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Mastering Deals in Motion

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What’s on your mind? We know that the more digital our markets become, the harder it is to keep up with the precise status of buy and sell-side contracts and the agreements they underpin. So many different departments and systems are involved that maintaining anything close to real time oversight and control is a constant challenge. Executives are left flying blind in respect of the most fundamental aspect of doing business – the agreements their organisation enters into with the market. The underlying process steps followed by many organisations today are either manual or automated by disparate systems sitting in different organisational silos. This results in gaps between processes that get plugged by spreadsheets, calendar reminders and email in an attempt to stay on top of renewals, milestones and payment dates. While some organisations have good oversight and control of their commercial operations, others seek support to: Provide cross-organisational teams with visibility of a constantly evolving timeline and audit trail of events for each Deal as it progresses between handshake and business outcome. Increase the velocity and efficiency of process execution, eliminating friction points and manual steps. Enable the tracking of individuals contract terms throughout the life of the contract, integrating with line of business systems to deliver real time KPIs. Improve manageability and resilience of the operating model by providing transparency and visibility of the supplier agreements involved in the delivery of critical business services and infrastructure.

We are often asked How can we ensure our teams can quicky and easily gain access to the details of what has been shared with the customers? How can we stop relying on spreadsheets to keep a track of supplier renewals? We have invested in digital signing, but the costs are escalating and we lose track of the contracts after signing. What can we do about this? How can we improve our agility and ability to handle market disruptions when they come along? Is there a way to track our key risk exposures across our customer contract portfolios? How can we gain greater visibility of all the suppliers involved in the delivery of service?

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Our point of view Mastering Deals in Motion Organisations are required to be ever more agile and adaptive as the pace of doing business increases, customer service expectations rise and business operations become more complex. With more commerce conducted digitally, organisations have the challenging task of orchestrating an increasingly complex and fragmented operating structure. Today’s commercial management is in support of a

continuous fluid motion of digitally mediated interactions between customer and provider. In response, deal terms and cross-organisational teams must be more elastic and adaptive to these movements. Deals are always in motion.

"Deals are always in motion."

Traditional contract management approaches are not fit for purpose and must evolve to meet the requirements of today's increasingly digital environment. Static written contracts represent only a moment in time when the terms of a deal need to keep working throughout the life of every agreement. Standalone systems and processes for agreement formation, authorisation, delivery management and financial reconciliation lead to process inefficiency, leaked value, multiple opportunities for human error and a lack of easily accessed progress visibility.

When so much business is conducted digitally, silos of process and information have become a barrier to the real-time oversight, visibility and control needed by those responsible for delivering services orchestrated from combinations of inhouse and cloudbased digital service providers.

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How we can help

Our combination of software platform and professional services can help your organisation establish a more precise, efficient and confident approach to managing commercial trading relationships right through from handshake to business outcome.

Our innovative and integrated offering includes the capabilities to deliver:

Increased visibility by delivering an organisation-wide authoritative source of up-to-date commercial relationship progress. Gap analysis, process mapping, data discovery and remediation planning. Enhanced operational resilience through greater oversight and visibility of the commercial relationships vital to the provision of services to customers. Increase in the velocity of the commercial processes, taking more than 80% of the time and cost out of the process. Eliminate value leakage through the avoidance of human error and ensuring teams recover everything due under an agreement. Provide leadership teams with new insights into commercial portfolio performance, opening new opportunities to enter new markets, improve customer offers and better manage risk. Improved risk management and governance by establishing a single timeline and audit trail for every agreement as they evolve from handshake to business outcome.

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What you gain

Our customers realise a range of benefits from leveraging our platform, including:

Oversight of all agreement types with

Enhanced brand perception due to process

customers, suppliers and partners

effectiveness and increased commercial



An 80% reduction in the time and cost

Organisational agility by putting real-time

taken to administer the commercial

commercial operations at the heart of

operations process.


Immediate access to commercial progress

Greater governance, risk and control

information at the moment of need.

through the elimination of human error

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and enhanced controls.

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When to act

There are a range of common triggers that prompt our clients to seek a solution. These include:

Increased need for enhanced controls for regulation and governance. Realising spreadsheets are insufficient for effective renewals management. Failing to manage and meet customer expectations in service delivery. Commercial dispute or litigation highlighting fragmented and inaccurate commercial information. Inability to ensure proper access and management controls with cloud storage solutions such as SharePoint and DropBox. Shifting to digital offerings demanding increased commercial velocity.

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Digital Commercial Operations

At BridgingX, we are harnessing the power of digital by helping our customers adopt Commercial Operations (CommOps), a reengineered way to manage commercial agreements that puts team cooperation and up-to-the-moment insights at the heart of the new cloud enabled organisations we see today. We have used our business understanding to devise a platform and approach that eliminates friction and inefficiency, improves control and provides visibility of the entire commercial portfolio as each deal passes through the otherwise isolated teams working hard to deliver differentiated products and services. Supporting our customers to understand the bigger picture, our team helps build a simple, comprehensive and integrated adoption approach that delivers a clear path forward and CommOps journey. Whether starting with process transformation, resolving value leakage, increasing velocity or enhancing control, we work together to find the maximum point of leverage. #CommOps

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