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What’s in Stiletto this issue? Hey everyone! A belated Happy New Year to everyone, and welcome to the new issue of Stiletto. We’ve got all of your favourite regular features. There’s the Bullshit News, which gives you a little glimpse into what life would be like if we ruled the world. Or at least Hollywood (hint: we would enforce a law forbidding a certain Mr Gosling from wearing shirts. Ever). And we’ve got Style In The City - you Sheffielders really know how to dress. As far as reviews go, we’ve been trying out a lot on your behalf - from trapezing to chocolate facepacks (really). It’s usually around this time that those of you who will be staying in Sheffield next year (unlike us, who have to go and live like real grown ups, boo) will start looking for housing, so make sure you read our guide to avoid moving in to an absolute hovel. And, especially for our lovely readers, we have attempted to make the impossible possible and understand the innerworkings of the ‘uni LAD’ mind. Trust us, it’s a dark and troubling place. So for all this, plus plenty more gossip, fashion and one very revealing article on the pro’s and con’s of one night stands, read on!

e n i l o r Ca

n i r E and


On The Cover ♥ Your Sartorial Survival Kit: Survive the Sheffield winter in style ♥ Make Your Own: Peter Pan collar Cover Image: Google Images

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♥ One Night Stands: For and against


♥ Bad Chat-Up Lines: No, boys, these will never work


♥ Chocolate Face Packs: Weird or wonderful?


♥ Trapeezing Review: Are Team Stiletto cut out for a life with the circus (hint: probably not)?


Fashion ♥ Fashion Forecast: What has next season got in store? ♥ Colour Blocking: Red versus black

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Features ♥ Step Up Or Shut Up: When should we intervene and when 14 should we be quiet? ♥ Typical Girl Traits: Does every girl do this?


♥ Inside The Mind Of The Uni Lad: Boys talk turn-offs, shoes and Zooey Deschanel


♥ Housing Horror Stories: Your shocking, scary and downright hilarious tales of student living


Beauty ♥ Winter Beauty Tips


♥ How To ‘Bump It’: Adios, flat hair


Entertainment ♥ On The Couch With: Stuart Newman


♥ The North South Debate: Can we finally settle it?


♥ Reviews: Songs to warm up your winter


Showbiz New s


It’s the second coming, the messiah has arrived. ‘Bay-B’ Blue Ivy Carter entered the world in January after nine months of luxury in probably the most glamorous womb of all, already infinitely cooler, richer and more successful than we will ever be. We bow down to you, your (tiny) highness.

2. We’ve been in a constant state of closed eyes, clenched fists and diva hands

since the sad news of Whitney Houston’s death broke (and the subsequent powerballad YouTube marathons were undertaken). RIP Whitney, we’re sure a fitting memorial will be the countless murderous renditions of your classics at this year’s X Factor auditions.

3. Russell Brand finally came to his senses and divorced the shy, retiring and self-

deprecating Katy Perry. Obviously he realised he was pining for ‘The One That Got Away’. Oh!

4. One broken heart helped Adele win SIX Grammys for her second album ‘21’ or to use its alternative title ‘Now That’s What I Call Songs To Scream Drunk and Crying Outside Your Ex’s House at 5am’.

5. Our favourite (and most shiny) pop star couple Marvin and Rochelle off of JLS and The Saturdays are engaged! Bit weird considering how much they look like siblings, but whatever- HAVE BABIES NOW PLEASE.

s Bullshit New Disclaimer: May not be true in the traditional sense of the word (though we wish it was)...

1. Rihanna felt the nip in the air and decided to layer up. 2. The Kardashian clan decided to shy away from the spotlight to focus on their education, philanthropy and generally becoming more rounded people.

3. Imogen Thomas did something remotely news worthy without publicity hunting, ruining no marriages in the process.

4.Victoria Beckham realised how good she’s got it and turned that frown upside down.

5. We’re in with a chance as Harry Styles finally decided to pursue his secret penchant for older women... Oh wait.



Sophie, 21 Studying: French and Spanish At: University of Sheffield Style Inspiration: “I get a lot of things from eBay and charity shops.”

And The


Imogen, 19

Tori, 19

Studying: Photography At: Norton College Style Inspiration: “I mainly shop in vintage stores or Topshop.”

Studying: Fine Art At: Norwich Arts College Style Inspiration: “I like a mix of high street and vintage especially Cow.”

Look out for the Stiletto photographers around campus. You could be in the next issue!


l a i r o Sart t i K l a v i v r u S


For those of you who are new to Sheffield, South Yorkshire winters can come as a bit of shock - icy mornings, houses you can see your breath in and the sudden ability to slide down hills without a sledge. Stiletto’s Cathy Sables gives her top tips to keep you comfortable, safe and most importantly fashionable in the cold days and colder nights...

1. The Only Way Is Wedges

By now we’re sure you’ll have all realised (and cursed) the fact that Sheffield seems to have more hills than any other city. Everyone knows icy cobbles and stilettos were never meant to mix, so avoid the embarrassment of going head over heels on a night out and make the most of this winters’ ankle boot trend by investing in a wedged or platformed shoe boot. The platform or wedge will stabilise you more than a stiletto on an icy night and has the added benefit of keeping your feet warmer.

2. folding flatties Sometimes, on the iciest of nights out, even a trusty wedge won’t suffice. To avoid any dangerous situations - and let’s face it no one’s going to impress their crush with a sprained ankle - pop a pair of flats in your bag for the post-club walk. Now, if like us, you sometimes favour a small clutch bag, or like our favourite supermodels you aren’t blessed with size 3’s, you may not be able to fit a full pair of flats in your bag. For this we recommend folding flats. Available online, they fold neatly in half and slot perfectly into a small bag. You can now get them in several different colours and designs, and they’re so comfy that some of our team have been known to wear them every day.

3. cosy coats Now we all know that students aren’t famed for having endless amounts of money but there are two things we think are worth investing in for the winter, one of which is a coat. A coat going to be one of your most worn garments in Sheffield, so make sure it’s a good one. We recommend getting one with a hood and either in a bright fun pattern you won’t mind seeing every day, or one in a darker colour that won’t clash with your clothes. There are loads of styles on the market - if you prefer a preppy look go for a fitted shorter jacket or if you prefer a vintage look, a classic parka can’t be beaten.


4. when it comes to shoes, get a grip

It’s not only when you’ve had a drink in Sheffield that you aren’t exactly graceful on your feet. The ice hits at all times - outside your flat, en route to lectures, on union concourse. Sheffield is pretty generous with providing opportunities for embarrassing falls. Ice, combined with rain means your body can take a battering, which is why a great pair of boots is our second item worth investing in. Here in our very own windy city, ballet flats (apart from of course your special Primark corp shoes) just won’t cut it. It’s worth spending the money on a pair of shoes that will take you through the winter without holes, discoloration and generally being a waste of money. Anyway who doesn’t love a great excuse to buy a new pair of shoes! There are some great stylish-but-Sheffield-proof boots out there, ranging from a classic Kate Middleton knee high style to a quirkier Doc Martens. It might seem like an expense but trust us, when you’re the only one with warm feet, smugly strutting past girls who thought their gripless brogues could cut it on the ice (rookie mistake), you’ll be grateful. Remember to get them big enough to fit some fluffy socks - and girls, if you’re still devoted to your Uggs, make sure you waterproof them.

