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Visit weekend takes on new format


The Sterling College campus visits held for prospective students usually take the format of a Sunday-Monday Preview Weekend featuring pizza with the president, Sunday night chapel, and a coffeehouse music night, but this past Thursday and Friday prospective students got to experience a different visit schedule. 4:00pm, Thursday – The admissions staff is waiting anxiously for the twenty visitors to arrive from as far as Houston, TX and as close as Nickerson, just up K96 from Sterling. Once the students arrive and get checked in, one of the dorm resident directors will escort them to the room of the current student hosting them for the night. 5:33pm – Following a “Welcome Session” during which the prospective students were given a brief (and comically inaccurate) overview of the College’s history by a mysterious man in a red Morphsuit, the students and their families are loading into 15 passenger vans and heading to Dr. and Mrs. Maurer’s house for a Pizza Party with the President. 6:15pm – After eating their fill of pizza and veggies, the

THISWEEK Today. Women’s Basketball @ Bethany, 6 p.m. Men’s Basketball @ Bethany, 8 p.m.

Friday. Track @ Wichita, 10 a.m. Baseball @ 2:01 p.m vs. Graceland Valentine’s Dance @ 10 p.m. in Upper Wilson

Saturday. Baseball @ 12 p.m vs. Graceland Movie Marathon @ 8:30 in Campbell Hall

Sunday. Chapel @ 7 p.m.

Tuesday. St. Lucia babysitting fundraiser @ 4 - 10 p.m. in Evans Hall

NEWSBITES Extras wanted for lazy student’s senior project Ready for your closeup... or at least to be in the background of somebody else’s? Contact Tim Luisi (yes, the editor-in-chief is abusing his power to create a near personal ad here) to inquire about the possibility of appearing in his senior project, The Tallest Men Alive, coming soon to an auditorium near you. Filming for this feature length film will take place at least two or three times a week once “Much Ado About Nothing” is completed.

Dancing/poetry Friday The annual Valentine’s Day Dance will be held tomorrow at 8 pm in Upper Wilson. The dance, which is being put together by Freshman Ashley Pannier, is a sadie-hawkins affair, meaning if you are like our layout editor Ryan Corwin you should expect to be asked to the dance. If, however you are like editor-in-chief, Tim Luisi, fear not as there is an event happening for you at the same time: Bitter Poetry Night in Campbell Basement followed by a screening of Dead Poets Society.

students’ knowledge is put to the test with the twelve-question Sterling College Trivia Challenge. (In case you did not already know, SC was originally called Cooper Memorial College and the original mascot was the Barrelmakers.) 6:57pm – The prospective students and their hosts are pulling up in front of the Gleason Center to cheer on the Warrior basketball teams. Fueled by the Gleason Goonies all decked out in their camo gear, it did not take long for the prospectives to get pumped up – and it certainly helped that both Warrior teams played great games and senior Trent Stutzman shot his way into the record book. “I knew Sterling College was good,” one prospective student said, “but I didn’t know they were that good!” 9:45pm – On the emotional high of two exciting basketball games, the hosts and their prospectives take off through the rain shower toward Upper Wilson for FUEL where they will hear Pastor Shaad bear witness and testify to what God is doing through his art of hip-hop. 11:02pm – Having to dodge raindrops and steer around puddles, everyone is headed back to the dorms to get a

little taste of dorm life. For most, this just includes watching a little bit of TV in the lobby and heading to bed – that wake-up call is going to come early in the morning. After spending Thursday evening getting to know Sterling through an insight into campus life, Friday is a day full of learning about Sterling from the academic side. Prospective students and parents receive a Sterling College overview, meet with professors and directors at the Academic and Activity Fair, take a walking campus tour from a student ambassador, eat lunch in the cafeteria, and sit in on a class. “The chapel and the Kahvista is a good showcase of what the students do,” Admissions student ambassador Ryan Bretches said. “But to have at least one that’s a little bit different with the basketball games I think was a good time.” “We are trying each time to make it more engaging and more exciting,” Visit Experience Coordinator Erin Cureton said. “I think it is really cool because they events weren’t planned; they were already going on. It gives them a chance to shadow along and see a night in the life of a college student.”

