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“YOU WERE DEAD!!! I SAW THE BODY!!” “Hey that’s great,” Hope states, trying to keep Sam’s mania down a peg. “How about you shout it a little louder so the deaf guy down the street can give a damn?” Sam steadies himself for a moment, shakes off whatever weird feeling happens to be residing in his body at the moment, and calms himself. “Yeah, okay, you’re right. I mean, why should I get all freaked out by the sight of the only woman I ever loved, who just so happened to have committed suicide in my bathtub, standing right in front of me?” “Long sentence there, cowboy. You wanna take a breath next time?” Hope was both amused and impressed by his statement. She was beginning to remember why she fell in love with this guy. Sam folds his arms and aims his gaze towards Hope. “ So, what now? You’re a guardian angel?” “Yup.” “Yup?” Sam is still stunned. “Do you like ‘Yep” better?” “A guardian angel?” Sam queries. “I’m no Della Reese, but hey, who is?” Hope was still amused, but she needed to get to the point real soon. “Sam, you’re about to be given a gift. You’ll possess the pure power needed to stop an evil that’s out of control.” Sam was still trying to wrap his brain around the recent events. A burst of white light, a dead girlfriend who still looked damned hot, and now he’s being told about a heavenly gift of pure power? “Yeah, uh, listen, it’s probably best if I give back that gift. Do you still have the receipt? Does God have a exchange policy?” Hope’s rage takes over. “DAMMIT SAM! YOU’VE BEEN CHOSEN FOR A MISSION! I’M HERE TO GUIDE YOU!” “Well it’s nice to know that Heaven has a sense of humor.” Sam, still a little freaked, starts to back away. “Hey listen, great seeing you again. I have to go hang out with a group of cherubs on the street corner.” Sam bolts away. Hope heaves a sigh of frustration. “This guy is lucky I still love him.” White energy crackles around her in the form of wings. She lifts off the ground and flies after the escaping Sam.

SAM Demon Hunter This is the first in a series of adventure novels. Each story is written in a satirical way, while staying true to the adventure genre.

A normal, everyday guy named Sam is suddenly blasted with a white light from above, turning him into an avenging demon hunter.

Guided by his recently deceased girlfriend, now turned guardian angel, and a big, sloppy demon named Imp, Sam battles the forces of darkness, while just trying to make it through the day

This is a work of fiction. All characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental. SAM Demon Hunter #1 Copyright 2007 by Steve Strangio All rights reserved, including the rights to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form. An original Strangio Books edition, published for the first time anywhere. Cover illustration by Tim Toolen. Printed in the United States of America

SAM Demon Hunter A normal, everyday good Samaritan kind-of-guy named Sam is suddenly blasted with a white light from above, turning him into an avenging demon hunter. Guided by his recently deceased girlfriend, now turned guardian angel, Sam battles the forces of darkness, while just trying to make it through the day. MAIN CHARACTERS Sam – A normal, everyday guy who genuinely cares for those around him. A selfless act is normal operating procedure for him. However, he’s well aware of when somebody is trying to take advantage of his kindness. That’s when the anger takes over and the darkness tries the break through. Hope – Sam’s girlfriend and the true love of his life …. who just happened to have died three years ago. She’s come back from beyond to guide him on his mission. Redemption from past transgressions will earn her advancement to the next level of being. Imp – Is he good? Is he evil? This shady character is Sam’s connection to the underworld and constant devil’s advocate. SUPPORTING CHARACTER Michele Anderson – Sam’s co-worker and potential love interest. She’s a compassionate woman in her mid-twenties who is seeking direction in her life. A secret passion that runs her life may soon spin out of control. ANTAGONIST Thomas Simmons aka “Bad Tommy” – The personification of all things evil …. and a wickedly funny kind of guy. No remorse, no sympathy, no restraint. His handsome exterior masks his demonic persona.

SAM Demon Hunter -SynopsisIt’s been 3 long years since Sam’s girlfriend Hope killed herself and he hasn’t really dealt with it yet. Sam just bides his time, working as a server in the neighborhood theme restaurant called “Uncle Stevie’s.” Another day, another dollar, another life he’s still trying to get used to.

Throughout his entire shift, Sam had the strangest feeling that he was being watched. Stranger than that, the feeling was something vaguely familiar. He will soon find out that Hope is with him. Hope has become Sam’s own personal guardian angel sent back to protect him. She needs to teach him the ways of the warrior angels and prepare him for an epic battle. However, he must first survive a battle with a stranger who goes by the peculiar name of “Bad Tommy.” Bad Tommy didn’t want to kill all of those girls, but it had to happen. Their souls needed to feed his need. He knows that only one man can stop him. It’s a good thing that this man doesn’t even know about the power within. Sam is about to begin a journey that will place right in the middle of the eternal battle. This is one man who will face his greatest fears … and will soon discover a terrifying secret.

EPISODE 1 SCENE I “Cindy’s Last Dance” “A nice night, some sweet death, this could be fun,” thought Bad Tommy, as he crouched down in the shadows, waiting for his next beautiful victim. “Bad Tommy” was the obscene nickname given to him by the tabloids. It’s a name that he’s grown to like, in a demented sort of way. 33 victims within a 2-month span, a body count that sickened most people, but made this bad boy swell with pride in his accomplishment. His next sweet casualty walked along the rain soaked street, scurrying home after a late night excursion. Her name was Cindy. Barely 21, or so she made many of the men believe. Men were just playthings to her. Her “little boys” would buy her drinks all night, trying to get into her skin-tight pants. “Don’t these idiots ever learn?” was her daily mantra. According to her, they should just buy the drinks and shut up. Men were such bastards these days. She just needed to get home tonight and wipe the stench off her body. “Hey babydoll. What’s the rush?” Tommy stated as he emerged from the shadows. Cindy was a bit shocked at first, and then sickened by the fact that she thought this dark figure was actually attractive. “Yeah, okay, you’re a hottie,” was all she could muster as a reply. “But I had enough for tonight. Buy me a drink at the club tomorrow night. Cool with you?” A knife through the heart was Tommy’s only comeback. It sank deep into Cindy’s chest, as the life-blood seeped down her body and to the street below. She wondered why her life didn’t flash before her eyes, as she sank deeper into the void. “Wasn’t that supposed to happen?” was her last thought. Bad Tommy held her in death’s embrace as Cindy passed on. “Was it good for you?” were the last words she ever heard.

SCENE 2 “Uncle Stevie’s” is the Place To Be!” Loving eyes watched Sam as he sped along the main floor of “Uncle Stevie’s.” The eyes belonged to a solitary figure that realized that now wasn’t the time to reveal herself. That time would present itself, but it had to be soon. As for now, she was just content just gazing upon Sam as he hurried through his shift. “Uncle Stevie’s” was “The Place for FUN for EVERYONE” and the hottest theme restaurant to come along in many years. Sam was this location’s main server and the one man everybody liked. Tonight was Saturday night and the (obviously) busiest night of the week. Party music blared over the sound system and the joint was jumping. Servers scurried about, delivering foodstuffs to hungry patrons. One specific server, Michele, was just about to lose it. “Help, help, help … HELP!!!” Michele screamed as the chaos of tonight’s mania descended upon her. “Got yer back, baby!” Sam replied as he came charging to the rescue. “Gimme those two plates, take these drinks, and I’ll follow you with a tray stand.” “Who’s the man!?” Michele shouted. “THAT WOULD BE ME!!!!” Sam replied triumphantly. Sam and Michele gathered together their trays and headed into the anarchy of this Saturday night’s shift. They weaved in and out of the scurrying throngs of customers (which “Uncle Stevie’s” management always refers to as “Guests”), and then arrived at a large table of salivating people clamoring for their fried meat-like substances. That task done, Sam and Michele realized that many more were ahead of them. Michele leaned over to Sam and gave him a peck on the cheek. “My knight in shining armor!” A sly smile crept from Sam’s face. He bowed to her. “Always a pleasure to help milady!” He grabs Michele’s arm and pulls her forward. “We are off to conquer anew!!” From her secret place, the solitary figure watches Sam and Michele laughing as they enter the kitchen. Is that jealousy she feels? Is it hate? She should be happy for Sam. These are emotions that will soon be dealt with.

SCENE 3 “After the Shift, It Begins.” It’s around 4 am as the battle-weary servers finish up their closing duties and begin counting their monetary rewards for this evening’s Hell-onEarth shift. Sam and Michele are sitting together, gathering everything up. Michele is lounging on Sam’s shoulder, as he counts his money. “How’re you getting home tonight, baby?” “Y’know, if anybody else called me baby, I’d take it as an insult,” Michele replied, shifting her head on Sam’s shoulder. “I only call you that ‘cuz I love ya,” Sam teased. “Really? Love? There’s love here?” Sam tensed up for a bit. “Well, y’know, love in the generic sense.” “Oh, well, okay,” Michele stated. “That clears everything up. Don’t worry about me ‘Sammy baby,’ I got my ex-boyfriend’s car tonight. I’m taking that home.” “That’s just weird to me. If this guy is your ex-boyfriend, then why do you still keep him around?” Michele lifted her head off of Sam’s shoulder and rubbed her eyes. “I can’t really do any explaining tonight. My head feels like ripe sushi.” Sam gathers together his money, and gets up. “Is that a visual that I really want in my head?” Michele laughs. “You walking home again tonight?” “Yep.” “Please be careful.” “Always am. Don’t worry about me. I’m a strapping young Italian boy.” “Young?” Michele playfully teased. “Watch it little girl! I’m in damn good shape for a guy in his thirties.” Sam spins and heads for the office. Michele is checking him out. She shouts after him. “And the owner of a damn fine ass if I do say so!” Sam slaps his butt and points to Michele as he enters the office. Michele giggles to herself, then a sudden sense of melancholy flows through her. “That was a little too much flirting, Michele,” she exclaims to herself. “I gotta control that.”

Scene IV “A New Hope” (*Yep, you read that right.) “Did you ever get the feeling you’re being watched?” was all Sam could think about as he walked down the still wet streets. Sam continued along the road, keeping alert. SMACK!!! Sam is suddenly knocked to the pavement and his belongings fly in all directions. He shakes his head as the flashes of light begin to clear up. Were those flashes caused by his recovery or were they actually occurring in the night? Sam’s vision clears as he begins to focus on three forms hovering over him. Before he knows it, Sam is lifted from the street and hurled into a tree, smashing into it with a sudden impact. The three forms approach Sam, as he now views them clearly. “Demons?” are all Sam can spout out from his confusion. Female Demons to be exact. Three hideous excuses for what used to apparently be three beautiful women creep closer to Sam, as he presses his back against the tree. “Hey ladies. Isn’t Halloween over? Sam queries. “What are you supposed to be? Charlie’s Angels from Hell?” Savage screams rip into the night sky as the three female demons begin their attack. Sam recoils and shouts, “DAMN! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!” At that very moment, a burst of white light burns into the night. Everyone spins to confront the ivory female form hovering above. Shocked at what is happening, Sam’s eyes widen. “It can’t be. No freakin’ way!” The angelic figure, the same woman who’s been watching over Sam the entire night replies. “Yeah, it’s me baby. Hope has arrived.”

EPISODE 2 “All Good Things…” SCENE 1 Sam is shocked to see the woman he once loved, and probably still does, hovering above him like some killer angel. White energy crackles around her, almost in the form of wings, as Hope turns her attention towards the three salivating female demons that were just about to pounce on Sam. “Hey baby,” Hope states, trying to reassure the continually stunned Sam. “It’s gonna be alright.” “Uh, yeah, sure, okay,” is all that Sam can muster as a response. “I’ll just be over here, trying not to have a heart attack.” The female demons, not really caring about any exchange of words going on between their intended prey, begin their ferocious attack. A sudden blast of white light slams into them and the three demons hurl into the air in all directions. They hit the pavement with a combined thud, as Hope lands on the street, prepared for more battle. Hope faces her intended foes, as the three demons instantly jump to their feet and stare down this heavenly warrior. “Do you have names?” Hope requests. “What does it matter?” replies the first female demon. “Our lives are forfeit for our master.” “I’ll need the name of this master,” demands Hope. “You will soon know his name,” replies the second demon. “All shall know his name and fear him!” the third demon finishes. Hope is actually kind of amused. “Okay, so did all of you talk like BMovie villains when you were alive? “Cuz, y’know, that’d be really creepy if you did.” Demon #1 hurls herself at Hope and is smacked to the head for her efforts. A blinding millisecond later, Demon #2 furiously attacks her opponent. Hope leaps into the air, grabs #2 by the head, flips her over, and slams her into #3! Sam, doing his best to regain his senses, is watching this battle royale. “This feels like an extreme wrestling pay-per-view.” He begins to back away. Hope notices this and heads towards him. “Sorry baby. I can’t let you out of my sight.”

Sensing an opening, the three female demons pounce on Hope! Fists, feet, and fury pound on the heavenly warrior as the demons shred into her. “Okay, now I’m angry,” Hope’s fury rises. CCCCCCCRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAACCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!! A massive burst of white energy explodes and rips into the night sky as Hope unleashes an energy burst! It’s raining female demon parts as Hope slowly rises to her feet. That’s all Sam needed to see. He bursts away, running as fast as his tired feet can carry him. “Nice one, Hope.” Energy crackles around her as Hope chases after Sam.