6. snug in a snood 5. bags? think big There’s no way of telling what the winter can be like in Sheffield. You leave the house thinking it’s sunny and by the time you reach your lecture you look like a drowned rat and can’t feel your fingers! The best way to combat this is to always be prepared for the worst. It sounds miserable, but this way you’re guaranteed to still be smiling even in the pouring rain. Carry with you a mini umbrella, some gloves, a thin scarf and maybe even a hat and you’re prepared for whatever Sheffield throws at you. Your very own South Yorkshire survival kit. However there’s nothing more stressful than trying to squash all your bits and bobs into a tiny handbag. So broaden your bag collection and get a bag you can fit your life into. Try and get one with inside pockets as you’ll find your items quicker. Again there’s a fantastic range of bags out there, from Division streets vintage satchels to Topshops TOWIE-esque totes.

Now as you may have realised by point 6, Sheffield’s a cold, hilly city. The problem with this is that even if you wrap up fully against the cold, you can get a little bit sweaty walking up and down the hills. Scarves are a great idea - they keep you warm and brighten up a dull winters day. However after five minutes of tackling Conduit Hill or Endcliffe’s Death Mountain, they can become a curse, sticking to your neck whilst leaving your nose still cold. That’s why we recommend a snood. For those not in the know, a snood is basically a scarf that has been joined at the ends making a giant tube. The advantage is they can be draped loosely around the neck, stopping them from making you sweaty, but still enabling you to pull them round your nose when the wind hits. H&M have a great selection, with both fine more breathable knits to thicker fair isle versions.

7. snow business Cheesy we know, but there really is nothing worse that starting a snowball fight against your opposing halls or housemates and having to go inside because your fingers are blue. So, here’s an old wives tip that, while slightly unusual is surprisingly handy - rubber gloves. That’s right - a pair of old marigolds can keep you warm. Put a pair on underneath your normal gloves and your fingers will stay warm, dry and no one will be any the wiser.


8. bold in a blazer

Now this tip is really Sheffield specific - how to cope with Corp! If you haven’t yet been scared away from the birth-place of quad vods and graveyard for dignity (trust us the day will come) then you’ll be coping with the Corp shakes. That’s the feeling you get when you leave the hot sweaty dance floor to go home and you’re hit by the icy weather outside. As any who has been will know, a school shirt isn’t the sturdiest of clothes once the first quad vod has hit, it’s easy to end up with a shirt doused in a rainbow of pints, making the journey home even colder. Here’s where a blazer comes in. It will keep you warm in the queue and on the way home, can be tied round a bag strap and is still in keeping with your best schoolgirl impression. Obviously, being Corp, there’s a high chance it will get ruined on its first trip, so be wise and hit up Primarni.

9. granny chic


While we welcomed with open arms the pattern tights that have become more and more fashionable as the season has gone on, they do create a problem when the cold sets in. Unlike simpler times when you could easily just double up pairs of tights to keep warm, many pattern tights have sheer stocking tops and panels, or pattern that would be ruined by an extra pair of opaques underneath. Still, as everyone has had drilled into them, layers keep you warm. So if you can’t put an extra black pair underneath your tights, instead layer up with two thinner nude pairs. The extra layers create insulation and the pattern stays intact. If you’re still cold and can forgo the patterns we recommend knee socks over tights, they keep you super warm, can be brought in many colours and add an touch of Gossip Girl to any outfit.

Now usually when you hear the word thermals you don’t automatically think of fashion. In fact you’re more likely to think of your granny. Yet a thermal vest or base layer can be a godsend on a night out. Thermal vests are ultra thin and keep your body at a stable temperature. They can be slipped under dresses, tops and even jumpsuits without any extra bulk - just extra warmth. They’re also thin enough to be rolled up in your bag if you eventually get too hot (although we challenge you to do this in good old Sheff). They come in lots of colours, including nude. So if your sheer tops are making you chilly rather that chic, get your Nan on the phone.

re. a u e yo ed and he r e t h m So t ’re ar battle e You dy to rkshir ck, rea th Yo ood lu Sou ter. G win ops! tro


Fashion Forecast

It’s that time again, when we are teetering on the brink of two different seasons, unsure weather to start splurging our loans on new summer wardrobes, or wait and stay firmly zipped under our parkas. But what can we expect to see from the new season? Stiletto’s resident sartorial weather girl, Georgina Large gives us her predictions. as the designers skilfully engineered the it’s –6°c; it is freezing, patterns; nipping in waists and falling to a and yet here I am scouring the webpages of stop below the knee. But the queen of print ASOS in search of a floral print bandeau… still reigned on in Mary Katrantzou. Within you know, those small bikini-like crop tops? her collection the designer illustrated that Yes one of those. Looking at the frost that pattern is indeed essential; her use of bright remains thick outside my highly centralcolours: neons, electric blues, and yelheated room the word madness springs to lows… and print: floral, feathers, sea-life… mind, but this slight insanity is most defiswirled dramatically. The contradiction here nitely justified. was not just her use of contrasting prints, You only have to look at a magazine stand but was also apparent in her translation of to find the answer - it’s obvious: Spring/ the loud should-be garish prints, onto to Summer fashion 2012 has arrived. beautiful architectured clothing. KatranAfter a winter of doom and gloom, exam zou’s collection should have screamed brash stress of course mandatory, the Spring/ and yet, somehow, it didn’t. The clothes Summer season provides us with a welwere stunning, focusing on silhouette and come change. As usual summer fashion has texture; they were both fluid and beautiful. brought with it more romantic themes and Her 2012 collection for Topshop, available lighter palates, but whereas last year pale this month, is sure to be a must-buy. colours dominated the runways, this year Further on the high street we are faced with we are confronted with an explosion of this similar bright and exciting picture. colour and excitement; and the outcome? Topshop is great when looking for romantic Something truly special. pastels and vibrant prints, and ASOS for Everything about the new season screams girly-grunge, and neon denim. The new vibrancy and chaos, with contradiction a summer items are everywhere: you don’t theme prevalent within collections. have to look far to discover the smartie-like At Prada pleated skirts of soft pastel colours array of colours, the romantic folds of lace, were made in leather and paired with flamthe tropical, floral, and animal prints. Spring ing Greased Lightnin’ shoes. Femininity is bringing around an enthralling change, and romanticism were epitomised at Louis available in so many different forms - handVuitton with sparkling diamante and white bags, jackets, jeans - there must be somebouffant floral dresses, thing for everyone. yet flashes of colour; a Spring/ Summer 2012 is blue shoe or a yellow all about the celebratory jacket made breaks in the and the beautiful. It is otherwise white set. At about a certain freshness Richard Nicoll pale blue and embracing optimism. and blush dresses seemed So, one tip for the new an obvious nod toward season? Wear things that the pretty, but, on closer emanate happiness; things inspection, the delicate that make you smile. It skirts and the puffball is this brightness that is sleeves, were often making us so impatient constructed in plastic or for the arrival of next seametallic. Striking prints son. But maybe it’s okay were central at Proenza to embrace the excitement Schouler and Peter Pilotto early.