Talking Cinema With Tim

Top Ten of 2011

By TIM LUISI Editor-in-Chief 10. Rango- It’s hard to believe that this was a studio-backed endeavor. Offering Johnny Depp’s best performance since Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl as well as some of the most unique and beautifully grotesque imagery of the year, this is at once a clever homage to some of the genre’s greatest efforts as well as a sharp satire of the same. Belonging in the same category as Blazing Saddles, but offering more genuine pathos than that title, Rango is a fascinating watch. Seeming almost Pixar-esque, but certainly edgier, this is one that will gladly be rewatched many times in the future. 9. Crazy, Stupid LoveThis one may have hit especially hard for me, because I had just recently discovered that I was capable of its titular feelings for the first time, but even if I had not had that revelation, the film, with its

SC students and prospective students pose on the steps of Cooper during a break during preview weekend on Thursday. Photo Courtesy of Sterling College Marketing Department

Team Tanzania and team India call on local musicians’ talent for fundraiser By BEN WRIGHT Staff Writer As we head into the new semester, we also enter into fundraising season. The Sterling missions teams are looking to head up a number of events to raise the money they still need for their trips. In the next week, for example, Team Tanzania 1 is planning to have a Wendy’s Night in Lyon’s. Also, Team India is planning on hosting a concert in Upper Wilson on Monday, February 13, from 8:30 to 11:30. The cost will be $3 for one ticket and $5 for two tickets. This is really a great deal considering that the event will include Aaron Lee Martin, Clarensau, and Jeremy Spring (that guy from Abandon Kansas). Up to this point, the teams have gathered almost 30% of the funds they need. This is even more impressive when considering that the 15 teams need a total of about $350,000 combined. That means that they are actually making really good progress for this time. They still need quite a bit of aid and your support would be going to a very good cause. Other upcoming event ideas include candy flowers that can

be sent to your significant other on Valentine’s Day, a few bake sales, and a Premiere Jewelry party. These and many more opportunities will be around for students to show their support for their favorite Sterling Missions Teams. Each of these missions is a great cause. Many students may not realize just how much fundraising goes on off campus too. When speaking to Dr. Hank Lederle, he mentioned event after event that various teams were working on to raise funds and their visibility in the community as a whole. Many are even heading up events in local churches and hospitals. Love Sterling, an event for students to do good deeds to give back to the community, even received much of its support from Missions Teams last year. These trips are more than just opportunities for college students to visit an exotic country, they are a way for Sterling students to spread God’s work not only here, but across the world. Not everyone is called to go abroad, but as Sterling College students we have a unique opportunity to help our fellow students get there (and maybe enjoy some good music in the process!).

Top Ten Christian albums of 2011 hilarious script, heartfelt characterizations, and terrific ensemble would still utterly deserve a spot on this list. Anchored by Steve Carrel’s reliably affable turn this film is a tonic to anyone who has been in love, giving hope where things may have gone wrong. One of the funniest films in a long time, but also one of the most tender, this is a film that is almost endlessly enjoyable. 8. Moneyball- This has been See Films, Page 7

Skyrim: video game of the year By JOHN GILLEN Guest Writer

This year was a fantastic year for hardcore and casual gamers alike. Several notable releases included titles as beloved as Batman: Arkham City, Gears of War 3, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and most notable of all Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Elder Scroll series has for many years held our attention as being a sandbox style game. Elder Scroll has so much lore it truly is its own world. The whole world of Tamriel has books with all the different genres of literature, politics, a world of gods, which is split up between the

Posing Previews

nine divine and the daedra. It all began with Elder Scroll: Arena, which included the whole world of Tamriel and was released exclusively on PC. This made quite an impact for hardcore PC gamers. The Elder Scroll series didn’t really take off, however, until its first ground-­ breaking console release on the first generation X-­Box, ElSee Skyrim, Page 7

By JON FAULKNER Staff Writer 10. Red – Until We Have Faces – Red’s always been good at putting music together and their third studio project is no exception to that rule. Until We Have Faces is another brilliant example of Randy and Anthony Armstrong’s ability to compose using diverse instrumentation, always keeping the listener guessing as to what they will come up with next. Until We Have Faces is an almost perfect addition to the bands rock solid career. 9. Tedashii: Blacklight – Thank you to Christian Rap for at least producing two albums worth mentioning this year. The industry didn’t do much but Blacklight is certainly a good chapter in both the artist’s and the industry’s book. Tedashii gives listeners a glimpse of what can only be described as true Hip-Hop. Blacklight is not only fun and diverse but it also contains a deep message while avoiding the pitfalls of too many auto tunes. 8. Switchfoot: Vice Verses – The long awaited second-offour Switchfoot albums came out this year and it certainly didn’t disappoint, showing why the band is a staple in the Christian Music industry. If Switchfoot has something to say, they certainly said it on hits like “Darkhorses”

