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SGA Column By RACHEL GARDNER Director of Campus Activities Hey, readers! I am the Director of Campus Activities for SGA and my job is to help our campus organizations in any way, whether that means helping them set up for an event, keeping them accountable, or just showing up to their meetings and hearing what they have to say. We, as SGA, are the voice of the student body and my voice speaks especially for organizations. This year, my biggest plan is to conquer apathy…or at least fight it. We have so many great clubs to get involved in here at Sterling, and I think that students need to see that. With all the organizations we have, every person ought to be able to say about one club, “Hey, I would really like to check out that club!” We are going to be strict as far as following rules to avoid probation. It is not enough that organizations simply exist; the officers should be passionate about their organization. We need people to see these clubs as a great way for them to have fun, get involved, and meet people. At the very least, officers should do everything to keep their organization existing, and so do all they that can do to see that through. That is the goal for this year: find out which organizations are dedicated and so willing to follow through with requirements, and which organizations are not. So that will be my focus, and my fellow SGA members have my back on this. Apathy is a disease in our culture today, and the only cure is whole-hearted passion and dedication! A bit dramatic for something as simple as campus organizations, you say? Nonsense! Apathy won’t go away if someone is not at least a bit dramatic with their beliefs.

THISWEEK Today. Poetry workshop in Heritage Hall 7:00 PM

Friday. Volleyball @ Arizona Christian (JWU Tournament) 9:30 AM Oscar Schmidt Lecture Convo in Culbertson 10:00 AM Saturday. Cross Country @ Ft. Hays 9:00 AM Women’s Soccer @ KWU 6:00 PM Math Guest Speaker Bell Hall 7:00 PM Men’s Soccer @ KWU 8:00 PM Sunday. Chapel Culbertson, guest speaker Ian Anderson 7:00 PM Homecoming Bonfire behind Evans 8:00 PM


Dr. Beechan recognized for 25 year milestone Chemistry professor Dr. Curt Beechan was honored by the college recently for dedicating 25 years of service to the Sterling College community. Dr. Beechan was recognized at the faculty kickoff banquet. To read more about Dr. Beechan’s accomplishment go to:

Volume 115  issue  3

SC Choir performs with professional pianist and composer Joseph Martin at Composer Festival “As a guy who publishes and composes, Joseph has been the editor I have worked the most with,” Nix said. With this connection Nix hoped to ‘expose the music students to talents on such levels from the world’ and believed that ‘the level of excellence in Joseph’s piano playing is something that can really inspire people.’ Not only did Sterling College’s Chorale and Highland Singers sing Martin’s choral compositions, but also his piano skills were showcased at the concert Monday night at the United Presbyterian Church, bringing the audience to a standing ovation following some tremendous


After a successful attempt of bringing a composer on to campus to work with students last year with Mark Hayes, Sterling College’s Music department eagerly jumped at the opportunity to repeat such an event this year, this time with famous composer and pianist, Joseph Martin. For several hours on Sunday and Monday, Martin personally worked with the different choirs on his own songs. Additionally he hosted two Choir members rehearse with pianist and composer lectures, one of which focused Joseph Martin on Sunday at the United Presbyterian on the music industry and Church to prepare for Monday’s concert. Photos courtesy the other on musical compoof Megan Walker sition, an area where Martin has much expertise. 1200 compositions in print that are rec“During rehearsal it was really inter- ognized throughout the United States playing. “We really didn’t know he was going esting to hear his personal experiences and several other countries. With sevwith the songs as well as to hear the in- eral competition awards under his belt, to play his music throughout the concert spiration behind each song,” Highland Martin devotes much of his time now so that was an added bonus as it added Singer Ryan Ehresman said. “This real- to playing in churches and conferences a lot to the concert,” Ehresman said. Through this experience Nix wanted ly helped the choir connect to the music for church musicians. Martin currently better.” serves as the editor-in-chief for Sacred the “students to have a connection with Choir director Mark Clark echoed Publications for Shawnee Press, one of the composers whom they have sung these sentiments, saying, “I hope the the largest publishers of printed music their songs.” students continue their love for music. and recordings. With another successful composer fesDuring rehearsals, Joseph Martin told This position greatly contributed to tival passed, Nix holds high hopes for stories that both encouraged and chal- Martin’s attendance in Sterling as he what the future entails and what comlenged the students.” and Dr. Brad Nix have a unique connec- posers will be part of their new annual Currently Joseph Martin has over tion. tradition.

