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Stephen Feriozzi

Maroc Island, FL, United States

Stephen Feriozzi, widely known as Steve, is a remarkable individual who combines his professional expertise as a Maintenance Manager with a deep personal commitment to his hobbies. Born on August 20th, 1998, in the friendly community of Arcadia, FL, Steve embodies a unique blend of technical skill, strategic thinking, and personal engagement in various aspects of his life. Currently holding the position of Maintenance Manager, Stephen demonstrates his problem-solving abilities and a strong commitment to efficiency. His unwavering dedication to ensuring smooth operations has made him a highly valued asset in his workplace, contributing to the overall function and success of the organization. In addition to handling the technical intricacies of maintenance work, he excels in managing teams, coordinating tasks, and implementing preventive measures to avoid potential disruptions. Stephen's career journey has been dynamic and rewarding, shaped by his academic background and personal experiences. He embarked on his professional path after completing his high school degree, which marked the beginning of his foray into the working world. It was during this time that he discovered his passion for golf. Beyond being a physical activity, golf taught him strategic thinking and adaptability, skills that seamlessly translate into his everyday professional life and serve as the foundation of his work ethic.