve Scholly Mr. & Mrs. Morton Semel John & Patricia Semosky Ms. Irene Senter Mr. & Mrs. Stuart W. Serenbetz Mr. & Mrs. Marvin L. Shapiro Mr. & Mrs.Theodore P. Shen Mr. Michael J. Siegmund and Mrs. Cheryl Saban Mr. & Mrs.Vinod T. Sinha Mr. Bronek. J. Skiba Ms. Suzanne Slattery Mr. & Mrs. Benedict N. Smith, II Mr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Phillip B. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Smith Mrs. Elizabeth A. Snowden Southwest Community Health Care Center Mr. & Mrs. John W. Spaeth, Jr. Mr. Robert C. Spelling Stamford Emblem Club #53 Stamford Hospital Ms. Veronica C. Staplefield Mr. Adam T. Steffens Mr. & Mrs. Murry Stegelmann Dr. & Mrs. Michael B. Stein Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. Stevens Mr. & Mrs.Arthur G. Stratton Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Karl Suerig Mr. Sean Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Sweeney Mr. & Mrs.Thomas Taylor Dr. & Mrs. Horst Tebbe Ms. Leslie Teichgraeber Mr. & Mrs. Reynal M.Thebaud Mr. & Mrs. Marc E.Thorne Ms. Janet D.Thorpe Mr. & Mrs. Pasquale Tomaino Mr.Andrew Toth Mr. John J.Troy Ms. Jamila S.Truslow Dr. Benjamin Tsang and Dr.Teresa Ning Mr. Hector Turenne Turn of River Presbyterian Church, Stamford Mr. & Mrs. Stanley A.Twardy, Jr. Mr. Robert J.Tyd Mr. & Mrs. David Ulrich Mr. & Mrs. Hans L. Ullstein Ms. Mary C.Vos Mr. Robert A.Wachstein Mr. & Mrs. James D.Waugh Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas L.Webb Mr. & Mrs. Richard A.Wedemeyer Mrs. Audrey Weil Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wellman Mr. & Mrs.Verne E.Westerberg Mr. & Mrs.Arthur H.White Mrs. Elizabeth J Willis Mrs. Katharine G. Wilson Ms. Ruth P. Wilson Mr. Edward B.Winslow Mr. & Mrs. Raol A.Wolf Mr. & Mrs.Arthur P. Yost Mrs. Elise U.Young

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More than 1,900 people generously gave over 25,000 hours of their time to St. Luke’s LifeWorks last year. They performed everything from administrative support, babysitting, cleaning and painting our facilities, helping with homework, preparing and providing meals, to holding donation drives and giving expert workshops to our staff and participants.


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St. Luke’s LifeWorks New Beginnings Bread & Roses Living Our Potential FootSteps Solutions to Homelessness 141 Franklin Street Stamford, Connecticut 06901 203-388-0100

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It is a great honor to be the new CEO of St. Luke’s LifeWorks.

The theme for this year’s Annual Report is “A New Beginning.” As you will see in the pages that follow, this theme applies primarily to our participants.Thanks to the services we provide, today they see opportunities where they once saw barriers, and are filled with hope rather than despair. As they renew their lives, many believe, for the first time, that their future will be brighter than their past. The theme of “A New Beginning” also applies to St. Luke’s LifeWorks.This has been a year of transition.The organization’s founder and leader, the Rev. Richard Schuster, retired in June, and sadly, passed away later in the year. His legacy, built over 22 years, is his vision and the strong foundation he left behind.This is particularly important as more people than ever turn to us for help and their myriad needs become more complex.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of what we do. On an economic level our impact is significant. A recent study in Portland, OR, a city not unlike Stamford, provides stark numbers. Each homeless person with mental illness and addiction costs the city an average of $42,075 per year in visits to emergency rooms, time spent in jail, and hospitalizations in mental health facilities.When permanent supportive housing is provided, those same costs drop to $17,199, a savings of almost $25,000.The cost of the supportive housing itself is $9,870, resulting in a total savings of more than $15,000 (36%).The impact of permanent supportive housing is even more dramatic when serving families and children. In Minnesota, another study shows that one family’s stay in supportive housing reduced costs to the public sector from $77,200 to $37,500 (51%). I thank those of you who supported us financially over the past year. As the numbers above indicate, the return on your investment is substantial. In addition to the economic impact, there is another important return on your investment in us.The last published survey of homelessness in Stamford and Greenwich showed that on the night of January 28, 2009, 282 people were homeless, including almost 20 who were living on the streets, with the rest living in a shelter or transitional housing. Each night St. Luke’s LifeWorks provides emergency or transitional housing to approximately 160 people, almost 60% of Stamford’s and Greenwich’s homeless population.We also provide permanent supportive housing to 79 additional people. In total, over the past year we provided housing to almost 400 people.Without us, many of them would be on the streets. Instead, they have renewed their lives, restored their health, and gained a sense of dignity and self-worth. Many have also re-established contact with spouses, children, siblings and other family members, extending our impact even further. When you take this into account, your generous support has allowed us to help hundreds of people radically change their lives for the better.

In this report, you will learn more about our comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of those we serve. I hope you will agree that our programs are impressive. But it is more than the sum of our parts that excites me. It is the culture and heart of St. Luke’s LifeWorks.This spirit is evident in the nearly 2,000 volunteers who help us each year in numerous ways ranging from preparing meals every week in our housing facility for single women to wrapping more than 5,000 presents for our Holiday Gift Collection.Your support is essential to our success. As we look to our own new beginning, we find ourselves in a position similar to our participants.The foundation for our success has been laid, the building blocks for growth are in place, and we believe that our future will be even brighter than our storied past.

I thank you for your support and hope that you will remain actively involved in the year ahead. If you happen to be near our headquarters, please stop in for a visit and be sure to say hello.

Jason T. Shaplen Chief Executive Officer

St. Luke's LifeWorks 2008-2009 Annual Report  

SLLW 2008-2009 Annual Report

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