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July 28, 2022

13.4% The median price for an existing home rose to $416,000 last month, up 13.4% compared to a year earlier.

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Stillwater News Press • Thursday, July 28, 2022

Never put minor’s name on title Even if your intentions are good, naming a child as a “joint tenant” today can cause lots of problems later. DEAR DAVE: I bought my home when I was still a bachelor but then got married. We got divorced about two years ago after she ran off with another guy, but she never contested custody of our twin seven-year-old boys and hasn’t even asked to see them. When I eventually pass away, will my sons automatically inherit the house because my “ex” was never added to the title? Would it be wise to add my twins as “joint tenants” to the title today? ANSWER: As I’ve written countless times before, there are few things that are “automatic” about real estate and realty law. Your letter states that you never added your exwife’s name to the title to the home that you purchased when you were a bachelor. That’s all well-and-good, especially considering how the marriage ended. However, if your ex hires a good attorney, the lawyer might be able to successfully argue that she is entitled to a share of the profits if you eventually sell -- or

an equity interest if you die before selling -- if, say, you shared a joint bank account with her during the marriage and some of the cash was used to pay the mortgage or to meet other household expenses. Even if a judge rejected such a lawsuit, adding a minor’s name to a home’s title is almost always a bad idea. That’s because although most states permit a minor to hold title as a joint tenant, most also prohibit a child from conveying that title to someone else. So, if you named your twin sevenyear-olds as joint tenants and then decided to sell or refinance before they reach legal age, you might have to go before a judge and ask for a court-approved guardian to protect their financial interest in the home. That may seem like a silly scenario, but you might not be able act as your own children’s legal guardian because your status as a co-owner of the home with them might be considered a conflict of interest. Consult with a lawyer and an estate-planner for advice. You obviously need to make a will

ABOUT REAL ESTATE DAVID MYERS now that names a guardian for your sons, assuming that you haven’t already done so. Also, consider forming an inexpensive “living trust,” naming your boys as the beneficiary of the trust and another adult as your “successor trustee” to oversee your assets if you unfortunately die before they turn legal age. Forming a trust could skip the long and costly probate process that a simple will would demand and make all the inheritance and other legal issues much easier to resolve. ••• REAL ESTATE TRIVIA: A Gallup Poll (www.gallup. com) conducted last year found that only 46% of Americans had a will that explains how they would like their home, money and other assets distributed after their death. An earlier poll found that fewer than 20% had formed a money-saving living trust. •••

DEAR DAVE: What does it mean when someone is called “land-poor”? ANSWER: Wow, I haven’t heard that term in a long time. Being considered land-poor isn’t what you might think. A person who is land-poor actually has lots of land or other real property but is in dire financial straits because the property doesn’t generate any income. Good examples might be someone who owns 10,000 acres of land in an arid desert that isn’t served by paved roads or water system or a big apartment building in an area that’s so remote or dangerous that no one wants to rent there. ••• DEAR DAVE: I am thinking about getting my first real estate license, with a plan to start out working parttime but eventually turn it into a fulltime career. How much money does a typical real estate agent make?

ANSWER: There’s really no such thing as a “typical” agent. Your earnings will largely depend on how hard you are willing to work, the level of service you provide to customers and your ability to generate “repeat” business and referrals. I don’t want to discourage your plans, but I don’t think that this is the best time to enter the real estate sales business. Housing markets are cooling in most parts of the nation, mortgage rates keep rising, and a record number of realtors -- about 1.56 million, according to the recently released “2022 Member Pro-

file” by the National Association of Realtors (www.nar. realtor) -- are competing fiercely for a dwindling number of sellers. That said, the median gross income of NAR’s members (including brokers as well as agents) climbed to $54,300 last year from $44,300 in 2020. Net income, after taxes and expenses, was $34,800 last year compared to $28,300 the year before. A closer look at the report shows how important experience can be. It says that 57% of NAR members who have two years or less of experience earned less than $10,000 in 2021,

while 45% of those with more than 16 years of experience earned more than $100,000. ••• Our booklet, “Straight Talk About Living Trusts,” explains how even low- and middle-income homeowners can now reap the same benefits that creating an inexpensive trust once provided only to the wealthiest families. For a copy, send $4 and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to D. Myers/Trust, P.O. Box 4405, Culver City, CA 902314405. Net proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross. (c)2022 Cowles Syndicate Inc.

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What is a canker? A lot of the tree and shrub issues I’m seeing recently have been caused by cankers. So, what is a canker? Well, a canker is a symptom of an injury often associated with an open wound on the bark, branch or on the main trunk of a tree or shrub that has become infected by a fungal or bacterial pathogen. The bark may have been nicked by branches crossing, a weed eater or some other type of mechanical force causing injury and opening up a wound. This open wound is then susceptible to plant pathogens, especially fungi and bacteria that are unable to penetrate the bark directly but, will quickly colonize on wounded tissue. The canker can kill all of the bark in a particular area, which then girdles the branch or main stem. This girdling re-

