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Spirit of Place Project Inishturk Island, County Mayo, Ireland Photo Credit: Architect, Travis Price Press Kit

Career Services at St. John’s College, Santa Fe


Interview with Travis Price, Architect

Upcoming Deadlines Ariel Internships

Friday, 2/19, 5 p.m. in the Career Services Office

General Pathways

Monday, 3/7, 5 p.m. in the Career Services Office

Madison Graduate Fellowships Tuesday, 3/1

Travis Price, Photo Credit: Architect, Travis Price Press Kit

Did your education at St. John’s lead you to your career? I was already on a career path to being an architect since 8th grade. Also, I had 2 years of university studies in architecture before attending St. John’s in the late ‘60s. However, St. John’s provided the larger historical perspective of mankind’s imagination which introduced me to great architectural history. What sparked your interest in sustainable architecture?

Welcome back! Photo Credit: Lauren Max

February 2016

My real foray into sustainability began when camping with fellow architects and archaeologists at Chaco Canyon in 1973. There, I observed snow being melted by south facing curved stone and adobe pueblos. Subsequently, I read a paper by J.B Jackson on the duality of this architectural sun phenomenon. I traced twenty nine similar prehistoric pueblos and discovered that the sacred mythologies of pueblo shamans guided the architectural sun sensitive forms prior to construction. Subsequently, I created a “passive” solar village as my architectural master’s thesis at the University of New Mexico. What are some important job/ life skills that you gained from your SJC education? How did they help you in your particular career? The most important aspect I learned from St John’s was the rigor of asking deeper questions. Furthermore, I learned how to categorize and place one idea partaking of another. This larger vision enabled Continued on pg. 4 1

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