Topshop’s jean range echoes a crayola box


$ave the Cash Craft Peter Pan collars are a big hit this season, however buying the same version of a black dress just to have a different collar can also be a big hit on your bank balance. So why not make your own - it’s fun, simple and most importantly cheap. Making your own allows you to choose exactly how you want your collar to look and means you can add it to any dresses you already own, creating a whole new look in minutes. Here’s Cathy Sables’ guide on how it can be done. You will need: 1 piece of material/ old top - we recommend Primark pillowcases, they only cost 1.50 and can be bought in a variety of colours) Ribbon - John lewis has a great selection, but to be even cheaper try an independent craft shop or castle market Needle and thread Paper Scissors

Now follow our lead ...

1. Firstly take your piece of paper and

cut out a shallow curved semi circle. The semi circle should go from the centre of your neck to the line of your shoulder. Depending on the look you want you can point or curve the ends of your pattern.

2. Next, lay the collar pattern onto your

material and cut around it. Flip the paper over and do the same again. Once cut out, hold your collar pieces against your neck and make any adjustments to the shape necessary.

3. Then, cut a length of ribbon that is long enough to run across both pieces of the collar and tie

around your neck - make sure there’s enough ribbon left to tie at different lengths, depending on the neckline of your top or dress.


4. Once cut pin the ribbon onto the collar.

5. The next step is to stitch a simple running stitch

down the centre of the ribbon, attaching it to the collar.

*I’ve used a pink thread here as an example but you can match the thread to the colour of your collar. If you find the ribbon will not lie flat due to the curve of the collar, simply cut out a small triangle of material where the ribbon creases, making sure to not cut through the whole width of the ribbon!

6. Finally turn the collar over and see if any

ribbon shows in the crevice where the two pieces of the collar meet. If it does, simply cut out the ribbon that shows, similarly check for any final pieces of thread or material that need removing.

Once you’ve got the hang of making the collars, you can experiment with different materials, cuts and embellishments. Enjoy!

7. Then simply tie the collar around

your neck, lining it up with the neckline of your dress and enjoy your new outfit and full purse!


The staple of every woman’s wardrobe is the little black dress - you ca different outfits as you could want. But is the colour block moving aw colour too daring for most women? Caroline Canty looks at who s

red e h In t rner co Kate Hudson (below) and Angelina Jolie (right) certainly looked stunning at this years Oscars, but it looks like Versace is torn between the red and black debate too ...

The Going-Out Look: This simple shift dress with a tight waist belt will make you look far more eye-catching than the traditional LBD. For me, the killer heels really make this look, with just a flash of black to match the sultry eyes that will make this look complete - I’d suggest some natural false eyelashes to really intensify your colour-block beauty!

You can get this outft at your nearest Topshop!

Summer is coming: Colour block doesn’t have to be the whole outfit. This skort-vest ensemble creates the hippy-chic that is set to be popular once more in the coming months, but the shoes and earring add a little bit more glamour.

You can get this outft courtesy of ASOS website!




an use any number of bright accessories to spruce it into as many way from black and into the bold territory? Is the new fashion fad of should win - colour or the classic. In You can get this gorgeous going-out look at Miss Selfridge!

th e co Bla rn c er k ‘Is that my ex?’: The moment most women dread is seeing their ex and looking like hell, but this will never be a problem with an LBD like this gorgeous corset dress. Aztec jewellery is coming back this season so stay away from the necklace go for some statement earrings and bangles.

‘I’m just window shopping’: This polka dot dress is perfect for outand-about this summer - stick to some plain shoes and it means you can be more creative elsewhere. A large white shopper highlights the pattern in the dress, but some big sunglasses are all you need after that!

Get this cute ensemble at AX Paris!


Step Up Or Shut Up?

From an early age, we’ve had right and wrong drummed into us. But are they always so easy to separate? Are we just as bad if we see evil happening and do nothing to stop it, or, in a society so concerned with keeping the metaphorical boat firmly unrocked, should we simply mind our own business? Erin Cardiff investigates.


you British? You ain’t fucking British, fuck off.” Tension is draped over the crowded tram, growing ever-tighter as commuters realise that this is not one of those times where pretending to be engrossed in The Metro, or lost in whatever their iPods have to offer will cut it. Ignorance is not bliss, not today. Something needs to be said. So what would you do? Do you - can you - get through to people like this? Tell them to keep their staggeringly offensive views to themselves? Or when somebody is that beyond the point of reason, are attempts at silencing them fruitless? To be succinct, should you step up, or shut up? We’ve all seen the YouTube video. My Tram Experience, starring a woman launch into an unprovoked and expletive peppered rant about her foreign policies, all the while tentatively (and disturbingly) balancing a child on her knee. The upload of the video saw several others follow suit. YouTube was inundated with shaky mobile phone footage of men and women preaching their racist rants on trains up and down the country

“Has standing up and saying something become an empty threat?” Granted, in almost every video somebody does step up, telling the ranter, so to speak, to stop being so offensive. But they are invariably met with a torrents of abuse and ‘what the fuck does it have to do with you’s’, which can obviously chip away at our desire to do the right thing. What’s the point in speaking up when nobody is going to listen? Has standing up and saying something just turned into an empty threat, a

way of going through the motions? Or does evil stretch to seeing it and doing nothing about it? Should we keep trying to hammer the message home that you cannot talk to, and about, people that way in the hopes that somewhere, knotted among all the igno-

“The media almost acts as a poster board for silence” rance, somebody will listen? It’s easy to see why we would rather stay quiet. The media almost acts as a poster board for silence, parading to us an endless carousel of cases where somebody has been severely beaten, or even killed, for intervening in an argument. But don’t you think it’s sort of sad that things have got like this, that we’re too afraid to stand up and tell somebody when they’re in the wrong? Now, this is by no means a lecture. I’m not saying that I would be the one to stand up and do something about it, because honestly, I’ve never been in that situation. I have no idea. I don’t think any of us do. This kind of thing is fight or flight personified. I think what it all hinges on is a question of context. Recent times may have rewritten right and wrong to make it a slightly greyer concept. Maybe the two aren’t as polarised anymore, and maybe sometimes the right thing to do is ignore the wrong and just let it happen, going against everything that was drummed into us at school. Yes, by all means, you should step up an speak out when somebody needs to be told that what they are doing or saying is wrong, but at the same time, you shouldn’t compromise your safety in doing so. Ignorance is not worth getting hurt over.


Are one night stands the worst mistake you can make at university?