cator in the Payne sults in the death pruning tools being into view or County Extension of all parts of the tween cuts by dipbecoming exposed office. Laura can be plant above the ping them in 10% after being conreached by email canker. household bleach cealed. at laura.payne@okCanker diseases or 70% alcohol for state.edu, phone at can cause extensive several minutes. For more infor405-747-8320, or in damage to trees Remove all infectmation on this person at the Payne and shrubs. And if ed plant material or any other horCounty Extension the trunk is affectfrom the premises. ticultural topic, office, located at ed, the entire plant Word of the you can contact LAURA PAYNE 315 W. 6th in Stillmay die. week: Emergence: Laura Payne, the water. Early symptoms budbreak. Sterilize the process of com- Horticulture Eduspring, prior to of cankers may appear as yellowing and wilting of the leaves in the tips of branches. Trees and shrubs stressed from heat and drought will display similar symptoms so it can be tricky to determine if canker if the culprit. Protection of the tree or shrub is RESIDENTIAL one way to try and Scotthaven Addition - Only 1 Lot left in this beautiful sub division $65,000 - Donna Roka Hidden Lake - 14 beautiful lots on the North Side - $52,000-$79,000 - Lori K. prevent cankers. 7425 W 80th St. - NE/4, NE/NE 10 acres m/l - $75,000 - Lori K.. Mulch with bark or 5700 E Jesse Lane - 900 sq. ft. Building 1.17 acres m/l - $69,000 - Kyle gravel around the Broker Associate 24101 1/2 CR 230, Morrison - 2 Bed 1 Bath Approx. 1.5 acre Farm House - $125,000 - Dolores/Tiffany base of trees and 405-612-6724 299 S Drury Ln - 7.13 acres in Stillwater close to Schools - $125,000 - Donna shrubs to eliminate 203 E 4th - 2 Bed 1 Bath 1,700 sq. ft. .35 acres m/l W/Shop - $139,000 - Kyle the need for mow1818 W 68th - 8.33 acres West of Hwy 177 & 68th - $175,000 - Lori K. 120 S Lowry - 3/2/2/1.5 1580 sq ft - $160,000 - Lori K. ing or weed eating 6619 N Brush Creek Rd - 3/2 2065 sq ft 2.5 acres m/l Pool Renovated Kitchen- $227,500 - Kyle close to the stems. 4518 Jenna Ln - 3/2/2 1519 Sq ft NEW CONSTRUCTION - $249,900 - Lori K. Proper pruning, 621 Lynn Ln - 4/3/2 1965 sq ft- $268,000 - Tiffany fertilizing, site 605 E. Kinder Wells Blvd - New Construction 3/2/2 1973 sq ft - $307,900 - Lori K. sanitation and ade533 E. Kinder Wells Blvd - New Construction 3/2/2 1973 sq ft - $307,900 - Lori K. quate watering will 424 S. Orchard - 5/4/2 2612 Sq Ft Close to Schools- $345,000 - Amy also help to reduce 2423 Black Oak Dr - 4 Bed 3 Bath 3181 sq. ft. - $399,000 - Lori K. 000 N Glenwood Ct. - 9 Lots platted for duplexes close to Boomer Lake - $420,000 - Tiffany canker problems. 1410 S Savannah Dr - 4 Bed/3 Full Bath/Media Room/Berry Creek - $450,000 - Tiffany Pruning should 3104 W. Wellington Ave - 4/3/3 2842 sq ft Berry Creek- $480,000 - Ann be done in early


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1218W 12th - Location Location Commercial Lot - $950,000 - Ann 115 E 80th St. - Nice large office on 2-acres m/l - $235,000 - Lori K. 203 E 80th St. - Nice large office on 3-acres m/l - $1,200,000 - Lori K. 1740-1760W Lakeview - UPSCALE OFFICE SPACE - $1,400,000 - Dolores/Tiffany 3215 S Boomer Rd - Nice Commercial building for sale - $2,245,000 - Tiffany 101 E 80th St. - Commercial building and shop on 11.5-acres - $4,000,000 -Lori K.

Stillwater News Press • Thursday, July 28, 2022

5106 Red Rose Dr. - 4bed 2.5 bath 2car garage 2835 sq ft 2.26 acre lot-$514,900-Lori C 4717 Turtle Pond Ct - 4 Bed 2.5 Bath 2 Car Garage 1/2 acres wooded lot - $563,500 - Tiffany 2620 S Black Oak Dr - “One of a Kind” Georgian 4/3.5/3 4,813 sq. ft. - $850,000 - Donna 6211 Pearl Snap Trail - 4/3.5/3 3,241 sq. ft. on 10 acres m/l w/ out buildings - $890,000 - Lori K. 29601 CR 180 - 4 Bed 2 Bath 2,245 sq. ft. 75 acres m/l - $950,000 - Tiffany 2001 N Jardot - 40+ Acres in a Prime Location - $1,000,000 - Lori K. 5106 Red Rose Dr - 4/2.5/3 2,835 sq ft - $514,900 - Kyle 909 E 68th - 4/3/2 2,575 sq ft on 4.89 Acres - $345,000 - Ann