SCENE 2 From the shadows, Bad Tommy and (the newly “demoned”) Cindy watch as Hope chases after Sam. “Did you see that?” Bad Tommy asks. “Damn, that chick’s got some power. You could have that power if you really wanted it.” “I’m disgusting. What did you do to me?” is all Cindy can say. “Aw c’mon! I made you better. More powerful!” “You made me like those three ugmoes who just got splattered into the pavement!” Bad Tommy pulls Cindy close and caresses her hair. “Those women weren’t anything like you. You’re beautiful!” “No!” cries Cindy. “You made me into some kind of demon-thing! I mean … who’s gonna want me now?!” Bad Tommy waves his hand and dark energy swirls in an empty space in the sky. A mirror appears and he turns Cindy’s head towards it. Her demon-like appearance slowly transforms back to her beautiful, raven-haired form. “What I see here is a beautiful woman who’s been taken advantage of by sick and twisted men,” Tommy states. “No, not men, little boys who don’t know how to appreciate you.” “You’re a man.” “I’m a little bit more than that, sweetness.” “So, you appreciate me?” “Of course I do. Wanna know how I can appreciate you more?” Tommy asks.

Cindy is intrigued. She continues to stare into the mirror as Bad Tommy stands behind her. “I want you to get rid of that little boy named Sam who you just saw run away,” Tommy demands. “Would that make you happy?” Cindy asks. Bad Tommy spins her around and stares deeply into her eyes. “All that matters to me is if you will be happy. That guy over there represents the type of man you’ve hated all your life. I want to see you kill that sorry son of bitch. I want to see you regain the power you’ve lost. Do that for me? That’s all I ask.” A sly smile comes across Cindy’s face. She leans into Tommy and they embrace. “There’s my girl,” Bad Tommy says, not really paying attention to her as he checks himself out in the dark mirror. SCENE 3 Hope chases Sam down the street. Sam is doing his best to deny this whole night has ever happened. “YOU WERE DEAD!!! I SAW THE BODY!!” “Hey that’s great,” Hope states, trying to keep Sam’s mania down a peg. “How about you shout it a little louder so the deaf guy down the street can give a damn?” Sam steadies himself for a moment, shakes off whatever weird feeling happens to be residing in his body at the moment, and calms himself. “Yeah, okay, you’re right. I mean, why should I get all freaked out by the sight of the only woman I ever loved, who just so happened to have committed suicide in my bathtub, standing right in front of me?” “Long sentence there, cowboy. You wanna take a breath next time?” Hope was both amused and impressed by his statement. She was beginning to remember why she fell in love with this guy. Sam folds his arms and aims his gaze towards Hope. “ So, what now? You’re a guardian angel?” “Yup.” “Yup?” Sam is still stunned. “Do you like ‘Yep’ better?” “A guardian angel?” Sam queries. Hope was still amused, but she needed to get to the point real soon. “Sam, you’re about to be given a gift. You’ll possess the pure power needed to stop an evil that’s out of control.”

Sam was still trying to wrap his brain around the recent events. A burst of white light, a dead girlfriend who still looked damned hot, and now he’s being told about a heavenly gift of pure power? “Yeah, uh, listen, it’s probably best if I give back that gift. Do you still have the receipt? Does God have a exchange policy?” Hope’s rage takes over. “DAMMIT SAM! YOU’VE BEEN CHOSEN FOR A MISSION! I’M HERE TO GUIDE YOU!” “Well it’s nice to know that Heaven has a sense of humor.” Sam, still a little freaked, starts to back away. “Hey listen, great seeing you again. I have to go hang out with a group of cherubs on the street corner.” Sam bolts away. Hope heaves a sigh of frustration. “This guy is lucky I still love him.” White energy crackles around her in the form of wings. She lifts off the ground and flies after the escaping Sam. She lands right in front of him, white energy crackling around her. Sam doesn’t know what to do. He stands there motionless. Something deep inside tells him that something big is about to happen. “I’m sorry baby,” is all Hope can say. “This has to happen.” Hope leans into Sam and delivers a deep kiss on the lips. It’s the type of kiss she’s been longing to give him since her “passing” many years ago. Her white energy increases with the growing passion of their lips’ embrace. Hope slowly backs away as her white energy is transferred to Sam. He stands there, still trapped in the moment. Suddenly, a surge of power erupts. The time has come. Night turns to day as a burst of pure white light descends from the heavens. It explodes around Sam with the blast of a thousand bolts of lightning! Sam is instantly bathed in a surge of pure power! It lasts for a second and feels like an eternity as Hope watches on. In an instant, it’s over. Sam begins to fall and Hope rushes to catch him. CRACK!! Hope is knocked aside by a blow from behind. She slams into Sam and they crash to the street. Cindy has arrived. Dark energy crackles around her as she surveys the damage. “What’s the matter? Cindy queries. “Dontchya wanna play with me?”

Episode 3 “Cindy Wants to Play!” SCENE 1 Still weakened from the shot to the back of the head, Hope stands to face Cindy. A bolt of black energy instantly slams into her and Hope goes flying across the street, smashing into a pile of garbage! Cindy, feeling the power surge within her, slowly advances towards Sam. Her flowing, raven hair swirls about her, as if it had a life of it’s own. Sam suddenly realizes that she’d be damn sexy, if she weren’t just about to rip him limb from limb. Cindy bends down to the still dazed Sam, grabs a handful of hair, and pulls his head back. “Is this the little boy who ran away from the big bad demons?” “Yeah, hey, how’s it going? Kill here often?” is the only response Sam could come up with. Hope is pulling herself out of the crumpled mess of garbage. “Sam! You have the power now! Kill that bitch!!!” THHHOOOOOMMM!!!!! A bolt of black energy to the face sprawls Hope back even farther, as she now slams into a parked car. Cindy looks back to Sam. “I don’t like your girlfriend.” “She’s a guardian angel, y’know.” “You must be proud.” “Yeah, well, she’s a career woman.” A surprise burst of laughter comes out of Cindy. It’s something she never thought she’d experience again. “Damn, you’re kinda cute. It’s a shame that I have to rip out your intestines and strangle you with them.” We could skip that and go for coffee. You like mocha?” Sam was doing his best to try and deflect this homicidal woman’s rage. In all seriousness, he should be freaked out at the latest turn of events. However, this all seemed to be eerily normal to him. As if he’s done this sort of thing before. From the shadows, Bad Tommy watches. He’s not very happy with what he’s seeing. Cindy should have killed Sam by now. What’s with all the flirting? “Damn women. Give ‘em an inch … and I have to kill twenty more.”

SCENE 2 Unaware of Sam’s current situation, Michele arrives home from her exhausting day of work. She drives her car, her ex-boyfriend’s car, towards the house and enters the driveway. A solitary figure stands waiting for her. He approaches the car as Cindy turns off the engine. He’s a bigger than normal kind of guy, about 6’3”, 275 lbs., who possesses that “I played lots of sports in high school” sort of look. Michele doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact that something bad is about to happen. She learned that skill during the three years of dating this guy. His name is Bud. Why wouldn’t it be? “You’re late. I waited,” Bud barked. “You didn’t have to wait.” “I waited.” “Okay, you waited.” Michele gathers her things, gets out of the car, and walks for her front door. Bud blocks her way. “I give you my car and you just take advantage of that?” “Bud,” Michele really isn’t in the mood for this, “I had a really long day and I just want to get some rest.” “Are your screwing around with someone?” “What?!” Michele blurts out. That was kind of weird to hear from Bud’s mouth, since they weren’t dating anymore. “Are you insane?” Bud grabs Michele’s arm and squeezes it a little too hard that he really should. “I want his name and I want to know where he lives!” Michele’s just about had it. “Hey Jackass!!! Get the facts straight … WE ARE NOT DATING ANYMORE!!!” Michele surprised herself with this display. “Now get your damn hands off me and let me get into my house.” A hard second passes between them, and then Bud releases his grip. Michele, sensing a tiny victory, breathes a sigh of relief. SMACK! Bud belts her across the mouth! Raging panic overcomes bitter denial as Michele falls to the ground. The screeching of tires pierces Michele’s ears a few seconds later when she realizes that Bud is driving his car away into the night. Alone and crying, Michele stays on the cold ground, damning herself for letting this happen.

SCENE 3 Sam withstands blow after blow as Cindy continues her attack on his already beaten form. She picks him up and hurls him towards Hope. They collide and tumble into a tree. “You realize that you’re getting your ass kicked by a girl?” Hope stated. “She ain’t a girl. She’s one of those demon bitches from Hell that seem to be all the rage with the kids these days.” “So use your powers and beat her ass!” “Powers? What powers?” Sam said. “Aren’t you supposed to be the warrior here?” “Weren’t you paying attention, like, three minutes ago?! Remember? White light? Sudden surge of power? Heavenly intervention?!” “I just thought I was a great kisser.” Despite the situation, Hope laughs. “Baby, I missed you so much.” Cindy walks up to them. “Hello? I’m supposed to be destroying you over here! PAY ATTENTION!!!” Cindy reaches down, grabs Sam by the shirt, and begins to lift him over her head. Sam shoots a look at Hope. “You could help.” “Sorry baby, you gotta do this one on your own.” Hope gets up and follows them to the street. Sam is bodyslammed to the pavement. This move should have broken every bone in his body, but he withstands the damage. He lies in the middle of the street and Cindy stands over him. Unaware to Cindy, Bud’s car comes speeding down the street. “You’re just like every other little boy I’ve played with,” Cindy taunted. “You just think you’re so cool, trying to take advantage of a hot piece of meat like me.” “This is gonna hurt,” Sam plainly stated. “Oh yeah,” replies Cindy. “And just who’s gonna hurt m …..” SLAM!!!! Bud’s car sends Cindy’s body careening down the street at a top speed. The sound of screeching tires covers the sickening thud of Cindy’s body striking the street. Hope begins to head toward Sam, but is ambushed from behind. Bad Tommy has made the scene.

He slams Hope into the Sam and they, yet again, tumble to the ground. Bad Tommy approaches them. “Hey! Do the line when you say, ‘We’ve got to stop meeting like this!’ C’mon, say it! I LOVE THAT LINE!” “About time you showed up,” Hope declared, shaking off the pain from this recent ambush. “Oh I’ve been around. You already knew that,” Tommy exclaimed. Sam turns to Hope. “Sounds like you know this guy?” Not really knowing how to answer that question, Hope just stares at Sam. “We go way back,” interjected Tommy. “And guess what, kiddo? It’s going to be so much fun when you find out how we met!”

EPISODE 4 “A Bitch Called Payback.” SCENE 1 Bad Tommy circles Sam and Hope as they lay on the street. Their battered bodies stay close together, preparing to strike at this latest threat. “You two make a cute couple,” Tommy finally declares. “All spread out on the street like that, bloodied, bruised and beaten. Damn! It gives me a chubby!!” “Yeah, you’re kind of a psycho, “ Sam counters. Bad Tommy leans down and faces Sam, “This is usually the part where I’d say ‘You have no idea,’ but I think ya do.” Sam shoots him back a quizzical look, but Hope interjects before Sam can respond. “Shouldn’t you be off torturing small bunnies or something?” “Nah, that’s on Tuesday.” Tommy shifts around to confront Hope. You kinda like this guy, dontchya?” “I came back for him.” That comment piques Sam’s interest. A sly smile creeps across Tommy’s face. “Even after what you did?” Now Sam is really interested. Bad Tommy gets up and surveys the damage. He spots Cindy slowly approaching the scene, then notices Bud gradually regaining consciousness inside his demolished car. “Hey kids,” Bad Tommy proclaims, “it looks like my crew is coming back to life!” Cindy confronts Tommy. “Why did you let that asshole hit me with his car?” “Oh sweetness,” Tommy retorts. “I’d never let anybody hurt you … unless I wanted to watch.” Tommy laughs and turns back to Sam and Hope. “I AM SUCH A BAD BOY!!! AIN’T I?!” Tommy pushes Cindy towards Bud. “Go get that piece of meat over there. We got some playing to do.” Hope and Sam are trying to get up, but some sort of force is keeping them down. Tommy leans into them. “Hey kids, don’t get up. I’m the one who’s keeping you down. Sort of a ‘dark mystical energy’ kind of thing. I wouldn’t expect you to understand.” Tommy looks at Sam. “Not yet anyway.” Bad Tommy walks over to Cindy, who is holding the mostly dazed Bud in her arms.