Or just a bit of fun?


gai A g n i u rg


Isideknow that by writing on this of the argument, it’s inevitable I’m go-

ing to sound prudish and old fashioned. I’m going to argue that this is not the case, and that I simply like to sleep with just one man repeatedly, rather than a few guys just the once. This is just personal choice, I don’t look down on those that have one night stands - as long as they were being safe and enjoyed it; because that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Having recently come out of a long-term relationship, I was excited to be playing the field again. So, on my first night out as a free woman, I was naturally delighted when a tall, handsome man came over and started dancing with me. However, I was somewhat unprepared for when he next started trying to eat my face. I have to say, I felt a little violated and immediately afterwards persuaded my friends to go to the next bar. I’ve watched many of my single friends do this before and it had looked so much fun. Personally, I don’t think it was a substitute for kissing someone that you’ve fancied for ages and who genuinely cares about you. So, having established that I hated even kissing a strange guy in a club, I would absolutely not want to go home with them - no matter how good looking. I think the media portrays

one-night stands as normal, making you cool, confident and sexy. Think Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones. This is how onenight stands should be, where it’s a bit of mutual fun. However, the reality is rather different. It’s potentially dangerous: you’ve just met, and you have no idea what they are really like. I know it’s unlikely that they’ll be a psycho, but do you really want to take the risk? Then there’s the serious stuff, even if you were sensible enough to use a condom, you could still contract herpes or HIV. Finally, despite being in the 21st century, women are still branded as sluts for having one-night stands, while men are praised as studs. It’s not equal, but it’s the truth. I am definitely a Carrie – the serial monogamist - and not a Samantha. If you’re after casual sex, then I suggest a friend-with-benefits scenario. They’ll be more likely to keep it to themselves, you’ll know their sexual history and they’ll hopefully care if you cum or not. Again, my friends have one-night stands and I don’t think badly of them. I just know it’s not for me.

Should we be taking a leaf out of Ms Jones’ book?



or: F g n ighti

Waking up in what remains of last night’s make-up in a room with FHM

posters on the wall, desperately trying to remember his name doesn’t sound particularly glamorous. Ferociously scanning folders for name clues and muttering an awkward “morning stranger” might make you question your actions and start conjuring up (alcohol related) excuses. Assuming that you were both single, willing, and played safely, the question remains - who are you excusing yourself to? Becoming an adult and being at University is partly about making your own decisions, experimenting and getting to know yourself. Just because you had sex with someone you met in a club does not make you a bad person. Neither does it make you immoral. What right does someone have to judge you on your sexual preferences if it is not directly affecting them? I don’t believe one night stands are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, they aren’t for everyone. Gaining sexual experience at University is one of the safest places to do so, with ample sources of information and advice. A variety of sexual experience sooner rather than later, in my opinion, toughens your skin a bit, makes

you less naive. Getting it out of your system allows you to settle down afterwards, when you’re more mature. I have friends that have been in long term relationships as a teen and now struggle to mingle, many being under the impression that they must immediately go and pull. This view that you are either taken or a ‘slut’, combined with a stigma that stops girls talking about sex, applies an unnecessary pressure on women. Just because men’s genes are said to predispose them to promiscuity does not mean that you should have to do the ‘walk of shame’ whilst he does the ‘stride of pride.’ We live in a modern age where not everything we do has to have a purpose. I’m not going to deny that you can feel a little low after a one night stand, especially if you like him. Why doesn’t he want to talk to me again? Why did he blank me in the union? The clue is in the title – ONE night stand. If you think you might not be going home alone, don’t kid yourself that any frivolous frolics will thrive into something fancy. They may well do, but chances are they wont. It’s just sex. Nothing more, nothing less (hopefully...). One of the most natural processes on this earth. One night stands should be seen as a bit of (safe) FUN. I say, do what you want to do so long as no one is getting hurt. Especially you.

What do you think? Have your say on the great ‘walk of shame’ vs ‘stride of pride’ debate. Facebook Us: Stiletto Mag Tweet Us: @magstiletto


Why are we such Girls? “

Tell a male that he’s ‘such a man’ and he’s likely to feel more macho, whereas we instantly feel we have to explain ourselves - Rosie Walsh

I’m by no stretch of the imagination a ‘feminist’. I’m not about to rant that we are subordinate in many areas of life due to our comparative physical abilities. In my mind, it’s not a question of equality between the sexes, but difference. These more subtle traits that we hold as females often trap us into feeling like we are acting like ‘typical women’. Tell a male that he’s ‘such a man’ and he’s likely to feel more macho, whereas we instantly feel we have to explain ourselves. Is it because, as women, we tend to care more about how we come across - especially to the opposite sex - and want our actions to reflect who we are and not just our gender? Or is it because this expected tendency to be overtly emotional at times makes us feel vulnerable? If I’m expected to be annoyed and get constantly asked if I’m okay or tiptoed around, I instantly switch from fine and dandy to highly irritated. You know, that age-old ‘I’m not mad but I will be if you ask me one more time’ thing? Quite ironic really. There are certain things I’m paranoid about doing or being around a guy which makes me wonder whether I end up putting myself at second best just to avoid ‘over-reacting’. Girls are meant to be the ones being chased - right? So is it okay for me to text him first? Should I wait a certain time to reply, and am I texting him too much? Resist as I may, I find myself falling into the trap. In an attempt to not be seen as controlling, I ‘don’t mind’ when we meet, where we go, what we watch. Then I’m pissed off that I never get to choose, and have to change my plans! So, being easy going backfires. Just as the aversion towards acting pedantic does. Pointing out that he’s ‘missed a bit’ often won’t be seen as constructive criticism and you find yourself doing the washing up instead so it’s done to your standards.

As a woman, I never know what I want – and when I do, when I get it, I don’t like it. I know plenty of girls who have shed tears over the untouchable ‘bad boy’ and then complained that the next guy to come along is ‘too nice’. Personally, I don’t like being fussed over. I don’t need a man to hold a door open for me – yet I know if he didn’t he’d be in serious trouble. The classic example; ‘does my bum look big in this’ has no right answer. If he tells you it doesn’t then you scour him for lying to protect your feelings. If he says yes – well, let’s not go there. Is it our emotional depth that causes us to over think or do we just do it because men don’t, won’t, or perhaps just can’t? Men’s minds are simply far more straight-forward than ours, which is perfectly fine - men are from Mars and girls are from Venus, after all. So just remember this, girls: once you’ve sat through enough FIFA it’s your turn to call the shots ... cue Ben, Jerry and Ryan Gosling.