Budget realistically for home repairs of your home, materials used and local climate patIf you’re a terns, among other homeowner and factors, says John haven’t faced a big Wessling, president repair bill yet, just of the American wait. Even in the Society of Home best-maintained Inspectors. homes, stuff will For example, a wear out or break. laminated-shinBudgeting for gle roof may last these inevitable 35 to 40 years in bills isn’t always St. Louis, where easy. One comWessling lives. But monly cited rule it could survive of thumb – to save less than 15 years 1% to 4% of your under Florida’s home’s value each harsh sun, he says. year for mainteExtreme weather nance and repairs events can wreak – can give homehavoc on homes as owners sticker well. shock as real estate How well you prices soar. maintain your Accredited fihouse also can nancial counselor have a big impact, Kate Mielitz reWessling says. cently purchased a Many homeownhome in Olympia, ers don’t notice Washington, where window caulking the median listing that dries out and price is $540,000, splits, for instance, according to Rebut the water that altor.com. Saving seeps in can cause even 1% of that, enormous damage. or $5,400, would “What might be be a stretch for a $12 or $15 repair many owners, says could turn into Mielitz, who adspending $15,000 vises low- to midor $20,000 to redle-income clients. build that wall Saving 4% would below the window,” mean putting aside Wessling says. $21,600 a year. Homeowners “I want to cry spent an average just looking at that of $950 on home number,” Mielitz maintenance – or says. 0.6% of the home’s HOME COSTS value – in 2019, acDEPEND ON AGE, cording to the latCONDITION, CLI- est American HousMATE ing Survey conRules of thumb ducted by the U.S. have limited value, Census Bureau. though, because But the amounts how much you varied considerably spend often debased on home pends on the age sizes and age, By Liz Weston


Stillwater News Press • Thursday, July 28, 2022


among other factors. For instance, the percentage of a home’s value spent on maintenance rose from 0.2% for homes built in the 2010s to 0.8% for homes built before 1960. DECIDING HOW MUCH TO SET ASIDE People who prefer to hire others should expect to spend more than do-it-yourselfers, says Mischa Fisher, chief economist for home services referral website, Angi. Angi’s survey of 2,934 homeowners who paid for home improvements last year found that they spent an average $3,018 on home maintenance, Fisher says. Those amounts typically ranged between 0.5% and 1% of their home’s value. In addition, homeowners spent an average of $2,321 on emergency repairs. Fisher recommends homeowners set aside up to 5% of their incomes for home maintenance as well as $10,000 to cover emergency repairs and system replacements. Another approach is to save based on the remaining lifespan of your home’s various components, including the roof, the heating and cooling systems,

the hot water heater and appliances. You can search online for charts and articles that estimate how long components typically last, Wessling says. Similar searches can give you an idea of replacement costs. Alternatively, hire a home inspector to conduct a home maintenance inspection, Wessling says. Like the inspections that precede a home purchase, a maintenance inspection can estimate when various home systems likely will need to be replaced. Wessling says he typically charges $400 to $500 for inspections. Let’s say you have a 5-year-old air conditioning system, which typically have life spans of 15 to 20 years, Wessling says. If a new system would cost $4,000, you might save $400 a year to cover it. You could add a fudge factor to account for future inflation, which is, unfortunately, unpredictable. Wessling suggests adding 20% to the expected cost and an additional $100 a year to your savings. OTHER WAYS TO PREPARE FOR HOME COSTS Consider setting up a home equity

line of credit that you can tap if repair bills exceed what you’ve saved. These lines of credit tend to be less expensive than many alternatives, such as credit cards. Just be sure you can make the payments: If you don’t, the lender can foreclose on your home. People who struggle to save also might consider buying a home warranty, which can cover repairs and replacements for a home’s systems and appliances, Mielitz says. Her current warranty costs about $800 a year, while service visits to fix any problem cost $75 each. Such contracts

have their downsides: The customer doesn’t control who does the repair, for example, and what’s covered depends on the policy’s terms. Consumer Reports recommends that people “self-insure” instead by putting the money they’d spend on a home warranty into a savings account earmarked for home repairs and replacements. But Mielitz, who has purchased home warranties since 2008, says the contracts give her peace of mind at a reasonable cost. “It’s kind of like car insurance. Hopefully you don’t need it, but you’ve got it if you do,”

Mielitz says. The State of Home Spending is based on Angi analysis of surveys fielded to 6,400 consumers between October 4 and October 7, 2021. Statistics on home maintenance and repair spending were based on responses of 2,934 homeowners and are a nationally representative sample of the home spending population. This column was provided to The Associated Press by the personal finance website NerdWallet. Liz Weston is a columnist at NerdWallet, a certified financial planner and author of “Your Credit Score.”

Open Sunday 1-3 1424 Canyon Rd. Country1524 living at its best. on 5.3 acres• just$142,500 minutes east of town, this home ELocated 8th st has everything you need to keep a big family happy. 4 bedrooms and an office that could be a 5th, 3 baths, 2 living areas, dining, eat in kitchen, and a game room. 3 BD, 1 BR Habitat forprivate Humanity Master Suite features a walk in closet and deck. ADA home accessible with a wheelchair ramp on the front porch. The utility leads outside toold) raised deck around Newer construction (10 years an above ground pool. Other improvements include a huge workshop, loafing shed, High quality materials, builtspot. with love raised beds and a great garden