Rush night marks start of new year for SC Missions By JON FAULKNER Staff Writer

Last year Sterling College Missions partnering with Global Infusion sent over 116 Missionaries to ten plus countries. So In case the Missions Chapels and emails from Dr. Hank Lederle didn’t give you an indication Rush Night, which was held in the East Cafeteria on Tuesday, September 27th, should have: It’s time for SC Missions. Rush Night was basically a preview of the upcoming Missions Trips for summer 2012 and even the Interterm trip in January. This year Sterling will be taking the Great Commission to Egypt, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ghana, Tanzania, Ukraine, India, Nepal, Thai-

Junior Alex Lawhon-Bush poses with Dulce in India during the SC trip last summer. Photo courtesy of Alex Lawhon-Bush

land, China, Philippines, South Africa, Indonesia and St. Lucia. Students will be given the opportunity to work in villages, at sites of

churches planted by Global Infusion contacts, orphanages, Medical trips and a variety of other areas of Ministry. When asked about the goal of SC Missions this year Lederle said, “That question can be interpreted a variety of ways, I suppose it’s to go and take the gospel to every nation.” That goal will be well represented by the more than 30 people who have signed up even before Rush Night. If you are still looking to be a part of Sterling College Missions but missed Rush Night or weren’t able to sign up don’t worry, Sterling Missions happen every year, taking the gospel all over the world, so if you missed this year pray about going next year.

SC Debate and Forensics dominate at HCC Invitational, set sights towards West Texas HUTCHINSON, KS--For the 4th consecutive year, Sterling College has won the “Debates on a Plain” Invitational Tournament. “The team did really well,” Junior debator Nolan Chaney said. “The team dynamic is working really well. I feel that even though there are five teams, when one of us does poorly, we lift each other up.” The tandem of Courtney Hensley and Brandon Hoesli captured the tournament championship winning a unanimous decision over Hutchinson Community College. En route to the final round victory, the duo topped teams from Cameron University, The University of Central Missour, Kansas Wesleyan and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The two amassed a 7-1 record overall. As a whole, the SC team also captured 1st place overall, with more than a 60 point ad-

vantage over the second place team, Cameron University. Sterling College advanced 4 of their 5 teams to the elimination rounds, amassing an overall record of 22-10. Individually the varsity duo of Nolan Chaney and Jessica Brayton finished in a tie for 5th place overall with team mates Alex Lawhon-Bush & Brett Smith, while the duo of Ryan Corwin and Tyler Brotton finished in 3rd overall. It’s not too often that you see this kind of a dominating performance so early in the season. Having 4 of the 8 teams in the quarterfinal bracket says volumes as to the talent level of the team. Even more impressive is the fact that team had 4 freshmen competing in the varsity division (Brett Smith, Tyler Brotton, Brandon Hoesli & Ashley McHenry). “We have four really crucial freshman that are teaming up with upperclassmen, which allows us to not only diver-

sify, but strengthen from the bottom up,” Chaney said. In addition, Melzora Towne and Alex Lawhon-Bush were both recognized as being top speakers in the tournament, with receiving 4th and 5th respectively. With such an opening weekend performance, the remainder of the season, as well as the years ahead looks bright for the SC team. The team also fared well in the individual events (forensics) portion of the tournament with Jessica Brayton, capturing 2nd in Extemporaneous Speaking. The team next travels to West Texas A&M to compete in the Coyote Thunder Debate and Individual Events Swing on October 7, 8 & 9. “I feel like we’re going to dominate this weekend,” Chaney said. “I feel like we’re favored going into the tournament and we’re going to easily end up on top.”