“I get to play with this one, right?” Cindy asks. “Sure babydoll, Tommy responds. “We’ll stuff him like a big ol’ teddy bear!” Bad Tommy waves his hand and a dark portal appears. “Hey kids, thanks for playing!” Tommy gleefully shouts. “We’ll commence with our bonus round right after these commercial messages!” Bad Tommy, Cindy, and the dazed Bud enter the portal and escape from view. SCENE 2 Sam and Hope are walking down the street. The suburban night is eerily quiet and the stillness echoes between them. “Shouldn’t you be flying through the air or something?” Sam finally asks. “I’d much rather walk with you,” is all Hope needs to say. “You came back for me, huh?” “Yeah.” “Kinda funny hearing that,” Sam mutters. “I mean, y’know, since you were the one who left without telling me.” “It wasn’t because of you.” “Oh, okay, ‘cuz cleaning up all of that blood in my bathtub was a real fun thing to do.” “Damn it, Sam!” Hope cries out. “That’s a sick thing to say!” “You knew I found my parents dead a few days before that!” Sam shouted. “Then I find your dead body right after the funeral!!” “YOU KILLED YOURSELF! Sam bellowed. “And now you expect me to believe that you CAME BACK FOR ME?!” Hope musters all of her strength to try and calm down. She walks a few steps ahead of Sam, stops, turns to him and counters with…. “Yes.” Sam stops and tries to take all of this in. Sure, he still loves this woman, but doubts nag him. They’re poking and prodding at him from all directions. He’s trapped under a waterfall of emotions and desperately needs some time to dry off. “I’m gonna be walking this way now,” Sam states as he turns off to the side and begins to walk away. Hope has given up chasing Sam. She shouts after him, “I understand that you need some time, but you can’t keep running away from all of this.” Sam doesn’t respond. He just keeps walking.

She watches him walk away. “I’ll still be around.” Hope stands alone in the night. SCENE 3 Sam walks alone in the darkness. Suburbia is a different place during the late night/early morning hours. The craziness of soccer moms getting their kids off to school and hurried movements of businessmen rushing off to work are non-existent during these hours. Stillness of the night is the order of business right now. It’s oddly comforting to Sam. That comfort is interrupted by not-so-distant sounds of sobbing. Sam looks around and realizes that he’s in Michele’s neighborhood. He picks up the pace and sees a female form, sitting on the curb, her hands slightly muffling the sounds of crying. Sam hesitantly approaches Michele. Part of him secretly knows what might be wrong. He doesn’t want to acknowledge that. “Yeah, I’d be sad if I forgot to put out the garbage also,” jokes Sam. Michele looks up, tears still streaming down her face. Sam instantly notices the large welt on her cheek. “That son of a bitch!” Sam roared. Sam rushes towards Michele, but she flinches. “JUST BACK OFF!!” screeched Michele. Sam instantly stops, then cautiously sits on the curb, a few inches away from Michele. “Yeah, I know the feeling,” expressed Sam. “Don’t even try, Sam.” “Story of my life.” “Yeah, well, let’s all feel sorry for little Sammy!” “What?” Michele feels a rage rise within her. She stands up to confront Sam. “I don’t need your pity! I don’t need you coming from out of nowhere, trying to make me feel better!” “Meesh,” begins Sam, using his favorite nickname for her, hoping to calm her down, “I’m sure the last hour of yours kinda sucked, but I don’t think it compares to what I’ve been through tonight.” That really didn’t help. “PITY PARTY TIME FOR POOR SAMMY!!! Michele raged. “Guess what?! I don’t need you coming around, trying to make me feel better! I DON’T NEED ANYBODY!!!”

Michele storms off, opens the door to her house, enters, and slams it shut. Sam quietly stands up from the curb, walks to the middle of the street, and just stands there. “I’m having a day.” A millisecond later, the night air blurts out a disgusting sight. It’s a damn fat, damn large, sort of a hobgoblin. The sight of this repulsive giant disgusts Sam. This gargantuan puss-bucket doesn’t say anything. Sam looks at him. He looks at Sam. They look at each other. Then, with a smile, the disgusting man finally says … “Truck.” BAM!!!! A massive truck slams into Sam and he flies down the street. Sam’s mangled body thumps down the street as the huge ogre exclaims… “Second time tonight that happened. Payback’s a bitch in head, ain’t it?”

EPISODE 5 “The Rage Within” SCENE 1 Amused by the whole scene, Imp saunters over to Sam’s crumpled body, which is still contorted in the middle of the street. The truck driver, who has since brought his rig to a halt, leaps out of the driver’s seat and comes face to face with Imp. The sight of this massive, slobbering hunk of demon stuns the driver. “JESUS!!!” “Nice guy, makes good wine,” Imp responded. “What the hell are you?” “Okay, first you mention Jesus, then you mention the ‘H’ word,” countered Imp. “Don’t ya got no respect?” The driver doesn’t know how to respond. He alternates his gaze between Imp and the still unconscious Sam. “That guy over there is dead?” “That’s kinda complicated, but you won’t be sticking around much longer to try and figure that out,” stated Imp, as he turns to face the driver. “Whaddaya mean by tha…?” “BOOGIE, BOOGIE, BOOGIE!!!!!” screeched Imp, his face exploding into, quite possibly, the most disgusting sight the driver has ever witnessed since birth. “SWEET LORD IN A HOUSEBOAT!!!!!” The driver screams in terror as he leaps back into the driver’s seat and revs the engine. Imp cackles as the truck bursts forth into the night. “Sweet Lord in a houseboat? Where do these humans come up with this shit?” A sudden burst of white light illuminates the darkness into momentary daylight. Hope has arrived. The darkness returns as Imp walks up to her. “Hey woman. Looks like your man over there went kablooey.” “You’re a demented son of a bitch, you know that?” “That’s what my momma told me!” Not even paying attention to that remark, Hope rushes over to Sam. Imp follows, unfazed by recent events.

SCENE 2 Bad Tommy and Cindy are locked in a deep kiss. They lounge on the ornate bed, located in the center of a fashionable bedroom. The décor of this room doesn’t really match any recognizable style, but it does reflect the man who created it. This is Bad Tommy’s secret place. Calling it “a lair” wouldn’t do it justice. It’s more a space that exists in nowhere. Cindy sprawls herself on the bed, her nude body out there for the entire world to see. However, at the moment, her world only consists of one man. The one man who has finally given her what she’s longed for. Actually, he’s given it to her about 5 times within the last 2 hours. “Damn!” Exclaimed Cindy. “I don’t think it’s humanly possible for me to even stand up!” “There’s nothing human about it,” Tommy replies, getting up to pour a drink. “Yeah. I’m beginning to think that whole ‘human thing’ might have been a waste of time for me. I wasted my entire life searching for the wrong things.” Tommy walks over to the bed, lifts Cindy up to him, the sweat of their bodies lubricates the embrace. “I’m the one man that you need,” Tommy stated. “Hell yeah.” “So why don’t you go do what I need done?” Cindy smiles, kisses Tommy, and then heads for the next room. Tommy also smiles, noticing something about Cindy as she saunters away, “You’re doing this without any clothes on? Oh yeah, that’s evil.” SCENE 3 Hope is doing her best to bring Sam back to life. Imp stands to the side, casually watching this display. “You know what you have to do,” Imp plainly stated. “Goddammit!!” Hope shouted. “Hey watch the language. He’s probably watching,” declared Imp. “I’m here for a few minutes and his name is taken in vain two times .. and they call me disgusting.” “I can’t do this.” “It’s a choice. No doubt.”

“He doesn’t even realize what he is.” “Then help him.” Hope stands up, the white glow surrounding her intensifies. “I came back for him.” “Yeah, ya did.” Imp stands back. “Make it worth your while.” SCENE 4 Cindy enters the room. What little light there is reflects off her nude form as she slinks towards her “little plaything.” There, chained from the ceiling and the floor, stands Bud. Beaten and bloodied, he barely registers Cindy’s sensual form as she glides towards him. She caresses his body as she circles Bud like a shark preparing for a feeding frenzy. Bud begins to speak, “Listen ….” SMACK! A sharp blow to the face shuts him up. “Who’s in control?” Cindy asked. Hours of torture have taught Bud to respond. “You are.” SMACK! SMACK!! Two sharp blows to the head prove that to be the wrong answer. “You are … Miss Cindy,” Bud finally responded. Cindy moves in close, rubbing her naked body on Bud’s bruised chest. “Do you want me?” Fear rages inside his head, as Bud searches for the correct answer. A knee to the groin is the penalty for taking too long. Bud collapses in pain, but his body doesn’t fall to the floor. He just hangs there, suspended by the chains … and his grief. “Don’t worry little boy, “ Cindy whispered, grabbing a handful of Bud’s hair. “Miss Cindy’s gonna make it all better.” Bad Tommy watches from the doorway, allowing him to feel pride for his latest “project.” Suddenly, he feels something else stir within him. It’s not a good feeling. It’s something that he didn’t plan on. “Ah, Hope. Do you really want to do this?”

SCENE 5 The white energy crackles in the night as a glow emanates between Hope and Sam. Hope is breathing heavily, doing her best to keep it together. She knows that this deed must be done, but she was hoping that it wouldn’t be so soon. The white glow intensifies as Sam begins to stir. It’s working. Maybe too well. Imp is still watching this spectacle. “Back it off. Don’t do too much of this.” “SHUT IT!!” Hope screamed. Her rage actually forces Imp to take a step back. “Damn, girlfriend,” exclaimed Imp. “The bitch is back!” The white glow intensifies, the power rages. Sam’s body is lifted off the ground and it follows Hope as she rises into the sky. Their bodies swirl in the night air as the energy between them sizzles in intensity! FLASH!!! It’s over in an instant. Hope falls to the street, but Imp catches her before she strikes the pavement. Sam remains in sky. He’s changed. Imp rests Hope on the grass, near the street, then looks up to see a fearsome sight. The Demon Hunter is prepared for battle. Sam has been transformed into a Warrior. His off-white, long flowing coat drapes what can only be described as “battle armor.” All in white, a white that isn’t exactly pure white, more of a silvery, dirty white covers his armor. Sam’s eyes crackle with pure energy and his fierce gaze stares into the night. “There’s gonna be some pain tonight,” Sam revealed. He explodes upward, blasting into the sky, white energy crackling in all directions. Imp watches Sam fly away. “Okay, so I’ll just wait here then.”

SCENE 6 Alone in her room, Michele is trying to cry herself to sleep. Suddenly, the lights flash on. There’s no time to scream. “It’s just you and me now,” declared Bud, his face, now a twisted remnant of his past life. He’s a demon, plain and simple. “Could you scream for me? That would be sweet.”

EPISODE 6 “Love Burns” SCENE 1 Imp is doing his best to comfort Hope, who is completely drained from recent events. Her head is resting on Imp’s lap as they sit by an oak tree located on an unknown suburban resident’s home. Hope’s eyes flutter open and she begins to regain consciousness. She looks up to see the disgusting sight of what Imp refers to as his face. “What’s up, handsome?” sighed Hope. “Yeah, you’re a charmer,” Imp replied. “He’s gone after him?” Hope murmurs, referring to Sam’s current crusade. “Gonna get his ass kicked, if you ask me.” “You always were Mr. Positivity.” Hope tries to get up, but realizes that gravity works and lands right back into Imp’s bulbous lap. “The chicks always return to me,” Imp joked. “Must be your animal musk.” Hope sighs to herself, then says to no one in particular, “Dammit, Sam. Why is this happening?” SCENE 2 Michele is trying to scream. The screams echo inside her mind, but the actual scream can’t find it’s way to her voice. She’s frozen in terror. Who wouldn’t be? She always felt that her ex-boyfriend was a monster, and here he is, standing right in front of her. He’s become the living personification of her deepest fears. “I need to hear you scream,” Bud shouted, reveling in the dark energy that has turned him into a demon. Furniture flies in all directions as Bud smashes everything in his way. The darkness of the room only adds to the terror of the moment. Michele has gone past fear, through terror, and into that space only reserved for those who come face to face with their secret horrors. Bud continues his advance, slowly mirroring each step Michele takes. His threats echo in the darkness. “You never listened, you never learned. Why weren’t you there for me? Huh? I’ll tell you why, because you were

never around when I needed you!” Bud smashes a lamp against the wall, exposing the wiring. Michele’s words are intense and controlled. “I don’t know what’s happened to you. I don’t know why you’ve been turned into … whatever it is you are. But I can help.” Bud grabs Michele’s bed, lifts it, and smashes it through the wall! “DAMN YOU!!!” Bud continues stalking Michele. “I’ve beat the living crap out of you more times than I can imagine … AND YOU STILL WANT TO HELP ME?!” Bud finally grabs Michele and pulls her close to his newly rotting face. “You can’t help me. You never could help me. See this mug? This is my penance. I’m like this because I’ve paid for my stupidity. I’m like this because I was stupid enough to fall in love with a hoar like you. Miss Cindy showed me the way. Showed me what a bad boy I’ve been.” If Bud could cry, he would. “All that pain. Well guess what? I’m gonna show you some of that pain … and you’re gonna love it!!” ZZZZZAAATTTZZZZ!!!!! Michele shoves the exposed live wire of the lamp right into Bud’s face. He’s blasted back and explodes through the wall! The force of the blow surprises Michele. Sure, she knew her strike would hurt, but she didn’t expect it to be so powerful. SCENE 3 A swirling dark void begins to open just a few feet away from Hope and Imp. Still sitting by the tree, Imp sighed, “Aw man, do I gotta get up now?” “Stay right there,” Hope commanded, still resting in his lap. “This had to happen eventually.” Bad Tommy and Cindy arrive on the scene. The stillness of this chilly suburban night is barely interrupted as they saunter closer to Hope and Imp. “This is so sweet,” Tommy commented. “You kids having a picnic?” “Yeah, whatever, Tommy-Boy,” Imp retorted. “Who’s the new slag? Gonna roast this one too?” Enraged, Cindy advances towards Imp. She suddenly stops and turns to confront Tommy. “Wait? What was that about roasting?” Imp snorts. “Oh she’s a sharp one!” Bad Tommy is composed. “Cindy, look at him, then look at me. Are you going to believe anything that living puss-bucket has to say?” Cindy turns to face Imp, who has since stood up and carefully leaned Hope against the tree.