Inside the mind of THE UNI LAD

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been sending the Stiletto team down to union nights out on a covert mission to understand the inner-workings of the uni lad’s mind. Here’s what they had to say about dream girlfriends, turn off’s and why we were right in thinking shoes DO matter. Name: Andy Studying:International Development Status: Single Dream GF:Megan Fox or Elisha Cuthbert Biggest turn-off: Scruffy shoes because “if they’ve got trampy shoes they don’t look after themselves.” Name: Matt Studying:Business Management Status: Single Dream GF:Jennifer Aniston - “even though she’s getting on a bit Biggest turn-off: Facial hair, moustaches and dodgy teeth Name: Hamid Studying: Sociology Status: Single Dream GF: Michelle Keegan (Tina from Corrie and fiancé of Max from chino-loving boyband The Wanted - sorry Hamid) Biggest turn-off: Girls who are cockteasers

Name: Chris Studying:Psychology Status: It’s complicated Dream GF: Alicia Keys Biggest turn-off: Bad feet and toenails Name: Daniel Studying:Economics Status: Single Dream GF:Holly Willoughby (though he called her Willow-booby) Biggest turn-off: Girls who get paralytic on nights out Name: Rick Studying: Engineering Status: Single Dream GF: Zooey Deshanel Biggest turn-off: Being clingy - “If a girl is too clingy it seems like she’s desperate.” Name: Stuart Studying:Law Status: Single Dream girlfriend:Fearne Cotton Biggest turn-off: Bad teeth

Name: Aaron Studying: In Nottingham (loves a bit of Tuesday club, so couldn’t resist a drive to Sheffield) Status: Single Dream GF: Mila Kuniz Biggest turn-off: Bad shoes (although he does make an exception on Corp Wednesdays) Name: Sam Studying:Aerospace Status: Taken Dream GF: Zooey Deshanel Biggest turn-off: “I don’t find blonde hair that attractive, I prefer brunettes.” Name: Joey Studying: Politics and Sociology Status: Single Dream GF: He doesn’t fancy celebrities because “What’s the point? It’s not like its gonna happen” Biggest turn-off: Nothing puts him off a girl - except if they are taller than him


Did he REALLY just say that?

While out interviewing for the uni lads piece, several of our team reported back that the fine young men on Sheffield used them as guinea pigs for some very questionable chat-up lines. With this in mind, we’ve scoured far and wide to bring you the worst of the worst. Take note, boys:


“You may not be the best looking “I think there’s girl in here, but beauty is only a something wrong light switch away” with my “Do you have doesn’t have your any (insert number in it.” nationality here) “I hope you know CPR... in you? No? Want because you took my breath away” some in you?”

Boy: Did it hurt? Girl: Did what hurt? Boy: When you fell out of heaven?

“It’s a good thing that I have my U Card. Why? Because I am totally checking you out.”

“Hi, I’m Mr. Right. “If your right leg is Someone said you called Easter and your were looking for left is called Christmas, me.” what are the chances of me spending some time between the holidays?” “Do you mind if I stare at you up close instead of from across the room?”

“Wanna go halves on a baby?”

I’m in a student house:

e h t e m t e G

re e h f o t u FUCK o

Gearing up for the annual student house hunt? Heed these warnings and tales of housing horror before you sign on any dotted line.


CAROLINE’S STORY “I got robbed not once, not “We called him Bertie because even twice, but three times”

it sounded nice and Victorian”

literally live in the middle of nowhere. In fact, I would probably let someone rob my house just for making the effort to find it. So, when the student house I lived in got robbed not once, not even twice but three times, I was understandably, well, pretty fucked off. Ok, so I suppose the first time may have been our fault. Yes, we technically left our door unlocked. But is that really an invitation for the whole of Crookesmoor to come on in and help themselves? The second time, though? That was nothing to do with us. Some surprisingly flexible criminal managed to unpick the lock of our window and contort himself inside, taking with him a laptop and TV for his troubles (and a copy of Legally Blonde on DVD, but hey - who am I to judge? It’s a classic). So my advice to newcomers to the minefield that is looking for student housing is don’t be naive. Our houses are target. Burglars know there is one laptop to every person who lives there. And let’s face it - us students aren’t exactly tight on home security, are we? It may seem drastic, but you should always have your doors locked, even when you’re in. If that’s what it takes to keep our copies of Legally Blonde safe, that’s what we have to do.

a very rational person but even she can’t explain the shit that goes on. It started with little things like the sound of footsteps above us when everyone was downstairs, but then it got a bit more ‘Paranormal Activity.’ My housemate was in the bathroom, went to open the cupboard above the sink, and everything in there literally flew at her. Thinking that it just had fallen we dismissed it, but then it happened again, and this time the shampoo full on threw itself at her and across the bathroom. He seems to like the bathroom a lot, and we don’t get why he hates us being in there, but I guess you’d be pretty annoyed if you were on the toilet and a random girl comes in to brush her teeth. Unless you’re a lad, after corp, then it’s pretty regular. We called him Bertie because it sounded nice and Victorian, like a sort of stableboy type. But if anything it’s probably an old man who hates us and likes to turn the tap on full blast (no easy feat with our shitty plumbing). People reading this might think it’s total bollocks, and that’s fair enough because it’s exactly what I used to think. But answer me this - why do I hear someone go into the bathroom and shut the door when I’m home alone?

Where I’m from, burglary is It was about 6 months before we acnot an option I have to entertain. I quite cepted we had a ghost. My housemate is



“Was the kind old lady next- “He seemed to think letting

door being brutally murdered?” himself into our house was OK”

It was one of those bitter December When it comes to being a nights that make you wish you’d forked second year student, there is a lot of out for a ‘bills included’ rent package when my housemate and her boyfriend awoke to the sound of fast, rasping breathing and painful groans from the house next-door. Earlier that night our elderly neighbour had come to borrow a bottle opener off us, so all sorts of terrible thoughts and awful images ricocheted around our heads - had a merry dinner party come to a bloody end? Was the kind old lady who lived next door being brutally murdered by her guests? Feeling like characters in a game of Cluedo, we decided it would be best to call the police. Within minutes, a police car arrived on our road, and an officer began questioning us about what we had heard. With raised eyebrows, and a slightly cynical look, he asked, ‘Not to be crude...but could the noises you heard... be sex noises, perhaps?’ ‘Absolutely not’, my friend’s boyfriend replied. ‘It went on far too long for it to be sex’. The street looked like a scene from CSI: Sheffield. The siren from the police car was flashing and other neighbours were peering out of the window. The policeman had begun to tape up the woman’s door in preparation to knock it down when, suddenly, there was a pattering of feet and our neighbour came down the stairs wrapped in a dressing gown, followed by a rather embarrassed looking man. Enough said. Luckily, the policeman wasn’t angry at us for calling him out, and commended us on our concern for our elderly neighbour. But as he was leaving, he turned with a smile, and said to my housemate’s boyfriend, ‘Don’t worry mate, stamina increases with age’. Needless to say, we didn’t get our bottle opener back.

excitement about living in your very own student house - but forget the initial thrill of living in a house and think about who your neighbours are. When we moved into our 9 bedroom house we knew that a family lived next door so we’d need to be considerate. We didn’t want to become the annoying, noisy neighbour. So, during our first week we made ourselves known, not with noise, but we kindly delivered a box of chocolates for the kids and a bottle of wine for the parents. Unbeknown to us it was the calm before the storm. After only a few weeks of considerate student living, we began to hear banging on the wall if we played music out loud. One evening all nine of us sat in the lounge chatting and having a casual drink when suddenly the door flew open and a strange man was stood in our front room. The strange man was our neighbour and he seemed to think letting himself into our house was OK. After less than two months a letter was unexpectedly posted through our letter box; an allegation of noise nuisance from Sheffield City Council. The allegations were of ‘shouting, raised voices, doors slamming and running up and down stairs’. The neighbour came over for a meeting and suggested he would have our deposits withheld and that next time he would call the police. Several angry texts, emails and numerous nights of wall banging later and the issues are still not resolved. Despite all nine of us creeping around the house and using headphones to listen to music, we are still the neighbours from hell. Ironically our neighbour’s supersonic hearing seems to be oblivious to his own children’s screams and cries at 5am each morning.


