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Biology CIE (9700) What will I learn about? The A Level Biology course is split into 2 modules. The first you will study in the first year and be examined in June of year 12 (AS) and the second you will study in the second year and be examined in June of Year 13 (A2). The AS level course will cover the following topics:              

Cell structure Biological molecules Enzymes Cell membranes and transport Genetic control of protein structure and function Nuclear Division Energy and ecosystems The mammalian transport system The mammalian heart Transport in multicellular plants Gaseous Exchange Smoking and Disease Infectious diseases Immunity

The A2 course will then continue with the following topics:          

Energy and respiration Photosynthesis Meiosis, genetics and gene control Selection and evolution Control, coordination and homeostasis Biodiversity and conservation Gene technology Biotechnology Crop plants Aspects of human reproduction


2014 Key Stage 5 guide  
2014 Key Stage 5 guide