“Why don’t you drop that gothic rocker wannabee and try some of this!!!” Imp exclaimed, rubbing himself all over like some drunken male supermodel. As Imp is grabbing his giant blob of a stomach and shaking it towards Cindy, she turns back to Tommy. Her face contorts in disgust as she reacts with, “Sorry about that. I’ll just stand over here.” Holding back her laughter, Hope composes herself and addresses Tommy. “This is kind of senseless, don’t you think?” “I could destroy you,” Tommy declared. “I could destroy you,” echoes Hope. It’s a stand off. An unspoken understanding between Hope and Bad Tommy fills the air. Imp uses this moment to send an “air kiss” to Cindy. Cindy gags. SCENE 4 The screams finally come as Michele races down the stairs. She heads for the front door. CRASH!!! The wall to her side comes tumbling down and Bud is suddenly in front of her. A smack to the head sends Michele careening into her living room. Bud advances toward her. Not willing to give in, Michele grabs anything she can and starts hurling objects at Bud. He swats them away and continues his advance. Michele is determined to continue the fight. “Damn, Michele,” Bud taunted. “If you were this aggressive in bed, I wouldn’t have smacked you around so much!” “BITE ME!” Michele smacks Bud in head with a fireplace poker. Bud instantly snaps back. “Later, for dessert.” He shoves her against the wall next to the fireplace. Michele rebounds back with a sharp kick to the groin. Bud just stands there. “That would’ve hurt if I had any testicles left.” Bud picks Michele up and hurls her across the room. Michele lands with a thud into the couch and tumbles a few feet. She looks over to the desk, located next to the wall. Bud knows what she wants to do. “Go ahead. Like it’s gonna help.” Michele opens the desk drawer and pulls out a gun. She aims it at Bud.

“Let’s go, bitch!” challenged Bud. “You’ve always wanted to do this!!” Michele doesn’t hesitate. She squeezes off two rounds and they rip into Bud’s chest. Two more collide with his head. The rage overcomes Michele as she empties the clip into Bud, sending him crashing into the wall. The gun’s empty, but Michele keeps pulling the trigger. The clicks of the gun reverberate in the room. However, one fact is painfully obvious. Bud is still standing. “Feel better?” Bud asked. “I think it’s time you died now.” WHITE ENERGY FLASHES INTO THE ROOM!!! The Demon Hunter has arrived. Michele falls to the floor, she tucks her legs close and huddles in the corner. She knows that this is Sam, transformed into something she could never have imagined. Sam doesn’t care. White-hot rage is only directed at the man who has hurt Michele. White energy crackles around him as he slowly advances towards the demon that has harmed his dear friend. Eyes burning with sizzling ivory energy, Sam stares at his foe. “The ex-boyfriend, right? I never did like Michele’s taste in men.”

EPISODE 7 “The Boys Get To Play” SCENE 1 Energy bolts explode from Sam’s outstretched arms! Bud is hurled back, smashing into the fireplace. Sam advances toward him, still not paying attention to Michele, who is still huddled in the corner. Sam lifts Bud up and hurls him right through the ceiling. Bud’s battered body comes crashing back through the ceiling two seconds later and is greeting by a violent sidekick to the face. As Bud is hurtling through the air, Sam fires another force bolt. The white energy slams into his foe, hurtling him faster, sending him crashing through the mirror on the wall. Shards of glass glimmer in the night, exploding in all directions. Is the beating finished? Sam doesn’t think so, engulfed in rage, Sam storms forward. “NNNNNNOOOOOO!!!!” screamed Michele, leaping to her feet and rushing to Sam. In his blind rage, Sam instinctively grabs Michele by the neck and lifts her off her feet. “Sam?” Michele whimpered. It takes a millisecond for Sam to realize what he’s done. He slowly lowers Michele to the floor, and then steps back. Stillness. SCENE 2 Hope and Bad Tommy are still facing off with each other, as Imp and Cindy look on. Tommy finally decides. “You’re weak right now and I’m stronger than ever. I think I’ll kick your sweet ass.” “Nah, ya won’t,” interjected Imp. “Shut your hole, puss-boy,” Tommy comes back with. “Ooooh, ‘Shut your hole, puss-boy,’ he says,” laughed Imp. “How original. You plan on coming out with a 1001 demonic put-downs book?” Cindy stands forward. “Just let me kill the both of them.” “Hey babydoll,” Imp shouted. “Ever done it with a ‘puss-boy?’ I’ll let ya spank me!” “That’s it. I’m hurtin’ you!”

Cindy charges forward. SMACK! Bad Tommy strikes her across the mouth and she crashes to the ground. Hope and Imp instantly rush for Tommy, who waves his hand, sending a wave of dark energy at Imp, who is knocked aside. He crashes into a parked car, just as Tommy reaches out and grabs Hope. Tommy pulls Hope close. “I told you, sweetness. You’re not strong enough yet.” He plants a kiss on her. Dark Energy overwhelms Light Energy. The power swells to explosive heights and Hope is blasted back! “I AM THE BEST KISSER!!!!” Tommy triumphantly shouted. Imp, seeing what has just happened, surveys the scene for a moment, and then makes a decision. He teleports from the scene. SCENE 3 The uneasy stillness of this moment between Sam and Michele is instantly interrupted by the arrival of Imp. Michele jumps back in horror. Imp is kind of used to this by now. “Nice to meet you too.” “Now what?” Sam asked. “Another truck?” Imp doesn’t have time for this. “Listen, I know you’re busy and all, playing superhero with your newfound powers. However, you got better goons to beat on.” Sam doesn’t have time to respond. Bud charges through the hole in the wall, tackles Sam, and sends them both crashing into the backyard. Imp is left standing with Michele. “Nice decorator ya got here.” Imp commented. “Cotemporary Warzone?” Sam and Bud are battling it out in the backyard, as Imp strides over to them. Michele cautiously peeks at the scene from the gaping hole in the side or her house. “Sammy. This battle is a ‘just cause’ and everything,” Imp began. “But you got more pressing matters to attend to.” “This bastard hurt Michele! I’m gonna kill him!!” “Purge.” Imp corrects Sam. “What?” “Purge. You’re gonna purge him. This asshole’s already dead. Bad Tommy and Cindy killed him and turned him into a demon. Defeating him will purge him into Hell. It’s a whole spiritual thing. I never really read the memo.”

Sam is confused. “Bad Tommy? Cindy? I know them. How do I know them?” “Uh, guys?” Interrupted Bud. “Can we get back to this fighting thing we got going on? I want to resume smacking around Michele.” Sam rushes for Bud, but Imp restrains him. “You got better things to do,” Imp stated. Imp turns his attention to Bud. “As for you….” Imp raises both arms and, what can only be described as a ‘liquid force of energy’ grabs Bud and raises him into the air. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MMMMM…..AAARRRGHH!!!” Bud’s words are cut off as his body is mushed into a ball of goo. Organs are mashed together, body parts crumble into slush, and he is transformed into a ball of rotting flesh. FFFFOOOOOOMP!!! Dark energy hurls him down to Hell. “And THAT’S purging!!” Imp triumphantly decreed. “YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!” Sam screamed. “Son of a FLAMING bitch, actually,” corrected Imp. “It’s a whole thing that we can save explaining for a rainy day.” “That scumbag was mine to kill! Purge!! WHATEVER!!!” “Sam, Hope needs you. Stay still and focus your power.” Instinctively, Sam responds to Imp’s request. His white energy begins to glow. He senses the danger. A burst of white energy lifts Sam into the air and he flies into the night. “I COULD’VE TRANSPORTED US THERE!!!” Imp shouted after him. Imp suddenly realizes that Michele has wandered into her backyard. “Hey, listen. Let’s do this again sometime. I’ll bring weenies.” Not knowing how to respond, Michele just stares at him. Imp smiles, then teleports from the scene. Michele is left alone in the ruins of her home.

SCENE 4 Imp arrives first. He spots Cindy cowering next to Tommy. Before he can say anything, Bad Tommy points up, directing Imp’s gaze toward his latest handiwork. Imp is sickened. A fast approaching spot of white light hurtles en route to the scene.

Bad Tommy isn’t afraid. “You think he’ll like my gift?” Tommy said to Imp. “I think he’s gonna rip you twelve new orifices,” Imp responded. Sam lands and is immediately face to face with Bad Tommy. “Well hello there,” Tommy casually greeted. “My name is …” “Bad Tommy,” Sam interrupted “Oh. You know me? “I don’t know why I do. But I do. What the hell kind of stupid name is Bad Tommy?” Bad Tommy laughs. “I knew you’d say that. Listen, before we get all chummy. Why don’t you take a look up there?” Tommy points to a nearby tree. Sam directs his gaze to the tree and is shocked at the sight. Hope, beaten and bloodied, is restrained to the tree by several heavy chains in the pattern of an “X.” Dark energy crackles around the chains as the blood streams from her wounds. Sam loses control. Explosions of white energy burst forth as Bad Tommy matches the challenge with equal amounts of dark energy. This is exactly what Bad Tommy wanted. “I finally found somebody to play with!”

EPISODE 8 “Hunka Burnin’ Love” SCENE 1 White energy is colliding with Dark Energy as Sam and Bad Tommy meet force with force. “It’s kind of like we’re evenly matched,” Tommy shouted at Sam. “Don’t ya think?” “I can’t begin to count the ways I’m gonna hurt you,” Sam responded. The battle rages as Cindy inches her way towards Sam. Seeing this, Imp reaches over and drags Cindy away. “I think it’s time we got to know each other better,” Imp said, dragging a still struggling Cindy away. “You like Thai food?” Still strapped to the tree, Hope begins to regain consciousness. Her power drained, due to transferring most of it over to Sam, she strains against the combination of the mystical bonds and chains criss-crossing her body. SCENE 2 Michele is wandering down the street leading to the battle. Her state of shock doesn’t allow her to realize where she is or what is happening. Her bare feet slap onto the pavement as she meanders from side to side, almost appearing drunk. It’s a cold night. A random thought crosses her mind. It’s the voice of her mother telling her to make sure that she wears a coat because she’ll catch her death. At this moment, death would be a welcome comfort. Michele spots a glow coming from down the street. Instinctively, she moves closer to the light. SCENE 3 White and Dark Energy bolts continue their dance. Sam and Bad Tommy are beginning to show signs of fatigue as their standoff continues. “C’mon pretty boy,” Bad Tommy taunted, “gimme some of that good stuff!” Consciousness slowly coming to her, Hope struggles against her bonds. Suddenly, she notices someone coming down the street, towards the

battle. This was the last thing she needed to see. “Not now,” Hope uttered, realizing that Michele was about to be in harm’s way. Cindy is the next to see Michele, wandering into the battle zone. “This could be fun,” she revealed. Michele stops walking, and stands in shock at the sight of Bad Tommy and Sam. Neither warrior notices her as she falls to her knees; the weight of this evening’s event has finally overwhelmed her senses. Sensing an opening, Cindy slips from Imp’s grasp and charges for the shell-shocked Michele. Cindy grabs Michele and drags her closer to the battle, “Tommy’s gonna love this!” Bad Tommy sees this and springs into action. He lowers one arm, firing an energy bolt at the ground under Sam’s feet, launching him into the air! “Get your hands off her you stupid bitch!!” Tommy shouted at Cindy. Immediately offended, Cindy drops Michele to the ground. Michele crumbles to the grass and lies there motionless. “What did you call me?” Cindy whimpered. “Did I tell you to touch her?” “No, but, I thought…” “Who thinks?! Tommy roared. “Do you think?” I’M THE ONE THAT THINKS!!!” Cindy is beginning to cry as Tommy marches towards her. Sam is about to charge after Tommy, when Imp blocks him and motions to Hope. “Hey stud. How about helping your other girlfriend up there?” Sam realizes that’s probably the best thing to do at the moment, and then rushes to Hope. Tommy is still berating Cindy. “You are quite possibly the stupidest piece of meat I ever had to deal with!” Tommy said, looming over the now cowering Cindy. “WHY ARE YOU SAYING THIS!!!???” Cindy pleaded. “You love me.” “Bitch, please.” Bad Tommy raises his arm. “I’m done with you.” FFFFFFOOOOOMMMM!!! Cindy is instantly engulfed in a raging fire! She runs in all directions, panic and pain overwhelm her soul. As the fire burns, Cindy finally experiences her life flashing before her eyes. This is the life that was supposed to flash during her “first death.” Thoughts and images race through her mind. She sees all of the men in her life who lied to her, the beatings she took from her alcoholic father, the abuse from her cold-