All this for $249,900.00 Fully handicap accessible


JIM MCCOLLOM, GRI 405-762-1778

Preparing for a possible recession Wealth of Geeks


duce expenses, the employee base is one of the first things to get scrutinized. People fear losing their jobs, so they hold on to them instead of looking for something new, and therefore fewer positions become available. As the next recession approaches, it may be wise to think twice about making a big career move and perhaps consider staying in a job where you’ve proven your value. Of course, there are no guarantees in life, but having a solid network of colleagues that support you and tangible results of your work could shield you from the next round of layoffs should they occur. Start a Side Hustle When money gets

tight during a recession, having even a small income stream from a side job can help offset a loss in income and pay the bills. Whether you have a hobby like woodworking, a skill that you can use as a freelancer, or even just a phone to take surveys and earn money through PayPal, there has never been an easier time to find ways to bring in extra income outside of your day job. However, don’t wait until you desperately need the money to make ends meet. It can take some time to build a solid income stream. Adjust Your Asset Allocation to Match Your Risk Tolerance While trying to time the market is generally not a wise move, that doesn’t

mean you shouldn’t buy and sell to reallocate your portfolio from time to time. With the meteoric rise of the stock market over the past 10+ years, now is a great time to look at your asset allocation and see if it matches your risk tolerance. For example, suppose you will be entering retirement in the next year or two but have a majority of your investments in equities. Moving some of that money over to less risky investments with a better chance of holding their value in a recession may make sense. If you are fresh out of college and have a 40year career ahead of you before you need to access your retirement savings, then a heavier allocation of stocks may make sense.



5814 W. Villas Ct. Brooke Stuart 1:00-2:00pm

811 E. JA VIRGINIA NEWCT. PRICE 690,000 4507 LINDA •LOU • $525,000

What a greatspacious location for a business! Just south Walmart, this 2.29just acre south tract has 4000 Gracious, home with side entryofthree car garage of aSTW square office or daycare facility. It is sac, located on the OSU/City bus route. kitchen, Golf &foot Country Club. type Quiet cul de large flat driveway area. Full Westwood Elementary. curb appeal, and well-maintained home,orwith well in the past it wasBeautiful a daycare licensed for 86 children. It has flexible classroom office aspaces, thought out floor plan. living, dining, area, five bathrooms. Roof newOpen in 2009. Building has breakfast fire suppression kitchen an awesome covered with two access doors sprinklerand system/alarm installed. Busypatio therapy business is the current to it. South sideand backyard, lots ofare natural light in. tenant so notice an appointment necessary forcomes all showings.

Stillwater News Press • Thursday, July 28, 2022


and utilities should troublesome during er than later may be you lose your income. a recession when the wiser financial While the paltry finances are tighter, move. If the economy With the future returns on a savings especially if they falters, the housing uncertain, many account are not are high-interest market could also Americans are unexciting, remember consumer debt. At a slow, and you could sure how to protect this is for short-term time when you may have a more chaltheir finances. Forneeds. In a recession, be trying to cut back lenging time selling. tunately, there are the stock market is your lifestyle, credit And if you get into some simple and generally one of the cards with 15-20% financial trouble or concrete steps to pre- first things to plum- interest rates can have a strict timepare for a recession. met, and if you have make saving money line, you could take a Don’t Panic your supposed safety seem impossible. loss if you wait to sell During good econet invested there, it While it’s never a until after a recesnomic times, the could get wiped out good idea to rack up sion starts. unemployment rate in a matter of weeks thousands of dollars Recession-Proof hovers around 4%. In or months. in credit card debt, Your Job the 2008 recession, Pay Off High-In- now is the time to In the past few unemployment peak- terest Debt pay down high-inter- years, unemployed at 10%. So while Almost all Ameriest debt aggressively. ment rates have 6% of employees cans have some form Reconsider dropped to record lost their jobs, 90% of debt, whether a Big-Ticket Purlows, and employees stayed employed. mortgage, car loan, chases or Sales have enjoyed a lot Preparing for a student loans, or When it comes of bargaining power. recession doesn’t credit cards. When to preparing for a However, many mean stocking up on used responsibly, slowing economy, one industries have canned goods and debt can be a great thing you don’t want shortages of skilled preparing for the tool. For example, to do is take on a workers, and it has apocalypse. In most with the record-low substantial financial been easy to jump cases, the economy interest rate environ- burden. Now may from one company stops growing or ment over the past not be the time to to another to get a retracts slightly. several years, taking buy that new car promotion, pay raise, Weathering a recesout a mortgage to or bigger house at or better benefits. sion is possible if you buy a home could the top of your price During a recession, have a long-term have significantly point. Conversely, all of this can come view of your investboosted your finanif you’re looking to to a screeching halt. ments and career cial stability. sell a big-ticket item As companies cut outlook. However, debt such as your house, back budgets and If you have a safe- payments can be listing it sooner rath- look for ways to rety net and are making wise decisions with your finances in the good times, a recession is often more like a speed Dedicated professionals providing unrivaled service. bump than driving off a cliff. 114 W. Hall Of Fame • Stillwater • 405.533.3000 Increase Your StillwaterSignatureRealEstate.com| @RemaxSignatureStillwater Cash Reserves Most financial advisers recommend OPEN OPENHOUSES HOUSE •SUNDAY, SUNDAY,JULY FEB. 31 7 saving at least six months of expenses in an emergency 4830 W. 11th CT. 5518 W. 7th AVE. 1427 S. ASHTON AVE. savings account. This 4BR, 3,648 Sq. Ft. 3BR, 2BA, 1,777 Sq. Ft. 5BR, 4BA, 3,664 Sq. Ft. emergency fund will $335,800 $209,500 $448,500 Brooke Stuart Sarah Manuel Rachel Shields allow you to continue 1:00-3:00 P.M. 1:00-2:00 P.M. 2:00-4:00 P.M. paying for necessities such as rent, food, By Andrew Herrig