Winter Beauty Tips

Chapped lips? Weather-worn skin? Sick of your look being ruined by bright-red rosy cheeks? Caroline Canty gives us her Top 5 Tips to get you through the winter season with a gorgeous glow.


Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail - this, I swear by. It has got my brittle nails and dry hands through every winter since I discovered it. It’s true what it says on the label nail strength increases by 50%! And only a couple of quid - bargain!


Now the winter season means one thing - runny makeup in pictures. If you want your make-up to stay in place, then I’d recommend MAC’s faceprimer. Your foundation will glide on, stay on, and you’ll be the only one looking great after a downpour on a night out.



Gail-force winds sweeping your perfume away? If you spray some of your favourite scent into the bristles of your hairbrush and brush through, not only will your hair smell amazing but it will cling better, and last longer.


Swap your normal lipgloss for Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Lip Protectant - soft smooth skin in 8 hours (or there abouts), what could be better? Because of its neutral colour its a great replacement, but if you can’t live without that bright lippy, use a thin layer underneath.

What with the stress of exams, it’s not unusual to suffer a spot break out. A gace-pack once a week dries them out whilst acting as a great moisturizer to the rest of your skin, and lets face it, we all need a pamper now and again! I’d recommend the Montague Jennesse series - only 99p from boots and yet they do the trick every time. It will gear your skin up for all the sunbathing in a couple of months!

? l u f r e d n o W r o d r i e W


This month ... Chocolate Face-packs! The chocolate face-pack may have hit the shelves but is it worth the money? Caroline Canty returns with another review from the weird and wonderful world of beauty.


ince I first saw it I couldn’t wait to try it! The chocolate face-pack combines the two things I love and need ... chocolate and good skin. Usually you can’t have one without the other, so this new edition of the Montagne Jeunesse face-mask family (there’s also a white chocolate version) was something I had to sample for all you lovely ladies. First thoughts on opening the packet: the smell of cocoa was overwhelming. It was far stronger than other cocoa products I’ve tried, such as the famous Body Shop body-butters and scrubs. It also had a much thinker consistency than the other packs I use on a more regular basis, including from the MJ line, so I found applying it quite difficult as it wouldn’t spread very evenly. Apply it as evenly as you can, and just wait for it to change colour - as it dries, it becomes much lighter and starts to crack. For those of you that have never used these before, don’t worry about the hot feeling or the tightening of the skin, it’s perfectly normal! Usually you can take of these packs just with hot water and your hands,

but because the consistency is so much thicker, I’d recommend using a flannel, because when I tried, it simply wouldn’t budge. Overall, my skin didn’t feel particularly smoother after using this - I much prefer the berry one: easier to spread, nicer smell and I could definitely feel a difference in the texture of my skin. In all honesty I can’t help but feel like this one is more of a novelty than a must-have. So what’s my verdict ...

o o t s It’ ird! we

... but don’t discount them altogether, because face-packs can work wonders, just make sure you choose the right one. For a refreshment treatment, I’d use a face-peel, but if you want something more deep-cleansing for a weekly clay mask. Enjoy!


How to Bump-It! My new favourite accessory has to be this genius piece of plastic - the Bump-It. Now I know a lot of women out there are skeptical of such things, and think it’s some form of beauty-cheating-no-no, so I’m here to set the record straight ... This. Is. Brilliant.

I have always had very soft hair, but not the good kind that looks amazing and silky smooth, the annoying kind that doesn’t let you do bloody anything with it because no matter how much hairspray or volumiser I use, or how much back-combing I attempt, it is impossible to keep my hair in place. So I gave in. I admitted defeat and I turned to these little wonders to help me, and they bloody worked. Now, I have to stress, ladies, that this is not one of those products you buy where you turn to the back of the packaging, see all these tiny diagrams and think “there’s no way I can do all those style, what does THAT one even mean?!” The amount of exasperation I have suffered at the hands of incompetent marketing teams is ridiculous. Literally every style that is on that packet is do-able, and here’s how!

Step 1: Take a fine-tooth comb and lift the top section of the hair line. Comb through it so it’s nice and workable (you can add some hairspray to the root if you want.

Step 2: Place the BumpIt as close to the scalp as possible, in the gap between the root and the piece of hair you’re holding.


Step 3: Place the top section you’ve lifted, and position it tightly over the arch.

Step 4: Secure the top section with small hair pins (particularly important if you have layers!)

You’re ready to style! I have done the main steps using the middlesized Bump-It, but for a really statement fringe, the smallest one with a touch of hairspray can really make a difference. This basic bump can be transformed into many different styles. If you have bangs, clip them to the base of the bump for a sweep-back effect, or if it’s a special occasion, fold the hair over the clipped section for a stylish up-do.

You can even make the Amy Winehouse beehive, but I really hope not. Happy hair-dressing!

Trapeze with ease ... “

I brazenly piped up, thoughts of ‘how hard can it be’ ricocheting around my head. Me and my big mouth.

think of myself as somebody Iwithnever who is scared of a lot of things. Ok, the exception of sharks (completely

rational fear), frogs (not so rational) and child beauty pageants (they just freak me out). But I mean, I’m not really scared of anything ‘traditional.’ Heights, spiders and horror movies leave me completely unfazed, and so when I was given the chance to try out a trapeze class for Stiletto, I thought “why the hell not.” When co-editor Caroline and I arrived at The Green Top Circus workshop, the first thing that struck me was how, well, theatrical our fellow trapezers were. Throughout the warm-up, every stretch, every box-step, even every lunge was done with flourish. And then there was me, the girl with roughly as much grace as a buffalo. After warming up, the trapeze bars were bought down. I began to feel some rumblings of nerves. As we watched our classmates work the trapeze, I noted the sheer ease with they moved. So, when the instructor turned to us and said “ok so which of you girls is first?” I brazenly piped up, thoughts of ‘how hard can it be’ ricocheting around my head. Me and my big mouth. “Okay, so just swing your legs over the bar so your dangling upside down,” the instructor said. Now, when you’re stood up, the trapezes don’t seem very high. I mean, I’m 5”9 and I could touch the bars without the aid of tip-toes. But that’s standing up, and trying to negotiate a bar that wobbles with your every movement while hanging upside down is, well, a bit of a ball ache to be honest. After much flailing, and a little help from the instructor, I managed to wriggle into a

sitting position. I would have been happy to leave it there, cut my losses and say that yes, I had tried trapezing and no, it was nowhere near as easy as I thought it would be. But apparently, no trapeze is complete without standing up on the bar. Granted, it doesn’t sound too daunting in theory, but remember, folks, this is with no harness – only a crash mat to break my fall. I slowly pulled myself up, using every iota of upper body strength that I don’t have, and it was only when stood up that I realised how much I was shaking. The next few manoeuvres came fairly easily – leaning forward, hanging backwards, having a little swing about. But just as I was considering joining Cirque De Soleil, the instructor told me of the grand finale - “we’re going to try a birdcage.” What? What the hell is a birdcage? To be completely honest, I still don’t know for sure. From what I gathered, I was supposed to arch my back and sort in invert my body while hanging upside down by my ankles. But there was a big difference between what I was supposed to do, and what I did. Which was essentially thrash about for a while before making very good use of that crash mat. So while I can add ‘trapeze artist’ to the growing list of things that are definitely not my true calling, along with superstar DJ and badass snowboarder, I still had a good time, and would recommend the class to anyone looking for a slightly more creative way to keep fit. And like a rollercoaster, adrenaline drowned out my nerves, and I wanted another go almost immediately.