hearted mother, the nights she cried herself to sleep, wondering why she couldn’t find someone, anyone, to love her. Tommy is circling Cindy as the flames begin to tear away her skin and her precious beauty. “I know it hurts, sweetness,” Tommy taunted as he circled her. “But you see, I’m doing you a favor. You don’t have to live in this world anymore. Just give in. Just let it happen.” The final images of her life swirl about Cindy. These are the images of the many men she let use her body for sex within the past few years. Most were bastards who used and abused her. However, there were a few in there who didn’t deserve it. There was one man in particular who, according to Cindy, was stupid enough to fall in love with her. She couldn’t remember his name. No matter. The thought of him brought the hint of a smile to her face. Then suddenly, the realization rushed at her. This was her last moment in this world. One last scream as Cindy reached for Tommy. Her scream echoes into the night as her burnt corpse falls beside Michele. “Thank God that’s over,” Bad Tommy joked. “Or do I thank Satan? Yeah, I think I’ll go with the red guy on this one.” Sickened at the sight of what just happened, Sam tries to shake it off and continues trying to release Hope. Bad Tommy notices this. “Now, now. They’ll be none of that.” He fires a dark energy bolt that knocks Sam to the ground. Sam is instantly up, facing off with Tommy. Tommy reaches down and pulls Cindy up. Bad Tommy loved the smell of burning flesh. To him, it smelled like home. He held the still smoldering woman in his arms as he stared deeply into Sam’s eyes. “Hey man, want a piece? I’m a breast man myself.” “Sick bastard,” Sam was disgusted “That’s all I can say right now, you’re just one sick bastard.” “But Sammy! We’re just having some fun. I set this cute babe on fire ‘cuz I thought she was hot. DIDYA GET IT?! SHE’S HOT!!! DAMN I’M FUNNY!!!” Sam moved forward, but Tommy held out the burnt corpse in front of him. He grabbed the dead woman’s jaw and began moving it up and down. “Please don’t hurt Tommy!” Tommy squealed in a high-pitched voice. “I love him so much and he’s SUCH a good dancer!”

“I’m gonna kill you in so many ways.” Sam was now beyond that point of anger, the point where you just accepted the fact that something really bad was going to happen … and you were the person about to do it. Bad Tommy glared at Sam. “Killing is an evil thing to do. You’re not evil are you?” Sam was fighting something within that he never knew existed. This was a blind, seething hatred that consumed his soul. It wasn’t dark, but pure light. Fear tinged with exhilaration swirled through his being. Bad Tommy sensed this. “Yeah, you’re feeling it. Kind of makes you wonder, huh? Just who is the bad guy here?” “DAMN YOU!!!” A burst of pure white energy explodes through Sam’s hands, hurtling Bad Tommy through a wall! Sam collapses to the ground, drained at his sudden burst of rage. Shaking off the concrete, Bad Tommy gets up and straightens himself. He’s actually amused at what just happened. “THERE’S MY BOY!!! Buddy, the party’s just getting started!”

EPISODE 9 “It’s a Need To Know Kind Of Thing” SCENE 1 The battle is fast and furious as Sam and Bad Tommy exchange blow after blow! Each strike is illuminated alternately by white or dark energy. “THAT’S IT!!” Tommy shouted. “Let’s go babydoll!!! Bring that fury my way!!!” Sam doesn’t have time to talk. He replies with a smack to the head, a sharp uppercut, and a sidekick to the chest. Sam also doesn’t have time to think about how he knows all of these advanced fighting skills. The power is just flowing through him and he welcomes it. The battle is still raging as Hope squirms out of the chains binding her to the tree. Imp is there to catch her as she falls to the ground. “Looks like I’m making a habit of catching you,” Imp said. “Don’t get used to it,” Hope responded. Hope spots the still shocked Michele, sitting on the ground, staring at the burnt corpse of Cindy. “She’s an innocent,” Hope stated. “We need to get her out of here.” Hope begins to walk over to Michele, but Tommy instantly notices. A ball of dark energy begins to form around Tommy’s fist. “Hey Sam?” Before Sam can respond, Bad Tommy hurls a powerful punch to his chest, sending Sam hurtling back into the very tree that held Hope hostage. Sam crashes into the tree, instantly snapping it in half. Tommy waves his hand and dark energy brushes Hope aside. Tommy walks right past Imp, who is just watching all of this happen. “Enjoying the show, fat boy?” Tommy taunted. “Looking forward to the ending,” Imp replied. “Yeah, me too,” Tommy said, grabbing hold of Michele and lifting her to him. “But I don’t think you expected this little plot twist, now did ya?” Tommy waves his hand and a dark teleportation tunnel emerges from the night sky. He turns to Sam, who is just getting up from the ground. “Looks like I got me a new girlfriend to play with! Don’t you worry now. I’ll take real good care of her, like you should have.” Tommy drags Michele through the portal and it closes behind them.

Sam rushes towards the portal just as it closes, then notices Hope staggering right next him. She collapses in his arms and fades into unconsciousness. Sam turns to Imp. “You just let him go!” Sam shouted. “What the hell are you?!” Imp doesn’t reply. He just snaps his fingers. SCENE 2 Sam instantly found himself in what he could only perceive as “a large white space.” He spots Imp sitting at a huge table filled with all sorts of food. Sam noticed that Hope was nowhere to be seen. He moved closer to Imp. Imp was consuming massive amounts of food, as Sam circled the table. Sam really didn’t want to get too close to this … thing. Imp continued slobbering down the food, but kept an eye on Sam. “Like I really care if you think I’m disgusting! I am a demon, y’know. Disgusting is what we do.” Sam struggled not to hurl. “Hey, that’s great. Can I get you a mop?” Imp busted out laughing, food flinging in every direction. “BWAAAHAAAA!!! Funny! You’re a funny guy!” He motions to Sam. “Like the outfit? Looks like it fits.” Imp waves his hand and a full-length mirror appears from out of nowhere. This should probably stun Sam, but he just takes it in stride. Sam takes a look at his new battle uniform. A full-length off-white coat, white leather boots, white chest armor. “Gotta say,” Sam answers, checking him out in the mirror, “It ain’t half bad. Not exactly what I call ‘stealthy,’ but it should probably do the job.” Imp spits out the bones of an entire chicken. “So you’re probably wondering how the hell I fit into this little drama you got going on, huh?” “Yeah, well, thought crossed my mind about 67 times today.” “Let’s just say that I’m along for the ride.” “Gotta be more specific, skank-boy.” “When bad things happen, I’m always in the mix” Imp stated triumphantly. “Really?” Sam steadied himself. “So if I just kick your ass, bad things will go away?” “Kick my ass and I won’t help you find the bad things … or your cute little girlfriend.”

A knowing groan came from Sam’s mouth. He really didn’t need this right now. Sam was still trying to deal with the fact that he was turned into some spiritually righteous super-hero demon hunter. The last thing he needed was a wart with an appetite playing mental bingo with him. Imp continued his slobber-fest. “Yeah, you love me.” “I’d love you even more if you would at least tell me where Hope is.” “Wow,” Imp said. “That’s like, poetic and shit.” Sam responded with a glare. “Hope is fine,” Imp finally said. “She needs some time to recharge. Giving you a power boost really took a lot out of her.” “What about all of that battling that took place on the streets of suburbia? How come nobody came out to see it or even call the police?” “It was a mystical battle,” replied Imp between chomps. “Humanity doesn’t even notice it.” “Michele noticed it,” Sam said, fearing his own statement. “Yeah she did,” was all Imp could reply with. Confused and totally fed up with recent events, Sam plops himself down on the floor. Imp looks over to him and holds out a piece of chicken. “You like extra-crispy?” SCENE 3 It’s the first moment of peace that Michele has had in a very long time. Her dreams are uneventful as she floats in a place of pure comfort. Her eyes slowly open as she rustles under surprisingly comfortable sheets. “Good morning beautiful,” is the first statement she hears. “Sam?” Michele replied. She is instantly shocked awake by the sight of a man looming at the edge of the bed. “Forget about Sam,” Bad Tommy declared. “Time now for you and me.”

EPISODE 10 “White Space, Dark Space.” SCENE 1 Bad Tommy circled the bed, causing Michele to curl the sheets closer to her … as if that would magically protect her. Michele was secure in the belief that everything up until now had just been a terrible nightmare. Her boyfriend hadn’t abused her, he didn’t get turned into a demon and try to kill her, Sam wasn’t some superhero demon hunter who helped destroy him, and what about that fat, demon guy with the wicked sense of humor? Nah, all of that didn’t happen. “Yeah, it kinda did,” Tommy said aloud. “Did he just read my mind?” Michele thought to herself. “Well, not the first time,” Tommy responded. “This time I did. That first time was just kind of obvious.” “Okay, you really need to NOT poke around inside my head!” Michele shouted. “I can do anything I want in this realm.” “Realm?” Bad Tommy sat at the foot of the bed. “It’s a dark, mystical, boogedy-boogedy kind of thing.” He continued on as if this was a normal as talking about taking out the garbage. “My dark energy powers allow me to create a space solely unto myself, thus allowing me omnipotence upon anyone who enters this space.” Michele just stared at him. “I’m master of my domain … get it?” “Okay, whatever,” is all that Michele could muster. “You really don’t have anything to fear here.” “Except getting burned to a crispy-critter?” Bad Tommy reacted with a momentary silence, and then busted out laughing. “Trust me, you’d want to fry her ass also if you dealt with her for more than two days.” Tommy stood up and performed a “butler-like” pose. “Can I get you something? A hot towel? A glass of wine? All-U-Can-EatShrimp?” “Hey, here’s an idea,” Michele began, slowly gaining her wits back. “How about getting me the hell out of here and back to the real world?” “Sorry babydoll. You and me got some catching up to do.”

Michele reacted to that statement. Part of her was actually intrigued. SCENE 2 Sam continued sitting in the middle of the large, white room. “Room” was the only way that he could describe it. It didn’t really have a resemblance to any kind of actual space he’d ever been in. It was just a space … that was white … a white space. Imp continued his “slobber-thon” of eating. Bits of food and bones flew in all directions. “Ever think of renting yourself out as a garbage disposal?” Sam queried. “Aren’t you hungry?” Wanna order a pizza?” Imp responded in between gulps. “How would the delivery guy find the place?” Sam held his hand up to his ear, mimicking the action of holding a phone. ‘Yeah, just keep driving until the you see the big, white space of nothingness!’” “It’s not nothingness. It’s what you make of it.” “Hey thanks,” Sam exclaimed, getting up and walking around a bit. “Remind me to pick up your 10-CD set of motivational sayings.” Imp actually took a break from eating. “Sammy, boobala, this is your white space. The one place in all the universe that caters to your every needs.” “So I can just ask for Michele and she’ll show up? “Needs, not wants. All you gotta do is ask.” “Uh-huh, okay,” Sam responded. “Now that you mention it, I am kind of hungry.” “It’s real simple,” Imp instructed. “Just ask and ye shall receive.” Sam held out his arms, making a grand sweeping gesture. “EGGPLANT PARMAGIAN HERO!!!” A meal consisting of eggplant parmagian appears before Sam. He’s actually pleased. “You like that stuff?” Imp asked. Sam is sitting down to the meal. “It’s my favorite.” “Eh, makes me fart,” Imp responded, diving back into his feast.

SCENE 3 Michele is walking around the room, the blanket from the bed still wrapped around her. “You like what I’ve done with the place?” Tommy queried. “Not bad … in a black hole kind of way.” “You could add a few personal touches if you like.” Michele became more intrigued by Tommy’s demeanor. “So, I’m gonna take a wild guess here and say that you’re the sociopath who’s been killing all those girls?” “I don’t kill them. Well, okay, maybe Cindy, but she was annoying. I … well … how can I put this?” Tommy was searching for the right phrase. “I bring them over to another place.” “Uh-huh,” Michele responded. “They suffered enough in their lives. I just show up and help them.” “I lot of those girls were beaten,” Michele proclaimed, feeling the rage rise within her. Bad Tommy just smiled. “Hey babydoll, love hurts.” “You’re a scumbag!!” Michele raged. “Now is that nice?” Tommy said. “I think you just need another opinion ... or twelve.” Michele felt another presence in the room. That feeling began to grow. She tried to run back to the bed, but she froze in place. A woman emerged from the shadows, then another, two more, more and more women appeared. They calmly walked toward Michele. “Meet the girls,” Tommy said. Michele wanted to run, but a sudden feeling of welcome overwhelmed her. Bad Tommy had her exactly where he wanted her.

