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Put Content area here Write Strand here Topic here Speaking and Listening Key Details Comprehension and Collaboration- Participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about kindergarten topics and texts with peers in groups

Indicate grade here Kindergarten

Which standards do we teach and assess effectively ? SLK1a -We do guide the children into following rules for discussion

Which standards could we do better in Which standards do we not address at all? terms of rigor and/or assessment? We could do better at helping them be a part of making those rules and demonstrating listening and speaking etiquette with the use of skits and puppetry We are discovering that through more small group work, the students are much SLK1b- continue conversation through more engaged in interactive conversation multiple exchanges More use of media such as the internet and Smartboard interactive software to answer SLK 2. Confirm understanding of a questions text read aloud or information presentedUsing teams and buddies to help each other orally by asking and answering in small groups questions about details Students use signal responses to answer questions about read aloud texts Use more questioning during activity times. Students use signal cads to request assistance SLK3. Ask and answer questions to seek help, get information or clarify something that is not understood We use Willy the Wisher Stories to help students understand the process of questioning and how it is used. It is very effective in assessing how a student’s though process is developed.

Standards for Kindergarten Speaking and Presentation of Knowledge and ideas

Listening SLK4. Describe familiar people, places, We would like to use more role play, things and events, and with prompting, Journaling, and project work with our provide additional detail. DRA students in groups to generate more interest assessment and reading provides an and excitement adequate resource for this standard Encouragement to become involved in interactive play more often would allow teachers to observe and interact with students in a more personal way to help them grow in this area.

Standards for Kindergarten Speaking and Listening

Kindergarten Speaking and listening  

ccss speaking and listening