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ART AND DESIGN MAJORS AT STERLING COLLEGE STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE IN EVERYTHING THEY DO. God has called us to do our best with the gifts and skills He has given us. Everything we do flows out of an understanding that we are stewards of the opportunities God has placed around us. You will be pushed and stretched as an artist to take your work to the next level, but you won’t be on the journey alone. We plan for a wide range of skill levels in our classes and will meet you where you are at. If you have limited experience in art, do not feel intimidated. Through hard work, each student will be challenged to excel and meet their full potential.


We are always looking for students that are serious about becoming skilled artists and developing their talents. If you are that student, we invite you to join us!

DEVELOPING YOUR PORTFOLIO Part of becoming a successful artist is building a strong portfolio of work. Our major prepares you for graduation from the day you begin your first class. We encourage you to document your progress throughout your academic career at Sterling College by continually revising and updating your portfolio. Whether you plan to present your work to galleries or apply for work as an illustrator or graphic designer, you need to exhibit your ability in the field of your choice. By your sophomore year, you will have developed a portfolio to present at your sophomore portfolio review. This process is an excellent time to receive positive criticism from faculty and discuss your strengths, weaknesses and formulate a plan to make the most of your final two years.

CONCENTRATIONS DRAWING AND PAINTING Focused on increasing the number of studio hours in drawing and painting for the student intent on pursuing graduate studies in a similar field.

EDUCATION LICENSURE Learn multiple art forms along with classroom management, lesson planning, assessment and hands-on teaching experience for your own K-12 classroom.

FINE ART Provides the opportunity for you to investigate representational, abstract, and nonobjective work in a variety of media while containing a stronger focus on personal expression and message.

GRAPHIC DESIGN Focuses on preparing students for a career in graphic design upon graduation. If you are interested in advertising, designing books, brochures and magazines, or learning digital photography, this concentration is for you.

ILLUSTRATION Learn the art and process of creating stories through your work. Illustration encompasses everything from children’s books to editorial illustration for magazines and newspapers, to designing concept art for video games and movies.

PHOTOGRAPHY Explore the tools, techniques and concepts needed to make incredible photography using both digital and traditional techniques. This concentration also pairs well with Fine Art and Graphic Design.

SELF-DIRECTED STUDIO Designed to provide a well-rounded studio experience allowing you to try various methods of artistic expression.


Sterling College art and design integrates diverse real-world examples into the semester. We bring artists from a variety of fields to exhibit and speak to classes for students to learn from a working artist’s experience. Live video conferencing, trips to museums, and visiting artist’s studios allows students the ability to interact with professionals. These invaluable opportunities allow students to broaden their understanding of what it means to be a professional artist by coordinating opportunities for students to interact with practitioners.

EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES IN PHOTOGRAPHY Our photography concentration is a unique opportunity for students who want to study photography in Christian higher education. We have created several new opportunities over the past few years for these students by investing in printers, computers, software, and lighting and studio equipment that have become integral to the graphic design and photography classes. A new photography studio was created for students to use for portraiture, figurative and product photography projects as well as to document their own work. Additionally, students will learn about developing traditional film and a variety of techniques that are applicable to both the fine and commercial artist.

MEET OUR FACULTY... ASSISTANT PROFESSOR HANNA KOZLOWSKI-SLONE Hanna Kozlowski-Slone graduated Summa Cum Laude from Anderson University in South Carolina, earning a B.A. in Painting and Drawing. She later received an M.F.A. in Visual Arts: Painting from Clemson University. She approaches her work as an opportunity for self-expression that should simultaneously resonate with a contemporary audience. Her work has been exhibited nationally in numerous juried, group and solo shows. Kozlowski-Slone’s active studio practice fuels her enthusiasm for teaching as she brings her experience in painting, drawing, printmaking and paper cutting into the classroom. ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DANIEL SWARTZ Coming to Sterling College with experience as a freelance illustrator, Daniel Swartz has over 200 published illustrations in his portfolio. He graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a B.S. in Illustration, Ball State University with an M.A. in Visual Arts Studio: Painting and the University of Hartford where he earned an M.F.A. in Illustration. He frequently integrates his freelance experience into the classroom as students learn how to work with clients, create a cohesive series of work and experiment with mixed media.

DO SOMETHING GREAT WITH YOUR ART. If you are looking for a college where you can get individual attention in a Christ-centered environment, we invite you to join us! We seek to integrate Christian principles and concepts in the studio as we prepare you to be a working, successful artist after graduation. We hope you will prayerfully consider Sterling College to be the home of your artistic development. Ask your admissions counselor about our art scholarships and schedule a visit day. Come see for yourself what makes Sterling College art and design the best choice for your future. Join a community. Work hard. Make great art.


Art and Design Booklet  
Art and Design Booklet