EPISODE 11 “Truth Hurts” SCENE 1 It was almost like a dream. Actually, it leaned closer to nightmare territory, but “dream” seemed to work for now. Michele stood in the middle of this “dark space” as several beautiful women circled her. They moved with grace, each woman stunning in her own way. Michele felt an odd connection to all of them. Odd, in the sense that it actually felt “right.” Bad Tommy smiled, and then leaned on the bed. “Go ahead. Ask them anything.” Michele glanced over to him, then back at the women. “Did this son of a bitch kill you?” “Kill?” One woman replied. “I wouldn’t call it that.” “He released us,” another woman chimed in. “Did he beat you?” Michele queried. A red-haired beauty moved close. “He smacked me a few times.” “I remember that,” Tommy said, still leaning on the bed. The red-haired woman appeared next to him, grabbing Tommy’s hair and pulling his head back. “But I smacked him back more times than that!” Bad Tommy laughed, pulled her close, and then rolled around the bed with her. Michele was watching this display, but then another woman stood in front of her gaze. The woman stared deeply into Michele’s eyes. “You fight back, don’t you?” the woman challenged. “I always fight back, “Michele declared. “Good. Most men think they can take advantage of you. You have to stand up to them.” The woman floated away. Michele walked over to the bed. Tommy was still lounging with the red-haired woman. She got up from the bed and Tommy let her go, sending her away with a slap on the ass. “Riddle me this,” Michele began. “How can you keep a harem of babes locked away in this place and claim to have “freed” them?” Bad Tommy stood up on the bed and addressed all of the women. “LADIES? WOULD YOU LIKE TO LEAVE?” All of the women reply in unison. “NO!!!”

Tommy flops down on the bed, bouncing up and down before coming to a complete stop. “Free will, babydoll. It’s a beautiful thing.” SCENE 2 Hope walks into the “white space” where Sam and Imp are currently residing. Sam immediately rushes over to her. “Are you okay? Can I get you a seat?” Twenty different types of chairs suddenly pop into existence!!! Sam jumps back and Hope laughs. “That’s okay, baby,” Hope said, stroking Sam’s face. “I’ll just take this one.” Hope sits on a comfortable chair and the other chairs disappear. Hope notices the confusion in Sam’s face. “Y’know, this is your white space. I can answer any questions you want.” “Just be careful what you ask for,” Imp chimed in. Sam paced back and forth, searching for the right questions. Hope leans over to Imp. “Think he’ll ask the right questions?” she said intentionally aloud, knowing full well that Sam could hear her. “GEE, I DON’T KNOW!” Imp sarcastically responded. “LET’S JUST WAIT AND SEE IF THAT HAPPENS!! Sam stopped pacing, took a deep breath, and asked, “How did I get these powers?” “You’ve always had them. I just helped them come to the surface,” Hope instantly responded. “Am I all-powerful?” “No.” “Can you tell me what my weaknesses are?” “I don’t know.” “You don’t know what the weaknesses are or you don’t know if you can tell me?” “Yes.” “Yes, what?” “Yes, I don’t know.” Sam stopped and stared at Hope. Hope returned the stare. Imp belched. “Yeah,” Sam said. “This is going well.”

SCENE 3 Michele walks over to Bad Tommy, who is still lounging on the bed. “Okay, enough of this shit!” She grabs him by the collar and pulls him close. “Free will, right?” “Yep.” “Then I want out of here.” “Are you prepared for the consequences?” Tommy challenged. “What are you babbling about?” “You’re in my world now. You’ve changed. You can’t come into my domain and not leave a different woman.” A sudden wave of panic overcame Michele. She let go of Tommy and backed away. Tommy got up and stalked after her. Sure, you can leave anytime you want, but you’ll be taking a little piece of me with you. It’s already inside you, squirming about, meshing itself with your soul.” Michele felt like she needed to escape, but she just didn’t know how. Tommy continued stalking her. “Funny thing is, your soul was already dark. Never actually encountered that before. I kind of liked it.” Wickedness tinged his voice. “You and me, babydoll. It’s gonna be a fun ride.” Bad Tommy waved his hand and a mirror appeared behind Michele. “Why don’t you turn around and see how beautiful you are?” Tommy said, turning Michele towards the mirror. Her entire world slipped into slow motion as Michele gazed into the mirror. It was several moments until she heard her own screams, her mind too terrified to allow her that sensation. A ravaged face stared back at her from the mirror. How could this be her reflection? Who was this woman? Bad Tommy turned and faced all of “his women” in this dark space. “C’MON LADIES!!! LET’S ALL DO THE ‘EVIL LAUGH’ THING!!!” Michele’s screams blended in with the sounds of depraved laughter that echoed in the darkness.

EPISODE 12 “Michele, My Hell.” SCENE 1 Sam is still circling around his “white space,” thinking about questions to ask. Every so often, he points his finger in one direction and another piece of his living space emerges. “Hey Sammy,” Imp said. “Ever think of interior decorating? You seem to have a flair for it!” “Ease up on him,” Hope reacted. “He needs to keep his head clear in order to ask me the right questions.” “I’m just sayin’,” Imp countered. “Okay,” Sam finally said, focusing himself on the subject at hand, staring directly at Hope. “If I already had all of these powers, then why did you have to burst me with that white laser light show?” “Think of it as a booster shot.” “And the second time? “When you got hit by that truck?” Hope replied. “That was kinda cool,” Imp interjected. “I was dead, fat-boy,” Sam directed at Imp. “Nah, you weren’t. Just shut down for a bit, that’s all.” Sam turned back to Hope. “You brought me back.” A sense of melancholy came over Hope. “It was a way of apologizing about my suicide.” “And there’s something more…?” Sam queried. “C’mon, tell him!” Imp grumbled. “I wanna get the hell outta here and run some errands.” Sam wasn’t paying attention to him. His gaze maintained directly on Hope. “Yeah, baby,” Hope responded. “There’s a lot more.” SCENE 2 Michele was freaked out more than she could ever handle. She wandered all over the dark space Bad Tommy labeled “The Void.” All of Tommy’s women found Michele’s wandering extremely amusing. They poked and prodded her as she wandered from space to space.

“Michele, babydoll!” Bad Tommy shouted. “What are you doing? Calm down. Everything’s gonna be okay!” Michele’s ravaged face now had a demonic appearance. It reflected the turmoil that was going on in her soul. She did her best to achieve some sort of balance, but the rage inside her was too hard to contain. Bad Tommy mirrored her every move, much like a small child playing with his new puppy. “Just let it flow through you. It’s a part of you, don’t fight it.” “It’s too much,” Michele cried. “There’s too much noise in my head. What is this? What have you done to me?” “Like I said before,” Tommy responded. “I just brought you into my world. The darkness that you’re feeling was already there. Gotta say, it’s a beautiful thing to watch you finally come to terms with it.” Suddenly, a multitude of images began assaulting Michele’s mind. Thousands of violent acts reveal themselves to her, one after another; visions of blood-curdling feats attack every corner of her mind. Michele screams out in pure terror as she falls to her knees. Bad Tommy watches this torture. “This is kinda hot.” SCENE 3 A sense of urgency suddenly consumes Sam. Hope and Imp instantly realize that something is wrong. However, they don’t exactly know what’s happened. Sam does. “Michele.” A bright flash of white energy crackles around Sam and he hurtles straight up. He’s gone in a blinding burst of light. Imp is laughing. “Looks like your boy-toy’s got a thing for this waitress chick.” “Did you see his eyes?” Hope asked. “And don’t tell me you didn’t feel that darkness.” “Yeah, I felt it. But what are ya gonna do? It’s out of our hands.” SCENE 4 A flash of white light bursts Sam into the middle of the night sky. He continues his flight, soaring through the air like a shining star that has flown too close to Earth. Power surges through him and he’s never felt more alive. The only detriment to this realization is his all-consuming concern for

Michele. It feels as if he’s being pulled towards a location that he knows is somewhere close, but is nowhere to be seen. Sam feels an invisible tug and instantly stops in mid-air. He hovers there for moment, then begins to concentrate. His eyes roll back as his white glow intensifies. FLASH! His eyes instantly open. He’s in a new place. A dark place. “Welcome neighbor!” Bad Tommy shouted. CRRRRRACK!!! Sam is slammed with a bolt of black energy. His vision clears and is shocked by the view of who is standing over him. “My knight in shining armor has returned,” Michele stated, her face a twisted mirror of her former self. Shocked, Sam can’t find the words to respond. Michele crept forward, reveling in her newfound power.

EPISODE 13 “Time of Need” SCENE 1 The newly “demoned” Michele stalked Sam and he backed up, deflecting opening bursts of dark energy. “C’mon Sam,” Michele taunted. “Dance with me! We never got the chance to see how well we could move together.” Sam was doing his best to maintain control. It was never his intention to get Michele wrapped up in any of this insanity. “Hey,” Sam responded, “how about we sit this one out? I’m not really much of a dancer.” Bad Tommy was enjoying this. He lounged on the bed with several of his women. They were all sharing a big tub of popcorn while watching the show. “Dance with her Sammy! She just might even show you a few of the moves I taught her!” The other women giggled at Tommy’s little joke. Michele slinked toward Sam, removing a few of her clothes along the way. “Don’t think I never noticed how you looked at me. We’ve been dancing for a while now, but it just hasn’t been to the right tune.” “Nice analogy!” Bad Tommy shouted from his bed. He turned to the other women. “Didn’t I always tell you girls that live shows were better than cable or satellite? Pass the popcorn!” Michele continued her stalking. “I think it’s time you hit me now, Sam.” “I’m not hitting you.” “Oh, okay,” Michele responded. CCCCCRRRRRAAAAAACK!!! A bolt of dark energy exploded from Michele’s arms, knocking Sam back into the darkness. “I’m hitting you.” Sam got up and walked towards Michele. “I never meant for you to get involved in any of this.” “Too late.” One more energy bolt slammed into Sam’s chest. Sam got up once more and walked towards Michele. “This ‘Bad Tommy Douche Bag Guy’ obviously did something to you. Let me help you.” “GODDAMMIT SAM!!!” Michele’s fury fuels another blast of dark energy at Sam, sending him crashing to floor yet again. “How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t need your help???!!!”

“He just called me a bad name,” Bad Tommy gasped mockingly. “Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?!” He turned to his girls. “That’s a weird saying if you think about it, huh?” All of the girls nodded their heads in agreement and grabbed some more popcorn. Yet again, Sam got up and walked to Michele. “You don’t have to need my help, you just have to want it.” “I TOLD YOU TO HIT ME!!!!” Michele raged, hurling more dark energy at Sam. Sam was ready this time. He deflected each bolt, sending it hurtling into the darkness. “Not gonna happen,” Sam said. “C’mon, give me all you got!” Michele’s fury drove her to hurl all of her dark energy at Sam. Hidden anger, buried deep inside continued to rise to the surface and explode in one continuous focused burst. Sam continued deflecting her onslaught, while moving closer step-bystep, cautiously taking the utmost care not to hurt his friend. Sam was dangerously close to Michele. The strain was visible on them both. Bad Tommy began to worry. Sam was just a few steps away from Michele. “Sam, please, “ Michele begged. “Don’t get too close.” “Too late for that,” Sam replied. With that, Sam knocked Michele’s arms apart and embraced her. “Oh shit,” Tommy declared. Still locked in an embrace, an ivory glow began to shine around Sam and Michele. The shine rose in intensity, exploding into a white-hot burst! Sam and Michele were gone! Bad Tommy instantly leapt off the bed, sending women flying in all directions. “WELL THAT JUST SUCKS!!!

SCENE 2 A white flash transported Sam and Michele into the middle of an open field. Michele instantly collapsed into Sam’s arms. He slowly lowered her to the ground. The night was silent as Michele gradually regained consciousness. Sam gazed at her at her small face, which had returned to its normal state. It

was like he was looking at her for the first time and Sam suddenly realized how pretty she was. He stroked her hair as Michele’s eyes focused on Sam. “So this is the part where I ask if it was all a dream?” Michele asked. “Just call me Toto,” Sam joked. “My face…? “Is back to normal, pretty as ever,” Sam continued for her. “That’s the first time you ever called me pretty.” “It was long overdue.” Michele released herself from Sam and positioned her body across from him. “I’m not even going to attempt to understand what’s going on. I must be in some form of shock or something. But my head is clear enough to understand one thing.” “I’d like to hear it.” “You saved me.” “You let me.” Tears welled up in Michele’s eyes. “You’ve always been there for me, Sam. Always coming to my rescue whenever I needed you.” “Hey Meesh,” Sam asked, watching Michele smile as he used his favorite nickname for her, “You need me?” Michele laughed. “Well you are my knight in shining armor, right?” “Literally, this time,” Sam laughed back. “Well it’s nice to know that you always got my back.” Just then, “the moment” happened. It was that space in time where the whole world stopped and just these two were the most important people in the universe. Sam and Michele leaned into each other, amazed at the fact that it took them so long to get this “moment.” The moment was broken. “You kids are just too cute!!!” Imp interrupted before they could kiss. Sam took a deep breath. “You’ve met Imp?” Sam asked Michele. Imp moved forward and relentlessly shook Michele’s hand. You were a little “ferklempt” the last time we met. Hey, good to seeya again! So how’s things?” “I was transformed into an evil demon and Sam saved me.” “Yeah, that’ll happen,” Imp responded. “So Imp,” Sam began, “I’m guessing that something really bad is about to take place?” Imp leaned over to Michele. “He’s just saying that ‘cuz that’s what I do. I show up when bad stuff’s about to happen.” Imp turns back to Sam. “Actually, my time with you has given me what I can only describe as ‘a

vacation’ from the bad stuff. I’ve been asked to talk to you, but we have to do it alone.” “Michele needs me right now.” “Not to worry,” Imp said. “You can still help her. Hope is waiting for her in The White Space.” “The White Space?” Michele asked. “It’s Sam’s little hideaway,” Imp responded. “Your trip to the Void facilitates your need to go there and recuperate. Hope will help you. She’s an angel, y’know.” Michele looked at Sam. “Isn’t Hope the one who …?” She didn’t feel right continuing. “Yeah,” Sam reacted. He turned to Imp. “Promise me she’ll be safe?” “It’s the best place for her right now,” Imp said. “Bad Tommy is gonna be on the warpath.” Sam took hold of Michele’s arm. “He’s right. I need for you to be safe right now.” “Well, as long as you need for me to be safe,” Michele smiled. “How do I get her to the White Space?” Sam asked Imp. “I gotta tell you everything?” Imp griped. “Just do it.” Sam looked at Michele, lightly kissed her on the forehead, stepped back, and concentrated. A white glow surrounded her and Michele was transported in a flash. Sam stood there, his back to Imp. “She better be safe.” “Two of your girlfriends in a room together and that’s all you’re worried about?” Imp chortled. “You’ve got a lot of other things to be anxious about.” “Yeah, like what?” “Oh geez, I don’t know,” Imp countered. “How about the end of all existence?”

