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30 Infiniti


Poly - U





24 Nov - 1998

stephenoyadiran@outlook.com Instagram: @Stephen_Creates

Stephen Oyadiran Product Designer Education


2017 - Present

Nottingham Trent University BA Product Design

2014 - 2017

Waingels College - England A - Levels

2010 - 2014

Dundalk Grammar School - Ireland Irish Junior Certificate


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe XD, Solidworks, Keyshot


Design Thinking, Team Collaboration, Team Leadership, Critical Thinking, Public Speaking

Hi, I’m Stephen A product designer, and hot chocolate enthusiast I’m a second year product design student currently studying in Nottingham Trent university.


I’m a highly creative individual with a penchant for user centred design and an interest in visual and user experience design. This portfolio is a collation of some projects that I have completed inside and outside of my university experience so far.



Project Overview Infiniti was a six week exploration of sheet metal manufacture - inspired by the works of Bauhaus artist Walter Drexel. As an ou tial that sheet metal can offfer in product form.

Form Direction


Sketch Modelling Transitioning from sketch exploration into a sketch model in order to explore the situation that the product would be in as well as giving a sense of scale to the product.

01 - Positioning hooks The backboard for the mirror is securely fastened into the wall with Philips screws. This allows each piece of the mirror to then be attached and interchanged.

02 - Corner glass fixture The design allows the highlighted glass section can be interchanged to suit the decorative style of the users environment.

03 - Full glass fixture The remaining highlighted glass section will be used as the primary mirror for the user, ensuring reflections can be seen from head to torso.



Project Overview Hikari was a three-week personal project where my objective was to research a specific culture and create a product and design language that supported my exploration of the selected culture.

Cultural Exploration




Product Exploration

I decided to look at Japan and explore many products which embodied japanese culture and it’s deep history - from its origins of craft and wabi sabi, to traditiona values Through my exploration the most profilic product representing the culture for me was the japanese lantern. The lanern demonstrates how symbolic light is in the japanese culture, dating from centuries ago to even now.

Form Direction

Sketch Ideation

Tap to adjust brightness The user can tap once each time to cycle through the level of brightness intensity that tailors to them.

Design Details Using Solidworks I was able to take my 2D sketch and turn it into 3D form but most importantly capture the main details that I wanted to have within the design, following the product form direction I visualised.

オ リ エ ン タ ル

Poly - U


Project Overview

Poly U was a 4 – week international design project completed in collaboration with students from (the Hong kong polytechnic university) in China giving us an opportunity to combine design thinking processes and design a product

My main contributions to the team were leading and liasing with the students in Hong Kong, facilitating design thinking which allowed the team to align on a common vision and produce a user centred design as an outcome.

Research insights

1.3bn 76% 50%

Live in China currently with the population reported to be rising day by day.

Of people who live in China are classified as middle class.

Of chinese people are reported to be urbanised meaning that they are living in apartments and small homes.

Design Brief Using furniture and chinese trends as inspiration, design a better experience of storage for those who live in smaller homes.

Grace and Jamal Young Professionals

Bio Alice and Jamal are young professionals in their late 20’s with an interest for home furnishing currently looking to reimagine and replace some pieces of furniture in their studio flat.

Pain Point Sometimes affordable high-quality furniture can be hard to come by especially if you’re a young professional looking to transition your space to a look and feel that’s more mature.

Alice and Jamal need an affordable line of furniture that incorporates high - quality low cost materials so they can feel at ease furnishing with no stress.

CMF Direction

Persona Environment


Quick sketch exploration of various furniture types being played back to the team. Brain -Storming

Sketch Exploration

CAD Development



Project Overview Starting off at university can be quite difficult with pressures from the course and added pressures of project work and time management. Notifi is a self-initiated 1-week UX project exploring how we might help promote and nurture organisational skills in students new to university.

Problem Area

Studies show that 20% of university students do not return after thier first year.

Factors responsible for the continued percentage increase.

Making Friends


Time Management

Home Sickness

Joel Owen University Student

Bio Joel is a 1st year university student looking to get hit the ground runnig with the university experience and channeling his organisational skills with his new found independance, seeing as he will be spending the year away from home.

Pain Point Joel finds it quite difficult at times adjusting to the intense nature of university, he primarily has difficulty with managing his time well and most times feels lost.

Joel needs an experience which allows him to manage all his university tasks in order to stop him feeling lost and stressed.

Design Brief Design a better way for students in their first year of university to navigate the new challenges of university experience and help to develop better organisational skills.


Experience Diagram


The user doesn’t want to keep falling behind and would like a way to stay organised, ensuring that they are in control of their university experience.


Calender The applications primary function will be around notifying users of specific tasks with the intention of keeping a simple and minimal aesthetic.

Exploring UX patterns around categorisation and archiving to allow the notifications that users set to have priority and hierarchy.



Quickly generating low fidelity screens that incorporate the insights of my user research findings . Low-Fidelity wireframing


User Profile

Created Tasks

Task Calender


High-Fidelity Screens

What would I change? Deeper exploration of interactions on individual screens More ideation to explore bolder ideas around the pain point


User testing the proposed concept

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