Best houseplants for busy professionals Succulents and Cacti When it comes Houseplants to ease of care, and add atmosphere the lowest water to any home or usage, look no furoffice and provide ther than a succuother benefits as lent or cacti. Dickwell. Many busy erson shares that professionals are some very hardy concerned about and forgiving cacti the care needed for are trichocereus, house plants and mammilaria, opuntherefore, often shy tia, and notocactus, away from becomand succulents ing plant parents. include aeonium, These five varieties euphorbia, echeare consistently veria, sedum, and noted as easy care pachyphytum. houseplants, along “For a busy prowith some honorfessional they can able mentions and make excellent resources on where plants because they to buy and how to require the least care for them. maintenance. Cacti Devil’s Ivy and succulents re(Marble’s Queen tain water in their Pothos) hard and plump Devil’s Ivy, part leaves and stalks, of the Pothos varithey have evolved eties, is always on to go long periods the top of the list without rain,” he because they can says. “If you make survive all levels sure they have adeof abuse, including quate drainage and low water. Cuttings correct sunlight, of Pothos can be they can get by propagated in the with a good watersoil even during ing every nine days the winter. Since and some fertilizer the leaves and in the spring.” plant can grow to He also noted be quite large, plac- that depending on ing a pole inside weather conditions, the pot can do well most types enter for the plant. dormancy in fall “Devil’s Ivy, are and require no wanotoriously hard to tering all the way kill and they thrive until spring. “As in low light condilong as you make tions like an office sure they don’t setting making freeze through the them an excellent winter months, window sill or desk they are plants companion,” says that can basically Dane Dickerson, be ignored for half California-based of the year!” cactophile and Snake Plant owner of Persistent (Sansaveria) Plants. Snake plants By Kelley Dukat


Stillwater News Press • Thursday, July 28, 2022

Wealth of Geeks

make every list as good for beginners and require little maintenance. It’s also notorious for several benefits which improve home and office environments. In fact, A NASA study found that one species of snake plant, Motherin-law’s Tongue, removed 52.6 percent of pollutants from the air in 24 hours. This makes a snake plant very good for bedrooms because it allows for more quality sleep. Besides producing fresh oxygen, a snake plant can also absorb mold and cancer-causing toxins from the air like benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, carbon monoxide, and toluene. Imagine how easy it is to relax with outdoor air pollution being managed by a plant. Vladan Nikolic, founder of Mr. Houseplant LLC, and the blog, Mr. Houseplant, which aids newcomers in the houseplant world to become great plant parents, says this about snake plants. “It’s a low-light tolerant plant that can go without water for months if needed. Of course, you should water it regularly, but in case you forget, this plant is very forgiving.” Aloe (Aloe Bar-

badensis Miller) Aloe-the plant many turn to when they’ve spent too much time in the sun, usually in gel or lotion form. Aloe is a type of succulent that is very low maintenance and easy to care for. Since they store moisture in their leaves, watering once a week is okay-and can go as long as two to three weeks, particularly in the winter. Kelly Martin, the founder of the gardening blog Urban Garden Gal, talks about caring for an Aloe plant. “To check if your Aloe Vera needs watering, stick your finger into the soil about an inch deep to make sure it’s dry before watering.” In addition, she states it’s also very easy to propagate from the baby plants that grow around the base of the plant. “Just cut them off the mother plant and pot them up.” Heartleaf Philodendron (Philondendron Cordatum) Heartleaf philodendron is on the list of best low-maintenance plants for a good reason, according to Nikolic. It tolerates very low light levels, which means it can grow well in low-light homes, as well as in dark corners or

bright homes. It is relatively forgiving of watering mistakes. Unlike succulents which can die from a single overwatering, a philodendron might lose some leaves, but it will generally survive overwatering or underwatering. This makes it an excellent plant for beginners. “People like to keep plants in spots where they look good, not necessarily where they will get the most light” states Nikolic. “And heartleaf philodendron is very forgiving in that sense, as it can grow in any spot.” Honorable Mentions Martin also adds two to her list-jade plants (crassula ovata) and air plants (Tillandsia spp.) For jade-a type of succulent with thick rounded leaves-she says they are easy to care for and live for many years in the same pot. “Jade plants actually prefer to dry out between waterings, so it won’t matter if you forget to water them for a few days!” For Air Plants (Tillandsia spp.) she says because they don’t need soil to grow and don’t need to be watered, they are ideal for busy people as well. “Air plants can ab-

sorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves, so they only need an occasional misting with a spray bottle,” she says. Nikolic adds ZZ plant and Marimo moss balls to his recommendations because they are low-light tolerant plants and don’t require frequent watering. Where to Plant Shop Leading online plant marketplaces such as Ansel & Ivy and Plants. com feature guides on best plants for beginners making it easier than ever to choose the right plants. Ansel & Ivy also features a care guide. “We help customers pick plants that match their commitment level and their environment by offering a number of online filters that guide them through their shopping experience. We also include digital care instructions with each order,” stated Hiraa Khan,

co-founder of Ansel & Ivy, in this 2019 Forbes article. Nikolic also suggests the busy professional might want to turn to Etsy when purchasing their houseplants since they deliver right to homes and local plant shops since their products will generally be in better condition. “It’s important to note that nobody was born with a green thumb,” he says. “Even houseplant experts, nursery owners, and plant shop owners have killed hundreds of plants, not on purpose of course. If it happens, we learn something from it and try again.” Proper planning can aid even busy professionals in their quest for the perfect plant. There are so many great benefits of a house plant, making them an excellent addition to a home or office and there is one out there for everyone.

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Dr. Deerfield

s Wild Turkey Pas

Vista Ct.

Red Rose Dr.

Cottontail Ln.

Jardot Rd.

Perkins Rd.

Husband St.

Western Rd.

Sangre Rd.

Washington St.

Fountain View Ct.

Timberline Dr.



S. Westchester St.

Hightower St.

Henderson St.

Mockingbird Ln. Collins Ct. Colby Lance

Villa Dr.

Drury Ln.

4th Av.

Eastgate St.

Crestwood Cr.

Raintree Av.

3rd Av. 4th Av.

Peach Tree Av. Stonegate Av.

19th Av.

32nd Av.

44th Av.



Lydia Ln.

34th Av.

Fern St.

Main St.

35th Av.

3rd Av.

5th Av.

17th Av.

Main St.

Husband St.

Knoblock St.

West St.

33rd Av.

2nd Av. 4th Av.

Jardot Rd. 16th Av.

Payne St.


Ransom Dr.


29th Av.

31st Av.


Pos Pinewood Cr.

ower Hight

Oakwood Dr.

9th Av.

26th Av.

30th Av.

Denver St. St.

Jardot Rd.

Blair St.

Payne St. Payne St.

7th Av.


32nd Av.

Timbercrest Dr. Timbercrest Cr.

4th Av.

4th Av.

25th Av.

Mar Vista St. 28th Av.


Blair St. Payne St.

Eastern Av.

Cottonwood Dr.

Crestwood Dr. Crestwood Ct.

24th Av.

26th Av.

Cedar Ct.


Wedgewood Dr.

Virginia Av.

19th Av.

22nd Av.

Denver Ct. Denver St.

Jardot Rd.

Wedgewood Ct. Wedgewood Dr.

Skyline Ln.

Grandview St.

Manning St.

Donaldson St.

Stallard St.

Stallard St.

Hall St.

Leigh St.

Burdick St.

James Ct. Alc

Pennsylvania St.

Hartford St.

Fern St.

Chester St. Fern St.

17th Av. 18th Av.

Connell Ct. Connell Av.

Matthews Av.

3rd Av.

Hartford St.

Lowry St.

Chester St. Lowry St.

16th Av.

Young St.

Skyline St.

Canyon Rim Dr.

Skyline St.

Briarwood Dr.


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nn y Ct bro . ok



Benjamin St.


Burdick St.

Perkins Rd.

Grandview Ct. Grandview St.

Manning St.

Dr .

Manning St.

Berry Ct. Arrington Ct. Arrington Dr.

Hartford St. Dryden St. Redbud Ct. Dryden St.

Star St.

Lowry St.

Lewis St. Lewis St.

Husband St.

Main St.

Husband Pl.

West Bl.

Duck St.

West St.

Birchwood Ct. son Ct. Wedgewood

12th Av.

13th Av. 13th Pl. 14th Av. 15th Av.

Payne St.

Dryden St.

Hartford St.

Benjamin St.


Crescent Dr. Glenwo od Dr.

Husband St.

Main St.

Hoke St. Husband St.

Masin St.

West St.

Duncan St.

Knoblock St. Knoblock St.

Hester St.

Washington St.

Ramsey St.


Karr Ct.

Whitney Ct. McElroy Rd.

Young St.

Park Dr. sb Hu

West St. Duck St.

Duncan St.

Hester St. Knoblock St.

West St. Duck St.

Washington St. Bellis St.

Hester St.

Hester St.

Monroe St. Jefferson St.

Adams St.

Stanley St.

Pine St.

Gray St.

Orchard St.

McDonald St.

Walnut St.

Blakely St.

Willis St. Willis St.

Willis St.


Dr. Park Cr.

Park Dr.

dD r. an

Pa rk Sta Dr. rD r.

Husband St.

Keller Dr.

Crescent Dr.

Ramsey St.

Ramsey St.

Ramsey St.

Lincoln St.

n St. Monroe St. Jefferson St.


Monroe St.


Walnut St. Melrose Dr. Pine St. Redwood St. Gray St. Cleveland St. Stanley St. Garfield St.

Ramsey St.

McFarland St. . Kings St

Kings St. Orchard St.

Willis St.

Kerr St.

d St.

Murray Ct.

Black Oak Dr.

12th Av.


21st Av.

Cambridge Dr.