Episode 14 “Prelude to the Dance” SCENE 1 A white flash deposits Michele into The White Space. She instantly notices all of the comfortable furniture and assorted fun items lying about. “Comfortable, yet wide open,” Michele commented. “Just like Sam.” “More than you know,” a voice from behind her said aloud. Michele turn to notice Hope, standing a few feet from her. “You must be Michele.” “And you must be Hope.” The two ladies stared at each other for a moment. Sizing the other up and down. They politely smiled and tried not to acknowledge how extremely uncomfortable this moment was. The moment passed quickly. “You really need to lie down,” Hope finally stated. “Yeah, I could do that.” “As you can see, Sam created a whole bunch of comfortable couches and chairs to use.” “He ‘created’ them?” Michele queried. “In this space,” Hope explained, walking with her, guiding Michele to the couches, “Sam is all powerful. It’s kind of a male-fantasy thing I guess.” “Sam has omnipotent power and he creates a comfy couch,” Michele sighed, sitting herself down on the most comfortable couch she could find. “And an eggplant parmagian sandwich,” Hope continued. “That’s his favorite!” Michele exclaimed. “Yeah, I remember.” A moment passed between them. It felt a little weird sharing the knowledge of one of Sam’s quirks as the first thing that they had in common. SCENE 2 Sam and Imp were standing in the middle of an open field. Still trying to fathom that Imp just told him that the end of all existence depending on his actions, Sam searched for the right thing to say. Sam stared into the sky. “Y’know, we’re about a few hours until daylight, then the most insane night of my life will be over.”

“Or your actual life will be over,” Imp chimed in. “So now you’re threatening me?!” “Listen up, numbnuts!” Imp shouted. He was actually showing concern for the first time since meeting Sam. “You’re an alright guy, so pay attention while I’m trying to help you over here. I don’t have to do this, but I like watching this little drama you got going on. I’d like to preserve it.” “Glad I could be your entertainment system.” Imp continued. “All I can tell you is this, defeating that Bad Tommy guy is the key to saving this plane of existence. He’s focused on you for a reason and you need to figure out what that reason is.” “Sounds like you can just tell me what the reason is.” “I can’t. I’ve interfered enough. You gotta find the rest out by yourself.” “And what about Hope and Michele? Why the hell are they involved in all of this?” Sam implored. “Hope chose to come back and Michele was destined to be part of all this. That’s all I can tell you.” Sam paced back and forth, trying his best to come up with a reasonable reaction. “I still want to kick your ass, but I’m afraid my foot will get lost in all of that blubber.” “Hey, a fat joke, that’s original,” Imp countered. “You wanna kick somebody’s ass?” “Well, yeah.” “Then summon Bad Tommy.” “Summon?” Sam asked. “Yeah, ‘summon’,” Imp repeated. “It’s one of those powers that you’re still fumbling around with. You can choose the field of battle and defeat that scumbag, but it has to be a place where you feel most powerful. A place where you’d have the upper hand.” “Uh-huh,” Sam uttered. “So you’re saying that I can call this guy out, kick his ass, and all of my problems will be solved?” “Your problems and the rest of the universe’s problems,” Imp replied. “If you don’t contain this guy, his powers will grow and ‘The Void’ will engulf all that exists.” “Sounds creepy.” “You don’t know the half of it, junior.” “So how do I summ…?” Sam stopped himself, seeing that Imp was motioning as if to say ‘You already know how to do this.’ “Yeah, yeah, okay. Hope’s power boost gave me all of the power I need.”

Sam began to concentrate. A burst of white light exploded from within him. Nothing happened after that. Sam was still standing in the middle of the field. “Uh, I think I just had a system crash.” “Maybe you got a virus?” Imp questioned. “I think it’s something worse than that.” SCENE 3 Michele was doing her best to relax, as Hope lounged on a nearby chair. “So,” Michele began, “you killed yourself, huh?” “Yeah,” Hope replied, surprised at the fact that she wasn’t insulted by the question. “It was because of Sam, right?” “That’s right,” Hope replied again, wondering where this insight from Michele was coming from. “You were probably just protecting him. Protecting him from what you were capable of.” Hope leapt up. All of her senses were on high alert. Something was not right. “I mean, you did some pretty evil things, didn’t you?” Michele continued her questioning, rising up from the couch, her eyes dark with energy. Back at the open field, Sam instantly felt the urgency of the situation. “He’s still got a hold on Michele. That son of a bitch is controlling her!” Then do something about it! “Imp shouted. Sam reached deep within himself and summoned every iota of power that he could. White energy began to swirl around him, causing Imp to stand back. The power rose in intensity. Dark Michele continued stalking Hope. “Michele, listen to me,” Hope pleaded. “Tommy still has control over you. Trust me, it’s not something you want.” “Trust you?” Michele scoffed. “Like I’m going to listen to the woman who deserted Sam and left him damaged for life? You’re pathetic.” That statement really struck home to Hope. “You don’t know me!” Hope cried. “You don’t know what I was forced to do!”

“Yeah, go ahead and cry little girl,” Michele growled. “Go ahead and cry for your useless life. Y’know, people who commit suicide aren’t supposed to go to heaven. They go straight to Hell.” “Been there,” Hope revealed, that statement giving her strength. “Got a second chance. It’s more than you’re gonna get!” Suddenly, The White Space began swirling in a maelstrom of light. Hope and Michele were engulfed in its power. SCENE 4 A flash of light deposited Hope and Michele into familiar surroundings. They instantly spotted Sam standing opposite of them. Sam was a bit weary; due to the enormous exertion of power it took for him to transport everyone to this spot. Imp stood beside him. “I got an order for table 103,” a voice said from a few feet away. Sam instantly stood at attention, finally realizing that his teleportation power actually brought everyone to “Uncle Stevie’s,” the restaurant where he worked with Michele. Sam faced off with the man who was standing there, holding a tray of Buffalo Wings, and displaying a defiant smirk. “Remember now,” Bad Tommy exclaimed. “Uncle Stevie’s is the place for fun for EVERYONE!!!” The battle for all existence had just begun.

EPISODE 15 “Truth Be Damned” SCENE 1 Bad Tommy stood there, staring down his opponents, and strangely enough, holding a tray of Buffalo Wings. Imp began to move to the side as Hope walked over to Sam. Michele stood her ground. “So hey, listen,” Bad Tommy began, “I hope if you don’t mind that I invited a few of my friends along.” An army of female demons, all of Bad Tommy’s “Women,” began streaming past him, attacking Hope and Sam with relentless fury. “It just wouldn’t be a party without them,” Tommy concluded. Sam and Hope worked in tandem, battling it out with each demon that attempted to rip into them. Michele cautiously kept her distance from Bad Tommy, keeping her eyes on him the entire time. Demon after demon attacked Sam and Hope. Sam adapted to each assault, using everything in this space to his advantage. Hope followed suit, as if she was feeding off his lead. Each female demon was a terrifying shadow of their former self. Clothes ripped and shredded, almost exposing parts of the body that would be considered sexy, if it wasn’t for the rotting flesh. Sam fended off one demon, her claws lunging at him, but Sam ducked, replied with an uppercut that exploded through her chest and continued through her back, instantly striking the attacking demon directly behind her. Hope was at his back, firing bolts of white energy at each hostile movement against her. The bolts exploded the demons, causing gray dust to rain down upon the floor. Bad Tommy watched the battle. He shot a look over to Imp, who was standing nearby. “Care for a wing?” Tommy asked, motioning the tray closer. Imp smacked the tray out of Tommy’s hands, sending the red-hot foodstuffs scattering across the floor. “This is really not a time to be joking, you jackass.” Bad Tommy’s smirk instantly turned to a scowl. “Something bad is going to happen here tonight.”

Imp’s intense gaze focused directly into Bad Tommy’s eyes. “Without the bad things, you can’t appreciate the good things.” The battle was still raging just a few feet away from them. Sam and Hope were working together, fending off each attack. Uncle Stevie’s was getting demolished in the process. Bad Tommy turned his gaze toward Michele, who stood motionless nearby. Michele was still under his control as Tommy motioned for her to come close. As Michele arrived next to Tommy, he looked at Imp. “Remember now,” Tommy instructed. “You’re not allowed to interfere.” Imp fumed as Bad Tommy returned his gaze to Michele. Dark energy flowed from Tommy’s mind and into Michele. Dark energy crackling around her, Michele turned and began walking straight into the middle of the battle. The lady demons were brushed aside as she made her way toward Sam and Hope. Hope’s back was to the advancing Michele. Sam spotted her, but it was too late. In a blur a motion, Michele grabbed Hope and spun her toward her. A beam of dark energy exploded from Michele’s mind, sending it directly into the mind of Hope. Hope struggled, but was slowly losing the battle. “Nnnnnnnoooooo, not like this,” Hope cried. “Please don’t let him find out like this.” Before he could comment, Sam was struck by a continuation of the black bolt. It streamed out of Hope and exploded into his mind. Black energy sizzled among the triumvirate of Sam, Hope, and Michele. Its power pulsed with an ebb and flow. SCENE 2 FLASH! Sam was transported back to the very first time he met Hope. It was as if he was watching scenes from his past. The only difference was that he was an active participant in the flashback. He was feeling every emotion and sensation of the moment. Sam’s heart was beating faster as he found the words to finally say hello to this beautiful redhead standing before him. “So my cousin mentioned that we should be in the wedding party together,” Sam finally said, trying his best to keep his composure. Hope kept looking at Sam, positioning her body to let him know that she was interested. Her dark, red hair flowed over her white dress. “I can’t think of a better reason to go to a wedding,” Hope responded.

FLASH!! Later that night, Sam and Hope were making love in a nearby motel. Their bodies intertwined, as if they were meant to be. This was the first time, in a long time that Hope allowed herself to feel this way. Men had used her in the past, had burned her so many times before. She had a feeling that this time was different. This man was different. Sam was actually feeling her emotion. Hope grabbed Sam by the hair, her passion overwhelming her. “You’d never hurt me, right?” “Of course not, I lov…” Sam began to say. Hope stopped him in mid sentence. Putting two of her fingers over his month, stopping him from saying those three words. Memories of that moment overwhelmed Sam. FLASH! Sam and Hope were in the middling of an argument. They stormed back and forth, both visibly upset at recent events. “YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS WITH THIS!!!” Sam raged. “It’s too much, you’re too much,” Hope responded. “I’m not some ‘thing’ that you can possess!” “When did I ever say that you were my possession? You’re my girlfriend!” “Don’t call me that! I hate that label! Sam was confused. “I don’t know what you want.” “I want you to back off. I need to be free. I don’t want anyone to think they have control over me. This happens every time I’m with someone. They think they can control me, tell me how to live my life. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT’S BEST FOR ME!!” Hope screamed as she ran from the room. FLASH! Sam and his parents were sitting around the dinner table. His parents were doing their best to console their son. “She’s just not right for you,” his Mom said. “She’s kind of loose, ain’t she?” his Father added. “C’mon, back off with that. She’s changed her ways,” Sam responded. “I heard a lot of stories about her from the wedding guests,” Sam’s Mom chimed in. “Trust me, she’s way too much of a party girl for you.” “Well maybe I could have helped her,” Sam pleaded. “You have enough problems in your life,” his Father stated. “Just concentrate on making yourself better first.”

