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FLAMES OF THE TORCH A new campus, a step backwards One of the first things the University tells potential students is that we are a Metropolitan University. It is something we outwardly flaunt, market and we sell. But now that we have a Manhattan campus without housing, is it fair to say that we have the same New York City leverage we had in the past? To get the full New York City experience, it is important for students to explore Manhattan. Many students choose to pursue internships or jobs in Manhattan while they attend class in Queens. Some students also lived on the Manhattan campus for the convenience (and thrill) of being so close to the city and being able to say, “I lived in Manhattan for a year.” Unfortunately, living on a St. John’s University Manhattan campus will no longer be an option next year. And while St. John’s will continue to market itself based on the fact that it still has a campus in Manhattan, the fact that it won’t contain dormitories for students gives the property less

appeal than the one on Murray Street has. Many students, even if they never lived on the original Manhattan campus, said they were upset to hear the new ‘campus’ may not have housing – simply because the prospect of having the choice of living in Manhattan carried so much weight. While Manhattan is a 45-minute subway ride away from the Queens campus, it cannot replace the convenience and experience of actually living there. After all, the odd city trip that Queens campus residents take on weekends are impossible to cmpare to waking up in Manhattan on a daily basis. Maintaining a complete presence in Manhattan should have remained a top priority for the University because it afforded St. John’s three distinct housing sites for students – something that other prominent New York schools can’t offer. Now that we won’t have students living in Manhattan, how are we any different from the rest?

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