Oxford Dr.

Walnut St.

t Dr.

Summ erlin Ct. Bridlew ood


24th Av. August Dr. Cambridge Ct.

24th Av.

11th Av.


8th Av.

8th Av.

9th Av. 10th Av.

Redbud Dr.


7th Av.

8th Av.


21st Av. 23rd Av.


Cedar Ct.

4th Av. 5th Av.

5th Av.

5th Av.

19th Av.

22nd Av. 23rd Av.

3rd Av. 4th Av.


Arbor Cr.


rD eda

Maple Av.

7th Av.

12th Av.

11th Pl.


Maple Av.

Western Rd.

August Dr.



Surrey Dr.

Dr . in

McFarland St. Kings St.

Western Rd.

Dr. Ridge Dr. Ridge Dr. ge

Ridge Dr. Rid

Devon St. Wicklow St. Eagle Summit

Rocky Ridge

r. dge D Fox Le

Fountain View Dr.

7th Av.


Elm Av.

Elmwood Cr.

Elm Av. Maple Av.

Brooke Av.

Sunrise Av.

McElroy Pl.

Arrington Dr.

Virginia Av.

Virginia Av.

Krayler Ave.


Country Club Rd.

Miller Av.


Forest Trail Ct.

44th Av.

Turtle Pond Ct.

Hall of Fame Av. Mathews Av.

Lakeview Rd.

Will Rogers Dr. Cimarron Pl. Cimarron Dr. Leland Frontier Dr. Linda Av. Willham Dr. Ct. Boyles Ct. Willham Dr. Manning Ct.

Connell Av.




n St.

tone Woods

Pheasant Eagle Creek Ave. Ridge Ave.

5th Av.

Will Rogers Dr.

Dryden Cr.


er om

Doral Ln.

Cantwell Av.

Scott Av.

Scott Av.

University Av.

31st Av.

Woodland Trails Dr.


Krayler Ave. Ridgecrest Av. Brooke Av. Moore Av. Franklin Ln. Knapp St.


a Ct.

Emma Swim Ave.


Isabell Pointe Dr.

29th Ct. 30th Av.

Knotts Av.

Connell Av.

Connell Av.

Morrill Av.

. ock Ln

Deer Crossing Dr.

18th Ct.

R Saddle

32nd Av.

Ct. . nery ock Ln R dle Sad


Fox Ledge Ln.

22nd Av.

Quail 25th Av. Ridge Ct.



Fox Ledge Ct.

Black Oak Dr.



k Dr.

e aV






Willow Park Cr.


Legendary Ln.


Bristol Rd. Av. 24th Av.

18th Av.

20th Av. 21st Ct.

L rde

Wentz Ln. University Cr.


4th Av. 5th Av. 5th Av.

Wehr Ln..

Cantwell Av.

13th Av. 14th Av.

17th Av.

Pioneer St. Quail Ridge Dr. 28th C t.

Tanglewood Cr.


Inverness Ln.

Helena Hts.

10th Av.

3rd Av.

Scott Av.

Lauren Lane

uit Chiq ood Ct. w Wild Brentwood Dr. n Dr. Peca Redbud Dr. Redbud Dr. Randolph Ct. Eskridge Av. Windrock Hartman Av. Cr. Tyler Av. Tyler Av. Highview Av. rgia

Pioneer St.




Black Oak Dr. Countryside Dr.





Fox Ledge Dr.

Aloysius Cr.

8th Av. 9th Av.

l. ey P Surr 15th Av.

19th Av.

Sawgrass St.


Fairfield Dr. Mansfield St. r Ridge Ct.

Hillside St.

Davinbrook Ln. Fiddlers Hill St. Berkshire Dr. Dublin Dr.

Fairfield Dr.


Westridge St. Hillside Ct.

18th Ct.

18th Av.

Lyndsey Ct.

Shiloh Creek

r. k D r. r. 15th Av. Old Forest D D roo stb hire ar Charleston Cypress Mill We orks alam Y Sh

Shadow Creek Ln.

Briarcreek Dr.

Wicklow St.

Devon St.

Murphy St.

Shumard Ct. Oak St. W. Shumard Dr.

Pioneer St.

Sangre Rd.

Squires St.

Charles Dr.

Rid lue Sprin B gdal Wo e Dr. odc res t Dr. 11th Ct. Edgemoor Dr.

Iba Dr.

Oak Trail Dr.



Chapel Hill


Knoblock St.

Garfield St. Cleveland St.

McFarland St.

McDonald St.

Willis St. Ridge Rd.

Country Club Rd. Windsor Dr. 2nd Ct. Kea ts D r.

Abbey Ln. Windsor Dr.

Oak Ridge Dr. Basin Ridge Dr. r. ge D

Greystone St.

Stoneridge Dr.

Westwood Ln.Westwood Dr.


ge Rd .

Walking Trail

Vil la

18th Av.





Dells Av.

Lewis St.

Lincoln St. Ivy Ct.

Liberty Ct.

Lincoln St. Lincoln Brooke Lincoln St. St. Hollow Ct. Monroe St. Monroe Monroe St. St. Jefferson St.

d. sR ces l Ac tria dus rt In

Preston Liberty Cr. Cr.