FLASH! Late at night, Hope was walking alone down a deserted street. A single streetlight illuminated her current path. Sam wasn’t there, but he saw this in his mind’s eye. “Don’t you love the dark?” said a voice from the shadows. Hope turned to see the person emerging from the night. Bad Tommy approached his prey. He was on her in an instant, violently grabbing her, pulling her close, dark energy swirling about them in a sudden aggressive burst. FLASH! A dark version of Hope emerged from the shadows, violently killing a happy couple. FLASH! Hope sliced a man’s throat just as he was about to move toward her. FLASH! Two men are burned to a crisp; at first thinking they were going to get incredibly lucky by the semi-nude Hope, then instantly realizing too late that it was a deadly trap. FLASH! Tommy and Hope are locked in an embrace. They are lying nude, in Tommy’s large bed, located in the middle of “The Void.” “This is something that you need to do,” Tommy proclaimed. “Don’t do this for me, do it for you. I heard the way they were talking about you. It’s just not right. You’re so much better than that.” A wicked smile comes across Hope’s face. FLASH! Hope is confronting Sam’s parents. His Mom and Dad are terrified at Hope’s evil presence. “Who are you two to say that you’re better than me?!” Hope roared. “Don’t think I don’t know what you said about me!” “It wasn’t even that bad,” Sam’s father said. “You’re blowing all of this out of proportion.” “You’re just not right for our boy,” his Mother continued. “Just get the hell out of our house! Sam deserves so much better than you!” Hope’s response was swift and brutal. Dark energy exploded from her hands, instantly killing Sam’s parents! Their bodies fell to the floor. Hope suddenly heard Sam’s approach. She moved outside of the house, standing at a vantage point, looking through the window at Sam’s arrival into the living room.

She waited in anticipation as Sam walked into the room that held his deceased parents. Sam fell to the floor, shocked at the sight of their lifeless bodies. He began to cry. The sight of Sam crying over his dead parents didn’t deliver the satisfaction she expected. A sudden tidal wave or remorse blanketed her soul. What had she done? What caused her to make this horrible decision? FLASH! Hope lay dying; her wrists slashed open as they flowed deep red blood onto Sam’s bathroom floor. Her body remained there, motionless. Tears streaming down her face, the memories of her past deeds torturing all that she is. The pain would be over soon. Her last thoughts were a silent prayer of forgiveness. FLASH! SCENE 3 Back to reality. Michele collapsed to the floor, her power drained. Sam stood there, numb from the shock. Hope held back the tears. Sam stared deeply into Hope’s eyes. “You Goddamned bitch,” Sam slowly said, his face an intense mask of rage. Bad Tommy’s laughter echoed through the room.

Episode 16 “Truth Revealed” SCENE 1 “Oh this is so sweet!” Bad Tommy cackled, celebrating in the intense emotional pain Sam was feeling. “After all this time, my little Sammy boy finally found out what a skanky ho his dead girlfriend turned out to be!” The rage within Sam began to build. Bad Tommy moved closer. “Damn! I’m surprised you didn’t find out about this sooner. I mean, didn’t you even have a clue as to what a pathetic piece of meat Hope actually was?” Sam took in every word, letting it fuel his anger. “I’m sure that there’s a lot of things you have yet to figure out,” Bad Tommy continued. “Maybe I should just tell you and put you into your misery. Get it? Not out of your misery put into your misery!!! I AM SO WITTY!!!!” Approaching the red line. “Tell ya what, Samster,” Tommy began. “How about I take your other girlfriend over there, rip off all of her clothes, and give her what I gave to your Hope and….” TTTTHHHHHHOOOOOOOOMMM!!!! Pure white energy exploded from Sam’s hands, blasting Bad Tommy through several walls!!! Blind rage consumed Sam as sizzling ivory energy hissed around him. He advanced through the shattered walls and stalked his prey. “Sam! No!” Hope screamed, attempting to stop him. Imp reached out and grabbed Hope. The seriousness in his eyes made her stop. “It’s time for him to find out the rest,” Imp said. Bad Tommy extracted himself from a hole in the wall and began brushing off bits of plaster. “There’s the boy I missed!” Sam entered the room. “Tell you what?” Tommy began. “How about you and me…?” SMACK!! A sharp strike to the face shut Tommy up. Two more savage blows knocked his head back into the wall, causing a couple more indentations. Sam reached for Bad Tommy’s head, grabbed it with two hands, and pounded him into the wall five more times! “Okay, my turn,” Bad Tommy said, blood streaming down his face. Tommy used both hands to grab Sam’s head, pulled him close, and delivered a savage head butt. Sam hurtled back ten feet and landed with a

thud. Tommy was on him in a heartbeat, grabbing him under the shoulders, and hurtling him up into the ceiling. Sam’s head crashed into several light fixtures, then fell back to the floor, bringing shards of glass along with him. Tommy lifted Sam’s semi-conscious form up and brought him face to face. “I think it’s time you learned a little something about yourself.” With one powerful heave, Tommy thrusted Sam through the hole in the wall, sending him hurtling back onto the main floor. Sam landed right next to the still unconscious Michele. Hope began to rush to his side just as Bad Tommy stepped into the room. “Hey Meesh, wake up,” Tommy said, waving his hand. Michele awoke, dark energy still burning from her eyes. “Take care of Hope, would you?” Bad Tommy plainly stated. Michele reacted instantly, firing a massive bolt of dark energy at Hope, pinning her to the wall. Sam was up in an instant, his white energy building to a fever pitch. “Let’s finish this.” Sam’s eyes locked onto Bad Tommy’s gaze. “It’s just beginning,” Tommy responded. Bursts of light and dark energy exploded throughout the room, the two combatants grasped onto each other in a death lock. “So here’s the thing,” Tommy said, embracing the pain. “This whole little dance we’ve been doing? It’s been destined from the very beginning.” “I don’t need to hear any more of your crap!” Sam screamed. “You’re such a naïve bastard. You’ve been drifting through life, with a power you never knew you had, and a dark side you’ve never even explored.” “Shut up and die already!!!” “If I die, then you die.” The power was building; explosions of raw energy were pulling the building apart. Sam was slowly starting to realize what was going on. Every fiber in his being was screaming at him to not believe in what he was thinking. “Yeah, you know it’s true,” Bad Tommy started to reveal. “Here, let me make it all clear.” Bad Tommy reached out with both hands and grabbed Sam’s head. Dark energy burst out, consuming Sam’s mind. The world suddenly went silent. All Sam could hear were these words, which echoed in his soul … “I am you. We are one.”

Tommy released his grip and the world came rushing back to Sam. He stood there, dazed at this sudden revelation. What was that he was feeling? Pain? Relief? Horror? “Everybody’s got a dark side,” Tommy said. “You just happen to have one that walks, talks, and looks damn fine in black!” Thousands of malevolent images echoed in Sam’s mind; shadows of deeds past. His psyche couldn’t even begin to fathom what this all meant. “If I die, then you die? That’s what you said?” Sam uttered, slowly regaining his composure. Bad Tommy smiled. Sam finally realized the answer. “Then dying is fine with me.”

Episode 17 “Good and Evil” SCENE 1 There they stood, two warriors squaring off in yet another round of good versus evil. The names of the warriors changed over the years, this battle being fought through the ages. Years of chaos were the result of past battles lost. Years of peace went to the victor of this struggle. However, at this very instant, that fate of the future lied within the grasp of these two men. Sam was prepared to die, thus making the ultimate sacrifice this time around. The rules were different for this battle. Now, the dark warrior manipulated existence to cater to his whims. This was a first in the history of this conflict. Past battles always featured two separate souls battling for the control of existence. This current struggle was more personal. One soul split in two. The ancient power was gifted unto one child. However, that power was divided, then buried deep within. The dark side rising up first, causing the light to emerge afterwards. Each side headed for a collision course, leaving unfortunate victims along the way. All of this information was delivered in a heartbeat into the minds of Sam and Bad Tommy. They had an instant understanding of the main purpose of their intertwined lives. A purpose in life is something that people search their entire lives to find out. A moment of complete satisfaction and a comprehension of their place in the universe came over the two. The two who are one. “I love games,” Bad Tommy began. “Don’t you love games? What am I saying? Of course you do. I already knew that.” Bad Tommy smiled. “Some people would call what we have here ‘a stalemate.’ I, however, don’t see it that way. Kill me, you die, and all of existence ends. Don’t kill me, I grow more powerful and darkness reigns. Sucks for you, don’t it?” Sam was beyond all this. “I’d rather have existence end than put you in control.” “So you’re gonna enforce your will to end all of existence?” Bad Tommy queried. “Sounds kinda egomaniacal. You sure you’re the good one here? I’m just wonderin’.”

Hope watched this exchange, still pinned to the wall by dark energy emanating from “Dark” Michele. Hope turned to Imp, who was forced to stand by, spiritually obligated not to interfere in this conflict. Imp noticed Hope’s gaze towards him. An instant understanding occurred between them. They knew that existence needed to continue. They knew that there was much more good that Sam could accomplish. The end of all that is could be averted. Imp understood that Hope needed to do anything she could to make this happen. Knowing that he could not interfere, Imp sighed heavily, and then put his plan into motion. “Oh look!” Imp said, spotting a beer tap at the bar. “I could use a brewski.” Reluctantly moving his massive frame forward, Imp stood directly into the path of Michele’s dark beam. Rays of dark energy rebounded off Imp’s body, freeing Hope. “Ooops, sorry!” Imp said. “I was just on my way to the bar. Can I get you anything?” With every ounce of strength she had remaining, Hope burst forth, white energy sizzling around her. She hurled herself toward Bad Tommy, his back turned to her approach. Sam noticed this attack, but it was too fast for a response. Hope grabbed Bad Tommy from behind, wrapping her arms around his chest. White energy exploded around them. Sizzling rays of light creating a form that looked like Angel’s wings. Bad Tommy tried to struggle, but Hope contained him. Hope fixed her gaze on Sam. Her face displayed years of sorrow. She could finally tell him what she longed to say… “I love you, Sam. Never forget that.” Pure ivory light exploded and filled the room. The light began to swirl with the dark in a violent maelstrom, engulfing the building, causing the ceiling to explode upwards. Hope and Bad Tommy were swept up into this tunnel of light. All of Tommy’s “Demon Women” exploded into dust. Beams of light and dark shot up into the pre-dawn sky, exploding into a million beams just as the sunrise began, signaling the light of day! Trickles of light rained down upon Sam as he stared into the sky. A warm glow embraced him. “I love you too,” were the only words he could say.

SCENE 2 Imp, Sam, and Michele were situated on a nearby hill, overlooking the now destroyed “Uncle Stevie’s” restaurant. Imp was watching the fire trucks arrive on the scene, while Sam tended to Michele, her head resting on his lap. “Damn, would ya look at that?” Imp said, checking out the amount of fire trucks that were surrounding the restaurant. “I always liked fire trucks. They’re loud, big, and annoying!” “Reminds me of you,” Sam added. “Well, DUH!” Imp responded. “I was just checking to see if you were paying attention.” “We burned down the place where I work … worked,” Sam suddenly realized. “I thought you said that people don’t notice a mystical battle.” “Hey, I didn’t say anything about destroying property!” Imp shot back. “Why do you think God invented insurance agencies?” Michele lifted her head from Sam’s lap and turned to look at him. “Y’know, it’s okay to tell me that all of what happened was just a dream. I’d be cool with that.” “There won’t be any hack plot devices on my watch,” Sam responded. “All of this really happened. We’re just going to have to deal with it. Somehow.” “Tell ya what,” Imp joined in. “How about I get the movie rights? I’m thinkin’ maybe some action figures, video games, comic books, stuff like that.” Sam got up, shaking the dirt off his battle gear. “Yeah, we’re all telling jokes like this was some kind of fun adventure.” Michele walked up to Sam and embraced him. “You saved all of existence.” “Yeah, and I’m also responsible for killing all of those people.” “That wasn’t you. I was inside Tommy’s mind. I saw that evil. That wasn’t you.” The intensity of her conviction almost made Sam believe her words. His only response was a return embrace. “Yeah, well, all of this lovey-dovey crap is gonna make me hurl,” Imp said. “I’m outta here.” “So what’s the plan?” Sam asked. “I need some help understanding this ‘Demon Hunter’ gig. Are you going to drop in from time to time?”

Imp waved his hand and a portal appeared. He looked at Sam and Michele and actually smiled. “Shit happens,” Imp said and stepped through the portal. Sam and Michele were finally alone again. The sun was shining at the beginning of this new day. “So you got any more of that darkness inside you?” Sam asked. “No more than you,” Michele responded. “I’m sorry that you had to go through all of this. I didn’t mean for you to …” Michele placed her fingers on Sam’s lips, and then placed her lips to his. Their kiss lingered, and then finally ended in a warm embrace. “Let’s just look to the future,” Michele said. Sam looked into the bright sky. “There’s always hope.” SCENE 3 Hope was watching from above. She was surprised that a smile came across her lips. That smile continued, even though the voice from behind her tried to ruin the moment. “I think you should change the channel,” Bad Tommy said. “I hate reality shows.” Hope turned to Bad Tommy, her eyes scanning this new space. Light and Dark Energy intermingled in this seemingly never-ending void. “You just can’t deal with your new reality,” Hope stated. “What? You mean all of this? The term ‘Living Hell’ comes to mind.” Hope sauntered over to Bad Tommy. “Get used to it.” “This little cage ain’t holding me,” Bad Tommy countered. “You know that.” “Baby, all I need to know is that I got you exactly where I want you.” Hope’s eyes sizzled with white-hot intensity. “I’m never gonna let you go.”

SAM - Demon Hunter  

A normal, everyday guy named Sam is suddenly blasted with a white light from above, turning him into an avenging demon hunter. Guided by his...

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