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How will I be examined? Exam Paper


Exam Length/ Weighting

AS Level:

2 hours

Section A: Poetry Section B: Prose

Paper 3

Poetry & Prose

50% AS

Paper 4


25% A2 Level

A Level: Paper 5

Paper 6

Breakdown of Exam

Two questions on two different plays. Section A: Shakespeare

Shakespeare & other pre20th Century texts

20th Century Writing

2 hours 25% A2 Level

Section B: Other pre-twentieth century texts

Students must answer one question each, on two different 20th century novels.

What do I need to take this course?

 Minimum Grade B in GCSE English or the recommendation of the teacher  An interest in literature in all its forms is essential  A strong work ethic and the desire to be challenged What can I do after I finish this course? English Literature students develop an understanding and enjoyment of literary texts that is a pleasure for life, and in addition gain skills for life, including:     

The ability to write clearly and effectively Skills in developing arguments Skills in researching and managing information The ability to synthesise critical arguments with their own The ability to analyse complex texts in different forms and styles

All the above skills are invaluable at university. The course builds a strong foundation for your ability to excel in all subjects where writing and analysis of any kind are expected. Furthermore, the ability to communicate eloquently and persuasively is admired and indeed sought after in most professions be it a lawyer, doctor, engineer, environmentalist, teacher or any other career you decide to pursue.


2014 Key Stage 5 guide  
2014 Key Stage 5 guide