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English Language AQA (2705) What will I learn about? The A level English Language course follows the AQA Examination Board syllabus B. It is split into 4 units spread out over the two years of AS and A2. You study 2 units at AS in Year 12 and a further 2 units at A2 in Year 13. Examinations and coursework submissions are in the May /June period of each year. AS Units in Year 12: Unit 1: Language and Social Contexts. 50% of AS. 25% of A level    

Language Language Language Language

Variations & Gender & Power & Technology

Unit 2: Creative Writing Coursework. 50% of AS. 25% of A Level 

Students create 2 pieces of coursework based on writing to Inform, Instruct, Advise, Persuade or Narrate. The pieces can be in the form of an extended letter, a speech, a newspaper or magazine article or editorial, a blog, travel writing or a form of the students own choosing. The 2 pieces amount to between 2500-3000 words

A2 Units in Year 13: Unit 3: Developing Language. 50% of A2. 25% of A Level  

Child Language Acquisition English Language Historical & Contemporary Change from 1700

Unit 4: Language Investigations Coursework. 50% of A2. 25% of A Level 

Students undertake an investigation into an aspect of language study through collecting, exploring and analysing a variety of language data. Part of the investigation product is in the form of a Broadsheet style magazine or newspaper article

Assessment Objectives for English Language:    

AO1: To use Linguistic terminology with expertise AO2: To understand a range of Language issues relating to how language is used in various forms in the modern world AO3: To understand the influence of contextual factors in the production of written and spoken language in both a historical and contemporary setting AO4: To demonstrate expertise and creativity in the use of Linguistics through producing a range of different texts which reflect a wide variety of forms, audiences and purposes


2014 Key Stage 5 guide  
2014 Key Stage 5 guide