... or in our case, pleas “ ” I am a regular gym-goer, but good god I couldn’t do half the stuff they could, and that was only the warm-up stretches!

am scaredy-cat. It’s true - insects, Iwhen heights, clowns, you name it. So Greentop Circus asked myself and

co-editor Erin to go for a free trapeze lesson, The Fear hit me straight away. That feeling as though you would throw up, if it felt like you even had a stomach. On entering the quaint little church with it’s cockerel weather-vane, my fate was coming closer and closer - the huge wooden door creaked open to reveal the most unusual string of people I have seen to date. Circus-performers are in many ways my favourite type of people because they just don’t care about doing anything other than what they love, even if it’s juggling. There was no awkwardness, they simply accepted us into their little group, but I felt very un-fit next to all of them. I am a regular gym-goer, but good god I couldn’t do half the stuff they could, and that was only the warm-up stretches! Every lunge hurt and every spinebending twist cracked ... something, although I’m not sure what. And yet they did all this with a flair and a skip that made me realise how little credit circusperformers get. After every muscle I have had been pulled they took down the bars that had been looming on the ceiling. Now, I’m 5’2 and Erin is 5’9 so I was already at a disadvantage next to her, and in retrospect I wish I’d have gone first, as watching her made me more nervous as I knew what was coming. “Now just jump up and hook your feet over the bar” the instructor said. “Are you kidding?” was my thought seen as it was at my eye-level! A few embarrassing hops and a little help later and I’d

managed it, and was perched on the bar like a little bird in a cage, trying not to look down, and ignoring that familiar dizzy feeling. “Now we will try ‘The Mermaid’” she says. I was terrified to even move but I thought “sod it, I’m here so I might as well give it a crack.” An awkward shuffle here and there and I’d managed to get into this position, and I felt quite ... accomplished - I was dangling upside down and yet I didn’t feel scared anymore. My confidence was building more and more as I went through ‘The Gazelle’ and ‘The Bird’, and then my time was up and it was someone else’s turn. I hopped down with my arms completely numb and totally destroyed from holding my entire body-weight, and for once I wasn’t scared to try it again ... I was impatient that I’d have to wait 15 mins for the other three waiting to experience the same thing.



Caroline Canty gives us the lowdown on Greentop Circus after her terrifying feat on the Trapeze ...


reentop Circus is a relatively unknown gem to us students, but with it’s plan to put on classes at our own affordable rate I think it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a regular haunt of the student community. The group is part of the new Circus North, an Arts Council England funded initiative. It aims to “deliver exciting projects to develop the quality of circus education in the North.” “Through high quality training and educational opportunities, Circus North will provide the backbone of skills and artistic development required for Circus in the North to equal the UK’s south and mainland Europe.” The experience of the Trapeze class left me raring

for another go, and the athletisism and poise of their performers left me envious of their talent. They have weekly classes of everything from rope and silks (a sort of dance in the air whilst wrapping yourself around some silk ropes looks very cool) to true circus skills (if keeping your feet on the ground is more your thing). If you don’t fancy trying it yourself, though, and you’d rather leave it to the

professionals, they put on spectacular shows and cabarets - make sure you don’t miss out on the March Madness Alice in Wonderland themed cabaret. With contemporary circus acts in a unique venue with clowning, juggling, music, aerial acts, and comedy, it’s set to be a fantastic show. (There’s also a licensed bar!) The theme is Alice in Wonderland, and there will be a prize for the best fancy dress, so get your gladrags out! Make sure you visit their website at http://www.


h t i w h c u o C e Stuart Newman On th Up and coming artist Stuart Newman chats to our own Pippa Moyle about ambitions, influences and fancy lights. It took me by surprise when I found out that Stuart Newman was only a recording artist. Writing music that crosses between ‘Radiohead’ and ‘Antony and the Johnsons‘, he locks himself in his studio and sends his work to the audiences ears rather than their eyes. “We live in an era where every one seems to be getting up on a stage and demanding attention – I’d rather justify the attention and be deserving of any attention.” This Brighton-based DIY artist wants to remain at the heart of all great music - the composition phase. When you think about it, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear an artist say “the writing process may be different if I were thinking about having to perform a certain song.” Don’t get me wrong, the adrenalin you get from a live show can be mind blowing but sometimes it’s nice to hear music on its own, without the sweat and the screaming and the fancy lights. “[I write about] the human condition - where we fit into that, what it’s like to go through the world in the modern day.” “My ambitions are sky high, but to reach that you have to focus on building the step in front of you.” Stuart’s been pursuing music for three years. “I’m an avid listener of music, so it all sort of fell into place when I got curious with technology and playing with sound.” Influenced by some of the greatest songwriters (The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Radiohead, Nirvana), his drive lies within techonology. “I like to reach

people through their headphones.” Over the past 18 months, he’s released a debut album ‘Single but Defective’ and a studio demo ‘(We‘re living in) Another Dimension’. Spreading the word about music is hard when you’re not performing live and shoving it in peoples faces, but it’s fairly safe to say that he’s doing a good job, he’s been featured in a variety of webzines and local magazines, which is harder than you think for unsigned bands these days. Stuart focuses on his lyrically driven, mellowrock music and waits for fans to form. Speaking with Stuart reminded me of why I’m writing this, why you’re reading this and why so many musicians struggle - it’s all about the music. “I was inspired to make something different and to offer the sort of artistry I value in others - so I try to live up to that idea.”


