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Things you might consider when planning an overseas visit with a group - Passports (More than six months before they run out of date. Bring spare photocopies in case of theft and store electronically) - Visas (Do I need them and how long does it take to get them. Can we buy at the airport or do we need to get them in advance?) - Preparation (Is a scoping, or pre planning visit required? What about maps and travel guides and giving the group important information) - Travel Insurance (What will it exactly cover us for in an emergency etc?) - Safety briefing with the group - Dangerous places and activities (Are there any places we shouldn’t go to? Check Foreign & Commonwealth Office website and obtain local embassy details: - Risk Assessment: (Production of a Risk Assessment for all Activities/Places) - Airlines and Tickets (What happens if flight is cancelled etc, alternatives plans etc) - Travelling abroad (Best ways v costs v safety. Reputable companies etc) - Mobile Phones (What networks are best. Will we need to get sim cards?) - Personal Details, Emergency Contact numbers and Medical Questionnaire Form (Who caries them. ) - Accident/Illnesses. (If one occurs what do I need to do? Process etc?) - First Aiders and Leaders Qualifications. (Are they up to date and certificates valid?) - First Aid Kit Group (Is it stocked up with the right things you need. Group members to also carry small 1st Aid Kit?) - Group members (Do we all have each others mobile numbers, emergency contact details etc. Hotel/Accommodation addresses and telephones. - Going out alone or with a group (Some places might not be safe to go out at night) Arranging a pre-meet up time? - Check weather conditions in advance and each day as part of group briefing sessions.

Quick Quiz 1. As a group leader, List three things you should take with you as part of your safety kit? 2. Before the visit takes place list five things a group leader should check? 3. What forms does a group leader need to have completed bring with them?

4. Why is it advisable that a group leader should ensure that emergency contact information is shared between all the group members?

5. What website should be checked before visiting an overseas country?

6. Name two things that I might need to consider about the group and mobile phones? 7. What information might the group need to be given on a daily basis?

8. How long should a persons passport be valid for before any overseas visit as a absolute minimum?

Useful Websites and Resources Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) Foreign and Commonwealth Office Royal Geographical Society Travel Safe Travel Smart Five Steps to Risk Assessment Creating a Risk Assessment Matrix Safety Risk and Adventure in Outdoor Activities: 1412920787/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1347207219&sr=1-1 Outdoor Recreation Safety: 0873229444/ref=sr_1_10?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1347207264&sr=1-10 Guidebooks: Lonely Planet or Bradts Guides:

Quiz and resources Microteach session  

Quiz and resources microteach session PTTLS

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