The Hobart Magazine July/August 2019

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LOCAL LAD Tell us a little about your work? I am an adventure therapist. I work with people one to one in the outdoors. We do walk and talks together, and other adventures close to Hobart. I am spoilt to have such a practice here. There are so many refreshing and therapeutic places to go near the city. I’m part of a national and international community who work in this way with individuals and groups. It’s a pleasure to work with the people who come to me, and see what we do together, and what being in nature does to us, work its magic to make things better. Where’s your favourite eatery? Sawak Café. Good food, good people, and a vibrant atmosphere. Drink of choice and where do you head for it? I love a craft beer, so anywhere where that’s happening. A good coffee is also very good. My office in the city is Room For A Pony. Nick in nature




s a surfer and adventurer, Nick Hall’s love of nature and the great outdoors has become part of his work.

What do you love about the suburb you live in? I live in Dodges Ferry, which is one of those places the saying “What’s not to love,” was made for. We are a satellite community of Hobart - seaside and rural with a sense of kinship and who we are as a community. I’m a long time surfer, a canoeist, and more recently a trainee sailor. I live in a perfect location for these. What’s the best thing about Hobart? It’s not too big and not too small. Lots of things happen here in an easily accessible way. Also the river, the mountain, and being next to the South West Wilderness. And the worst? Getting from one side of the city to the other. Are we going to build a tunnel, or a flyover, or what other ideas do we have to get our city flowing nicely? 4

Guilty pleasure? Shame on me eh? A guilty pleasure! I’m not saying. I’m not into feeling guilty so I would probably call it a naughty pleasure, if I told you what it was. What do you never leave home without? Working in the outdoors there is a bit of a list. Car keys and car, raincoat, beanie this time of year, water bottle, first aid kit, phone, credit card, business cards, and a snack. Not a healthy snack, a guilty snack. When there's nothing to do, you... Get on my motorcycle and go for a ride. Favourite Hobart secret? It’s probably the River Derwent in summer where it becomes fresh water just above New Norfolk. What a beautiful playground. It has saved my life in times gone by, and now it is a place to go with my family and my friends and enjoy letting the river carry us. What do you love doing outside work? Surfing. Surfing is such a beautiful pastime. I have never been a competitive surfer, so for me it truly is a pastime. I love the search for good waves and surfing with others who are just chilled out and sharing the waves. I love the incredible places where surf happens. ■