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Top points for using Face Book. 1). Be creative, don’t follow the crowd, try to be different, come up with your own ideas. 2). Make your Face Book profile look professional, but don’t be to business like, put some of your own personality in to your profile, be friendly. 3). Add friends on a frequent basis, if you are using Face Book for marketing and networking you will need to develop your friends network. A good tip here is to vary the amount of friends you add each time. One time you could add say 20, the next time 5, and then, maybe the time after that. Also don’t click one friend request straight after another, leave a bit of a gap. Face Book will challenge you if you add to many friends on a frequent basis. Don’t be repetitive. 4). Join Groups. Face Book Groups are an excellent way to communicate with other like minded people, remember you are using a social networking site. Network, make friends, build relationships, and be helpful. It will pay off for you in the long run. 5). Make your status updates relevant. Again people will want to know a bit about you. Don’t try and use Face Book as a sales platform. Yes sales will be a result of your social networking efforts but don’t go using your status updates to post links for products or sites all the time. People will get fed up of this and you will probably lose friends in the process. 6). Offer value and good content. Make your content interesting and relevant to the people you are communicating with. 7). Make use of Face Book applications. If you are trying to develop a business using Face Book, why not make it more productive and make use of the tools on offer. Chances are if you are looking at on line marketing, as well as making more money you may want to free up more of your time. 8). Above all and perhaps the most important. Be friendly, be helpful. Try and portray yourself as a leader and somebody who is knowledgeable. Don’t get involved in silly arguments and never use offensive language. Remember you are networking you are using Face Book to develop yourself and help others. Face Book Marketing is going to grow and grow. You need to be using Face Book to market your business on-line. Stick to the tips above and your Face Book experience should be a productive one.

Top points for using Face Book  

Learn tips and techniques to effectivley use Face Book for marketing your business.

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