and “Souvenirs”. The album will definitely stand the test of time as one of the better Switchfoot Albums. Sure it didn’t have the success of the Triple Platinum Beautiful Letdown or the depth of Nothing Is Sound, but it will certainly be a favorite for years to come. 7. Owl City – All Things Bright And Beautiful – Here’s one of the great artists of the last ten years. Adam Young’s sophomore release shows a great deal of maturity in both his sound and songwriting. After the almost overnight success of Ocean Eyes and the viral hit song “Fireflies” one would have expected nothing less than progression from the young talent, and that is exactly what you’ll find on All Things Bright and Beautiful. 6. Blindside: With Shivering Hearts We Wait – This is the best comeback of the year with a solid album showing growth and hopefully ushering in another decade of See Music, Page 7

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The Weekly Sports Wrap himself alone this week in the By KATIE MCGRATH games against Bethany and Staff Writer Bethel. He now trails Clair This week both the Sterling Gleason, the second most vicCollege Men and Women’s torious coach of all time at SC basketball teams won their by only ten games, a record conference games, each dethat he still has a chance at tie stroying the Kansas Wesleyan this year. And, although perCoyotes at home on Thursday haps unlikely, Jim Woudstra’s and the Ottawa Braves on the all time record of 107 wins is road on Saturday while breakalso in reach this season, asing or tying multiple records in suming the team made its way the process. through nationals. Senior guard Trent Stutzman In addition to Stuzman’s paved the way for the men’s and Jaderston’s achievements, team as he broke two school Senior forward Megan Patrick records including one of his also moved up in the ranks, beown. On Thursday, Stutzman coming the 8th all time leading scored his 91st three-point basscorer at SC with 1406 points ket in this season, beating the at the time of this printing. school record he set last season She now has her sights set on by three. With at least four Ashley Kraft’s record of 1417 more guaranteed games left points. Patrick trails Kraft by in the season the door is wide open for Stutzman to add to his Left: Trent Stuzman shoots from beyond the arch against KWU on Thursday. Right: Megan only 11 points, an impressive accomplishment considering season record of 91 three-point Patrick pulls up for a contested jumper Thursday versus KWU. Photos Courtesy of Hans Nickele Patrick sat her junior year out baskets and to make it even due to an ACL tear. more difficult for someone to a career with 291 three-point baskets and now holds “I feel honored to be in the top ten because it does break it in the future. all three point records, game, season, and career for not just happen to everyone,” Patrick said. Stuzman not only broke his own record, but also SC.. “I have worked hard to get there, and after sitting bested Sterling alumni’s Michael Moncrief’s and LonWhile Stutzman’s accomplishments this week were out a whole year it has taught me a lot about the nie Paramore’s record of eight threes in a single game impressive, he wasn’t the only part of the Sterling Colas he scored his ninth three-point basket against the lege basketball family to set records. On February 4th, game. This year has been tough, but I am so happy that I have had the opportunity to play this year and Kansas Wesleyan Coyotes. Coach Dean Jaderston tied Jim Chroust in third place After the game on Thursday Stutzman became the for most wins in a career at SC with 94. The athletic achieve this honor.” Both the SC Men and Women’s Basketball Teams tenth all-time leading scorer in SC history. Stutzman department is excited about the accomplishment and next play tonight at Bethany College. also holds the record for most three-point baskets in is hopeful that Jaderston will claim third place for


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der Scroll: Morrowind, which reached a larger audience and allowed for a more in-depth gameplay. On the heels of Morrowind came Oblivion, the franchise’s fourth installment, the first in it to be featured on multiple consoles, and the first with voice acting (including Patrick Stewart). All of this brought us to the most anticipated game of 2011, Elder Scroll V: Skyrim. This game was winning awards before it was released. At the big gaming expo E3, it won over 25 different awards including best RPG and best game of E3. The developing company Bethesda started by only releasing a few screen shots to tease gamers. As time went past Bethesda made a bold move and released a “Day in the life of Skyrim” video. This 30 plus minutes showed people not only the dynamics of Skyrim, but the beautiful world as well. The developers at Bethesda Studios have prided themselves on their world and never reusing programming code. The world is their main character and when you create a character in their world you are but a mere sub-character. Bethesda starts completely fresh with every game they make. Bethesda’s project directly prior to the fifth Elder Scroll game was not Oblivion, but Fallout 3. This led to many influences to Skyrim. Although, the lockpicking and the perks are vaguely reminiscent of Fallout 3, it has been seamlessly integrated into the main character of Elder Scroll V. Before Skyrim whenever you leveled up your character’s attributes you got all the perks automatically, but now you get to pick which perks you want to make your character