Getting to know:

Dr. Dale Levering By TIM KERR Staff Writer This semester we have had the honor of welcoming Dr. Dale Levering to our list of faculty. Dr. Levering is Sterling College’s new McVay Chair of Business. He has a strong focus on business in terms of missions and hopes to encourage students to use their talents and professions for the Lord, a focus that is evident in his own life. “My wife and I see Sterling as a mission duty station,” Dr. Levering said. “We hope to pour ourselves out to the students here.” Students will be quick to appreciate the pastoral and academic personality of Dr. Levering. Dr. Levering holds a number of degrees, including a B.A. in Military History from The Citadel, a Bachelor of Business Administration from Washburn University, a Finance and Management M.B.A. and an Agricultural Economics Ph.D from Kansas State University. Dr. Levering has worked in private and federal banking, in the military, and also as a pastor, lecturer, and chaplain. He has also done business-as missions work in Southeast Asia and Central Eurasia. More recently, Dr. Levering has taught at Manhattan Christian College in Kansas and LCC International University in Lithuania. Dr. Levering lives in Sterling with his wife, Dina, and his two boys, Isaac and Silas. He serves on the editorial committee of the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, and is currently working on a research project regarding Moldovan wine production and marketing. Dr. Levering is excited to be here at Sterling College. Please take the time to make him and his family welcome!

S S



Sports Wrap By ERIK DAHL Sports Editor

The Men’s Soccer team traveled to Fort Hays State on Tuesday for a non-conference matchup. Fort Hays, who has a reputation for being extremely tough, came out as expected and handed the Warriors a tough 2-0 loss. Having the rest of the week to prepare, the men hit the pitch on Saturday against conference foe Tabor College. The Warriors played extremely well, but after a penalty kick goal and time winding down, Tabor came out on top 3-2. The men will play this week at Southwestern College on Wednesday and at Kansas Wesleyan on Saturday. Riding a seven-game win streak with the conclusion of this week is the women’s Volleyball team. On the road Tuesday, the Lady Warriors team took on the Threshers of Bethel College. Winning the first and third sets and giving up the second and fourth, the match went into a decisive fifth set. Going back and forth, the Lady Warriors were able to take the fifth set by a score of 15-13 and leave with their fifth straight win. On Friday the women played host to another conference rival, Ottawa University. The Lady Warriors were firing on all cylinders, taking this match in a quick three sets, collecting win


Above Left: Junior Victor Sanches looks downfield to score in Sterling’s 3-2 loss to tabor on Sunday. Above Right: Senior Morgan Martin battles for possession in KCAC play against Tabor College. Photos courtesy of Hans Nickel

number six in a row. Saturday was a bit of a different story when St. Mary’s University came to Sterling. The Lady Spires played a lot better than their sub-.500 record would have indicated and caught Sterling by surprise. After dropping the first set by a wide margin, the Lady Warriors gathered themselves to take to second and fourth sets to send the match to a fifth set for the second time in three matches. And just like it had happened before, the ladies mustered up enough chutzpah to rally and take the final set. The Lady Warriors finished the week with a 127 record overall and a 6-3 record in KCAC matches, good enough for a current lock on third place. The team plays Tuesday at Southwestern College and Friday at a neutral site to play Arizona Christian. The Women’s Soccer team had a successful week, winning both of their matches by a one-goal margin in each.

On Tuesday the women hosted Saint Mary’s University of Nebraska. A scoreless first half led to some fireworks in the second. Sterling got on the board first by a goal off the foot of Courtney Brand and then six minutes later another from Haley Smith. The Lady’s held the shutout until 87:00th minute when St. Mary’s scored their lone goal. In their KCAC conference opener Saturday, the Lady Warriors took on Tabor College. The entire first 81:00 minutes of this match were completely quiet until Brand broke the silence with his se ond goal in two games. The lone goal was enough for Sterling as they held on to a 1-0 victory earning keeper Paige Farmer her second shutout of the season. The Lady Warriors will continue KCAC play on Wednesday when they travel to play the Lady Moundbuilders of Southwestern College.