Can we settle one of University’s oldest scores? Which is better:

It’s the topic of many a post-night out debate, but can Stiletto finally crown a winner? Southern belle Pippa Moyle, and Northern lass Claire Sampson fight it out to show why life is better their side of the M1. fabulous vintage shops and a cheeky Northerners, let’s show trip to Vivienne Westwood doesn’t go them down south what we can do. I’m amiss! using my home city of Newcastle as a shining example of how fabulous we Cafes/Restaurants: No matter where really are! you wander in this city there will be some lush little place to eat. A recomNight life: Now we’ve all seen from mendation would definitely be Marco Geordie Shore that Newcastle nightlife Polo’s, a beautiful Italian restaurant, or can be ‘colourful’ but the reality is so perhaps a trip to China Town? Defimuch better! Start off at the Gate for a nitely something for everyone up North choice of bars to get your night started, and, best bit, you can afford it on a dare to brave the Dentist’s chair in student budget. Sam Jacks, or perhaps get mortal (‘get drunk’ to all you Southerners) in the Celebrities: Celebrities have come in Big Market. For those of you with more many shapes and sizes from the North sophisticated tastes, go to the Quayside East and don’t we love them! Ant and and view the river Tyne at night with a Dec and Cheryl Cole have become cocktail in your hand. household names; the footballing legends Bobby Robson and Bobby and Sport: For some serious banter, match Jackie Charlton; and making us laugh day at St James’ Park (forget all this are home-grown comedians Ross Sports Direct rubbish) is the place to go. Noble, Chris Ramsey and Sarah MilRugby tastes are catered for too at King- lican. ston Park with the Newcastle Falcons, basketball with the Eagles and even ice- Culture: Newcastle isn’t all about the hockey if you fancy going football and the nightlife. The theatres to watch the Vipers. always have something worth seeing and the Baltic gallery is there for Fashion: I would find those with an enthusiasm for art It’s it very hard to define hosting the Turner Prize nominees the Newcastle style for 2011 too. Music wise, well as it’s so diverse. Not there are big names at the arena only is there a great to amazing local bands at smaller shopping highstreet venues like The Cluny. with all the big names but tucked into various Yes, the North really is that little streets are some good. Bring it, Southerners!”



“The greatness of the South of England can be represented by my

favourite city, Brighton. It’s a city filled with students, most of whom stay because, well, life’s better in the south. Night life: When the sun goes down, Brighton gets crazy. The seafront becomes a haven for nightclubs - generally, at about 3am it is expected to see groups of people emerging on the beach attempting ‘pebble angels’. From bar hopping to the clubs to stumbling through the Pavillion Gardens on your way home, if you remember anything, it’ll be that a night out in Brighton is never the same. Sport: It’s all about the quirky sports down in Brighton - it’s completely normal to pass a roller-blader skating alongside the cars. There’s also the annual London to Brighton bike ride raising money for British Heart Foundation. Bars fill up for football but the real Brighton sports are yoga, volleyball and basketball on the beach. Fashion: Brighton residents walk the streets in the most daring outfits. The code is to be vintage, bohemian and ensure that nobody else wears the same thing as you. Tucked behind the commercial high-street are streets of independent boutiques in the North and South Lanes providing the outfits for Brighton’s original fashion. Beyond

Retro and Dirty Harry are a must-go. Cafe’s/restaurants: You know those independent cafes that appear to be a dying breed? Most of them are down in Brighton. They’re either in the North Lanes, selling the best hangover breakfasts going and amazing thai, vegan and chinese food or the South Lanes, competing against bigger franchises - Donatello’s is incredible. Seafront clubs lap up the Spring and Summer months with food in the day - beer, burger, beach = perfect. Celebrities: Brighton celebrities are mainly musicians and artists, Nick Cave has settled here with his family and is often spotted around the city. There’s also the indie/pop troopers, The Kooks, Kate Walsh, Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes) and The Maccabees who have all proudly lived here. Culture: The heart of Brighton is its culture. It’s a common picture to walk along the pebbled beach and pass musicians playing to whoever wants to listen and artists painting for whoever wants to see. There are buskers on every street corner, art galleries on top of junk shops and the international music industry festival ‘Great Escape’ takes over the city for the weekend every year. Surely that’s the sort of place that anyone would want to live?”


Songs to make your Winter beautiful

So you’ve broken your New Year’s resolutions, exams results are looming and all lent has done is highlighted your lack of self control. Winter blues? Think again as Katy Moulton talks us through these heart-warming musical gems. Hobbie Stuart – What’s My Name Yes, this is a cover of Rihanna’s chart hit – and it’s surprisingly beautiful. We’ve all sung to/danced to/listened to the song before – let’s face it we were probably drunk at Roar – but I suggest this as an alternative and rather more adorable version to chill out to when hungover/avoiding revision (or both). Check out his other covers for some more endearing versions of songs we regularly get drunk and dance to.

Billy Lockett – Balance I first heard this song played in our Union’s very own ‘Our Sheffield’ and after a recent hammering on Radio 1 this guy is set to be the Next Big Thing in 2012. The lyrics encapsulate everything that’s exciting about the start of a new year – the prospect of romance, fun, spontaneous nights out and falling in love (with life) again. Thanks Billy, we needed this to cure our January blues.

Florence And The Machine – All This and Heaven Too This is one of the most beautiful, uplifting and heart-warming songs off her new album, ‘Ceremonials’. A perfect winter song – it just sounds like clear blue skies and fresh starts and cold, frosty but sunny mornings. The lyrics are pretty stunning too and their meaning appears simple enough - apparently Florence would give everything to be able to understand what her heart is saying, bless. Maybe 2012 will offer her some clarity.

Los Campesinos! – Songs About Your Girlfriend If you’re looking for a perk-up, I suggest you begin by playing this album on repeat. ‘Songs About Your Girlfriend’ is a classic example of the kind of quirky, humorous indie pop that these guys do best. The album’s called ‘Hello Sadness’ but I can promise that you’ll be nothing but happy by the time you’ve heard it.

New Music Generator: Ben Howard If you like… Ed Sheeran, Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons, Bombay Bicycle Club He’s a British born surfer boy with a pretty charming voice and an incredible ability to bring calm to the most stressful of days. Vocals as raw and gorgeous as Bon Iver and lyrics as youthful and cute as Ed, he epitomises the love affair with chill-out acoustic folk that seems to have been raging for most of last year. His debut album ‘Every Kingdom’ came out in October - so you probably should already have heard of him (but we won’t tell anyone) and your friendly New Music Generator is here to make sure you never have to miss out on talent as stunning as this ever again.


The internet has been awash recently with universities creating pages of ‘memes’ designed to, well, rip the piss out of their rivals. And here at Sheffield, we’re not one to be left out. Here are some of the funniest, smartest and downright offensive memes seen so far. If you’re from Hallam, look away now...

Like these? There are plenty more, just Facebook ‘University of Sheffield memes’

Thank You! Stiletto would like to say a massive thank you to the University of Sheffield Alumni Foundation, whose funding made this issue possible. Since its launch in 1989, the Alumni Foundation has given grants to some of the most popular and established societies on campus, from the Sheffield University Women’s Lacrosse Club to Engineers Without Borders, helping them to get started. We couldn’t be more grateful that they have chosen to help fund Stiletto, as we feel it is important to give budding writers and would-be editors the chance to experience what it is like to write for a functioning magazine – and there is always that buzz you get from seeing your name in print. The foundation is behind some of the biggest transformations and upgrades the union has seen, from the Endcliffe Fitness Trail to the ‘Activities and Sports Zone’, and we feel it deserves a bit of recognition. For a full list of projects the foundation has sponsored, or to apply for a grant for your own idea, log on to:

Editors: Caroline Canty & Erin Cardiff Massive Thanks To: Cathy Sables, Ellen O’Brien, Katy Moulton, Georgina Large, Rosie Walsh, Joan Jackson, Azariah Jenney, Olivia McCulla, Ella Lynch, Pippa Moyle, Claire Sampson

Stiletto - Second Issue  

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