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more customized to the player. On top of this Bethesda implemented a hand/off-hand system. What this means is that if something does not require two hands to wield then you have the option of which hand to put it in. This allows each player to customize their fighting style and strategies in the world. On top of all this there is also a new type of magic in the game called “shouts”. The shout system allows you to use words in the draconic (dragon) language which are not affected by your magic meter. Even though all these things made for great gameplay what has made this the best game of the year is the world of Skyrim. It has the largest amount of lore out of any of the provinces and is very similar to the Vikings in our world and from the very beginning of the games you are immersed in its world. In the first few minutes of the game you become aware of a civil war in Skyrim and the fact that the empire is weak and is being heavily influenced by the Aldmeri Dominion (high elves). The civil war is going on because the Aldmeri Dominion has said that Talos is no longer one of the nine divine. This is a huge upset for true Nords as well as any other worshipers of Talos and you have the option of forming your own political standpoint and joining in the war. On top of all of this you have a huge mountainous terrain to explore which is so gorgeous it entices even non-gamers to sit down and watch the masterful art work. From dragons to ornate armor this is one game that delivers on all levels. This game does not focus on the main storyline, but allows for hundreds of hours of indepth exploratory gameplay as you influence the wonderful world in which Bethesda has made just for you. Blindside music for fans old and new. With Shivering Hearts We Wait reveals a return to the music that made Blindside famous. The Post Hardcore band delivers a solid record that proves that time and dedication can do wonders for a band’s creative abilities. For the remaining top 5 albums read next weeks edition of the Stir. To see the full list and more in depth analysis on each album visit Jonathan Faulkner’s section on


he Freshman




of the best in recent memory at that.

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been hailed by many as this year’s Social Network, but unlike that film where the character is at times difficult to connect with, this is led by one of the year’s most charming protagonists: Billy Beane. Brad Pitt is finally given a chance to be his movie star self and a real actor simultaneously, something he hasn’t really been able to pull off since Fight Club and the result is instantly refreshing. Where the Social Network comparisons really do make sense, however, is that Moneyball like its predecessor before it doesn’t seem like it’s a concept that should work. By putting the focus on Beane’s journey as a character rather than trying to completely show exactly how he revolutionized the game, however, it becomes less a sports movie and much more of a character study, and one

7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II- Much like the series finale of LOST the year before, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II represented the end of something really special. Fueled by two of the series’ finest turns in Alan Rickman as Snape and Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort, this is perhaps the tightest film in the franchise, darker than the rest, and one of, if not the most entertaining of the lot. Offering finer action than anything else in theaters this summer as well as a major emotional punch, this is a cultural landmark.

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6. X-Men: First Class-. Full of scenarios that would feel right at home in the best of the James Bond franchise alongside a collection of memorable characters, this was the best movie of the summer and far and away the best X-­men film to date. What makes it perhaps more successful than it had any right to be was Magneto, played to a charming and cruel perfection by Michael Fassbender, besting Ian Mckellan and delivering a performance that at once shows you everything the character is capable of becoming as well as the tragedy it is that he will. Stylish and classy, this brisk enterprise is endlessly entertaining and offered some of the most fun I would have in a theater this year. For the remaining top 5 films read next weeks edition of the Stir and for more in depth analysis on each film visit ‘Tim Luisi’s Film Reviews’ on Facebook. The Stir is produced by Sterling College students and printed weekly in and by the Sterling Bulletin, Sterling, Kansas. We seek to serve the Sterling College community with news and information. We work toward goals of honesty and integrity while always seeking the truth. We also work with an understanding of service to a Christian community. Letters to the editor must be signed and legible. Letters are subject to editing for style and spelling and will be printed at the editors’ discretion. Letters should not be longer than 350 words. Letters must be received by 3 p.m. the Tuesday before the print date (Thursday). Opinions presented on the Opinion page do not necessarily represent the views of Sterling College. Address letters to The Stir, SC Box 8, 125 W. Cooper, Sterling, KS 67579.

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