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Introduction At St. George’s International School, we offer students a range of international AS and A Level courses from a variety of UK exam boards (Edexcel, AQA and CIE). The international AS (Advanced Subsidiary) Level and the A (Advanced) Level courses focus on traditional study skills and take a minimum of 2 years to complete. They are the accepted route into University and Higher Education in the UK and worldwide, although they are not the only route. A Levels are very demanding and academically rigorous courses offered by UK examination boards. They enable students to study individual subjects in depth, and to specialise in those areas in which they feel they are particularly strong and have a keen interest. The AS qualification is designed to provide a “stepping stone” to full A Level standard and also allows the student to maintain a broader curriculum (up to four AS) in Year 12. They are highly regarded throughout the world as excellent preparation for undergraduate study. HOW TO SELECT YOUR COURSE   

You may choose up to 4 subjects to study at AS level in Year 12. You should choose subjects that you enjoy and that you feel you can do well in. You should also consider the subjects that you may need if looking to move on to university.

This shows the model that we recommend for the majority of our students:

The 2 Year Programme 4 A/S Qualifications

Choose 1 A/S to ‘drop’

Continue 3 to A2 level

Year 1

End Year 1

Year 2


2014 Key Stage 5 guide  
2014 Key Stage 5 guide