Airp o

Valley Dr.

Mark Circle

Charolais Dr.

Warren Drive

Valley View Bradley Pl. Sangre Rd.

Keely Ct.

Range Rd. Crosswinds

rook St.






ge drid W oo


Murphy Dr.

Range Rd.


Westbrook Ct. 15th Av.


Austin Ct.

lo Wil

Scissortail Dr.

Stillwater News Press • Thursday, July 28, 2022

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Lou Ct

Loper Billin gslea Ln. Ct.

Summer Hill Ct. Germaine Ct.


Sunset Av. University Av.

7th Av.

Country Club Dr.




land Ct . Ja Lind a

Aggie Dr.


Charring Cross


Crestview Av.

Crestview Ct. Cowboy Ct. High

Woodlake Dr. Deer Creek Ct.





la od


St. Tyler Av.

Farm Av. Olive Ln. Drummond Av. Athletic Av. Monticello Dr.

Arrowhead Pl.

Arrowhead Av.

5th Av.

Richfield Ct.

. Club Dr . Country Club Ct Country 14th Av. Woodland Ct. Oakfield Ct. 16th Av. Dr.


Admiral Av. Sherwood Av.

4th Av.

Prescot Dr.

g Tan


8th Av.



ks Kenslow Dr.


nsh Devo

11th Av.


Mercury Av.

Liberty Dr.

Keller Dr. Lakeview Ct.

d Dr.

Oa Durham Ct. Ashford Ct.

Frontage Road 7th Av.

Ashton Ave.

ointe en P Gard ill ng H Spri Deer Run Ct.


5th Av. 51

Fairway Dr.


d Hid


5th Pl.

e Dr. Ridg





Pecan Lake Av. Trenton Ct. Pecan Trail Ct.











Scott Av.

Miller Av.

Virgina Av.

Pecan Hill St.


d oo




Franklin Ln.

Dr. nett Graham Av. Ben Will Rogers Dr. Eskridge Av. Eskridge Av.

Eskridge Pl.





rst D


Thomas Av.


Tyler Av.

Hall of Fame Av.

2nd Av.

10th Av.


McElroy Rd.

1st Av.

9th Av.


Tyler Av.

Walnut St.

Reese Landing

8th Av.



Farm Av.

7th Av. 8th Av. 8th Ct. 9th Ct. Trenton Av.

Brooke Jefferson St.

Brooke Moore Franklin

Oak Crest Rd.

Harned Av.

Mohawk Av.


Marcus Dr.

Swim Av.

oke r. Brollow D Ho

Hereford Dobi Ln.

Eastland Dr.

Wiley St.

Lakeview Rd.

Eskridge Av.

3rd Av.

Boomer Lake

Liberty Rd. Preston Av.

Vena Ln.

4th Av.

Parkway Dr.

Osage Dr.


Airport Rd.

Newman Av.

Hillcrest Av.

Lakeridge Av.

Rutledge Dr.

Windmill Ln.


. Dr


te S

d Win


Tobacco Rd.



lD mil


Preston Ln.

State Ln.

Lisa Ct. Lori Ct. Lakeview Rd.


177 Airport Rd.

Harned Av. Madison Ct.

Thomas Av. Frances Av.

Memory Ln. Country Ln.

Cheyenne Av.

w illo W

Newman Av. Hillcrest Av. Brown Av.



Arapaho Av.

Lake Sh

Harned Av.

Windsor Cr.

mC t.



Ramsey St.

Airport Ln.

W rig ht

Monroe St.

Dr .

Land Run Dr.

Hartwood Av.



Knoblock St.

Ranch Av.

3. 5814 W. Villas Ct. 1-2. ... Brooke


Rogers Dr.

Ute Av.

Cherokee Av.

RE/MAX Signature

Wil lia

Pa rk Gr vie ee w C nv r. ale Cr . vis Ct. Ma


Duncan St.

2. 424 S Orchard, 1-2. ... Amy

Richmond Rd.



Washington St.

Stillwater Municipal Airport

gate Dr .

Britton Ct. B Dr. ritton Greenbriar Cr. Dr. Au d Ma ene D rieD r. r. Greenvale Ct. Ct. side C Brook

Golf Dr.

Falls Dr.

Fisher Provence 1. 4507 Ja Linda Lou Ct, 1-3. ... Page Real Estate Professionals

Lynn Ln.


Hartford St. Dryden St. Benjamin St. Burdick St. Burdick St. Berry St. Arrington St. Marshall St. Doty St. Blair St. Grandview St.

Stonecrest Ct.


Richmond Hill Rd.

Washington St. Garfield St.

Husband Pl. Northgate Dr.

Stonecrest Ave.


Richmond Rd.

Park Pl. Tower Park Dr.

Richmond Hill Ct.

nd St. Husba

Hunters Ridge

• All Open Houses are Sunday unless otherwise indicated.

Quartz Dr.

Chateau Pl. Peaceable Acres Rd.

Springfield St.

Week of Sunday, July 31, 2022

3rd Pl.

Burris Rd.

Burris Rd. 177

• Open Houses may be canceled in the case of inclement weather. If you have questions, please call the hosting REALTOR®.

Jardot Rd.


Yost Rd.

Perkins Rd.

Yost Rd.