he Freshman



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Talking Cinema With Tim

Moneyball starring Brad Pitt

A story about a man with a genius of an idea that will revolutionize how everyone in his industry thinks. A film centered around a character that is almost impossible to get a finger on, running a system that no one can quite grasp the potential of, except for the man himself, who will put everything on the line to defend his beliefs. If you just thought of The Social Network, you’d be right, but you’d simultaneously be wrong as well. The description I put forth is not only representative of The Social Network’s DNA, but also that of Moneyball, the crackling and instant sports classic directed by Bennet Miller (Capote) and starring one of Hollywood’s legends Brad Pitt. The film tells the story of Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane (Pitt) who attempts to dramatically alter the way baseball is played after all of his top players leave through free agency following a disappointing playoff series. When his boss refuses to open his pocketbook, he turns to a fresh out of Yale ingénue Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) who believes that baseball can be manipulated through mathematics instead of the intangibles that are always preached about. Facing resistance from every possible turn including the team’s manager Art Howe (Phillip Seymour Hoffman), Beane and Brand desperately scramble to put together a team that can win without any kind of real budget. While great Moneyball may have difficulty finding an audience, d refusing to simplify its ideas. Although Brandt does act as a sort of interpreter for the screenwriter, there are still a massive amount of scenes that most, will have trouble following. This is not necessarily a weakness of the film, but rather a strength, lending authenticity to its environment and layer upon layer to its characters. One weakness of the film is its supporting characters. The baseball players have no personality to speak of and are hard to cheer on. Perhaps the biggest sin the film commits, however, is giving Hoffman a one-dimensional character and such limited opportunities as to waste a master thespian. Where these characters fall short, Pitt’s Beane more

than makes up for. While Pitt has continued his evolution as an actor in recent years, moving from big time star to character actor with turns as interesting and diverse as his work in Tree of Life, Inglourious Basterds, and Babel, Moneyball gave him a character that will be remembered for years to come and may actually end up as the role that people remember Pitt for at the end of his career. Like Indiana Jones for Harrison Ford, Beane is an instant icon, an entertaining, flashy figure and yet filled with a genuine humanity that makes the character shine all the more. In many of Beane’s scenes, the character is called upon simply to be silent and reflect on everything going on around him. Pitt’s eyes dominate the audience’s attention, going from sadness to hope and back again, taking each member on a journey simply through the subtle flashes on Pitt’s face. This is a focused and endearing turn from Pitt, perhaps the best he’s ever given. Distinguishing the film even more from the norm is in its ending, where the character is given a choice similar to Mark Zuckeberg in The Social Network, between loyalty to his ideals and the chance to finally become the success he’s always dreamed of. His decision here, unlike Zuckerberg’s, turns Beane from potential villain to cinematic hero and a person that is difficult not to admire. It calls to mind films from a more optimistic era, especially bringing forth the ideas of Frank Capra in its hopefulness. While Beane is fantastic, so too is Miller’s direction. The sports scenes themselves are handled brilliantly, feeling more like opera than a basic baseball game, and always removing the focus from the players themselves back to Beane and concentrating on what each pitch means to him personally. This isn’t a sports movie per se, more a Jerry Maguire than a Rocky, and unlike many films of its ilk doesn’t have a big game sequence or moment of triumph to center around. Unlike so many movies, this doesn’t end with success, but with failure, giving a portrayal of the unachieved and the hope for something more. Initial Rating: 9/10

Mat Kearney’s Young Love album review By JON FAULKNER Staff Writer Fans of Mat Kearney who enjoyed his last album, City in Black and White, may not warm up quickly to his new album Young Love. However, the album may just go down in history as being one of his best ever. Musically Kearney usually doesn’t stray from his acoustic folk/pop sound that has defined his career. Here, he does an unusually good job of mixing it up. “Hey Mama” is a good opener musically, getting the listener into a bit of a dance mood and certainly serves as the feel good opener that was missing on City in Black and White. “Count on Me” mixes Kearney’s signature sound with a hip-hop back beat.

“Chasing the Light” is a solid rock track and is contrasted nicely by the slower “Learning to Love Again”. Lyrically the album comes off as a quirky attempt at love songs but a closer listen reveals something more. “Chasing the Light” is a song about struggles of this life while we chase after Christ. “Hey Mama” may unfortunately

fall into the cheesy category as it follows a girl who wants nothing more than to be married. “Learning to Love Again” is probably the strongest song on the album written in the form a letter to a close friend, Kearney writes, “That was the real you singing Hallelujah looking down a barrel, Hey brother we’re all learning to Love again” It’s a song you have to listen to all the way through to get the full effect, proving once again that Kearney is at his best when he slows down. All in all Young Love May make my list as one of the best albums of 2011. At the very least it will be one that fans of Mat Kearney will be talking about for a long time: a good milestone for his career as we look forward to the next.

October 5, 2011 Issue 3  

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