Steven Odzer

Brooklyn, New York City, United States

Steven Odzer, based in Cedarhurst, New York, holds the position of CEO at YBT Industries, where he has accumulated more than three decades of successful experience in the distribution and shipping industry. As CEO, Odzer prioritizes efficient strategy implementation, active mentoring, fostering a positive company culture, and maintaining an unwavering commitment to continuous learning, all aimed at optimizing performance and driving profitability.

With his deep understanding of the powers of patience and compassion, Odzer brings a family-centered vision to the business landscape. He places significant importance on giving back to the community and remains dedicated to hiring individuals with disabilities, offering them opportunities for independence and empowerment.

Recognizing the indispensability of a well-crafted business strategy, Odzer empathizes with first-time CEOs as they navigate their responsibilities and strive to develop effective leadership within their teams. He advises them against the counterproductive approach of diving headfirst into tasks and attempting to accomplish everything at once. Instead, he stresses the importance of clarity regarding personal priorities and the alignment of available resources with long-term goals. Odzer encourages CEOs to implement a systematic approach that advances their company's trajectory.